Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle, Part VI: Cruising for a Bruising

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Dr. Calgari looked at the wreckage of his lab hopelessly. The heavy 4 inch thick carbon steel doors ripped asunder, the footprint shaped holes in the floor, the small fused piece of metal that had been the isolation chamber all looked like an army had been waging war in here for weeks. His assistants wandered aimlessly through the destruction. He was at the point where everything has unraveled and he was experienced enough to know that this was the point at which he needed to disappear.

The doctor signaled for his assistants to gather around. The men obediently filed in front of him and didn’t flinch when he aimed the nozzle of his hypno gas tank at them. As the gas rolled out at them they fell, listlessly. It was a light dose and the doctor knew they could hear him. “For your own protection, you know nothing about Dr. Calgari, you will forget everything about Zon Powers corporation and you will leave this place. You will only remember seeing that huge creature destroying your place of employment, everything else will be lost to shock. This is the last, best gift I can give you.”

The doctor felt uncommonly virtuous at this final act of generosity of leaving these men their wretched lives in his glorious wake. He then moved quickly into one of the storage rooms, ostensibly looking for supplies to take with him. Once inside the dusty mostly unused room he pried open one of the air vents, took out his patented cable gun and shot it up into the shaft. It anchored itself up above. He attached it to his belt, gripped the cable with his gloved hands as the small but powerful engine attached above, hoisted him to freedom.


Almost the instant that Superbear finished the call, there was a blur of motion and suddenly Supercub was there, his dark blue eyes blazing with excitement his cape swirling around his muscular form.

“What is this?” Supercub asked staring at Doug’s hugely muscled form hulking behind Superbear.

“I’m afraid I picked up something on the way home.” Superbear said a little sheepishly to Supercub, “but he looked like he needed a hand and I thought that taking him here would solve a lot of problems. Dan meet Doug.”

Doug looked at Supercub hardly believing that both superheroes were right there in the room with him. But there he was solid and real. The thick red hair on his head, the handsome face, the large muscles that were almost as big as Superbear’s and the copious red fur poking up from his chest over the top of the uniform. Doug almost let out a “woof” but restrained himself and held out one of his big hands. “Hello, it’s an honor to be here.”

“I saw the news. This guy is all over the place and everyone is wondering what happened. Me too, little did I know he was right here under my basement.” Supercub’s eyes softened a bit, “You big lug. You’re always taking on the hard luck cases.” Supercub affectionately started kneading Superbear’s shoulders. “Your heart’s in the right place big guy.” Superbear started kissing Supercub deeply and passionately.

Doug felt his massive cock harden as he saw the two muscle hunks kissing. He wanted to join in but he instinctively knew that this was just between them. He felt a familiar pang. “Hey guys, “ he said.

Supercub took in Doug’s huge tool that looked like it was about to split through what was left of Doug’s uniform, “At least he’s family AND he’s hung bigger than two horses and the bull they rode in on. I’m starting to see why you were interested in this case.”

Superbear blushed, “I’ve been thinking…”

“With your bigger head too, that’s impressive,” Supercub interrupted giving Superbear’s ample package a squeeze.

“We could take Doug in for a while until the heat wears down. Monitor his condition and maybe help him with control.” Superbear glanced over at Doug and saw the hangdog expression in his big droopy eyes.

“What’s wrong Doug? I’m being a bad host. I hadn’t seen Dan for a while and…”

“No. You guys are great. I always thought you were awesome and you saved me. I’m just sitting here with a moment to think again and this is amazing and all but I just got some stuff in my apartment fixed up and I was thinkin’ I was getting my life together and then now, I won’t be able to ever go back there and I’m just this big freak and you guys have such a cool thing and I don’t know. I’m just tired or somethin’”

Superbear and Supercub looked into each their eyes and there was understanding. “Doug,” Supercub began, “Jimmy and I have been working on some revolutionary science down here. There is lots we can do for you including helping you walk around unnoticed. You have a gift, celebrate it. You never know what’s ahead. So let’s get you some dinner and some rest and then we’ll figure out the next step.”


Several hundred miles away, Zon lay contemplatively on his massive bed staring out the wall sized windows of his sprawling bedroom atop his skyscraper; his arms outstretched on either side of him. To his right, Onyx lay sleeping peacefully with head next to Zon’s massive biceps. To his left, a huge Italian bodybuilder almost as big as Onyx lay snoring a bit and curled up next his huge leg. a bulky Japanese powerlifter. All of the sleeping men were larger than any bodybuilder in the Olympia line up and, of course, they were all dwarfed by Zon’s own enormous bulk. Despite the attentions of all of these men, Zon still could not stop thinking about Doug’s disappearance and all of the other loose ends.

