Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 5a: Danny Gets a Cage (ma)

Introduction: Here is chapter 5, part “a” of Brady Cannon. A new character is introduced into the storyline who will become part of the scheme engineered by Jem and Jake. And of course Danny, who escaped by fortuitous circumstance from sexual submission earlier in the year is going to learn that sometimes the “postman does ring twice.” Once again, I have had men share their intimate early sexual experiences and fantasies with me. I have tried to faithfully capture them in the scenes of my stories, honoring them even as I add my own touch. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with stories to share, I hope you will contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven “Stevo” Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, but the details of both his mindset and his slave’s submission. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual, rather than the story content, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. At this point I will be adding chapters that have not been written or even outlined. I apologize for the delay in getting out the next chapter. It has been almost two months. Work and life take precedence over my avocation. The next Chapter is entitled “Danny Gets a Cage.”

I last posted a chapter on September 18. I regret it has taken so long to get to this next one. I actually have 5b completed as well, but I do like to review and edit the chapters before I post them. Hopefully, December and my work schedule will allow me to post sooner than later.

November 22, 2010


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Four houses down from where Jem and Jake, and Brady lived, was twenty-eight year old Harrison Chambers. Harrison and his wife of three years had just completed an amicable divorce. They had married right out of college and before he had obtained his credential. But that was six years earlier, before the lanky college boy had turned into a handsome, full bodied piece of American meat. Now his auburn hair, neatly trimmed mustache, and hairy, muscular forearms hinted at the virility in his pants, and made women take a longing second look, and even straight men at the gym were impressed with his athletic body and the bronze forest that seemed to coat his entire body except the gleaming, pale moons of his strong glutes, and the long pale shaft of his prick. Harrison worked at the elementary school where Jem and Jake would be students in the Fall, and like most men, could not keep his 5-inch limp/8.5 inch erect prick inside his fly. When his wife learned that he had been banging one of the school secretaries and likely other women as well, she decided that it was best to cut her losses. Harris was a simple guy, a good fuck, and a generally nice person. Nature had graced him with a lanky, athletic body that made sex inevitable. Without doing anything, women were drawn to him like bees to honey. For his part, he just could not resist the temptation of sliding his thick prick into the next wet, tight pussy that was offered to him, and feel of cunt muscles squeezing and massaging his bulbous cock head. He was one of those guys that girls could not resist, and he was one of those guys who needed a regular diet of cunt.

At first Harrison was contrite and apologetic when his pretty wife told him she knew of his affair at the office, and wanted a divorce. He begged her to reconsider…shit, Andrea’s pussy was still tight and wet the way he liked ‘em. The idea of losing his steady fuck was scary. Plus, he would have to buy her out, and fuck, all the family complications. At least he would not have to move, since they did not own the house. Andy had moved out, choosing to relocate to another town closer to her family. Now Harrison’s nights were occasionally punctuated by his fucking the bed hard to rub out a sticky, thick load of his spooge. His fuck at the elementary school had taken another job at another school, after the affair was disclosed, and he himself had been warned by the principal who did not want a sexual harassment suit to be filed against the district. Initially, Harrison’s bedding was the source of his sexual relief, rather than the soft lips and tight pussy of either his wife or his former lover. Damn, why couldn’t he just have kept his prick in his pants!

Well, actually, Harrison had found another outlet for his sexual demands besides his bed and his strong right fist after the first month of his enforced bachelorhood. He began stopping on the way home at the adult book store he had seen driving to and from work to watch the horny flicks that at least let him see sticky pussy, firm tits, and soft lips. But while he was there, sitting on the chair starring at the small screen and rubbing his big, hairy paw over the bulging fly of his pants, he also discovered the five inch diameter glory hole in the wall between the film stalls. At first, when he saw the shadow of a face staring through the hole, while he sat fisting his big cock through the fly of his suit pants, he merely zipped up and turned his chair to avoid the hole; disgusted by the thought of someone spying on him. But that did not stop him from returning to the book store video. The constant tingle in his balls and cock drew him back, wanting to satisfy the itch. The next time, he was strangely fascinated when the face at the hole was accompanied by a finger that reached through the hole and beckoned. His thumb grazed back and forth over his cock crown, and the crook of the strange finger seemed to be drawing his attention. At first Harrison did not understand the sign language of the finger, but he noticed on the wall near the hole that someone has scrawled a message that read “When I stick my finger through, stick your prick through for hot, wet blow job!” He only went to the video store a couple times a week, but once over a weekend when he roughly fucked his bed, driving his straining, horny cock into the towel he laid over the sheet, he imagined a beautiful chick beckoning him to stick his fat knobbed penis through the hole and her lipstick covered lips sucking him to a helpless cum. There was something thrilling about thinking of his big body plastered against a wall, arms spread over his head, feet apart, pants and briefs at his knees and some chick working his thick bone into submission in her clinging fist and greedy mouth. Harrison couldn’t get the fantasy out of his head, and within three weeks, he stood in the booth, like a drone, and thrust his eight and one half inch, thick piece of gristle through the open hole after another blunt finger beckoned him, and he felt an unseen set of lips close around his bloated cock head.

“Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhhh” he groaned when the wet mouth, soft lips, and lashing tongue took charge of his big boy meat, his hands bracing him away from the dirty stall wall so his suit pants, white dress shirt and tie, would not get dirty. Jesus, how long had it been since he’d felt lips close around his oversized cock knob. The talented lips on the other side of the wall were suckling his exposed glans, and the tongue was lashing his circumcision scar and piss lips, as well as the sensitive coronal ridge. The sucker added his fist around his thick, rigid cock shaft, sliding up and down the stalk to bruise his slightly curved helmet with the soft flesh of a palm. Harrison closed his eyes after briefly turning his head toward the screen to glance at the movie on his video, and the sexy blond that was sucking the huge cock on the screen was transferred in his imagination to the mouth that was vacuuming his prong through the glory hole. What the fuck, a mouth was a mouth, and he couldn’t see the mug on the other side. For all he knew, some slutty bitch was in the next stall fulfilling her fantasy. Finally, Harrison rose on his toes in his polished brogues, thrusting his hips forward and his head back, as the excruciating tickle drove him over the edge, and he shot eight long streams of his starchy gism into the milking mouth and throat that held him captive. The tongue continued to lash his over-wrought knob after he finished his cum, and he had to firmly push away from the wall and drag his still tumescent prick out of the clinging mouth and fist to protect his sensitive glans from being tortured by the determined work of the mouth that had earned his spunk. From that night on, at least once a week, Harrison went back to the bookstore video booths to have his pride and joy sucked into a thoroughly satisfying submission. Jesus these fags knew how to suck cock.

Harrison would not have admitted it to anyone, but this was not the first time he had another male suck his cock. Before he began regularly banging cunt in high school, Harrison had found relief for his full boy balls from the time he was fourteen. He was already a gangly, athletic youth in the 8th grade, and next door, the fifteen year old boy whose family had rented the house next to his was secretive, worldly and tough. The boy, Derrick, showed him pornography, told him stories of cock and pussy that made the younger boy’s prick go rigid. He even showed him how he masturbated his own sticky prong, revealing his seven inch bone and rubbing out a wild cum while the teen watched mesmerized, massaging his own aching prick through his shorts. It was during that same summer of his 14th year that Derrick persuaded Harrison to try alcohol and drink with him in the basement while his parents were out at work one afternoon. In his first drunken stupor, while watching one of Derrick’s father’s porn DVD’s, the older boy got the kid out of his shorts and briefs. Harrison had feebly tried to protect his crotch from Derrick’s persistent fingers…but it was too tempting to have another hand on his raging penis, and once the older boy wrapped his fingers around the throbbing erection, Harrison was helpless. Soon he was prone on the basement couch, his t-shirt pushed up to his neck with one of Derrick’s hands caressing his chest and plucking his boy tits, and the other hand was working its way through Harrison’s fly gripping and stroking the boy’s rampant cock. Not only did he masturbate him to one cum, but stripped the drunk teen and sucked his cock into another explosive cum, wringing the teenage spunk from his bucking body. For several weeks, before school started, Harrison could not help himself. Even though he knew it was wrong, he would go back when the opportunity presented itself, and let Jason get him a bit tipsy and allow the older boy to play with and suck his cock. Derrick would avail himself of all of Harrison’s boyish charms, pinching his boy tits in a way that made the fourteen year old writhe, and even tickling between the cheeks of his taut teen buns, flicking a fingernail over the tight, resisting anus, but sending sensations to Harris’ prick that he did not understand, but merely accepted when a cum would burst out of his unruly teenage prick. But those guilty pleasures were short lived.

