Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 4b: The Lock Cums Off (bt nc)

Introduction: Here is chapter 4, part “b” of Brady Cannon. Brady gets his cock restraint removed, but he’s going to find out just how humiliating it is to be the slave of an eleven year old boy. Once again, I have had men share their intimate early sexual experiences with me. I have tried to faithfully capture them in the scenes of my stories, honoring them even as I add my own touch. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with stories to share, I hope you will contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven “Stevo” Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, but the details of both his mindset and his slave’s submission. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual, rather than the story content, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. At this point I will be adding chapters that have not been written or even outlined. I apologize for the delay in getting out the next chapter. It has been almost two months. Work and life take precedence over my avocation. The next Chapter is entitled “Danny Gets a Cage.”  

September 18, 2010


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When Jem saw the quick e-mail response by Brady’s teammate, he smiled broadly in a boyish way, but turned and spoke to Brady in a tone that defied his age. “Dude, don’t say nothin’ to him during the week. I’ll tell you exactly what to do. Ya fuck it up, and a picture of that lock on yer cock, and one with you on your back in our basement showing yer face, will be all over the net. Get it!”  

Brady nodded his head nervously with an almost vacant expression of submission, his eyes once again turning down in confusion and witless frustration.

“Now, since you did what I told ya to, I’m going take care of you dude. Just goes to show that if yer a good boy, you’ll get what you need, and I’ll take care of ya. You want me to take care of you Brady…that what you want? If that’s what ya want… show me, show me how much you want me to take care of ya…take charge of ya dude.” Jem turned from the laptop screen, and walked over to Brady, standing in front of his spread and cuffed ankles, and put his index finger and middle finger up to the older boys lips, moving back and forth across them. Brady looked up at Jem turning his head as if to nod “no”, and then closing his eyes, he opened his mouth slowly, his lips trembling, understanding what was expected of him. He let the younger boy slip his fingers into his mouth like a dumb animal, then he gently began to lick then suck them. Christ, when was the last time he remembered sucking on fingers? Shit, he musta been four or five years old? He wanted to sob, but oh fuck he was distracted by something…his cock hurt. Shit, the moment those fingers went into his mouth, his prick began to fight for its freedom and his head felt dizzy. God, what was happening to him…what was wrong with him….  

“Okay dude, stand up.” Jem withdrew his fingers from Brady’s mouth, and watched at the older, taller boy awkwardly got to his feet.

Jem walked to the desk and pulled the rolling desk chair over to the bed and sat down in front of Brady, his knees apart and one foot resting on the other, toes flicking unconsciously. Once again he reaches up and slips two fingers into Brady’s mouth while his free hand toys with the big boy’s projecting tit nubs. This time, Brady groans around the two fingers, closes his eyes again, and thrusting out his chest he no longer cares if he understands the need he feels, or if Jem knows he wants to be used. After a minute of toying with Brady like this, Jem withdrew his fingers and reached into the pocket of his shorts to obtain the key to the cock cage lock. Using his off-hand to lift up the cage from Brady’s ball sack, he puts the key into the lock slot and turns it, springing the mechanism and allowing the small padlock to open. He pulls it out of the lock hole and allows the metal cage to fall free of the trapped penis.  

Brady groaned out loud and in pained relief as his big prick angrily thrust out, and filled with blood, erecting like a hungry snake, curling up and out, the fat knob already wet and sticky, itching with pent up need. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……uuuuuuggggghhhhhh, fuck, ooooohhhh fuck…yeah, oh God, thank you, thank you…..oh God damn.” Jem looked down to see Brady’s big toes curling under from the intense sensation of relief the cramped and now free penis experienced, his hands clenching in their cuffs, a large burp of pre-cum bubbling from his piss lips.

