Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 6e: Harrison Gets His Cage (ma)

Introduction:Here is chapter 6, part "e" of Brady Cannon. It has been just over a year [July of 2013] since I added a chapter. Thanks to those who have been waiting patiently. In this chapter, Jem and Molly execute his scheme to capture Harrison Chambers. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with personal stories to share, PLEASE contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is STRICTLY a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I want to call specific attention to Steven "Stevo" Douglas, who has freely and openly shared both his experience dominating an older teen when he was thirteen, and the details of both his mindset and his slave's submission. More of his experience will emerge later in the story. The concept of Brady Cannon is organized around the amazing experience he had taking complete control of an older, previously straight, older teenage boy. I have tried to take those scenes and concepts and translate them, along with the experiences of others, into the ethos of my story. I want to honor his generosity and sharing of the details of his experiences with me. Sometimes reality is as powerful as the imagination. Today Stevo is a mature guy in his own relationship, but his recollections continue to provide me with inspiration to continue this story. I have also received assistance from others who have offered suggestions and experiences. Please keep them coming. I also want to thank Reuben for his unflinching loyalty to me and this story.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual content, rather than the background story, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. Yes it's fantastic, as in fantasy, but you will no doubt be surprised to learn that reality is sometimes more amazing than fantasy, and in the case of my stories, makes me pursue it on the pages of my work. The chapter continues but the section is entitled---"Harrison Gets a Cage."

I last posted a chapter on July 2, 2013.

July 6, 2014


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Less than thirty minutes later, Harrison was tied spread-eagled on his own bed, his wrists cuffed up to the wrought-iron stanchions that came out of the headboard, and Jem's trusty spreader bar separating his big feet, with the cuffs at his ankles tied off to the legs of his king size bed. Harrison was confused from more hits of the poppers by the time Molly got him into the bedroom, his head clouded and his dick flexing and slapping against his muscular belly, drizzing pre-cum into his navel and up to his cleavage. Molly cooed to him and reassured him, squeezing the erection and alternating her hand to pinch his stiff teats. His eyes closed and his legs straining, he surrendered to her ministrations, smelling her perfume and feeling the sharp edges of her painted fingernails pinching his nips, and grazing across the leaking glans of his bloated cock head. It was easy to get him tied down, even as he pleaded incoherently for them to stop.

His cock was so hard from the Viagra, and he was getting more and more groggy from a combination of the beer and the roofie, now supplemented with RUSH placed under his nose by the ever helpful Jake. This cocktail made Harrison easy to direct in spite of his dazed inquiries and pleading, posing his big body as they took control of his arms and legs. He understood he was in a trap but he could not figure a way to focus enough or get clear-headed enough to take control. Instead, he was lead like a lamb to the slaughter, his hard, leaking, bobbing dick dominating his brain and Molly's soft hands and soothing voice seeming to hypnotize him. In the background, a video camera was carefully documenting everything, except the faces of those involved save Harrison, Danny and Brady. Little did he know that his situation could only get worse than it was.

Once Harrison was secured and then blindfolded with one of his neckties, Jem turned to Brady and instructed him to strip. Brady looked shocked. Like Danny, he did not understand why he was involved in this scene with Mr. Chambers. At first he was disgusted when Danny began to suck and lick Harrison's muscular foot in the dining room. But then he remembered how it felt when Danny sucked his toes, and his dick hardened in Jake's tender grip, making him more excited than he wanted to admit. But now Jem wanted him to strip…why? Slowly, with a pained, pleading expression, Brady began to remove his clothes when Jake released his hands from behind his back. He wanted to run out the front door, but the boys had enough video of him that he was trapped in their web, and it seemed like every request from their mouths was an order he was forced to follow.

