Crew Team Discipline 7: Topping Jonah October 21, 2000

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental. Any reprints with attribution to author.

Synopsis: The coxswain of a college crew team takes on the responsibility of keeping jocks on campus in line.

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Jonah did not know how he had arrived in this position. After all, he was had always been the top. Well, that is when it came to guys. Shit, this wasn't the 60's when people talked about the sexual revolution but didn't practice it. This was the new Millennium, and a guy could find lots of holes into which to stick his dick and get it serviced. And fuck to hell, Jonah was a football player, damnit, and football players always got their man. He'd been a tough son of a bitch in high school, playing center for some pretty boy quarterback, and knocking guys on their ass if they just looked wrong. It was fucking great, and he'd been so good at it. There was something so exhilarating about dominating guys, especially guys who thought they were tough. Getting your hands all over 'em, grabbing 'em, doing things to them on the field in a pile that you could never do anywhere else. Yeah football was fucking great. And then there were all the side benefits after the games. ! Somehow Jonah's seven thick inches never seemed unsatisfied. There was that faggot punter who couldn't wait to get his tongue under Jonah's foreskin. Jonah didn't disappoint them either. He could screw with the best, and somehow those big boy jocks from high school liked to spread their legs and let him have his way with 'em.

The faggot punter was a dude named Arik. Like most punters, he's a pretty boy, with a tight butt and legs that seem to grow longer when he extends for his kicks. I can recall watching him warm up in his helmet and jock strap in the lockerroom, extending his legs and pointing his sock covered toes on a mock kick to stretch out. It seemed like his tight little ass pucker would wink through the dark blonde hair each time he lifted and extended his leg. He looked kinda jiggy with only his helmet and jock. I also remember the first time he sucked my dick.

We'd won a big game against our local rival and a bunch of us went out and got smashed. Shit, our parents didn't give a damn as long as no one got killed. After all, we were big boys, good students and handsome as fuck. We got away with tons of shit. Plus winning made us home town heroes. We went out on the town, bought some beer from a liquor store where we knew we could score, and ended up at one guy's house whose parents weren't home. We drank till we were drunk as skunks...well, most of us. Arik offered to give me a ride to my place since he wasn't wasted. Me...well, I was screaming and acting was fun as hell. On the way back I hooted out the window mooned some chicks we didn't know, and generally had a fucking blast. When we got to my place, my parents hadn't returned from wherever they had gone for dinner and the movies. I was messing with Arik, pushing him around and chasing him after we parked the car and got out. I tackled him and rolled over hi! m on the lawn, and once I pinned him, smothering his smaller frame with my big one, grinding my crotch into his. I gave him a goofy grin, and then gave him a hickey on his neck. He yelped and cursed, and finally pushed out from under me while I laughed like hell.

He finally got me inside while I tried to goose him, and messed up his hair. "Jonas you fucking prick, stop this shit...get the fuck inside and quit being a bigger boner than you are...."

"Aaaaawwwww, com'mon AK, don't be such a melon head. We're celebratin' you pansy ass punter...can't ya have some fun dude?"

He got me to my room, and used his head to butt me in the stomach and push me down on the bed. I tried to grab him again, but I was beginning to feel dizzy as well as tired. I could feel him pulling out the laces on my high tops, and the damp sneakers being tugged off my big feet. Then came the socks...but he didn't stop there. The next thing I felt him pull me up off the bed, and grip my t-shirt and haul it over my torso and head. When it came off, I fell back onto the bed and closed my eyes, the cooler air making my tits go stiff. Then I felt his fingers on the waistband of my jeans. I slapped at his hand, but he pushed mine away, and for some reason I didn't stop him. I could feel his strong fingers undoing each button on my fly, pressing against my fucking mound, and then gripping the waist and tugging the jeans down my hips. I remember he said something about lifting my hips, and I kinda did, and then the jeans were sliding off my feet. I threw my arm over my ! head, and figured he'd let me fall asleep.

I don't know when it was I woke up, maybe fifteen minutes later...but I felt like I had to grab my fucking crotch. My dick was hard as a rock, and I could feel the fuck sap leaking outta the tip, wetting my foreskin and making my knob itch. I had on briefs, loose at the legs and at the crotch from me stretching 'em when I step into 'em in the morning or after practice. That faggot Arik was rubbing one big, callused paw up and down my mound, making my nuts tingle and causing my pecker to throb. The other hand was reaching up to my chest, rolling one of my tits...aaaagggghhhhhh. His fucking nose was rubbing up and down my perineum, tickling the hair running to my asshole that stuck out from each side of the thin band of material wedged under my nuts and up to my crack. He was fucking sniffing my ball sweat, and occasionally his fingers were gripping my dick and sliding the foreskin up and down to expose my prick tip to the cotton. knob was getting scrubbed ! by the soft material and my toes curled reflexively from the awful ticklish sensation and the hardening of my tit each time he squeezed it. I put a hand down to my crotch, trying to protect myself, but he slapped it away and next thing I knew he had my prick out of the side of my briefs. Shit, when he slid he mouth over my helplessly exposed fat knob, peeling down the foreskin so he could lick and suck it, I just gave up and pointed my toes so the delicious sensation would get me off. I came buckets into his mouth about two minutes later, and he sucked and licked till I had to use two hands to force his mouth away....aaaahhh.

From that time on, whenever we would end up on the bus together to away games, he would find a way to cover my crotch on the ride back and give me the most sensational handjobs; making me pant and squirm in the seat while he jagged me off. His meaty fist used to working the pigskin before he punted or kicked, would work my fat boner to the edge, and then keep me there until just before we got back home. He'd peel back my foreskin and rub his fucking thumb back and forth over the end of my prick, and under the knob...torturing me deliciously. I'd slide down a bit on the seat, and let him jerk me silly. Fuck he could jerk my whang good. We also hooked up when I didn't get laid by the chicks drooling over my whang. We'd meet late on a Friday or Saturday to find a place where he could get on his knees, lower my briefs, suck my cock and finger my tits till I drowned his tonsils in gism. God I loved fucking that boy's handsome face, a straight looking prick lick that would! a kissed my ass if I asked him too, and a tongue that wouldn't quit.

