Crew Team Discipline 6: Road Trip

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental. Any reprints with attribution to author.

Synopsis: The coxswain of a college crew team takes on the responsibility of keeping jocks on campus in line.

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Last summer I went to visit my cousin Wade in hicksville out in Arizona. He is twenty, but acts like he's fifteen, with a boner for every chick he sees. When I was a sophmore in high school, and he was just finishing junior high, we went on a camping trip together, and I taught that kid that his dick could be fun no matter who played with it. By the end of the week, I had him tied up and gagged each night, using everything from his tooth brush to a wash rag to torture his amazing long and skinny dick into monster spends. Our last night, I milked him three times, and that kid's hardon just kept on working.

We hadn't hooked up like that again, thought when he came to visit me at college last year, I found that for a guy who leaked each time a nice pair of tits walked by, he didn't mind me getting him drunk and trussed up one night in my room, strapping his legs over his head and making him eat the gism I milked out of his stiffy against his protesting lips. He just acted like nothing happened the next day, and that was fine by me. I threw a rod each time I saw his long legs, nice feet in flip-flops, and that snake like cock, a good eight inches when hard, with a slight curve towards the right side and a fine, wide helmet.

Well when I arrived, we went out to the local pub so he could oggle the local pussy, and I could check out the meat in heat. While we were there, he pointed out a guy he had met at college in Tuscon, who he said swung both ways. I asked him how he knew, and he told me that he'd gone to a frat party and stumbled into an upstairs room where he saw this guy working on both a girl and a guy. "When he saw I wasn't grossed out or anything, he asked me if I like to join him." Wade told me that by the time the night ended, he had fucked the girl twice, and had his balls, asshole and feet, licked by the tied up guy who had a painfully hard boner that was being teased all night. I asked who the kid was who was in charge, the guy he saw at the bar, and he said his name was Nick Jameson. Now this Nick sounded like my kind of guy, and so I slipped over to the bar and bought him a drink.

He looked at me puzzled, but accepted the drink, and I told him that my cousin Wade had told me about him. I pointed out Wade who was trying to get friendly with pert redhead, whose nipples were outlined by her blouse, and whose legs were barely covered by a mini-skirt. As Nick looked at Wade, I checked him out. If you can imagine, me and Nick were about the same height and weight, 5'8" and 145-150 lbs. I dug his buzz cut, and the golden hair on his arms, and brown fur on his legs. He was wearing shorts, and the front bulged nicely to one side with a thick cudgel that promised more. His feet were also about my size, 9, with some hair on the top of each foot and his toes, muscular and meaty in his flip-flops. I imagined sucking on them as I tickled his asshole-tied donw in one of my special positions. But first things first, maybe this guy could make my three weeks in Arizona fun by letting me join in on his deal, and so I was determined to be polite and supportive. I was intrigued by the bulldog tattoo on his right arm, and the Marine's semper-fi on the other, suggesting that he was older and had come back to college after a stint with Uncle Sam. A handsome fuck, I wanted to get to know old Nick better.

"So where you from, I haven't seen you with Wade at school?"

I responded that I was in college back East, a member of the crew team, and that I was visiting my cousin for three weeks before I headed out to crew camp for the summer. He seemed genuinely interested when he heard I was on the crew team, and he seemed to appraise me as I had him earlier, but not in a stupid or obvious way...I like that in a "I wanna suck you dick look"...just a kind of competitive, guy to guy look, that made my dick stiffen slightly. I wanted to let him know that I was a fun kinda dude, so I pressed forward with my bar bull.

"Wade said you and him had some good times at school, and I was wondering if you could tell me where a guy could score in this burb?" Nick looked at me with a knowing sneer, and a smile that could wet panties, and said, " wanna get your dick drained, I gotta a deal going that if you liked what Wade told ya, you welcome to join." I told him I was in, and that I had some things to share that might light his wick too. After letting Wade know I was leaving, Nick and I headed out. As I looked back, it seemed that my fuck crazy cuz was in the corner fingering the blond with the legs (legs that now seemed suspiciously spread apart), while he smooched on her neck and used his free hand to keep grazing her tit. I was determined that Nick and I would have to get together to work Wade before my three weeks were up.

When we got to Nick's place, I found that his parents were gone for a month to Europe on vacation. Nice deal, parents out and the house to himself. But the big surprise was in the garage. There neatly tied was a gorgeous piece of boy...waiting to be worked, sweating, but with a rigid erection, wet with sticky pre-scum, gagged and blindfolded. Now this was the kind of scene near and dear to my own heart, and the only disappointment was that Nick wasn't tied up next to the hapless sack of shit we were about to play with.

