Pleasure Growth

Aaron was waiting in the examination room. He traveled to Dr. Yurgi's office in the hopes of evening things out, so to speak. His brothers, four of them, had all grown to be fairly good sized men between six feet to six feet four inches tall, but for some reason he stopped. Now 18, Aaron was much smaller compared to his older brothers as he was only 5'6". He received some ribbing from them for being small, and gay, although the family was actually accepting of his sexuality, but he did wish he had put on something of the same size as his brothers so he could rough-house back and help out better with work on the farm. He did fill out a little, but in general he still looked like a prepubescent boy. Cast downward, his ice blue eyes traced the lines in the tiles on the floor. Occasionally his hand flicked his platinum blond hair out of his lowered face, and he sighed waiting for the doctor's return.

With the sudden opening of the door, Aaron's head snapped up and Doctor Yurgi stepped inside.

"Good Afternoon, Aaron."


"Well, I bet you're anxious to hear the results."


"Well, they're good. Very good. I think we go ahead and see if this works out for you. You understand what we're going to do?"

"I think so. My body is lacking some of the chemicals, for my growth spurt to have happened, or they have some but way to few. You're going to insert some stem cells to create more of them and hopefully trigger a growth spurt response."

Doctor Yurgi laughs. "Well… kind of. It's a little bit more complicated than that, but for someone your age and non-medical background, I think you've got a pretty good idea of what's going to happen."

"Do you really think this will work?"

"Unsure. We think it will. Our calculations predict it should. Course, that's not always the case… But if it does, you'll have your growth spurt and come closer or match your brothers soon."

"How much taller will I get?"

"Oh, it should be a normal growth spurt somewhere from four to nine inches depending on your genetics."


"Here take this, it'll help you sleep and when you wake up, you'll be on your way home and hopefully growing like a weed in a few days.

Nurse Cloris, there will be two dishes in the lab, one with the stem cells, the other with some antibiotics, bring both here and prepare the syringes."


One the other side of the Doctor's office, in his lab, there was Wylle. Wylle had been doing lots of study on genetics and in his free time in the lab had been working on a project for helping to create a perfect man: large feet and hands, tall body, extremely muscular, large balls and dick, hairy. He was a size queen for certain. He had just finished his batch of uber-DNA and set it aside in a Petri dish when a buzz came at the door announcing some work from Dr. Yurgi. When Wylle came back, his dish was gone….


A couple of months went by and Aaron's family felt a little down hearted for their son; the treatment hadn't worked. Aaron didn't seem too phased by it though. It might have been because he was used to being shorter than his brothers. He might have just decided, well, this is who I am and I'm going to be proud of it. It might have been because of Zeke. Zeke was a young man, Aaron's age, who had come to work as an assistant hand on Aaron's family's farm for some college money. He was svelt, tall, swarthy, gymnast build, and had an interest in Aaron. Jet black hair surrounded a set of blazing green eyes, very unusual and so very sensual above high cheekbones and full lips. It didn't hurt either that he was going to be attending the same college Aaron was attending. The two struck up a partnership for chores, that turned into a friendship, that turned into something more.

The night before they were to depart for college, the two were out helping mend the fence line way back on the property. Burning hot was the sun that day. The young men kept their shirts and hats on for fear of being sunburned severly. With sweat the shirts clung to their bodies as they pounded in stakes and nailed boards to the sides, rigged barbed wired in between the slats. Zeke watched Aaron struggle with some of the wood but loved his perceverance in overcoming and completing the task. His stomach turned flip flops inside when he noticed Aarons shadow turn to him whenever he bent straight over to pick something up. Yes, Aaron would watch Zeke, admiring his but when he bent over, move up the back and look at the broad shoulders when Zeke would then stand up and stretch. Hour after hour passed with the nailing, the bending, the pounding, the lifting, the groaning, and suddenly…


The men startled with jolt and looked up to the heavens. A massive thunderstorm had built up out of nowhere and was looming in on them. Quickly the boys grabbed everything they could and throw it together to be carried back as fast as they can, both of them knowing, they will not make it. About half way home, Zeke motions to Aaron to cut loose from the wagon; they'll never make it home safely with it in tow. As soon as they're unhooked the clouds unleashed a torrent of rain and they galloped across the plain soaked to the bone.

