The Itch 4

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental.

Synopsis: The collector finds a new young couple, a Marine from Missouri and his Chinese American girlfriend, and he brings them back to his house to prepare them for their immediate futures.

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November 30, 1998

I heard from my contacts that the woman who had purchased Troy was making wonderful use of him. She was amazed by his stamina, and his delicious defiance. He gave her many opportunities to try various forms of discipline on him, and somehow never lost his ardor. She used an excellent tactic, rewarding him for obedience by providing him with a woman for his own relief once per month for a whole weekend. But if he was uncooperative, he slept with a vibrating prod up his ass, and with a cock cage over his ever straining erection, for days and on occasion, weeks at a time. Troy learned that there was nothing beneath his dignity, and that there were remarkable ways to wring gallons of boy jizz from his healthy balls. Now when he attends dinners held by his owner, he stands with legs slightly spread, hands locked behind his head, and a luscious erection wet, glistening, and aching for release or to please anyone who might want to use it. Troy has gradually learned that his emancipation will be based on his cooperation, and cock control, out of his ability to influence it, is his immediate destiny.

When I was searching for Troy and his girl to meet the requirements of my clients, I had stopped by one bar in which I had seen another couple that caught my fancy and my eye. In Texas there are lots of good old boys, but every once in a while they get an idea about tasting forbidden fruit. In this case, one of the mechanics at the garage out on the highway, outside of town, had been quietly banging one of the most exquisite black women I had every laid eyes on. Jimmy McCardle was a red head. He was built like a wide receiver, long, lean and muscular. Somehow you never expect to see a big kid working in a garage, mostly guys 5'7" to 5'10". But Jimmy was 6'2" of pale gristle, with a strawberry fur that covered his entire body, even his toes and fingers. He'd grown up in Oklahoma, and drifted South after two years of bumming around. He'd never been that close to his family, and once he'd moved to Texas, there had been very little contact with his alcoholic mother, and tired, distant father. But Mr. and Mrs. McCardle had produced one fine specimen. Jimmy had played football in high school, and carried a natural frame, muscled and lean, with sloping pecs and red rasberry nipples that turned into pebbled, nubs that poked up and out of that swirl of red-blond hair on his chest. His arms and legs were healthy and strong, with the kind of thighs that drive women wild, and size eleven feet that went from long curved toes, and a broad ball, to high arches and a narrow heel on those pale, veined, and hairy peds. His eyes were pale blue, and his eyelashes long and curled up towards his bushy eyebrows. He was a boy that had to shave twice a day to keep that red stubble from popping out, and his hair was a carrot top red. Fortunately for him, Jimmy could tan just enough so that he didn't burn, and while he could look pale in the winter, in the summer he was a tasty morsel on weekends in his shorts and sneakers. And what he had in those shorts...eight inches of thick, pale shaft, with a head like a door knob, and a up curve that tortured clits. And those big, hanging nuts, looking so pale and ripe. They were so sensitive, and so full with the smell of starch and ball sweat. The whole picture exploded out of a forest of red hair, dense and thick, which trailed down between his muscular pale thighs, and descended into a dark auburn mat that was stuffed between the cheeks of his taut butt cheeks. That dark hair trailed up from his pubes to the middle of his pecs, and also appeared under his arms. But he was strawberry or just plain red, everywhere else, a succulent delight for the eyes and lips.

For some reason, Jimmy liked black pussy. Thank God for a country where boys who nurse fantasies about inter-racial sex can find ways to satisfy their cravings and hunger. Jimmy had a black buddy in the garage who managed to introduce him to Yvonne Douglass. She was 5'6" tall, with breasts that thrust out and up, big and heavy, with two dark coned tips that aimed for a guy's mouth. Her ass was firm and surprisingly small, but what she could do with it, and how she could grip a guy's pecker with her cunt muscles while she banged up on down on his stalk, made you dream of days and nights in bed with her. No doubt that's what old Jimmy liked, because that boy never went more than a few days without dipping his stick in some hole. And on the top of Yvonne's cunt talent was her stone cold good looks. And then there was the matter of that clit. Jimmy liked pussy, and he liked to eat it most of all...nothing charged him like the thought of wrapping his long, dexterous tongue around the clit of some horny chick. But in the case of Yvonne, he had struck it rich. Here was a girl who could get eaten for hours, cum on queue, and had a clit 3/8ths of an inch long! Now I'm not kidding. That black bitch was born with a miniature penis at the top of her cunt, that stuck out from its protective sheath to assault the ridges of any pecker that rooted up her canal, and tickle the tongue of any guy who liked to eat cunt.. Please, any contact with that indecent little spike would cause Yvonne to squirt juice, that lubricated the path to her joy spot, deep up her snatch, and gave guys an easy grind at they stroked her pussy to relieve their own cock aches.

It wasn't like Jimmy was going to take Yvonne to the country western dances, and it wasn't as if Yvonne was going to teach ole Jimmy "Hip Hop." Instead, they went bowling and to movies. I followed them for a while, trying to figure out how I was gonna get them. One of my favorite scenes between them as I reconnoitered their activities occurred at the Bijou Theater in town. Southern towns, especially in Texas, still have at least one theater where a guy and his girl can go up to the balcony for some privacy. Yeah there was always some brat ten years old who'd yelp and point fingers at the couples upstairs, till the usher dragged him away. But generally, guys could take their girls upstairs in at least one theater and have some privacy for some nookie. Jimmy couldn't care less about the double feature, he didn't even remember the names of the movies. He just wanted to get his fuck finger in Yvonne's pussy to encourage her to come home with him later so he could bang till the cows came home. Once up there, the contrast between the two of them was fucking heaven. There he was, siddling up to her, laying his head on her shoulder, and whispering kind of low. There she was, hunching her neck, playfully slapping him with those elegant hands and their long red nails. Jesus she was a cat...and I knew that Jimmy liked to feel her talons scratching him when he rasped her clit with his thick cudgel, nursing throaty grunts and groans from her, and causing her cunt muscles to tighten into a death grip on his aching rod.

She made him go buy some popcorn, and he sat next to her, still hunched down in his seat, his head still resting against her shoulder as she sat up straight, thrusting those big tits out, and eating the popcorn in a way that made Jimmy's dick drool. She'd take one of those kernels, and pop them into her red lips, and make them pout in a way that caused Jimmy to shiver, thinking about how well she could suck his prick. He loved the way she could hollow her mouth and suction his dick like a straw, wrapping her talented tongue around his knob, basting it and lashing it, making him go crazy.

While Yvonne was eating her popcorn, he slipped an arm around her so he could graze her far tit with his hairy knuckles, and with his other hand, he began to gently rub just above her knee where her skirt hem rested. He knew the target, and half the fun was getting there. He could already imagine, even though she didn't show it, that her clit was rubbing against her panties, torturing its knob and making her cunt begin to drool and cause her to feel the butterflies in her stomach. But he was going to take his time...he was going to make her rut when he finally got his finger in her slot... but for now, he just grazed her rock hard tit, and slid his thick, long grease stained fingers back and forth on her knee.