Well then it was off to college, and one the best private schools in the nation. Shit if you had to stay in California, why not choose St. Mary's. Lots of fine looking guys and girls who were always fuck horny and ready to put out for a big, big boy. I love to admire myself in the mirror, 6'4" tall, 240 lbs. of hard beef, built like a fullback and strong like a linebacker. I've got dark brown hair, and a five o'clock shadow that makes chicks wet their panties imagining how rough and strong I am, and how they'd feel squeezed by my huge arms. But the guys who dig guys also had stiff boy clits for me. They liked the way I crease my ball cap, the big Doc Martins on my size fifteen feet. The big balls they saw hanging in the shower room, and that pale, succulent skin that protects my big cock head. Boy boners would drip and scrap against their jeans all day wishing that I would let them get on their knees and service me, like that faggoty Arik in high school.

But I guess I've always been selective. I like big guys like myself, tall and lean. I like the way their tits poke out their t-shirts, and seemed to invite my thick lips to suck 'em and pull them towards my teeth for a gentle chew. I like long legs that bend and spread to expose tight little assholes, and I like the way the long toes curl each time I drive my fuck stick up a boy butt and ring the fucking nut bell. I like to hear 'em grunt and moan in those low sexy voices that make chicks drip and guys envious, and how they could shoot without me even touching their pricks, like cunts who clits would vibrate through an orgasm. Oh yeah, St. Mary's was filled with straight looking guys that wanted to be fucked.

Since I'd arrived at St. Mary's, there were two guys who made up my steady diet. One I met on the Farm, but the other was the faggot punter. The waterpolo player was 6'6", smooth skin, blond hair and green eyes. Jesus his toes were long, like all swimmers, and the way they curled when I took control was enough to make both our boners drip. The punter was at Nevada Reno, not on the team, but acting like a straight stud on campus. He didn't have a rats chance of getting into St. Mary's, but was always ready on holidays, breaks, or weekends when I need someone to service me. They got a lot of blue-collar boy chick at Nevada for him to suck, but he likes the good stuff when he comes home. I liked that dirty blond hair, smooth skin, blue eyes, and his small, muscled feet... well small for a guy 6' and 210 lbs. With the two of them sniffing around my jock all the time, there was no need to hunt for cunt. I had a steady diet of cocksucker and ass, and when they weren't ar! ound, I could go to a john off the Quad and get some faggot to suck my dick through a glory hole. With a body, face, dick and balls like mine, there was no problem getting serviced.

In fact, I had begun to fantasize about just how much control I could exert over other guys. My high school buddy always acted tough, but when push came to shove, he was ready to sniff my big, starchy balls. He had always been a tough guy when out in public, or playing on the team. And most of the time, Arik seemed like a regular guy. But once guys like him started to drink and were alone, they'd start to act kind of submissive, doing whatever I said. Once I made him unloose my high tops with his teeth...and fucking Arik had done it. It made my prick throb to see a guy who'd played football like me, on his hands and knees, in his white briefs, dick hard and sticking out of the top of the waistline, pulling the laces on my size fifteen sneaks with his teeth. I almost told him to pull off my socks with his teeth, but didn't want to push it so he'd get pissed off and I wouldn't get my piece of ass. And the St. Mary's polo player loved being my bitch. Tedder wanted me t! o pile drive my cock up his tight chute and make him squeal like a fucking cunt. Jesus I like the way these guys worship my body, licking up my long, thick legs to get at my sweaty balls and drooling prick. And guys waiting at the glory holes couldn't wait to slide their tongues under my foreskin and suck me dry as I humped the stall feeding their faggot appetites just so I could squirt scum from my aching prick.

In fact, recently, I had wondered what it would be like to be dominated myself. There were times I day dreamed in the back of class about Arik or Tedder sucking my toes, or licking my ass. I'd be stretched out in some chair that was too small, by legs crossed, and my cap down so you couldn't see my eyes. I'd be back there in space and my cock would go rock hard and vibrate under my shorts and trapped in my briefs, like I might scum in myself just thinking about this shit. Jesus, I wondered what it would be like to be on my hands and knees, servicing some guy with my own boner dripping hard and not allowed to jerk my pud. I'd get so horny thinking about this stuff, I'd be just about ready to start kneading my prick in at the back of the room. But then I'd get self-conscious, thinking that someone might know what I was thinking, or somehow guess I was dreaming sex shit. So I had to cool it...and calm down. But even when I came back to reality, my dick would throb painfu! lly in my cargo shorts...wetting my boxers with pre-scum drooling from under the protective cover of my delicate skin. Maybe it was these fucking daydreams that had got me into to trouble. Maybe that's how I'd gotten under the thumb of a punk, college coxswain.

Now I was tied up like a punk slave in some guy's bedroom, gagged and prick hard. I'm on my back; my 6'4" frame bent in the middle with my legs pulled up to my chest. Under my knees, a spreader bar holds my legs up and keeps them apart. Each of my dangling ankles are tethered up to the ends of the bar keeping my size fifteen feet apart even further than my knees and tugging the bar toward my ass. My palms though are face up and cuffed to the bar outside my knees, forcing the bar back up to my chest. The two forces balance my bondage, and I am a big trussed up college punk. There is a small whiffle ball harnessed into my mouth and secured from behind. I can get all the air I need through both nostrils and the punctured ball in my mouth...but I can only make air sounds through the gag... " hhhhhhmmnnnn." Not that the guy who has me captive gives a flying fuck about what I'm saying. Worst of all, my own god damn cock is as hard as it has ever been, making my big nuts h! anging down to my asshole roil back and forth, sweaty and full of spunk. I can feel the drops of pre-sap drooling down the side of my prick stalk, making my knob itchy under the thin layer of pale skin and yet loose and sticky too. Aaaaahhhh Jesus I'm trapped, like some loser, under the control of another, Jonah Anderson, the guy who used to throttle other guys on the football field, now a jock slave for some crew punk.

