Pleasure Growth 7

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Zeke burst into Sanjay's dorm room.

"We've got to do something and we've got to do it fast."

Sliding some papers out of open view, Sanjay turned and posed a question. "Have you heard anything from Aaron and his family?"

"Yes. He went missing from their home. The whole family went out to a barn dance, but said he couldn't come along. In order to protect him, ya know? So he wouldn't go and see some strapping cowboy that might accidentally turn him on and cause him to grow. But apparently he went walking the property while do some chores and came upon the cabin I stayed in while I was working there over the summer. Oh...god!...."

Zeke spun around and sat down in a chair, face turning read, hands clenched into fists.

"I apparently had left a dirty shirt of mine behind in the cabin. It still reeked of my cologne. It was found laying on top of a broken bed.... GOD!" Zeke stood up and punched the Sanjay's closet door.

"EASY! whether or not you break it, I'll have to pay for that at the end of the semester. So, I take it, missing you he got turned on and he grew?"

"His dad told me there was a very large spot of dried cum on the floor in the cabin. The door frame was busted through and outside were some very large human foot prints. Aaron's hit the thirteen foot mark, man. We've got to do something. They don't know where he is, but we've got to find him and try to do something!"

"I.... I.....I think I know where he is....sort of."

"What do you mean you sort of think you know where Aaron is?"

Sanjay handed him the print outs of articles about Circo di Meraviglia. "I don't know why, but somehow he's hooked up with this circus. Look at the picture...."

"Oh my god he's huge!"

"They measured him, scheduled for Guinness to come out and officially proclaim it too; thirteen feet tall. For some reason he goes by the name Titus now. They paired him up with a strong man to do shows. They've become quite the successful act up and down the west coast. It gets worse however."

"It gets worse?!?"

"Here is the last article about him. No picture, but according to witnesses, one evening after a show on Sunday, Titus' tent suddenly exploded. Several tents surrounding Titus' were knocked down as well, and several circus performers who witnessed it said that rising up from the debris of the tent was the strongman covered in white goop, and Titus who now stood and estimated 20 foot or more tall. If it matches with the estimates the doctor's and I calculated, he should be exactly twenty-one feet tall now and built like an American footballer, or a rugby player."

"Holy shit......"

"And maybe much worse than we feared, Zeke."

"What do you mean? How much worse."

"Remember that I said his growth was doubling exponentially?"


"And that for each inch of growth he was supposed to normally have, he would grow like that."


"I did a running model of Aaron's body, minus that jerk's formula running through it. I've analyzed all his horomone levels, blood levels, tissue samples...I've feed it all in and had the computer run a test to see what Aaron's normal growth pattern was going to be."


"He was going to be a very late bloomer."


"But he was going to bloom....he was going to really bloom. He was going to explode in bloom. The estimated growth spurt he was going to have would have put him at ....six inches tall when done."

"Six foot seven!?! That's.... that's just over ...over a foot! Oh my god! Thir....THIRTEEN INCHES! That means!...."

"Yes, he's going to grow thirteen times, in the same fashion, growing taller, broader, and uhm....more endowed."

"We have to try and help him."

"I don't know that we can right now. That formula that creepy geeky created is very complex. The doctors and all of us in the lab here at the college are working on it, but we can't seem to make headway."

"So is he still with the circus?"

"No. The article said he took off an ran away into the night. He stopped running at some point, which means he was leaving softer tracks behind in the desert sand. The wind caused those tracks to be covered up so they lost track of which direction he turned after a while."


Aaron moaned and groaned in his sleep. He was dreaming. He was lost somewhere in the night. He could barely see around him as the sky was pitch black, with no stars, but he could see the outlines of billowing clouds lit up by a fiery sunset. He could hear his heart pounding, beating, throbbing, louder and louder in perfect rhythm. The air was heavy with smoke and the scent of some strange exotic flower.