Jimmy's erection was like a brick bat in his pants. Just the thought of Yvonee's cunt beginning to weep pussy juice from the way his fingers rubbed back and forth on her knee, moving imperceptibly up towards the hem of her skirt, and beyond. His curved banana was wedged awkwardly in his buttonfly jeans. They were loose enough for his prick to slip beyond the worn edges of his white cotton briefs, and now the fat plum of his cock head was chaffing against the heavy denim material. His boner left pecker tracks on his thighs, matting the hair, and drying to pinch and pull, but he could not stop the ache he felt in his humid balls. Maybe Yvonne was going to drip cunt juice once he got his finger into her, but had to use all the strength he had in him not to spontaneously shoot his own wad. He just hoped his pants would not have a huge wet spot when they left the theater.

Yvonne couldn't quite concentrate on her popcorn, the movie, Jimmy's hand on her tit, and the other on her leg. She had to act cool, but there was something about this white boy that drove her wild. Just the thought of one of his big, bony fingers inching slowly toward her cunt mound, and even better, the hope that later he would hold her ass to him as he pounded her into the bed at her apartment, driving that huge, hard cock of his back and forth over this clit, wrenching stinging cramps from her cunt in waves of ongoing little orgasms....she needed this hairy white boy, needed to grasp his taut buns, tickle his little anal knot and make him fuck her silly. By the time, Yvonne realized that she had been drifting, dreaming of Jimmy's prick tuning her pussy, his ragged nail was scraping over the cloth cover of her mound. Her eyes widened, and she stifled a gasp as he rubbed the rough pad of his index finger up and down, scratching her jutting clit through the satin material, and gently forcing the material between her dripping cunt lips, tickling her and making her ass begin to squirm slowly from the maddening sensation.

When Jimmy grasped Yvonne's hardened nipple between his index finger and thumb, and squeezed firmly, she lost all pretense of controlling her feelings. With a small gasp, she slid down in the seat, her popcorn bag falling to the floor as she gripped the two arms of the seat, and Jimmy's other finger forced the material deep into her now soaked pussy lips, assaulting the irritated clit as he did so. Jimmy took quick advantage. Without saying a word, and betraying to other couples what he and Yvonne were doing in the dark corner of the balcony, he used his thumb to brush the thin strip of her panty away from the cunt mound, and with the skill of a deft practitioner, he skewered the itchy pussy on his rugged fuck finger. As he did so, Yvonne thrust her breasts forward and tried to close her legs, but when Jimmy's thumb rotated insistently against her gristle like clit, she spread again, hunched lower and groaned to the steady piston of his finger.

Sweat began to roll down from Jimmy's brow, and dampen his hairy arm pits. He was determined to jerk Yvonne off in the theater, to make her lewdly cum like a pretty little whore, her legs spread, and her ass grinding so he could persuade her it was time to go home for a deep, long fuck. His prick ached, dripping pre-scum at a rate that kept his thigh soaked, but he gritted his teeth and saved the ejaculation that wanted to occur so badly. With her tit being mauled in by one hand, and her cunny being masturbated relentlessly with the other, Yvonne stuck a finger in her mouth and bit down...mewling quietly as she came in streams around the pistoning finger, and the thumb that scraped her clit mercilessly. Jimmy whispered lewd things to her, and talked about cunt and dick, and that only made Yvonne squirt more, and hunch her hips unconsciously, getting as much of a finger-fuck as she could. Jimmy pinched her tit to hold her in place, and he smiled wickedly as her cunt muscles reflexively gripped his finger tight as she just spasmed and spasmed. He worked her clit until she had soaked the seat, and the smell of cunt was in air. Fortunately, no one was sitting too close in the balcony, as each couple wanted the same privacy. Jimmy turned to see if their nearest neighbors had seen Yvonne cum, but the guy three rows down had his head thrown back and eyes closed, and the way his knees were spread and his ass slouched down in the chair it was a good bet he was getting the blow job of his life from some little cunt now out of sight.

Jimmy withdrew his fuck finger, and gave it a long sniff, as he looked at Yvonne, trying to catch her breath and regain her dignity, and then he slipped it in his mouth, sucking off the horny juices of the woman he wanted to fuck.
"Let's go baby," he crooned sweetly, the way guys talk when they want pussy but need to be respectful. I followed them quietly from my vantage three rows above, putting away my night glasses which allowed me to see their nasty little show.

That night, I learned that Jimmy's dick was insatiable, watching him fuck Yvonne the moment they got into her apartment. He grabbed her, and reached under her skirt, pulling down her still wet panties, and with them just below her knees, he slipped his dick into her cunt after dropping his pants and briefs, and fucked her from behind while he gripped her popping tits through her blouse.

"Jimmy, you fool...stop this shit, and lemme get outta my white boys don't know how to act...horny stoppit---damnit---get that dick o' yours outta my pussy... and lemme undress....Jimmy!" Jimmy couldn't stop. He needed to feel the hot, wet, cling of Yvonne cunt muscles jacking off his big boner in her tight sheath, milking him to the first ejaculation of the night. Later, he fucked her on the floor of her bedroom, on the bed, let her bounce of his dick...he screwed her four times that night, and never even got his dick into her mouth he was so randy for the tight confines of her strong pussy. And for her part, Yvonne squealed like a stuck pig the whole night, begging and demanding, needing Jimmy's hard prong to touch every spot of her whorish cunt hole.

Jimmy Strays From Home

I knew Jimmy liked his dick sucked as well, but not because I saw Yvonne do it. I learned that boys like Jimmy just need to cum, and never had to make that happen themselves too often. Yeah he'd jerked his dick when he was fifteen, but by sixteen there was always someone in his neighborhood who's fuck or suck. He didn't make a big deal of it, but when he needed to cum, and Yvonne wasn't available, he knew how to get his rod worked without much effort. I had seen him take off from work one day, and stop at the Interstate Rest Stop. He had gone about 11am, before the lunch crowd arrived, and I slipped into the stall next to his...the one without the glory hole, but with a small peep hole through which I could observe. Actually, I used my video camera with the thin, tube eye. I could see everything comfortably on the camera's monitor screen, while it was carefully recorded for future use. There was Jimmy, resting back against the toilet seat in the john, lazily stroking his monster cock, pale and veined in the grimy stall. His hairy paw slid slowly up the upswing of his curved cock shaft, and grazed the sensitive circumcision scar, while his callused thumb worried the flange of his dick helmet from the other side. He didn't jerk it quick, or in awkward motions...just nice and easy to keep the deep piss well full of lube, and to keep himself horny as he waited for a pair of lips to suction his prick into submission. His dirty boots were slightly spread, his ass at the edge of the seat showing the hairy crevice, and his coveralls around the shoe tops. He rolled a nipple occasionally, tweaking the rubbery rose nubs, which caught my attention because I had never seen Yvonne suck his tits. I figured he didn't want to let on that this tits were sensitive, thinking that maybe it was not good for a guy to like his tits worked. He looked casually to my stall wall, but since there was no glory hole, he did not focus on the small hole towards the toilet paper rack. He was waiting for a cocksucker to appear at the big whole on the other partition wall, especially the way long streams of clear pre fuck lube now drooled down his stalk as he gently rubbed his thumb over the ticklish knob. Shit, he grimaced as his thumb worked the tip, letting me know just how sensitive that fat, spongy dick head was.