His name was James Easterly, but Nick called him "Beast." Simple, but appropriate for a guy whose only purpose was to serve and be milked. The fucker was tall, 6' 3", and 21 years old. He had a buzz cut, of reddish brown hair, with hazel eyes I would learn later, and the chiseled features of white trash. He had ruddy skin that would tan in the sun, but little hair. He was only about 180 lbs., but it was firm and toned. He had a tight little butt, and as I walked around him and saw the sweat drip into his ass crack, I had a hankering to let my blunt index finger follow it to see the taut little knot of muscle that it led to. But the feature that really got my bone dripping was his big feet. This was no tiny Chris O'Donnel, but one with size eleven hooves, and they were muscular with long curved toes, strong and accustomed to exercise. I was determined to get intimate with those feet while Nick and I found ways to work this piece of fuck meat into draining his full nuts. And speaking of dick, that's what this beast was blessed with. His testicles were fat golf balls, in a low hanging sack, hairy and reeking of ball sweat and nut sap. His prick was a cool eight and one-half inches, with a wicked curve that aimed to his navel, with a fat helmet and wide body. I was ready to suggest that we put on batting gloves, grease the palms, and milk him for the next four hours, but I restrained myself.

His arms were cuffed up to the middle of his back. He was standing on his feet, but he was slightly elevated on the balls of his feet, because sticking out of a socket in the garage floor was what looked like a thin broom handle lodged up Beasty's asshole. I learned that at the end of the handle a short, dildo was screwed on and gently inserted in the animal's butt. It was ribbed, and pebbled, and worked with a cute little remote control that could cause it to vibrate, gently swirl, and move up and down. Right now, it was on a very low humming buzz, gently and ever so slightly massaging Beasty's fuck nut. Nick had left the thing up and in Beasty's well greased fundament, high enough to make him move up and down a bit to relieve the pressure, and it was set on automatic to give him a buzz that made him rise on his toes to stop the tingle on his sensitive prostate. Ahhh, I love to see a big boy with a hot hole, babbling and unable to ejaculate as his hole is tingled to distraction. That's why his cock was lurching, slowly dripping with sticky pre-fuck, lubricating his hapless boner for a good massage. The gag in his mouth allowed him to grunt and groan, and with two little wired clips neatly attached to his pebbled nipples, sending another low charge into his body, I understood that this boy was made to be used.

Nick explained as we walked toward Beasty that he had met him in after James had just graduated from high school. He hung out with a group of guys some of whom Nick knew from high school, and from hanging out. James wanted to be one of the guys, stoic hard boy look, fuck talk and the like. But Nick knew that his background suggested that he might be worthy of closer inspection. Seemed like the Beast had come from a military home, dad was tough, married three times, had been in military school. He later learned that Beasty had been used by a couple of seventeen year old pricks in military school. They'd tie him on his knees on his bunk, head down. His hands were attached his ankles that were kept wide roped to an old broom. They'd gag him with their wet jock straps from gym, and take turns rolling his tits and jerking the fat knob of his bursting boy dick until he'd let them do anything to get off. Then his two older roommates would take turns sliding their long, thin dicks down his throat and up his sweet ass. They got proficient at rubbing his horny boy nut with their hard teenage cocks, until he'd shoot stream of scum without anyone massaging his boner. They loved to hear him whim and grunt when his fuck blasted out of his dick, as one or the other was rasping his cock in and out of the clenching asshole. His last night, they made him lick them from head to foot, especially all over their long toes, and into their hairy butt holes, and suck them off after begging to be fucked. Then they tied him as usual, but produced a vibrating dildo that they strapped up his hole and turned on in him. Then they joked and laughed as they used their batting gloves to milk four huge loads of cum out of his horny boy nuts. I nearly shot in my jeans, just listening to Nick tell the tale, as he removed the clips from Beasty's tits, and began to roll them using the boy's own sweat to lube them as he continued to fuck himself on the pole up his hole.

Nick had learned that Beasty liked dick one night in the john at the local pub. The guys were sloshed, and when the two of them ended up in the pisser, Nick slyly moaned how horny he was, and showed James how hard his dick was and talked about how he needed some relief bad. Beasty, like the dick pig he was, couldn't resist. He knew he was taking a chance, but the sight of Nick's schlong made his asshole tingle, and suggested that Nick come up to his place. They could put on a porno flick, drink beer, and jerk their dicks. Nick slurred a drunken, "sure...why the fuck not...I gotta get my bone done some way tonight, and their don't seem that there's any cunt we can take home and pork...fuck yes...less get some beer and fuck flicks and shoot scum!" Within the hour, Nick had Beasty unlacing his walking boots, slipping off his socks, and sucking his toes with his hands behind his back. Later, the big military brat was sniffing the little jock's sweaty balls, and learning how to tickle Nick's asshole with his trowelling tongue. Nick shot a load down the dumb fuck's throat, and then made him sit on his lap, while he fucked him silly, pinching his tits and massaging his dick knob until the animal shot one load on his own, and the next when Nick shot his wad up the clenching hole, torturing the kid's dick head as he milked more sticky, white starch from the trashy balls. Nick said he liked the way Nick's big toes curled when his prostate was rubbed by a hard dick.

