Summer Growth Spurt 3

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Kyle turned from Jacob and looked across the street. After a bus drove by he saw one of the sextuplets standing there and then collapse to the ground. He ran across the street in about two steps and helped pick up the young man.

�You okay?�

The single sextuplet made a motion with his hand, fanning himself, as if he were hot.

�No duh. It�s summertime and you�ve got that hood pulled up and cinched over your head, I bet you�re hot.�

The young man handed him a pair of tickets, which Kyle looked at.

�Flight 1105 to�. Paris� France� Awesome! Hmmm let�s see�. What�s in Paris�. The Eiffel Tower. French women�.Notre Dame de Paris�. No� I know what we�re going for, the Louvre and the Modern Art Museum. Joshua, take off that hood and breathe!

Joshua and Paris

I’m standing there at the airport entranceway waiting for Jacob and Kyle to show up. This big school bus pulls up and I see them open the back emergency door and help unload something pretty damn large. As I stand there watching this thing comes out, it begins to move on it’s own and then stands straight up. I realize this is a person – a fucking person. I look at the road and see these long and wide slats that look like shoes. These in turn are connected to these massive legs that are climbing up and up and up. Fuck! When do the legs stop and the waist appear? I follow the body up and realize the head stands as tall as the bus! I’m thinking it’s an optical illusion of some sorts, but no this thing turns my direction and is heading my way. While it pauses on a street curb, a public transportation bus passes by and again, head is equal to the top of the roof. Just before it passes, I get a good look at the face of this dude and I realize – it’s Kyle!

My legs give way. What the hell did we do to our friend? He’s supposed to be halfway through his growth spurt at this time, true. I knew he would be taller than me, but he’s supposed to be around 6’9 – 10” tall. This! He’s gotta be around nine to ten feet tall! I’m still on the ground when the road becomes clear and Kyle jogs over to me. Damn, he’s pack on some size. He looks like one of those really big high school jocks that worked out hard, fast and continuously, now in college, just done growing, and his body is set to suddenly explode with more manly size. His chest looks really broad and pretty thick; it bounced on his strides over the street. If Kyle turns sideways, one can definitely tell he had some mass on him the way the curves of muscle popped out from his frame.

Kyle’s been saying something to me, but I’ve no clue what it is. I honestly couldn’t tell it was him at first speaking, the voice sounds a lil’ odd. I handed him the tickets, while I was still on the ground and staring at his calves…so thick…getting defined…and a bit hairy. I hear the word Paris and something else. Suddenly I’m standing up, Kyle having picked me up, but I swear I felt his hand all the way up my forearm! Standing straight and tall, I look straightforward at Kyle and my knees nearly buckle again. The top of my head is coming up to, what, about six inches, maybe, above where his navel should be?

Eventually, I come to the land of reality and we head off to board the plane. Through the walk to the terminal, Kyle is groaning or praising depending on where we are. The large cross-section where everything meets: the passengers getting off, those getting on, the baggage pick up, the gift shops and coffee houses; it’s about five stories tall from top to bottom. Kyle stands full erects and says something like, “Oh yeah, now this is a hallway. This works…” This is a hallway? It’s fucking five stories tall and he takes up one and an eighth of it himself! The gangway that takes one from the terminal to the plane, forget it! Kyle is on his hands and knees as it’s easier than trying to duck and walk through it. The plane aisles are even worse! He fills them completely. Luckily the head flight attendant had us get on first and arranged a seat exchange. Thank god a lot of people weren’t flying first class; we got seats there, in a section that didn’t have another row in front of it so Kyle could stretch out his legs…oh and he fills up two seats by himself! The back of the chair only comes halfway up his back. We manage to get through that flight, but if Kyle continues to grow, I don’t think he’ll be able to fit into a plane for the ride home!

We land in Paris, grab our items and then try to figure out, how do we get to our hotel? Kyle’s told me he’s nearly 9’3” tall and if he fills up part of a bus, I don’t think he’ll fit into any of these cabs. The airport is a good distance outside of the city, what are we gonna do, walk? There’s a guy staring at us for a long time, kind of a smile on his face. He approaches us and asks if we speak French? I tell him, yes, I do….