Jem cupped his fist gently around Brady’s bloated cock knob, his palm resting under the bulging piss lips, teasing them with a slight twist of his hand. The bloated knob was itching madly from a week of neglect, dried pre-cum cracking around the expanding glans, tingling and wet with new drool. As the soft palm of the younger boy increased its motions, it grazed over and around the corona and circumcision scar. Brady gasped and threw his head back hissing from the excruciating touch, his rod going rigid to enjoy the delicious sensation of his knob being touched and teased. The moment Jem gripped the overwrought cock head, the piss lips filled up with more of Brady’s clear pre-fuck juice and it began to drool down to wet the scar; twisted by the younger boy’s palm to baste over the glans. Jem then let his thumb rest on the scar, and gently rubbed it back and forth, making the older boy whine softly and begin to beg….”Oh Christ….please Jem, please, lemme cum…rub it harder, please, get me off.” Teenage boys and their penises are woven together like best friends, and Jem understood from his older cousins that there was nothing more important to an adolescent boy than the satisfaction of his demanding cock. The big boy’s hips began to thrust mechanically, reflexively, forcing the sensitive cock head into the fist controlling it, and making Jem laugh derisively.  

“Oh yeah dude” Jem said in a sarcastic tone of mock sympathy. Then in a humiliating and condescending tone: “You’re such a fucking fag-slut…you’d do anything to have someone rub that sticky junk of yers. Yeah, you wanna be milked big boy…that what ya want.” Jem’s sarcasm was biting and taunting. “Tell me what a horny bitch you are, and maybe I’ll let ya cum…but dude, but it better be good, or the lock goes back on and ya don’t get off!”

Brady whimpered again and shook his head from side to side slowly even as tears welled up in his pleading eyes. But desperate, he quickly spoke contrary to his rational intentions in order to earn his cum and satisfy his irrational, uncompromising libido: “Jem, Jem, I need it dude…yeah, I’m horny….fuck…I’m so damn horny, please dude…do whatever ya want but get me off…please…I’ll do anything…please….”

“Say it dude…say I’m a horny bitch slut, and I’ll do anything for you if you’ll please make me cum…. Say it.”

Brady was defeated. His pride and joy, his huge teen penis, was achingly erect in the fist of an eleven year old boy, and he was cuffed, cock leashed, and ankle spread. He felt almost faint from the ticklish sensation of the fist, gently grazing around his sticky cock tip….“Oh fuuuucccckkkk” he groaned in submission “….oaky…okay…I’m a horny bitch, slut, whatever ya said, and I’ll do anything man…please, please lemme cum!” He was almost yelling, both to force himself to say the words, and because his cock and balls needed relief so badly. Brady blushed deeply, and stared down at his throbbing prong, unable to focus clearly on anything but relieving his itching cock head, and the teasing fingers that were making it expand, pulse and ache just short of the ejaculation he wanted and needed so badly.

“Oh yeah, I knew you were a pussy the first time I saw you. Now get back down on your hands and knees dick-brain.”

Jem let go of Brady’s fat, leaky knob and heard the big boy gasp and then groan in disappointment. Brady winched and looked pleadingly again at Jem, “Oh Jesus…please, don’t stop, don’t stop, I need it bad…rub it, please rub it…I said I’d do anything…c’mon man, c’mon….” But Jem only smirked and reached out and gripped Brady’s arm firmly to help him and force him down at the same time, watching as the older boy tried awkwardly to drop to his knees. With the spreader bar on, Jem had to help him, but he got down.

Then Jem pushed the rolling chair away from Brady, and sat down, ordering the boy to crawl to him, cuffs or no, and spreader bar not-with-standing. Brady bit his lip his penis throbbing as he starred at the young boy ordering him to crawl to him. Shit, every time the little punk gave him an order, his cock would lurch with tension, tightening and aching with need. But he focused his efforts, determined to get the relief he needed. Then Jem uttered the words that Brady knew he might eventually hear now that he had been trapped and blackmailed.  

“Crawl over here dude…come suck my toes and sniff my junk punk…do it….”