That night, as we used electric toothbrushes all over Beasty's dick, to make him shoot three loads of animal scum, Nick told me about some other guys he knew and what he had been planning to do to some of them. Nick was on his back, legs spread and tied over his head, hands tethered over his head on a bench, of fingernails scrataching gently in his hairy armpits, as the bristles wizzed over his curved cock meat. Sharing my own background with him, we plotted together, to get several guys tied down and work them until they screamed for mercy, which was precisely what Beasty did the last time he came. We ungagged him but left him blindfolded so I could here his routine. I listened to him howl, as his tender prick tip was scrubbed senseless by the worrisome bristles on the buzzing toothbrushes. "OOOOHHHHHH JESUS...OOOOOHHHH FUCK.....NICK....JEEEZUS CHRIST...NICK PLEEEEAAAAZZZZEEEE...AAAAHHHH... NOT MY DICK HEAD...OOOOOHHH FUCK IT!.......SHIT..FUCK..PISS! NOT MY DICK HEAD......AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

It was a fucking heavenly chorus.

The object of Nick's and my attention over the next three days was a pair of brothers and their father, Christian Sagsy, his brother Martin Sagsy, and their father Christian Sr. This was sheer lunacy. It was one thing to snag preppy college kids whose dicks were handles for their bodies, and even pick up trash in bars for a quick sniff and milk job. But going after mainstream folks was a dangerous game, especially when the objects were as homophobic and straight laced as the Sagsy clan. Fuck, I knew this bonerized Arizona kid would get me trying something new and dangerous, but fuck, the challenge seemed so delicious.

The plan was too fucking good to resist. Martin's birthday was on Sunday; so Nick suggested that the five of us (the Sagsys, he and I), go out to dinner on Saturday night. The Sagsy's were upper middle class hot shit in town, the dad was a successful lawyer who had been a college football player at the U of A. At 47, he was still in the kind of shape that made secretaries pussies, drip, and when his dick got hard, he knew what to do with it even if it wasn't with his wife. His sons were chips off the old block, the product of good Anglo-Saxon breeding, a blond and a brunette, both built like fullbacks, and horny as dogs in heat. According to Nick, they were a couple of the guys he'd met after high school. They were both in college, one a senior the other a sophomore, and both had been high school football players not quite good enough for college. Like most guys who come from their background, girls were just an ornament to fuck and parade around other guys, and both like to humiliate girls in the sack, pounding prick to them and making them worship their hard bodies.

Chris Sagsy, or "Big Sags" was 6' and 190 compact lbs. He has penetrating blue eyes, and blond crew cut hair. Golden hair fleeces his arms and legs and even his washboard stomach with its deep "inny" navel. The hair darkens from that navel to his thick cock bush, and while his ass was smooth, the dark brown hair filled the crack, was wedged around his big mounded, plump ball sack, and even sprouted on the tops of his long, thick toes. His size 10.5 feet, were big and muscular, the feet of a hard driving tight end, high arched feet that liked flip flops, Tevas and walking boots to soothe their damp, often overheated quality. Like Dad, the boys had dicks that were more wide that long, and Big Sags had 7.5 nice thick inches that jutted straight out from above his swollen ball sack.

"Little Sags", twenty year old Martin, was compact and even wider than his brother. At 5' 8" and 205 lbs., this little bowling ball was the high school tailback of your dreams. His fine, bubble butt hard ass made you think "tail" when you saw him, and with his dark blond hair, almost black eyebrows, and dark brown hair in his armpits, crotch, butt crack, and on a couple of his size nine feet, he looked like the kind of kid next door whom you just knew was a nasty fuck in private. He was lightly dusted on arms and legs with fine blond hair...not the fleece of his big brother. But like his brother he had a round, swollen ball sack, slightly smaller, with a short, fat cock that looked liked it would be 6 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Christian Senior was still a man's man. His balls and dick were smaller than his sons, but like them they were round and swollen, and his dick pushed straight out thick and angry when he got hard...maybe six inches like Martin or a little less. Brown hair, brown eyes, and dusted all over with brown fleece, even at 47, Mr. Sagsy looked like someone you could milk like a bull in the right situation.