When school started, Jason was in the high school and Harrison was in the middle school. They did not see each other much, and Harrison found there were many girls who wanted to make out with him and rub his crotch when they were together, sometimes rubbing him to a sticky cum in his underwear. The next time a guy made him cum had occurred after a frat party his freshman year in college, when he awoke in an upstairs room drunk and out of it, only to feel a mouth siphoning up and down his thick shaft, and feasting on his bulging cock head. He was once again helpless to do anything but drive his hips into the delicious sucking, and soon he realized the head he was holding onto in an effort to encourage the blow job, was another guy. He could not see who it was in the dark, and he felt too weak and too good to stop it…so he let the voracious mouth drain his nuts and eat his tangy spooge. So Harrison knew that guys could give blow jobs, and there was a part of him that did not care who satisfied his needy prick as long as he got the satisfaction that his unbriddled libido craved.

During this current summer years later in Harrison’s life, Jem and Jake had been enrolled in summer school where he taught by their parents to make sure they were acclimated to their new neighborhood and school, meeting boys of their own age who might become their new friends. Harrison had chosen to work during the summer session because he no longer had anywhere to be with his wife during the summer. Plus, summer was easy, kids were loose and the session was not as rigorous as the regular school term. It was easy money, like easy sex.

One day, while the kids were out at lunch, Harrison went into the supply room next to his classroom. During the regular term he would have been sharing it with the teacher whose classroom was adjacent to his. But there was no class during the summer in that room, so Harrison had the supply room to himself. He had taken to bringing his laptop with him to school, and during the lunch break when the kids were eating or playing in the yard and he had some privacy, he would go into that room with his own bag lunch and get on the internet to look at his favorite porn sites. Occasionally when time permitted, he would jerk his fat wiener to a sticky, satisfying cum before he had to return to the classroom.

During one lunch hour, Jem had occasion to come back to the classroom to get his water bottle that he had inadvertently left when he rushed out to lunch. Returning to the classroom, he assumed Mr. Chambers was out to lunch also when he entered the empty room. As he went to his desk at the front of the room, he heard what sounded like a television sound track. He walked quietly to the doorway of the storage room and peeked around the door, which was slightly ajar. There was Harrison leaning back in a chair, his legs stretched out and apart, and thrusting out from his fly was his thick prong. Engrossed in the image on the screen of his laptop, Harrison did not notice the head looking around the corner of the door jam, and instead, focused his attention on gently stroking his big prick as he looked at the computer. He whispered low in a husky voice as he stared at the screen: “Fuck… yeah slut, suck him, oh fuck yeah, suck him good…shit.”

Jem could not believe his eyes or his ears---he did not realize adults, guys older than his cousins, acted like them. He quickly and quietly pulled his i-phone from his pocket and opening it, began to film the action before him, zooming in on Harrison’s fist sliding up and down his penis, and working the fat glans. Then he zoomed out again, getting Harrison’s face, his indecent expressions, and the setting in the storage room. The wall clearly had a sign that read Room 117, History wing, Emerson Elementary School. Jem filmed for at least five minutes and also snapped some pictures, then as quietly as he entered the classroom, he exited. His own four inch pricklet was hard and aching in his shorts for the rest of the day as he stared at his teacher in a new way. Harrison Chambers would soon receive an e-mail at home from Jem with a copy of the film clip and pics attached. Harrison’s life was about to change.

During the week prior to meeting with Danny at his house, Brady struggled to get through each day. His cock cage kept him desperate, and the weirdness of trying to be normal every day with other people while an eleven year old boy controlled his teenage penis, was wearing him out. When he called Jem a couple of times to ask him to please reconsider the meeting with Danny and to remove his restraint because it was driving him nuts, the pre-teen just laughed and told him to stop being a wuss and not to call him again or he might not get the cage off this coming weekend. After the second threat, Brady just brooded and stayed out of sight of his friends and even his family. He just couldn’t face people with the weirdness of knowing that he was a sex slave, and maybe something else as well…he couldn’t accept how hard his dick got, and how easily he shot his spunk when Jem was in charge of him. Even when he was in his prison, the thought of his prick under Jem’s control made his penis strain against its cage---a notion that scared him. He hated it, and yet somehow, his cums were never more powerful than when he was groveling at Jem’s feet and pricklet, and his body was under the control of the younger boy. Fuck, what was he gonna do?

