Summer Growth Spurt

It was to be an interesting summer for Kyle, more interesting than he would ever suspect. The original plan was to spend it with his best buds, Jonathan, Joshua, Jonah, Jeremy, Justin, & Jacob, the Larson sextuplets.

Long had he dreamed, fantasized, about these boys, now young men: 6’5”, swimmers type build, perhaps a little thicker, all over tan, spiky strawberry blond hair like something out of an anime, and green eyes that were so clear and sparkling one swore they could see through them. Let’s not forget, these boys seemed to be packing a bit, if one knows what I mean…

This would seem to be more than an ample and good enough description, but Kyle knew something. He’d been friends with these guys since third grade and of course met their parents. Their mom was a lovely woman, good natured, ever looking after her young men and any friends they brought over; cookies here, drinks there, clean clothes…. She was a marvel of a woman with her hazel eyes; milky-white skin; long, braided, blond hair, and an imposing six-foot frame. Dad was no exception: thick and powerfully built like he could enter a strong man competition, red hair, green eyes, coy smile, all on a six-foot eleven inch frame, and to see him at the right angle… well, one knew where the boys got their “packages.” Needless to say, this being the end of the guys’ high school years, and them all eighteen, Kyle knew they were late bloomers and at some point were soon going to pop. He wanted to be there when they did and this summer was his chance.

The Larson parents wanted to give their boys something special for their high school graduation presents. They wanted to give them tickets to places of interest depending on each lad. Although they did raise them, to a certain degree, as sextuplets, they tried to make sure they got to know and develop each of the kids own personalities as well. The problem was they couldn’t afford to send all six young men to six different areas, only two at a time. It was decided that each boy should choose a friend to go with him. Each boy chose Kyle.

April 30th. The boys had all been very good in their studies and, in order to be able to pull off the trips in decent weather, taken their final exams a month early. Kyle showed up to the Larson’s that afternoon, going to spend the night and then in the morning him and one of the boys would take off from the airport for their destination.

Mama Larson greeted Kyle, giving him a great big hug. Turning to her husband she said, “Sven, we’ve known this boy for so long, he’s almost like one of our own.”

“Mama, he could be…. Same build as the boys, well a little skinnier perhaps, about the same height, green eyes….although a bit milky white, and that black hair on top. Yeah, boy, you were one of us. The product of Mama’s shenanigans with the milk man. But she didn’t think you’d quite fit in with the six, so that’s why you were put up for adoption. Who knew it’d be to the couple next door!” Sven, leaned his head back, smacked his knee with his massive paw hand and gave a monstrous belly laugh.

“Sven!” Grabbing Kyle’s head, kissing him on the cheek, Mrs. Larson looked him in the eye and said, “Pay no attention to that old bear over there. He’s full of IT more than he is of any knowledge. Not that we wouldn’t mind having you as our own, dear, but your parents have done right by you and their lovely people. They deserve a good son.” She tussled his hair and then gave him a large tray of cookies and sandwiches to take up with him to the boys’ room.

“They may not be as big as their father, but they certainly do eat like him.”

Kyle made his way to the room and nearly dropped the tray when he entered. There they all were, all six of them, no shirts and wearing jean shorts and that was it. The rest of the day Kyle spent trying to think of the adventures that awaited him as opposed to his friends right in front of him… Didn’t want sport a boner in present company, although he really did. They played games, watched a movie, ate snacks, ate dinner, ate more snacks, and drank soda, kool-aid and tea…. It was after one glass of tea that things began to get a little fuzzy for Kyle. He remembers being in the middle of an x-box game with Josh and that’s about it.

When Kyle passed out, the boys picked him up and laid him out on a bed.

“My god he’s not dead is he?”

“Shut up, Jacob! He’s fine. I know my herbs and medical stuff.”

“But, Jeremy, he looks dead.”

“He’s not dead. You friggin’ worry too much. He’s just unconscious so everything’s all limp and limber.”

Jonathan stepped forward, “Are we sure we wanna do this to him?”

“Do you want to be a hulk?”


“Does anybody here want to be a hulk, like dad?”

“Second thoughts? We’re supposed to hit 7’3” and fill out to dad’s frame. Think of all the doors we won’t get through, the ceilings we’ll have to duck, the rides we can’t get on at parks, the clothes Mama will have to make cause they won’t have our size. Have you ever taken a good look at Dad’s feet? Will they even have shoes for us? It’s gonna happen and happen soon, if we don’t take care of it. Who else can you think of to give it? We’ve seen how he looks at other guys. We’ve seen how he longs to be tall and built. But he’s wiry and thin. We do this, he takes our hormones, he becomes 7’3”…”

“Two! He’s only 6’4” now.”

