The Itch 3

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental.

Synopsis: The collector finds a new young couple, a Marine from Missouri and his Chinese American girlfriend, and he brings them back to his house to prepare them for their immediate futures.

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September 26, 1998

The Beach at Corpus Christi reveals so much succulent trash, that I have to limit the number of times I go there. Otherwise, I might get too daring and get myself fucked. There are so many hot and rootless boys and girls playing there, hoping to get into each other's pants, that for me the sensations are almost dizzying and the opportunities endless. But if I keep my wits about me, I can always get what I want, which after all is the whole purpose of the excursions.

The Marine I had selected was so clean cut, so fucking gorgeous, that I considered it a challenge to see if I could get him and the sweet meet that he had been fucking for the past two weeks. I learned through careful efforts, watching and making my contacts at the nearby base, that his name was Troy Emerson Taylor. He was 20, and out of Missouri where his mother and step-father were blue collar folks just making a living to support their five kids. He was the oldest by his mom's first marriage by eight years, and had left home right after high school looking for work. He bummed around for a year, working odd jobs from dishwasher to delivery man, and finally decided to join the military to support himself and to get out of crummy motels and long hours earning shit. He told his parents he was joining the Marines, but their correspondence had already been slim once he left home, and it dried up altogether after he'd been in the first year. There was no animosity, but the younger kids were taking all his mother's time, and his step-dad had never been close. They assumed he'd be OK in the Marines, and he assumed he'd see them when he had the chance.

Fuck the Marines had worked him into a physical specimen. He had been transformed from the muscular, but slender kid who had left Missouri. Now he was 5'9" tall, blond with dark roots, and a body to die for. His narrow waist flared out to a firm, wide chest with two rasberry nipples pebbled and sensitive that poked out of the thick blond shag that encircled them on hard pecs that forced them to jut down towards his feet. His hair trailed back between those pecs, and darkened as it swirled in his bellybutton, then descended into his crotch. There a thick dark patch rested at the top of his dick root, and turned light again as it lightly forested the top of his low hanging nuts, big as duck eggs, the right one slightly higher than the left. His butt was a tight set of melon cheeks, covered with blond curls that gave way to a dark carpet that obscured his asshole. His firm thighs and big calves were blond furred, and his thick ankles were actually made to appear thin by his big, wide, high arched feet. They were pale, those size eleven feet, and on the tops of both, and each long, curved toe, was a patch of blond hair, except on the little one and its immediate next door neighbor. Jesus those feet were strong and muscled, veins showing all over the tops of 'em. I figured they had played sports with wild abandon in his school, and now trapped in those hot, humid Marine boots, they were kept pale and tender from the rough, hard work that was demanded of them virtually every day.

His arms were guns, with thick hairy forearms, and bulging biceps. He had the face of angel, and the mind of a sewer. Those bright blue eyes and that turn-up nose with dark eyebrows and dark roots at the base of his Marine hair cut, belied the horny cunt lapper that blushed a lot when he talked to girls. But what really made him a cunt man, was that pecker that lurked between his powerful legs. There was nine inches of gristle that flared in a gradual curve from his balls upward when hard. But it was so heavy, and so thick, that as it got larger from his root to the oversized knob, it was prevented from aiming directly at his navel from the forces of gravity. The pisslips were deep and long, and his circumcision scar was sensitive. Whenever he did wrap his hairy blond fist around that overwrought meat, he had to slide his fist up and around the curve, torquing his fingers over the ticklish dick lips quickly. He couldn't stand constant friction on his prick tip, it made him cum quick and itched too much. Often he had to find ways to hide his dick when it got hard in his uniform, rubbing against the rough material when the knob poked out of the boxers. It always embarrassed him when others saw it hard, and they marveled at its length, width, and size of the head.

A Missouri Catholic boy who felt guilty every time he got a hard on, and only jerked his meat in desperation, Troy spent as much free time as possible trying to get laid. And that's how I found him with Cherry Tang. Her parents were immigrants from Malaysia, and she had left home in Arizona to work in Texas. After years of strict rules at home with her very Asian and old fashioned parents, she was now on her own as a nineteen year old without any overbearing restrictions to cramp her lust for handsome white boys, and with a romantic streak that would serve me well. She was 5' 3" of Asian delight. Her firm, conical tits were full, heavy, and curved up, with two dark cones on the end that looked like they needed to be twirled forever, and made her weak in the legs when they were sucked. Her waist narrowed nicely, then flared to a taut set of smooth asscheeks. When she was on her knees, legs spread, looking over her shoulder with that long, black hair and her tits jutting, her pussy pouch was a nice fat bulge, with what seemed like a constantly wet slit and an exposed clit at the top. Her cunt was almost hairless, with a nice little black patch of wispy hairs over the top, almost pointing to her clit house. She was smooth, sexy and horny, a girl who loved a fuck finger in her snatch. Such a good combination in my business.