An old stall stood near Zeke's ranch hand cabin. The guys decided to put the horses down there for the night instead of riding the rest of the way to the main complex. Running and laughing through the rain, Aaron and Zeke burst into Zeke's cabin and stood in front of the door dripping wet.

"Damn, that cloud burst came outta nowhere!"

"Shit, Zeke…I've seen worse ones pop up."

"Well then you should've noticed the signs of this one!" said Zeke laughing and throwing Aaron a towel.

"What am I gonna do with this?"

"Dry yourself off, duh."

"Won't do much good with these wet clothes on."

"Yeah, true." Zeke laughed.

"True." Aaron laughed.

An enormous pause developed and hung heavy like the clouds outside the cabin. Zeke stared hard at Aaron. Aaron traveled up and down Zeke with his eyes until he met Zeke's then turned his head and blushed.

"This is stupid, you know that?"

"What?" Aaron said surprised.


"U-u-us?" Stammered Aaron.

Zeke moved in and pressed Aaron against a wall. His 6'4" frame looming down on Aaron. His head tilted over Aaron's right shoulder and neck, breathing hot and heavy, as it moved over the head and tilted then on the right side. The gymnast built torso leaning in a lil' on Aaron's, the legs and feet standing on either side of Aaron's. Moments passed as Aaron did nothing but stare at Zeke's chest, heaving slowly at first, but gaining in time, faster and faster, farther and farther, until he couldn't take it anymore and looked up right in to Zeke's eyes and froze.

"Somewhere, inside of you, beats the heart of a big, big man. You strive to be more than you are. You demand of others and more importantly, yourself, that you do the same work as they. You keep trying harder and harder each day. And all that macho-ism is there in this lil' package with feather fly away blond hair and those piercing blue eyes…"


"And I fell in love with you the moment our eyes met and knew something else between us should meet too."

Zeke gently lifted Aaron's face up and locked lips full and firm. Aaron melted into the wall and nearly slunk to the floor, if he weren't held up by Zeke.

"You know, you're gonna catch yourself to death with pneumonia if you don't get outta those wet clothes, Aaron."

"uh…ah….(pant)…really? H…h…… d… do I prevent that?"

Zeke firmly pushed Aaron to the wall. Moving to the middle of Aaron's shirt, in one easy motion he pulled the sides away from each other showering himself with small western buttons. As the shirt, guided by Zeke's meaty hands, cascaded off of Aaron, the same guides grabbed the bands of both the jeans and underwear and pulled them to the floor. Aaron stepped out of the pile of clothes and his boots blushing all over, staring dreamily into Zeke's emerald eyes. Bending forward Zeke once again pressed his body into Aarons and whispered in his ear, "Shuck me."

Aaron followed the command almost hypnotically, peeling the soaked plaid off of Zeke's broad shoulders, burying his head into Zeke's pecs and tracing the crevice down through the abs with his face. Kneeling in front of Zeke, he fumbled a bit with Zeke's belt buckle and fly button, but finally let the pants fall.

When they did so, Zeke stepped out of them, scooped up Aaron, carrying him to the bed. Laying him on the bed, Zeke starred at Aaron. Aaron in turned looked down his body at Zeke's midsection. LORD! Zeke looked huge. Maybe around a foot.

"It's eleven."

"W..w…wow." Aaron swallowed hard.

"I won't break you. I can't break you. You're so…."

Gliding round and round Aaron's rim, till finally driving ever so slowly into the middle.

"OH FUCK, soooo tight."

Slowly methodically, Zeke plunged in and out of Aaron. Aaron sat there with stars in his eyes for a while and slowly, gradually, the rush of lust, sexual desire began to come over him. He moaned for a moment and Zeke looked down to see Aaron's prick finally stir. Slowly it began to ooze out of him, snaking it's way towards his abs. With each inch longer, it began to get thicker too.