�I don�t think your friend there will fit into a car? How tall is he?�

�He�s 9� 3� tall�pardon, I�m not sure what that is in meters.�

�It�s okay, I can figure it out. Besides, who needs figures when the man is standing in front�over one?� And he lets out a laugh.

It turns out the guy has a truck and he knew we couldn’t get a cab. He lets us put our baggage and ourselves in the back and he’d take us to Paris and he did it for free. The only thing he asked for was a picture of him and Kyle. This man was about 5’9” and I think he came just up to Kyle’s belly button, if one could see it.

Arriving at the hotel, we check in, to the shock of the hotel staff, and the amusement of other guests. I suggest we take the stairs as the elevators in these hotels, usually aren’t made for both guests and luggage and are somewhat small, like a closet. I’m also worried that Kyle may be beyond the weight barrier. I think this because all through the airport, and again now in the hotel hallway, we’ve been traveling with a steady beat. That beat isn’t coming from my head, nor is it coming from a stereo, it’s Kyle walking very heel to toe and making the ground shake.

After getting to our room, we realize, the beds are way too small for Kyle. He lies down on one and you can hear it moan under the stress. At the top of the bed is his head, at the bottom of the bed is his knees and his feet are bent down on the floor because the room is just twelve foot wide. The other side of the room has a two-foot wide chest so his feet would hit that if his legs were extended. We figure out that we need to slide the beds together for Kyle to be somewhat comfortable. He can’t sleep on the floor; there’s not enough room for him with all the furniture. We push the two beds together and up against the wall for the bathroom, suddenly it hits me, where am I going to sleep? With our entire luggage and the furniture, I don’t have room to lay down on the floor. Kyle looks at the bed and says, I don’t take the whole thing up…there’s some space here. Yeah, it’ll be a little odd, but just look at it like a sleepover. I’ll just try not to turn in my sleep.

We hit the sack and both of us fall fast asleep quickly. In the middle of the night, I find myself, not Kyle, shifting over. I flip over, grab a pillow and hit it to fluff it up a bit and bury my head into it. My hand drifts up to embrace it and pull it in, when suddenly it feels a somewhat stiff, but pliable protrusion. My eyes open immediately and I realize I’ve just buried my head into Kyle’s chest! It was his nipple that I just felt. Straining in the dark with my eyes, I look up at Kyle’s face; he’s still fast asleep and didn’t feel a thing.

I’m lying there, feeling his size, compared to mine. I feel like a child and he’s my father. His chest, which is my pillow, rises up – and out – in rhythm with his breath. I can feel his breath, warm, moving down my neck and back as he breathes. I can feel the heat radiating from his body and all the body’s tense and taught muscular curves, yet still soft to touch. I move my legs a lil’ and just below my crotch area I can feel another part of him that’s thick, yet very soft and as I feel it between my legs to try and figure out what part of his leg it is, it moves! Not with his legs or body, but almost on its own. It feels like it lengthens and swells a bit. My head swoons as I realize what a monster he has down there. I lie there silently feeling with all my senses the new size and power of my friend and I tremble and buck, and cum in my shorts like I’ve never cum before.

In the morning we get dressed and begin our tour of France. We head out to see the Loire Valley region first and many of its castles. We’re about a days ride from the Paris area so we had to have other accommodations for those couple of weeks, although we still had stuff and a base head quarters, so to speak, at the Paris hotel. The tours of the castle were amazing. There were areas built for medieval man, exactly as they were back then that I had to duck in. Correction, that even I had problems getting through. Kyle couldn’t budge. He was on his hands and knees, crawling to take the tour and some places because of the material used for the structure he was barred from entering. Some of the tour guides were getting miffed at us, I think. Here they are trying to show off these remarkable castles and homes, beautiful, carefully planned and laid out gardens, and everyone wants a picture of Kyle. People were taking his picture, standing up straight next to him, comparing hand or shoe size, asking him to flex or feel his muscles. Why not?