Brady closed his eyes in humiliation, and tears began to drip down his cheeks as he struggled across the rug, his face aimed towards Jem’s eleven year old seated form, his own cock bobbing and leaking. When he finally reached the younger boy his face was down at Jem’s feet. Jem slipped one foot out of his flip flop, and used it to force Brady’s head down to his other foot. He slipped his other foot out, and flexing his toes, and pushing them against the older boy’s mouth. Brady flinched, pulling his head back, but it was soon forced back toward the size 8 foot, the thick, long boy toes forcing open his lips and mouth. The scent of boy toes filled Brady’s nostrils, not rank just a bit sweaty like his own, and the salty flesh was on his tongue, as he began to lick and suck almost reflexively. Jem kept one foot on Brady’s head, occasionally flicking his toenails against the older boy’s ears, and forcing his head onto the foot in the teenager’s mouth, making his suck and lick the wriggling toes.  

Then Jem reached down and gripped Brady’s hair with one of his hands, and pulled the boy’s face up, dragging him a bit closer so his face could brush up against the material of Jem’s shorts between the boy’s spread legs. Brady felt Jem’s hand on the back of his head, pushing in, mashing his nose against the bulge of the hard pre-teen cocklet and boy balls. “Sniff dude…smell me good.” Brady acquiesced like a dumb, hapless dog, and still silently crying, began to inhale deeply.  

After two or three wafts of the boy’s ball sweat through his shorts, Brady found his face being rubbed back and forth over the crotch. Then the younger boy grasped his thick, blond hair again and pulled his head back so he could reach down with his free hand and unsnap his shorts and pull down his zipper. Jem did not waste any preliminaries, he shoved his shorts and briefs down to his knees, and up popped his five inch, surprisingly thick pre-teen cock, angry and stiff. Jem’s boy dick was curved up and out, and Jem had to hold it down to aim the head toward Brady’s reluctant mouth. There was no hair around the shaft or balls, but the fat, mushroom knob was wet with clear lube. Brady pulled his head backwards to vainly avoid the boy’s penis, but Jem gripped his hair more firmly and put counter-pressure on Brady’s head to force it back towards the pulsing pricklet.

Brady’s eyes closed the minute he heard the zipper being pulled down, but when he felt Jem’s hand at the back of his head…he at least tried to resist. “Fucker…get yer mouth on my prick, or that lock is going on NOW!” Jem demanded. Again the tears flowed from Brady’s eyes, and he kept them closed, but he let Jem move his head into position, and suddenly felt the wet tip of the boy’s sticky cock bulb rub across his full lips. He sobbed out loud, but strangely, his own cock strummed with anticipation and his own pre-cum drooled relentlessly. Jem rubbed the bloated prick tip back and forth several times, staring in wonder as the handsome blond boy on his knees allowed him to baste his lips with Jem’s sticky pre-fuck. Then he gently pushed his cock against the mouth until slowly Brady’s lips parted slightly. That was the breaking of the dam, and the preteen cock slipped past Brady’s teeth and as they parted in revulsion and lodged in Brady’s mouth and on his tongue. Jem was in!

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah” Jem groaned in total pleasure, “…suck me dude…show me how much you wanna earn that cum, lick my dick and suck it good….aaaahhhhhh fuck!” When Brady heard those words “show me how much you wanna cum” he let his mouth close tentatively and slowly allowed his tongue to lick the bottom of the boy’s bulging glans. He heard the pre-teen groan out loud from the sensation of his tongue gently licking the pricklet’s sensitive tip and lashing the sensitive circumcision scar, and he opened his eyes to see Jem now throwing his head back and closing his eyes from the wonder of the delicious suck. Almost reflexively and completely unknown to Brady’s teenage jock brain, he began to lash around the stiff little cock head that seemed to fit so well, and each time he did, his own cock throbbed and drooled its own sticky ball juice. Jem began to flex his hips like any male of the species, and soon was driving his firm little peg in and out of Brady’s mouth, standing up from the chair to hunch over the older boy and drive his cocklet in and out of the clinging lips. He was enjoying the delicious tickle of the hot, wet mouth and lashing tongue roaming over and around his prick tip, sending the electric sensations that would produce his explosive dry cums…God this was so much better than his fist, fucking the bed, or even Jake’s soft, more tentative sucking. His own toes curled tight back in his flip flops and he began to groan in absolute delight, his boy tits hardening: “Aaaaaggghhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeahhhhhh…. Oh my God…aaaaaaaaawwwwwww Jesus….suck me, suck me….soooooooo fuuccckking good, do me, do me…aaaaaagghhhhhhh!”