I met Mac at a party off campus. Mac was in the Bay Area visiting family and hanging out with guys on the Cal Crew Team. The Bears won the last two IRA rowing championships in 1999 and 2000, and Mac had met some of them in off-season training camp. They knew some people in Moraga and Walnut Creek who attended St. Mary's, and had invited Mac to join them at a party. For some reason, Mac had caught my attention. I can't remember why. Mac was not big and he was not smooth which is usually my type...but there was something about his sly grin, and handsome cocky face that made me glance back at him over and over during the party. Mac was only 5'5", and about 134lbs, built like a small town full-back. He was in jeans and t-shirt; wearing flip-flops that showed off his muscular size 8 feet, with their high arches and long curved toes. Later, back at his apartment, I also learned he had a size 8 cock; eight inches that curved wickedly to the right, with a fat plum on the en! d with a deep piss well that drooled constantly, kinda like me. And his prick was surrounded by the same explosion of black Irish hair that also covers his head, was thick under his arms, trailed down his chest, coats his arms and legs, and was thick and tangled up the crack of his ass. Mac's skin was pale, and particularly his pale, pink butt and muscled, high arched feet. During the party, he kept kinda glancing at me, smiling like he was the Cheshire cat, like he knew something. At first I thought it was just his friendly way, but as the night went one, I knew he was sizing me up. Fuck, like a flirty cunt, I lapped it up and let him think he might swing on my thick dick.

He was hanging out with a sixteen year old kid. Shit, he was the biggest kid for sixteen I'd seen in a while, and drop dead gorgeous. Apparently he was out from Virginia visiting family, and because he was into crew and checking out programs, had hooked up with the Cal crew team on his visit. Mac sort of adopted him I guess, so 'mutt and jeff' were there together at the party...Mac with his small, tight frame and Eric with his big boy body. Eric was 6' 1", the prototype for a crew stroke. He was already 180 lbs. with brown hair and size thirteen feet! Shit, they grow these fucking kids big today. Eric was pure high school hunk, and perfect for this St. Mary's crowd, very preppy in his kakis and button down shirt...a contrast to Mac's casual dress. But it seemed like Eric was tethered to Mac, cause wherever he went, Eric followed. I learned later, that Eric had a special role in Mac's plans. How the fuck did he manage to persuade the kid to worship him after only kn! owing each other a couple of days? Hell, I don't know. All I know is that Eric was part of Mac's team, and I was going to find out just how much of a team player he was before the night was through.

I'm not sure how I met Mac that night. I was getting drunk, and enjoying the sights, when one of the guys at the party who I knew tapped me on the shoulder. As I turned, he asked if I had met Mac, and all of a sudden I was shaking hands with the guy who'd been grinning across the room at me all night. I blushed I think, but smiled and gave his hand a firm grip. He didn't give me a chance to say anything, just sorta jumped right in.

"So Jonah, I was wondering if you'd like to hang out with me and Eric tonight. We're gonna go back to my hotel room in the City, smoke some weed, and then figure out what sights we want to see. Thought maybe you could help us out since we're just know." He flashed me that sexy grin that said "and maybe you'd like me to pull down your pants and shorts and milk your cock", and my semi-hard cock stiffened and began its usual drool inside my boxers. Eric just looked on with a flawless, almost passive expression, waiting to see what my response would be.

"Well sure, I guess. I don't know...I was just going to hang out here at the party. But I guess if you guys are visiting well the least I could do he show ya round...the City's a fun place, it's a blast." I smiled kinda coy like, acting like I'd do them a favor, and ignoring the grin on Mac's face that was making my cock leak something fierce.

We left and took Mac's rental. He said he'd drive me back to Palo Alto, so why take my car and use my gas. After all, I was doing him and Eric a favor, so why not take advantage of the offer. In the car, I sat in shot gun, while Eric took the back seat in the Explorer he had rented. Mac produced a flask, and the next thing I knew, I was taking shots of Jack Daniels, and so was Eric. And my shots were having a weird affect on me. It seemed like each time I took a swig, my boner throbbed a bit more, and the fucking care was getting hot as hell. When we finally got to the hotel garage, Eric had to help Mac lead me to the elevator. I was wozzy as hell, and my head seemed to float and spin all at the same time. I learned later that Mac had given me a royal dose of Rophy, but all I could think about was how hard my dick was, and how dizzy I felt.

When we got into the elevator, while Eric held me up, I suddenly felt a warm calloused palm sliding up under my t-shirt. I tried to say something, to grab it as it moved slowly up my fucking abdomen...but Jesus it felt so good, and my head was spinning. When two fingers gripped my tits and began to twist 'em gently, I just sorta caved and sagged. Suddenly another hand was squeezing my crotch, clutching my big bone and gently squeezing more sap into my boxers from the leaky old knob...aaaaagggggghhhhhhhh.

The got me off the elevator, and hustled me down the hall. The next thing I knew, I was sprawled back on the couch, my t-shirt up, and Mac's mouth fastened on one of my tits....oooooowwwww..." The kid was taking off my Doc Martins, pulling off my socks and scratching his fingers on the bottom of my heels and my instep. I tried to kick the insistent fingers from my big feet, but with the tit suck and my cock being worked, and the frigging head buzz, I couldn't concentrate. That hand kept kneading my bone, working me through my pants...ah fuck, it felt so gooooood, I could feel my hips rising off the couch to grind my aching prick into those magic fingers....aaaaaaahhhhhh!