Within a minute footsteps sounded on the concrete pavement of the john. Aiming my camera, I looked below the partition on the far side of Jimmy's stall. I saw a nicely shined cap toe oxford dress shoe, likely worn by some business executive out for his morning blow job, or ready to give one. Sure enough, a handsome if shy young face with dark horn rimmed glasses appeared at the large, cut out glory hole on Jimmy's far stall wall. He looked over impassively at Jimmy's throbbing boner, then up to his handsome face, then back to his prick, the worn, Jimmy's dirty fingers gently rubbing the fat tip. The dark horn rims, on a face that was just showing a dark shadow even after the morning's shave, moved his mouth to the hole, and snaked out a long, wriggling tongue that wet his lips and then thrust out towards Jimmy's big fuck stick. Jimmy leaned down and whispered softy: "Hey cocksucker, you want my dick?"

The horn rims nodded obediently, and snaked out the tongue again. Jimmy wanted more: "Hey man, before I give you my juicy pecker," he whispered hoarsely, "I wanna see you drop your pants and put your dick through the hole hard...I wanna see how much you want my big dick... lemme see if you're a 'down on your knees cocksucker'...who'll fuckin' sniff my balls to get his greedy lips wrapped around this big bone."

The horn rims looked up at Jimmy, nervous, but lusting after the huge wet fuck pole that waved sensuously at him. There was a rustle, and the rims stood up. Suddenly, through the large glory hole came six inches of tanned fuck pole, framed by dark black hair, and as thick as a beer can. The head on the thing was at least the size of big plum. Jimmy took off his baseball cap, and flicked it at the drooling erection aimed at him. The sting of the cap against his dick made the horn rims pull back suddenly, and then lean down and look again. Jimmy whispered: "OK, dick lick, you proved you want get down on your knees, stick your cock under the partition and put your mouth up against the hands."

I could hardly believe it.. Here was the boy who loved his cock dipped into a hot, wet snatch, offering his auburn pubes to some faggot in a suit. But boys like Jimmy grew up on the hard side, they didn't care where they got their cocks drained, as long as they enjoyed the sensation. And I'd seen enough of these straight boys who like decent blow jobs, to know that Jimmy was just one of many. From the hole across the stall, I saw the pouty lips of the horn rims, anxiously swabbed by his hungry tongue, anxious to get Jimmy's pale pole locked and licked. As Jimmy moved toward the hole, the toe of his work boot slid under the hanging balls of the horn rims, whose big dick and hairy balls slid under the partition as instructed, his clean white knees getting dirty from the dirty floor.

So Jimmy liked giving orders, and making men heel...well how nice. I wondered how he'd look, tied and tethered in one of my holdings pens. Without any fanfare, Jimmy fed the horn rim his eight inch club watching as the thick lips slid down his aching pecker, throwing back his head and hissing quietly as the suctioning lips captured his sensitive dick tip and vacuumed the pebbled ridge and easily irritated circumcision scar. Then the horn rim pistoned down the fuck pole, drawing Jimmy deep into the wet cavern, and rubbing the young mechanic's dick head against the back of the clutching mouth and allowing the long dick to almost enter his throat. Jimmy used one hand to hold his big, roiling nuts, and the other to pinch and tug on each of his own hard paps. The horn rim was stunned by the catch he'd made in this random stop at the john, and as his mouth slid up and down that meaty cock, slurping up the copious pre-fuck that burped from Jimmy's whang, his own dick throbbed helplessly under the partition, leaking its own streams of lube.

Finally, Jimmy warmed my heart, by suddenly clenching those perfect, pale buns with his legs apart slightly, causing the dark red hair between them to almost disappear as he thrust his cock deep into the horn rims throat, and started a wonderful long groan that sounded like a growling animal....
"Ggggrrrrr...rrrrrhhhhhhggggg........uuuggggghhhhhh!" And as he groaned, the horn rims up-tilted throat revealed his Adam's apple bobbing rapidly, gulping the streams of thick, viscous jizz that were shooting straight down to his stomach. Like a greedy little boy nursing, the horn rims took his vitamins and suddenly, spontaneously shot his own wad in six long arcs over the top of Jimmy's work boots, and onto the floor of my stall, under the partition. Shit...two horny boy fucks, who both needed some managed care, I thought. I decided to get the horn rims license plate number as he left the lot. There would definitely be a weekend when I'd use him for my own recreation and amusement. I thought he'd look amusing with the auto-milker attached to his cock, and my little electric hand wand on his tits, anus and feet, and a buzzing little prod up his hairy, unused hole. But that was for another time. Now, my sights were on handsome, redheaded Jimmy who was as good as on one of my work tables, and I smiled as I watched the perspiration drip down his back, into the hairy crack of his ass, turning the dark hair even darker. Yeah, this fucker would be mine soon.

The Snatch

Getting them both was a pleasure, putting as always a little bit of danger and anxiety into my work. Jimmy had taken Yvonne dancing at one of the respectable jazz clubs downtown on a Friday night, and the way she ran her hands up and down his back, simulating the way her nails scratched him when they fucked, and how her thighs gripped his erect cock when they clung together on the floor, I knew it would not be long for Jimmy to whisper something nasty in her ear, and get her to come back to his little apartment for the Friday night fucks. When they got into the room, he grabbed her close, and began to open the buttons of her blouse as his tongue snaked down her throat. She threw a leg around his thigh, and he took his other hand to grip it, and hold her on to one foot, as he worked the buttons open. Shit, she had on a red lace bra, and Jimmy knew that meant she was wearing panties and garters of the same color. He loved to see her in white or red lace, in her heels, with her black fuzz framing her ruby red cunt lips... wet and ready for his tongue, and then his cock, to ream them out.

When he stripped off her blouse, and unfastened her skirt and pulled it off, Yvonne stood with her legs slightly spread, in her heels and white nylons...the red lace garters, panties and bra making her look like a sweet slut. She closed her eyes, and reached behind her, as Jimmy dropped to his knees so he could face her pussy straight on, and he looked up as he dropped his own slacks and briefs to his knees to free his drooling cunt reamer, to see her bra hit the floor and those two turned up breasts with their hard berry nipples, thrusting out. Yvonne, flicked the tips, then rolled them with her long red nails, and Jimmy closed his eyes as he moved toward her slot, thrusting out his tongue to lap at her snatch and scoop the juices which already had caused her labia to spread and swell. At the top of the hot poon tang was her love handle, that little piece of gristle, begging for the attention that Jimmy was about to lavish on it.

I watched as Yvonne's legs gave way, and she collapsed back on his couch. He grabbed her legs, spreading and raising them at the same time, so he could fasten his voracious lips to her nasty hole and lap her dry. His own dick thrust into the cushions of the couch, leaving a trail of sticky lube and massaging the ache in his dick as he sucked her clit and she wailed for relief: "Jiiiiiiimmmmiiieeeeeeeee....aaaaaahhhhhhhhh mmmmmaaaaaaa suck pussy like a black boy.....ooooooohhhhhhhh my sweeeeeet jeeeeeeeeesus.....right there, oh fuck, right there....don't stop...aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee.....!"

