Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle, Part X: Strange Occurrences

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James rubbed his head. The duffer must’ve cuffed him a good one last night, his whole brain felt like it was throbbing.

He opened his eyes. “Cor----blimey,” he exclaimed. James was completely naked, his stick like arms and legs akimbo sitting in a small metal cage with thick bars placed close together. He couldn’t even get one of his thin hands or arms between them. He could see between the bars that he was in a massive round room with cages just like his arranged in a circle around a large metal orb that seemed to be fastened to the floor. The room was dark but there was light coming from some unseen source. The air tasted faintly metallic and seemed to rasp his throat and his nose as he breathed it in.

He noticed for the first time various groans from the cages around him. A woman started screaming. He looked over at the cage next to him. The woman who had laughed at him with the jewels lay curled up hugging herself and sobbing. Makeup ran dark like blood across her face.

In the cage next to him he saw the red haired man sprawled and unconscious. A dark liquid was trickling out of his head and he didn’t appear to be breathing.

“’ow are you doin’ guv’?” James asked anxiously peering into the cage looking for signs of life. “’Old on here. ‘Oever ‘as gotten us all out. You’ve gone too far now. A man his hurt or worse right next door me!”

A cold voice thundered, “Silence all of you.”

A green light shone from the ceiling onto the center orb. There was a shimmering in the cone of light and suddenly there stood what looked like a giant praying mantis. It looked like it stood over six feet tall. It’s legs and mandibles started clicking and then the voice began again.

“You all are here to represent and stand trial for your race. It is unfortunate that some of the subjects have expired in the harvesting process but there are more than enough for a sampling of your planet’s populations.

“Your planet is guilty of having destroyed one of our ships. When we were passing near to your solar system one of our ships was struck by a primitive projectile that was moving at such a velocity that it cleaved through the shields and destroyed the power jewel and the ship.”

The cone suddenly was filled with the image of a disk of metal that had been crudely flattened and scorched. For some reason, it reminded James of a large metal dumpster that had somehow been pressed into shape and then burned.

“We knew that whatever technology could generate that much force had to be investigated for malevolent intent. We understand that this might have been a freak accident and so we are to put you to the survival test.”

“We will expose you to our power source, the way, the power, the jewel. It’s energy is attracted to objects which contain the qualities we believe necessary in a civilized society, however it drains the power of subjects which contain the qualities we feel most reprehensible. If over 40% of your number attract the jewel’s power we will spare your planet. If over 40% are drained, we will destroy your civilization.”


The test will begin.

The huge insect being disappeared leaving the room dark for a moment. A blue colored hairline crack crawled up the side of the orb as the two sides of orb separated revealing a blue gelatinous mass that was pulsing in a regular rhythm like a heartbeat.

James could feel the pulsing deep inside his chest as if a heavy bass at a rock concert had found its way into his chest and was rattling around there with his heart. At first nothing happened. About thirty dark beams started to run from some people's bodies towards the blue object. A man near James started to shriek as his body started to shrink in size the vitality bleeding out into the dark beam.

A single bright, piercingly blue beam shot from the jewel straight into James' cage. It hit is body and he suddenly felt an intense heat. It was so hot. James was aware that he was hanging in the air his feet dangling several inches off the ground, his entire skinny body held in the shimmering light. His was the only cage that was caught in a blue beam.

Besides the heat he started to notice a new sensation flowing around his body. He felt his blood pulsating to every part of my frame, – his fingertips, his toes, his head, and all other areas. All of them beat to the demanding pulse of the jewel. James suddenly thought that his blood was heating up. It felt like his blood was bubbling in his body. He could feel it as if it was a boiling liquid flowing aggressively throughout his system and was violently pushing against all muscles in his body.

He looked down. His body was gleaming blue in the strange light dangling like a broken puppet. He suddenly noticed veins creeping up his arms; pushing up against his skin---rigid with the intense pressure he was feeling. James couldn't speak, he couldn't move he couldn't even take a breath that was not in sync with the omnipresent beat of the jewel. Some type of change was happening to his body His heart was pumping so hard that its pounding was now all that he could hear indistinguishable from that infernal, internal rhythm. Abruptly, his heart shoots an intense amount of blood from inside his chest to all ends of his body. James felt his whole body tense up in the same way it tensed when he was ejaculating from a powerful masturbation session – but this feeling seemed multiplied by a hundred. It was as if his blood needed to burst free from his body.