Troy, I learned later, met her at a dance club. He often went on his own, without his buddies from the base, because he thought that they would hang around too much with each other. He was friendly, and shy, but determined to find a cunt he could shag. He had gone once with his buds across the border to Mexico to get laid in a cat house, but when things did not work out, and he was returning in the van they had rented, drunk and horny, he awoke to someone's mouth sliding up and down his steel hard shaft, a finger tickling his hairy bung hole, and another rubbing back and forth over one of his tits hard against his silk shirt. He wanted to escape, he wanted to beat the shit out of whoever was queering him, but the mouth felt so good, and his cock ached so bad. He surrendered and let the voracious mouth vacuum his dick head until he squirted a gallon of sticky jizz down the cocksucker's throat, that damned insistent finger scratching and poking at his dank hole, and pinching at this tit. He didn't see in the dark who had sucked him, but he shied away from the guys recently, fearing that he might end up in that situation again. Every time he thought about that sucking mouth, his dick went rigid, and he feared that there was something he liked about it.

The night I got them, Troy and Cherry were in a motel off the highway, her legs thrust up to her chest and her painted toes pointed and taut. His tags bounced as he drove that nine inch cudgel up and down her greasy channel, moving his hips this way and that, and scraping her clit as the thick stalk reamed in and out. Jesus, he loved the way her cunt clasped his cock in a death grip, grinding her cunt muscles along its endless length to make him grunt and groan as he fucked her deep and steady, working himself to the explosion that he needed.

They had only known each other two weeks, but he had learned that he could fuck her for almost an hour before he spat thick wads of scum up her trough, drenching her pussy walls. She loved it doggy style, she loved it standing up with her legs around his hips, she loved it missionary, she just loved it...and he wanted to oblige her as often as he could. He never went soft after a first cum, and could keep ploughing her for another hour, just to enjoy her whines of lust and screams when she came again, and again, squirting her tangy sauce over his well saturated prick meat.

After following them around for the past week, and after casing him for almost a month, I knew this quiet motel out in the middle of nowhere was my best chance. They had come here twice before, because it was quick and easy after a night of dancing and drinks, quick enough to allow them as much time fucking as possible. I slipped into the room quietly using a passkey made just for these occasions. I worked silently and quickly as he fucked her with his eyes closed, drenched in sweat and breathing hard, both too lost in their passion with the television blaring and the windows open to cool down the hot summer night to notice a moment of extra noise from the street when I opened the door and slipped in. The bed stank of her cunt juice and his cum, but it was ambrosia and nectar to me. I moved swiftly to the bed, and without a hitch or a flinch, I stuck a small syringe into his powerfully flexed butt, and squirted enough relaxant to knock him out instantly. Cherry didn't even notice me when Troy collapsed on her, thinking that he had grown tired and was just taking a rest. She was just opening her eyes when I jabbed her in the arm. She made just a small squeak before she too was out like a light.

I carefully packed their clothing into a bag I had brought with me, and put them one at a time in separate, large clothing duffels. Using a dolly, I plied them out the door, and placed them into the rear of my van which was parked with the rear doors facing their room. Dressed like a workman with a cap lowered over his eyes, and at 1:00 in the morning, no one was interested in what the fuck I was doing. Once they were in the back of the van and I had closed their room, turned off the lights and locked the door, I placed them still naked on their knees, with legs behind them, and tied each set of hands to the corresponding feet. Then I chained there feet apart to fixed bars on the floor so they could not move. I gagged them both, and blindfolded them, and placed a collar around each of their respective necks. Then I attached a chain from each neck to their respective bars. That way, their heads were pulled back. The Marines had just lost one of their finest AWOL, and Cherry's parents would search in vain for a few months for their wayward daughter. All in all, it was quick and easy. Now the fun began.

I drove into my garage, under the house, and closed the garage door. Then after turning off the engine, I attached an electric outlet to the van, so that I could spend some time in the van with the lights on without wearing out the battery. There were no windows in the garage, and long ago I had made it sound proof. I crawled into the back of the van, and put a low bolster on the floor on which I could sit between my two new charges. I wanted to get a "feel" for the both of them, before I took them into the house. First I removed their gags, and then I began an investigation of their torsos, bulging from their bondage out to my prying fingers. Using my left hand, I took one of Cherry's coned nipples, and began a scratching, plucking, rolling of it. She gasped, and now groggy but awake, began to speak. "Ooooohhhh...Troy, Troy is that you...what are you doing...why do I feel so bad... Ooooohhhhhh...Troy...why am I tied up...pleeeaaaaseee, let me go, I don't understand... pleeaaaseee, let me go...uuuugggggghhh.

In response, a simlarly groggy Troy answered helplessly. "Shit...Cherry...I'm in the same place you are...fuck, what is this...I'm tied up too, and I can't see shit...who the fuck has us, and what the fuck do you want?....Cherry, baby, you OK?...god damnit, lemme out this shit...what the fuck do you want?"