He knew that Doug shouldn’t have been able to disappear but yet it had happened. Onyx had proffered that they still didn’t completely understand Doug’s biochemistry and perhaps unable to contain the massive energy, Doug’s body had simply combusted or turned into pure energy and evaporated. Last night, it had been enough of an explanation, along with the news that the government was interested in awarding more contracts, that he had allowed himself to celebrate. But now, with the clear morning light shining through his windows, it seemed less and less likely. Eryk Dim had so far managed to evade all pursuit and was still at large. How much did he know? Then there was the missing doctor, sure to turn up like an unwanted piece of change somewhere.

Zon had activated his government contacts and was having more resources devoted to these twin problems. For now, he tried to shrug off the unwelcome and unfamiliar feeling of unease and move on to his other, greater plans.


Jimmy (aka Superbear) held a black belt with a strange box like contraption attached to one end, “Doug it’s been several weeks you’ve come a long way. Your physical condition seems completely stable and with this you’ll be ready to go outside once again.”

“I know, I’m really good at controlling my strength now. I’m not ripping things apart on accident anymore and I’m not punchin’ holes into the floor anymore when I walk It’s been great not feelin’ like a freak. What does that thing do?” Doug was wearing a xxxx large shirt which was so tight on his huge body that it threatened to split every time he moved too far. He also was wearing a huge pair of jeans the extra material had to be cinched up around his small waist but was stretched like a second skin over his gargantuan legs.

“It actually does a couple of things. It should throw a holographic disguise around you which will completely disguise your bulk from others. It has a little bit of an anti-gravity effect to offset your weight so you won’t be falling through floors and stuff. It also should give out small warning vibrations letting you know if you’re using too much power when you’re doing things. Pay attention to this, stay away from closely grouped crowds of people and turn sideways when you go through doorways and you’re good to go.”

“Let me try it out.” Doug said eagerly. Jimmy handed Doug the device. Doug quickly threaded the belt onto his jeans and pressed the button on the small box. Instantly, the 7 foot insanely muscular figure of Doug was replaced by a 7 foot figure of a normally muscular man. Doug walked up to the mirror. Those were his features but now a thick beard covered his face and he was wearing the same t-shirt and jeans.

“We gave you the beard so you wouldn’t be recognized. The machine monitors what you’re wearing and will include your clothes as part of the disguise.”

“Wow that is so cool. Thanks!!!”

“Just a few more days so we can finish the tests and then we’ll do some walking outside, Doug.”


That night Doug wandered around the empty laboratory. Both Superbear and Supercub were out doing the hero thing as usual. It was amazing and frustrating living with the two of them. For one thing, because he was a wanted man, he could never get out. The other thing was that Jimmy and Dan (as he now thought of Superbear and Supercub) were so much in love that he felt more aware of his own lonely life. Video games, porn and wrestling videos did not substitute for a real lover.

Tonight, though Doug had a plan that would relieve some of the built up frustration. Doug put on some of the clothes they had made for him and put on the belt. Remembering his training, Doug managed to get up the stairs and through the secret door in the basement and outside with no mishaps. He looked around at the normal San Francisco neighborhood with awe in his eyes. He could see the fog rolling in to obscure the lights on the distant hills, hear the distant clanging of the cable cars feel the coolness of the night. He felt his heart beat faster in excitement. He had always wanted to check out the Castro and tonight he would just take a harmless glimpse. He would take every precaution, nothing would go wrong.

Remembering maps he had studied in the lab, Doug quickly wound his way on foot to the famed street he had read so much about. It was still early in the evening but he was surprised to see so much action. There were so many hot guys. Watching a particularly studly musclebear walk across the street made Doug’s monster tool start pressing hard against the straining fabric of his jeans. Doug loved the way it felt but didn’t want to lose his pants. “Pamela Anderson, Pamela Anderson” he muttered, conjuring the buxom blonde in his head until his tumescence began to subside. It was so great to see all these people and not get the wrong kind of attention. A couple of guys even gave him winks but still Doug kept his distance from the shops and the crowds.

“The Castro’s dead tonight, “ one man complained loudly, “but I heard there was the hottest show at this male strip joint for women downtown.”