The fading sunlight provided just enough light to see some figured, floating and flying around him. They were spirits for they had no bodies with legs and arms, just very long shapes with tattered or fringed edges that fluttered in the wind as the moved around him.

Their faces were very odd, as if carved and painted. Half had a very flat tubular face, light sky blue, with rectangular black eyes, and long flowing black hair, and a long flowing black beard? The others were a little more wild looking with their long black hair in various styles: a pony tail, a bun, and maybe kind of a mohawk, on top of black faces with enormous round brown eyes.

These people fluttered and flitted around him, gliding up and down all over his body, moving this way and that, causing him to be tickled at their passing. Slowly they broke into five groups, two stayed near him, beneath his chin, the other three moved down into the darkness, almost out of sight. The two beneath his chin while dancing in circles, caused Aaron to feel a strong and powerful sensation rising from his chest. He felt his chest swell and become firm, and that firmness rose and began to jut out slight from two positions on his chest.

Meanwhile the other three groups began to push at Aaron, push and heft, lift and hoist... What were they moving? What where they playing with? It was some kind of huge beam that was floppy and made of plastic. But as they increased their dance, Aaron began to feel sensations from them to, in the pit of his stomach. No in the heart of his being. was setting fire to his loins.

Aaron moaned and groaned and called out to no one. No one was there to tell these spirits what will happen, to let them know what happened to him when Samuil, Sampson, tried to please him. But it was too late. Floating in this void of space, with its mysterious never ending sunset, Aaron began to writhe and moan, his fingers, toes, hands, feet, began to stretch, reach, and grow longer and thicker. So did the great log two of the three spirit groups farthest from Aaron's head were holding grow. It increased in size, in thickness, in density, rising up, up, up, where it felt a hole in the sky and a cool breeze that caressed to top, which sent shivers to Aaron's piss slit.

The third of the three groups farthest from him, began to dance and sway and swoop over something Aaron couldn't see, but it began to cause a warmth, and build up of power, an awakening sensation of strength and growth through Aaron's loin and groin.

"Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!" Aaron screamed in delight as he heard his voice lower and lower in octaves. He felt his body stretch and reach as he his head rose further into the inky blackness of space, as his arms and legs stretched forth to the few twinkling stars he could see. He could feel himself getting heavier and heavier despite floating on air. He could feel himself swelling, thickening, getting so much denser, harder, heavier, he could feel more and more every ridge and swell and cut of his body, feel his legs push themselves farther and farther apart, his arms being raised without a mental command to raise them.

Aaron knew in this dream he was growing again, and he couldn't stop himself. Did he want to stop himself? All these spirits fondling over his body. How small they looked at the beginning. How much smaller they looked now. Are they giving him this strength and power? Are they feeding him? Maybe....worshipping him? Yesssssssss oooooh gawd yessssssss. Making him into....a......GOD!

Aaron found pleasurable release, and the spirits all gathered in the middle throwing their faces off their bodies and then throwing their bodies away too, standing as little wisps of bronze colored clouds, chanting and cheering.....


Aaron heard the pounding of his heart once again. Trying to fight his way out of the blackness that was unconciousness, he began to moan a little and finally ask ever so softly "What is going on here?"

"Shhhhhhh. Great Titus."

" do you know my name?"

"You talk in your sleep."

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Many weeks."

"Many weeks?!?"

"Shhhhh shhh shhhh... Great Titus, your devotees are here to take care of you. All will be well."

"My devotees? Where am I am?"

"You are in the Wuuyoq?a Pööngala Cavern."

"The what?"

"The Wuuyoq?a Pööngala Cavern. Named after you, for it is similar to what your name, Titus, means."

"What is going on? Why do I have devotees? Why am I am so big, yet so weak?"

"You came in here many weeks ago. My boyfriend and I observed you, heard you approach. You looked frightened and scared, and very tired and worn, and discovering this cave you could fit into, you crawled in and passed out. My love and I took care of you and heard many things as you talked in your sleep: your interest for a man named Samuil, but your love for a man named Zeke.

