Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 7: The Summer of Discontent (ma)

Introduction: Here is chapter 7 of Brady Cannon. It has been just over a year [July of 2014] since I added a chapter. Thanks to those who have been waiting patiently. In this chapter, Jem and Molly complete the scheme to capture Harrison Chambers. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with personal stories to share, PLEASE contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is STRICTLY a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven “Stevo” Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, and the details of both his mindset and his slave’s submission. More of his experience will emerge later in the story. The concept of Brady Cannon is organized around the amazing experience he had taking complete control of an older, previously straight, older teenage boy, and later an older male school teacher/principal. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing of the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story. I have also received assistance from others who have offered suggestions and experiences. Please keep them coming. I also want to thank Reuben for his unflinching loyalty to me and this story.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual content, rather than merely the background, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. Yes it’s fantastic, as in fantasy, but you will no doubt be surprised to learn that reality is sometimes more amazing than fantasy, and in the case of my stories, makes me pursue it on the pages of my work. The chapter continues but the section is entitled---“The Summer of Discontent.”

I last posted a chapter on July 6, 2014.


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The more Jem held the bottle of Amyl Nitrate under his nose, the more Danny’s rigid prong pummeled Harrison’s meaty prostate and fucked him into excruciating sensation. Nothing had ever been so deep into his rectum, and the constant banging against his mature prostate made his toes curl and his cock throb, beyond his ability to deal with the overwhelming sting in his rectum. Brady Cannon, basketball jock and teen-girl heart-throb was also going crazy. Danny’s fingers were now pinching rather than rubbing his tits, and making his cock leak with need, as it flexed and dripped copiously onto Harrison’s face, leaving a wet and sticky trail of teen boy pre-fuck. Jem smiled with amazement, and urged all three men on, as they wildly bucked and writhed against each other. Brady was also gasping from the fucking he was receiving, his squeals were now turned to deep groans as his big boy nut was battered by Harrison’s huge glans. Harrison--from the fucking he was receiving from Danny’s big knobbed, curved scimitar and the hot glove of Brady’s boy pussy--was driving his Viagra fueled prick to swell and bloat as he moved towards a huge ejaculation. And Danny, his ass bouncing from the buzzing anal prod forcing his long denied teen penis into the tight confines of Harrison’s gripping rectum, was getting ready to explode against the man’s clinging rectum walls. None of these guys could have imagined they might be in such a helpless situation when the summer began, and especially under the control of three of the most unlikely masters, two pre-teen boys and a vengeful college girl. As the cameras whirled and snapped, the three captive males were ensnared into sexual slavery that would transform their lives.

Danny was now thrusting madly into Harrison, the insistent prod in his rectum and Molly’s hand reaching up to pinch and twist his firm young tits, making him into a dog in heat, as if humping the nearest leg it could find in a mindless rut. Up and Up the three men went, climbing toward their cums with the overhead camera catching every lewd and amazing detail. Jake looked down to the big feet of Harrison and Brady and saw that both were clenching in desperation, and their hands were scrabbling madly. It was time!

“AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEE” Danny wailed as his penis expanded in the constricted sleeve of Harrison’s rectum and with one last bump against the man’s firm prostate, his piss lips opened and ropes of teenage scum bolted out to baste the tunnel and bathe the fuck nut, as Danny twitched and squealed from Molly’s fingers on his tits and the wriggling ache of Jake’s vibrating prod inside his own spasmodically clenching rectum. “OOOOOHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK…AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH… OH MY GOD……AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…..!” Danny yelled at the top of his voice; his head tight against Brady’s back and his eyes squeezed shut.

The moment that Danny ejaculated, Harrison was driven over the edge by the explosion and pressure in his ass. Even though he had had a women’s finger inside his anus on more than one occasion, helping him to deliver wads of his mature baby batter deep into a condom lodged in tight quims and assholes, the expanded size of Danny’s teenage cock head was completely new and unexpected, and it made him raise his body off the bed, in spite of Brady’s body sitting on his stomach. Harrison’s bloated glans expanded greater than ever, and his deep pisswell exploded with his own thick streams of masculine spunk deep into Brady’s trapped teen rectum. His deep baritone bellowed as he screwed his big dick into Brady’s tight boy quim as if the teenage boy was just another pussy or ass he was used to fucking. The expansion made Brady’s tight rectal walls reflexively squeeze and massage Harrison’s bulging prick head squeezing out what seemed like an endless flood of male jizz. “UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH…. OH GOD…OH YEAH, YEAH…SHIT …OH MY GOD….FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” Harrison’s own asshole automatically tightened on Danny’s fat knob as he belched wads of his man cum deep into Brady.

