Pleasure Growth 2

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The next morning Aaron awoke and worked quickly. He noticed himself in his clothes, near door frames, he was taller, bigger. Using the bathroom he stared in awe, realizing his member was around 8.5 inches soft. His feet were far beyond his shoe size, beyond Zeke's which was painfully noticed as those were the closest size shoe he could wear, which he was, having stolen a pair of Zeke's boots before he left the cabin.

What bothered him though was he didn't look mature. Glancing at himself in the full length mirror back at the house, he saw no shadows what-so-ever: no peach fuzz on his chin or lip, no sprigs under his arm, no feathering across his chest, arms or legs, no bush sprouting down under. Not that he expected it right away, but after last night - a growth spurt of six inches - he figured he'd see the start of hair at least.

Shuffling around his brother's closets he knicked a couple shirts and one pair of jeans from each of them. He hoped that whatever this spurt was, it was almost done and this would get him through the year so he wouldn't have to waste a lot of his spare money for clothes. Aaron kept to himself that morning, packing his 'stolen' clothes. He also didn't want the family to notice that he had suddenly grown so much over night. He did like it though. He could almost see eye to eye with his dad and brothers now, he felt more like a grown man befitting his age. His entire body tingled a lil bit everytime he saw Zeke looking his way. Zeke was eyeing him with a look of hunger and lust sometimes, a look of approval others, as if there was something new that needed congratulations.

Later he helped pack the truck for his and Zeke's ride to college. He arranged it so that he wound up sitting in the back that way there'd be no chance to notice and compare his and his dad's or his and Zeke's legs and therefore notice he'd grown. Besides, this gave him a chance to stretch his new legs out and he could also take off Zeke's boots, that were too small, and let his feet feel free.

Not much was said after they arrived as time was used to a great extent getting the truck upacked, the dorm room loaded, checked in at the dorm, checked in at the school, orientation for dorm room rules. They were so tired that when his dad came up to say goodbye and give Aaron a hug, he didn't notice how much taller his son was.

Aaron was going to love the dorm situation though, Zeke was going to be his roommate. The boys were very tired that night, so not much happened. For the next couple of weeks nothing happened either. Both of the boys were submerged in getting books for classes, finding their way around campus, finding their way around town, getting used to class schedules, and homework. There was more for Zeke to get used to as he was there on a sports scholarship and had to find all the ins and outs of the school gymnasium, sports complex, stadium, practice times. Too often one would be out cold asleep when the other came in from his day.

But the love they started wasn't going to be stiffled, not by a long shot. One night while studying for a mid-term exam, Aaron was very edgy.

"I'm never going to get this problem down!" He screamed and threw his book across the tiny dorm room. Rubbing his shoulder he commented to his self, "I'm not going to learn a damn thing while I'm this tense. I'm in pain." Picking up his book, he tried to study once again, but his shoulder pain spread to the other shoulder and then across his entire back. It throbbed in time with his breath and after a while the young man slammed his text book down.

"There's only one thing that's going to take care of this."

Grabbing a towel, soap and shampoo, he headed to the shower room. It was getting late, most of the students we either out at a club or already asleep in their beds. He turned the shower on, fairly hot, and let the steam build up while he took off his clothes. He sat on the bench next to his stall and marveled at his feet as he patted them on the tile floor. So big, long, wide, meaty, strong. He thought back to the last couple of months, how things seemed so much easier now that he was six feet tall. More people here looked at him, girls, and guys, he enjoyed the new attention.

Shaking himself all over, he stood up and entered the stall letting the warm water cascade down his neck, shoulders, and back. He stood there for quite a while letting the heat take the tension out of his back. He was just about to start soaping up when suddenly, "Whoo, don't you look a sight."

Before he could open his eyes, Zeke had stepped in grabbed Aaron's member, and in one quick motion managed to stuff it up his but and backed into him.

"I've been wanting to feel you in me, for weeks, lover boy."

"Zeke! No, not here, we could get caught."

"Shhhh. Keep your voice down and we won't. Everyone in the dorm is asleep or out, so no one is going to notice. Besides we've not had a chance to see each other, like this, all nekked, wet, hot..."

"Stop." Aaron said and he tried to pull away and out. Zeke's hands were to quick and still too strong. They reached behind his back and grabbed a hold of Aaron's side caressing his hips and abs, working down to his butt cheeks.

"You want to leave this, now?" Zeke said as he started flexing his own buttocks making them squeeze and slightly rub on Aaron's soft cock stuffed inside him.

"I want to feel you grow and fill me." With that Zeke started moving his hips and butt back and forth.

"oh..." was all Aaron could say, along with a few moans shortly after. It didn't take long before Aaron felt it and tried to tell Zeke to stop once again.


Reaching around again, Zeke felt Aaron up from behind as best he could.

"Man, you really were tense from studying weren't you? Or are you tense from making love? Why do you get so tense getting off? Wait..oh...yyyyyyeeeaah-ha ha-ha...that's it Aaron, let it go, let it grow!"

Aaron had started to become errect inside of Zeke. Zeke was coaching it on.