James began to panic. Were the aliens making his heart explode? Was he dying? His whole life---selling garbage to people who hated him, the abuse all raged through his mind. The pressure that held his body captive intensified and he tried to scream in fear but he couldn't move. The scream lay trapped in his throat. As the pressure increased yet again, James noticed that he wasn't feeling pain, just pressure and maybe a kind of pleasure. It was as if his body wanted this energy, was actually pulling it into him. As his mind relaxed, James noticed that his body was stretching. His dangling feet were now resting on the floor even though his eyes were still at the same elevated level. He looked down and noticed his cock stretching straight forward from his body, longer and harder than he had ever thought possible. The blood continued to push hard through his cock and balls and hard through his erect body.

He looked down again. Explosions were taking place in his muscles and they were bulging out from his once skinny frame in full, round striated curves. He felt his skin stretching to surround the mass that he was gaining. His body was most definitely growing.

His legs were bulging outwards with new thickness. He noticed veins expanding across the surface of his thick meaty thighs and then the muscle would bulge up into a hard mound and then striations would cover the surface. His legs grew, each one wider than his skinny waist which now also bulged with an eight pack of cobblestone abs framed by the lines of his suddenly developed intercostals. He longed to feel the deep crevice between each square of muscle, he wanted to tense the wall of fist breaking muscle. James began to feel an excitement rising up from the heat and the blood and the pressure as more explosions rippled across him. He wanted to yell, he wanted to groan in pleasure but he was held silent.

James view of his abs was blocked by the heavy, powerful globes of his chest muscles as they began to jut shelf like from his body. He could feel the weight of the twin mounds of muscle as they stretched and inflated way beyond the size of a basketball. The width and volume of his chest was unknowable beyond the frame of his limited vision. James’ mind was reeling with the pressure and the sudden sense of power that was engulfing him. He could feel his cock bobbing up and down with an increase in excitement.

James became aware of the sides of the cage seeming to close in on him and then he realized it wasn’t the cage that was getting smaller pressing in on him. He was getting larger, bigger than the cage could contain. He could feel the enormous breadth of his back and shoulders. His lats were spreading outwards and he could hear the metal make a loud grinding noise as it attempted to resist his inexorable growth. He was now a battleground of pressures. His inner pressure pushing him to grow larger and pushing out and the pressure of his body against the heavy steel bars that were groaning loudly from the strain of trying to constrain him.

James wanted to touch himself and look at his new enormous growth. “Can I touch it?” he thought to himself while flexing hard against the pressure that was holding him inert.

He could feel his arms pushing against the unfamiliar mass of his back. The cage buckled and gave in completely as his arms grew bigger and faster. The massive bulges completely obliterating the structure of the cage and he wasn’t even flexing, couldn’t even move against it.

And still the power pulsed towards him gaining in intensity.

An alarmed clicking came from the speaker and suddenly the orb began to close shutting out the amazing blue radiation.

James was suddenly released from the thrall of the device and he could move. “I want more,” he bellowed moving towards the globe that was sinking into the floor of the room.

The speaker crackled to life again, ”The test has been completed to our satisfaction. Only one of you attracted the attention of the power, the way, the source. An enormous 67% of you were drained. We have rarely found creatures so full of avarice. We have contacted our mother ship and the fleet. This world is scheduled for annihilation.”

James looked at the scrawny, emaciated figures around him. Most of them were the blokes who served in the House of Commons that he saw every day. “Cor, no wonder we did so rotten. They only scraped from the bottom of the well to get these. No regular people ‘ere.”

He looked back at the wreckage of his cage. “I sure did acid that one up.” He then noticed the red haired man. He pulled hard at the bars of the cage. The metal didn’t budge. James grunted and pulled harder, slowly the bar bent to one side making space enough so James could reach in to the man. The man was dead.

“Give us a fair shake, then you blighters,” he yelled to the room, “We ‘ardly stood a chance did we with the dim and the motley we got here. You killed the best o’ the lot, you did.” The room echoed back and he only heard those useless blighters screaming for help.

He waited a moment and deep within the ship he could feel the jewel, almost like his own heartbeat. He could feel it calling to him and he suddenly knew how to find it.