I enjoyed her wail, because it masked the hiss of the gas that I released with a remote switch into the room. I had visited the apartment while they were at the club, then returned to the club to make sure when they would leave and allow me to execute my plan. I was poised perfectly across the street on the rooftop of a nearby apartment, looking into Jimmy's apartment with my telescope, watching as his tongue speared into Yvonne's hungry cunt, and so ready to push the button when I saw Yvonne's sweet agony force her to open her mouth and wail. The invisible gas quickly filled the room and knocked them both out. Her head lolled back on the couch, with her legs spread, and Jimmy's face nestled sweetly in her vee, wet with her juices and his dick still half hard and out of his pants and briefs. I slipped down from my perch, and came in through the back of his apartment building, and bagged them both in canvas after I had gagged and tied them. Jimmy's apartment had a nice quiet back stairway that led to the alley behind and his garage. I turned off the lights, and quietly took each bag on a dolly I had rigged, down the stairs and into his garage. There I loaded them into my van, which now replaced his Dodge Dakota. It took all of thirty minutes, and after turning off his lights, and making sure no one would suspect foul play, I was on the road and at my place in an hour total from the moment I pushed the button to release the gas. This was too good to be true, and soon I would have some fun with Jimmy and Yvonne before I sent them on to a new life abroad.

When they awoke the next morning, I introduced myself to each of them separately. First I went into Yvonne's room. She was tied spread on her bed, her arms together over her head, and her legs widely spread to the corners. I pulled back the sheets, revealing her svelte, sleek body, with those jutting breasts, taut nipples, and firm ass cheeks. The room was warm, and she was gagged, so there was no interference from her with my chat. I noticed that despite her situation, her pussy lips were slightly spread and that wonderful clit was nosing out from between them, looking around for attention. I had just what it needed in my hands.

"You know Yvonne, you're a horny of those girls who leaks pussy juice at work when you see good looking men walk by...always wondering how long their dicks are and whether they've got nice big knobs and a thick stalk ridge to rub your clit senseless. That's you Yvonne, and even though their are tears coming down those pretty cheeks, your pussy is beginning to leak and smell...yeah, Yvonne, you're a sweet cunt that needs to be worked." I loved the way here ass moved, trying vainly to somehow get herself free. But it was hopeless, and the she kept staring at the cat that I was stroking in my hands, as I sat on the bed next to her.

I took one hand from the cat, and picking up one of my little buzzer wands, flicked it on. The powerful vibrations made a noise that seemed to cause Yvonne's tits to get stiffer, and they certainly did when I applied the whirring wand to each of her dark, hard cones. Her ass bounced like she'd been hit with electricity, but she didn't know what real electricity could make a girl do, she find out before I let her go, though.

I trailed the wand down from her jiggling, thrusting tits, and ran it over her almost manly ab muscles...then suddenly dipped it into her sweet inny navel. Yes, she lifted her ass off the bed, in spite of the cords binding her, and I followed her every gyration, making sure that wand reamed out her navel. Fuck, she was ticklish...this was too good to be true. After she almost went crazy behind her gag, eyes rolling and tits swaying, I moved the wand out of her navel and let it slowly trail into her pubes. Now her eyes, widened as she realized my next target. Her hands scrabbled helplessly over her head, and she twisted her body, as if she could avoid my investigation. As I stroked the cat with one hand, holding her in my lap, I ran the whizzing wand up and down the fat, succulent lips of her outer labia, making them widen, and her eyes squeeze shut. She began gurgling behind the gag, and her tears had dried, giving way to heaving thrusts from her breats and a steady grinding of her ass rather than wild gyrations to avoid my insistent attack. As the lips spread, the juice flowed, and the clear pussy cream poured out of her nasty hole, and dripped down between her thighs, wetting a path to her asshole. I wondered if Jimmy had ever plundered her ass? I had not seen it, but given his fuck lust, and need to place his pole in any available hole, I assumed that Yvonne had surrendered it to that ruddy, pale bone.

I worked that wicked wand up and down those wet, sensitive pussy lips, causing her little man to jut out above them, angling instinctively for attention. But I worked all around, and avoided the target, even dipping into the gully and whirring up and down the cunt walls briefly before withdrawing. Now my black goddess was submitting to her horny ways, grinding her ass, eyes closed and moaning behind her gag. I took the wand and let it drift between her thighs, snorkling between her taut ass cheeks, and tickling her nether door. Her eyes opened in surprise for a moment, then shut again as her hips began to romance the wand, trying to get me to do more than tickle her anal aperture. Now for the piece that would surprise her beyond imagination...the touch that would begin her training. I let the cat jump onto the bed, between Yvonne's spread legs. She didn't notice, consumed with the tingling sensations in her cunt and at the tips of her nipples. Nor did she notice as I poured a clean, warm liquid onto her cunt lips. I used the wand to return to her pussy, and nudged the lips apart so the liquid could enter between them, and even used it to push some of that mystery potion up into her snatch hole, to mingle with her own stewing juices. I had refined the cat cream that I had used previously. This new potion was enduring, luring a cat to insatiably lick at whatever surface it rested upon. It worked ingeniously with body fluids to prolong its effect, and now like a well basted bird, Yvonne was going to become the succulent treat for kitty. Without much warning, the cats bristly beard made contact with Yvonne now puffy cunt lips, and its wriggling tongue thrust between them slipping right into the cunny channel. Yvonne's eyes bulged open, and she lifted her ass, making her thighs taut. No man at his best had the rapidly, the rapier thrust, or the rhythmic lap of the cat's persistent tongue. I then moved the wand, at a higher level of vibration, up to the tips of Yvonne's full breasts. She shook here head back and forth, and her hands rasped futilely, but the wonderful tongue in her cunt drove her up the hill to a giant orgasm, and as if on cue, the cat laved her clit mercilessly at just the opportune moment. She squealed like a stuck pig through her gag, and I pushed the wand right round the nipples as she burst into her first orgasm. But the cat's unthinking tongue did not stop. All it knew was that the liquid taste was still strong in the fissure before it, and the little nub at the top was almost like a toy to play with.

I left Yvonne, groaning and thrashing, grinding her ass helplessly, as the cat mewled into her cunt and licked and licked, moving with her this way and that to slurp at her spasaming hole. I figured that by the time I returned from Jimmy, she would have spent herself into oblivion. Shit, what a way to go. I proceeded to Jimmy's room.

Jimmy was tied spread eagle on his bed, hands and feet to opposite corners. His sheet was pulled up to his nipples, and he was blindfolded. With one pull, I took the sheets of his body, revealing that beautiful pale skin, and all that auburn hair. Shit what a fucking dream. The Russian woman who had ordered him was going to have a beautiful piece of boy flesh to use and work for her amusement and leisure. Since he wasn't gaged, he spoke out of ignorance, being blindfolded. "Von", that you honey...shit, what the fuck did you do to me? Anyway, this is kinky, and I kinda like it. Shit, my dong getting hard just thinking about being at your'on hon, climb up on board here and give Jimmy boy some sweet pussy, and then slide that snatch down on my cock and ride me baby, ride me...." He laughed a dirty boy laugh, one that was supremely confident of his abilities, and his charms. Why should I mess up his fantasy...yet. I decided to play along for a while.