Nick exhibited no compassion in trying to figure a way to bring these meatheads down to size. He'd seen the boys tag team girls with their buddies, screwing one drunk chick after a night partying twenty times and laughing at her like a whore when they dropped her off at the place. She was too humiliated to make a complaint, but the guys winked and smiled at her whenever they saw her at a bar, while she just blushed and tried to avoid them. They wouldn't have anything to do with her after that night, she was used goods, like a used condom, she'd been a receptacle for other guys fuck slop. As far as Nick was concerned, these jerk off artists, with their angry attitudes, tough talk, and hard cocks were perfect fodder for a night of humiliation. Once I heard the plan, I agreed. There was just a chance we could pull this off and not get our asses busted.

Both boys worked as gardeners during the Summer and on breaks. Tanned and blond, their summer good looks were often coupled with exhaustion. They worked six days a week, so their social lives were intimately associated with their fists. Nick told me he'd even seen Big Sags finger his asshole gently, just at the opening, while he pounded his pud one night after a poker game where he'd slept over after getting smashed. He'd also heard the little brother brag about how he made chicks suck his asshole before he'd fuck 'em, so I figured that assholes were a theme in this family. I just wondered how Daddy would like something up his still tight hole? Since the boys had worked Saturday, it wasn't too hard to persuade them to go out to dinner, and by letting Daddy Sags in on the planning, it made it a perfect pack of Sags for dinner, and later for Nick and my desert. During the birthday dinner we discreetly plopped some powder in their beers that Nick had saved carefully for the occasion. The three of them got smashed to hell, even Daddy, and we offered to take 'em home. We did, and once they got there, we hung out in Nick's van until the lights went out only a few minutes later. Nick had taken Little Sags keys before he left the house, and we entered through the back porch and kitchen. By the time we sneaked upstairs with our sacks of toys, the Sagsys were out like the lights. With Momma Sagsy out of town at her sister's for several days, this was a plot made in heaven.

I brought a stationary bicycle that he had modified upstairs from Nick's van. We put that in the master bedroom while Daddy snored. Then we went to the boys rooms and found each of them naked and sprawled out on their beds. Little Sags had a boner, but Big Sags was just out. First we rolled both boys onto their stomachs, then we attached spreader bars to their feet, put collars around their necks with a chain that attached to their arms that got cinched high up the middle of their backs. Nick put ear plugs on both, then a dark, cloth cover over their heads to blind them. Their noses were free, and in their mouths were inserted small hollow and perforated ball gags that were strapped to the back of their heads. After we did the same to Dad, we carried each one of the boys, into the master bedroom, Big Sags on the couch next to the window, and Little Sags next to Dad on the king size bed. Then Nick gave each of them a small shot in the butt of a drug that would both waken them and make their dicks spring up in painful erections. This jerk juice was a concoction that he bought from a guy in Mexico that had created for and used on bulls to get them in heat, but had been modified for the white slave market to make men fuck horny all the time. With their dicks now chaffing beneath them, and their eyes beginning to open, the Sagsys found that for the first time in their lives, they could not control their own bodies. My dick was rigid, dripping juice like a faucet, in my briefs and throbbing as if I would come spontaneously. "Get a grip," I told myself, squeezing my eyes shut for a moment and squeezing my asshole tight as well as my cock muscles, forcing my dick to remain under control.

As the Sagsys came out of their drug induced stupor, the realization of their situation made them panic. They were trussed, gagged and blinded, and none of them could hear. Each began struggling against the bonds which did not make them immobile, but prevented them from using their bodies for leverage of any sort. Even on the king size bed, baby Sagsy and his Dad did not know they were next to each other, although their movements made it clear that someone else was also on the bed. I motioned to Nick to let's go over to the couch, and start with Chris. The big boned, blond still smelled of his Old Spice Sports deodorant and Irish Spring soap. Even the crack of his ass had not given way to the fragrant stench of sweat. We pulled Chris over the edge of the couch so that his knees were on the floor, and his spread legs were pointed backwards and kept apart by the bar. He was pulled back along with his arms when we attached a chain from his cinched arms to the bar. Now with his head pulled up, his chest sticking out and up, and his feet spread wide, Chris Sagsy was our for an investigation. I used one finger to tickle his neck and Adam's apple, thrust out with his head pulled back by the chain from his collar to his cinched arms. As I tickled him there with one hand, my other finger found a large raspberry tit, pebbled and rubbery, thrust up and out at the end of one pec. I licked my finger, and began to roll it back and forth as my other finger scratched back and forth on his Adam's apple. He couldn't move his head without strangling himself, and so all he did was hiss and burp through the holes in his ball gag. Nick took my cue, and used one finger in the deep well of his hairy navel, and the other along his ribcage. Within moments, an angry red pecker with a fat plum head, thrust up from between his legs and over the edge of the couch. His deep piss lips were already full of pre-cum, and the sap was drooling down his thick dong as we picked up the pace and made him squeak and squawk through the ball gag, wriggling futilely from the tickling that his big body was enduring.