Omelissokomos stared at the dire words emblazoned across the screen. He quickly left Xythan’s side and began tapping at the keyboard. He hoped Rowan was still online. He typed a single word, “Explain?”

Omelissokomos waited almost breathlessly, his big forearms rounded with muscle hovered over the keyboard. His eyes crawled over and over the message. “The aliens are coming......The aliens are here.”

Cryptically the cursor beat blinking on the screen. Then on the bottom of the message window, Rowan is typing.

“Aliens in the sky above us, capturing. Saw it while in......people drifting up into space, a ship glittering in the air.”

“Aliens here on the ground building an empire. To what purpose? Control.

Help Eryk”

Rowan signed off.

Omelissokomos gritted his teeth in frustration. Rowan had always been a solid source of info but he could be maddeningly obtuse. Still there was one solid clue here; the very unusual spelling of the name Eryk.


The man and the exquisitely dressed blonde woman were discussing current events on the television screen, “I say,” the blonde woman said with a glitter of menace in her eyes, “here we have a disgraced athlete, a bitter man who has lost everything assaulting one of the most patriotic and giving Americans this country has ever seen.

“Why, Zon Powers is the Presidential advisor on fitness, works hand in hand with our leader and has always behaved in the most respected way. How can any of what Eryk Dim said be true?”

“We need to find him and make him pay for this insult.”

The cameras blinked off and the man and woman looked around them in the Zon Powers studio. “Was that good?” the woman asked her earlier menace and bravado suddenly submerged in anxiety.

Onyx stood watching them approvingly. “It’s a good start. Internet sites are already receiving mail from viewers defending Zon’s good name.”

Onyx turned and strode out of the studio. The building was a flurry of activity around him. A messenger with a large envelope flailing in his hand bumped up against Onyx’s massive bulk.

“Are you Zon Powers,” the man stared up at Onyx in open admiration, “these are for him.”

“I’ll take it,” Onyx said snatching the envelope from the man’s hands and leaving him behind staring frankly at his backside.

Inside the envelope were plans that Onyx had never seen before. He knew Zon had a lot going on. The plans were for a type of receptacle---a sperm receptacle and the machine appeared to be a kind of mechanical womb that allowed two men to...

Onyx’s thoughts trailed off to one of his regrets as a gay man. That he could never father a child with his lover. “In the middle of all this,” he thought, “the big lug is investing—probably billions to make a secret dream of mine come true.” Zon had never before done anything remotely sentimental but then Zon was unfathomable at times to Onyx and seemed capable of anything.

Onyx rushed up to Zon’s inner sanctum rushing through the big doors he had never opened before and saw Zon turning from videos showing the Abomination, before he had gotten super huge, in the sewers talking to a rat.

Zon grimaced with displeasure and asked Onyx, “What do you think you’re doing?”


James was deeper in the ship following the deep beating of the power jewel. His new size allowed him to tower over these odd insect creatures and their fearsome looking mandibles were helpless against him. Their translators sputtering helplessly in the wake of his fractured English. Sometimes he’d run into a door but with some grunting effort he could slowly move the doors against the grinding of their little servo motors.

Suddenly he could feel it, the vast beating heart of the ship. Just on the other side of the door. He was drawn there and the power seemed to want him to break into its chamber. He was in and suddenly off his feet spinning of the gravity of this enormous jewel. The orb had been a mere fourth of the entire mass.

The power coursing through James was enormous as the jewel started hemorrhage light and energy into him. He was bathed once again in the blue glow but this time there was a searing heat. He felt his body was being warped into something different. He gasped for air as his muscles suddenly bulged with greater power. James was so consumed with the sensation that he wasn’t aware of the massive ship around him losing power. He was draining he heart and core of the ship into his body.

The jewel began losing its substance boiling and erupting as its atomic structure became unglued, flowing into James. James found himself clutched in an orgasm suddenly climaxing, cum spewed about the suddenly gravity free chamber. Veins covered his body erupting across his newly massive structure, his muscles continued to reshape themselves conforming to new levels of power and strength. James stretched and pushed through the walls around him. The thick steel was suddenly irrelevant to his mightiness. His eyes suddenly shot laser beams of power shearing through the ship’s many layers to the outer hull.