By contrast to Brady, Danny was having a great week. He had already masturbated twice, once to the image of one of the girls he had seen at the beach who had spoken to him while they sat in the sand, and later to a porno site on his computer where guys were sucking the toes of other hot guys. The first time he had cum at night in his bed, grinding his prick into the bedding and driving his penis like he was fucking the girl, thrusting his strong legs and hips down into the rag he used to protect the sheets and exploding into a deliciously satisfying cum. He shot a healthy load of his teenage spunk, groaning from the sweet ache of working his sensitive prick knob into the slimy gism that had erupted from his balls. The second time he shot his load, he sat at his desk late at night, after his parents were asleep. He was naked from the waist down, his big boy feet and legs stretched out under the desk, and slumping in the chair, his fist sliding up and down his shaft as he greedily watched the film clips of a college age boy sucking on the athletic feet of another, athletic guy. Jesus, there was something about being made to service the feet and the cocks of more dominant boys that got to Danny. Fortunately, no one knew. The scenes on his computer screen made him think of Jason and enjoy his secret fantasy, and that’s when he came hard, exploding over his torquing fist.

Danny did not know why his cock hardened so much at the thought of being at the feet of another guy. It scared him. It wasn’t normal, it seemed strange. It was the same thing that had happened in his experience with Jason. After his submission to Jason and actually sucking the thick, athletic toes of another guy, he couldn’t resist the memory or the fixation. He might want to fuck girls, but Danny also craved being at the feet of guys who were in control. Of course he liked girls, but there was something so powerful, so erotic about being at the feet of masculine guys that Danny’s cock would erect and throb uncontrollably. Now Jason had not been bigger and stronger than him. In fact, he had been younger. But there was something dominant and cocky about him. He had an attitude that made Danny want to be around him; strangely drawn to him. He liked to hear him talk teen smack, even though he was just a kid.

When Danny first saw his feet naked in flip flops, they were so pale and muscled and strong for a young kid. The toes were long and the arch was high, the heels were narrow…and the blood vessels made them seem so athletic. Fuck, just thinking about what Jason made him do before they moved made his prick harden painfully and leak copiously. There were periods of time when he would not think of Jason, and then, out of the blue it would happen. He would see a guy on the street in flip flops, or stare at the big, muscled feet of guys at the outdoor shower at the beach, and it took him back to Jason. It was these thoughts that caused him to stare at the images on his computer screen late at night. Fortunately, Jason did not know where he was now living, and so that craziness was behind him. If he could control his impulses when he was around others, and maybe meet the right girl, everything would be fine. At least Danny felt free from the fear and the humiliation of the time he had spent with Jason. He had been given a reprieve. He was making new friends…in fact, he was going to hang out with the kid he had met in the summer league basketball team he had joined. He loved basketball…the strong legs, the effortless motion, the graceful shots and movement. Danny was good at the game, knew how to penetrate the lane and give up the ball to the lanky, tall dudes who gracefully scored under the basket. Brady was a kid like that. Danny was drawn to Brady, and it would be cool to hang out with the kid. Plus, if he was going out for the high school team in the fall, he wanted to be friends with a local player that was sure to make the team because of his talent and skill. It would be fun to get to know Brady better; Danny was looking forward to Friday night.

Thursday night, after he had fallen asleep, Danny had a strange dream. It made him toss and turn. In the dream he was alone with Brady in a lockerroom. There was no one there but the two boys. Danny was coming out of the shower with a towel around his waist dripping wet, and Brady was dressing, apparently after a shower at a locker. As Brady dressed he was sitting on a bench in front of his locker, and was putting his basketball shoes and socks away in his athletic bag. Brady was smiling at him as Danny walked toward him and his own locker that was apparently close by. Then Danny stopped. He bit his lip and then his tongue licked over his lips. Brady was in flips, and Danny’s eyes were drawn to the big boy feet. Jesus, the damn kid had huge feet for a fifteen year old kid, and his feet were so pale and so muscular and strong. Danny could feel his penis erecting under the towel and beginning to push out the material. Brady’s smile faded and his eyes lowered to Danny’s mid-section, and then he looked up quizzically at Danny as the older teen used a hand to push down his towel and turned suddenly, panic rising and his heart pounding. Danny groaned out loud in his sleep and he rolled over in his bed, kicking at the constraining bedding in which he was tangled. But he did not awaken, only tossed and turned fitfully; the dream was lost by the next morning. If only he had awoken, he would have found his thick teen prick hard and leaking. But soon enough, Danny’s dreams would become a real nightmare.