Molly was teasing Harrison's big penis as Brady stripped, thumbing the huge knob as the teacher tossed his head back and forth, maybe hoping to shake the cobwebs out of his dazed and confused brain, or perhaps responding to the delicious sensations at his prick tip. Molly turned to smile at Brady, and gave him a coy, sexy look as he stared at her blushing, then turning towards Jem with a look of apprehension. Since he and Danny did not know why they had been asked to meet at this man's house, once they observed what was happening to him, they tried to just be quiet and remain in the background. Unfortunately for Danny, he had already been roped into the scene. Now Brady was being prepared for something. He had hoped that he would only have to watch another victim's humiliation. But no such luck. Jem was insistent, and reminded Brady how long he had been in his cock cage, and if he enjoyed being free, he'd better cooperate.

Slowly, looking at Molly, and then away in embarrassment, Brady finished stripping, standing with his hands over his genitals after he turned his back to lower his shorts and briefs. Jem turned him around, and Brady just turned his head down and stared at his feet. Now naked, Brady's prick really hardened and erected, pushing insistently at his hands futilely trying to cover his embarrassment. The horny fifteen year old's cock bolted upright, more droplets leaking from the deep pisswell and then the drool began to fall from his bloated knob. Brady could not look toward Molly, but her mere presence was making him both excited and humiliated. For her part, as Molly watched Brady trying to cover his big boy tumescence, she was fully enjoying her bargain with Jem. She reached out with her free hand and grasped Brady's thick prong, and slid her hand up to his knob, pulling him toward her. Brady gasped, worried that he might ejaculate prematurely, and Danny standing nearby with his shorts and briefs at his feet, felt his cock throbbing with the delicious pressure of freedom, leaking and aching to be touched also. Unfortunately, his hands were cuffed behind him and he could only stare with rapt attention as Molly's small fingers and painted nails danced over Brady's boy prong, and Harrison's mature, man dick. Still, he could not help but glance every few moments at Harrison's big feet, flexing, the toes flicking as the big man responded physically to Molly's toying fingers.

Jem made Brady climb onto the bed, and place his knees in Harrison's armpits, his tight, small ass resting on Har's firm stomach. Then Jem and Molly secured Brady's hands behind his back, and they tied one of Harrison's neckties around the teen's head, blindfolding him. Next they used other neckties to secure Brady's cuffed wrists to his ankles; keeping him helpless on Harrison's torso, and leaning backwards. Brady protested and begged, but to no avail. His long, thick dick was now bobbing over Harrison's face, the knob occasionally bouncing against Harrison's full lips, drooling sticky teen pre-fuck on the man's face. Harrison grunted as he felt something gliding against his lips, unsure of what was sliding across his face, wetting his cheeks, nose and lips. Through slurred words, he asked Molly what was going on? She hushed him and assured him he was fine, that she would not let anything bad happen. Eyes closed, head lolling, Harrison accepted Molly's explanation. Given his muddled head, trapped circumstance, and helpless condition, what choice did he have? As for Brady, bent back as he was, his nicely curved pecs and pointy tits were exposed for maximum access.

Now the attention turned to Danny.

Molly and Jem directed the older boy to get on his knees, allowing his shorts and briefs to remain tangled at his ankles like a hobble. Danny felt like a kid as the two slipped his t-shirt off…exposing his muscular body to their lewd touching and greedy eyes. Like Brady the handsome redhead's huge erection was bobbing in front of him, his fat knobbed shaft curving up and to the right and leaking copiously like Brady's. Now Molly teased Danny's throbbing erection, complimenting him on his big prick, and thumbing the fat knob; smoothing his leak around the pebbled coronal flange and against his sensitive piss lips. He blushed even more deeply than Brady, his red hair and complexion making him look like a lobster. He groaned helplessly, enjoying her soft hands on his raging cock, and when her long finger nails scratched across his nipples, he hunched as Jem checked that his wrists were still secured behind his back. Given Danny's performance at Brady's house where he worshipped the younger teens big boy feet, and Danny's performance moments ago in the dining room, they made him move close to Harrison's big feet that were resting at the end of the bed spread and tied apart.