"A man named Zeke?"

"You spoke of power and growing, and we knew we would have you be part of our ritual."

"Ritual for what?"

"We are two-spirited people. The modern world calls us homosexuals. The traditions of how we were dealt with, how we live in our society, have been lost, put out of history and memory by many caucasians and church leaders. But my love and I, came upon you, and decided such a powerful man could only be sent by the divine, and we have used you for creating a new culture, new ceremonies for two-spirit people. We are having a blessing ceremony tonight. As such, you are weak, as we have been feeding you herbs from a rare plant that allows you to relax so you may enjoy the devotion to your strong body."

"No....I can't you don't understand what happens to me when I am aroused...."

"Shush and be still... enjoy the devotion of your followers."

Aaron could do nothing. He felt so weak physically, despite feeling the size and mass of the muscles on his body. He felt so out of tune mentally, it was hard to focus on anything. The fevered dream he had before, he now knew was a ceremony that had taken place. The empty blackness with sunset highlighted clouds, was actually the interior of a cave and its walls being very dimly lit by torches. The spirits that flitted around him, were these men, dancing in ceremonial masks and robes on top of him while stroking his body.

Thinking on that, Aaron could feel his body; it was heavier than he remembered. The weight and girth of his limbs, yet the tightness of his waist and abs. His shoulders and back felt incredibly broad and his lats felt uber thick. He could feel air movement around parts of his body, despite lying down on his back on the ground. He knew what this meant.... his musculature had reach bodybuilding proportions. The feeling of cool air swirling and drifting around his body has happening around his ankle, his knees, the lower portion of his back, between the shoulders and triceps. This was because the muscle groups around those areas: the back & lats, his butt, his thighs and calves had grown large enough to raise him up off the ground.

He could also feel his chest laying heavy on his torso. Big huge wide plates that not only spread out broad and wide, but also rose up mounding and high. Looking down his body, Aaron was beginning to have a problem of seeing anything past his chest, and his nipples had begun a migration to pointing downwards.

Aaron still couldn't remember who he was, or what was happening to him and his body, but he was beginning to like his size, the strength, the power that flowed through his muscles and veins. If only he could actually move, flex, he knew he could break free, but despite being able to feel all this muscle mass, he was so weak and sleepy. Yet he couldn't let it happen again. He was already too big. These men around him looked to be slightly less than one fourth his size. But there was something in the back of his mind that liked this. Despite the scare of tossing Samuil around and nearly drowning him in a pool of cum, Aaron had felt that he was due this somehow. As if he had been very small at some point in his past for a long time, too long of a time, and now he was big, he was beefy, he was strong!

The drum beats in the cavern began to beat faster and louder. Aaron's heart beat began to pick up pace with them. The men dressed up like those spirits again were dancing towards Aaron and processing up a ramp and onto his body. Again the broke in to five smaller group that headed towards his two nipples, his cock, and his balls, repeating the stroking dance and raising Aaron's prick up like some gigantic wooden phallic symbol as best they.

"Ohhhh yes..." Aaron moaned, and closed his eyes.

He knew he shouldn't, but he gave in to the pleasure of the strokes, to the feeling of all these tiny hands trying to heft up his cock that flaccid had to be like two times the length of their average height. He began to see in his mind a man.... a fairly big man. He wasn't a giant of a man, but he was tall, taller than many, but still there were many tall men his height. However, he did stand taller than Aaron, almost a whole head and shoulders taller than Aaron. He had a really good muscular build on him, the kind Aaron saw gymnast having. He was tan, with inky black hair, a beautiful smile and the most beautiful sparkling green eyes.

But then something happened...the man shrunk... Aaron was closer to his height. And then it happened again and now Aaron was standing almost head and shoulders above this man.

"Oh yeaaaaaah." Aaron thought to himself.