Jem’s rigid spike was enveloped in the soft sucking mouth of his older teenage captive, and the almost unconscious staccato thrusts of his pre-teen hips made his penis even harder and more sensitive. For once, Jem seemed out of control, closing his eyes and feeling his anus tighten as the tickling over and around his fat little knob drove him relentlessly up the ladder to his dry cum. His road was now like a steel spike, the skin stretched tight, and the fat little acorn knob expanding to its furthest extent. “Oh fuck-shit, ooooohhhh mother-fucker…do me…do me….aaaaggghhhhhhhh!” Jem went up on his toes and forced his boy penis into Brady’s now vacuuming mouth as deeply as he could given the older boy’s awkward initial effort as a cocksucker, and his own temporary loss of control. He was panting, hyperventilating, his head twisting back and forth, and finally his pricklet expanded one last degree like the big boys and burst into the delicious spasms and pulsing that signaled his dry cum. For twenty long seconds, a hapless Brady did not know that he had complete control over his enslaver…for during that time Jem’s cocklet had assumed complete possession of the pre-teen’s mind and body. As the little knob burst into that overwhelming feeling, to the same degree of the delicious dry pulsing, Jem was helpless. He trembled and groaned out loud….”OOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDD, FUUUCK, SHIT…AAAAGGGHHHH YEEEAAAHHHHH…OOOOHHHHHHHH!” In the absence of an ejaculate, Jem’s fat knob throbbed powerfully as if to compensate for the late of cum bursting from his pre-teen pisswell. Finally, the throbbing pricklet stopped exploding, but the fat little knob began to tickle unmercifully in Brady’s mouth as the older boy’s mouth, untutored in cocksucking, continued to suckle, his tongue licking and his lips pursed and pulling.  

Jem finally howled in excruciating sensation, and temporarily unable to extract his cockhead from Brady’s voracious mouth, he surrendered to the vacuuming pull on his still erect cock head. He yelped and whined, still on his toes, thrusting and pulling madly in Brady’s blindly sucking mouth since he could not seem to extract the still rigid prong. Jem had been masturbated to consecutive cums by his cousins, and Jake’s soft lips had milked more than one dry cum from him, but excitement of having this newbie sucking his cock, one his knees and cock hard, totally in his control, make him burst into another throbbing spunkless cum again, in only seconds from his first one. He yelped in exquisite anguish from the overwhelming tickle on his bloated knob’s wicked lashing from Brady’s untutored tongue and lips, exploding and pulsing for another fifteen seconds of teeth-rattling sensation. “Oh Jesus…let go, let go…fffuuuuucccckkkk, oooooowwwwwww…..God damn…let it go… let it go…OOOOOOOOO GGGGGOOOOODDDDD DDDDDAAAMMMMNNNN!”  

Brady, not understanding what he was doing to his young master, followed Jem’s emphatic direction, and released the boy’s pricklet and allowed him to yank the sticky, wet cock from his clinging mouth. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Jem groaned, getting his now super-sensitive prick released from the sweet prison of Brady’s mouth. He backed unsteadily away from the bigger boy who was still on his knees…and quickly dragged up his briefs and shorts as if he needed to cover and protect his pre-teen junk. After carefully tucking his still tumescent pricklet into them, he began to regain control. “Oh fuck….” He groaned one last time as the material of his briefs snapped over the rigid pricklet. Then grasping Brady under his arms he helped the clumsy older boy from the bedroom floor and pushed him back towards the bed.