“Wow you must be desperate to slum around down there” said the guy walking next to him, incredulously.

“Not desperate but this guy is one hot father fucker.”

Doug felt his curiosity piqued and followed the men at a discreet distance. As they got closer to the downtown area he could hear women’s screams of rapture emanating from a seedy looking little club. There were pictures all over the building of muscular men. Despite the abundance of hardcore muscle on display, it was easy to pick out who the two men had been talking about. One man, the headliner, stood apart from the rest, he was a god among men. He was devilishly handsome with a full head of jet black hair, tan skin, a full magnificent beard. His name was Brutus and the name suited his brutal beauty. The statistics on the poster bragged six foot six, 400 pounds of pure testosterone, eighty inch chest, 28 inch arms and a 26 inch waist the ultimate male fantasy for any woman. Just looking at the pictures made Doug feel like releasing all his pent up sexual energy. Unfortunately the man was fully clothed in a biker’s outfit on the poster but Doug could see enough of the man to know that the poster’s incredible claims were close to the actual truth. He HAD to see this man in person.

“Hey basketball. Tonight, guys can stand in the back to catch the show. Are you in or out?” Doug looked around and saw a stocky muscular doorman peering up at him. Doug took out his only twenty and handed it to the guy and eagerly sidled sideways through the doorway and took a spot near the back of the room.

Fortunately, he was taller than the other men so he could easily see the spectacle on stage. Brutus was standing in the middle of the stage stark naked with one of the biggest cocks Doug had ever seen on a human man handging partially erect in front of him. He was much bigger than any Mr Olympia competitor or wrestler Doug had ever seen and almost perfectly developed. Each massively developed muscle though freakishly large was in harmony with the others. His muscle lined waist was truly a tiny 26 inches tapered down neatly to his narrow hips with no sign of steroid induced bloat. Lean washboard abs of muscle led up to the slabs of his perfectly formed striated chest. The man was standing with his hands behind his back, his magnificently muscled arms frozen in a behind the back most muscular; a vast network of vascularity running across them. His chest was so humongously large it looked like it belonged on some mighty military piece of machinery. He wore an arrogant, cocksure grin as he surveyed the fan’s reaction to his savage display of dominating muscle. The stripper seemed to take great pleasure in rolling the magnificent muscularity of his chest back and forth causing waves of muscle to ripple across the armor plated mounds of muscle. A small rolled up mansized bundle in white came down and bounced off an exquisitely timed pec bounce. It took Doug a moment to realize that the bundle was an actual unconscious man.

The women at the tables around the stage started chanting, “Smash the runt! Smash the runt!”

Is this part of the show Doug wondered? He hadn’t thought that strip shows ever portrayed violence but part of him was strangely turned on. He could smell the sweat and feel the men around him were just as riveted by the spectacle although none of them were chanting. “What did I miss?” Doug whispered to the man next to him.

Annoyed the man said, “The little guy got pissed cus the stripper was coming on to his girl and started hitting the stripper. The big guy knocked him out with one punch but the little guy took out a can and ate something out of it and came back with a big huge fist and knocked the stripper down for a minute but the stripper got mad and his muscles swelled up even bigger ripping all the biker stuff off (totally hot, by the way) smacked the little guy around, forced him to give him a blow job, balled him up and you can see the result.”

The crowd started cheering with every pec bounce as the little ball of a man bounced higher and higher. Doug noticed that some red was showing on the white of the man’s clothes. He was bleeding pretty badly. Some of the red smeared the stripper’s tank like chest. “Time to take out the trash,” he said and with a gyration of his hips he bounced the little man off his pecs onto his cannon like biceps as he flexed them causing the little heap of flesh to bound across the room to slam into the back wall next to Doug.

The short little runty guy was in a sailor’s outfit with bowling pin shaped forearms tattooed with anchors looked like he had just been beaten to a pulp. There was blood and what looked like cum staining his sailor outfit. The big stripper leered wickedly and said, “Let that be a lesson to you. Don’t interrupt my show again, Squirt.”

Doug glanced at the little man on the floor. He was really hurt badly. He stared around at the men all around rapt with attention for the preening stripper. “Call 911,” he said to the dispassionate bartender, “Now!” he growled for emphasis. The bartender looked mad but started to dial the phone. Doug looked up at the stage where Brutus was expertly gyrating for his steaming, screaming fans. He felt a slow burning anger come up in him and a strange excitement.

