Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle, Part V: Excessive Force

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High above and far away, the city looks tiny, a blot of silver next to distant mountains, a glimmer on the far horizon of the miles of desert. The desert is a wilderness with only the artery of the highway pumping traffic into the city running across its expanse. Closer and closer and it becomes apparent the city is laid out in half concentric circles nestled up to the mountains. First one passes little anonymous buildings spread out and then the more densely clustered industrial warehouses and businesses. Then there comes a belt of verdant green parks and the suburbs and in the center of it all, the glittering downtown area. Finally shining above it all appearing to be attached to the solid rock of the mountains themselves, the gleaming tower of the Zon Powers Supplement Corporation.

The building thrusts impossibly high dwarfing other structures in the city and on top of it the statue of an Atlas like figure of a huge muscular man supporting the world. But unlike other Atlases this figure is unbowed and the globe is balanced on one muscular fingertip spinning effortlessly. Carved on the handsome face of the statue is an arrogant smile.

Several stories beneath the massive statue Onyx curses as the displays on several of his monitors suddenly wink out. “Damn!” He pushes a large blue button on the console.

“Yes, Onyx?” a voice asks so powerfully the speaker sound distorts a bit.

“Zon, the Doug situation has escalated. His body has destroyed the tracking device I implanted before I could get all the information. He’s loose in the city. I set the peacekeepers on him to bring him back here.”

“Hmmmmmm,” a low rumble from the speaker, “this case sounds interesting. I’m coming down to monitor.”


“Krisna Bui, Krisna Bui,” Doug repeated to himself as he hurried out the back entrance of the shop. He could hear the sirens in the street and saw several large men in massive body armor enter the alley.

“HALT, please raise your hands sir,” an amplified voice seemed to come from everywhere in the alley.

Doug glanced around at the sides of the alley and all the businesses. Two big men in body or standing shoulder to shoulder were enough to completely block the entrance to the alley but Doug felt constrained by the alley which was too narrow for his massive shoulders. He had to stand sideways not facing the men. He looked briefly up at the building of Eryk’s friends and tried to figure out a quick exit. He looked again at the men, he could tell even under all that armor they were big enough to have awed him before his change. Also--Doug squinted harder at them---he could see smaller, thin almost gangly shadow outlines superimposed over his vision of the men. One of the men blocking the alley, not seeing Doug comply, fired a shot at him. The slug ripped through the tight fitting fabric across Doug’s chest exposing his massive hairy pecs which were unscathed by the impact of the bullet.

“OUCH!” Doug bellowed shattering every window in the alley and staggering the men back. Doug glanced at the rain of broken glass then squatted down and launched himself up with his powerful legs. Doug shot up into the air several hundred feet briefly seeing the industrial area below him and coming down in a street several blocks away. The titanic force that Doug hit the street with smashed open a crevasse around him. The buildings lining the block shook violently and a crack opened up along the street causing several cars to crash and fires to start. A water main cracked and sent water shooting into the street. People began running and screaming.

Doug looked at the devastation trying to plan, absently touching the once sore spot where the bullet hit him dead on. “Man oh man oh man. "He pulled himself easily out of the impact crater.


“Excellent,” a deep voice purred into Onyx’s ear.

“What do you mean excellent? He’s damaging portions of city property. He’s evaded the peacekeepers and showing no signs of slowing down.” Onyx sputtered. Onyx turned and faced his partner.

Even under these circumstances, Onyx couldn’t help but be dazzled by Zon’s handsome features (twin to the statue’s on the top of the building) his prominent cheekbones, square jaw, and icy blue eyes framed perfectly by his close cropped blonde hair. Compared to almost anyone else Zon was an awesome sight. He was a massive man, 6 foot five and 950 pounds of beef. Clothes were a nuisance to Zon and he only wore them for public appearances and his naked body still stunned Onyx every time he saw it. Largely, it was the muscular definition and size of Zon's body that was so overwhelming to most people. He was so big and defined that Onyx could feel himself become light headed as he turned to face Zon. Every muscle on Zon's body was exaggerated. Every muscle was bulging with striations and visible. There was almost no fat on his body. Fine blonde hair lightly dusted his fair skin concentrating into a tuft of gold at his massive genitals. Even though Zon was very pale, his incredible muscularity was hugely apparent. His traps sloped up the sides of his thick neck like two massive cliffs of muscle.. His delts were literally like two hunks of granite rubbing against the gargantuan traps. His thick chest was wide, and it bulged out into the room like a monstrous muscle morph brought to life. Zon's round pecs bulged with powerful cables of muscle. His pink nipples were probably four inches across, and pouted out and down at least an inch.. Onyx longed to run his hands over the thick shelf of Zon’s chest or across the amazing cobblestone abs of his 30 inch waist. Each of Zon's arms was almost as large as his waist They hung at his side, relaxed, but they were so big and his lats were so huge that his arms bulged way out from his torso. Zon's amazingly defined biceps were pressed outwards by his amazing chest. His triceps defied gravity and bulged upwards with muscled might.