I used my fingers to tickle under his long toes, into his meaty instep, and then trail slowly through the luxurious growth of strawberry hair that went from his ankles up. Ruffling the hair with my fingers on his strong calf muscles, tickling just inside of his knees (which caused him to giggle and ask me to stop, still thinking that it was Yvonne), then slowly up the inside of his thighs towards his big, hanging balls, resting down on the sheets. By the time I reached them, he was rock hard, that big curved cudgel bent up towards his pecs, the meaty head red and the wide piss lips drooling. When I started to tickle his balls, he began to wonder if something was not quite right.

"Von, baby, you cut your nails...shit, your fingers are a bit rough...not like ususal. But baby I love it when you play with my'on sweet stuff, lick 'em a bit for me...huh, you know how I love it when you lick my nuts...." Who was I to oppose such a wonderful suggestion. I crawled in between his widely spread thighs, and lowering my face to his crotch, too a heady aroma of the starch filled nuts. Shit, they smelled sweet, full of nut cream that would appease any appetite. I snaked out my tongue, and laved the first big duck egg, and then moved to the other, until I was lapping him right and left. Finally, I scooped one into my mouth, and began a real tongue lashing, and he squealed with pleasure..."Shit,, you never done this before....oh, me....oh shit, I fuckin' love it. Lick me you sweet bitch, lick me till I pop."

My plans were slightly different. I reached up with my fingers, as I licked his hairy balls, and sniffed that sweet smell of ball sweat and starch, and found his rubbery tit nubs through the strawberry fur that circled and covered his pecs. My rough finger pads rubbed lazily back and forth across the tit tips, causing Jimmy to groan..."UUUuuuuuggggghhhhhhh, yeahhhhh, baby... shit, you never played with my tits before...fuck yes...that feels awesome...aaaaaaggghhhh, yeah baby, ain't you gonna talk to me...tell me how much you like sucking my big nuts? Com'on baby, talk to me...." I smiled slyly, and spoke to Jimmy for the first time since I entered the room.

"James, I know that you like your titties played with, I've seen you do it before...." There was a dead silence, then all hell broke loose, or as much as was possible from a guy strapped down on a bed.

"What the fuck!"...blurted from Jimmy's mouth, and he suddenly heaved his chest and hips as much as he could, and pulled frantically at his wrists and ankles against the soft but unrelenting bonds that held him in place. "Who the hell are you...what's going on...lemme up, get your fucking hands offa me!" But my hands continued to twirl and gently tug on Jimmy's hardened paps, and my tongue lashed his roiling balls, even as they bounced to avoid my contact.

"Jimmy, you best calm down unless you want me to work your nuts into mush, or better yet, do something to Yvonne that you both will regret." My calm, firm voice seemed to have an effect, and Jimmy slowed his gyrations as the thought that Yvonne might be in danger sunk into his blue collar brain. All the while, he straining erection never lost its firmness, and he continued to leak a steady drool of clear sap onto his chest, just below his pecs.

"You got she fucker...lemme go...I'll kill you...awww, fuck what'ya'on lemme go...where's Yvonne...VON...can you hear me baby...are you near...shit...lemme go goddamit!" He rambled until he realized that 1) I wouldn't let him go, and 2) he was the only one talking. In the meantime, I was still rolling his tits, but now one finger from my other hand was trailing under his balls, and tickling the hairy outer portal of his firm ass cheeks, seeking to go deeper.

"Jimmy, you're going to do everything I say, and you're going to cooperate fully, because you don't want anything bad to happen to Yvonne. For the next day or two, you're going to be my boner're going to be kept hard, and you're to perform every task I ask of you. If you're good, I'll even let you make contact with Yvonne. I'll bring in a tape of her speaking to you so you know she's OK, but once you hear and know she's fine, then I will expect full cooperation. If not, I can't be help responsible. Anyway, it's not like you're a stranger to gets playing with you cock...are you like a wet mouth and a rough fist...just as long as you get your nuts cooled. Do you understand me...and I mean understand?" He cursed under his breath..."shit....fuck.....mother fucking....damit...son of fucking bitch...." I asked him again, if he was ready to cooperate, and I told him I wouldn't ask again. He made a deep sigh, and then said: "How can I fucking say no...asshole...all right...but just for two days...then you let go, right?"

"Jimmy, I promise you that in two days you will both be out of problem...and you won't be harmed." I smiled knowing that his shipment to Russia and her's to Brazil would be gone within two days, and they would both be in excellent physical condition for their new lives. As I said these words, I wet my fingers working his tits, with his own pre-cum as lube, and then returned to the task, and when I made a quick little pinch to one of his paps, he lost concentration and my other finger gently slid into his asshole.

"Oh shit man...what'ya doing...don't queer me...nobody gets a finger up my'on get it out....please...shit...get it out!" But I knew better. And I told him so. "Now Jimmy, don't lie to me..." I crooned as my finger probed and rubbed his anal lining moving inexorably toward his fuck nut. "I know that when Yvonne's given you a blow job, that she sometimes sticks one of those long fingers up you butt, and let's her red nails do a number on your joy button." He grunted in resignation, cursing again...but letting me have my way...his muscles relaxing a bit so I could finger fuck him properly.

Then I took my other hand, and just gripped it around the fat knob of his fuck stick. Shit...I could barely get my fingers around the knob...and they didn't even touch. He had an unusually big dick head...and I was about to work it into submission. Using his clear scum as lube, I began to rotate my fist around the swollen tip. He grunted again...and protested, but the combination of my finger and his dick being worked, was causing his ass to grind and fuck my hand. Just like I thought, a sexual animal...unable to make his brain control his cock...he was going to make a good slave for the Russian politician's wife who bought him for her private, country house, use. I understand she keeps Russian soldiers who need extra bucks, as her servants, and that she uses them too. But Jimmy was going to be her personal fuck slave...and he would end up with Russian dick up his ass, and down his throat before the next month as passed.

Within a few moments, the big boned and big bonered, red haired stud was bouncing his ass uncontrollably, his cock swelling with the need to ejaculate, and his prostate dancing on my fingertip. "Aaaaahh... fuck fuckin' pervert...dooooooon't...aaaaahhhhhh .....fuck, ooooooohhhhhhh nnnnoooooooo, stop...stop......I can't take it.....aaaagggghhhh... You're gonna make me cum....nnnnooooooo....uuuuuuugggggh....fuck, I'm gonna shoot.... AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" As the gism squirted from his cock, he raised his hips as high as he could to both evade my tormenting fist and my insatiable finger. But he couldn't escape either. He shot eight long jets of thick white man cream up over his head, onto his face as I aimed his dick, and eventually drooled thick viscous dregs, as my fist continued to rotate.