We were delighted that he sprung a boner so quickly, and moved our points of attack to keep him off balance. Nick switched to a spongy tit, and I trailed a finger through the thick down in his ass crack to take tentative pokes at his nether portal. My other hand went to the inside of his thighs, just below his big fat, swollen ball sack, scratching up and down and occasionally lightly trailing underneath his balls to the sensitive space between his asshole and his balls. More clear honey burped from his bulging dick knob, and the spike that had worn down campus clits was now helplessly throbbing, occasionally grinding against the rough material of the couch cushions.

Nick produced a sweet little ass prod, that fit snugly into a harness. He basted the thing with lube from Chris' dripping dick, and then slowly, with the utmost care and determination, rubbed it against the tightly clenched lips of the boy's asshole. But when I returned to plucking his tits, and made an Entebbe like raid on his ticklish navel, Nick was able to catch the confused dick brain off guard, and gently slide the thin probe into his ass. Junior was not used to anything in that protected bastion of his manhood, and he nearly broke the thing in two from the way he pressed and squeezed his ass muscles. But some quick work on his inner thighs, coupled with a sudden grasp of his big balls in my fist, caused him to lose his sense of priorities, and Nick slid the prod the rest of the way in, and buckled the harness around his waist. With Chris cursing and hissing through his gag, we left him, not able to masturbate his big wand against the couch, but occasionally getting it rubbed from his movements enough to keep the thing up hard, and sticky.

Since the men were all wearing ear plugs, Nick decided that we should remove Baby Sagsy's gag, so we could hear him talk. He had a reputation for a foul mouth, and we heard that in bed he made girls juice just by talking dirty to 'em. So now was his chance to sing for us, and sing he did when we got to playing with his body. Just as Nick removed the gag, he broke into a non-stop chorus:

"What the fuck's going on...lemme up...look whoever you are, take what you want, but leave us alone...where's my brother and Dad,....jesus, lemme'on what the fuck, lemme up...and take the fuckin' plugs outta my ears...I can't even fuckin' hear myself...." That of course caused him to speak even louder, but we were confident that Daddy Sagsy had sound-proofed the room so he could fuck his wife without disturbing the boys at night. When the boys were young and she still liked to be fucked on a regular schedule, she had a penchant for screaming as Daddy's dick rode her clit, and now that special touch was going to allow us the privacy we needed to get this boys worked up and over.

To get him going a bit further, Nick put on a pair of my batting gloves from home, covered with the wonderful stiff horse hair. These were short bristles, stiff and firm, just right for the inner thighs of a muscle bound prick like Martin. At the same time, I took a position on the floor between his spread and shackled feet that hung over the edge of the bed. Those muscular, high arched, size nines were about to feel their first bristles from a scrub brush, from top to bottom and under each curled, thick toe. We counted out "one, two, three..." then launched into our assault. Baby Sags almost leaped up and off the bed, and he screamed bloody murder as the merciless tickling began on his inner thighs and soft feet.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh...ha,ha,ha,haa...........nnnnnnoooooo....aaaaahahhhhhhhh.....nnnooo,... stop!, stop!......aaaaahahahahahah...what'yer doin' .....aaaaaahhahahahaha....nooo STOP! YOU FUCKERS...STOP....NNNOOOOOOOOO...AAAAAAGHHHHAHAHAH!"

Nick decided to oblige him, by reaching under his body, and pulling his fire plug cock back between his legs. Like a good dick brain, his pecker had gone hard from the sudden stimulation. Nick held it and stroked its sensitive knob, while with the other hand he rode the bristles from thighs to lower back, to ass crevice, to drive Baby Sags crazy. For my part, those beautiful boy feet were curling and scrunching to avoid my attack, and I sniffed their solid man scent, as I moved from one to the other without any rhythm to keep him off balance. Baby Sags was beginning to get the picture:

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh, ha, ha, ha......aaaaaahhhhhhh....what the fuuuucccck...keeep yer hands of my peckerrrr...aaaagggghhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha,......nnnooooo...ooooohhh FUCK, pppppplllllleeeeeeezzzzeeee...aaaaha, ha, ha, ha, ha....fffuuuuucccccckkk...stop, stop, no more, no more....aaaaahhhhhhh, ha, ha, ha......!"