"Oooohhhhhh fuck" Danny thought to himself, his cock pulsing, as his face moved toward the two muscular feet he had just been licking and sucking. The scent of their slight odor was driving him wild, as much as their large muscular size. He could not help himself, and now others were aware of how his cock responded to athletic men's feet. Harrison's large feet were aimed upwards since he was on his back. His pale sole was clean and smooth, just a bit of callous at his heels. His "index" toe was longer than his big toe, but with the exception of his little toe, all of them were jointed in a manner flexible enough to bend; long toes like little fingers; thick and meaty. Harrison paid little attention to his feet, other than to make sure they were clean and healthy. His strong feet were the product of years of boyhood athletics, and his fortunate gene pool. He liked it when women would suck his toes when they gave him a tongue bath; they made them feel like little pricks they were sucking, and it sent not only ticklish chills through his body, but an electric shock to his cock. There was nothing like a woman or girl at his feet, testifying to his power over them. Now at Jem's and Molly's urging, Danny was again instructed to lick and suck the man's muscular feet and long toes. As with Brady, Danny was as helpless in this situation. Without letting his gaze stray, he moved forward, closing his eyes to inhale deeply as his nose slid under Harrison's long thick toes, and his tongue shot out reflexively, licking and lashing again as it had in the dining room. Harrison's muscular toes began to flick more as Danny's tongue lashed and licked, and Danny's cock vibrated and strained from the moment his lips touched Harrison's feet; proof positive that he craved the chance to prostrate himself at men's and boy's feet. He was leaking even more than he had in the dining room, no longer worrying about his embarrassment but rather thrilled at the mastery of being humbled at the size twelve feet of an athletic man.

In his dazed state, the moment Danny's mouth started laving under the bottom of his toes, and slavering up and onto the tips of them, all that Harrison knew was that his body was once again being serviced. Molly and Jem made the susceptible Danny lick and suck the entire surface of the soles of Harrison's big feet, then suckling on the long toes as they flicked. Danny was mesmerized by the athletic shape of Harrison's feet. The way his ankles narrowed down, the high arches, and at the ball of each foot, his feet widened and they were fleshy and meaty up under the toes. Like a starving man, Danny worked on the big feet, not needing alcohol or drugs to capture him. He was prisoner to the muscular feet, surrendering to their pale strength and implicit power. Then Jem and Molly made the mesmerized teen rise up and rub his own leaking boner against Harrison's clenching feet to leave pre-fuck juice so he could lick that up as well. Danny's fat cock knob was bruised against the firm yet soft soles, making him throw his head back and groan from the ticklish sensation as Jem worked the bulging glans over the crinkling soles, and Danny's teen juice burbled out of his piss lips and onto the muscular soles. Jem had already seen this performance, but it made his pricklet throb to watch as he manipulated the teen's sizeable penis against Harrison's feet. But for Molly, the sight of the teenage athlete sucking Harrison's wriggling toes, and then being masturbated against his big feet, almost made her orgasm again. "Jesus, this was fucking amazing!" she thought to herself.

Danny was mortified, but he could not help himself. When Molly and Jem pulled his head off Harrison's feet, and got him to stand up, he could not look either of them in the eyes. His face was wet with his own saliva and pre-fuck from rubbing against Harrison's big feet. He blushed deeply, and just let his two controllers do as they wished with him; bending his knees to accommodate their intentions and thrusting his hips when he cock was rubbed against Harrison's big feet---"Aaaaaahhhhh fuuuuuccccckkkkkk…" Danny groaned, enjoying the sensation of the wet soles he had just tongue lashed, now lashing his curved shaft at the piss lips and his sensitive circumcision scar, sending bolts of electricity through him and making even his tits go hard. Soon he would be back on the floor on his knees, to give those feet one more licking, scarfing up his own sticky pre-slime off of Harrison's wriggling toes and wrinkled soles as if he was starved for his own juice rather than because he was captive to the big feet. In the meantime, Jake who had video-taped much of the session thus far had found where Harrison kept the remote control for his overhead camera and switched it on. Now there would be a clear view on tape of everything that was happening on the bed, edited of course to protect the guilty.