As Harrison’s overwrought glans spurted and his thick white spunk lubed Brady’s adolescent channel, he gave the teenager bouncing on his stomach his first experience as a boy pussy. Brady’s eyes opened wide, and then rolled up as his head was thrown back in uncontrolled teen lust. His body had never imagined the kind of sensation he was having with a mature man’s huge cock head rabbit fucking his asshole, and battering his aching boy nut into submission. Contrasted with Harrison’s deep voice, Brady wailed a high pitched scream as his own rectum squeezed shut and his nuts tightened to explode. “AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEE… AAAAAAHHHHHHHH,OOOOOHHH, JESUS…SHIT…AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!”

In ten long spurts, bursting from his expanded cock head and teen piss well, Brady shot wads of teenage spooge into a shot glass that Jem had Jake bring from the kitchen. They were collecting Brady’s precious teen juice for further use, and it made a mesmerizing sight to see the bloated cock head burping the bolts of teenage batter into the mouth of the little glass. All three of the men fucked, shot and yelled for what seemed like an eternity, as their greedy and needy cocks were given an opportunity for the first time on this day to relieve themselves. For thirty long seconds, the three men wriggled, bucked, writhed and squealed as their ejaculations filled the air with the pungent scent of starchy--sperm. Molly came spontaneously, her clit throbbing through a long orgasm as she watched the scene and her nipples ached with the need to be pinched. Both Jem and Jake had their own spontaneous dry cums, their trapped pricklets in their shorts, spasming and pulsing through their own pre-teen throbbing. For a moment all three of them closed their eyes and let the sensations wash over them, causing them goose-bumps and shivers. Molly squeezed her legs tightly together, hoping to stop the itch her cunt juice was creating between her pussy lips, and both Jem and Jake reached down with one hand to squeeze their bulging boy crotches, to relieve the pressure their cocklets were making inside the tight confines of their briefs.

Jem grasped a wad of Brady’s hair, to get the attention of the wide-eyed, grunting and squealing teen, and whispered into his ear. “Yeah, you bitch, you’re getting fucked good now, getting what your butch teen ass needs…now lean down and lick your pre-fuck from Mr. Chambers face, lick it bitch, and stick your tongue in his mouth…do it, DO IT!” As if he was hypnotized, Brady listened to the voice of the pre-teen who had been managing him and controlling him for days, and it seemed only natural in his dazed and post-cum condition to do what he was told. Jake unloosened his wrists from his ankles, and then tied them together behind his back. As soon as he did, Brady closed his eyes, bent at the waist, and followed Jem’s harsh commands as if he was in a trance, lowering his head and pushing his lips against Harrison Chambers day old bearded face and soft lips. When the older man opened his mouth to protest, Brady’s leaking penis was tickled by Jem as he squeezed the last juice from the very sensitive teen glans, Brady groaned and thrust his tongue into the older man’s mouth.

“UUUUmmmmmmmmmmm…” Harrison moaned around the tongue invading his mouth, feeling like the tongues of so many women who had Frenched him before, and he could not stop himself. He thrust his tongue back, making the teenage boy whom he had fucked into just another sexual partner, his own cock still working as it always did in a tight quim, grinding and probing, as he tongue fucked the delirious boy; both tasting the dregs of Brady’s cum dripped into Harrison’s mouth prior to Brady’s tongue invasion. Jem and Jake both went back to offering amyl to both Brady and Harrison to keep them dazed and confused. Then Jem directed the older teen to lick Harrison’s face, to lap up the sticky pre-fuck that coated Harrison’s hairy cheeks, chin and lips before he had ejaculated.