We pulled Baby Sags up on his knees then rolled him onto his back. We uncinched his arms, and buckled one arm at a time to the same side ankle. I held his balls in my fist and squeezed a bit so that he got the message not to resist, but to tell the truth, he was so exhausted from the tickling, he was almost limp anyway. By attaching his wrists next to his ankles, it pulled his knees up to his stomach and completely exposed his asshole and balls between his spread legs.

I took his now semi-erect dick, and began a gentle but insistent slide of my fist on the thick spike. Soon, his dick erected completely, as he protested in vain. "Please, whoever you are...let us go, don't do this, stop playing with my cock...oh fuck...who is this...jesus, stop playing with my dick, nnnnnooooooo....don't....aaaaaggghhhh....shit, what'yer, not my dick. Jesus!

Nick used his blunt index finger, to begin tickling the hairy hole between those beefy thighs, with the dark hair inside the crack. Baby Sags had a real cute anal knot, a tight hole with a wrinkled mouth that was squeezed shut. But that Nick, he knew just how to tickle and scratch at the meaty entrance, and with my twirling my fist and fingers over the inflamed prick tip and an occasional foray to his coned tits, little Sagsy was weakening, and yielding to the insidious finger that threatened to queer him. "Oh shit....what the fuck are ya doing...get your hand outta my ass...aaaahhhh fuck...not my dick head...shit....stop it, STOP IT!, Christ, I can't cock... oooohhhh... it so fuckin' weird....aaaggghhhhhh man...what'yer doing to me....ooooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuccccck. Ah, what the fuck is that...get it out, GET IT OUT! Aaaahhhh shit, not my fuckin' ass...nooooo, can't do this to me...nnooooooo, ooooooohhhhh shit...I gettin' queered, I'm getting fucked....aaaagggghhhhh, what is that...what is that? What'yer doing up there...what'yer rubbin' oooooooooowww....Aaaaaggghhhh shit, oohhhh SHIT!"

With little Sags in the proper frame of mind, Nick basted a small, slender dildoe, ribbed and spiked, with a wonderful gel that he that had to be careful not to get on his hands. Then with a tickling, gentle screwing action, he slowly defeated Martin's clenching resistance, and gradually worked the thing up the muscular shit shute. It suddenly dawned on Baby Sags though, that there was something more than the full feeling of being stuffed up his butt. It seemed suddenly like a jillion ants were eating him inside out, as the gel began to raise little bumps around the edge of his ass pucker, and all along the sensitive, virgin lining as the prod slipped up and up to his bung nut. As soon as Martin opened his mouth to scream in protest, I slipped the perforated ball gag back in so he couldn't explain the disaster that had overcome him..."AAAaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeee....NNNOoooooo,AAAAAahhhhhhhhh...FFFFFUUUUCCCCKK ....mmmmmghhhghhhh...mmmmnnn, uuuuggghhhhh...." The sound of his muffled blubbering was music to our ears, and the incessant moving of his ass on the bed, told us that the itching was driving him insane. His toes curled, his hands clenched, his ass bounced, and his tits hardened. But there was no where to go. For good measure, we attached a wooden clothes pin to each cone like nipple, clamping the tender tip, and distracting the poor baby with one more sensation that was beyond his control.

Now it was time for Daddy. Father knows best, the saying goes, and we were determined to make sure that this daddy knew the entire scene before the night was through. Nick told me that both the boys had told them that their Dad was quite a hound. He put up the front as solid citizen and good husband and father, but he had taken the boys to a Nevada brothel after they went to college, and had joined them in selecting a cunt for the night. On top of that, Chris had seen his Dad pussy munching one of the secretaries in his office one night when he'd come by to visit him after hours. Chris Jr. had told Nick that he'd stood outside the cracked office door, while his Dad ate out the snatch of a sweet little redhead, pinching her tits while he thumbed her clit and tongued porked her sweet dripping slot. Daddy's own cock was up and hard between his legs, his pants and briefs at his ankles as he ate cunt. Nick said Chris had claimed to take out his own swollen boner, and jerked off a good load watching his Dad with the secretary.

