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[Applause and cheers]

" 'Ello and welcome back to Guiness World Records. I'm your host, Neville Kipperchip. Now our next possible entry into the Guiness Book of World records has an interesting story with some twists and turns. It also has a few surprises. It won't be the surprise you think. Meet Aaron Mhor. There's the first turn folks. He has what is a perfectly good Irish name, but he comes from America. The next turn is he wants to be a bodybuilder, eventually acheiving a rank of a top notch, professional, high ranking, competative bodybuilder. But twist two is he's not here to be measured for his size, at least not his muscles.

" No, you see Aaron is a big lad, a very big lad, but not in the muscle department. He stands six feet ten and one quarter inches tall, or two point zero nine meters for those of us in Europe. And without a lot of muscle it means he's quite lanky, and unfortunately for him, although he's eighteen - soon to be nineteen years old, it appears his body has just started growing."

[oooh oh aaaahhhhhhh]

"Yes. He's a bit of a late bloomer. Which means his bodybuilding dreams could be crashed upon the rocks because he's only going to get taller and probably lankier. Exceedingly tall men usually can't put on the excesive weight and size to look like their shorter counter-parts in the bodybuilding world. But this new found growth means there could be a bit of a scare here. Is he just from a tall family and is finally experiencing a tall family's child's growth spurt or does he have the condition, acromegaly? A condition where something causes the pituitary gland to go hay wire causing massive height growth, but unfortunately causes other parts of the body such as the joints, jaw, hands, and other areas to grow disproportionately or malformed. Well, what he's here for tonight, just may be a symptom of that condition.

"Although certainly tall, there are plenty of other people, especially in professional baskeball leagues, that are taller than him, so he certainly can't be coming here to break the world's tallest man record. That one, due to modern medical knowledge and care, will probably always belong to Robert Pershing Wadlow who stood eight feet eleven point one inches or two point seven meters tall. Yes indeed, a long long way to go, or is that grow, before he could break that record. No, what he's getting measured tonight ...are his feet.

"Now I know a lot of you a slightly gasping and shaking your heads thinking, well of course he'll have somewhat of big feet, he's are really tall bloke. But folks we're talking massive feet, feet that are pretty gargantuan which is why our team of doctors asked permission to run some other tests on him just in case he made need the knowledge to help save his life or make it easier to bare. And in comparison to taller people let me remind everyone of our own tallest man in Britain, Neil Fingleton who at seven feet seven inches or two point three one meters tall, surprisingly only wears a size 13 British or 14 US men's shoe. Something usually only a slightly tall gent, like myself, wears. But Aaron's are quite a bit big for his size, in fact their big for Shaquille O'Neal, Neal Fingleton, and almost... almost, give Robert Wadlow a run for his money. Will they keep growing? Will Aaron wind up matching any of the previous current holders of living man with the largest feet or keep going to match and surpass the Alton Giant, Robert Wadlow? Let's bring him out to meet our examiners to find out. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Aaron Mhor!"

[Applause, whistles, cheers...oohs and ahhhs...]

"Well, hello there Aaron."

"Hello, Neville."

"You are a bit of a tall man aren't you? A little bit more than half a head taller than I am I see... turn round, let's stand back to back... See, he is a quite a tall one. Ok, for the now, have a seat... So, tell us your story from the beginning, why are you here?"

"Well.... about half a year ago or so I started making a vlog..."

"That's a video diary one posts on the web, correct?"

"Yeah. So I started posting this vlog because I was going to start really, really working out and working out hard. To start to build up my muscles cause... well I didn't mind being tall too much, but I was tired of being rail thin. I wanted a good body."

"You wanted a buff bod to impress the ladies, is it?"

[audience laughter]

"Well, you could say that?"

"Oh a confirmed lifelong bachelor have we?"

[audience laughter...]

"No.. no... I want a partner...."

"Oh, a partner... are we of the rainbow set?"

"aha... well... yeah."

"Go on say it proud, not a thing wrong other than they might have wanted to have had Graham Norton host this interview."

[audience laughter...]

"Aheh... well yeah I'm a gay guy, so if I was trying to impress it'd be for the men."

[loud whistle and cat call]

"Sounds like you 've got some impressed with yourself as is."

[audience laughter]

"Remain in your seat, sir, and don't get excited, we'll arrange a meeting if he thinks you're cute after the show."

[audience laughter]

"So, go on with your story...."

"Well, any way I wanted to post up a video diary of how my workouts were going and how I was progressing in trying to transform my body and along the way I began to notice something."

"And that was?"

"My shoes were getting too small for my feet."

"And what size were your feet to begin?"

"They were a size US Men's twenty three..."

"That's a British Men's twenty-two... [ oooh ahhhh whooooo] what did you think about this happening?"

"Well it really shocked me. I mean, I figure at age eighteen I ought to be about done growing and if I was going to get taller...I kind of thought..."

"You thought you'd grow into your size feet as they were pretty big even for the height you were, which when you started was?"

