Pleasure Growth 8

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"What do you mean we may be discovered?"

"He's actually a lost young man, named Aaron. He ran away after one of his growth spurts, got hit by a circus train and has amnesia from that accident. Titus is what he was going by while working at the circus, trying to remember who he was. Not only is his whole family looking out for him, but the circus strongman is on the loose and rampage out looking for him, too."

"They will not find him in the cavern."

"Do you see what we're talking next to?!? We're standing next to his feet! The cavern is just under sixty feet in length. His feet are sticking nine feet out of the entrance. His whole body fills the cavern. If we do another ceremony and make him grow again, he won't fit in the cave at all! And even if he did, his penis is tall enough that it sticks out the hole when erect. Someone, is going to see him soon."

Aaron was listening to the two men arguing at the front of the cavern. He was still a little groggy, but had felt better than he had in quite a while. He recognized one of the voices as the leader of the little clan of two-spirit people who were using him as a rite of passage or membership to their group. They had caused him to grow at least twice since he'd been here.

"....He's at least sixty-nine feet tall now."

"We have the herbs and medicines, they will keep him sedated."

"Well, that's the other thing. I'm not sure they will, or we can. Each time he grew it meant not only more size height wise, but he's gained in muscle mass, more weight. I don't think we have enough of the herb to make a strong enough batch to keep him sedated."

That's why he was feeling better. He's been drugged all this time and his body was now too big for the dosage they were feeding him. He was getting used to it, it was too small, so now he was waking up.

"What more could he ask for? He's got us to worship him, and grope him, stroke him off. What man wouldn't like that? Brew the biggest batch you can. We'll sedate him, and then send parties out to gather as much of the herb as we can."

"What more could I ask for?", thought Aaron. "WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR!?! I could as for my freedom, thank you very much!"

Aaron's mind began to crowd with images of him and his older brothers playing basketball and other games during the summer. He was late bloomer that hadn't bloomed until he got the shot, laced with the uber formula created by that wacko. But that meant growing up he was always so much smaller than his older brothers, and instead of playing ball, they played keep away with him being it all the time. But then Aaron's brothers were replaced by the men here in the cave. All of them rubbing on him, taunting him, how they could keep him here, how although they were serving him, was he was serving them? "Oh, hell to the no!", he thought.

"They want size....I can give them size."

Aaron began to oh so lightly buck his hips and positioned a hand up and onto his very ample and large cock.

"oooh yeah...come on!..."

Aaron's cock began to stir, began to lengthen, thicken, and grow....

"Hmmmmmmm fuck yeah!"

It grew and swelled reaching a semi-flaccid state... and then the feeling began to come over Aaron. He wasn't sure how long it had been since the last time he blew a load and grew, but he was hoping he could grow this time. He'd grow, grow so big he'd burst out of this cavern, so big the remaining sedative in him wouldn't be able to work it was now too small a batch. His body grew up and up and up first, his feet starting to move further out of the cavern, while his head and shoulders pushed against the back wall.

The two men talking in front stopped when they heard some scrapping sounds, and finally realized it was Aaron's feet; they were growing larger and scooting across the ground.

"He's awake! And making himself horny to grow, we've got to stop him before it really kicks in!"

Making a run for the back of the cavern. the two men halted suddenly when Aaron spread his legs apart as quickly as he could and blocked the men's entry They both rain into the sides of Aaron's ankles, which were firmly pressed against the cavern mouth sides, and slowly but surely growing out and away from them. Dazed and confused after bouncing off of Aaron's ankles, the two men lay on the ground and watch the sight unfold.

Aaron kept rubbing his cock and thinking about how much bigger than his brothers he was, how much bigger than his captors he was, and that he was about to become even bigger and stronger, more hung and virile.

"Oooooh yeaaaaaaah!"

Despite the fact of his arms being pinned and wedged into the cavern too narrow for his body and torso, Aaron was able to get in some nice strokes on his cock with his long and thick fingers. Finally, his prick rose up high enough, almost fully erect, that it was touching the hole in the ceiling and the slick fur pelts that covered it. He let those furs kiss his piss slit and head and as that caused him to get fully erect, he began to thrust and buck his hips pushing the cock through the hole.

"AAuuuuugh FUCK! Yes that"

But Aaron cut himself off, the sensation hitting him again so hard. His body grew and swelled in every direction, in height, in muscle mass, in ball and cock size. His head, neck, and shoulders grew first pushing into the back wall of the cavern. It hurt his head at first, feeling like his head might get crushed in, but soon Aaron could feel his head and shoulders were making dents into the rock wall.

His shoulders, back, delts, bunched and rolled, mounded and grew, wider and wider pushing into the back side walls of the cave, and although it felt as though he was receiving cuts, the side walls also soon gave way to the burgeoning, mounding, titanium dense muscle fiber that was building and building up on Aaron's body.

His chest was inflating, rolling out in thickness and width, barreling out more and more, further and wider, looking almost like a roll of asphalt being laid down upon a road. It just kept going and spreading! It developed into two huge gigantic globes of granite. The upper arms were next, bunching, balling, peaking, rising up and out, swelling higher and thicker. The biceps were growing into mountains of their own right, so tall, to thick, so peaked and full. With the chest along side them, they began to rise up and push on the ceiling of the cavern. Meanwhile the gigantic horseshoe shape of the triceps was flexing and popping with just as much size, pushing down into the cavern floor, helping to rise Aaron off the ground, and indeed, dent and crumble to dust some of the cave's foundation.

His thighs ballooned next, all the individual tear drop shapes expanding and increasing like balloons being filled with water. So much mass, the slightest movement and they wiggled and wobbled, their density shimming back and forth. Their diamond like cuts cut and rose into the cavern ceiling as their partner the biceps femoris, or the back of the thigh, along with the other back leg muscles grew and swelled pushing hard into the ground.