Tearing his eyes away from Zon's incredible arms Onyx's eyes took in Zon’s gargantuan 12 inch flaccid cock that was bumping up next to his arm. The thick beast seemed to pulse with masculine power.

Zon allowed a smirk to cross his handsome face at his easy domination of Onyx. He loved seeing the over 300 pound muscular specimen reduced to speechlessness by his mere presence. Before answering, Zon reached and pulled Onyx’s face close to his and bent his head down and gave Onyx a deep kiss. “The government gives us contracts to protect the citizenry from musclegrowth experiments gone awry. We’ve done our job so well that most people (except for a few hundred that frequent a certain musclegrowth site) don’t even know that these muscle freaks exist. This will make the news and we’ll get our contracts renewed. If it didn't happen we would have had to create someone to make it happen. Sometimes with military outsourcing you have to create your own market. It's the way the system works! Survival of the gutsiest!”

“We DID create the person that made this happen, Zon.” Onyx protested.

“Yes but thanks to your careful use of bank accounts, the only people who know are you, me and Dr. Calgari. And something tells me that the good Doctor isn’t the most credible person to go up against. No, no I think Doug will be credited entirely to the work of the Doctor. Doug’s image was all over both the closed circuit cameras and the local television monitors. Zon glanced at the obscenely huge pecs ripping out the tight polymer suit Doug was wearing, the tight abs and the massive tree trunk legs and the very fat package between them. Through the video, through the suit he could see the massive cables of Doug’s musculature bulging and flexing as Doug moved without even attempting to flex in a self conscious way. As huge and powerful as Zon was, Doug was several times more so. A true muscle god even Zon could worship or in this case a muscle monster that most people would fear.

"So you spent some time alone with him? Hmmmmm?" Zon asked looking at Onyx full on.

Onyx avoided looking directly into Zon's eyes. "Yes I was able to observe him close up. He's not extremely bright but he's also not the usual power crazed sociopathic teenager we're used to dealing with. In some ways he's unique. He seems also to have the curious ability to restore people to their pre transformed state."

"More and more interesting," Zon nodded ,satisfied ignoring Onyx's reticence. He looked at monitor into Doug’s confused brown eyes and jowly face and smiled it would be easy to turn this guy into whatever he wanted.

“So let’s see if we can hem this guy in and take him out.” Zon finished and gave Onyx another dazzling smile and thought to himself, these puny humans are so easy to mold and dominate.


Doug stood looking desperately at the mayhem around him. “Krisna Bui,” he muttered to himself and looked up and down the street to find a phone booth where he could look up the name. “Damn cell phones—there’s never a telephone book when you need one anymore.” He could hear a rumble of heavy equipment heading towards the block and also the sound of a helicopter in the air above him.

“You are surrounded. Put your hands behind your head,” an amplified voice rang down from above.

Part of Doug wanted to comply but he could feel a surge of adrenaline run through his body and he had to force himself to move his hands behind his head. Doug ‘s whole body was heating up. He could feel heat boiling throughout his body all the way to his fingertips. The heat seemed to pulse out of his hands behind his head. This tight polymer suit became even tighter as it tried to contain his body, which seemed to be swelling even larger. The material started to tear more across his chest. The twin hairy mountains of his chest grew bigger and bigger. He could feel his nipples swell and pump the deep crevasse growing deeper and more muscular. There was more ripping and then his arms exploded out of the garment. His massive boulder sized biceps bulging bigger with brawn. His arms, already ten inches bigger than his 30 inch waist, furrowed with more muscle. Deep dense muscle fibers erupted as his arms expanded several more inches. Doug let out a barbaric, “GRRRRRRAAAAAWWWWWWGHHHHH,” at the helicopter. The sound waves beat at the helicopter causing it spin out of control. It spiraled down into the side of a building and exploded. More people screamed in pain and fear. Doug wasn’t done growing. His huge tree trunk thighs were thickening as the cables of muscles grew and became even more striated. The polymer suit ripped off of them. The suit was destroyed only remnants clung around Doug’s incredibly ripped eight pack of an abdomen. His skin was slick with sweat the heavy hair of his chest and legs sticking to his pale skin.

The heavy rumbling of the equipment came through the black smoke and Doug easily pulled up two of the nearby lampposts out of the cement and stood waiting holding each easily in his meaty hands. His hairy forearms rippled and rolled with newfound power. Heavy armored vehicles with small tank like turrets pointed at him rumbled out of the smoke at the end of the block.

“Come on,” he bellowed. The street shook and glass shattered. One small building collapsed.