Every morning Kyle would get up early and do some stretches and calisthenics that he learned from that sports camp. He learned some techniques to use just his own body and weight to continue to work out. On occasion he found items he could use as weights or even enough weights themselves and got in some serious workouts before our tours.

The castles and houses seemed to get smaller and smaller as we went to see them. The term I could use was it seemed that the houses got shorter and shorter, to Kyle. He was still growing! I couldn’t completely tell it at first. The clothes he got from the sports camp were planned well in advanced, with lots of room to grow….up! I don’t think they calculated his size of strength. The clothes began to bunch less and less on him, he was beginning to fit into them length wise, but at the same time they were beginning to take on his body’s form. His muscles were filling them out so they were becoming taught, if not a little tight. Traveling through the streets of the towns, the only place where he could truly stand up straight, I noticed his gate became not just longer but wider. More and more he was kicking his legs out to the side. And people! People were coming up less and less on him.

Each night as I lay next to him I could feel him be bigger. I felt the ridge of his veins pop out more and more on top of the skin. The crevices of his abs get deeper and deeper. The space between his abs and chest become more and more as his chest rounded, barreled out fuller and fuller.

His package seemed to get fuller and fuller too for I noticed it more and more, but then one day seemed to have disappeared. Then a look at him from not a front or a side view told me why. He was wearing pants more and more and he let his dick hang down the side of the pants leg, but even then in the right angle, one could see it. It hung there, massive, thick, and at his knee or just a lil’ bit lower. Needless to say, when we got back to Paris, there were plenty of stares his way, many filled with lust.

But the true shock of what was continuing to happen to Kyle, didn’t hit me until we got to the Louvre. He could stand up in these rooms and walk proudly, but that’s not what made me notice him. It was when we got to the statues… things like Michealangelo’s “David.” Now, David isn’t nearly as tall as we all think it is. It’s not short or small by any means, but most of us picture it about fifteen to twenty feet tall. No, not quite. I’m still going to look small to it at 6’4” but not child or infant like. So we go to view these wonderful pieces of sculpture. Kyle is really studying the “David” and I’ve turned to appreciate something else. I turn back to get Kyle’s attention and I’m stunned. He’s standing there next to one of these most perfect works of art, depicting the perfect form of man, a resurgence of the classic Greek form, and he dwarfs it! He’s standing about a foot taller, I think, than the statue. Despite being fully clothed, I can see the form of his bulge, stretching, moving, popping, flexing and I know, he’s much bigger built than that “David.” Short or tall, I’m not sure there is anyone now that even comes up to his groin, let alone his navel. I want him and I want him right there! I want to paint him, sculpt him, draw him, mold him….. fuck him! No, I want to make love to him, to dig my fingers into every crevice and crack of his muscles, to feel their bulging rivers of veins that seem to course larger and larger on him everyday. I want to know what those feet look like unwrapped. I want to see if his prick becomes larger than me when erect for it almost looks like it matches me soft.

I’m lost in thoughts on this our last night in France and to have done so, makes me pray for villains. Out of nowhere someone notices that I’m lost in thought over Kyle, they club me on the back of the head, and as I go down, they steal my digital camera.

I cry out as I fall to the ground. Looking up I see Kyle looking at me and then his eyes move across the room and then so does he! He takes off at a run, his stride so long that he’s cleared this seventy-foot long room in four bounds. The thief looks over his shoulder and the expression on his face says it all, “I’ve made the wrong choice tonight!” This fact is pounded into the poor man’s brain for Kyle is gaining on him quickly and there is no need to look back to know this…. boom…boom….Boom…Boom…. BOOM…BOOM! Come the footfalls of Kyle and they reverberate through the halls with a very loud din. It’s so loud one almost wonders if the marble floor of this former palace is withstanding the pressure?

The thief attempts a dive out an emergency exit door and flees to the street. Kyle knows he has not time to duck and jumps into a lying down position pointed towards the doorway. BOOM! As his body hits the floor, he slides upon the glassy like surface and BOOM! another sound as his shoulder meets the middle bar in between the two doors and takes it out! Sliding into the street, he is back on his feet in seconds and sees which way the perpetrator has run. In seconds he’s covered the distance between him and the poor man and has snatched him up by the collar via his hand.