Apparently the Senior Sagsy was the kind of guy who didn't play with his own pork, and was constantly horny since his wife had lost her interest in sex after the boys were born. A good Catholic upbringing made him uptight and horny. He'd go days without getting his nut, but when he shot gism, he gysered, spraying everything in sight with the thick, white curds of Daddy scum in long bolts from his fat piss lips. We stretched the elder Sagys out on his back, as his muffled protests were burbled through his perforated ball gag. Then we each doned a set of my famous finger gloves with taut, firm bristles on each finger tip. Then our four hands began an earnest investigation of Daddy Sagsy's torso and body. His arms were retied over his head to the bedframe, and his legs were nicely splayed by the spreader bar. I started at his still muscular feet, and Nick started at his nicely haired armpits. Within seconds, we had the old fucker howling through his gag, a raging boner flopping from one side of his still firm stomach to the other, flinging drops of pre-scum over his abs. When I slipped a finger between his tight buns, and sought out his hairy anal portal, while Nick twirled his hard tipped, rubbery teats, he began to bounce up and down on the bed, matching his youngest son who was desperate to get at the itch that was driving him slowly insane next to Dad on the bed. I then took just my thumb and index finger of the free hand, and began a quick, no nonsense massage of the huge dick head on Daddy's short, thick plug. Nothing like masturbating an older guy who is as horny as a sixteen year old, but has a history of denial. A prick tip that had never had rough treatment, and was used to the velvet glove of a tight cunt, the helpless cock head was thoroughly scrubbed with just two fingers, while the piss lips and circumcision scar were also relentlessly tortured by the scratching bristles. When his dick head suddenly expanded obscenely, and he arched his chest and tickled ass off the bed, we both withdrew our fingers instantly. His prick tip, throbbed and drooled streams of clear scum, but he was left with a bad case of swollen nuts. Our group of Sagsy's were ready for the thrill of a lifetime.

We lifted Daddy off the big bed, and placed him on the stationary bicycle we had brought in, still gasping and grunting from his near ejaculation, and his tortured cock was still hard and raging over his blue balls. We tied his feet to the pedals, cinched his arms up behind his back, and secured him to the unique seat. We leaned his torso forward, and strapped his head to a raised rest elevated from the handle bars. That way, his body was bent forward on the seat, and his ass was spread open from behind. That's where the design of the seat was so marvelous. A large hole was located in the middle of the saddle attached to a piston with a screw top. We screwed in a plastic dildoe, covered with short spikes, and occasionally circled with quarter-inch bands of horse hair bristles. I squirted some lube up the hot, resisting hole of Daddy Sags while Nick coated the thin, short dildoe. Then he screwed it into the piston, and slowly raised it through the opening in the seat. Twisting it back and forth, with me using the bristle glove on Sagsy Sr.'s blunt dick head, we distracted him enough to get the prod well lodged up his anus. Then Nick plugged in the electric bicycle, and set the automatic pedal to slow. The moment that the wheels began to turn, the little piston began an automatic cycle of raising and lowering, sliding the well greased little mechanized dick up and down the rectum of Daddy Sags. Moreover, it would randomly twist and roll slightly one way then the other, making sure every once in a while to go high enough to rub past the sensitive prostate deep in Daddy's hungry hole. As we left him to return to the boys, a high pitched whine was whooshing from the perforated holes of his gag, letting us know that Daddy was getting the ride of his life, one that would let him know just how women feel as men's sturdy pistons are grinding their clits and sweet spots to helpless levels of stimulation.

We returned to the boys, and brought big brother to the bed, and trussed both him and his brother alike. We put the spreader bar under their knees, and tied the knees spread apart. Then we attached both boys wrists to the bar also. That way, they were trussed like chickens, with their wings and thighs nicely spread. We pulled both boys up to each other, so that their winking assholes were facing each other, and their legs and feet were almost tangled. Then we affixed connecting rods between the two bars (so that the boys could not pull away from one another). Now the fun. We already had Baby Sagsy wriggling from the maddening itch in his fundament, but we now took the time to carefully coat the lining of big brothers rectum with the same horrible itching gel. Adding more to baby brother, we soon saw the angry red dots appear at both sets of sexy, tightly clenched asslips, and knew that up to each boy's fuck nut, there was an 'angry army of red ants' eating away at their ass linings. Both began squawking like they had been shot, and so we used gel some on their balls and on their tits and finally their dick heads to make sure that they got their money's worth. If we had put on a CD of Elvis singing "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On" we could not have captured the scene. These boys were wild, bouncing and howling through their gags, swinging their heads in a desperate attempt to free their eyes so they could at least see their tormentors, clenching their toes, and scrabbling their useless hands.