"NNNNOOOO...STOP, STOP...YOU'RE KILLIN' ME....NOT MY DICK HEAD....TOOOO SENSTIVE...STOP......AAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!" But I kept milking his aching knob until I has massaged his cream back into the swollen, red tip, and my uncomfortable finger had him grinding his ass down helplessly, squeezing his ass muscles to force it out. Then I let my grip of his tortured dick knob go...already planning the next little game, before I packed my visitors for their long trips and new homes.


Later in the Day

I wanted to try out a position I had enjoyed watching many times at gymnastics meets, a position usually performed by teenage girls. I decided that both Jimmy and Yvonne would look interesting in this pose, and so I decided to truss up both of them. I had her on her back, with a short padded stool that was convex, forcing her midsection up. Then I attached her hands to a bar that projected away from the stool about six inches, all around it and fastened to the stool in intervals by short metal rods that fixed it into place. Her hands were forced down towards her sides, palms down facing the ground. Her feet were similarly attached, soles down. That way, she looked like she was doing a crab walk, with the convex padded bench thrusting her upwards. Her legs were spread, revealing the damp treasure that nestled between them, and that whorish clit that always seemed erect. Yvonne was not gagged, but she was blindfolded to add to her effect. Disoriented, she made no effort to cry out, though occasionally a tear would drip down the side of her lovely cheeks.

I put Troy in the same setting, but with his hands and feet respectively fastened to the ground. He too had his strong, hairy legs spread, and between his muscled thighs rested the damp, sweaty balls, hanging down and pooling on the smooth plastic cover of the bench. In her case, she was too frail to do any damage to herself by trying to escape the bondage, but in his case he might flail about and injure himself. That would not do, since the perfection of their bodies is precisely why they are so valuable on the foreign market. I gagged him with a small, hollow ball gag, punctured with holes to allow him to inhale through his mouth. In their current positions, they were unable to see each other since I had placed them on their backs. In the case of Jimmy, he could lift his head slightly enough to see Yvonne's thrusting breasts and wet cunt lips. But of course he could not speak to her.

I rolled up between their spread legs one a stool, with my right finger encased in a completely short, stiff horse hair lining that had firm little quarter inch bristles all around it. On my left hand was a glove with just my index finger and thumb tips covered with the same maddening little bristles. I had liberally dipped them into some locco weed treated with my own version of Spanish Fly, a concoction that both itched and irritated at the same time. I showed the gagged Jimmy both instruments, and then spoke out loud so both could hear me in a soothing and heartless voice. "You see these fingers, Jimmy. They are like hairy little insects that will devour you. Once I slip this finger with its wicked coating up and in Yvonne's pretty little snatch, it will feel like a million ants are eating her alive, from within. She'll squeal and moan, begging me to scratch her "itch" and to make it stop tingling and tickling. And when I begin to use the bristles to do that, that's when the magic potion will raise a million little angry red dots on every square inch of her pussy hole, up and down the sticky cunt lips, and all around that nasty, hard little clit." Yvonne gasped, and spoke: "Oh kind of beast are you...don't do this...oh god please someone help me...Jimmy...Jimmy are you there...can't you do something, can't syou say something...please Jimmy, please make him stop...No....No....oh god no!"

"Now, now my dear, Jimmy can't help you. He's trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey, and he's going to have his own experience with these bristles in a moment. He can't speak, because he's hear that grunting and hissing...that's him. But he can see you, and he'll be able to watch as you cum with wild abandon. You know sweet stuff" I continued, "you act scared, but every time my finger finds your cunt, it clings to it for dear life. No matter what you're saying with your eyes, and from behind that gag, your dripping snatch is telling me a whole other story." And once I got your oven cooking, then I'm gonna roll each one of your pretty little titties with this hand, and send you straight to heaven. I figure a strong, healthy little gal like you is good for at least five or six cums...what do you say? Shall we try it, and see what happens. Her squeals and pleas continued, and her hands flapped helplessly as she strained to close her nicely parted thighs.

I took my right index finger, and put it right under her nose. I tickled the coated bristles just under her nose, on the little ridge that separated each nostril. She let out a muffled shriek, because the horrible stuff immediately raised little red bumps on her tender nose which itched like crazy. She moved her head back and forth, trying to get the nose soothed, but there was no where to go. So I helped her, but using the bristle pad on the index finger of my left hand, scratching the itch. Of course, that pad was coated as well, so as I soothed her, I only made it worse at the same time. I laughed a coarse, deep laugh. Then I scooted down, to get to the main attraction.

First I blew on her inner thighs, making her anticipate what was coming next. I could see her desperately trying to squeeze her thighs and her pussy shut...but of course, a woman's cunt once aroused naturally open for something to be inserted. I would not disappoint. Using my right finger, completely covered in bristles and coated with the potion, I just traced my finger up and down the already completely wet and puffy cunt lips. The labia parted at my gentle touch, and I slid the finger up and down each side slowly, making sure to irritate each little fold and wrinkle of her pert pussy mouth. Her ass began to buck like she had been stung by a nest of hornets. The labia immediately darkened, and red dots appeared up and down. Using that same finger, I itched the horrible scratching, but prodded the finger slowly into her dripping hole. The combination of her cunt juice and the potion made the locco dust and Fly combination a relentless and ruthless invader. Indeed, as the juice now flowed from her cunt, it took the horrible itching down to her asshole, and the nether lips were now red and itching on the outside, just as her cunt was slowly being ravaged by the itching inside. My hairy finger rooted slowly up the hole, getting gripped and grinded by her spasaming and steaming cunt as it vainly tried to evict me, and at the same time urged me to soothe its tortured lining. When I was completely inserted deep into her cunt, the tip of my finger just barely brushing her womb, then I began to rotate the sucker, as I slowly dragged in down and out, then wormed it back up and in again. Jesus you should of heard her squeal!


I turned as I finger fucked her, to see Jimmy's eyes wide, his head up just enough to see me frigging his girlfriends hot cunt slit. He couldn't keep his head up consistently, so it banged back down onto the padded bench occasionally, then he would regain his strength and lift up again to see me working Yvonne into a bitch in heat that she was. In fact, soon, her protests turned to desperate sighs...gasping if a spot was not scratched, and squeezing my finger like it was an invading little cock snake, wriggling and searching for places to nip her into ecstasy. Yvonne was a slave to her cunt and clit, and both were straining for further stimulation and relief...once started, she needed to cum.

I was told by one little gal whom I had shipped out months ago to Singapore that the feeling of the finger bristles was out of this world. She said her cunt was itching so much, that her clit went into spasms making her cum continuously as my finger sought out each nook and cranny. Yvonne's ass bounced like a basketball, and her clit shot straight out of its hiding place, rigid and erect; almost vibrating itself. That's when I used my left hand to grasp her right tit, and began a quick, twirling motion, rolling that hard cone till it was so red and dotted, that you couldn't find a place where it wasn't itching. Then I moved my fuck finger down and out, and made sure to drag the pliant but prickling bristles against her defenseless clitty. Then her cums began in earnest...aaaahhhhh fuck yes...a cunt that couldn't stop juicing.

