Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle, Part XI: Ch-ch-ch-changes

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Crystal and Billy were flying.

Neither had flown before in an airplane and both were frozen in their seats with fear.

This fear could have been due to the fact that they were not in an airplane right now, rather in a truck, and the sky, as it blurred past, seemed far from friendly. It could have been because they were on the run from everything they had ever known before. But it probably was the fact that the truck was on the shoulder of a hairy, 9 foot tall musclebound man and their only means of propulsion was a jump he had just taken.

Billy wanted to touch Crystal on the shoulder and tell her to close her eyes. Crystal would have told him she preferred to see death coming with eyes wide open but neither had a chance to say a word for almost as soon as it had begun and the world blurred past they found themselves crashing down into a deciduous forest. The truck shook slightly as Doug gently put it on the ground.

“Okay guys we’re near a little town called Bayview. It’s where I live and where I work. I have a house with plenty of room for you all. We can plan whatever you guys wanna do next from there. Only I don’t want to go flyin’ into town. I gotta go in more quiet. I think people are looking for me.” Since Doug was featured on newscasts, podcasts, websites and the subject of several nation wide manhunts, this last statement was a bit of an understatement.

Billy looked around at the forest and felt the light breeze so different from the heavy heat of his small town. “That was a hell of a trip,” he said looking at Doug’s massive form with open admiration, “how about if you just hunker down in the back my truck here. We could throw a tarp over you and nobody would know the difference and you’d be home safe and sound.

When Billy looked at him in that way Doug felt a shiver of pleasure and almost didn’t hear the plan, “What? Ummm yeah I guess but....”

“Billy,” Crystal said looking concerned at Doug’s towering form, “Can he even fit? And he looks so heavy. I don’t think there’s a truck built that could haul him. Leastways it would take a big semi truck at least.”

Billy patted the big blue truck affectionately, “This here truck is special Crystal and I’d lay down any bet you’d care to mention that it’s pretty much up to hauling any load we ask it. I’m just testing a theory out but I think it’ll pull through.”

“You know the truck better than me. But you are betting our only vehicle on this,” Crystal said again throwing Doug a doubtful look.

“I’ll be careful,” said Doug just before explaining the directions to the town and to his house.

Billy pulled open the rear of the truck and Doug gingerly sat down on the cargo bed. The truck sank deeply under his weight and groaned a bit but held up. Billy shot Crystal a brief I-told-you-so look and then bustled around trying to get Doug into position in the bed of the truck. The problem was of course Doug was just too big. He was not only tall but so thick his proportions just would not conform to the truck’s.

Billy finally settled for Doug lying on his side. Doug’s monstrous lats still towered over the sides of the truck and his mammoth pecs pushed into the metal and he had to pull up his knees in an uncomfortable position. Billy started to attach the tarp to the sides of the truck throwing a glance at the massive plates and mighty fissures of muscle wrestling across the wide plains of Doug’s back.

His own big cock all started to push against the fabric of his jeans creating an uncomfortable bulge.

Billy had never thought of himself as queer but the more he stared at Doug, the more he felt like nestling in those canyons of hairy muscle and caressing Doug's incredible cock....Billy shook his head to dislodge these new thoughts. Billy forced his eyes away from the extraordinary sight of Doug and bustled around the truck tying down the edges of the fabric. “You okay in there, Doug?” he called.

“Are we there yet?” came Doug’s deep rumble of a voice.

Crystal looked concerned about the massive bulk in the back of the truck dwarfing the forward cab. “You think no one’s going to notice this Billy?” she asked.

Billy felt relieved that Crystal seemed unaware of his sudden and obviously burgeoning same sex attraction, “We gotta try Crystal. Anyways I don’t think they’d be prepared for the tank buster we got here. Let’s see if she’ll drive with this cargo.”

Billy got into the cab and started the truck. The powerful engine roared into life, filling Billy with pleasure just as it had the first time he had driven the truck. He pushed on the accelerator and he could feel the engine strain with the new supercargo it was carrying but still the truck rolled forward. “She’s a little sluggish but she’ll get us there,” he pronounced confidently.

