Summer Growth Spurt 4: Denver and Justin

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“Okay Justin, take off the hood, I knew it was you to begin with as you’re the only one left.”

“I know, I just wanted to be mysterious like everyone else.”

“So where are the tickets, and how did you know I was so big?”

“I’ve heard the stories from four of my brothers, I was pretty sure you weren’t a lightweight anymore so I changed airlines, so to speak. Here are the tickets.”

“It says, Denver, Colorado… Denver, why Denver?”

“Because, you need to rest and have some relaxation, and what better place for a mountain man, or rather a man mountain, to go than the mountains?”

“Okay, but I’m not sure this is going to be interesting. I just did the whole nature thing.”

“Oh it’ll be interesting. Trust me. It’ll be interesting.”


When I walked up and saw Kyle standing there I was hit with two sensations. The first was to cum, and cum right there, probably for eternity, just of the mere sight of him. The second was, well, if lust equaled size, I’d be suddenly sporting a boner the size of, ahem, Kyle’s right now. My friend is now huge! What did we do to him? Fuck that question. Fuck him! Seriously. Yeeeesss… man. I thought he was cute and adorable before, now I want to ram his brains out even if my prick doesn’t begin to be as long as his little finger!

The plane lands in a slightly remote part of Colorado at a very sequestered lil’ air strip. Kyle steps out and the strip attendant lets fly with a “Good God!” Kyle just smirks a bit and pats the guy on the head as if he were a child. I want to be that child.

I’ve got quite a bit of gear loaded and Kyle asks who’s carrying all this stuff? I told him I was carrying one part and that I’d ask him to carry the other. Two very large and stuffed back packs, and two very long and stuffed duffel bags along with a crate on wheels sit beside me at the edge of the runway. Kyle picks them up as though they were four lil’ purses and a building block.

“Okay, chief, where to from here?”

I point the way towards a road. After an hour’s worth of walking, we come to the base of an area where the mountains bunch up to form more and higher peaks. It is here that we get off the road and start following a path deep into the woods. Kyle takes the lead to see if he can figure out where we're going; no problem, I’m enjoying the view from behind. We’re about a fourth of the way up the climb. Well, I guess it’d be half for Kyle now, a fourth for me. Kyle, however is beginning to show the signs of a good workout. Those natural clothes that camp made for him are now covered with sweat and are clinging to his form. He’s tossing the bags back and forth from one hand to the next to keep from getting tired. His upper arm bunches up and knots as he does this lil’ movement. I used to hear of guys who could crack walnuts between their forearm and biceps, I think Kyle could bust rocks. So, those clothes are pretty much looking like a second skin and I can clearly see those loooooong legs make great strides and reaching, those thick hamstrings and colossal calves using a lot of strength to power his every move, and his chest barrel out and out and out and sink back down as he breathes. But it’s his feet that get me. A lil’ large on him even for his height and very wide too. Thick as well, covered with veins. I want to feel them. Use them as a blanket. Recline on them as though they were a chair or couch. I’m spraying the inside of my shorts and myself by the time we’re three-fourths of the way up. He’s huge. He’s built. He’s a giant. …He’s beautiful.

After about half a day’s climb we come to a section where the land flattens out for good broad stretch. Splitting in two at this point, the path leads the right into the mossy plateau or up the left further into the mountain top. I motion for us to go to the right. Another thirty minute walk and we come to a scene right out of “Grizzly Adams” or “Lil’ House on the Prairie.” There sits a log cabin, with stone fireplace, a stack of wood, water pump and all.

“Whoa. Dude, whose place is this?”

“That’s our’s Kyle?”


“This place used to be my grandfather’s. We’ve been meaning to come up here and see if it’s okay, make any repairs and use it for some vacation time. I decided I’d been the one to get the work started for my present.”

Kyle walks up to the cabin, he’s nearly as tall as the utmost top peak of the roof. Of course, the door frame stops just below his waist. I almost expect him to be able to pick the house up in his arms turn to me and say, “Where do you want it?”

“Justin, this was a cool idea, but I can’t fit in the door.”

“I’m very well aware of that goofy. Take a look on the other side…”

Kyle takes two steps to get to the other side of the cabin. Damn…. He looks the scene over. Some posts and poles have been added to that side of the cabin but where the roof line is, it stands much taller than the cabin roof.