The police have no trouble knowing where to go when a giant is marking the spot. They arrive, with myself and other witnesses in tow, to condemn the man for his crime. Arriving and spouting off harsh words is the museum’s head curator, who says he understands how my friend feels about the attack, but a man his size running down the halls could have cause untold damage to priceless and ancient works of art. I’m lost in translation between the curator and the police that I don’t see the signs, nor the actual fall. Apparently during the conversation, Kyle clutched his chest and BOOM! down on his knees and then to the ground he went. All stand in silence and looked stunned. The police and curator tell me, despite the fact that there could have been damage, they were very happy my friend caught this thief who operated around the Louvre for a month now. To show gratitude they immediately called out for a doctor and made arrangements for Kyle to be taken to a hospital.

Once at the hospital doctors began to measure, take stats, and check everything out on Kyle they could. His breathing was very shallow and his pulse was weak. The main doctor comes over to me and began to ask questions.

�Your friend is remarkable, but at that height it can be a tremendous strain on the internal organs. One of my colleagues said they heard something about him from a report in Japan. But the height listed there is not what he is now. Your friend��


�Kyle, is he still growing? He looks still somewhat young, about 18 or so, but just in the finish stages of growth. How tall was he when you arrived a couple of inches shorter?�

�He was about 9� 3�.�

�Mon Dieu!�


�That�s impossible. He couldn�t have been 9�3� there�d be too much growth in between for one month.�

�How tall is he now?�

�10� 2�.�

I set all night by the bedside, or should I say bedsides; they needed two on which to place him. He’s on monitors and the doctors and nurses are checking in on him every fifteen minutes. Halfway through the night, the doctor says something fairly loudly and there are shouts coming from the staff. I sit up straight, shaking my head and adjusting my bleary eyes. Asking what was going on, I was told that all of Kyle’s stats are back to normal, although the x-rays show his organs still need some development. The head doctor pats me on the back and says, “As long as he doesn’t go sprinting for such long way in a short time, he should be fine till the end of his growth spurt.”

Till the end of his growth spurt…. When the hell was that going to be? He was only supposed to reach about 7’3” wasn’t it? And this is….is…… I moved my seat closer to the edge of the bed and sat with my arms on the side bar and my head cradled in them. I stared at his face… was it somewhat darker? Is he growing a five o’clock shadow? I just sat there and stared, hoping Kyle would be all right.

In the morning I was awoke by someone stroking my head. I had fallen asleep and my head came down onto Kyle’s chest. I felt his arm stretched across my back and nearly sported a boner when I realized it was just his forearm that did so. The hand was resting from my shoulders to my neck and he was stroking my head with just his thumb! I sat bolt upright and looked at Kyle’s face.

�Whoa! Didn�t mean to scare you there.�

�No, not scared, just happy. You�re awake!�

�Yeah� a lil� tired, but okay.�

�Look, I�ll call the family, we�ll make arrangements for you to stay here or be checked into a place back home. We can reschedule the rest of the trips. Jeremy will be fine with it and Justin will just have to lump�.�

�I�m fine! Settle down. It�s okay�.. The doctors told me �bout a half-hour ago that I was all right and good to go. They gave me a suggestion about checking in with a doctor every so often if my growth spurt continues, even possible options for surgery before to long if it doesn�t stop. My organs are growing with me, but they have to catch up. As long as I don�t play super-hero again real soon, I�ll be fine.�

�Are you sure?�

�Positive. Are we too late for the next flight?�

�No, we�re still okay. Even if not, let�s not rush it.�

�No problem.�

As we got everything together, left the hospital, collected our stuff from the hotel, made our way to the airport – our ‘friend’ from the arrival did some detective work to figure out when we were leaving and arrived to be our carriage once more. – I watched Kyle every so often. I think I’ve misjudged his size a bit… he looks more like a new face in bodybuilding in casual clothes than a just out of high schooler, beefed up jock.