I said nothing, but instead, continued to roll Cherry's titty, and let me right hand begin to explore the taut and bulging hairy inner thighs of my Marine. Cherry pipped up, now in slow realization and fear?

"Ooooohhhh...Troy, whose playing with my breast, ...ooooooowwwwww noooooo, I don't know who it is....Oh, Troy, help me...I'm scared, Troy are you still there, I'm scared! But even as she spoke, I could see the sweet nectar of her pussy beginning to wet her cunt lips, and those fine succulent labia, beginning to spread and open in search of some touch. For his part, in spite of his predicament, my boy wonder was beginning to get a boner.

"'s not me...I don't know what's going on baby, just keep calm...c'mon, who ever you are...just let us go...we aren't hurting you...we never did nothing to anybody, why don't you just let us go...why are you doing this?" C'mon man, or whoever you are...please, I'm asking real nice, we won't cause any trouble, just take whatever you want and let's us...Cherry, don't worry, they won't hurt...tell 'em whoever you are, tell her you won't hurt us...."

At that moment, I let my left middle finger begin to tickle just inside the sticky, and now opened labia of Cherry's tight twat. Running my finger from bottom to just below her clit, I scratched and vibrated my insolent finger in her helpless cunny. Then with my other hand, I ran my index finger up under the big boys heavy, sweaty nuts, and began a tickling probe through the dense blond hair back to his hidden ass pucker. Jesus, you would've thought I had shot them both, they began to squeal for their lives!

"Aaaaaahhhh, Troy, he's touching me...oh god no, Troy make him stop, he's touching me there, Oooooohhhhhh...nooooooooo, not there....aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, he's touching me...aaaaggghhhh!"

"Get your fucking finger outta my girl's pussy, and get your fucking fingers offa me too...god damnit, I'll kill you if I get my hands on you...c'mon, stop all this fucking around and let us go. We don't got any money, we can't give you anything. I got some of my pay saved in my bank account, if you let us go, I'll take it out and give it to ya! Just let us go, god damnit! Let us fuckin' go!"

I couldn't help but laugh when he started yelling at me. And that seemed to shock them both into silence for a minute. So as I laughed, I slipped my finger all the way up her trough and began rubbing my fingertip against the walls of her now drenched pussy, and I tickled my finger just into his anus, gently breaching his portal when he was yelling and lost control of his clenching muscles. Now it was time for me to speak..."A cunt and a two aren't going anywhere. You're my guests, and I have lots of visiting to do with you before you leave. I'm going to find out just how much cunt juice you can drip sweetheart, and boy wonder here seems to have a swollen prostate that needs to be massaged. I'm going find out just how much you two can cum, and then see if you can cum some more. What do you think?"

At that point, Cherry began to cry, but her cunt dripped juice even faster, and began to clutch my finger, especially when I used my thumb to graze her now exposed and slutty clit that was jutting from its protective cover. And Troy's rammer, had gone bone hard, and was drippin' clear drops of pre-scum, which was falling in a long string from his pisslips to the floor of the van. Even as he yelled at me, and called out for help, and she blubbered, they were both turned on completely, and their bodies were beginning to sway and bounce on my dancing fingers.

I continued to stroke Cherry's snatch in a way that finally turned her crying into moans and groans, and in spite of his yelling, my finger fuck of Troy's sweet shit hole, accompanied with my thumb rolling his big balls, and my mouth beginning to suck on his hardened, rubbery tits, was making him grunt and groan, as much as swear. Yeah, two pieces of fuck meat, slowly going up the ladder to cums they could not stop nor avoid.

Within fifteen minutes, Cherry had stopped crying altogether, and her breathing had gone deep and her sighs loud and clear, especially when I rubbed her clit, or leaned over and sucked one of her now hard nipples. And Troy was grunting each time my finger rubbed past his solid fuck nut, making his dick flex, and causing more goo to drip from its wide piss lips. When I clamped my lips around one of his turgid nips, and gave it a slight nip, and used my finger to vibrated against his prostate, he gave us the ghost.."AAAAAGGGGHHHHH SHIT, YOU FUCKER, YOU'RE MAKIN' ME CUM...UUUUUGGGGHHHH FUCK YOU, YOU COCKSUCKING PRICK HEAD, AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" And with that last gasp, he shot ten long streams of gism that hit Cherry's belly, and laved her pussy without my hand ever touching his dick stalk or head. That's when she gave it up too..."OOOOOHHHHHHH, OOOHHHHHHH NNNNNNOOOOOOO .....AAAAAAHHHHHHHH.....OOOOWWWWW, AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE, whimpering and screeching!" Then her cunt walls contracted, and she began to shoot out her owns steams of pussy juice, milking my finger in a reflexive act, unable to stop treating it like it was a dick doing its job deep up inside her, gently massaging her sweet spot while my thumb danced around the overwrought tip of her whorish clitty.