“Okay. It looks like a porch section back here, but why so tall?”

“It’s not a porch section. It’s YOUR section. I figured at some point and time, after we’re through fixing this place up that you’d be joining us out here and you’d need a bigger room, so I came out ahead to get some of the work started.”

Kyle picks me up like a toddler and gives me a big hug. I can feel the heat radiating from his body, feel the solid-ness and strength pulse from his muscles. I can smell him from his climb up this mountain. I’m staining my shorts again. “Ah, man. Thanks bud, I appreciate that. That’s so cool. So, who’s doing the work?”

I look up into Kyle’s face and tell him, “We are.”

I open up the small door and bring the packs in and unload them. A good bulk of it is food for I knew Kyle would have big, big appetite. There are also some traps and riffles for hunting in the cabin and I’ve brought my bow and arrows too. After everything was put away and the first dinner cooked, we made a large fire where Kyle’s fire place will be so we’d have some light outside. He sat cross-legged and I sat next to his massive legs holding up photo albums of my grandparents and this cabin and told him all the stories I could remember about them. After a while, we decide to go to bed. Amongst the stuff I brought was a comforter for Kyle made out of six king sized comforters sewn together. As I was watching from my bedroom window, I saw Kyle drape the super king size comforter onto the floor of his ‘room’, and then take off his shirt. The mounds, the peaks, the crevices, all moving, bunching, bulging in perfect smooth flowing unison. He lay down on the floor on the comforter, rolled over on his back and placed his arms behind his head. Staring at his form in the semi-darkness, one side highlighted by the pale cool moon, the other side by the hot flickering fire. In the foreground was Kyle, his size, his muscles, in the background was a mountain top, its size, its presence, and I wasn’t sure which to be more in breath taking awe over. I sat there and jacked off over and over again, long after Kyle had drifted off to sleep. After a short while, I began to hear him groan and moan a little bit and see him stretch his leg or arm out in his sleep… was he still growing?

The next morning, after a large breakfast, we went straight to work. I pulled out directions and plans for how to complete Kyle’s “wing” of our cabin. I showed him lots of trees I had marked to be cut down for the cabin.



“What’s the different ribbon for?”


“You showed me all these trees to be cut down, and although most have these orange ribbons on them, there are a few that have red. Run out of orange ribbon?”

“Ah, no… I was told that you seem to have taken a fancy to weight lifting. Those trees in red are harder, denser, and thicker that the ones we need for the cabin. I marked those to be used for weights, if you wanted.”


Kyle cleared those trees first and then cut some into sections and left others whole, creating various sizes of weight. He started working out with them early in the morning and again in the evening, in between the time he was falling the other trees and hauling them to the cabin. He did that religiously it seemed, as well as sprinkling a bag of herbs on his food each night. He saw me one day as I watched him while he did it and said, “Oh, Jeremy gave me this. I think it’s supposed to help stop my growth.”

“Oh…” I said and nodded.

I don’t think those herbs worked. Day after day after day, Kyle lifted his weights, lifted trees, hauled them to the cabin. Within the first week I noticed that his new Clothes were already ridding up his legs, his arms, splitting at the seams, in the middle, wherever. His massive feet had already blown his sandals as well. I knew he was growing and growing fast, but it usually was a month before a new set of clothes really moved up his legs and such. More and more I noticed that his frame caught up with the top of the house and then he began to stand taller than it. Every night he moaned and stretched; every day he stood taller, wider, and ticker. I don’t think he was stretching in his sleep, it was him growing!

By the middle of the second week, his shirt had given up the ghost. It had long shredded into tatters, if not because of his height it was because of his muscles. His olympian frame was blowing up to titanic proportions now. So thick, so huge, so solid, and veins criss-crossed every section of him. His chest barreled so much, it just jutted out there so smooth and thick. If he was a normal sized guy, I still think he’d have about a 6”, a half a foot that is, gap between his chest and his abs. His arms more and more stuck away from the side of his body. One knew it was because of the size of those puppies; I honestly think they were becoming thicker around than his waist was! But the credit for that angle couldn’t be taken by the arms alone, no his lats did some pushing too, they were so incredibly wide. Screw the christmas tree look from the back, his back looked more and more like one of those brackets, the ones like this: }.