After several minutes of Danny's renewed sucking and licking of Harrison's feet, Molly and Jem helped the hapless and compliant teenager get up on the bed in between Harrison's spread legs. Even as they got him up, he could not help but look at the tops of Harrison's feet from the other side from where he had been sucking and licking them; the hair on his toes and the top of his foot, the veins on top of the muscled feet, big and powerful even as the man was helpless and shackled. They untied Harrison's feet, and lifted his legs, planting them on the bed, spread apart. Then they tied his ankles to an old broom handle they placed against his ass, and then secured the ends of the handle to the bed's sideboards. This allowed them to position Danny on his knees between Harrison's spread and secured knees, and to scoot him up to Harrison's ass, his head almost resting on Brady's muscular back and his knees on a pillow Jem and Molly placed between Harrison's spread legs and at the base of his ass.

Molly grasped Danny's boner, pulling the pliant teen up to Harrison's exposed anus between his spread legs and planted feet. This brought Danny up to Brady's back as well as the younger teen sat on Harrison's torso. Securing Danny's arms around Brady's chest, pulled the muscular older teen against the fifteen year old Brady and forced his head against his younger friend's back. Jem made sure that Danny's fingers were tied together under Brady's pectorals, then directed the older boy's thumbs against Brady's stiff, rubbery nipples. Brady hissed when he felt Danny's fingernails drag over his tit tips, and tilted his head back, groaning softly from the sweet sensation. In the meantime, Molly was rubbing Danny's leaking cock tip against the hairy entrance of Harrison's long, ragged anal slit. She spread the thick hair that protected Harrison's portal, and made sure that Danny's knob was brushing against the usually protected and untouched entrance. She also propped up Harrison long, thick cock against the split of Brady's muscular buttocks, prodding it against the teen's tight anus. Jem and Molly had the three men just where they wanted them, especially with the overhead camera whirring and capturing the tableaux.

Jem called Jake over to help them, so the boy put down his video camera now that the overhead was engaged, and eagerly came to assist. Jem whispered to Jake to spread Brady's ass cheeks, making the teen, who could not see what was happening, clench his strong glutes and protest desperately as someone was again fondling his private portal. The Jeffries boys had played with Brady's ass the first time they had been with him in the basement at their house, giving him an enema and more, but then he was drugged and out of it. He hardly remembered anything the next day thanks to the roofie that he had been fed. Today, this was different; Brady was fully conscious now and his sacred boy portal, his last conscious vestige of teenage masculinity and privacy, was about to be broached by the small, probing fingers. Brady and Danny were required to keep themselves clean, administering their own enemas each day when they showered in the morning, and after their ablutions. At those times, they might provoke an erection if their showers were being supervised by the boys, or pressure if they were locked into their cock restraints, but they were careful not to punish their prostate glands because of the overwhelming sensations and discomfort. But now, the Jeffries boys, along with Molly, were determined to provoke just those sensations and to drive the boys, along with Harrison, dizzy from them. Jake spread the teenage boy's ass cheeks, exposing his ragged, sensitive anus to the gaze of a girl he did not know adding to his humiliation.

"Jesus, what the fuck are you doing…not my ass…please, not in front of her….God Damn…please…get yer hands off my ass…oh God, no….stop-it, don't stick your finger in my ass….aaaaaggghhhhhhhhh. Oh shit, not in front of her…oh fuck, don't touch me there…not there….uuuuggggghhhhhh!"