Little Yvonne sopped the bench pad, the floor, her thighs, and started a little stream away from her body as she came periodically for the next few was that powerful a potion. Every once in a while I would remove my finger from her cunt, with a gasp and grunt from her...only to dip it into a bowl of the potion, and then start the slow, methodical process again. I finished her off, by concentrating on her clit and slipping the other finger that had been working her nipples steadily, just inside her asshole, making her pass out from the sensations. And all the while, Jimmy was opposite to her, hearing her muffled squeals and grunts and the things I had been saying, and sporting an outrageous boner, wet with pre-sap, the entire time. I knew what had to be done. I couldn't leave that poor boy without some relief. He was going to get it in spades, and as I left from between Yvonne's legs, I moved over and around to him and into his line of sight...his eyes now wide with fear.

I showed masculine, tough Jimmy, the fingers I had been using on Yvonne. I put the cunty stink finger, under his nose. "Take a deep whiff dick boy...remember that smell. Yeah, see how your dick flexes when you smell cunt. You're made for fucking boy...that's your best talent. You're an animal that needs to be trained, and I'm about to start. I figure that since you like that smell so much, you won't mind if I baste that big pecker of yours with your girlfriends pussy juice. That way, you can enjoy the scent, at the same time that your dick is being milked." He swung his head back and forth to say "no", and tried to speak from behind the gag, which only caused the buzzing little vibrator I had inserted through his perforated ball gag to strum his teeth or his tongue. "You know Jimmy, I bet you've always been the fucker, and so pretty little gals have always been the fuckee...huh? You love fucking gals, don't ya boy...well, I say when I stuck my finger up your butt, you went nuts this morning. But I bet that's because it's so hot and tender up there, that anytime you get something in your shitter, it about sends you out of your that the way it is boy...big butch mechanic's got an itchy asshole? Well, I know I just butt frigged you to a huge cum earlier, and I'm gonna bet that there's lots more where that came from., and I think I'll just find out..."

Jimmy's hands, firmly set to the ground clenched, and his big muscled feet curled in anticipation. He was scared, but he was also helpless, and his erection throbbed and drooled in spite of him. I leaned over his chest and began to suck on one of his hard, pebbled nipples. My tongue slid over and around that nubbin, working it, and occasionally I let my teeth gently worry it, then back to sucking and licking it. The fucking whore had his eyes closed, and his dick swayed as it burped more and more sap, hoping against hope for a rough fist to soothe it. Instead, as I sucked his tit, I took my sheathed finger, and dipping it in a pool of Yvonne's cunt oil on her bench, mixed with the potent potion, I began a gentle insertion into his exposed inny navel...all hairy and deep. His eyes snapped open in horror, and as I continued to suck on his tits, I finger fucked his navel, and scratched gently over his rigid abdominal muscles. He was ticklish, and I had him where I wanted him. The wicked little red dots began to appear all over his abs, and in his navel, but all I did was lightly stroke and probe, scratching the wet bristles over and over his stomach. He howled from behind his gag, but when he did, I turned up the buzzing dildo, and it distracted him by humming at a higher rate against his tongue, rattling his teeth, and tickling the roof of his mouth. I moved my hand to his inner thighs, and worked from knee to testicles, until his ass was bumping up and down like a man beating a drum.

I slipped on another fully covered finger sheath on my thumb, dipped it, and took one of his big hanging balls between my two hairy fingers. I rolled it back and forth smoothing his soft ball sack, and pressing the testicles a bit, and then just gently tickling them one at a time, basting them with Yvonne's treated cunt juice. The angry dots appeared all over the big nads and just to make things interesting, I would prod my finger back towards his shitter, making him think I was about to slip my finger up that hole again. I took my mouth from his nipples, and replaced it with my left hand and the devilish little finger pads lubed with oil. Rolling each tit, I continued to work his nuts with my right hand. But now, I took the whole of his plum sized prick knob into my mouth, laving it and slurping up the sticky sap that was over its entire surface.

Jimmy, like the dick brain he was, grunted with pleasure, because in spite of his deliciously tortured nipples and testicles, the sensations were so excruciatingly sweet. His cock was flexing for relief from the cum that was anxious to squirt out of him, but I would not descend on his stalk, simply sucking and licking that big oversized knob that I could barely insert into my wide open mouth, while I fingered his tits and rolled his nuts with the bristles and potion.

Finally, I wanted to get the scum from him, so after fifteen minutes of bringing him close to ejaculation, only to let his rigid pecker throb without relief, I wormed my occasionally prodding finger up his unsuspecting and distracted asshole. I caught him off guard, and his eyes which had closed again as he savored the sensations on his fat cock knob, shot open and he made one huge yell into the gag. But it was to no avail. I had coated the index finger once again, and now it was rubbing back and forth against his exposed prostate, the bristles and the angry red dots turning him into a raving madman. In the meantime, my thumb rubbed devilishly under the bottom of his nuts, grazing them and scratching them with the wicked itching potion. I felt his prick tip expand obscenely in my mouth, and I whipped my tongue back and forth around his sensitive flange, making him climb higher and higher. Suddenly, instead of pulling my mouth off his desperate pecker, I slurped hard, hollowing my checks and creating a suction that made the knob grow even more taut. Then with one last rub of my bristled finger against the defenseless prostate, I sent my horny little mechanic over the edge. Fuck that was good...ropes of thick, tangy gism that had bathed girls cunts and cocksucker's mouths, and occasionally coated his fist, sperm by the gallon, shot deep into my mouth and I swallowed it greedily while my tongue lashed incessantly around the aching flange. His boner hardly flagged as I continued to lave the knob, after I had drained his load completely, and he just squirmed his ass, hoping to free the captive from my greedy mouth, and my incessant finger.

Finally, I withdrew my finger from his anus, and using my left hand, with its more easily controlled finger pads, I gently masturbated up and down his stalk with the bristles, now free from my mouth, to coat it with red dots. Then to ensure the next little event, I thumbed his big knob and flange. He dick shot up, and his ass bounced in a frantic effort to stop the contact. But there was no where to go as he howled into the gag. Now, both of my sex toys were aching with the itch, in spite of their recent cums, and both were about the experience a new level of sexual intensity that would help prepare them for their future activities.


Together Again

I let them rest for about thirty minutes, with the locco weed and aphrodisiac mixture slowly working them back up into a state of sexual desperation. Both were covered with the little red dot rash on their most sensitive flesh, and both were drooling their respective juices, Jimmy from his rejuvenated bloated boner, and Yvonne from her humid cunt slot. They moved in a kind of rhythm on their respective benches, grinding their asses, and turning their heads first this way, then that, anything to get their minds off of the terrible itch which penetrated so deeply, and was hopelessly unrelieved on various parts of their bodies.

I rolled in a little box on wheels that I had rigged up and wanted to test. It had two slender, flexible accordion tubes. At the end of each tube was a sleeve for attachments. Into one, I screwed a small five inch prod, about one inch in diameter. It was covered with the stiff horse hair bristles, and was soft and pliant, so it could flex. Into the other I screwed a similar prod, also flexible, but covered with little nodules which when the device was activated sent random electric current in tiny bursts out of each nub. Both devices could vibrate, and the horsehair one actually telescoped, while the nodule covered one contracted and expanded.