I said good bye to Kyle and gave him a hug. I don’t think my arms went around his thigh completely. I pulled up my hoodie, boarded my plane, and left him.

- Joshua left me with a lingering look on his face. I’m not sure what it was, but I think he’s scared for me. I don’t blame him… in the past four months I’ve grown almost four feet taller and I’m much broader, thicker, stronger. Everyone looks like children to me. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with this size, but I know somehow I’ve got to enjoy it. It fucking feels great! I’m kind of turned on by it, growing outta my clothes that is. It’s worse this time as they gave me much bigger clothes to grow into and it’s taking longer to rip or stretch outta them. I want to so desperately though. I shouldn’t, but I want my body to shred them to threads!

As I stand there trying to figure out how I’m gonna get into or sit in that airplane I suddenly hear a bit of a crash behind me. Turing around, I see a business man picking himself up off the floor and angrily shouting something in French to another person on the floor. That person is one of the sextuplets. I know it’s either Jeremy or Justin as those are the only two left, but which one? My friend in the hoodie stands up, brushes himself off and approaches me with his hand outstretched. His hand….so small….I think I could grasp it with a finger. He looks so short compared to me and to think he was going, I thought, to be about a foot taller than me. Oh, the thoughts that ran through my head of them all massive and tall like their dad and me watching them at the beach, the pool, playin’ sports… and now I’m the one who’s huge.

I look at the tickets…they’re not with an airline.

�What the hey? Are we staying in Paris?�

The figure makes a rolling motion with his hand.

�Okay, I�ll find that part out later. Let�s see the tickets are for England! Wow. And there�s another set here�. Reservations for the ��Medieval, Magical, Midwife herbal school.� Uh-huh�. Take off the hood, Jeremy and tell me why we�re not going over on a plane?�

England with Jeremy

Arriving at the airport to pick up Kyle, I put myself into an embarrassing situation. While walking into the grand entranceway, I see this guy – he’s fucking huge! I mean he’s got to be the tallest living man in the world and possibly the tallest ever. I’m watching guys, my height, walk by him and they barely come up to what his waist? Ya know just below his belly button! He’s pretty damn big and wide too, like he’s a pro-wrestler or a linebacker or something, but shit! Who the hell would take him on? The size of his hands! I think they could cause a skull to cave. I can’t take my eyes off of him; the closer I get the bigger he becomes. I’m not watching where I’m going and wham! Right into the path of businessman of some sorts. Down to the floor we go, his papers flying everywhere and my tickets drifting on the wind. I get myself off the floor, try to make apologizing motions to the guy; why didn’t I take French instead of Danish? As I turn to where Kyle should be, I see this newly erected wall right next to me. I look and see a face attached to it. It’s Kyle’s! Holy fucking shit, what the hell happened to him. His gargantuan! I approach him, holding out the tickets.

Jonah told me that the growth spurt had kicked in big time and he was having a hard time fitting on the plane. I figured the growth spurt took effect quickly and Kyle was getting used to his legs or something, but I never thought it’d do this. It’s a good thing I had switched the tickets cause I don’t think my friend would fit through the doorway of an airliner. No instead we were taking one of those airboats across the channel. I’m wondering if that thing has a weight limit.

He asks if we’re staying in Paris and I make a rolling motion to him. I know there’s only two of us left, but I’m gonna make him guess to the last one.

�Take off the hood, Jeremy, and tell me why we�re not going over on a plane?�

�I think it�s because they have a weight limit of no more than one ton per passenger.�

�Ahhhh.� Kyle shoves me with his hand. I go back about fifteen feet and I think his hand covers my back!

�We�re going across the channel on a boat and from there to the campground.�

�Alright. This one might seem a little boring to me, but I think I�ll need the rest.�

�Agreed, given the text message I just received from Josh. Did you have a heart attack!?!�

�Something like that� lungs and heart not quite ready to power this puppy yet.�

Puppy!?! What damned breed has a puppy THAT large? And the shit flexes his arm for me and I’m wondering what’s holding the sleeve together? For that matter I’m wondering what’s holding my zipper together.