Brady shivered helplessly as the sweet ache was induced by Jake's small, lubed and probing finger. Jake would take his index finger, dip it in lube, and then baste the older boy's wrinkled opening, wriggling his finger by scratching gently and flicking—finally worming into the aperture and up into the hot, tight rectum. Jem had taught him about the prostate gland, and now Jake zeroed in on Brady's fuck nut, looking forward to the time when he would perhaps tie the older boy's legs over his head and finger him until he squirted his cum helplessly from a finger fuck. "Ooooohh fuuuccckkk…nnnnooooo… aaaaggghhh" Jake grunted, making the helpless teen buck and wiggle against the persistent fingering. Jem knew his younger brother's talented finger had found Brady's prostate and was also lubing the hole and internally masturbating the bound boy. The result was that Brady reflexively began to grind his ass against Harrison's hairy stomach, and bounce his leaking dick against the man's face.

Brady was frotting against the body below him, and his rigid prong was getting a good rub over Harrison's face, leaking copious amounts of his pre-fuck from the irritation of his prostate and the finger wiggling inside him. Plus, at the instigation of Molly, Danny's fingertips were brushing and scratching across Brady's rubbery teen teats, sending electrical shocks through his chest and down to his dick. At the same time, it was Harrison's turn. He remained completely dazed from the occasional hits of Amyl Nitrate that were administered by Jem when Brady's prong was out of the way of his nose, and occasional sips of beer through a straw in his glass. The poppers were keeping the big man and now the teenage boys confused, and hardly in a place to focus. But the sensation of a penis bouncing against his face and his prick rubbing against the firm butt split resting on his stomach, made Harrison begin to grind his own ass into the bed, flick his long toes, and scrabble his hands and fingers stretched out over his head, bound to the bed-head. At the same time, there was a new, strange sensation at his anus! A soft, yet firm and bulbous thing was pushing against his own crack, tickling his hairs and pushing against his private place.

Jem looked at Molly and motioned as if to say, "its all yours" as he pointed to Danny and Harrison's ass. Molly eyes had been glued with rapt fascination on Brady's big boy prick knob, batting Harrison's nose and lips, lubing them with his teen pre-fuck as the man turned his head one way and the other to avoid it. She would love to have sucked Brady's big boy prick or Harrison's giant club. But watching the boys and the man helpless and being used for each other's pleasure was so exciting, she constantly felt as if she was on the verge of orgasm. She had much she wanted to say to Har, to whisper into his ear, but the chance to grasp a teenage boner and slide it into his tight rectum once again made her tits ache and her clit itch and burn. She squeezed one hand between her legs as she sat on the edge of the bed, and used the other to grasp Danny's prick, thumbing the big knob knocking at Harrison's cleft. Danny's cock flexed and pulsed from the excruciating sensation of the soft girlish fingers gliding over his fevered, and sensitive cock head, and her fingernails gently scratching the pebbled and aching glans. Danny hissed, leaning his head back and then forward to rest against Brady's back, closing his eyes and thrusting out his chest against Brady. His week-long abstinence from any touch on his prick caused his toes to curl tight with need.

Jake removed his finger from Brady's boy cunt, and came around the bed on the other side to help Molly. He lubed his index finger to tease and finally breach Harrison's hairy portal. Harrison's eyes opened wide when he felt the small fingers rubbing his anal slit, and then worming in. Jem squirted some lube on the head of Danny's bulging cock knob as Molly thumbed it, and then encouraged her to pull the thick shaft down and forward, forcing Danny to bend forward on his knees a bit to relieve the tension of Molly's grip. The upward curve of Danny's penis fought the push that Molly was making to place his cock at the entrance of Harrison's man cunt, now vacated by Jake's lubing finger. Jem went back to passing the RUSH under the nostrils of Brady, Danny and Harrison, and all three---Jem, Jake and Molly---starred with excited fascination as the bulging glans of Danny's prick head was rubbed up and down Harrison's long, ragged cleft.