The loss of power, the sudden rupture to its very substance caused a chain reaction of destruction throughout the ship. It exploded burning off bits and pieces of jetsam. James was still whirling in the midst of the wreckage with the feebly pulsing jewel.

James was able to move and in fact fly in the sudden silence and emptiness of space. He could feel the sudden cold vacuum tear at his substance pulling the air from him, threatening his very being but his new body withstood the onslaught of forces and he reached and gripped the jewel thinking, “I want it all,” the last of the power bled up through his arms into his mind fulfilling his wish. His nakedness was suddenly covered with the red, white and blue diagonals and crosses of the Union Jack. A cape stretched down his newly massive back.

Exultantly, James thought, “I am Londonboy!!!”


Superbear and Supercub felt the massive explosion and looked up from their mutual muscle worship into the colors rippling across the sky.

“Look it’s a glow, it’s an explosion,” Supercub pointed his big hairy arm at the phenomena.

“Dan, the vacation is over,” Supercub turned to see Superbear fully dressed in his roaring bear costume his massive hairy pectorals straining the super tough fabric. In a blur, Dan was in his complimentary Supercub outfit standing next to his partner. The two streaked into the sky leaving the island paradise behind, the surf gently breaking on to the sand.

In less than a millisecond, the two had reached the upper level of the atmosphere. A bright caped form streaked towards them. The two superhumans abruptly stopped their flight to hover as the unfamiliar figure zoomed close.

He had a boyish face with brown hair and cheerful brown eyes but underneath his body bulged with power equal to the two superhunks who had flown up from the ground.

“Aye there. You’re just the two me eyes were searching for,” he said with a grin, “We ‘ave to ‘urry you too. Faster than fast. The buggers are closing in on us and there’s nobody no more to stop ‘em except for us three, if me calculations are holdin’ up.”

Simultaneously Superbear and Supercub both gaped and said, “What?”

The superbeings hovered around each other as Jimmy and Dan slowly figured out not only Londonboy’s own origin but the recent fate of their fellow superheroes. Superbear felt an enormous weight of guilt settle over his heart and scanned the sky piercing into deepest space with his incredible distance vision. Light years away he could see the armada of alien ships entering the solar system and headed towards earth. “We must stop them. By persuasion if possible, by force if necessary,” he said steeling his resolve.

“I’m with you as always,” said Supercub facing the cold airlessness of space with equal determination.

“And I’m sticking with you mates even though I ‘aven’t got the foggiest where you been. “ Londonboy joined in enthusiastically.

The superpartners stared at each other and shrugged. The kid had already taken down one ship and survived. He might be a valuable ally in the labor ahead.

The three streaked suddenly away from the blue green warmth of the earth to stop its destruction.


The tank was not the newest, an old M1A2SEP. Commander Steel enjoyed the feel of it driving around these used up towns around the military base looking for something to do. They were on standby but the government encouraged them to make these “practice” runs to stay visible to the populace.

He loved the tank. 67 tons of composite armored military might running roughshod over anything that would come its way. He loved the scared, awed look of the puny citizens as they watched the bulky vehicle lumber through their towns, chewing up their roads, destroying the lazy and the bad. At twelve feet across and eight feet high nothing except the big trucks looked as large. The AGT 1500 C multi fuel turbine engine rumbled with power. He could feel the 1500 horsepower rumbling through him---unstoppable.

His headset crackled, “Police unable to stop disturbance in Dooleyville. Panic. Please assist.”

Dooleyville was the next town yonder, “Steel company has got it covered,” the commander barked into the receiver. “South to Dooleyville, driver.”


Doug stared at the big powerful truck as its powerful engine idled. Its blue paint was glowing and the American flag almost seemed to be waving on it. He could feel power radiating from it. The windows were all steamed up and Doug could not see what was happening to the wounded man inside.

The engine cut off. Doug peered anxiously at the truck not sure what to do.

The door swung open and the man Doug had laid in the car stepped out. The man had black curly hair that was a little long and tussled. His clothes were mostly ripped but did nothing to hide the man’s big hairy chest. The guy had a big patch of hair across his wide pecs that narrowed down to a trail down his substantial muscle gut of a stomach. The man grinned at Doug with gratitude and looking into the man’s large, dark eyes, Doug felt his heart do a couple of flip flops.