Finally Brady pulled his mouth away from Harrison’s and throwing his head back he again squealed but with less intensity as his prick knob, now free of the shot glass but still bloated, was firmly pushed down by Jem against the short bristles of Harrison’s one day growth. The stiff beard bristled and scrubbed the sensitive underside of Brady’s big boy penis, against his circumcision scar and the lobes of his piss lips. The post-cum sensitivity was unbearable and made the teenager writhe and cry for relief, but he got none as his glans expanded again reflexively from the incredible tickle. Unfortunately, he was unable to escape Jem’s firm grip and he listened as the pre-teen boy whispered again into his ear: “Oh yeah, that’s it, just like the helpless pussy you are, grind your ass on that dick inside you, and let Danny pinch your tits, cause yer nothin’ but a big dicked teen slut—and that’s what yer gonna be for the rest of the summer dude….” Much to his revulsion, and even in his daze, Brady could not help but feel his cock begin to harden again as he tried to recover from his just completed ejaculation. His ass continued to wriggle on Harrison’s still tumescent penis and the combination of Jem’s nasty talk, the fat knob working his still aching fuck nut, and his prick knob being polished against Harrison’s beard, Brady was once again becoming a slut hungry sex punk, and his cock-crazed brain helplessly wanted more. His long toes clenched tight as the power of the many sensations wracked his body. The worse part was Jem took the shot glass filled with Brady’s own teen spunk, and put it front of the boy’s face. Brady flinched, but Jem pinched his nose. Brady whined through his closed lips, but he could not stop Jem, bound as he was. When he finally pushed his head back and gasped for air through his mouth, Jem poured the glass of teen gism into his mouth and then pushed the tennager’s mouth shut. Brady had no choice but to swallow his own gunk, and squeezed his eyes tightly shut and grimaced, gulping and almost wretching, but had no choice but to eat his juice. Jem smiled with brazen contempt, and spoke: “That’s it dude, now yer a real slut, eating yer own nasty dick juice!”

Molly had taken photos of Brady and Harrison sucking face, photos she knew she would use in days to come. But now it was time to untie the boys, but keep Harrison with his arms cuffed behind him and hobbled so he could not get violent as he regained awareness of his situation.

Danny and Brady were unleashed and marched into Harrison’s bathroom, and quickly ordered to take supervised showers while still bound. Both boys were humiliated as Jake told them to get into the large shower together, wash each other’s bodies, and to slide a soapy finger into each other’s tight, but sore, rectums. Each one respectively rose on their toes and grimaced as the other’s finger slid in and gently twisted to clean out the cum and lube. Each boy’s cock, helplessly rose, having been sated only once after days of being locked down. So when Jake ordered them to soap each other’s erections, they hissed with the delicious sensations, wanting to fuck the other’s boy’s fist to another cum. But Jake would not allow it. He made them soap them gently, sliding and gliding their slick hands over the fevered prongs without giving them enough friction to give them the satisfaction they desperately needed and wanted. After washing themselves thoroughly, Jake made them dry each other, and photographed them as they did so. Brady and Danny were thoroughly beaten boys, and the proof came when Jake, following Jem’s instructions, made each boy fasten their respective cock restraints back on. Both boys’ pleaded with Jake to no avail, and tears fell down their cheeks as they locked each other down. Jake watched Jem closely, knowing that his brother would be preoccupied with Harrison, and would let him take charge of the big fifteen year old teen. As for Brady Cannon, even without amyl nitrate, he was dazed and confused. He’d always been the carefree, not too serious boy jock, but now he was psychologically whipped. It would be easy for Jake to manage him, even without Jem present. Like other big straight boys out in the world, Brady Cannon had the looks and the body of a confident male, but beneath the surface he was putty, easily molded and managed; especially when his big boy penis was in the hands of others.

After the boys dried off, Jake took them into the bedroom to dress. Then Jem and Molly led Harrison to the shower, keeping his hands bound, and using leg cuffs to hobble him. God he was so beautiful…his big body towering over everyone, hairy and big-boned. His big feet padding on the floor, his head still a bit foggy and cast down, hobbled with leg cuffs and rope, and his wrists cuffed behind him. Jem, let Molly strip down to a bikini and climb into the shower to wash the big man. He hissed as her fingers slid over his firm pecs, flicking his tits, and then soaped his pubes and big cock, making it tumescent again, especially when her soft fist worked the oversized knob. Jem smiled as he watched Harrison go up on his toes, when Molly gently worked her index finger into his previously virgin anus, and washed it out. By the time she was done, Harrison had regained his senses, and it was time to let him know how things were going to be.

“So Mr. Chambers, I hope ya liked our little game…” Jem intoned in his flat monotone with a wry grin.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, and Molly, how could you, why…..?” Harrison asked as much wounded as he was befuddled.

“Har”, I saw the video you made of me. I slept with you because I thought you cared for me…but you just wanted to add me to your collection. I’m sorry Har, but I needed to even the playing field.” Molly looked directly at him as she spoke, and once she mentioned the video, he bent his head down, unable to respond to her accusation with any credible alibi.