And his legs. My God! So thick, so huge. Any thought of movement and they rippled, bulged, flexed with power. I’m pretty sure his thighs, no even his calves, matched the arms and were thicker than his waist. Long ago his pants had split their way into shorts with lots of fringe. So tight they clung, every day groaning and moaning that they might not be able to hold on anymore. No wonder. It was bad enough they were having to try and cover those gargantuan legs, but there in the front was a package – INCREDIBLE! More and more there was this great big ball, mass, that formed in Kyle’s crotch. It swelled out larger and larger, hung lower and lower; it threatened to become as large as his legs!

It’s true. I saw it one day, about two weeks into our trip. Kyle was still working out heavily. He’d been hauling a lot of trees that day – he seemed to be hauling more trees each day. In fact there were many trees he was matching in height, or not cutting them down, but pushing them down and they would groan and snap long before he grunted and groaned to push. So there he is, having gone down to the river after an evening of hard labor, to take a bath and freshen up before dinner. Wading into the deepest part, it just comes up to his calves. His huge, muscled form, covered with thick hair, that was still getting thicker day by day. The boyishness of his face was fading fast. Now there was a man’s face and jaw line. His beard coming in so thick and heavy, he had a five o’clock shadow at twelve noon and another by six p.m., if he shaved at lunch. So he’s standing there and begins to squat down to sit in the river. There’s a rip and a rip and a tear and a strip. Kyle stands up quickly and looks around, then looks at himself, pats or more like strokes his package and with a smirk, tenses and flexes his entire body while squatting down. It took all of a second and the shorts that had been pants merely two weeks ago just popped right off of him. But the sight that made me loose my breath was that out of those shorts unfolded his dick and balls. They now hung free and loose and my assumption was correct – his dick was trying to become a third leg. I swear it hung half way down his shin! He was tripodal. Looking himself over, he laughed a little and continued to sit down to take his bath. I nearly let out an audible gasp as I watched his sitting down cause that river to rise up in its banks.

I left that scene, to go jack off of course, when I realized, I could hear Kyle’s approaching. A low boom in the distance that got louder and louder and then it was accompanied by slight tremors. Kyle was beginning to make the earth shake when he walked! Not much, but still, the thought, of that size, that power, ran through me and out my dick and I leaked and leaked all over. I cleaned up and headed outside to see Kyle standing there in all his glory. Looking down at me he says, “Sorry, Justin, my shorts just gave out and I have no clothes to wear.”

“Uhm…well, no problem, we’ll see if we can figure something out for you later.”

“I don’t think we’ve got anything large enough for my size or my…ahem…size.”

Seeing that dick hanging in front of me, so close, like a very thick vine; fuck! How many times am I gonna have to do laundry? “Yeah, you’re probably right there.”

More and more I watched as Kyle grew and grew, filled out and broadened, took up the view in the horizon. He was pushing most of the trees down now and hauling them in his arms. I used to help out by sawing the logs in two, but Kyle started doing that, almost able to use that big logging saw like a knife! This saw that was nearly as tall as I was and it looks like a carving knife to Kyle! When it came to our very last day, I was in awe at how enormous my friend was. He now stood about three feet I think taller than the house. His back was nearly as broad as one side of it. He made trees shake, birds and other animals take flight when he walked – something BIG was coming this way. He rolled his legs out more to the side to walk forward because they were so thick and round with muscle. Hell, I think even his calves required him to walk like that. If not for the legs he did it for his balls and dick. To walk normal would have been to get them caught up in his legs and crush them. He was three legged now; the tip of his dick head reaching his ankle, but it was pushed up and away due to the massive sack that contained his balls, so round, heavy and hangin’.

I was taking a load of stuff outside to finish up the singles for the roof when I suddenly hit a hole and tripped. After I stood up to look at the hole so I could identify what animal made it, I realized, it wasn’t a hole, but a good sized indentation in the ground - shaped like a foot. It was Kyle’s footprint! Taking off my shoe, I placed my heel back where his would be and I couldn’t believe it….How fucking huge! I walked it out and saw that his foot was about two and a half times longer than mine or three and half of my feet total.

“That impress you, Justin?”