In the cargo bed, Doug sweated uncomfortably under the heavy material. He tried to breathe shallowly as he noticed his pecs were bending the confining steel around him if he breathed too deeply. This wasn’t going to be easy but he wanted to steal back into town and resume his disguise with no one being the wiser and it was worth it. He also wanted to stay near Billy even if he couldn’t have him; he was filled with the desire to be near him.

As the truck started its engine created a deep lulling vibration around him. The heat, the scratchy discomfort melted away into the lulling rhythm of the truck. Doug drifted into darkness and was aware distantly of climbing. He was climbing up the side of a massive sloping mountain.

He looked up and up, the peak vanished into the blue of the sky above him. He could see clouds ringing the mountain somewhere above him but no sign of the top.

Still he felt the compulsion to reach that precipice.

He walked. His powerful legs propelling him forward tirelessly, he marched for what seemed like hours. Night drew down around him and the temperature dropped as he continued ceaselessly to climb. The ground grew rough and the footing grew difficult but still he moved forward.

The sun broke through and he could see he was surrounded by the mist of the clouds and still the peak evaded him. He continued on single-mindedly through the cold passes. Ice made the rocks slippery and the way treacherous. He moved forward.

At last, after days of travel, he could see distantly the top of the mountain. The peak was topped by a shining palace of gold. The sun seemed to graze the roof as it passed overhead drawn by chariot and horses. The gold blazed reflecting the glorious light.

Doug gasped at the beauty of it and approached the palace. The air was thin but his great lungs still breathed it easily.

The first chamber was a throne room with a throne shining gloriously in the center.

He approached the throne and saw a name etched into its surface. He peered forward to read it.

“We made it Doug. We’re at your home,” Billy’s voice pierced the strangely vivid dream and Doug was suddenly blinking in the mundane afternoon sun shining into his very own backyard.


Ric was browsing the news sites on the computer in his gym's office. They were filled with blurry pictures of the hairy muscle god who had subdued Ric's ...client?....partner?....tormentor? Ric's mind boggled when he thought of how he had become a muscle slave to the stranger he only knew as Hank.

Ric grimaced as he looked at the long list of lucrative gym clients he had to cut off thanks to Hank's request?...demand?....command was more like it. It wasn't going to be easy financially and yet he felt compelled by fear?...lust?

He shook his head and looked again at the mightiness of that other hairy titan that had taken down Hank at the bear retreat. According to the news the colossal fucker had messed up the tectonic plates underlying Colorado. No wonder Hank had been putty in his hands. In the news he sounded like a national menace but Ric couldn"t help but remember how gentle he had been after subduing Hank.

Henry burst into Ric’s office in the gym all gangly limbs and excitement. He wasn’t dressed to work out but in a loose lab coat and trousers.

"Henry I've been trying to get in touch with you..." Ric started, getting ready to release Henry as a client.

The usually shy Henry interrupted Ric, "I've practically been locked in the lab by those Zon Powers guys working on stabilizing my formula. and I've done it. I've figured out the stabilization mechanic, Ric!" Henry finished triumphantly, his intense green eyes practically glowing with pride.

"You work for the Zon Powers supplement company?" Ric was startled and his brain was working sluggishly over this new information.

"Just contractually. They were working on some cutting edge stuff in my field and called a bunch of us experts in. It was intense but with all these experts in one room, I had a breakthrough and I solved the problem with my own formula and now that the project is finished and they're getting ready to ship their new supplement..."

Henry suddenly stopped smiling and looked seriously at Ric," and that brings me to my question, Ric."

Ric, thinking of Hank's demands, spoke quickly before Henry could go on, "Listen that sounds great Henry and I'm proud of you. But I have a new client who’s almost literally going to take all my time. That's why I was calling you, to let you know I can't be your trainer any more."

Henry looked simultaneously crestfallen and strangely excited. His green eyes seemed to burn in to Ric's. In a flat emotionless voice he said, "Then you've answered my question. You've made your choice."