"Six foot nine inches."

"Two point zero five meters. So when you began to notice you were growing taller, you figured you were just going to get a little bit taller maybe hit seven foot and become more sized proportion to your feet, but what did your doctors say?"

"Well, they've said that I'm actually going through my growth spurt and it might be quite a bit. There were signs that I hadn't had it like bones not fused together, growth plates still there, have no to little body hair...and my voice has changed too...."

"So it wasn't always this low and rumbling?"

"aha no... it wasn't really high either but it wasn't this.. this..."

"Deep of a bass..."


"Well, I think you could give our announcer a run for his money in the world's deepest voice."

[audience laughter]

"So you have gotten taller but it's only been a little bit so far as you wrote to Guiness to discuss your claim on world's biggest feet and at that time you said your were two point zero nine meters tall."

"Uhm yeah I guess..."

"That's six foot ten and one quarter inches for you yanks."

"Oh.. haahaha ok yeah that's what I'm currently at."

"But you noticed that that height growth was slow, but your feet growth...."

"Went through the roof, or through my shoes rather..."

[audience laughter]

"Well sitting next to you I can tell they're absolutely huge. What did you measure them at?"

"The last time I measured them just before I wrote they were seventeen inches long or just a tad over 43 centimeters."

"Which would be a size 28 in the UK and 29 is it, in America?"


"But how is it that you have these sneakers that fit your feet?"

"Well, I'm attending a university ... U BUILT!.... That has a really great fashion design program, and professors and students decided to make it a part of their studies in how to design men's shoes and are making me some shoes."

"And it looks like they did a fantastic job, those almost look like they're Converse."

"That was the style they were going for, yeah."

"Alright well, lets do a small size comparison.... now as I told all of you in the audience and at home I wear a size 14 US, 13 UK, not massively huge, but not a light foot either. No I pull my pants leg up a bit, stick my leg out, and Aaron if you'll do the same with you leg next to mine...."

[Audience laughter...]

"Ok, tall boy, no fair showing off how much longer your legs are, we're comparing feet. Pull your leg back and get us foot to foot...."
[audience gasps and oohs, whistles...]

"Yeah I agree, I look like I have a child's foot next to his. Look at how much larger your shoe is compared to mine, Aaron. Ok, but they're gonna need to actually see your feet to measure, so we'll do the comparison with out the shoes. You go ahead and take your shoes and socks off both feet, hope you washed them before you came in and wore some odor eaters...."

[audience laughter]

"I'm only going to take off one shoe and sock for the comparison, so you whistle blower over there don't get too excited."

[audience laughter]

"Ok... put mine out and put yours next to it...."

[audience gasps]

"I do have little child's feet next to yours. Good lord. I'm almost willing to bet they're almost what fifteen or so centimeters longer than my foot. That'd be what ... almost six inches longer in those measurements? The size of your toes man...."

"Yeah... that's why I wrote in..."

"Well they certainly are a big deal... Ok, off you go over there with our experts and team from Guiness... We have a special area set up. Aaron is going to stand against this plexiglass wall that has height markings ticked out on it so we can see how tall he is, and that part of the floor is also clear and checked with measurment lines so our medical team and experts can measure his feet from above and under the stage.

"While we're waiting, we'll let our audience members know the last few times this record has been set were by the following.... biggest feet of all time was Robert Pershing Wadlow, standing eight feet eleven point one inches or two point seven meters tall he had a shoe size of 37AA American, 36 UK, and his feet were nineteen and two thirds of an inch long or just under fifty centimeters.
Matthew McGory, famous giant actor, held the title of largest feet on a living man until his death in 2005. He stood seven feet six inches tall or two point two nine meters. His feet were a massive size of UK 28.5, US 29.5 mens shoe being seventeen and one third inches or forty three point six centimetes long.

Next was Peter Iroga standing seven feet three inches or two point two three meters tall, feet size 38 centimeters or fourteen point nine two inches, size 23 US, 22 UK, but five months later, Brahim Takioullah who at eight feet one inch or two point four six meters wore a size 23 US , 22 UK with feet that were 15 inches or 38.1 cetimeters long, took over the title. The difference there was only by one tenth of a centimeter. Yet what's funny is that both of them surpassed the tallest living man in the world Sultan Kosen who stands eight feet three inches tall or two point five one meters, but only had thirty six point five centimeters or fourteen and one third inch long feet for a size 20 UK or 21 US shoe.
Alright I see our scientific verification team is ready. Just for comparison to those that have held the record in the past we're going to see how tall young Aaron Mhor is first. Observe the light beam traveling up the wall...going....going....going...and... it... stop's on....?"

"Two point zero nine..."

"Two point zero nine.. that's..."

"Six foot ten and a half."

"Six foot ten and half, so you're already one quarter of an inch taller than what you told us in your email. How do you feel about that, Aaron?"

"Well... the doctors have said I'd be starting to grow rapidly and should be gaining a few inches, so I guess it doesn't surprise me."