I let out a gasp, turned forward, and looked up. There stood Kyle and I had missed him because I wasn’t looking for him and just straight ahead. He was so massive, tall, and broad, that in my periphial vision I just mistook him for part of the mountain or forest scenery. He took a step towards me and stood right next to me. My god how he’s grown! The top of my head now comes up to just above his knee, up maybe one fourth of his thigh.

“I…i….it…it took me by surprise, Kyle. I wasn’t aware of how much bigger you’ve grown.”

“Come off it man, you know.”


“You’ve been watching me this whole time, like a hawk. You’ve done laundry I don’t know how many times this month, even though you had packed plenty of clothes. Are you sure there’s not something you wanna tell me?”

“I…..I…I’ve not the slightest idea what your talking about.”

“Bull!” Kyle suddenly grabs me, lifts me up by my feet and with his huge paws pulls my sneakers off. Next comes my shorts and my underwear, he then rips off my shirt and then places me back down to stand next to him.

“Look at you, Justin.”

I looked down at myself and tried to play it off.

“Most people would have peed themselves by a man my size stripping them of their clothing, you on the other hand are sporting a boner.”

“Aha.. well…. Ya see….”

“Justin. I like you. Really. I do like you and perhaps more than in a friendly way. I’ve always been turned on by you and your brothers, imagined hundreds of ways I could get to be near you, if you walked that path, if ya know what I mean. I went on these trips with you guys because I knew this summer might be the year you guys would grow and grow in to awesome giant seven footers, maybe even taller. I wanted to watch you guys grow. How ironic it is that I’m the one who grew….and grew and grew.

“Now that I’m huge, I want you to do your worse to me. I want to feel you, the big guy, now so tiny, crawling up, over, under, in and out of me. I want to feel you…be with you.”

As Kyle is explaining this, I can see a look in his eye as he’s staring me down. His monsterous python begins to shake and quiver, and then starts to stretch, swell, and even rise. Incredible! How can something that long and thick, get longer and thicker, and yet become a full sticking out errection? By the time he’s finished with his speech, his dick is out there, fully, it’s sticking straight out from his groin, bobbing slightly up each time it throbs, is so thick, veiny, and long, he’s gone from being tripodal to nearly being bi-body. I look up at his balls and then the end of his shaft. My sight following all the way to the tip of his rod’s head, my breathing begins to match the throbbing of his dick as I stare at the giant, angry, purple head. I let out a low moan and feel my goo spraying out of me at an incredible rate. Shocked I looked sorrowful into Kyle’s eyes.

“It’s okay. I could spray for you too.”

“So…. Now what?”

“I think you should measure me so you have an idea of how big a ride you’re getting on.” Kyle said with a smile.

So we walked over to the side of his wing, now finished, except for a few shingles, and he stands up straight and tall against it. I climb a ladder and mark it off with some chalk and then begin to take a tape measure, which needed to be used several times around various parts of Kyle’s body, and came up with astounding measurements:

Height: 15’
Neck: 70.25”
Shoulder Span (measurement around): 342.75”

Upper Arm: 118.5”
Lower Arm: 98.75”
Wrist: 33”
Abs: 93.25”
Waist: 82.75”
Thigh: 162”
Calve: 102”
Ankle: 39.5”
In Seam (Top of ankle to crotch): 82.75”
Foot/ Shoe: 41” long by 18” wide would wear a size US 93 5E shoe
Penis: 93.31” soft, 173.30” errect and 78.5” thick
Balls: about 24” around each

I pull out a calculator and do some figuring of his size and proportions to approximate his weight: ??????? tons. I’m in love. He grabs me and says, “Let’s go for a walk.” and places me on his schlong right at the base and I ride while he walks a bit into the forest and the mountain range. We come back and lie down on the floor, comparing size differences left and right: our feet, our hands, arms, prick… He’s managed to make me cum I don’t know how many times, his hand, finger and thumb actually, stroking off my dick, his size and warmth, power, eyes, his mouth kissing my abs and taking up most of my torso. So, now it’s my turn and I’m trying to stroke his goliath of a suasage. Running on the floor, with my hands on his cock, up and down his huge shaft. On returns back to his crotch I begin to throw myself at his ball sack and slide down. It seems to take forever, I finally walk up and begin rubbing the head and into the piss slit and that makes him start to moan. More and more, harder and harder, I throw myself into it, my whole body, rubbing, humping, pinching, stroking, licking, and he now begins to buck.