As they gasped and dribbled the last of their ejaculations, I quickly inserted new gags into their respective mouths. First hers, since she was so pliable. I used a wiffle ball gag that let her breath, but prevented her from articulating anything but grunts and gasps. Then when he opened his mouth to yell at me once more, I slipped a slender penis gag into his mouth, and buckled it around his head. The little dildo had a vibrator, and turning it on to low, I let the thing begin to tingle and tickle his palate and buzz his teeth. He whined and groaned again, and immediately, the little fucker's dick began to rise, still slimy from his cum, but naturally inclined to respond to the treatment he was receiving and the unfamiliar stimulation his hunky body was experiencing. Similarly, when I slipped my finger into Cherry cunny one last time, she gripped me for all I was worth, and began to buck and twitch from the delicious sensation of my finger in her snatch again. Jesus, I love it when I pick 'em so good...two perfect specimens for me to enjoy before their ventures to foreign lands.

I loosened latches in the floor of the van, and both of them were suddenly mobile, on little carts I had built into the vehicle. I could move them just as they were, with spreader bars, and chained on their knees. Now I was able to move them to my work rooms. I could rolled them down a ramp I had moved up to the back of the van, and took them as is, into one of my basement holding cells. Our night was just beginning, and I wanted to make sure that they were comfortable for all the pleasures I was about to enjoy.

Using a bit of ether on each of them, I rendered them unconscious for a while so I could rearrange them. Tonight they would sleep, and in the morning I would awake them for my next examination. I only had two days with these two. I had made arrangements to have them picked up no later than Sunday. They were too prominent not to be's always that way with very beautiful people. So by Sunday they would be in transit to their new homes. But since I had all day Saturday to enjoy them, I was determined to do so.

I lay them on their backs, and strapped them spread-eagled on beds in respective cells, without gags or blindfolds. There was nothing to see and they could scream to their hearts content. They would not even be able to hear one another, and they were in adjoining rooms. With their emotional and physical exhaustion, and a shot I gave each of them, they would be out until the morning. I washed them up completely, and used a neutralizing agent to give them a respective douche and enema, not wanting to cause any bodily harm. When I left them, they smelled sweet and clean, and looked like angels. I kissed each one good night on the lips, then showered and went to sleep. I wanted to jack off desperately, but I was saving my own jizz and my aching hardon for a special use the next morning.

When Cherry awoke the next morning, she found herself on her hands and knees in a praying position. Her ass was up in the air, and her hair was tied up on top of her head. A spreader bar kept her legs well parted, and her arms were cinched up behind her back, and chained to the spreader bar so she couldn't move anywhere. She was blindfolded and had ear muffs that completely kept sound from reaching her ears. A collar on her neck had a chain running from it to her cinched arms, so she could not easily move her shoulders or torso. I had placed her on a low gurney that allowed me to roll her to any position I chose, and wheeled her into another room. I reached down between her legs, and used my left index finger to just tickle her labia, and search for her resting clitty. The moment I touched her she tensed, then she began to plead...but as she spoke, her cunt began to drip, helpless to stop the lust that caused her sweet nipples to harden reflexively.

Her face rested sideways on the gurney pad, so she could speak. "Oooohhhhh, pleaaaaasssee...who ever you are....please. My parents have some money, I know they would pay you.... pleaaaassee aaaaaggggghhhhh, don't do that...oh, god, it feels so funny, so itchy when you do that....please, don't touch me there....aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh....." The way her hips moved, I just fucking got off on her panting, rutting response to my insistent finger.

"Now Cherry, why do you want to be so unfriendly? You didn't mind when Troy's big dick was rooting up inside that nice sticky cunny of yours, did you? So why do you want to give me such a hard time for putting my little, teeny finger in that hot hole, huh? You keep telling me to stop, but your titties are rock hard, and that clit of yours seems to search out the rough pad of my finger, begging to be petted and itched? Maybe you cunt is just a slutty little hole, and you're a good girl? But whatever, sweetheart, that little pussy of yours is holding on to me for dear life."

By the time she got the last little 'uuuuuuuggggghhhhhh' out, I was giving her a gentle frig with my fuck finger, making sure to give her now hardend clit a good little workout. I made sure she didn't cum though, bringing her close and occasionally pinching her nipples gently so she was ready to blow...then slipping my finger out of her snatch or stopping my rooting up her hole. She showed her true colors then, making a desperate attempt to fuck the digit herself, moving her hips and getting as much finger as she could. I did this for 30 minutes, making sure she got her pussy in a lather, and both her legs and thighs were saturated with cunt drool, leaving her hot and bothered.

The I rolled in her dream lover. He was on his knees, with his big, wide, pale feet hanging over the edge of his gurney. Like her he was kept in place with a spreader bar, collar and arms cinched and shackled. I wanted his big nuts, his dick, his navel and his nipples exposed, but his strong, pale ass up in the air...spread open for work.