It seemed like just a minute before I was stripped naked. Someone was pulling my hands over my head and tying them together, and my ankles were attached to some kind of bar that kept my legs apart. Then I was hauled up by both guys, and shuffled down a hallway, my big feet padding against the floor, almost stumbling from the way my legs were shackled to the bar. When they got me into a bedroom, with a big bed, I was pushed down on my back. Then my legs were raised to my chest, my hands untied then attached to the edge of the bar. Some kind of pillow was wedged under my lower back to raise my ass up even further, and the gag was inserted into my mouth. I wanted to fight, to use my big body to punch my way outta this fucking situation...but Eric unscrewed a little bottle of something that smelled like glue or some kinda strong chemical, Mac called it 'poppers.' The next thing I knew, I was flying even more, and that hand was on my dick again, this time with nothing to p! rotect it, sliding my foreskin up and down slowly, stripping it, making my poor prick vibrate from the sweet sensation, and my fore-juice, drool copiously down the rigid stalk. Son of bitch, I was helpless. I had expected to come to the apartment and have the midget and the twerp lick me from head to toe. But instead, I was trussed up like a slave punk, ready to be used!

Mac lifted his lips from my hardened tits, where his tongue and tweaking fingers had me thrashing my head back and forth, and my big chest arching, then he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked down at me with that catbird grin, and then leaned down to whisper out loud into my ear, occasionally letting his tongue slide into the soft interior and his lips grasp the tender lobe. "Yeah Jonah, big dicked boy like you thought you were gonna get a night of fun huh. Maybe you thought you'd be driving that hard spike into my ass, or maybe Eric's. Well buddy, you're gonna get a night to remember...but maybe just a little bit different than you expected. I know guys like you, Jonah. You like being the big man, the guy who puts it to other guys, but somewhere deep inside there's a part of you that wants to be managed, to be supervised. You need a dick cage for that drooling monster, and to be strapped out on your bed each night so you can't fuck with it and spill y! our punk spunk. You need to have that prick managed and your dick seed drained on a schedule. And you know what buddy, tonight me and Eric are going to show you just how much you'd enjoy being the fuck toy of another guy."

I grunted into the ball gag, and the air whistled through the holes. My head, still spinning, moved back and forth to express my unwillingness to go any further...but Jesus, my prick was hard as a bat, and each time Eric or Mac stripped up the tender foreskin and twisted their finger tips around my knob, I burped a thick flow of the clear goo that was coming from my big, sweaty balls. Speaking of which, I could feel Eric between my tethered and spread legs. He was lazily trailing a finger up and down my spread crack, trolling amid the damp hair there. Every time his thick, blunt finger made contact with my ass pucker, I thought I'd jump out of the bed, restraints and all. Christ, that finger made my anal knot tighten, and my long toes curl. It felt so different. I mean, I'd done all the fucking, and after all, most guys I knew were still in the closet. They acted so straight, they'd let me plow their asses, but they never touched mine. Holy shit, I didn't realize my! hole was so sensitive. Yeah, when I'd wipe my butt after a crap, or washing my ass in the shower I'd sometimes feel a tingle, but it was just a moment...nothing prolonged. But that damn little high school punk was tickling my ass lips, gently prying as he ran his fingers up and down my crack, and sniffing my starchy, ball sweaty nut sack. Ooooooooohhhhhhh man.....Mac's fingers on my tits, his tongue in my ear, and that big crew punk tickling my felt so strange, so goooooooood. Oh, noooooo, not more of that amyl stuff...oh man, my head was spinnin'!

"That's a good boy Jonah...big dicked punk like you is desperate for someone to work his dick, to tell him when he can cum and when he can't, and then to make him cum relentlessly when the time comes. You're gonna spit spunk tonight big guy...not like when you've fucked those closet jocks, wham bam and you're done. Naw...tonight, me and Eric are gonna show you what I did to a guy from New York I met a while back. I made him spit cum for hours, and I think that's what's gonna happen to your wand tonight...buddy. Eric, go and get my kit...let' show Jonah our special surprises for him."

My head turned and followed Eric as he walked to the dresser in the room, opened the drawer, and pulled out a small gym bag that he brought over to Mac. Mac placed it on the bed next to me, unzipped it, and began taking out items one at a time. He held them up and showed them to me, making my eyes bulge, and air whistle through the whiffle ball holes as I saw a preview of what was to come. First he brought out some wooden clothes pins, and snapped them before me to show how strong they were. Then he brought out two electric toothbrushes, and some attachments he said could be placed on the business end. Then there was a vibrating dildo that had attachments, a harness, and a remote control. He let Eric hold it, then began to press the buttons, and my toes curled instinctively as I watched him, knowing that he intended to use that thing on me and seeing the thing buzzing so strongly in Eric hands. He also pulled out a tube, with no label on it, and told Eric he should no! t open it unless he had on the thin surgical gloves that he pulled out of the bag next. Then there were two small shoe brushes with short, firm bristles, and some things he called suppositories, and some other stuff. I was beginning to sweat, but my god damned prick would not cool off, it just keep drooling pre-sap, and wagging each time they showed me something from the fucking bag. Then Mac just turned to me and smiled, and said "Show time, ready buddy, for the time of your life?"

As he spread out his materials, Mac spoke soothingly to me: "You know Jonah, I met a guy from New York City last Summer who was kinda like you. He was another crew punk like Eric here, only a bit older. He went to school in New York, and crewed for three years at Columbia. He's still there in graduate school, and man, what a piece of horny boy meat. He's about 5'10" and 185 lbs. Kinda small for a Division I crew, but for those smaller Ivy League teams, he was just about right. You know what I liked about him, Jonah...his feet. He was in flip-flops, about size ten, with high arches and pink soles, and a sexy, narrow heels. Those feet looked so vulnerable, and the more he drank that night, the more sensitive those toes seemed to me. He was down visiting a couple of buds at our campus, and just happened to be at the same crew bash we were at. It's kinda cool that an Asian was on a varsity crew team, usually it's whitebread like us. But Scott was a fine piece of Amer! ican boy punk, and I was determined that I was gonna try him out. Plus, I've been with Asian guys before. They cum like crazy, and have dicks that won't wilt, perpetually horny and too shy to show it to most folks. Sometimes when I jerk off thinking about the Asian guys I've been with, I see them in cock cages all day long, horny to shoot but never given permission. Then I tie them down, and milk 'em till their balls are empty, and from the ones I've been with, lemme tell you it takes a lot of loads to cool their nuts. I've learned if you get some guys tied with their legs up and spread, and their hot holes exposed for use, they go wild. It was like Karma...talking with this dude I knew that by the end of the night there was a good chance I'd be putting him through the paces that would make his cock spit cum over and over."