Suddenly the door bursts open.

“Kyle, you’ve got to stop taking…..”


Kyle blows his load. I feel his dick seem to shrink in, what feels like a foot, only to swell up twice as much and I feel this tremendous amount of heat surge from the bottom to the top. As I lean back hanging on to the head as much as possible, I see a stream of cum shoot over my body and head across the room, and I actually mean a stream. This was no lil’ stringy strand of cum, this was a torrent of cum current. The first strand seemed to be like six feet long before it broke off and the next one began.

It felt like hours passing by until my mighty giant friend stopped shooting his wad and he began to relax. Only having been a few minutes, the moment ended when we heard, “…those herbs.”

I looked up, Kyle looked across and there we see five figures about six and half feet tall, standing there and coated with cum. Taking his hands and wiping the gunk from across his eyes and flinging it onto the floor, the central figure looks at me and says, “You’re such a pervert, Justin.”

“Says you, Jeremy. Which one among you haven’t been fantasizing about him since he started growing bigger and broader?”

The five men all look at the floor and slowly at themselves.

Suddenly Kyle speaks up, “You mean all of you have been hot for me? Since when?”

“I’ve been since junior high.” Said Joshua.

“The rest of us since around sophomore year of high school.” Chimed in Jonathan.

“And as much as I hate to admit it, watching you grow, turn into a man, made me hot and horny the whole time I was with you.” Admitted Jeremy.

“But, Jeremy, why did you just burst in here telling me to stop taking those herbs, when you’re the one who gave them to me? For that matter if my getting bigger and growing up turned you on so much, why give me herbs to stop the growth?”

“I didn’t. I don’t know what you saw in your vision, but it wasn’t me. And I took a lil’ sample of those herbs and analysed them for the last month. Those herbs are made up of the same compounds as those pills that are supposed to help increase growth.”

“Like I need increasing in that. Hell, I think my growth nearly doubled this month.”

“More like trippled.” Jeremy paused.

“Go on and tell him,” whispered Jonah.

“Tell me what?”

“Ah well…. About your growth. I’m going to tell you something, but I’m not sure it’ll have all the answers. We, uhm, played a dirty trick on you, so to speak. Ya see, we didn’t want to become these really big, large guys, like our dad. And since we noticed you seem to be drawn to that type, we thought you’d like to be that big…”

“Okay, but what could you do about that?”

“Well, the night before we began the trips, we all enjoyed a shot of something, well that was laced with herbs and medicines… it was made to draw out the hormones in us and give them to you. We thought it’d be cool, you could be the big, husky, seven footer.”

“I’m a bit beyond seven feet.”

“Yeah, well, there was a couple of things we didn’t account for. Number one, we miscalculated. We thought it’d give you the hormones but the effect would be just one growth spurt, so you’d go from like 6’3” to 7’ 2” tall, right? Instead it gave you enough for all of ours, all six of our growth spurts.”

“Alright, but still doesn’t explain being fifteen feet tall.”

“FIFTEEN FEET! “ Jeremy sat down on the floor, his hand to his head. “Well, we know part of the extra is because of those herbs causing you to grow more…”

“Yes, but still I should be what around twelve feet then maybe? Why so much more?”

Jonathan stepped forward, “It’s because you come from big stock.”


“You always wanted to be a big guy, and well, we thought we were giving you something you weren’t going to have, but surprise, you were going to have it. You were a late bloomer just like us.”

“Not sure I follow you.”

“I did some research on your biological family. I found them and, well, they’re big people too. You would’ve had a growth spurt anyway that would have taken you to about 7’2” So you add our six to yours, plus the herbs, and….”

“I come up with fifteen feet. Wow…. So now what do we do?”

Jeremy, steps forward. “It’s the middle of the night. We came to stop you from taking the herbs, took us most of the month to figure out where you went. We’d all thought Justin would take you to Amsterdam.”

“I am not that big of a horn dog!”

“Yes, you are!” Yelled everyone.

“Anyway, we can’t contact anyone right now. It looks like you’ve taken the herbs that’s for sure….” Jeremy looks up with a twinkle in his eye and a smirk on his face. “We already covered with cum, which means you’ve blown your load Kyle, even at that height I’m not sure how much your cum cannon can produce, so let’s just strip and go to bed.”