Fuck. This is my friend. He doesn’t move that way does he? I’ve wanted him to for a long time. And now, he’s fucking god!

Across the channel we go with a very interesting ride. The captain of the ship looks very nervously at Kyle. The passengers, once the ship was underway, throng to him like fans to their stars. Out of every direction, questions come flying, even Kyle as big as he is can’t address them all: “How tall are you? How much you weigh? How big is your arm? What can you lift? Do you play a sport? Are you the tallest man alive? Are you the strongest man alive? Is your family tall?…….” The questions, the photos, the comparisons. People even asked him to take off his shoes so they could compare actual foot to foot! I sat back and looked in wonder, and horror; I had caused this. I had nearly killed my friend. I knew he wanted to be tall, and I’d help give this great buddy of ours that dream, but this…. there are men who don’t reach his waist. Teenagers who usually come up to one’s chest, don’t hit his hips!

We finally arrive at the campground and a welcomed by the staff and got to meet the others who were participating in the classes. The questions we had on the boat, were all done again. Everyone was checked into cabins. Kyle and I were given a long house, usually reserved for family’s that stay over, but given his size….He took off his shoes, the were huge, a bit larger than his feet, I wondered if he slid in them a bit. He walked across to sit next to the bathroom door and while he reached his arm in to turn on the water, grab a washcloth and kind of take a bath… I looked at the footprint his foot made on the floor and stood in it. It’s got to be two and a half times my foot, I think.

The beds were metal cots, but I didn’t think the frames, several of them or no, could support Kyle’s weight, so we laid the mattresses out on the floor. I wondered as I drifted off to sleep if there was anything I could do to stop this outta control growth spurt.

In the morning we began our week of classes. Kyle opted for more of nature hikes and walks, a little bit more on the geology side with stones and such, some cooking herbs he took and some of the spiritual classes. I was primarily focused on herbs and nothing but. Herbal medicines, herbal teas, herbal folklore, herbal magic. I did get in on a couple of the physical health classes though… the early morning ones, but only because Kyle did. He took up the T’ai Chi and yoga classes. Everyone tried to get in on those when they found out he was taking them. If they couldn’t get into the class they watched him do his early morning exercises and calisthenics. I can’t blame them. Kyle, so huge, not just in height but in muscles, moving slowly, stretching, bending, twisting, was…. awesomely beautiful. He was nature in harmony and in motion: the curve of his back, the pop of his arms, the bunch of his calves, the bulge of his glutes, this width of his back, the thickness, strength, and length of his neck, the length, power and yet grace of his hands. It blew everyone away, and I think many there blew in quite a few ways.

It was even getting worse, so to speak. Kyle was still growing, up and out. It didn’t help matters that the head teacher gave him chores to do, to help build strength, size, and agility. Kyle was lifting trees, some of them whole, in a standing press position! He lifted up the ends of tractors to help them change the wheels. He towed things to and fro in the camp. Everyday, I swear I saw him get larger and larger. His arms began to stick out further and further from his sides. He chest began to barrel and roll so that his nipples pointed down instead of out. His legs looked like trunks of ancient, old, skyscraping trees. His veins popped out, up, and pulsed on top of his skin, criss-crossing everywhere, his hands, his arms, his chest, his thighs, his calves.

If I couldn’t see him performing exercises or chores, I could see him in the afternoons when we’d swim. He’s wade out into the large creek bed and it would rise in its banks to overflowing. He’d dive and swim and after a while, lay on the beach and soak up the sun. I watched him become a bronze god in front of me. But he darkened in other ways as well. More and more he wore shorts and went shirtless, becoming one with nature as the head teacher instructed. I saw then, and each morning, his legs get darker and darker and more and more hair appeared, thicker and longer. There once was a gap between his love trail and a patch on his chest, that spread out like wildfire engulfing all of his chest, abs, and I’m sure his crotch. His arms were no exception, either; powerful forearms with loads of hair. Of course, his face did it too…. His jaw line was becoming more and more square, loosing the look of a boy, teen-ager, or young adult and becoming a man. It already had been dark with five o’clock shadow beginning, although more around nine. Now it appeared on time, but at about twelve noon! One swore his jaw and cheek line was painted a darker color.