"He was staying at a motel just outside of town. I volunteered to drive him back to his place after he was trashed, and I helped him to his room...kinda like you tonight. Scott kept babbling about how cool I was to help him out, and he really appreciated me for being so generous. Somehow during the drive back, my fingers kept brushing against Scott's chest, and when I would graze his coned tits, they hardened like little spikes jutting out, begging for more attention. I looked at his crotch...splayed out in the seat next to me with his seat belt barely keeping him in place, his legs spred and his ass toward the front edge. Down his leg, under his shorts was a promising seven inch cylinder, that I later learned was narrow at the base but wide at the head with a fat knob. By the time I got back to his motel, my hands were brushing his tits openly, and then sliding over the thick spike in his pants. When I parked the car near his complex at the hotel, he was bone hard."

"I threw his arm around my shoulder and helped him up to his room. Once through the door, I slipped my hand up under his t-shirt like I did to you tonight, and slid my palm over his ripped abs to his protruding pec muscle. My calloused digits found his coned tits and tweaked them as I spoke to him: 'Hey dude, maybe I can help you out some more, you know, get you into bed. Wouldn't want to just leave you on your bed in your clothes to sleep it off....' He mumbled that he'd appreciate the help, and he hissed when my finger pinched his titty and my fingernail scratched across its rubbery surface. I reached down and squeezed his boner that was tenting the front of his pants with my other hand, and he hunched from the sweet sensation of tit and cock being worked as I walked him to his room."

"Within minutes I had the fucker strapped down, naked and hard. He was on his knees with a spreader bar separating his ankles. His arms were cinched up behind his back, and a chain connected the spreader bar to his tethered wrists. The effect was to bend him backwards like a bow. I put a firm cushion between his knees, to keep them separated as well. Then I used other cushions from the couch in his room to support his back. I popped in the wiffle ball gag to silence him and then the work began. I pulled out the same tube of gell that we're gonna use on you, Jonah. It has a great effect on guys like you and Scott, with those nice tender dick skins, and sensitive prick tips. I used a small basting brush, and smoothed the stuff all around Scott's fat fuck knob. He's got an unusally thick prick ridge, and we made sure to use the brush on it, working the gel into the bumpy, tender flange. Then I carefully slid his cockskin over his knob and used one of the wooden cloth! es pin to gently clamp it over the tip. Yeah, that thick ridge was outline under the thin skin, showing off his fat prick tip, steaming up as the gel began its magic."

Jesus, you should have seen the little dick brain. His eyes widened like I had attached an electric current to his prick, and his cock began to vibrate. The way his nut sack was so full and round, I figured he hadn't squirted for a while. Fuck, his hands began to scrabble behind his back, and perspiration began to drip from his temples, and under his arms...and those cute toes were curled tight. The air whistled through the wiffle gag, and I could imagine what he was whining and trying to yell through it. You know what's in the tube's a cream I bought when our team went to Europe on a tour. Fucking Romanians can get all kinds of shit, and this tube has some stuff they got from Serbia. They told me that the Serbs used it on guys they held in detention camps. It's fucking great stuff. Guy who sold it to me said that he'd coat a rubber with it and fuck chicks till they passed out...makes their clits stay hard for hours and itches like a you! get the idea, huh Jonah?"

My eyes grew wide, but my prick just drooled, god damnit, I couldn't make it go was acting like it liked this shit and the more he told the story, the harder my bone got. I was scared shitless, and I was as excited as fuck, my lube flowing like a fucking stream.

"See this little package, Jonah. It's got finger vibrators in it. You know you can buy these fuckers in mail order catalogues...advertised as good for soothing headaches and giving massages and shit like that. But it turns out that it best for buzzing clits, tweaking tits and fucking assholes. See, I just slip 'em over my fingers like this.... Well, that's what I did with Scott anyway. Just slipped one on my fuck finger, that was already covered by a thin surgical glove. Then I dipped it into the gel, and held it up for Scott to see. That little cum freak, his cock throbbed like a tuning fork while he shook his head, and was blowing air through the holes of that whiffle ball like mad. He acted like he had sobered up when I coated his prick tip with the gel, and now he wanted out...but the way the pre-fuck drooled from under his clipped foreskin, and his cock flexed, I had a feeling that he couldn't wait to get my little finger buzzer up his butt. Kinda like the way! your prick is drooling right now, Jonah. Well, I get down between his legs, and put my head on the pillow between his knees. That way, I could look up under his sweet ass and see the dark, wet hair in his ass crack. I reached up to his chest and tweaked his tits, and the way his chest was forced out, each one of those little babes was easy for me to roll and scratch. Then I parted his cheeks with my free hand spreading the wisps of black hair, and began to blow my warm breath on his fuck hole. Yeah, this little crew fuck wasn't used to being worked like this, but I could tell that's what he wanted. Holding his ass cheeks spread with my thumb and fuck finger, I took my little lubed index finger with its small finger tip vibrator, and gently tickled my way into his fundament. Jesus Jonah, you should've heard the little fucker squeak. He didn't know if he was coming or going.... but I was sure he'd be cumming soon."