Jem’s senses had returned, and taking him by the arm he ordered the older boy to get on the bed on his back. Brady, still bewildered and a bit dazed from his first experience as a cocksucking slave, followed the younger boy’s orders, sitting on the edge of the bed, swinging his cuffed legs onto it, and then laying down on his back, his hard cock slapping up onto his stomach and splattering pre-cum on his abs. Jem went over to the clothes hamper just inside the bathroom, and rummaging through the dirty clothes found the damp jock strap that Brady had used at Thursday night’s basketball practice. It was not soaked as it had been, but still damp enough and slightly stiff and pungent, reeking of the boy’s ball sweat. He walked over to Brady and ordered him to open his mouth.

“Oh Christ…c’mon man…please…no, not that…shit my strap’s been in there since Thursday and it’s fucking nasty.” But once again his cock pulsed, stiffening rigidly from the idea of his own sticky jock strap being forced into his mouth.  

Jem laughed and then responded: “Shit, dude, you don’t know what nasty is. You were fucking clean before ya wore this, I bet, and I don’t see any shit stains on the straps. It’s just yer ball sweat and junk crud…get used to it…cause yer gonna be smelling balls, licking asses and toes, and sucking wet jock straps…” He laughed again at the mortified expression on Brady’s face. “At least this one is yer own!”

The older blond shivered once, and closed his eyes again as he opened his mouth slowly, his cock again throbbing as he listened to the younger boy talk about his future humiliation, and wave his own jock strap back and forth across his nose so he could catch the scent of his own ball sweat. Jem took the wet pouch and stuffed it into Brady’s mouth so that it was deeply embedded. “Now we’re getting’ ya ready for yer cum dude…..” Jem took both of Brady’s big legs, lifted them and pushed them up so they were bent at the knees and his feet were flat on the bed. Then he took Brady’s cuffed hands and drew a rope from his backpack. He used his Cub Scout training to tie a knot that secured the rope on Brady’s cuffed hands, and then through a grommet in the center of the spreader bar between his ankles. Brady watched wide eyed, his mouth stuffed with his own wet jock strap, as the rope was cinched tight. When Brady’s wrists were cuffed to the bar, pulling his arms between his legs, Jem pushed him down flat on his back forcing his legs to rise. Then he continued the action, pushing Brady’s big-boned, blond haired legs and big boy feet up to his chest and then over his head. Soon, Brady’s gangly knees were resting next to his ears. Jem shoved a pillow up under his lower back, and now his legs were comfortably dangling near his head. Best of all, his long thick shaft, so hard and erect, wet and leaking was jutting down towards his mouth. Jem grasped the big boy penis and taking its firmness brushed the head back and forth over Brady’s stuffed mouth, letting the knob get bristled by the wet, thick cotton of the jock strap protruding from his lips. When the bloated cock knob, ruddy with need, brushed over the material, Brady grunted into the gag in his mouth and closed his eyes, the ticklish sensation raking across his sensitive glans making his toes flick and his anus tighten.  

Jem smoothed his thumb back and forth over the large helmet of the older boy’s prick, and finally settled on his circumcision scar moving steadily to tease him into a massive ejaculation fueled by Brady’s pent up gism brimming in his big balls. Back and forth, back and forth the pad of Jem’s thumb moved at first slowly, and then picking up speed gradually keeping the older boy desperate his head twisting back and forth on the bed from the growing tickle on his sensitive knob. Occasionally Jem would drag his thumbnail over the sticky knot of flesh that reduces men and boys into helpless sluts, and then search out the bulging piss lips above it, worrying them just enough to make Brady’s long toes clench tight in desperation. “Ooommmmph, ooooooggggggghhhhh…. mmmmmmmmmppppphhhhhh” Brady gurgled into his gag, incoherently expressing his delight in the torturous manipulation of his overwrought prick head, his long toes suddenly flicking hard each time the sensation tickled him mercilessly close to his cum. For five minutes, then ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes Jem slowly masturbated the drooling glans of the fifteen year old teen, never letting him get too close to his cum. He delighted in watching Brady’s long, thick toes flicking faster and faster in a helpless, unconscious reaction to the delicious rubbing of his firm cockhead, and staring between the hairy cheeks of the big boy’s ass to see the knot of his anus clench repeatedly. It was remarkable that Jem could be so patient for a boy his age, but he had both been subject to his cousins’ agonizingly deliberate masturbation of his boy bone, sending him to shattering dry cums, and of course both he and Jake found ways to take charge of their thirteen year old cousin Wayne’s helpless penis, milking him as often as they could and delighting in his desperate pleas for release.  