“Yeah Har, once we showed Molly the vid, she was happy to help us. Now, things are going to be different. We got film showing you having sex with two teenage boys, and it would make a wonderful performance on the internet, for the principle, and others in town. But if you do everything we tell you, it’ll be our secret for the summer. If you’re good, and do what we say, then at the end of the summer, we’ll give you the tapes and let you off the hook. What’ ya say?” Jem sounded firm but earnest as if he actually intended to keep the promise.

Harrison looked up bitterly, pursing his lips to hold back his anger, squinting at Jem as he looked up from the toilet seat where he was seated, still dripping wet and naked. “Well kid, seems like you thought of everything…but be careful, sometimes the best laid plans get fucked up. You sure you want to mess with me?” Harrison controlled his voice, and spoke evenly, without anger or emotion, trying to maintain some sense of his masculinity in the ridiculous situation he was in. and how he appeared, naked before two dressed people, one a prepubescent kid and the other a college girl still in her teens.

“Well Mr. Chambers, I’ll take that chance. After all, you saw how nice and well behaved Brady Cannon and Danny were. We’ve managed to show them that it’s better to cooperate than act like some dumb hero and get their pictures and vids splashed all over the world. I think you will feel the same when you think about it. And just to make sure you understand how this is gonna work, Molly has something to show you.” Jem gave that sarcastic, wry smile and turned to Molly.

“Stand up Har,” Molly instructed.

Slowly, with his hands and feet tethered, Harrison awkwardly stood, having to balance himself as he did. Molly brought a towel to Harrison and dried his chest, and then down to his pubes, lifting his balls and cock, and gently drying them off. Normally, Harrison would have erected the moment she touched him, but he was still fuming inside because of her complicity with Jem, and so he stared down at her impassively and could not get a bone. Actually, that was all the better for what was about to happen. Molly put down the towel, and reached behind her to something shiny and metallic on the tile sink counter. Suddenly it was visible, but Harrison did not know what it was, until she lifted his balls encircling them with a metal band, and slid the metal shield over his cock shaft.

“What the fuck!” Harrison leaned back away from Molly’s hands, but the back of his knees hit the toilet and he almost topped over, barely regaining his balance. But Molly worked with focused intent, and by the time he was steady on his feet, the cock restraint was locked onto his cock and balls. She and Jem had to order a big one given Harrison’s cock size, but it was on and done…Harrison Chambers was locked in a real cage, a cock cage.

“Jesus Christ, what the fuck…what the fuck are you two doing?” Harrison bellowed, unable to restrain his anger.

Jem knew he had to assert himself, or it might give Harrison a sense he could bully his way out of this predicament. “Mr. Chambers, shut up!” he said firmly and loudly.

Harrison looked at Jem, his eyes flashing with anger as if he might try to throw his body at the boy, but with his wrists cuffed and his ankles tightly hobbled, he was struggling to keep enough composure so that he would not fall.

“If you don’t cooperate, Mr. Chambers, you may never cum again for the rest of the summer. We can let Brady and Danny let you know how it is when they are bad boys and don’t get to get out of their cock restraints. So you just calm down, and remember what we said.” As Jem spoke, Molly snapped two pics with her phone, of Harrison standing naked, cuffed, and with his cock restrained. Harrison turned, and the second picture had him full face in the snap. His moment had passed, Harrison lowered his head, and sat down, the metal band and shield chaffing as his did.

“That’s it Mr. Chambers, now its time to let you know how things are going to work from tonight on.” Jem had done it…he had secured the big bodied, handsome teacher with a cock to die for. His heart had been pounding, but now it began to slow. The fun was about to begin anew. It was one thing to capture fifteen year old Brady Cannon, and even taking down seventeen year old Danny. But to have captured a mature, straight male, who was a teacher at his school, this was a prize beyond his wildest dreams. His cocklet was five inches of stiff excitement, no matter he had just had a dry cum. The more he asserted control, the harder his pricklet throbbed; God he loved having power over older guys.

Jake had sent Danny home with his cock locked back down, and taken Brady back to his place personally. Molly, remained with Jem, as the eleven year old explained to Harrison how things were going to be from now on. First they tied Harrisons cuffed wrists to his roped ankles. Then Jem had Molly lead him back to the bedroom after she dried him off a bit, and after he sat down on the bed, they gently pushed him down on his knees, his wrists pulled taut to his splayed ankles. They needed him incapacitated for what was to come next. Jem produced the slender vibrator they had used on Danny, now washed and ready to use again. As he spoke to Harrison, Molly greased the prod and gently screwed it into Harrison’s hairy, ragged, anal split, using her fingers to open his trench and gain access to his private place.