"Ya know Jonah, guys always act like they can't cum more than once, that their pricks are too sensitive, their bones will go soft. But I found out that Scott could cum constantly. His clipped foreskin kept his prick tip trapped, but when that finger vibrator focused on his prostate, he squirted cum that filled his tautly clipped skin, and then drooled down his pulsing stalk. I rolled his tits, and finger banged that boy all night. When I left him, untied and naked on his bed, he was out cold. I never once milked his prick, but he shot enough cum to soak his crotch and create a huge wet spot on his sheets. It was fucking great Jonah, and that's what I want to do for you. I want to make you cum constantly, to make you shoot spunk and squirt scum cause like Scott, you're a big dicked boner boy who needs cock control and prick supervision. Scott's been writing me e-mail since I left him that night. He's asking when I might be able to come and visit him again. He says h! e can't remember much about that night, but he thought we had a good time. Even though he can't admit what happened, and I know he knows...I get the sense every time I hear from him that his dick is bone hard when he writes me...that he fucks his sheets hard dreaming about how much scum he shot when I took control of his cock for one night. And you know Jonah, when I'm done with you, you're gonna be looking for someone at St. Mary's to train and supervise you."

I moaned through my gag, and begged in undecipherable sounds to be released. But the fuckers were looking at my big bone, fat knobbed and soaking in my pre-fuck turned on by the story of Scott I almost shot a load just listening and watching Mac's smug smile as he talked to me.

Mac told Eric to strip down and get up near my head. Suddenly the kid's big eight inch boner was draped over my nose and rubbing back and forth across my face. It was leakin' juice just like mine does, and he was basting my face with his teen sap. I could smell his big boy nuts, sweaty and starchy, masculine and powerful. I knew they were full of spunk, just like me when I was in high school, shooting and making sperm by the cup full. Then his two big teenage paws reached down, and sliding under my knees that were pressed gently up against my chest, found my tits and began to scratch and tweak them. AAAAAHHHHHH, the fucking sensation was sooooo good. Played like a whore, I was getting my tits worked by a big teenage crew punk. He just looked down at me without much of an expression, knowing I could do nothing to stop him from playing with my big body, his huge teen cock drooling sap all over my face.

I could sense, but could not clearly see that Mac was crawling up between my widely parted knees. My big butt was helplessly exposed, and within a moment a warm, silky breath was blowing between the damp cheeks of my ass. My taut, tight little hole was flexing from fear, and I knew that soon something would be wriggling up my fundament into territory that was virgin and too sensitive to touch. Mac began to let his hands wander along my legs and thighs, pausing to scratch and tickle, gently pinch and rub, moving slowly but inexorably toward my college boy ass pucker. And as his hands glided over my muscled legs, his breath just kept blowing in little puffs agains the nether lips.

Mac decided to make me even more desperate. As Eric reached down with the poppers to keep me high and disoriented, Mac spoke soothingly. "Jonah, I'm about to give you what you need. When you thought about guys kneeling at your feet, crawling to your big body to serve you, to drain your heavy nuts and soothe the itch on that big fat fuck tip, you never imagined that you'd be happier on the bottom. Maybe somewhere you were fascinated about seeing guys with hard dicks, look at you with reverence and awe and wondered if you'd ever meet a guy that made you feel that way? Maybe when cocksuckers in the johns slurped up and down noisily on your thick fuck pole, you wondered if you could ever service another man like you liked to be serviced. But at those moments, you didn't realize that guys with velvet throats were already in control...that once that big prick was stuck in someone's mouth that you were already helpless. Now, me and Eric just have made sure you know that your! under control, that you're big dick and randy balls are our to use the way we want...and after all Jonah, big dicked boys like you crave this shit anyway...down deep, you need supervision."

My prick lurched again, so close to ejaculation, but unable to reach completion....aaaaagggghhhhhhh... the fucker had me...knew me...and I was scared and excited for what was about to happen! Eric continued to twist my nips gently, making my prick throb each time and drawing an involuntary gasp. Then Mac reached out to one of my big size fifteen feet, and switched on the finger vibrator he had on his index finger. He slowly traced his buzzing finger up and down my heel, pausing to scratch in my instep, wriggling the damned thing under my thick toes...aaaaaahhhhhh, stop.....ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....I was gasping into the wiffle ball has he tickled my foot. My toes curled and my foot flapped, but there was no where to go. And Eric just kept rubbing his big cock over my face and lowering his balls and ass toward my nose. Then as Mac was tickling me with one finger vibrator, he suddenly switched on the other on his other hand and began to move it back and forth against my an! al knot. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH....NNNNNN000000.... but I couldn't stop him...the insistent finger probed and twisted its insidious way just into my hot hole as the tickling disabled my reflexive clenching of the spincter. The buzzing of the little battery operated massager on his finger tip was sendng vibrations through my whole body, and my cock was leaking copiously as my prick knob throbbed on the verge of explosion. Then as Mac wormed the finger slowly up my clinging asshole, he started to blow streams of warm breath against my bloated and unsheathed prick knob. OH FUCKING MARY AND JOSEPH...JESUS CHRIST....AAAAAHHHHH... I needed to big dick was aching and throbbing....taut and flexing. And then it happened! Mac's finger found my joy buzzer and he turned up the speed to his finger vibrator with another finger to high and rubbed it gently back and forth against my swollen fuck nut. I was laughing from the insistent tickling on my big feet, and screaming fro! m the incredible sensation of the finger banger on my whorish prostate !

AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH....NNNNNOOOOOOOO....AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, HELP, OH FUCK, OH SHIT....UUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!. Ropes of teenage fuck began to rocket out of the end of my untouched prick. I was desperate for someone to slide the sweet skin up and down, roiling my bloated prick knob and frictioning the itchy flange, soothing it as the sperm bolted up and into the air, landing with a splat on my chin exposed under Eric heavy scrotum, on his torso, and coating his jutting big boy dick. Even after eight thick bolts had erupted from my piss lips, my tickled toes curled and my asshole spasmed around the invading finger that had pushed me over the edge. The scum continued to drool down the side of the fat, spongy helmet. Only now was my tethered body, still taut from the ejaculatory moment, beginning to lose its tension. But there was that fucking prick, still erect and the bulbous, sticky wet knob, tingling and unsatisfied because it had not been massaged into submission. That! 's when Mac showed how good he was at this crap.