"But it still means you're going to be more qualified for basketball perhaps than bodybuilding?"

"Or I can become the world's tallest bodybuilder...."


"Oh that sounds like a challenge, Aaron. I think the Guiness members will hold you too that challenge. So now ladies and gentlemen, take a look at your screen and watch the same beam as it travels across the floor... here we go now.... .... .... .... ..... Ok were at twenty-seven centimeters, size of an average man's shoe or so....twenty nine.... thirty.....thirty two....just over the size of my shoe now....thirty four....thirty six.....thiry seven you've just passed Sultan Kosen's feet.....thiry've matched Peter & and now Brahim's feet....forty....forty-two...good god they are huge aren't they...forty three...forty three point five...forty three point six, you've matched Mathew McGory....still going aaaaaand....?"

"forty four centimeters."

"Forty-four centimeters... even your feet have grown Aaron, they're larger than you told us and you passed Matthew McGory's shoe size. You would wear a size thirty, even, in US men's or 29 in the UK. So, have your new shoes made by your school mates been feeling a little snug as of late, Aaron?"

"ahahahaaa... uhm well yeah they have."

"That's cause you're a half a size larger. But... the biggest news of all is will they keep growing? We turn to our doctors. Team?"

"What we have to say is this. Aaron, after analysing your blood samples and some scans we have determined two different things. First off you do not have acromegaly. Although your feet definitely are large, even for someone of your current height, they are not abnormally formed or suffering from poor function. Neither, for that matter, is the rest of your body. You will grow to be a tall tall man, but will do so normally."

"Well, Aaron, how does that make you feel?"

"Good... hhahaahaaahaaa."

"The second piece of news we have is that this last third of an inch your feet grew to seventeen and one third of an inch or forty-four centimeters, should be about the last it's going to grow. That's where they stop. But your body still shows signs of growing much much taller so you will grow to more closely fit the size of your feet."

"Well that's good news in one respect, Aaron."


"But you feel even worse about becoming a bodybuilder now don't you?"

"Kind of yes."
"Well, we're going to help you out on that just a little. We have a surprise for you Aaron. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Britain's best bodybuilder ever, six time winner of the Mr. Olympia competition, Dorian Yates!"


"Welcome, Dorian, welcome."

"Thank you."

"Well, Aaron, we brought Dorian here to introduce you two together and perhaps after the show he can give you some workout tips to get you started on your dream. And looking at Dorian's form here even in a suit... he still looks like a very large and stapping chap, even though he's been retired from competition since 1997."

"Nice to meet you, Aaron."

"Wow... th...thanks... Mr. Yates."

"Now look at the two of you standing next to one another, even barefoot, Dorian just barely comes up to Aaron's shoulders. So, Dorian, do you think Aaron could become a world class bodybuilder?"

"He looks a lil' lanky...but with right training and's possible. It's just going to take a lot of work for a man his height, because of the proportions, the ratio of the the muscle mass and it's length, taller guys with the same amount of mass, still look smaller comparatively to the shorter bodybuilders. But it's not impossible."

"Indeed... for we have a couple bits of information to help you, Aaron to one day return to our stage. Ok first off as you right now, let's say you stop here, well maybe a bit taller and even six foot eleven inches or two point ten to two point eleven centimeters tall, in order to match Dorian Yates here, at his peak, when he was winning the Mr. Olympia, you will have to reach a body weight of 433 pounds, for our folks here in Britain that's going to be thiry stone thirteen pounds."


"Yes, just right now you would make one massive massive man. However, for your records as well, to help you set a goal, if you're going to come back as the world's tallest bodybuilder, you will have to become taller than Dalip Singh, who although is a wrestler has been listed as the world's tallest body builder or the next closest to contender would be Conan Stevens. These gentlemen are respectively seven feet one inch or two point one five nine meters, and seven feet even or two point one three three meters. So Aaron, in order to become the world's tallest, you're going to have to grow to at least seven feet two and put on quite a bit of muscle. Is that something you think you wanna do?"

"YEAH! I can do that!"

[laughter and cheers]

"Well with that attitude I don't doubt it, but with those couple of inches, that means you'll have to attain a weight of....four hundred and eighty two pounds or thirty four stone six pounds. You ready to do that?"


[Cheers and whistles]

"Alright we'll hold you to that and in a few years look forward to having you back. So, Aaron congratulations, not only are you going into the Guiness Book of World's Recorods as the living man with that biggest feet in the world, but I think you'll actually be listed as the second biggest foot of all at this point. Congratulations!"

"hahaahaahahaa... Thank you.."

"Alright go on and get your socks and non-fitting shoes on your massive feet. While we'll be right back folks .... we're going to let Aaron chat up Dorian Yates, whom we'd like to thank for making an appearance here tonight... and let him teach young Aaron how to plan his future Mr. Olympia victoria.... and probably get the phone number and date of the cat caller in the back row over there."


"Coming up next on Guiness World Records the man who can digest a whole bicycle. We'll be right back!"


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