“I sure do thank you, you,” the man finally took Doug’s measure staring frankly at Doug’s humongously massive naked form, “you look like some kind’ a superhero or wow.” The man suddenly sat down staring up at Doug’s hugeness. “I can’t even see your face from down here mister your chest is too damn big.”

“Are you okay?” Doug’s deep voice rumbled deep in concern.

“Billy, Billy you’re alright!” shouted Crystal as she moved forward supporting the stupefied Dr. Duchaine.

“Crystal,” said Billy leaping up a light in his eyes that stabbed deeply into Doug’s heart, “I’m so glad...”

The whole town seemed to rumble as the tank appeared at the end of the street.

Doug looked up, growling at the interruption.


When Doug had first transformed he was monstrously huge. Bigger than 5 Incredible Hulks but after his subsequent battles he had grown over two inches taller and was now over 9,000 pounds of pure muscle power. He was a giant of muscle.

Commander Steel and the three other men of his crew looked eagerly down the deserted street in search of the mayhem reported. They knew they could easily subdue whatever hapless citizen wandered into their vehicle’s sights.

What they saw was a naked giant of muscle at the other end of the street dwarfing a large blue truck. The giant’s incredibly wide back was to them, bulging with incomprehensible size and definition as the muscles rippled across it. The whole improbably massive expanse narrowed at the extremely defined Christmas tree like striations of its powerful lower back. Even from inside the tank, down the street the Commander and his men could see the muscles bulge as if there were actual little rodents or something under his skin that moved and crawled as the creature began to turn towards them. The definition of the muscles under the pale skin was astounding. As the creature turned they could see his glutes pulse with each step like two oversized bowling balls that tightened into even bigger spheres of molten steel. The Commander and his men were momentarily speechless, slack jawed with awe at the sight of the stupendous white skinned giant of throbbing muscle.

The giant turned and faced them. The giant’s face looked middle aged crowned by dark wisps of his receding hairline. From this slightly underwhelming hangdog looking face was an incredibly thick neck framed by two humongous bulging traps running across the length of the incredibly wide and titanic shoulders. The giant’s chest bulged with so much massive muscle that it was a tribute to the striated power of the muscle that it jutted out so authoritatively without drooping at all throwing a shadow over the creature’s narrow striated waist. Sweat dripped from his muscles. His chest was covered with thick, dark matt of hair that glistened with his sweat and moved with motion of the constantly rippling, striated constrictor sized muscle cables. The hair narrowed to a dark river of hair nestling between the center crevasse of his abs and ended in a nest around the biggest cock they had ever seen. The men briefly stared at the network of blood vessels which wrapped around the giant’s massive tool. The veins stuck out from the shaft as if they were simply laid on top of the skin, coursing their way around the thick rod as they fed and nourished the organ. The huge cock looked like a living being in itself. It pulsed with life, teeming with moving throbbing vessels of blood.

The giant’s massive, rippling arms were covered with ripped muscle and veins. His limbs were incredibly long but they were so thick with muscle and bulging sinew that they seemed much shorter than they were. The monstrous sides of meat lay relaxed held out past the creature’s sides by his gigantic lats. The arms rippled as the muscles rearranged themselves under the creature’s paper thin skin.

Doug roared in anger, the buildings rattled shaking in the blast of sound waves. Even in the armored interior of the tank the men felt buffeted by a vast force. “Why don’t you fuckers leave us alone?”

Doug strode forward to the tank still walking carefully so only slight tremors rattled the little town. “You want to see power? I could wipe out this town without really trying. I have to try to NOT accidentally destroy it!!!”

The Commander recovered from his momentary shock. He gave a quick bark of a command to the gunner. “We have to stop that thing. Nothing like that should exist.” The Commander barked a command at the gunner. The gunner shaking his head free quickly turned his 120 mm M256 smoothbore cannon towards Doug. Quickly he loaded and fired off an explosive anti personnel canister. The shell flew directly at Doug catching him squarely in the immensity of his chest. For a moment the men could see nothing but the explosion. In a moment they were again staring at the vastness of Doug’s hairy muscularity as he continued forward without even a pause at the impact brushing away the black discharge of the explosion from those awesome pectorals. “I’ve been punched by the biggest badass in the world. You’re little gun didn’t even dent this,” Doug paused to bounce his chest causing a magnificent wave of muscular majesty to crest underneath the dark mane of hair.