“STOP!” he thundered. The force of the sound reverberated through the theater causing the building to shake, knocking the people down. Plaster started falling down in great sheets. A support column started to teeter down towards the tables. Doug caught it easily with one hand and laid it down gently.

“Earthquake!” someone yelled as some people rushed the door and others ducked and covered under the tables. The moving mass of panicked people made no difference to Doug’s forward progress and none of them seemed to notice that they were brushing up against an invisible unstoppable wall of muscle as they desperately sprinted towards the exit.

Brutus looked around confused but not fearful at the mess. He turned to leave the obviously stressed building in an orderly fashion through the stage exit when he heard a strangely powerful voice say, not loudly but with force, “You stay.” He spotted a tall bearded guy striding towards him purposefully through the mob.

“Hey Shaquille,” he said, “I’m getting out of here. This heap is about to fall over.”

“No!” and incredibly the man leapt up over the chairs and landed behind the muscular stripper blocking his way out. The floorboards groaned in protest as the man came down on them.

The only man that had ever beaten Brutus lay in a bloody heap in the back of the theater finally vanquished even in spinach engorged form. No one else had ever come close to besting the stripper in muscle or strength. He had a long line of notches on his belt of wanna be tough guys who had come up against him. Except for the sailor, he had easily smashed every single one, usually without breaking a sweat. Even though this guy topped him by several inches, he looked like a push over. The tremors had subsided and he could hear people still pushing to get out the back, ignoring him and this leaping whacko.

Brutus swaggered up to the guy. He flexed the 28 inch side of beef he called an arm theatrically in the guy’s face. The arm swelled visibly to a thick peak of Mount Everest sized muscle easily thicker around than this tall guy’s legs. “I don’t want to have to use this blow your skinny ass away,” Brutus said looking like that was exactly what he most wanted to do.

The man, impossibly, smiled back grimly, “Try it,” he growled in his deep bass of a voice.

Brutus was thoroughly pissed off now and he made a fist and pulled back one of the most perfectly developed human arms in human history back to obliterate the memory of this guy’s smirk off the face off the planet. His arm flew forward with inhuman force into the guy’s skinny gut with a WHAM.

It was like hitting a wall of steel—no something harder than steel, steel would have buckled under that inhuman force. Brutus wanted to scream in pain as he felt several bones in his hand break from the force of his own blow into that impenetrable wall of armor. Only his incredible discipline from all his years of hard training in the gym kept him from uttering a noise. The guy was totally unaffected it was if the stripper had done nothing. “Come on handsome,” the guy said, “you need to learn a little lesson.” While Brutus was leaning over in pain, nursing his hand, the tall guy put a finger on his tank like chest and then flicked the finger. Incredible force from that finger flick sent the stripper flying backwards smashing through the back wall into the alley. He blacked out.

Doug moved quickly following Brutus’ incredible body as it flew backwards through the air and caught it easily before it smashed through the wall of the neighboring building. The building looked deserted so Doug ripped the door open and carried the man inside. He looked down at the slack face of the bearded man in his arms. He was obviously unconscious but his incredible musculature had kept him from being really hurt by his impact with the wall. Doug could feel a charge of electricity running through him just from glancing across the man’s perfect development. “This is not over yet, big guy,” he whispered as he laid the man down on a dusty mattress in the corner of the room.

Brutus could feel his head throb as if a ton of bricks had been tossed on top of him. Only the sailor had ever been able to knock him out and only then with the dishonest aid of spinach. Pain radiated out from his chest. It felt like a couple of his ribs had been broken. He could smell and feel the musty grittiness of the mattress underneath him. He wondered where he was—it didn’t feel sterile enough to be a hospital. Brutus could taste blood in his mouth. He reluctantly opened his eyes. The tall guy was standing to his left not paying attention taking his shirt off. He wasn’t anything to look at. The guy was obviously balding and middle aged, a nobody looking guy. He had a decent body with the beginnings of a six pack but wasn’t anything special. How could that stomach have stopped Brutus’ mighty fist? He didn’t seem to have any enhanced spinach effects so how could this guy have taken him out so easily? Even the sailor had needed a mega fist punch.

The man turned and noticed Brutus staring at him. “Awww you’re awake. Good,” the stripper felt the fear rise in him with the sound of that basso profondo voice.