One could here him coming now. Not just in the buildings, one could hear the pad of his feet hit the ground from a lil’ distance away. I noticed this the day we went to one of the spiritual classes. We were called to a field a good distance from the camp. This field was set up in a grove of trees. The teacher instructed us in what we were to do. We were going to have a deep thought meditation to try and reach out to God, a spirit guide, something, anything. After giving us basics on posture, positions, breathing, chants, the instructor took off his clothes and motioned for us to do the same. I was a little apprehensive; Kyle was too I believe but after a while he decided what the hell and doffed it all off. There was a quick gasp from the crowd. The teacher collected everyone’s thoughts together and led us into the meditation. I was right next to Kyle and I didn’t get any meditation done. I keep staring over to him. When he took off his shorts and underwear, his dong… hung down, soft, three-quarters of the way down his inseam. Really, I wasn’t lost already into the meditation; the head of his prick hit midway down his calf!

I tried to concentrate on wanting to find the herbs to stop his growth. I wanted to know more on herbs for medicinal purposes. I wanted…his cock! I wanted to feel him hold me down on the ground with one hand, no one finger, and I wanted to feel his cock go inside of me and rip me open like his arms and legs had done with clothes past. Over and over I kept imagining him and I lost in positions of the Karma Sutra. The thoughts turned me on more and more, but I couldn’t let go, I couldn’t cum, not here…. Eventually, all sight, sound, touch, taste, was lost to blinding whiteness…..

Everyone looked at me in shock or horror when I doffed off my shorts for the meditation. Ya know what, I didn’t care anymore. I was huge. I was a big man, a big BIG man, and I’m proud of it. I wasn’t sure why I was growing to such a massive man, but I loved the feeling of it. The size, my weight, my length, my strength. I lied down on the ground for the meditation and began to feel the ground beneath me. I felt it hugging as many of my curves as it could. I felt my traps push me up off the ground, along with my bubble butt, thighs and calves. I could feel both the ground and the air on this body, the bottom soaking up the energy from the earth, the top, my chest, nipples, biceps, prick, caressing the wind as it rode past. I chanted and chanted more and more getting lost in the time of the rhythm. I could move mountains; I was one. I could taste the clouds as my head was there. My hands felt not pebbles but boulders beneath them and with a squeeze crushed them to dust.

Wondering why I was growing, how much I enjoyed it, and what I would do, I awoke somewhat to the sound of the grass by my head being disturbed. I looked up and back and saw one of the sextuplets, in their jeans, sneakers, and hoodie, coming my way from the trees. My head turned and I looked to see Jeremy still lying on the ground not to far away from me. Who was this then? None of the other brothers knew where the other was going? This brother came towards me in a strange walking fashion, holding a jar and something else. In one hand he held up two tickets before my eyes but they were blank. I looked at him questioningly. Placing the tickets away, he then took a lid off the jar and poured out many, many herbs in front of my head. Then he slowly backed away and disappeared into the trees. What was that about? Was it a connection, a sign? It must be, and I think I know. Jeremy has learned the herbs that could stop my growth or help me through the adjustment.

I awoke to Jeremy shaking me.

�Dude, are you okay?�

�Yeah I�m fine, why?�

�I�ve been shaking you for a while now. The session�s been over for about ten minutes.�

Sitting up, I just looked at him and smiled. He looked at me and then a worried expression came over his face and he ran back towards the camp. Suddenly, I felt something in my hand and I looked to see what it was. It was a plastic baggie full of herbs. Jeremy had figured it out and gave them to me, for me to decide. Awesome.