"Eric, commere" he said ignoring my writhing from the ticklish and unsatisfied sensation still coursing through my body and centered around my prick tip. Eric, his dick also unsatisfied, painfully erect from watching my explosion, but not yet given permission to cum himself, got up and walked to the end of the bed. When he rose, I realized that I had been rubbing my nose into the hairy spot between his balls and his asshole, smelling the sweet boy sweat and starchy ball scent. I felt doubly cheated when he got up, losing his muscled ass and big dick from my face, and still wishing desperately for someone to rub my big prick. But Mac had other plans. He pulled out a strange condom from his bag. It was ribbed and covered with bumps and small protrusions like a French Tickler, but there was a thin wire cord that ran from the open end, to a small transformer. Mac plugged the transformer into the electric socket, and using my thick scum on Eric's stomach and cock as lube, ! he basted Eric's big boy boner so he could easily slide the weird rubber over it. Eric raised himself from my face while Mac prepared him, and I could see him closing his eyes and tensing, drooling his own pre-fuck, as Mac's fingers lightly worked his fevered prick to take the condom, without causing him to ejaculate. Jesus that boy has a nice dick, and the fat knob and thick ridge added to the monstrous appearance of the French Tickler. Once he had the condom in place, then used some of the cream from the tube he'd showed me earlier, and slicked up the surface. That was to be my lube! He smiled at me, as I watched in horror what he was doing...I pleaded in vain into the gag...moaning and grunting jibberish, telling him that I couldn't cum any more...and any shit I could think to yell into the whiffle ball.

"See Jonah, if you're a good boy and you don't make a fuss, when I slide this puppy up your asshole I'll take the gag outta yer mouth. What'ya say, huh?" I was stunned. I assumed that Mac had gotten what he wanted, to make me shot my wad without actually masturbating me. But he was just beginning. "Com'on Eric" he said, and the young teen got up and slid into place between my thighs. Then Mac used his own gloved hand to gently work Eric's cock knob into my already loose sphincter. Initially I tried to resist; the god damn thing was too big; it would wreck me. No one had ever fucked me, and this kid's prick was huge by comparison. I couldn't take that fucking monster up my hole...but that shit head Mac kept working me. I grunted and groaned desperately as he whispered into my ear how much I'd like it...and 'if I shot like a cannon when he fingered me, wait'll I felt Eric's thick bone doing a number on my fuck trigger---especially with the special sauce on that tickl! er...ooowww yeah,'re going go ape shit...' and stuff like that. He began to tickle my big, exposed feet again, and when I howled with laughter in the gag, I lost control of my anus again and he deftly slipped Eric's fat knob up into me in a sudden thrust....OH JESUS! When the fat tip slid past the ring, and popped into my rectum...Mac made Eric stop his motion by placing one hand on his stomach and halting his natural inclination to fuck me deep. 'AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH' I wailed through the gag, and the air hissed from the holes, but Mac just waited a moment for me to catch my breath and get accustomed to the blunt invasion. Then he slowly pushed on Eric's ass, and forced the long, taut pole up into my helpless jock cunt. As the cream on the rubber lubed my rectum, it suddenly began to itch madly...OH SWEET FUCK...OOOOOHHHH...NNNNOOOOOO...OH GOD DAMN...OH SHIT...OH PISS, FUCK AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! When the ridge of the Tickler rubbed against my slightly sore fuck! nut combination of the cream and prostate masturbation made my cock l urch to an agonizing rigidity. I started to drool again like the whore I was, and my teeth gritted against the whiffle ball from the sweet, intense sensation of something grazing my here to fore untouched prostate that itched insanely at the same time.

Mac smiled, and then loosened my gag, raising his finger to caution me that if I yelled or made a scene, he'd shove Eric's socks, damp with teenage toe sweat, into my mouth. He draped one of the moist white crew socks over my nose, letting me smell the sweet stink (not rancid) of the boy's healthy teenage feet as they trailed over my face. I'd always liked smelling my own socks and feet, and somehow this kid's socks made my prick throb even more...what the fuck was the matter with me? When the gag came out...I groaned out loud from the stiff, full feeling in my bowels, the maddening itch up my ass and the excruciating tingle caused by Eric's prick knob on my buzzer. "Oooooooohhhhhhh fuuuuccccck, oh jesus...please...please take it out...oh my's huge...fucking take it got what you wanted...lemme go, oh Christ it tickles...stop, make it stop...oh fuck'on, lemme go...awwwww fuck...stop this shit... com'on....aaaaawwww." ! My babbling was incoherent and uncontrolled, my toes were tightly clenched from the awful sensations.

Mac laughed. "Jonah, you big prick, you need that cock up your gut like babies need milk stop your pussy whining, cause we're just starting...." All I could do is groan, and beg, and plead, twisting my head from side to side, clenching both my toes and tethered hands in a futile gesture. But Mac just kept smiling and pointing at my prick, hard as a bat, and drooling up a storm again. Fuck me!...oh, but that was just what that jock punk kid was gonna do. All I could do was groan louder and louder from what was happening in my ass...'aaaaaggggghhhhhhhh.'