The man started fiddling with his belt buckle and Brutus was about to protest he didn’t swing that way when the man suddenly transformed. The stripper had seen the Incredible Hulk on television many times and this man before him had the Hulk beaten in the muscles department by at least a factor of five but with a thinner waist and incredibly more insane striations in his muscles. He was impossibly immense. The stripper couldn’t take all of him in at one time. Every movement the man made had huge chords of muscle rampaging and undulating under his skin. “Whadda ya think of this?” the muscle god asked. Brutus’ eyes darted to the man’s face. Unfortunately, it was the same middle aged sad sack only the thick beard was gone revealing the man’s jowly cheeks.

The titan before him pushed his elbows back and planted his massive fists on narrow waist. Slowly he started to bring his elbows out to his side in the father of all lat spreads. Out and out his wings spread an impossibly wide distance creating a shear wall of muscle on either side of the hairy rippling mountains of his chest. His dark pit hair stood out starkly against the pale muscled expanse of his lats. As the lats continued to expand outward one of them pushed against a wall a couple of feet away knocking it down. “Oops,” the man said with a wide grin.

Despite his fear, despite his heterosexuality, despite the fact he was coughing painfully from the dust of the destroyed wall and spitting up blood, Brutus felt his big cock starting to grow in response to the display of this much masculine power. The titanic couple of tons of striated beef standing over him glanced at the big rod and grinned again. He then raised his arms in a triumphant double biceps pose. The magnificent orbs of his biceps stretching imposingly bigger developing peaks upon peaks of muscle struggling for dominance with the towering crags of his delts his lats stretching out to a T shape under those freakish arms before tapering down to his impossibly muscular 10 pack abs. The tight jeans literally disintegrated as he flexed his huge legs exposing the massive firehose between his oak trees of thighs and the twin coconut sized balls swinging free. There was almost a seismic rumble from that much power, that much muscle being flexed. Brutus could see his betraying cock spring up taller than his own magnificent chest and start dribbling massive amounts of precum.

“This is man power, guy,” the behemoth dwarfing muscle god said turning around in a circle in front of Brutus giving him the view of the road map of striated muscle creasing his fantastically round glutes and his eclipse inducingly wide back. The stripper gasped in awe as and groaned as he started cumming before such magnificent male beauty “You thought you were the big guy in town, well I can crush you without even noticing it. You’re less than an ant to me you little man. Snotty bullies need to be taught a lesson,” Doug leaned over and thrust his face into Brutus’s face. His pendulous granite pecs pushing painfully down on the well muscled stripper’s body.

Panicked Brutus was pinned underneath the unmoving harder than steel mounds of meat. All of his massive hard earned muscle and strength was as nothing to this muscle beast simply leaning over too far. He could feel himself starting to black out from lack of oxygen when the weight suddenly moved off of him. “Now you’re going to have to take it like a man, guy.” And the man’s thick boa constrictor of a cock was suddenly and roughly shoved into the stripper’s mouth. The stripper tried in vain to bite down. But it was like biting down on a large contoured metal pipe. Relentlessly the massive member started sliding in and out of his mouth, the thick shaft stretching Brutus’ mouth open to its limit. Brutus wanted to scream. He beat his fists against the relentless mega cock but it only made the muscle beast smile, “MMMM foreplay. Nice!” Brutus could feel a stream of what was probably pre cum gush into his mouth He gagged as bile rose up in his throat and the pain made him black out again.

Doug could never recall feeling so all powerful, so virile so manly as when he was glorying in Brutus’ helplessness as he gently raped the man’s mouth. He actually was taking great pains not to kill the man accidentally. He flexed his right cannon and licked it glorying in his own vast power. Suddenly he groaned in pleasure and started to cum. A flood of white cum erupted in a torrential river shooting out of the stripper’s nose in a blast and then pushing his inert form against the back wall and drenching him. “Aaaaaargh!” screamed Doug in ecstasy as he continued to cum blasting the room with a white wave of his jizz. After several minutes, Doug stopped cumming with a contented groan enjoying the sight of the dripping room.

He suddenly became aware of the stripper in the corner. He quickly moved over to the unmoving body. The man was seriously fucked up but still breathing through the thick viscous substance of Doug’s ejected sperm. Doug cleared the man’s eyes and nose gently with his fingers. He could sirens outside as the emergency vehicles approached. He sped over to a window replacing his belt over his waist. “Help! There’s a man down in here!” he tried to project without blasting anyone. Several EMT people started heading towards the abandoned building as Doug sprinted out the other way into the night.

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