Now, he had the rigid prong of the handsome blond teen who just two weeks earlier had never known the joys of abject surrender, and losing control of his thick prick. Jem stared at the slight callous on the edge of Brady’s little toe, and at his heel, and he took a free finger to drag across the sole and arch of one of the big feet, making Brady scrunch his toes tight from the added tickling. Then he moved the free finger to the hairy trough of Brady’s firm buns, dragging his fingernail down the dark thicket, searching for his tight anal lips, scratching and flicking against the ragged split. Brady howled from the sensations, not caring how hapless he appeared to the younger boy, focused solely on the need to ejaculate as much sperm out of his big balls as possible.

After 45 minutes of head thrashing, toe flicking, and ass grinding, Brady made one long wail into the jock strap gag, his eyes opening wide then rolling back in his head. His prick knob expanded going smooth and growing so that it barely fit into Jem’s palming fist. For his part, Jem slowed his masturbation down to merely grazing the primed, completely pre-cum covered glans, forcing the older boy to involuntarily begin to shoot wads of his thick, white spunk from the wide, deep piss lips. Brady’s toes stretched out then clenched as rope after rope of the cum was directed by Jem onto the big boy gag in his mouth, and over his face, covering it with the starchy teenage juice. Brady normally shot wads of spooge; nature had blessed him that way. But after a week of the cage, and almost an hour of sheer edging torment, the piss lips opened and drained his gamey boy snot over Brady’s own face and onto his jock strap gag, drowning him in boy spunk. MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHH…..AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH….AAAIIIEEEE! Brady wailed.

But Brady did not have time to enjoy his long awaited cum…because Jem was determined to make him understand just how helpless he was. As his thumb continued to flick over the piss lips and circumcision scar of Brady’s still erect and stiff shaft, eliciting howls from the boy and beginning to make him jerk wildly in his bondage…then Jem thrust his scratching fingernail at the ticklish anus of the big boy, into the taught portal, twisting into his rectum. Brady squealed from the combination of the one maddening finger rubbing ruthlessly back and forth over his circumcision scar, his piss lips, and the glans, and the unexpected and painful intrusion of another finger into his anus and sudden pressure on his teenage fuck nut. But even as he bucked and ground his ass, yelling into the gag in his mouth, his cock hardened once again, and the pressure on his prostate coupled with the now determined twisting of Jem’s pre-teen fist round and round his over-wrought cock head, drove the cum full balls of the teenage jock to yet another spectacular and overwhelming, cum.  

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH….AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…MMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHH, MMMMPPPPPHHHHH…AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE……OOOOOOOWWWWWWW!”. Jem did not know what Brady was howling, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the way the cum was bolting from the bloated head of the teen’s again rigid cock. He was shooting more spunk than Jem thought possible after the ejaculation that had occurred just three minutes earlier. This time, Brady’s toes were scrunched tightly as possible from the agonizing sensations his body was experiencing. He saw stars and began to black out from the intensity of the cum, but just as he thought he might pass out, Jem’s unerring thumb went back to work over his now traumatized cock knob. “Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh….uuuuuuunnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh…nnnnnnnnnnhhhhhnnnnn, fuuuuuaaaaawwwwwwkkkkkkk…..aaaaaaaaaaiiiiieeeeee….”

Thirty long minutes later Brady was untethered, but he was cock caged again. The older teen smelled of the starchy spunk that covered his face and had soaked into his jock strap still embedded in his mouth. He eyes were closed and he was as limp as his now bondage free body would allow. Jem slowly Jem ordered him to get up and walk into the bathroom to shower, “Dude, you stink…go get ya cleaned up.”  