“Ugggghhhhhhh…oh fuck, not again!” Harrison wriggled on his knees, his head down, trying to clench his male pussy. But Molly’s talented fingers scraped against the taut slit, and the sensation made Harrison push against the sharp fingernail allowing Molly to twist the slender prod into the tight portal, gaining a foothold against all of Harrison’s efforts to squeeze it out.

Jem spoke as he watched Molly screw the prod in slowly. “Mr. Chambers, from now on you’re gonna do everything we ask you to do. No hesitation, no crap. Whether at home or at school, or anywhere we tell you to go, you’re gonna be our punk for the rest of the summer. You got it?” Jem spoke with a tone of firm contempt, like a hardened pre-teen who was not afraid to sass his parents. As he spoke, Harrison groaned from the intrusion of the greased prod into his tight channel, and made a loud grunt when Molly switched on the vibrator and it buzzed his nut, still sore from Danny’s fucking.

“Shit..aaaaaagggghhhhh, Jesus, are you fucking kids nuts? Why are you doing this? Ahhhhh…Molly I will make it right, and if you want money, uuuggghhhh…I’ll figure a way to pay you…. But uuuuuummmmmpppp, uuuugggghhhhh, you’re gonna ruin my life…please, don’t do this!” Harrison half pleaded and tried to assert some sense of authority. But in the end, his voice trailed off, and his cock strained against the cock restraint, wanting to respond to the incessant buzzing of his fuck nut.

“Sorry teach,” Jem said with growing confidence….”you’re our summer fun. We’re gonna teach you some…teach you some discipline and drain those big balls when we want, not when you want to screw some chick. Your dick and all the rest of you are ours to use whenever we want---no resistance or else you’re right, we will fuck with your life. You understand?” As he made Harrison aware of the terms, Molly turned up the vibrator after a nod from Jem to make sure Harrison knew his position and situation.

“UUUUUgggggghhhhhhh, Jesus, you’re killin’ me….that thing on my cock is cutting into my me…take it off…Jesus, take it off” Harrison pleaded. But there was no response from either Jem or Molly, except a repetition of his last question.

“I asked if you understand what we’ve told you…are you gonna do what we say?” Jem demanded.

“Okay, okay, fuck, just turn that thing off, or take off that damned thing on my cock, shit, aaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!” Jem ordered him to say exactly what he was agreeing to do, then told Molly to turn the vibration up another notch. Harrison’s toes flicked from the sensations, and his fingers wriggled trying futilely to get free from the rope that kept him shackled. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, okay, okay, I promise to do anything you want, anything you fucking say…oh Jesus, please, stop that God damned thing, it’s killing me!” As he accepted the terms, he helplessly bucked against the sensations. Now if Harrison reneged on the terms, his own confession would be posted as part of a new film career on the internet.

Molly took a hand recorder from her purse, and put it near Harrison’s mouth, then Jem had him read the following: “I Harrison Chambers, admit that I taped sex acts with Molly Thompson, and showed an underage boy how to masturbate.” At first, Harrison nodded his head to say he would not read it…but when Molly twisted the prod in his rectum, and Jem whispered into his ear, that they would post the video of him jerking him off, Harrison closed his eyes in resignation, then opened them and in a halting voice, read the text on the pad in front of his face. The deed was done. Harrison Chambers was now fully caged and had surrendered his body to the control of others. Molly turned off the vibrating prod, and slowly extracted it from Harrison’s tight pucker, feeling him clench his rectal walls even as he tried to push it out.

But it was time for Molly to leave. She had a dinner with her family that evening, but she took the recording just in case Harrison somehow got out of his bonds and tried to threaten Jem. It wouldn’t matter, because Jake had taken the taped recording from Harrison’s system before he left with Danny and Brady, so Jem only had the small recorder they had initially used. Still, by dividing the material, they made sure to keep Harrison under control.

When she left, Jem looked at Harrison and smiled. “Mr. Chambers, on Monday, I’m gonna come to your storage room during recess. And when I do, be ready to do what I tell ya.” As he spoke, he reached between Harrison’s legs, and under his balls, and unlocked Harrison’s cock restraint. The moment his did, Harrison big shaft filled out with blood, and got erect, drooling precum from the insistent buzzing of his prostrate by the vibrator that Molly had just removed.