His asshole was a pink little knot, hiding in the forest of dark hair that was slightly damp from his masculine perspiration, but smelled like perfume to me. I had already taken him to the shitter when he woke up that morning, wiped him after I made him spread his legs so I could watch him crap, and then made him raise his legs up while I gave him a gentle enema to wash out his hole again. He had to lean back with his legs up to his chest while I slipped the little nozzle in his hole, and rubbed it back and forth over his prostate to his grunts. I also held his dick when he pee'd after he finished cleaning up, and when he got an erection, I waited until it went down enough to allow him to finish. I talked to him all the way through, telling him he was just a fucking punk kid who needed someone to hold his dick for him, and to wipe his butt, and I humiliated him and although his body language spoke of resistance and defiance, he followed every order I gave him while he was shackled, blindfolded and gagged. Nothing like playing with a straight, muscle stud while he's helpless and hard.

Now, as he lay there, I gently used my index finger that had banged his girlfriend just moments ago, to tickle his sweet little anal portal, watching it flex and cringe at my insistent scratching. He tensed, but as if on command his half hard cock went rigid, hanging down in a heavy curve, its bloated knob already getting sticky with his pre-sap filling the wide piss lip well. I used the other finger to tickle his navel and tug on his rubbery male tits, making them hard and pebbled. Fuck, I liked the body on this was just the kind of stuff you wanted to come home and suck and fuck every night...the kind that lay sprawled across beds in fraternity houses and in bachelor apartments across America, often naked, many times with boners, and always horny. A body to die for, and one that would serve his new masters for years to come.

I rolled Cherry's gurney up to Troy's. I put a bolster under her stomach, with openings on each side that allowed her breasts to hang down, and ran up to her neck and held her face aimed forwards comfortably. In this position, still blindfolded and unable to hear, I slipped a harness over her head. The stiff metal harness was firm on her scalp, and then buckled securely on with a strap under her chin to keep it in place. In the front, over her nose, was a rig that held a small, firm dildo that aimed straight out from her face. Her nose did not hit the base of the dildo because the frame of the rig kept it firmly away from her, and was effectively padded to cushion any movements that sent the casing back towards her. In essence, she looked like a human rhino with a penis for a horn. The dildo was slender, only about three-quarters of one inch in diameter, and gently curved like a real prick. But it was covered with stiff little bristles that filled it out to one inch. There were also randomly placed bumps and nodules that made it touch here and there wherever it was lodged. Plus, the randy little thing was a vibrator that could speed up and slow down, and occasionally gave a slight spin, one quarter, one half, or one full turn, first this way, then that without Cherry feeling the sensations against her face. Years of tinkering in my garage had produced this wonderful little device that had made many a pussy and an asshole jump from the sensation, then drip from its affects.

Now my butch, blond, Marine stud was about to be introduced to its wonders. With his feet firmly shackled over the edge of the gurney, and the wheels in front and back locked down, I had him spread and ready for a good fucking from which he could not escape. He knew it was Cherry behind his butt hole, but she did not know it was him. His long, thick toes wiggled in anticipation, flexing and curling, but unable to move in their rigid yet padded binding. His hands scrabbled uselessly in the middle of his back, and he whimpered and whined even thought nothing had yet actually touched his precious fuck hole.

I began to speak into a microphone that fed directly to her ear muffs, and which Troy could hear clearly every word. "Cherry, I'm gonna to bring a dog in from my kennel. He's got a long, wet, flexible tongue, which just loves to lick quim. I'm gonna baste your pussy, and especially your clit, with his favorite sauce. I've made it special, and while it won't affect the chemical balance in his mouth, it'll feel like Spanish Fly on and in your cunny. Then I'm gonna turn him loose on you. Now in front of you is a no count loser that I bummed off the county work farm. He's nobody you know, but he's supposed to be punished for his unrepentant ways, and I've been assigned to make him pay. I'm gonna give you a choice. You can have that dog lick your cunt until his tongue reaches all the way up inside you to your sweet spot, or you can use the little dildo horn I have attached to your head to give that prisoner the fuck of his life. Now I'm going to slip that dildo up his asshole, then I'm gonna give you one minute to begin your work. After, one minute, my dog Brutus gets his chance at your sweet snatch. You got it...tell me understand what I saying to you?...that's it, nod your head and speak to me."

She began to whimper, and then to plead. "Ooooh, please Mr....who ever you are...nnnoooo, pleaaaaseeee...don't make me do this....I don't know you or who this man is....I'm afraid...he'll be angry and he'll hurt me....pleeease...don't let the dog loose on me....I'm afraid of big please don't do this..."and tears began to wet her blindfold. But I reassured her, while her boyfriend who could hear every word waited in helpless silence knowing exactly what I was about to do. He tried vainly to grunt through his gag, but there was nothing he could communicate to her, because her muff kept any sounds from reaching in from outside.

"Don't worry Cherry, he won't hurt you. You don't think I'd bring a prisoner in here and let him get free? No way sweet heart. No...I won't let this mean little punk get near you. He's totally tied down. All you have to do is fuck him...and if you don't that the dog is gonna get his nice long tongue so far up your poon tang that you will think there's a little snake wriggling around deep up in there...."