“Whatever! He takes our hormones and he gets to become the big behemoth he’s always wanted, we stay where we are.”

“Yeah, but who gets him after he’s grown?”

“Justin! … He’s our friend, man. Like another brother; don’t be crass. So are we doin’ this or not? It’s now or never.”

Joshua stepped forward with a tray of glasses Jeremy had prepared earlier. Each of the boys took one and looked at each other. Finally Jonah lifted up his glass and says, “Through the teeth and past the gums. Look out, stomach. Here she comes.” They all downed their shots and began to place their hands on Kyle. Jeremy on Kyle’s head. Joshua: right arm, Jonah: left arm, Jonathan: right leg, Jacob: left leg. Justin looks around to everyone like he has no place to put his hands, smirks, shrugs his shoulders and places his hands on Kyle’s junk.

“Pervert. Ya could have put them on his stomach.”, growled Jeremy.

It took a few minutes but soon the boys began to feel a slight tingling in their hands. It felt as if a piece of cloth was being pulled through their arms and fingers into Kyle. It became more and more intense. Each of the boys stood up in a stiffened position. Sweat pouring down their foreheads, then their entire bodies. Kyle began to shake on the table, slightly at first and then in a furious manner. The boys began to moan, groan, and almost scream, but they clinched their teeth tight to keep the sound in so as not to frighten and alert their parents. One by one, their grasps loosened and they all fell to the floor. The house was very quiet, very still. Somewhere the other shoe was about to drop.



“Get up!” Yelled Mr. Larson. “Get up boys. I told you this would happen. You’d stay up to late and now you might be too late… what the?”

Mrs. Larson followed her husband and gasped when she saw her boys. There they were all six of them passed out around a Kyle who was naked upon a bed. Nothing had changed but the scene looked odd.

“My god, Sven, what were they doing?”

“Well it can’t be that odd. The boys still have their shorts on.” Smacking his hand to his head, “I know what it is. They tried to do that levitating thing. Is the person who’s supposed to be levitated supposed to be nude?”

“I don’t think so….wait look…. Little shot glasses. Sven, they were drinking!”

Sven, burst out into laughter. “That’s what it was! They got into a drinking game and probably turned into a truth or dare. Poor Kyle lost the dare. Ahhh, come come, mama. They’ve graduated high school, their men now. They only had a little to drink to celebrate and they at least did it at home. They could have tried to go to a bar got drunk there and arrested or worse yet and accident. Their smart boys to have done it here… GET UP! UP!”

What a whirlwind of activity took place one the cobwebs were shook from the boys heads. Everyone packed a bag. They all scarfed down a huge breakfast and then the boys all got dressed, but the literally were all wearing the same outfit: plain white sneakers, ordinary jeans, and a large hoodie with the hood pulled over their head and shut tightly around their faces. The ride in the car was very silent and Kyle felt a bit nervous. When they got to the airport, Mrs. Larson got out of the car saying, “I can’t believe you boys are pulling this childish prank.”

“Oh mama, it’s a bit of fun. Let them have it. They may be graduated and grown, but there’s still a bit of boy left in them all. Kyle, the boys thought it would be fun to leave on each trip this way. The same clothes and no looking at their faces so you have to figure out which one they are by the destination.” Kyle turned with a questioning, side smirking look on his face only to see six hooded head nodding at him with muffled giggles. One hooded figure grabbed him by the hand and led him onto the plane.

After a moment of silence, Kyle piped up, “Oh come on. I don’t get to know where I’m going?”

The hidden sextuplet handed Kyle his ticket stub. Kyle looked at it.

“Copenhagen. Copenhagen! We’re going to Denmark?!?”

The hooded boy nodded.

“Hmmmm let’s see then. Jeremy is into herbals and medicine. Joshua is into art. Jonah loves anime. Jonathan is into archaeology and genealogy. Jacob is into sports, well I know all of you are, but he want’s to live it or at least watch it… a lot… and Justin is…..well… between you and me, he’s a horn dog. We’re not going to Amsterdam so I know you’re not Justin.

There was a burst of laughter from the hood.

“Copenhagen…. And with a last name like Larson. You’re Jonathan!”

The hood came off, “Damn, you’re good. I didn’t think you actually knew us all individually that well.”

“I should after nine years.”

The plane landed and thus began the journey Kyle was to undergo…

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