At the same time, Brady was resisting the huge cock head of Harrison's big penis that Jem's hand was now firmly grasping and pushing, against the teen's tight hole. To overcome Brady's resistance, and in one swift motion, Molly licked inside Brady's near ear as Jem rubbed the bloated man's glans against the protesting teen chute. The ticklish sensation in his ear caught the older teen off guard. Any time girls had licked his ears while making out, it always drove Brady wild, almost making him ejaculate prematurely. He lost his determined focus to protect his boy cunt for a moment and it was just enough to lodge Harrison's big cock head into the teenager's ragged opening. At the same instant, a firm swat from Molly's palm on Danny's tight buns, drove the rigid, thick cock head of the older teen into Harrison's hairy cleft while the man's cock was driving on Brady's exposed anus. Another firm slap from Molly's open hand and her index fingernail dragging through Danny's clenched buns, made the spasmodic boy drive his prong through Harrison's taut and resisting sphincter. Harrison, feeling the rigid intrusion into his rectum, bellowed out loud in pain and shock and drove his own thick cock up and through Brady's asslips where it was lodged and plunged it into a squealing Brady Cannon!

The room was filled with three distinct wails. Brady howled as Harrison's oversized cock head breached his anal portal, and lodged into his spasming rectum creating pain that made him feel faint. "AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!" Brady screamed, "OH GOD, OH FUCK…NOOOOOOO…AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, JESUS CHRIST…HELP…..OOOOH GOD, FUCK, SHIT—GETIT OUT, GETIT OUT!" At the same time, Harrison bellowed out a deep yelp that betrayed his own helpless invasion. "AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH, SHIT, WHAT THE FUCK….DAMN IT, OH CHRIST…FUCK YOU…AAAAAGGGGGGGHHH!" the stunned man wailed as Danny's thick knob pushed past his tight ring and the shaft slid two inches into his rectum. As the yells were filling the room, Jake slid behind Danny, and switched on to medium a sender vibrating wand the boys had found in one of Harrison's dresser drawers, lubed it and in the confusion, slid it into Danny's unsuspecting anus. The third declaration was more of a squeal, as Danny realized his anus was now being helplessly probed, albeit by something far more slender that the dicks invading Brady and Harrison. "Ohhhhh fuuuucccckkkk, Jesus Christ, Oh my God….take it out…OOOOOHHHHHHH, shit, oh take it out….!" But there was going to be no reprieve for the three men in Harrison Chamber's bed, as the overhead camera caught every bucking movement. It was a miracle the bed did not collapse under the lunging efforts to escape of each of the big bodies.

When Molly used her index finger with its long painted nail against Danny's firm tits and the buzzing anal prod that was being expertly worked against his teenage prostate, Danny had no alternative but to jerk and drive his rock hard prong deeper into Harrison in response to the new and awkward sensation at his ass. Danny's cock reacted to the clinging walls of Harrison's muscular and lubed rectum by screwing his Pavlovian dick back and forth like a jackhammer, and as he did so, the greedy glans searching for its long denied milking, banged against the teacher's big virgin fuck nut. "OOOOOOHHHHH GOOODDDD, AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH…FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!" Harrison boomed. His own powerful hips began to bounce and buck helplessly to both avoid the wicked fucking he was getting, and yet at the same time to demand the deliciously new and intense friction against his prostate that made his cock involuntarily plunge deep into Brady's helpless teen boy cunt.

In a tableaux that made Jem's and Jake's pricklets throb with excitement, the three men that they had captured were helplessly being fucked into a delirium of sensation, their drugged and unsatisfied prongs seeking release and relief; two in tight rasping confines that were milking them to shattering cums, and one that was waving and leaking helplessly, in desperate need of a firm hand to bring it to its greedy conclusion. This movie was an academy winner in the male porn category, and its director, [Jem] producer [Molly] and "best boy" [Jake], were all up for awards. Soon they would have all the material they needed to bring all three men into complete submission, as if they had not already achieved it with Brady and Danny. But now Harrison was virtually caged and trapped, and once a cock restraint was applied to his oversized man prong, he would be literally imprisoned for Molly and Jem to use as they pleased.

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