That must of persuaded her, because she let me guide the little furry penis head towards Troy's fine, rosy anus. I squirted some lubricant on the bristles, and then took a little squirt bottle and slipped its thin little nozzle up his hole in one quick, deft motion, then squeezed. He jumped like I had put a bee up his butt although the nozzle went in only an inch. But the real squirming was about to start, cause to tell the truth, that lubricant had a little irritant in it I got from Mexico that made the lining of your ass feel like there was a swarm of ants eating away. Shit, can you imagine, like when you've got one of those scratchy turds that rubs your rectum lining on its way out...well this was no "shit" (pardon the pun), but a sensation like a million little scratching, clawing mandibles working up inside you. Then with all deliberation, and as gently as humanly possible, I slowly began to screw that little dildo into Troy's powerful butt. Fuck, what a sight. That spasming, clenching hole resisting to the last moment, but the insanely tickling itch up his hole made him yield to the temporary soothing sensation of the bristles. Soon, I had the awful thing inserted up his fundament, and only then did he realize that I had coated the bristles with the same lubricant that I had squirted up into him. Moreover, the way the little gadget worked, I could push a button, and more of the stuff would shoot out and coat the inside of his hole while the buzzing demon was working insistently deep up inside him. Yeah! You should have seen Troy clench those powerful toes that hung over the edge of his gurney. He was hoping to squeeze that insanely fucking vibrator out of his shit hole, but Cherry was in no mood to back up. She had incentive to keep moving forward, and his name was Brutus, snuffling and barking behind her splayed thighs.

Brutus was a fine German Shepard I had picked up across the border. He had been used in a brothel for his first four years to put on shows for wealthy patrons who liked to see teenage girls tied down and that long, eight inch tongue dance over their helpless quims, curling around clits and plunging down sticky holes. I bought him on one of my business trips, after watching a sixteen year old get eaten into five monster spends by the energetic canine. Now I gave him a once per week dose of his favorite desert, poon tang. Cherry did not have a clue. Whether she fucked the unknown boy whose ass loomed in front of her or not did not matter. Brutus was about to get his hair pie for the week, and this tasty little Asian bitch was going to give him a sweet syrup made up of the wicked stuff I squirted into her cunt and all along her ragged, puffy cunt lips, and doused over her protruding clit. Already the little red dots were appearing along the lips of her cunny, and I knew they extended up inside her as well. Her clit began to look like bees had stung it, making a pebbled hill where here smooth clit had once thrust up from its hiding place. Cherry began to sing for me, and that was the cue for Brutus to get into the act. "Aaaaaa, nnnnnnnoooooooooo....ooooooooooohhhhhhh.....wwwwhhhhhhaaaatttt, isssssss ttttthhhhaaat! Oh sweet jesus....oooooooooowwwwwww....mmmmmmyyyyyyy gggggggooooooooddddd! Help me! Oh help me! Someone help me! Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh, it itches, oh stop it, make it stooooooopppppppppp it itches ssssssoooooooooo bbbbbbaaaaaaadddddd!"

With that last whining squeal from Cherry's frantic voice, and her ass bouncing back and forth to make the itching that she could not scratch, stop, I let Brutus give her the magic tongue that would send her into orbit. Fuck you should have seen that hound chow down. His long snout pushed up to her oozing crack, and ground against her pulsing clit. At the same time, the long licker ploughed up and through her slot, slurping at the tangy sauce that seemed to cover her trough and weep continuously from it. For my part, I kept squirting the special sauce into her convulsing trench, making Brutus that much more determined to thrust his flexible tongue deep into her muscular hole, and up to and around her throbbing clit. Then with the sense of a homing pigeon, the dog's twisting, eight inch, mindless tongue torqued into the clenching nook of Cherry's cock-pit. I could imagine how her eyes, now covered with the blindfold, must have widened with the sensation of that wriggling muscle, plunging deep inside her, twisting and flicking the itching, dripping walls of her clasping pussy. But what was even better, and signaled Troy's undoing, was the shrieking wail that accompanied the dog's instinctual search for the girl's joy spot, deep up inside her cunt: "AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!....OH MY GOOOOODDDDD!!!,NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Cherry's head thrust forward unexpectedly, and Troy who had been hoping against hope that she would move her head only slightly and allow him to avoid the worst of the thin bristle dildo, was suddenly forced into a gagged and uncontrolled screech: "AAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!" Cherry was moving her head back and forth, and as she did so, the wicked bristles brushed and scraped back and forth against the lining of Troy's unprepared rectum, and nudged his unprotected fuck nut. The bristles were not hard. To the contrary, they were maddening...firm, yet soft. With the lubricant inside his clenching bowels, making him itch furiously, the bristles were both a relief and an agony. Plus, the little bumps and ridges raked back and forth over his proud, male nut...reducing the tough Marine into a fucking whore, moving his own butt involuntarily to get more grinding and scratching against the horny button that made his cock drool and vibrate with lust.