Jem and Jake had a full week too. First Jem had shown Jake the film clip from his summer session teacher, Harrison Chambers. Jake’s eyes went wide as he looked at the clip on their computer. Jem described to his brother how they would blackmail the teacher, but not until they finished their work this weekend with Brady and his friend. Jem found out that Chambers lived only a few blocks away from them, and told his younger brother that there was an alley behind his house. He suggested that the two of them could check his place out, just in case there was more to learn about the hunky teacher. Jem figured that once they had Brady and maybe his buddy under their control, they could figure out how to get the teacher and make him part of their games. In the meantime, they worked on preparing for Friday night, and getting Danny, Brady’s basketball buddy, into their trap. As always, Jake followed Jem’s lead, and at night, when they were in their room alone and their parents were either asleep or occupied, Jem crawled into Jake’s bed and spooned his body against his brother, slipping his hand into Jake’s pajama bottoms to grasp his rigid pricklet and stroke it while they discussed their plans, and schemed on how they would take advantage of the two older boys. Inevitably, Jake succumbed to his brother’s talented fingers and fist. His raging little cocklet expanded and his brother’s unerring fingers found his circumcision scar, wet with his spit and Jake’s boy lube. Strumming his fingers over the feverish and bloated little cock knob, piss lips and circumcision scar, he brought the younger boy to a shattering dry cum. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Jemmy…aaaaggggghhhh….oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Jem loved to masturbate his little brother, and when Jake came, his firm little body stretched taut in the bed and up against him, in a loving gesture, as if the young boy needed his brother’s protection when he had his explosive cum. When Jake came it was from his toes, the boy feet stretched and pointed away from his body, and he writhed helplessly against his older brother each time, as if to escape the maddening tickle as his knob was palmed into submission. It was always the same, and it was always as powerful and as excruciating as the previous time. From the first time he and his brother fooled around, Jake wanted the delicious sensations he experienced in the bathtub when the two of them soaped their hands and tickled and rubbed each other. Their experiences with their cousins had refined and educated them on what sexual excitement could be, but the special relationship with one another was unique. He knew when the time came his body would buck and twist desperately to escape the powerful sensations of his brother’s relentless masturbation. Sometimes, Jake could achieve two successive cums in a row, delighting his brother and making Jake himself feel almost faint. Then typically before they went to sleep, Jake would snake under the blankets in his older brother’s bed as if he was on an expedition in some dark cave, searching up and down the firm legs to find Jem’s almost five inch pricklet. Then he would gently fist it, palming the bigger cock knob, making his brother shiver and plant his feet and spread his knees from the lovely sensation. After working out the copious pre-cum from Jem’s aromatic balls, he would lift his head and take the fat little cocklet tip into his mouth and suck on it like a sucker. Jem would bit his lips and eventually groan out loud from the sweet torture on his pre-teen prick tip, soon enough to become a big boy dick knob. Finally, Jake would follow the lessons his brother had taught him and slide his lips and mouth up and down the firm, thick, boy stalk and suck on it and the gristle tip until his brother grasped his head and ground his ass into the bed as he enjoyed the pulsing dry cum against his brother’s clinging, soft lips and surprisingly voracious mouth; “Aaaaaaahhhhh fuuuuccccck…suuuucccck me….ooooooohhhhhh.” Then Jake would drag his exhausted body back to his bed, and both boys would slip into deep, undisturbed sleep, their randy pre-teen libidos put to rest.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jake and Jem staked out Harrison Chamber’s house. Jake met Jem after summer school let out, and they immediately went to the alley way behind Chamber’s house. There they found a back gate next to his garage, and discreetly slipped inside since there was no lock. Jem knew that Harrison had not left school, having to complete his class work and administrative duties before he could go home. The boys scouted around the back yard, and found that Harrison had left his picture window door unlocked, though closed. After making sure that no one was looking, they pushed the door open quietly and slipped inside.