"Yeah, Aaron, let it go. Get aroused. Cum with me."

On and on it kept going getting longer and longer, thicker and thicker, harder and harder.

"Holy shit, Aaron. Look at it go! Who knew you were such a grower!" But looking down, Zeke noticed that all over, Aaron was turning the same color as his member.

"Aaron, are ya still embarrassed? You're blushing all over. I told you… I'm hot for you and you should just give in, enjoy."

Zeke pulled out and kneeled down at the end, going for Aaron's crotch.

Zeke whistled lowly, "Whoa, look at your balls. Aaron, if you haven't grown yet, you've gotta grow sometime soon… yer balls are huge… gotta be full of testosterone, and……cum."

And he dove in licking the balls and sucking the shaft of Aaron. All this time Aaron kept moaning, groaning, turning red, almost purple, like his prick. His muscles kept stiffening, and perhaps filling out. Aaron felt the pull of Zeke's mouth over every part of his body. On his balls he felt himself swell. On his prick he felt himself inflate. On his nipples he felt himself spread. Heart pounding, heading spinning, groin burning, when Zeke finally started sucking the schlong and fondling the nips, Aaron lost it stretching his arms, his legs, hands and toes out everywhere while his hips began to buck.

"Ah…ahhh….oh… ZEKE! GOD! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Cumming loads and loads to where Zeke couldn't almost take it, Aaron moaned low and soft until he appeared to have passed out with a wry smile on his face. Grabbing a damp towel, Zeke started wiping him and Aaron off while telling him over and over,

"Damn, lover. Who knew you had such a manly package. I think ya got me beat. I'm sure you have at least twelve."

What was Zeke saying, thought Aaron. I know I've only got about six inches tops.

"And ya know something," said Zeke as he climbed into bed next to Aaron pulling a comforter around them. "I think this summer I've helped put you through a work out cause I'm sure you're buffer than from the start of this summer." With that he cuddled Aaron close to him and they drifted off to sleep.


ROOOOOM! Came the sound of the thunder in the middle of the night. It woke Aaron from a dream. Straining his eyes, he peered into the darkness beside him until the form of Zeke lying beside him came into focus. He caressed Zeke's face and then he slowly, gently got out of the bed to walk around for a bit and get a glass of water. Walking across the floor, Aaron stopped and spun around to look back to the bed. He thought he heard Zeke's footsteps across the floor. Zeke was still in bed. Looking down at his feet, Aaron almost gasped in shock – they were huge! Tapping them up and down he heard them making a nice heavy and meaty thump on the floor. What was going on? He went to get the glass of water to help steady himself. Reaching up as he approached the cabinet his hand smacked the middle of it with a loud whack! Jumping back in surprise, Aaron examined the reach of his arm. He reached out instinctively, knowing that at that height he would get the bottom corner of the cabinet, but instead his hand hit the middle of it.

Shaking his head as if to clear cobwebs, Aaron walked back across the floor but stopped when he came to Zeke's boots. He stared at his feet and the boots for a long time then finally tried to slip one of his feet in. He had to push a bit to get it in, and once finally down, the boots felt a little tight!

"What the hell?" thought Aaron. "Zeke wears a fourteen and a half, how can my feet feel tight in this?"

The lightning flashed and revealed marks on the door frame. Aaron stared in disbelief. This cabin was normally used for the boys' sleep overs, parties, and such while growing up. Aaron's dad used to mark everyone's height over the years on the door. What Aaron saw and realized now was unbelievable. He was staring straight ahead and his eye level standing straight and tall was above his last marking, his current height of 5' 6". He was now somewhere around six feet tall. Feeling light headed from the startling realization, Aaron staggered back into bed and curled up into Zeke. He must still be dreaming. This couldn't happen in a day or a night. It's all an image of the mind. Aaron drifted back to sleep wondering.

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