Again the man shrunk smaller and smaller until the man was only as tall as the bottom of Aaron's thighs. Wait! The man was shrinking Aaron was getting bigger and bigger...taller...and broader...thicker... and stronger....


Aaron snapped to as he began to feel so many sensations. His dick was rising up and rising very quickly, becoming fully engorged, hard a titanium, and getting criss-crossed with huge thick veins plumped so full of blood. Up and up it grew until Aaron could feel a tickling at his cock head. Squinting down his body, but up above it, Aaron could see a hole in the top of the cavern. The men below had pushed and leaned or pulled and tugged as hard they could one way or another, so that when his cock became erect, it was aimed at that hole. The hole has covered in dozens upon dozens of animal skins and then wetted down with something.

But Aaron felt a little troubled. He could see how much space his body took up. He vaguely remembers coming to the cavern, but he was able to fit into much better. Now... now he took up almost all of the space. He mustn't grow... He can't grow again!


The tiny men had continued their dancing and stroking, and now that Aaron was fully erect, they were jumping onto and sliding down his cock as best and as fast as they could. Other members were stroking his balls and his nipples. Aaron began to dream again of that gorgeous man that was getting smaller and smaller. He knew he shouldn't grow more, but for some reason he wanted to. He began to see a whole group of men, that were anywhere from as tall as the hunk he saw to slightly shorter, and they all resembled him in some fashion. He knew he wanted to be bigger than them. Way bigger than them. Yes... they should become mice to him.

Suddenly he felt a sensation build up in his balls. It kept building....and Building.....AND Building....BUILDING! Stronger and stronger, more and more.... Aaron's breathing was becoming rapid and heavy, uncontrolled.


Suddenly the sensation burst forth inside of Aaron, striking his cock first and causing it to have a massive growth spurt...up...Up...UP! Up into and poke out of the cavern roof hole!


His prick growing taller and taller getting thicker in girth and harder in its pump and erection, soon pushed its own head up and out of the hole. The feeling of the growth against the slicked down furs surrounding the hole, sent more sensation down Aaron's schlong, causing him to buck in pleasure and throw the tiny men dancing on him off balance.

Another just from his groin and his legs and arms shot out getting longer and longer and longer and longer.... His neck and head, back too rose up and up and up, or in this case scooted across the cavern floor.

"Oh no..." Aaron thought. He could feel the back wall of a section of the cavern with his head. His shoulders were widening too, stretching out broader and broader until he could feel the sides of that part of the cavern with them. His butt and thighs began to feel the sides of the cavern as well, and his feet began to feel cool night air, just like his prick head was. He was growing so big now, that he was filling up the inside of the cavern, and if the muscle growth hit...

Hit it did. Another sensation sent waves of power coursing through Aaron's blood, feeding his muscular body, causing the muscles to swell, thicken, harden, become denser, stronger, harder. He felt his calves bunch and swell in size, rising his legs further and further off the ground, almost causing his feet to rise and his heels to float in mid air. Aaron could feel them bunch and grow and harden into these massive heart shapes that were so big, he thought they, not the thighs, should be described as hamhocks.

Next he felt the cables that were his hamstrings tighten from the calves, across the back of the knees, and up the thighs, becoming harder, thicker, stronger. Dear God! They could probably help support a suspension bridge! Then his thighs ballooned out, swelling this way and that. The cool cascading breeze streaming into the cavern gently kissed Aaron's quads and helped him feel their development: one tear drop, two tear drops, three tear drops, the meaty back bicep of the thigh swelling even larger. Aaron could feel his legs getting pushed and spread apart by his thighs. If he could stand, whenever he could stand, he would surely always have a stance with his feet shoulder, his sized shoulders, width apart! Aaron could feel them swelling so, that they became wedged in the cavern, the rock walls desperately trying to cut in his skin and carve out more tear drop shapes.