He pulled two vials out of his shirt pocket and held them up in front of Ric. "These are the stabilizers for my formula. I had experimented on myself before my formula was really ready and there were side effects. It was unstable. These will stabilize me permanently either one way or the other."

Henry took a deep breath, pulled out the stopper on one of the vials and downed its contents in a single gulp.

"Hey Henry. What are you doing? Is that stuff safe? Ric started forward in concern.

"Stand back," Henry waved up his hand.

The effects of the vial were immediate. Henry’s delicate pale features were immediately flushed red and his face contorted as if he were pushing an enormous weight. Ric was panicking as he thought Henry was having a heart attack. He picked up the phone todial 911.

“STOP!” a weird guttural voice bellowed, freezing Ric in place with both its authority and familiarity.

Ric stared at Henry. The lab coat was no longer loose around his shoulders and chest. In fact Henry’s torso seemed to be swelling. The seams groaned as they stretched against the growing size of Henry’s chest. Henry moaned his voice even deeper, “God the itching, the pain,” and groped with clumsy fingers pulling at his shirt. The fabric ripped like tissue paper exposing a mammoth expanse of chest covered in dark hair.

Even under the dark hair the deep muscularity of the striated tissues of muscle swelling and growing still larger was apparent. Threads snapped and there was a tearing sound as Henry’s colossal arms shook free of the white material. His thick forearm knotted with muscle literally disintegrated the lower half of the sleeves. Henry was making deep animal like sounds.

SNAP! The trousers snapped free revealing the meaty hair covered mass of muscle of Henry's leg. Huge teardrop muscles that would make Jay, Ronnie or even the mighty Brutus weep in envy continued to ripple with growth.

Ric backed away in the corner his hand stroking the bulge in his jeans.

More changes were occurring. Henry’s hair was growing longer, sideburns had instantaneously sprouted framing his masculine face. His skin had taken on a golden tan. His huge wrestler’s neck burst the pitiful remains of his shirt revealing the powerful mounds of his trap muscles. More popping sounds as Henry’s leather shoes burst free revealing the tan skin of his feet. There was a long tearing sound as the rest of the tough material of Henry's pants surrendered to its inevitable demise and Henry's other leg burst free of its covering.

Ric stared at the once frail scientist who was now the mountainous bulk of muscle standing in front of him. There was a further tearing sound as Henry's python of a cock burst through, destroying his shorts.

The massive man towered over Ric, his beefy hands clenching and unclenching, cobra veins snaked across the deep valleys of muscle of his almost naked body.

“Hank,” Ric croaked in recognition, “I didn’t know it was you. Henry, wow.”

Hank looked down at Ric. He was different than Ric had seen him before, more thoughtful, sadder. Then the familiar gleam of testosterone driven superiority glinted in the giant’s eyes. He stepped forward his muscles ponderous and unyielding. Hismonstrous cock swung free framed by his low hanging balls. In an impossibly deeprumble of a voice, “Now we do what I want to do, Bitch.”


Onyx stood in his business and life partner's inner office and looked around at images of the Abomination growing in the beam on the monitor behind Zon. The video footage of the Abomination ravaging the world's superheroes. And he knew, Zon had been behind it all. Zon was the puppet master in something bigger than fleecing the government out of a few billion in contracts.

"There are some things you are better off not knowing," growled Zon.

"You were behind the Abomination? You helped kill the superheroes?" Onyx felt a tumbling sense of vertigo as his world turned upside down.

"Transforming a world takes pain. There are costs to be paid. This is a birth pain of a new society," Zon fixed Onyx with his steely eyes unapologetically.

Onyx suddenly remembered why he had burst in to the office. "You made a device. A device that lets two men create an offspring--have a baby. I thought it was for us."

Zon's lips twitched almost to a smile before he frowned again, "It could be. But there is more to it than that. We are so close and its more than hunting down the strength freaks, it's more than neutralizing them. It's much more than you and I breeding together and it's time you found out what is going on."

To be continued