"Yeah... oh man, so long, so thick. You're up to about what ten inches now? come on! Hmnnnnfff get it up... show me how my lil man beats big old me. ..... uh, yeah about eleven now. Come on show me your foot long! whoa! ah...there it is... yes! Let me massage that for you with my butt."

Zeke was lost in being filled so fully by his lover. He grabbed onto the top of the shower stall wall and did pullups on them lifting himself slightly up and down Aaron's shaft. Aaron stood there eye's rolling, skin turning red, lost in a sensation twenty times stronger than what Zeke was experiencing. But Zeke was making the most of his stiff lover.

"Oh my god.... You had to stay short. If you got bigger, you'd probably have to be called yard stick. Ha ha.... ah fuck, you're so good. C'mon Aaron, say something. I love you too, the person. I want him to experience this as much as his member is. So long, so smooth, so thiiii-hick!"

Zeke's eyes opened a little on his last ride down.

"Damn, I must have gotten you worked up you feel a lil' BI-HIG!- er... A...aar..ron?"

Aaron's cock was bigger and it was growing...lengthening, thickening, throbbing ever larger and larger with each pulse of blood. Zeke let out a couple of yelp moans and began to try his pull ups to pull himself off of Aaron.

"Aaron, you're prick.. Ah-ho! I think it is grow-ING! Ah.. so... the HEAD!"

Indeed Zeke felt Aaron's rod grown, slink, further up and up his anus, and spreading his cheeks, his hole, more and more apart. He tried to do pull ups again but as far as he was trying to pull himself up, it seemed Aaron's snake grew too. He let go one time to try and get his footing on the floor then he'd turn him and Aaron around so he could be in the doorway and pull off. However, upon his toes touching the ground, he realized it was just the balls of his feet that were touching the ground, not the whole foots. He kicked them trying to get a foothold, but all they did was slide, and in the end it seemed only his toes reached the ground. No matter how long Aaron's schlong grew, this was not right...

"A...a...aron? Are you growing?"

No answer came from the young man. Zeke looked down and stared at Aaron's feet. They looked bigger than his. Almost as long as the tile one the floor, about 12" long. Zeke's eyes widened though as little by little, he saw it creep past the edge of the tile, but Aaron's heel wasn't moving forward. Aaron wasn't moving his feet; his feet we're growing. GROWING! Until shortly it seemed they were now two and half tiles long.

This wasn't the only thing that seemed a foot and half long, if not longer. Aaron's cock was splitting Zeke in half, it felt like. Zeke tried to figure out what to do but was lost in watching Aaron. While watching the feet, he knew he saw Aaron's legs get longer and longer, a lil' thicker too, and perhaps a little bit muscular. He felt something swell, balloon up against his butt and realized it was Aaron's balls and sack.

Trying to snap Aaron out of it, Zeke turned to scream out to him, but soon he was lost in realization. Aaron's torso stood taller than him, and a bit broader, his chest heaving up and down, developing more and more of a crescent look, the lats widening too.

Zeke was seeing stars, in pain due to the amount of dick he had up his ass. He was woken up by the spray of water from the showerhead it was ricochetting off of Aaron's chest, for his head and shoulders were standing above it. Zeke was nearly lost in thought we suddenly he felt a tickling sensation in his ass - Aaron was blowing his load. Zeke was lost in euphoria, the sensation of the hot load flooding him, it felt like it was going up his butt, forced past his intestines, to rest in his stomach..... Zeke soon blew as well.

Realizing Aaron was still somewhat in a stupor, Zeke pushed against the wall to shift his and Aaron's balance. If he didn't get off soon, the cum could dry and cement him to Aaron's, what felt like, yard long cock. It took a couple of tries, but Zeke finally succeeded in getting them turned a bit and slidding off Aaron's donkey dong, collapsed to the floor in front of the stall.

Laying on the floor a while, Zeke stared across the stall at Aaron's feet; they looked HUGE! Zeke had seen size 23 tennis shoes and he was pretty sure Aaron's feet were bigger than those. Shakily, Zeke stood up and stammered, "A..Aaron, what happened?"

He stood up straight and approached Aaron. Zeke's eyes came right to Aaron's shoulder.

"hoooo-ly shit...."

There in front of Zeke, was Aaron. Just moments ago he was a handsome, average, six foot tall, lithe swimmer's build, young man. Now, NOW....there stood a seven foot tall, basketball built athelete, with some of the largest dogs and the biggest dick ever seen on a man. Zeke picked up one of Aaron's hands, placing his in it, actually in it. His hand! That hand of his which used to dwarf Aaron's, now was engulfed by it. Aaron seemed to come out of the comatose state, just slightly, when Zeke placed a hand on Aaron's chest. He moved his head and looked down and saw Zeke standing there looking, short?

"Zeke, what happened."

" I think you're going to need some rest."

Zeke shut off the water, wrapped a towel around himself, two around Aaron, took him by the hand and led him back to their dorm room. He laid Aaron to sleep in his bed, looking at the long legs sticking slightly past the end and wondered what him and Aaron were going to do.

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