The lights were out, but with the curtains open in most of the rooms, there was lots of light. The boys had to make sure they got out within an hour so they would not be caught. They quickly focused on the master bedroom, Jake going through the dresser and highboy drawers, while Jem went to the closet first and then the nightstands. In the night tables next to the bed, Jem found what he was looking for. Since Harrison like to watch porn on his laptop at school, he must have stuff like that at home. Sure enough, in the night stand on the right side of the king size bed, one drawer was full of home made DVDs. Each one was labeled, and Jem began to read them. Each one of them had the name of a girl and a date. Jem assumed they were fuck tapes of the various women Harrison had banged in the bedroom after he and his wife split, and he was right. Jem knew from other kids at school that Mr. Chambers was no longer married. So Jem took several of the Disks, and put the remainder back in the drawer where he found them. In the meantime, he got Jake who had not found anything as incriminating or interesting, and the two left as they had entered, pushing the screen door to the picture window closed first, then the door. Then back through the landscaped yard, which afforded them some cover, and out the back gate.

That night when he finally got home, Harrison had a T.V. dinner, a cocktail, then watched the baseball game that was on national television. After the game, he took a shower and went to bed around 10:30 p.m. Before he went to sleep though, he opened the drawer to the night table next to the side of the bed where he slept, and pulled out the first couple of DVDs from the drawer where he stored them. He chose one, opened the case and popped it into the recorder that was in the open portion of the night table and connected all the way to his set across the room at the foot of the bed. He used the remote control to switch on the television and turned to the right input for his DVD player. Then, pressing play, he watched the clear image of a chick he had met at a bar several weeks earlier. God she had been a good fuck, kind of a bimbo, but who the fuck cared. She liked his conversation, and he could have cared a rat’s ass for whatever she was saying. He just wanted to get her back to his place and fuck her brains out…which he did and while doing it, he discreetly switched on his strategically placed video camera that caught his huge prick sluicing in and out of her pussy as she rode him from on top, while he reached up and pinched her tits. She was a screamer, but that was fine with him, he liked hearing her cum, it made his dick harder. She came twice before he shot a half gallon of gism into his condom and after a quick morning blow job the next day, she got cleaned up and let him take her home. He saw her once or twice more, and the last time they fucked at her place. But he had two tapes of her, and it was nice on nights like this when he hadn’t shot a load in a few days to masturbate his big cock while watching the women he now sought out at bars to fuck, riding his big prick until they were both sated.

In about twenty minutes with his fist flying up and down his shaft, lubed with KY and self-lubed with his pre-cum, Harrison’s palm bruised the circumcision scar and piss lips by roiling over the slightly curved cock head, driving him to the edge of an explosive ejaculation. Harrison slowed his fist just over the crown of his bloated cock knob, giving it just as much as he could take without bringing himself off. His nipples hardened, and Harrison dug his broad size twelve feet into the bed, spreading the long thick toes and then curling them into the sheet. Then he lifted up his firm ass, allowing his fist to grind his circumcision scar and piss lips one long, last time, and grunted as he shot ten long streams of his sticky spooge across his chest, up to his neck and face. “Oooooohhhh Christ…..aaaaagggghhhhhh fuuuuuuccccckkkk…yeeeeaaaaahhhhh…shiiiitttt!” He had to stop working his strong fist, gripping it just under his sensitive cock knob…unable to take the same bruising that he barely tolerated from the squeezing of a wet pussy around his bloated cock knob or in the mouth of a cocksucker. His fist was too strong and placed too much friction on his overwrought cock knob. His fucking knob would expand and bloat, going glass smooth and exposing every centimeter to whatever contact it was receiving. He could only let others do that for him…when he had his cock sucked and stroked, or when he fucked a girl. But on his own, he could not bring himself to torture the fat plum of his prick head….”Aaaaggghhhhh Goooodddd dammmmmnnnn!” He kept a towel by the bed and after gingerly wiping himself off, he switched off the T.V. and DVD recorder, turned off the light on the night stand, rolled over and had a nice, deep sleep. Little did he know that his current reverie would soon enough be changed, and not for the better. But in the meantime, life was good and easy, and his big dick was satisfied, at least for this night. As he fell asleep, he could feel the last drool of his gism leaking out of the deep pisswell, tickling him as it leaked onto the sheets. Fuck, he thought as he drifted off, he hoped it would not leave a noticeable stain on the sheet.

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