Jem, squirted some lube on his soft palm and reached under Harrisons big balls to grasp his fat cock head in his fist and started a slow twisting motion. He watched Harrison’s long toes curl as his still sensitive knob was thoroughly squeezed and rubbed by the boy’s practiced hand. “Yeah, baby, that’s it, drive that fat fucker into my fist, you know you want it…you love that fat cock serviced….and I’m gonna play with it whenever I fucking want.”

Harrison had no fight in him…he just grunted and closed his eyes, letting the sensations at his fat cock head, lead him. With his head down on the bed, his ass up and his legs spread, he began a gradual rut. Soon he was driving his cock into the wet fist, now lubricated with his copious pre-fuck juice as well. Jem reached around with his free hand and found one of Harrison’s firm nipples, and gently pinched and scratched the tip of the rubbery nubbin.

“Aaaaaagghhhhhh, ooooooooohhhhh, shit….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” Harrison moaned. It took about five minutes, but finally, the big man shuddered, and drove his cock into the soft fist one last time as he spurted three long ropes of spunk from his wide piss lips onto the bed beneath him. Then Jem used his thumb to torture the fat knob and piss lips, the circumcision scar and the coronal ridge, making Harrison squeal a bit, and buck on the bed as best he could.

“Yiiiiiieeeeeeeeee….aaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeee, stop, STOP, God…fuck, please…shit, stop, you’re killing me…AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” After a minute of playing with the big man’s helpless cock, watching his toes curl and his fingers scrabble, he finally stopped rubbing the bloated and over-sensitive cock tip. Harrison gasped several deep draughts of air, shivering a bit as his cock was finally released. Jem stripped the slowly deflating shaft one more time, and gathered up some of the gism pooling on the bed. He had pushed down his shorts and briefs then used his sticky, spermy hand to baste his aching pricklet and its fat little acorn knob. Then he moved up to Harrison’s head resting on the bed, and ordered him to open his mouth. The straight man, no longer dazed and confused when he was forced to service Brady, turned his head in horror, and pleaded for Jem to stop. But the pre-teen harshly reminded Harrison of his promise, and slapped one of his ass cheeks, and turned up the vibrator still humming in his aching rectum. Harrison groaned again from the deep ache in his anus and the relentless whirring on his prostate. He turned his head, eyes closed, and opened his mouth. Jem slid his throbbing cocklet into the man’s mouth, and told him to suck.

Harrison almost gagged on the taste of sperm, his sperm, but forced himself to suckle on the fat little knob in his mouth. Jem threw back his head and hissed, as the flicking tongue of the older man drove him to another dry cum, rapidly laving the hard little cock knob. Soon, Jem was grunting and groaning, as Harrison brought him quickly over the edge, and his boy body shuddered from the sensations. Soon he had to pry the still stiff shaft from Harrison’s mouth, as the man sought to give the boy a bit of torture by sucking hard on the fat little acorn after Jem had cum, making the ticklish, sensitive sensation force the boy’s knees to buckle and for him to make a short squeak until he extracted his pricklet.

Jem stuffed his cocklet into his briefs and pulled them up with his shorts. Then he went to the bathroom and took a wash cloth that he wet with warm water from the tap at the sink. Harrison gasped again, when Jem returned with the warm wash cloth to wipe his cock clean, and as the big shaft had finally lost its tumescence, he put the cock restraint back on the bound man. The mission that had started by what seemed days ago, but only earlier in the day, was done. Jem loosened one of the cuffs from Harrison’s wrists but left the opposite wrist connected to one of his ankles. It would take the man a while to free himself, but Harrison would eventually be able to untie himself.

“See ya Monday, Mr. Chambers…thanks for a good afternoon. Oh, by the way, here are the tapes we took from your house. We don’t need ‘em anymore.” Jem, laughed a bit, and walked slowly out of the bedroom, and then out of the house. He had never felt so powerful in his young life. As he walked down the street, he slipped his hand into his pocket and fingered the keys to Harrisons cock restraint. Yes, he had never felt so powerful.

Harrison Chambers rolled over on his back, closed his eyes, and tears silently rolled out of his eyes, and down his face—his mouth still tasted of his cum and Jem’s sweaty pricklet. It was going to be a long summer.

To be continued