For my part, I used the index finger on one hand to scratch back and forth over one of Troy's firm, pebbled nipples while with the thumb and index finger of the other hand, I pinched and tugged on Cherry's coned nipples, making her respond even more excitedly to Brutus' relentless tonguing. But I had one more surprise for Troy. Not only was his girl giving him the fuck of his life, and he wasn't able to let her know about it, but I was about to add a touch to his experience that would give him a sense of how life was going to be for the next few years.

I pushed a button on the console near the gurneys, and a panel on the nearby wall slid open. Suddenly from behind that panel came six cats, one callico, one white, one black, and three black and whites. They rushed toward Troy's gurney, totally ignoring both Brutus and Cherry. They were accustomed to Brutus, but they avoided Cherry because the sauce I prepared for Brutus' meal in the girl's drooling cunt was not the same 'cat nip' that I had prepared for Troy's big, hanging nuts, his oversized pecker, and the big, wide, soft soles of his feet. While Brutus had been warming up Cherry, I had been using a small paint brush to baste Troy's big cock, especially the oversized, fat knob, his hanging, starchy nuts, and every nook and cranny of his handsome, athletic feet, with a brew just made for my cats.

Without any hesitation, one went straight for his big prick tip, slurping its rough, scratchy tongue over the constantly flexing knob. The rough cat tongue was more like a brush, but with a soft, flexible and unpredictable motion. Another went after his big nuts, banging its head into them, and rubbing its face and tonguing them this way and that. But each of his athletic feet drew the attention of two cats. One cat each went for the wriggling, flexing toes of each foot, flicking desperately trying to make the tickling, rough tongues leave the unprotected pinkies from being mauled. At the same time, two other cats were focused on each of the wide soles, and their high arches, licking and occasionally pawing the muscular feet with their sharp kitty talons. My tough Marine went hysterical. He cried and laughed, wailed and pleaded from behind his gag. "nnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg.....uuuuuppppppppphhhhhh...aaaaaaaggggggghhhhh....iiiiieeeeeee.... aaaaaahhhhahahahhahhhhhhhahhhahahahahhah...." The sensations up his bowels and emanating from his very ticklish feet were more than most people could imagine, but the rough tongue swabbing his horny pecker, moving all round the pulsing knob without staying long enough to give satisfaction, giving it enough attention to drive him up the all, but not enough to cum...this was the kind of work that ole Troy was going to get for a long time to come.

For her part, Cherry was lost. Brutus had shoved his snout hard against her pubic bone, and his wet nose rubbed maddeningly back and forth over her bursting clit. His sticky, wet muzzle was opened against the ragged cunt lips, and his tongue was slithering up and down her clinging trench, touching every part of her horny box. Here was a gal who could not get enough tongue to soothe the sweet itch up her cunny, and this instinctive animal was willing to lick her to oblivion. And as she writhed in exquisite rolling orgasms, her bobbing head sent her over stimulated boyfriend over the edge.

Without any warning, except the bucking of his ass and the grinding of his butt against the disorganized thrusting and movement of Cherry's nasty responses to the wicked canine licker tantilizing her rutting quim, Troy's body went rigid. His cock suddenly expanded, its nine thick inches turning to steel, and the skin stretching over its bloated tip, widening and expanding the surface for the cat's scratchy tongue. He was helpless, being licked and fucked to the kind of giant ejaculation that he once enjoyed with girls kneeling between his strong legs, worshipping his totem pole with their hot, tight little mouths. The pisslips opened, and bolts of thick white spooge spewed from the deep well, coating the cat, shooting up to Troy's chest, and covering the surface of the gurney. Like the animal he was, he shot and shot, his asshole gripping convulsively around the rotating, churning bristle dildo, wrenching even more scum from the depths of his big boy balls. Ahh fucking shit, I just love to watch hard boys squeal in joy as their buzzers go off, and they purge themselves of enough sperm to populate a small town, their fuck poles being milked into submission.

Troy's hands clenched and opened, his long toes curled shut and his soles crinkled one long, last time, and his butt roiled as his rectum gripped the buzzing intruder deep up him. Then after ten long streams of boy slime, the shots were not reduced to drooling dregs; Troy had released his resistance and surrendered his body to me, and I was master of that big fuck rod. Behind him, Cherry was mewling, working her round ass any way she could to keep Brutus' lovely tongue rasping her clit and siphoning out as much cunt juice as the little bitch could squirt. The more his tongue skewered her cunt, the more she spurted her slimy pussy juice, feeding his insatiable taste for quim sauce. I gently moved her gurney away from Troy's, releasing the wheel stops, and allowing the dildo now completely soaked with lubricant and the boy's ass juices, to plop out of his hungry, gripping hole. I spoke to the entranced girl as I moved her: "Good work Cherry, you gave that bad boy just what he needed, a fucking that he won't soon forget. Now I can send him on his way to the penal colony and he'll be much more cooperative." But Cherry could hardly hear me. Brutus had followed Cherry's gurney, and was still laving the split crevice, wrenching more cunt stink into his eager mouth as her hips continued to dance uncontrollably.