“Oh, and I’m the pervert!”

“Yes, you are!” screamed all again.

“Kyle,” said Joshua, “We’re all really sorry. If we thought this would’ve happened, or knew about your growth spurt, we wouldn’t have tried it.”

“It’s okay. I kind of like it. I’m huge. I’m strong. I’m fucking enormous and it feels great.” Said Kyle flexing his biceps for Joshua. “Do you like me at this height and size?”

“Well, it is a huge turn on, for sure, but I liked you even at 6’3”. I think you’re a great guy, period. No hard feelings?”

“No, none at all. In fact, I’ve got a little present.” Kyle reached over and grabbed his bag and pulled out a couple of bottles of champagne and six goblets. “I got these in Paris. I wanted to thank you all and thought this would be a cool way to do so when we’re all done and together in the fall before we make our way to various colleges and lives. It was a blast going on these trips with you guys, still would have been even with out the growth, so no hard feelings. Let’s toast to good friends.”


We all toasted and got toasted. My brothers all stripped off their cum soaked clothing, rinsed off a bit, grabbed blankets and we all snuggled up to Kyle while we were drinking, telling stories about each other’s trips, how long we’ve all lusted after Kyle, compared sizes with him, and finally drifted off to sleep. This definitely was a memorable summer.

Post Log from Kyle

So my friends and I all fell asleep in the cabin that night. The next morning they were all horny as hell waking up with a giant and they worked as a team stroking my cock and making me cum again. Fuck, was that hot, all six of my friends stroking my meat! What more could I have asked for this summer?

Well, I’ll tell you I could ask them to do it again, which they are. They’ve all just arrived. They’ve been gone for about two months telling what happened to their parents and my parents, both sets of which have been out to see me and the new addition to the cabin. Mr. Larson kept saying how small he felt like a baby, and man did it turn me on. He made sure that the addition was done right and him, Mrs. Larson, Mom, Dad, and the Sextuplets were all out here together for about a week to enjoy the view, the air, our company and activities. Now, however, our parents have gone home and I’m alone with my buddies again. There’s a slight difference though. Despite their best efforts, they still are going to grow. When they left they were 6’4” and now they are around 6’8” and are both surprised and happy about it. It seems my growth changed their minds about being so big.

Well, I hope they like their new tall selves. Justin mentioned it would be great to be 7’4” or so as then the top of their heads should just be able to touch the bottom of my balls. …pervert as always. But things aren’t going to go as they expect.

When I was with Jeremy and had my vision, I knew it wasn’t him that gave me those herbs; it was Justin. The pervert as always wanted to see me even bigger than I would be just so he could lust and get off over me. I knew this because before he appeared, in real life of course timing it so it would seem like a dream, I did have a real vision. My vision consisted of a man, a druid, I think, who told me three things. Number one, what my friends did to me. Number two, what Justin had in store for me. By that time I was so big and huge and muscular, I liked it. Loved it and I wanted more, so why not take the herbs Justin gave to me. What was number three? Well, number three was the a list of the herbs that Jeremy looked up as well as a few extra to help reverse the process so to speak. No, it’s not going to make me shrink, it was to transfer the process back to the boys. Here’s the catch, it wouldn’t be each process to each boy. No, they each get the same process I got. That’s right. They aren’t going to stop at no measly lil’ 7’4” they’re eventually going to grow and grow, and build, and broaden, and become more and more hung until they match me in size, height, and strength.

But, this will take time. Some extra herbs is going to make their growth take a bit of time so they think they’re going through their natural one. It’ll take about a two years before they reach fifteen feet. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy them comparing their new “large” selves to me every time they notice their that much closer to their 7’4”. How they wish they could be my size or how they climb on me pretending they’ve conquered a mountain. But I think they’ll figure out soon, as they just noticed the seven new additions to the cabin, all very large rooms and they wonder why even I need that much space. Hee hee hee… six new rooms for them, one new bedroom for me, and my original bedroom becomes the new giants great room for all of us to sit in.

Then again, I might not need to add that extra bedroom. Joshua and I have been spending lots of time together, but that’ll be a different story.