Eric, at a nod from Mac, began a slow rock...slowly moving his cock in my gripping ass. Mac used his hands to control Eric's motion, forcing the kid to move slowly as he tensed and thrust his strong ass muscles, making his aching tool slide back in forth in my clinging, itch cream lubed cunt. I began to gasp and started to beg again...but Mac gave me a hard look and said if I raised my voice he'd shove that sock in my I whimpered and groaned, begging and pleading in a plaintive, incoherent voice as softly as I could for them to stop. Mac reached over with one hand, and tickled my feet in a deliberate way, scratching his nails under my big toes and grazing my smooth instep. My toes reacted, uncurling and curling, and between my pleading and grunting I laughed in spite of myself: hahahahahahhaaaa...oooowwwwwww....hahahahahahah.....aaawwwwww! And when my concentration was diverted, Eric was able to pick up a bit of speed. Now my toes curled both from the fiendi! sh tickling, and each time the big punk's rigid prick punched my gut and rumbled past my prostate. Then outta no where, I squealed like some cunt getting her first prick! Mac grabbed one of Eric's socks and stuffed it into my open mouth...and I continued to yell getting hysterical. He had turned the dial on the transformer, and I was getting jolts of low level electricity deep up my ass, flicking my fuck nut, and making my prick lurch the relentless tickling combined with the fucking and electricity to drive me almost insane. I howled from the unbelievable combination of sensations ...."AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.....OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!"

The electricity apparently also tickled Eric's big boy boner, sending the waves of low level current tingling over his condom sheathed erection. Eric moaned and grunted himself, his eyes squeezed shut. Mac warned him not to cum without he was forced to control his teenage tendency to shot his scum from the sweet sensation as quickly as he could. Mac had tied his wrists behind his back, not allowing him to control his thrusting except with his hips...and the sexy kids hard nipples jutted out from his chest, and were tweaked and rolled by Mac as he fucked me good.

We didn't last too toes curled tight one final time, and my wails into the damp sock rose to a crescendo. Mac saw I was close, and he whispered into Eric's ear....causing the boy to pick up his speed. Oh sweet jesus, that kid's dick in my ass, the wicked condom buzzing and sparking, the cruel itch up my fundament and watching Mac twist the kid's teenage tits while he used the other free hand to tickle my feet....UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH! It was too much...and my cock went fully rigid, and shot five more thick, viscous bolts of Jonah sperm up to my chest and chin. At the same time, Eric's prick, now gripped by my spasaming ass muscles, erupted into the condom, filling the little sack with wads of teen spunk. I flailed my hands and flexed my toes, begging incoherently into the sock for someone to jerk my bone...but instead, the unsatisfying ejaculation, left my sticky prick untouched, and aching for attention in spite of my second cum.

That was the beginning of a wild night. Mac carefully turned Eric's rubber inside out, and made me suck the cum from it, while the kid tickled my feet with the electric tooth brushes, and using a lubed batting glove, slowly jerked my prick back to erection. Then they loaded me with that Amyl Nitrate shit, and when I was practically out of it, they retied me on the bed in a new position. They spread me out, arms over my head, and my legs spread wide. They put a firm pillow under my ass to raise it, and make my dick and nuts thrust up. Then they got serious. Between them they milked three more ejaculations out of me; slow long deals. Mac made Eric take a shower, and when he came back Mac had me lick his ass, nuts and dick, and the whole time he polished my prick knob with a lubed batting glove to keep me wild and force me to work enthusiastically.

Finally, after what seemed like thirty minutes, Eric popped his dick into my mouth and I was instructed to suck hard until I made him cum deep in my throat. While I sucked him off, lashing his teen prong with my tongue, and sucking on his tender knob, laving it and vacuuming his drool, Mac finished me, torquing his fist around my knob after I came until I yoddled around Eric's pulsing prick tip.

Then I was required to lick and suck Mac's toes, nurse them as they flicked into my mouth and toyed with my tongue and the roof of my mouth, and eventually one of my arms was released to allow me to masturbate his fat knobbed 8" curved scimitar into my own open mouth. I was to wank him until he shot his scum onto my tongue, so I could swallow it down my throat and taste its tangy, starchy flavor. As I worked to satisfy Mac, Eric plied my tits and scrabbled his fingers under my wriggling toes.... The last time they milked me, I was face down on the bed, on my knees with my ass up. My arms were attached to a spreader bar that ran behind my knees and also kept them apart. That way, they could easily slip a vibrating dildo up my ass, and pull my cock down to massage it into another excruciating ejaculation. This time, Mac had Eric slip on a rubber glove, and lube it with the itching cream, working my already very sensitive dick like a cow's udder. They gagged me again, beca! use the intense itching on my prick knob made me scream and laugh hysterically. My punk cock though craved the attention, and like a mindless animal I gave cum like a fucking philanthropist, one last time.

Mac kept whispering to me...telling me that I was big boy pussy with a boner that needed supervision, and that he was gonna help me be the jock punk I needed to be. He made me tell him all about the guys I've been with, and confess the weird shit I day dreamed about. I guess at some point I told him Arik's number in Reno...cause the next morning, when I woke up out of deep sleep around noon, their was that cock-sucking ex-punter in the room...smiling at me. Mac had called him in Reno and told him that I needed him...and Mac explained to me that from now on, I was gonna do whatever Arik wanted. He showed me the pics he'd taken, and said that if I wasn't a good boy, he and Arik would have to send these to people I didn't want to see 'em. And then I saw that Arik had an electric tooth brush of his own...and a batting glove with him along with a small tube of Mac's cream. As Mac and Eric walked out the door of the room to go and get breakfast, Arik came over the bed, where! I was now tethered spread eagle again after having to piss and shit while tied and shackled. Then he got between my legs. He switched on the toothbrush and raised it to my arm pits, while a lubed, gloved hand (this time without the cream) reached for my cock...christ, the fucking thing was hard again...and I groaned and laughed hysterically into a gag as his slippery fist slid slowly up and down my erection and the whizzing toothbrush worked all around my hairy armpits....EEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!

From that day on, my cock began a new life...hard and aching most of the time, most often caged and waiting for weekends when Arik comes down from Reno to give me relief...oh jesus, oh fucking cock is so hard and wet. Even in the cock cage, it gets stiff against the mesh, lusting for that prick-head punter to come down and use me like the fucking St. Mary's jock whore, I've become. Ohhhhhh mannnn.