Summer Growth Spurt 2: Denmark with Jonathan

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Kyle and I landed and we met up with my family’s cousins. The ladies were like my mom and the guys were pretty much like my Dad. Everyone's pretty damn big. Although not amongst the huge set back home, Kyle and I would normally be seen as tall; here we seemed average if not short frequently. We got to my family’s house, settled in, and then had a big dinner party that night to meet the whole family, neighbors, and their friends. I’ve never seen so much food, drink, alcohol… I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many people in only one place. Man, was it jam packed!

The family took us on a lot of outings during the first week. We saw most of the typical tourist sights in Copenhagen. We did a lot of walking and Kyle complained about his feet hurting because of it. It was odd. I thought he stood a little taller than me at the end of the week, but I was sure what we did wouldn’t effect him that much so soon. It must have been the terrain we were standing on.


Our second week had us out in the mountains and wilderness areas really getting to meet my cousins, as they took us on hiking, fishing, skating or skiing trips. We were enjoying ourselves so much, I forgot about Kyle and his foot complaints. That is until the end of the second week when one of my cousins laughed and looked at me and Kyle and said, “Ya know, if it wasn’t for his onyx black hair, we’d have a hard time trying to figure out who the family member is.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about until we took off to head for home. Walking down the path I kept hearing this little sound… kind of like a rip but it was a series of very short ones. Rip rip rip rip and the sound was in time with Kyle’s walking gait.


“Yeah, Jonathan.”

“How are your feet today?”

“Hmmm? Oh, they still hurt a little bit, but not as much as they had been.” I looked down to Kyle’s shoes and noticed that when he moved there was a split that showed on the side of his shoes.

“Kyle! Your shoes are splitting!”


Kyle sat down on a rock, lifted his foot in the air by crossing his right ankle over his left knee and studied his shoe. The sides were beginning to split. He undid the laces and slipped off the shoe. Although incased in a sock, his foot looked pretty big. He pressed the shoe, sole side, against the bottom of his foot. His foot poked out longer than the shoe.

“Holy shit! My feet have grown!”

He stood up at the shock and I looked him up and down and realized it was more than his foot that had grown. He stood bit taller than me now and there was no denying it. The hem of his jeans were approaching his ankles. The bottom of his sleeves were starting to ride up his arms and the body of the shirt was beginning to look a little tight across the chest and back.

“Dude. I think you’ve grown since we landed.”

“What? What the hell is happening to me?”

“Well, maybe you’re like us: tall early and then a delayed growth spurt to become really tall? Do you know how tall your biological parents were?”

“No. I have no idea. I thought I was 6’4” and that was that. Fine by me. I mean, it’s not a bad height ya know, 6’4”.”

“Well, you’re not that now.”

Kyle looked at me with a questioning face then stood up straight, focused his eyes and then stammered…

“My god, I’m taller than you now… N n not by much I don’t think, but I am.”

When we got back to the house, we put Kyle up against the wall and measured him. He was 6’ 9.25” tall. His feet were now a size US 19 shoe from his original 14. I was freaked. What had we done to our friend? Jeremy had assured us that the effect wouldn’t happen this fast and here he was already a little more than half way through his growth spurt that was supposed to last six months!

I started getting more ribbing from my cousins. Here I was the member of the family and my friend was the one growing into normal family stats. It wasn’t any better by the end of the third week when Kyle then stood 6’ 11.75” tall. He was joining the rank of some of the tallest members of my family and they began to shower attention upon him to help him out during his “phase into manhood.” I was beginning to wonder if my brothers should have decided not become the huge men we were bound to be.

It’s now the 30th of May. I’m lying here in bed and looking over at Kyle. He’s asleep and looks normal in the huge beds the family has over here. I look like a kid. I can see his chest rising up and down and it looks like it’s starting to barrel. He doesn’t look as thin and lanky as he did at the beginning of summer. He’s got just slightly more than that swimmers build, as if he was a swimmer that’s now decided to take up a new sport and bulk up.

The family likes him a lot and they decided to give him some gifts to take home like they did me, but his are all some new and hand me down clothes so he has something to wear. Yesterday at dinner he went to move and blew out the sleeve of his shirt at the shoulder because it was too narrow for his frame. They measured him tonight before we went to bed: He’s almost 7’ 3.25” tall and is wearing a US size 25 shoe! That’s almost an inch and half more that what he’s supposed stand and stand five months from now! But I have a secret. I’ve been watching him this whole time I’m writing. I’ve been watching him sleep for the last several days and damn…I get this huge solid as a rock boner. I want him to hold me, to caress and cuddle me in those huge long arms of his and be able to lean in and rest on his huge torso. I’d also like to see… well, journal, you know what I’d like to see… not that I don’t have some sort of an idea anyway. That night we gave him the potion, I could see he was built down there about like us, but I know it’s grown, massively! The last few nights he’s had dreams, sexual ones. He’s groaned and moaned lightly a lil’ bit and then I could see movement near his crotch and then his sheets begin to tent and tent like nobody’s business. I swear it almost looks like the sheet point rises like a foot to a foot and a half from his crotch, maybe more.

My family is all out and about somewhere. I can only contact the next brother and he’s not worried about it. He says the potion just took a fast and early effect and all the walking, hiking, and stuff we did was physical activities which can cause a person to be a little taller than one who just sits on their butt. Still though, he agreed to take him to a hospital somehow, someway to get him checked out.


In the morning, Kyle said goodbye to Jonathan at the airport. Jonathan was heading home and Kyle was meeting the next brother for their destination. Kyle was a bit woozy and not sure he should get on a plane. He wasn’t used to his new height yet. The house wasn’t too bad, but getting to the airport there were several arches and doors he had to duck to get through and he wasn’t used to that. Needless to say his head took the brunt and abuse of those mistakes. He was having some difficulty walking getting used to both his longer legs and his spreading feet and sitting down didn’t afford him any comfort either as the chair were becoming too small already.

About thirty minutes after the last brother had left, the next one showed up in the jeans and hoodie outfit. It stopped short of him and jerked back a little in shock or fear. Kyle stood up and walked over to him making a realization as he did….

“Whoa! I’m almost a foot taller than you now. I don’t mean this to sound cocky. This is all happening so fast and it a bit scary, but you guys look kind of small now. It’s hard to believe.”

“So, where are we going? Do I get my ticket to see the destination?”

The hooded figure handed him his ticket.

“Hmmmmm. Tokyo. …. Japan…. AWESOME! So, what are we seeing in Tokyo. I have an idea of who you are but I wanna make sure.”

The figure handed him another pair of tickets.

“Manga-fest! YES! It’s the newest and biggest, in their home country, anime festival. Take the hood off, Jonah.”

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