After the meditation, I wasn’t sure what to do. Everytime I saw Kyle I’d sport a major boner and I was filled with a lust for him that I don’t think I could control. I’d lie awake at nights watching as his meat grew thicker, harder, longer, vein-ier, and I swear not only was it much taller than I was erect, it was become nearly as big as he was. And it wasn’t just that. I watched as he continued to grow and grow throughout the month. The dishes and plates of ours looked like bottle caps to him. He began to take up three chairs. The ceiling in the center of the mess hall, fourteen feet, began to look smaller and smaller next to him. His clothes that had been to big for him to begin with, a little tight when I met him, now… now were ridding up his legs, moving up his arms, pulling across his back and chest. The last week was show and a half. Everyday his calves split the hem of his pants and that split worked its way right up past the thighs to his crotch. His zippers started to give if he balled up his dick in his underwear and it too gave up nightly if he went to bed wearing them. He made a motion to grab a tree branch one day, one simple turn back motion and his shirt screamed in agony. One fell swoop and the buttons flew off at sixty miles and hour, the back tore all the way down, the arms split to reveal his biceps that balled as big as his head and the back as well due to the traps. At the same time the front popped the butttons and back split the back, the lats split the sides and the arms from the torso of the shirt. There was nothing left of his clothes after he moved.

Fuck Dillet. Damn Cutler. Screw Priest. Arnold who? If he were their size, he’d have to weigh close to three hundred fifty pounds or more on a 5’11” frame. And all I could do was lust after those muscles everytime he did the simplest things, even when he’d season his food with that baggie of herbs. Damn I want him.

When all his clothes were pretty much gone, including the shoes now! The head teacher came up with a parting gift for Kyle. He was such wonderful person, and is destined to be something special, said the teacher, that they must thank him for the privilege of being able to tutor him. There was a sewing class in the camp and they spent the month guestimating Kyle’s new size and sewing up garments for him. They presented him with new shirt, pants, and sandles for his feet. I think I could, literally have used them for a raft.

The teacher called for all to gather and give positive thoughts to our ‘giant’ friend, one who was one with nature for he was as tall as the trees. No kidding. There was a tree used for marking height. We all went there to watch as they marked Kyle’s on it. Kyle was now 11’ 1.5” tall. He feet were 31.25” long. No one dared ask about his cock, but they all looked and wondered.

We left the camp via one of their loading trucks that took us to the airport. Walking into it I turned to realize, there was no way Kyle could get in through the doors no matter what. He was too broad, to thick to squeeze through. I’d have to arrange for him to be brought around to the tarmac. How will I do that? Watching the people come and go, I began to notice them next to my friend. Some of them don’t even come up to his crotch. Full grown men! Other just barely up to it’s top. I ran to the ticket booth of the next airline to see what could be done about my giant friend when I received a page and immediately went to the telephone…

So, there I am standing outside the entrance to the airport. I don’t think my leg will fit through that door! I’m a giant! Guys are walking around me and they don’t come up to my waist. I notice one guy as he passes Jeremy, I think he’s about six inches taller than him. When that guy comes out to pass me, he just barely gets to the top of my waist! I’m turning round and round to look at all these ‘little’ people when suddenly I notice one of the sextuplets on the other side of the road, motioning for me to come with his finger. I walk on over and he gestures with his arm to follow him. We walk around to a gate and the guard blanches really hard and stumbles back. He waves us to go on through and we walk around to the tarmac to find a small sized cargo ship. The sextuplet motions to the one-man crew who gets in the plane and opens a really large door, one big enough for me to fit though. I crawl in and sit down on the floor, the sextuplet walks in, shuts the door and goes to the flight cabin and says something to the pilot. After he sits down next to me I say, “Okay Justin, take off the hood, I knew it was you to begin with as you’re the only one left.”

�I know, I just wanted to be mysterious like everyone else.�

�So where are the tickets, and how did you know I was so big?�

�I�ve heard the stories from four of my brothers, I was pretty sure you weren�t a lightweight anymore so I changed airlines, so to speak. Here are the tickets.�

�It says, Denver, Colorado� Denver, why Denver?�

�Because, you need to rest and have some relaxation, and what better place for a mountain man, or rather a man mountain, to go than the mountains?�

�Okay, but I�m not sure this is going to be interesting. I just did the whole nature thing.�

�Oh it�ll be interesting. Trust me. It�ll be interesting.�

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