Slowly, very slowly, Brady got up, looking ridiculous with the gag still bulging from his mouth, his hair awry and his legs wobbling. With a limp caused by the stiffness of his bound legs, he hobbled to the bathroom, forced to stop at the toilet. Jem grasped Brady’s arm and turned him around allowing him to sit on the toilet, his penis firmly locked into the restraint. The cock restraint automatically aimed is limp cockhead down into the toilet the bowl. Brady sat dumb and glazed, his hands still cuffed, staring down at his bare feet spread by the bar and cuffs. He had to piss, so this was a welcome respite, and even though the work-out he had just received over the past 45 minutes allowed him to remain slack so he could begin a heavy stream of piss into the toilet, his knob also twitched with an unconscious desire to fatten. His cock futilely stiffened more as Jem stood him, turned him toward the bowl, and shook his cock head as the last drops fell from the piss lips.  

Jem turned the big boy, and made him shuffle to the shower stall. He had to unbuckle his ankles from the Velcro cuffs so Brady could step into the shower…but his hands were lifted over his head and attached to the spigot. Jem turned the shower head away from Brady and then turned on the faucets allowing the water to warm up, and then turned the shower head toward Brady letting the water cascade over him and drench him. Brady turned up his head, and let the water crash over his face and head, allowing him to get the grime off of his body. Then, Brady felt the soft hands of the younger pre-teen who was now the master of his body, sliding over his stomach, up to his chest, over his pecs grazing his nipples, and around his torso. Soon the soapy hands slid over his legs, made him lift his feet and washed them, up his haunches and into his ass crack. This time, as a finger slid into his rectum, it was lubricated by the soap and did not hurt as much, and when it rubbed his boy nut, his cock desperately tried to erect again. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh…” Brady groaned out loud from the discomfort of the cock cage.  

Jem soaped his other hand, and as he fingered Jem’s bung he reached up and soaped and pinched the boys taught nipples. Now Brady hissed, and threw his head back, the firm restraint on his cock preventing him achieving an erection his whorish cock always seemed to desire and need. After a few minutes, he finished washing the big boy, and he helped the teenager out and allowed him to use his bath towel, with his hands still cuffed, to dry himself as best he could. Then he dragged Brady back into the bedroom and wet to the bed himself with the teenager in tow. When he got there, he kicked off his flip flops and unbuttoned his shorts, dragging them and his briefs off.

Lying on the bed, with his legs spread and planted on the edge, he ordered Brady down on his knees once again and told him to lick his asshole: “Dude, get your face between my cheeks, and lick…you’re a cocksucker so you may as well be an asslicker…get down!” Once again, tears began to drip down Brady’s cheeks, and his dick flexed piteously against the restraint, but he used his hand to brace himself against the side of the bed and lowered himself. Straight ahead was a clean, hairless anal knot between the spread, muscular cheeks of the pre-teen boy. As Brady watched, Jem grasped his own five inch prong in a wet fist as the teenager’s head and lips nestled between his cheeks and began lapping against the clenching hole. Within minutes, an envious Brady lifted his head to watch Jem curl his toes and explode into the last dry cum of the afternoon, the walnut sized cock head expanding obscenely and pulsing through fifteen seconds of delicious sensation.

“Dude, wouldn’t you like to be able to stroke that bone of yers…like me…heh, heh, heh…” Brady just dropped his head in blank disappointment.  

“Just remember what I said dude, make sure that you don’t queer…ha, ha! get it, ‘don’t queer’…the deal with Danny. When he comes over, yer gonna follow my directions exactly, and if you do, then I’ll take yer little cock lock off…otherwise, Jesus, you could be in that for weeks.” Brady just listened raptly, as he watched Jem pull up his pants, button up, and then unlock him from his restraints. As Jem turned and walked out of the bedroom door, Brady collapsed back onto his bed, his eyes closed, and tears flowing out of his eyes and down the sides of his face, one arm thrown over his head. Fuck, it was gonna be a long week.

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