Doug felt something like electricity in the air.

Back in his office, Zon issued the command, “Release the nano-cloud.”

There was a barely perceptible movement in the air and suddenly Doug was gone.


“What???!!” thundered Zon, his face visibly red, his handsome features contorted. “What the hell just happened? This freak can’t dematerialize can he?”

Onyx hands fluttered all over the huge instrument panel. “Sir there is no instance of him ever leaving the corporeal state. Let’s play back the satellite feed in slow motion.”

They played back the images. “His muscles are suddenly getting bigger here,” whispered Zon as they watched Doug’s massive form become even more gargantuan.

"As if he wasn't huge enough already. He was already bigger than you before this new growth hit him." Onyx chimed in.

“His voice seems more powerful too. I don’t think he purposely did that to the vehicle.” They watched him easily pull the lamposts out of the ground. The concrete buckling and the metal screaming in impotent protest. Doug yelled out on the street and the resulting tremor knocked down a house. Both Zon and Onyx involuntarily gasped.

They turned the magnification up as far as they could. They could actually see the beads of sweat glisten down the deep shelves of muscle on Dout's foreamrs. They could see individual dark hairs on his skin. Then there was the briefest flash of red and yellow in front of Doug and he was gone. Zon slowed the picture to a frame by frame movement but there was only this brief blur of color. He looked at Onyx, “What could it mean?”


“You are one heavy guy. I had to slow down slightly when I picked you up and that never happens.”

Doug’s vision cleared a bit. He was disoriented. The change had happened too quickly for him to comprehend. He was suddenly held dangling by two incredibly strong arms. Doug looked up further at a face he had jacked off too many times when he watched the San Francisco news.

“Superbear? Is that you?”

Doug looked down. The world was a blur around him. There was no discernible detail anywhere. They were moving too fast.

Doug could feel a sudden change in air pressure as they moved inside some sort of structure and plummeted downwards slowing down their flight. Doug was suddenly dumped onto a simple padded floor. They were in a large room with a shaft running in the ceiling that they had just flown out of. The room was filled with lab equipment. Unlike most labs though the walls were a soothing shade of pine green and the floor was polished wood.

Doug blinked his eyes slowly and took in the heroic figure standing in front him. The man was much shorter than Doug and not nearly as hugely muscular. But he was still very powerful looking. His wide chest displaying the familiar roaring bear. Doug could see the thick muscles moving beneath the tight uniform and the tuft of black hair peaking just over the edge. The beefy legs, the ample bulge between them. The man’s dark slightly receding hair, virile goatee, faint musky odor and dark probing eyes all spelled a supremely dominant man. Superbear stood with his thick muscular legs slightly apart with powerful arms folded over that amazing chest.

“You know me?” asked Superbear tilting his head slightly to stare at this super sized muscle giant in the lab.

“Yes of course I do. There was a rumor on the web that you beat Superman in a strength contest and…wait I’m not a bad guy. I didn’t mean to cause all those problems. I was just trying to get away.”

“If I thought you were a bad guy, we wouldn’t be here in my lab.” Superbear smiled kindly at Doug, “But I do believe that you are a person that needs to be watched,” for a second Superbear’s eyes lingered over Doug’s imposing muscle mass, “and helped. You were up against a couple of guy’s I’ve wondered about for years. The Zon Powers company has been involved in a few shady looking deals. I’m so busy battling homophobia and crime in San Francisco, I’ve never had a chance to check them out. That’s the trouble, even with superheroes around—we can’t be everywhere at once and crime still happens.

“The news media is trying to make you look like a monster and even though you did cause a lot of damage, I had the feeling you were more of the victim so I flew down to help you out.”

“Wow, thanks so much. I don’t know how to repay you. I mean earlier this morning or maybe yesterday, I was just a schlub with a job in a top secret facility and now…this. Is it true about you beating Superman?”

Doug looked admiringly at the smaller (but still incredibly beefy) man,

Superbear smiled and said, “Let’s just say---okay yeah I did. But for a straight guy he did pretty well. He’s having trouble though—teenager keep morphing into muscle giants and taking him on. Sometimes they win. No one’s beaten me yet but that might be because I’m not as well known. It’s tough being famous. Our satellites just picked up a kid easily smashing the Hulk. That’s another situation that needs watching. Anyway, I don’t get challenged at all but I’m thinking I might have met my match right here.”

Superbear turned serious and looked at the instruments. “I was flying pretty fast. I don’t see any evidence that we were tracked.”

Doug watched Superbear’s massive hairy forearms as he moved his hands over the control board. “I’ve had the biggest crush on you since you and Supercub were first reported on the national scene.”

At the mention of Supercub, Superbear smiled flicked on a switch and called, “Dan, this is Jimmy. We have a situation here.”

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