The gunner was panicking and wasn’t loading the gun properly when Doug stood in front of the cannon. He shoved his fist into the gaping hole and the force and the mass of his forearm burst the steel into long segments peeling back as Doug continued inexorably ramming his gigantic arm down its length. The gun was soon an impotent looking metal flower like the end of an exploded cigar.

“You wanna know how it feels to have this much power? You wanna see what this much power can do to your little macho machine?” Doug had one hand on the front of the tank and pushed. The 67 tons of the machine skidded backwards over 400 yards, the big treads of the tank gouging pieces of concrete as that incredible force carried it back. The massive machine shuddered as it came to a stop just outside of the town.

The men had all been wearing protective equipment which had cushioned them from the worst of the damage but they couldn’t recover quickly enough before the improbably huge muscle giant was next to the tank again. Suddenly the tank was in the air hoisted at least 10 feet above the ground. The metal around the men groaned at the unfamiliar stresses. The computers were screeching warnings and red lights were flashing for attention.

Doug handled the tonnage easily as if it were a toy shaking it slightly with his anger and frustration. He had bashed through the outer hull to grip the superstructure of the tank when he had picked it up. Now he started to pull the arms supporting the tank away from each other and he felt the structure of the thing begin to separate. To Doug it had the give of soggy cardboard.

Inside the tank the men realized that the tank was splitting open underneath them. The armor was splintering and the metal howled in protest as it was pried apart by this obscene force.

“Grrrrraaaaaaoargh,” Doug let out a brutal yawlp as his arms pulled the tank apart. Its innards were suddenly exposed and its vital juices, poured from the ruptured mass of metal and instrumentation; gasoline and oil coated Doug’s body in a black sheen. Doug held each huge half of the tank easily with his arms slightly spread as the men tried frantically to pull themselves free of the wreckage of the machine. Doug tossed each half to the side carelessly but with enough force to send the fractured armament 100 yards in opposite directions. Both pieces simultaneously exploded on impact.

The men laid dazed around Doug’s massive hairy calves that were thicker around than their own padded torsos.

Crystal, Billy and Dan Duchaine all stared at Doug in fear as he tore the tank apart and reduced it to smoldering pieces. It felt like the gentle giant who had helped them and this rampaging beast of muscle were two different men. Suddenly he was with them again stinking of gas fumes, his skin mottled black and white with the oil. He looked more than ever like a monster.

Doug tried to smile reassuringly as he wiped the gunk off of his face. “Listen guys.” He said gentling the power of his voice. “People are after me and I know you have had some bad stuff happen to you in this town. We can help each other. I can get you all out of here to a new life and you can help me escape too.”

Billy felt fear and some kind of grudging admiration of this muscle specimen. Something about the way the giant brute had looked at him when he came out of the truck. The caring look in this huge guy’s eyes made him suddenly leap to a decision, “Crystal, y’all know that you’ve wanted to fly outta here. I figure this might not be the best way to quit town but I expect quite a few people will have gone missin’ in this mess and we might be able to slip away.” Billy continued in a lower voice seeing Crystal’s fearful expression, “if he had wanted to do us in, he wouldn’t be askin’ for permission. Come on this is adventure bigger than we ever dreamed of when we was kids.”

A light shown briefly in Crystal’s beautiful eyes and she nodded quick and curt. “What about him?” she asked nodding at the still dazed doctor.

“Well he’s lost his job with the Turners, that’s a fair guess. I think we could use his know how down later. We should bring him. We can always unload him down the line,” Billy turned towards Doug who had been scanning the horizon anxiously.

“Mister this might be about the craziest thing I’ll ever regret but we’re all three with you, if you’ll have us.”

The anxiety cleared from Doug’s face and his basset hound eyes beamed happiness at Billy who felt startled at the sudden emotion. Doug said, “Okay I know we need to move fast. All of you get into your truck.” The three pushed inside and Doug closed the door gently. Suddenly the truck was hoisted into the air. Doug balanced it carefully on one shoulder and they were airborne as Doug took a mighty leap away from Dooleyville.

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This story is mainly a tribute to the prolific talent of the writer Londonboy. Careful readers might note some similarity to James’ transformation with the transformation scene in Londonboy’s graphically intense Changed for Good.