For his part, Troy was so exhausted he didn't react to my words. In fact, I know had broken his defiant spirit. He was a fuck toy ready to be shipped to his new playmates. Cherry had always been one, and I almost thought I would hook her to a electronic, vibrating dildo all the way to her new home just to keep her happy.

My last fling that afternoon, before the two were shipped out, found shackled on his back on a plastic covered bed. I had his knees bent to his chest, with a spreader bar under them, and his ankles tethered apart with his lovely, pale, big boy feet exposed. He had a ball stretcher on that keep his big nuts pulled down and spread apart, and his every ready dick was hard again, with drops of clear slime filling the piss well. Over him, on her knees, with her arms cinched and her legs tethered apart, was Cherry. She was supported by a sling that kept her cunt just over Troy's mouth.

"Now Troy, get that tongue up in Cherry's spice pot. That's what your tongue is going to be doing for a long time to cum, licking out quim. So let's see how you match up with Brutus? What'ya say Troy, can you give your girl some tongue. His nostrils seemed to flair with the smell of pussy, and like a good boy, he reached his own muscular licker up and lodged it between the wet, split peach of Cherry's tangy hole. But what a surprise! As he slurped out cunt juice, along with it came wads of thick gism. I had fucked Cherry twice on her back, using my own blunt headed crowbar to make her cum three or four times before I filled her with two healthy loads of stored scum. Now Troy was getting the privilege of tasting sperm, and he'd need to acquire the taste, cause lots of the cunts he'd be licking in months to cum would be filled with the starchy stuff. Shit-Fuck, the thought of his big Marine laving cunts sprayed full of other men's slime made me go hard. I'd have to get some video of that from my client...a little perk for my acquisition of a superb boy to meet his wife's twisted tastes. Troy tried to turn his head away and began to plead: "Aw fuck, naw man...not this, I'm not fucking queer...shit....please, don't make me do fuck, it's drippin' on my, man, please....nnnnnooooooooo...." But I reminded him of his duty: "Work that Marine tongue Tory, or I'll roast these big nuts of yours, and serve them to Brutus for dinner..." and I laughed as I used a little electric hand wand on his balls for a brief moment to get his attention and remind him that he belonged to me. His tongue danced back to its work, and his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed my swill and Cherry's gravy, grunting from the strange new taste as he worked.

I slipped my mouth over the toes one of his securely tied feet, sucking the big muscular digits and tickling them with my tongue. His cock went rigid from the sensation, so I slipped it into my fist. The neat thing was that I was wearing a glove coated with soft bristles, and so as I sucked his studly toes, and used the other hand to tickle the exposed mouth of his anus, he reflexively fucked my fist, torquing his traitorous cock back and forth against the bristles. His own pre-cum lubed my fist, and soon Tory was pistoning that randy, mindless pecker back and forth to get just enough fist to help he shoot his sap. When he came his toes wriggling in my mouth and his tongue lapping frantically against Cherry's pussy lips, slurping her rainy dew into his mouth, I closed my fist around the bloated knob and squeezed and rotated my palm until he cried out and begged me to stop: "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....nnnnnnoooooooooooo...not my dick, STOP IT!.... aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, please mister...please....I'm doing what you said.....aaaaagggghhhh... GOD DAMN FUCKING SHIT....oooooohhhh jeeeeeeezus.....please ....not my cock're killin' me....oooooooohhhhhhh fuck, you're KILLIN' ME!"

Cherry could hear Troy, but her gag prevented her from saying anything to him. She just rolled her hips and grunted as his tongue now left her straining pussy alone and deprived her of the sensations that she was addicted to.

I held his dick up and used the glove on his glans for about five more minutes, intermittently, making sure that he didn't pass out, and didn't so soft. I fucking love to hear boys talk dirty and beg at the same time.

Later, after they were cleaned and prepared for their respective journeys I kissed each of them good bye as their wide eyes and gagged mouths appealed to me one last time. I had managed to hook Cherry up to a randomly programmed little pussy prod that would occasionally buzz her cunt, and tickle her clit. She'd be ready to fuck a horse when she arrived, though the extent of her animal acts would be limited to the searching tongues of cats and dogs. As for Troy, he had his own little anal dildo that worked like Cherry's, so his big boy pecker would be up and stiff most of the time. His nuts would be ready to be drained when he arrived.

In two or three years, they would both be back in the United States, showing up suddenly to families that would be shocked and surprised. But from now on, they would be sex slaves to whomever discovered their secrets; they both had that uncontrollable itch that made them so fine to suck and fuck. As the truck drove away with them in their large shipping crates, I walked back into my study. Time to look at my photo files and find the next two candidates on my list. I couldn't keep my clients waiting.

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