But as big and thick as his thighs developed, another presence made itself known. The next surge pushed power, size, and testosterone into Aaron's nuts. He suddenly felt his scrotum become so tight it was racking his own balls, but then it began to slowly streeeeetch with the swelling and mounding as the balls grew larger and larger, fuller and heavier, even proportionately they were getting bigger. As they grew, Aaron could feel a huge swirling sensation in them as they went into hyper-drive, producing what surely was gallons and gallons of cum.

Going crazy over the feeling of the heft of his balls, Aaron wished he could raise them up. They were but not how he was anticipating. The sensation moved up his thighs and into his buttocks, causing his ass to grow out just a tiny bit, and then shrink in tight, full, and compact. His ass was bubbling out to match the size and power of his thighs, causing his groin and abs to raise up just a bit.

The power now spread up to his lats, back, delts, and traps, making them all bunch and lurch, swell and grow, widen and broaden, thicken and inflate, harder and denser, fuller and rounder.... swelling and growing, pushing his body further into the sides of the cavern, jamming itself in and getting completely stuck. He could feel how hard his lats pushed against his arms, how powerfully his back, shoulders, and traps pulled on his arms, if he ever got out of here to stand up, his arms would not be sticking straight down, nor at a slight angle. No...they would be hanging in mid air and would hand even further out according to the sensation hitting him now.

The power coursed through his arms, snaking down the super internal highway that was his veins, which were rising up thick and full like mighty rivers and smaller streams and criss-crossing creeks. All of them sending power and nutrients to his muscles, in this case the arms, to feed and cause them to explode. He felt those arms thicken and get heavy, form into tight peak and a horseshoe, to swell further in size and density, to become huge and round and now swelling to become perhaps almost squarish. They sent the power to the forearms that grew and grew and laughed at cartoon people like Popeye, they were so much bigger sick with all those veins crossing down into the finger that grew and popper with muscle themselves. And with Aaron being so tall now, he could flex a finger and have it raise a bicep larger than any Mr. Olympia.

Aaron felt his head get pushed into the wall a little further, as the column that was his neck, inflated even larger and thicker in girth, becoming solid column that could rival any from Greece, Rome, or Egypt. He could feel his traps mounding up to meet this column and threaten to engulf his head. But thoughts on that were soon lost as the sensation hit his chest and he watched it just ooze out, thicker, wider, broader, heavier, more and more like barrel, rising...rising. higher and higher, until his vision down the front of his body was blocked by the sheer massiveness of his pecs, which helped to push his fully swollen arms farther into the side cavern walls. Aaron felt like he had a whole other person, his size, sitting on his chest.

As he tried to adjust his labored breathing, with each breath in and exhale out, he could feel his abs and obliques bunch and tighten, every single brick bunch out and define in, he knew he had an entire section of cobble stone road for a mid section. An entire armor of brick plates! He had a washboard one couldn't scrub clothes on, because the would get shredded and torn on these abs.


The sensation suddenly just dropped back down right into the pit of Aaron's stomach, his groin, balls, and cock. The dancers, were now back on their feet, madly stroking the much larger phallic pole that was in front of them, chanting away, jerking off onto the giant engorged member, and rubbing it for all their worth. Aaron felt his cock head push just a bit more into the night time air. Despite the fact of being covered in so many pelts with fur, he felt the cavern hole cut slightly into the girth of his schlong. He could feel some men outside around his feet, and although he couldn't see them, could tell that if he was standing, they wouldn't come up any more on him than his ankles, if that. He had been transformed into a god...


The men who had clamored up the mesa to get to the top of the cavern and the hole outside, saw a sight that looked like old faithful going off, but this stream of hot, steamy liquid wasn't water and it didn't shot out of the hole in the ground, but a large bulbous something from the hole in the ground. They danced and cheered, as the white, hot liquid, showered down upon them, coating them completely. Aaron, meanwhile exhausted from the orgasm, the growth, and still lingering affects of whatever it was he had been doped with, fell asleep once more.

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