Now Nick pulled out from his bag, a wonderful double headed dildoe, with batteries in the middle so that both ends would vibrate, and little remote control device that operated it. But his sweet improvement on the basic ridges and little knobs, was that just under the dick like head of each end of the dildo, where the wide cock flange was locked, both wore a ring of taut bristles. Can you imagine how desperate those two boys rectums were for something to soothe their itch? And can you imagine how frustrating it would be to get the soothing sensation of the bristles, coated with more of the gel which only exacerbated the desperate need for scratching. Moreover, since the dildoes were two headed, once lodged in both, with all the movement made by the two boys, these artificial pricks would be fucking them, itching them, and tickling them at the same time. The boys would be fucking each other, spurred on by the gel. Indeed, when I saw how the remote control worked, I understood that the boys would be almost competing to fuck one another. The dildoe heads also gave off an unpatterned, random electric shock every four to seven seconds, which made the person who received it squeeze to expel it. But of course, all that did was drive the cudgel up the butt hole of the other. In fact, the only way to stop the tickling and itching caused by the bristles in conjunction with the gel, was to stay perfectly still and try to concentrate on outlasting the itching. But once introduced gently into the two assholes, now unable to move away from each other, and the buzzing, humming vibrations were joined by the unpredictable electric shocks, the Sagsy boys were forced to move spasmodically and to fuck each other's brains out. They began squealing for mercy while their raging cocks, drooled pre-scum in anticipation of ejaculations aplenty. "AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE......UUUUUNNNNGGGGG.... OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH....OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW....AAAAHHH... MMMMPPPPPHHHHHH....AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" The way those boys could sing, it was almost poetic. No girl they had ever fucked had crooned the bitch heat like these boys now wailed.

Their toes were tightly curled, and the angry red dots on their tits, balls and cock heads merely made them less able to control the spasaming in their assholes, and the wicked massage of their fuck nuts. We even put some under their armpits, and on the bottom of their noses around their nostrils to completely confuse them.

We then removed Daddy from his bike ride, where he had shot two times spontaneously from the inexorable fucking he had received, and hauled him up to where the boys were and attached his hands to chains from each boy's respective spreader bar. That allowed both of his arms to dangle between their thighs as they fucked each other. We put a bolster pillow Momma Sagsy used to brace her back when she read in bed, under his chest, and cuffed his ankles apart with him on his knees. He seemed to be praying at the buzzing two headed dildoe that alternately was raping the boy's pussies, while his hands were in grasping range of their rigid boners.

Pulling out his earplugs, we disguised our voices and warned him that if he didn't masturbate the two dicks near his hands, we would turn up the nice little ass prod we had inserted into him, and use a whip on his cock head. He had just come from a relentless fucking so although I know he wanted to ask whose cocks he was being told to jerk, when Nick turned up the juice on his buzzing prod, and pulled his cock back between his thighs and gave it one quick hit with a little cock whip to get his attention, he went right to work. Of course, he couldn't just slide his fist up the respective cocks with the gel all over their dick heads without getting it on his palms. So we put two gloves with palm and finger bristles coating them, and added some additional gel to them.

The Sagsy boys sprayed gobs of gism after about a minute of Daddy's effective fist work, but when he was not allowed to stop, and they could not prevent the deep anal masturbation that was driving them up the wall, those boys sprouted erections immediately that would be rubbed and worked for the next hour. We drained the scum out of those boys balls, milking them like the bulls they were, using our own finger pads on their navels, under arms, flailing, curling feet, and coned and gelled tits.

That night, Daddy sucked the toes of both boys, licked the gism from their cocks and balls-after the gel was finally wiped away and we milked them one or two times for good measure-and was fucked by both boys, one's dick raping his mouth through a a modified funnel gag and the other one with a bristle ring on his cock up Daddy's butt.

All in all, when we left the Sagsy maison that night, we had left three men who might not want to think of sex for the next month. But we also left men who were now knowledgeable of how turned on they could be when their dicks were massaged, their assholes managed, their tits worked, and they were completely out of control in restraints. And before we left, we had each Sagsy boy lick one of our respective assholes as we jerked off into Daddy Sagsy's funnel gag, using our own fingers to roll and gently tug on each other's tits: truly "a night to remember." We left Daddy in an exhausted, but able condition to release himself, and then the boys. We had a sense that no police would be called that night, and we were right. Nick laughed to himself for weeks afterword, seeing the grim troubled faces of the Sagsy boys, but not hearing word one of what had happened to them. He decided that Nick the night marauder would have to make another Entebbe like raid on the Sagsy boys, but probably one at a time, to rekindle their experience with bondage and cock management, and to heighten their fear of being taken without knowing what had happened to them.

But as we left the house, my attention was turned to Nick, and my thoughts to Wade, and how I was going to get that little shit Beasty to help me put my cousin and his butch stud friend under my careful tutelage before I returned home. But that is another chapter of this story.

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