Aaron had thought that he'd feel the calves getting caught, filling up the cavern entrance, but he was growing up as much as he was filling out. The cave entrance was meeting him at the bottom of his thighs. If he had been wearing shorts, his thighs would be splitting, ripping, and blowing the hem apart right now, but he wasn't wearing shorts, he was wearing the cavern, and his thighs were doing an excellent job of splitting, ripping, and blowing apart the cavern mouth.

His calves having grown out with his legs, we free to bunch and hunch, pop and swell, on their own, growing large enough to almost push against one another and fight for room. The two men of the two-spirit clan, who were knocked down by Aaron's ankles, we pushed and tumbled round by the growing legs, to get over come by the giant sized calves. The massive giant heart shape, becoming engorged with blood, swelling thicker, denser, harder, with each pump, pushing the men further and farther away from the entrance. Thick veins running all over the place, fueling this growth. The two men remember when Aaron first collapsed in this cavern, how they just barely stood taller than the bottom of his calve, and now a single calve of Aaron's stood nearly two - three times their height by itself.

Aarons cock and balls finished the growth. The testicles and scrotum being pushed up into the ceiling by the thighs, as they continued to swell, and inflate, as if they had an air horse with thousands of pounds of pressure hooked up to them. Aaron moaned and cried as each second he grew bigger, his balls grew bigger, the cavern stayed the same size, and the racking of his junk was becoming incredible. His cock grew long and hard, and up through the cavern ceiling hole. He tries to buck harder and harder to finish his growth, but it was becoming hard to do. His last growth spurt had made it so his cock was fairly even in position with the hole, but now, he had grown so big, although he got his head and his growing shaft through the hole, his groin region and therefore the base of his prick, had grown up closer to the entrance, a bit away from under the hole.

But it didn't matter, Aaron had made it in, and he was trying to buck as much as he could to pleasure himself. But with his body growing, and his bucking, he had become too large, to dense, and too strong for the cavern. The sounds of chipping, breaking, falling rock were being heard everywhere from entrance to cavern end, outside to inside. To the men outside it sounded like a rock slide, and felt like an earthquake. Chucks of the cavern walls began to explode apart and blast outward. The two men had to make a run for it so as not to be crushed by boulders sailing through the air.

The ceiling had started to give way and it fissured and cracked all around the hole, until the hole slide down, like a ring around Aaron's massive python of a cock. It landed at the base and stayed there, causing huge amounts of blood to go into but not out of the monstrous schlong, causing an increase in the growth of Aaron's massive member. But now, Aaron's arms and thus hands were free to finish the job by stroking away. And stroke he did, grunting, moaning, screaming, while his voice developed slightly deeper, his body continued to grow out further, his limbs growing out longer, his balls getting bigger churning up more and more testosterone and cum.


One last swell of gigantic growth and Aaron blew his load. Rising high into the air, the gargantuan glob of goo splattered several hundred feet away and up on the side of a mesa, making it look more like a snow covered mountain peak. Lingering trails of the shot strung from mesa to Aaron, hit the ground forming what looked like might, white capped rivers of rapids.

Suddenly all the geological debris began to move, slide, roll, every which way, as Aaron began to pick himself up and stand. And stand he did, up and up, taller, and taller, with back, shoulders, chest, lat, so broad and thick he threatened to make the surrounding mesas look small in comparison. Rock, dust, and dirt, cascaded off him revealing a young man with the body of an amateur bodybuilder, fully pumped from a huge workout, his forearms, legs, some parts of his chest, and a small portion of his abs, looked a little dirtier as hair had begun to grow in thicker there and catch and hold more of the dirt than just his smooth skin.

Aaron, gave one last shudder, and thrust of his cock, causing that prick to swell slightly once more, and shatter the natural cock ring that had formed, exploding it off his body. His chest heaving, Aaron tried to look around after all the dust settled from the collapsed cavern, but found he needed to bend at the waist and look over and down due to the expansion and size of his chest. It took him a while to find what he was looking for, the two men he knew to be at the mouth of the cave when he woke up and began this jack off session. Bugs... they looked like bugs to him, not even able to come up to his ankles when both he and they were standing flat footed.

Something was still coursing through Aaron, however. It wasn't his memory, it wasn't the sensation of growth, it was a feeling....a feeling of sheer power. The flash backs of his brother taunting him during basketball, mixed with the feelings of his captors holding him prisoner here, and now... now he knew no one would hold him prisoner, no one could taunt him for being small and weak, and he knew... ... ... somehow, he knew... the power was still building up inside of him, ready to be unleashed again, and yet again, and again.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!" Aaron screamed and stomped his foot causing the earth to shake. "How do you like your god now!?!"

Aaron gave a most muscular and growled heavily. The two men, now frightened beyond belief, came and pissed their pants at the same time. Looking down at the reaction these ant sized men had over him, Aaron's cock sprung to life instantly, sent a shiver down the shaft, through the balls, and back up Aaron's spine. Grabbing his cock, he pointed it downward and blew once again. The two men, tried to run, but massive glob of spunk was two large. They were stuck as if hit by a tidal wave, carried on the tide of it by fifty feet or so. Almost drowned the men staggered to get to their feet, sliding and slipping on the muddy ground soaked with cum.

"RAAAAAAAAAAUGH! I AM TITUS! Your god is thirsty and needs a bath, where is the closest river?"

The two men tried to scream and point which Aaron could scarcely see nor hear, but finally they crawled to a dry spot and with their bodies formed the shape of an arrow pointing the direction of where a river was located. Aaron smiled and casually walked off, his footsteps sounding like bombs going off and sending lab equipment into frenzied fits of data recording a geological labs around the United States and Mexico.

To be continued