Next I detached Yvonne, and put her on a new bench device that supported her legs. It was like a toddlers walker with wheels, and like a walker, you could make it stationary by lifting the wheels and letting its legs stand firmly on the floor. The keen thing about this walker is that where the ass rests on the seat and held the cheeks, there was a long three inch swatch open to expose the genitals. Yvonne's asshole and cunt would be available and vulnerable from below. I cinched her arms up behind her back and tethered them to a collar she wore around her neck. That caused her back to bow slightly and her tits to stand up and out, and since they were already "uppies" that thrust her coned nipples up, rather than horizontally or downward, she presented a charming sight. This time, I gagged her and removed her blindfold, and told Jimmy I would remove his gag, but would blindfold him...but not immediately. I didn't want his yaking to mess up my concentration.

I rolled Yvonne over Jimmy's prone torso, just over his cock. Then I slipped a bristle ring around his cock, just below his wide flange. The ring had hairs aimed outward, but also around its upper edge aimed upwards. So as the ring settled in under his flange, firmly kept in place by the widening of the cock stalk and its own elastic band, the bristles irritated Jimmy's sensitive ridge around his dick head. Once Yvonne was in the right location, I raised the wheels so the balls of her feet just barely touched the floor, and she was compelled to use the seat in which she was sitting for support. Then, before I put on Jimmy's blindfold and removed his gag, I let them both watch me baste both slender prods with the horrible potion I had used earlier. Yvonne began to weep, and shake her head...though between her thighs the juice was now running like a stream, dripping down onto Jimmy's cock below, making it itch all the more. Jimmy began to clench his ass muscles in anticipation of what was coming and flex his cock from the sensation of Yvonne's juice drooling out onto his aching pecker, but of course there was nothing he could do to stop it. I started with Yvonne, gently tickling her anal portal from underneath the walker seat with a finger. I had my fingers covered with thin rubber gloves so the itching mix would not affect me. I tickled, and scratched and plucked, until finally, my finger slipped in Yvonne's weary but terribly tickling hole. Once I was able to breach the portal, I shifted from my finger to the little prod covered in the horsehair. Covered with the slippery potion, it did not take long for its initially cool sensation to assist me in getting into Yvonne steamy butt. But once in, and after I connected its restraining belt around her waist to keep it in place, Yvonne's hisses and grunts from behind her gag spoke of unimaginable sensations rocketing up her anus, and straight to her tits and clit which erected spasmodically.

Then I went to Jimmy's hairy pucker. Parting the thick, dark red hair and blowing on the pale muscular buns, I tickled and scratched his itchy nether knot, and finally his strength waned enough for me to slip in up to my knuckle, and itch the opening of his tract. Even though there was potion on my gloved finger, my finger began to provide him with a modicum of relief, and he ground his ass on my finger, accepting it as a temporary and unconscious gesture to relieve is own insatiable itch. Then I quickly changed to his prod, slicked up with the juice on its nodules, and slid it home before he could say boo...through his gag. When I saw his long, muscular toes curl tight, and his hands scrabble uselessly at the floor, I knew he was in sweet agony. He tried desperately to keep from moving his ass, so the prod would not rub his prostate, but any slight movement sent the thing rubbing against his lining or bumping his fuck nut, sensations that must have been maddening. Using another belt, I strapped his device in place around his waist and thighs as I had Yvonne's.

Next I grasped Jimmy's nine inch cock, and lovingly masturbated it for a few moments, sliding up the stalk to the bristles, and then rubbing gently over the smooth surface of his wide cock head. Of course that did nothing but make him flex his ass muscles, and it only stiffened his cock reflexively as the sensations shot through him. After about a minute of this, I took the bowl of potion and brought it near. Reaching for a little basting brush I dipped it in, and lifted it up for both Yvonne and Jimmy to see. Then, without further fanefare, I basted that boy's straining erection with the juice, from base to head, and all over the wicked bristles. Even as he began to lift his hips from the horrible tickling, I aimed his firm boner towards Yvonne's gash and I inserted him in one swift motion up her juicy and open cunt. His head sprang up to watch, and her eyes joined his in widened horror, as the bristle covered cock slid up and into home, snug in her strong cuntal sheath. I noticed that I had placed the ring around Jimmy's cock in a way that on the thick, muscular ridge on the curve of his cock shaft, a slender piece of the ring extended to down the stalk to the point where Jimmy's cock would slide up and into Yvonne, making contact with her clit. She was sure to get a good bristling from that piece, and I knew it would enliven their love-making.

Poor Yvonne...she could not control herself. She began to scream and yell, and speak incoherently into her gag as the bristles up her cunt tickled her and only added to the indescribable itching. "MMMMMMpppppppppphhhhhhfffffff....MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm....nnnnggggg," Her ass bounced reflexively up and down, and as it did so, the bristles on Jimmy's turgid pecker reamed her cunt walls and rubbed her clit. She was going insane.

In the meantime, Jimmy's trussed and banded cock head had expanded obscenely due to the sensations caused by Yvonne's cunt muscles, and the bristles aimed up under the flange of his dick knob, basted with the juices in the roiling cuntal sheath. But he could not cum...the bristle ring kept him stiff, but would not allow an ejaculation. That's when I turned on the power to my little box, and sent the bristles in Yvonne's asshole telescoping up and down, and expanding and contracting nodule prod in Jimmy began to fire random shots of low level electricity against his anal lining and prostate.

Then I removed Jimmy's gag. Finally, he began to beg, and humiliate himself. "NNNNOOOOOO ....oh my jesus...fuck......AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH....Nooooo, OOOOOOOHHHHHHH mother of goddddddd.....hhhhhhheeeeeeellllllpppppp mmmmmeeeeee! AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE .....ooooooohhhhhhh jesus....oh jesus.....AAAAAHHHHH! PLEASE STOP...I'LL DO ANYTHING...ANYTHING...OOOOOOHHHH FUCK.......PLEASE LET US GO!" I poke in calm measured tones in response.

"Jimmy, when you and Yvonne are finished with this session, I will expect a full confession from you in your own words of every girl you can remember fucking, and all the details, and every time you had you cock sucked, and let someone milk your straining boner. You're gonna tell me all, and if you don't or if you hesitate, I'll put both of you on another machine I have that will make this one seems like child's play. Do you understand...nod your head, and say yes sir, I'll do it... I'll do whatever you tell me to...."


"No Jimmy," I answered. "I want you and Yvonne to remember this, so that when we start talking later, you'll know just how to respond appropriately.....that is if you're smart. I'll be back in thirty minutes....don't worry...I'll come back, but never really know how long thirty minutes can be until you in a situation like this. I smiled at him, and turned and walked slowly out the door, as he pleaded insanely for me to stay and release them, his hips thrusting up into Yvonne each time the electric shots hit his prostate, and her hips grinding up and down from the wicked sensation of the bristles in her ass and cunt. I thought to myself that I would have to add electric clips to the nipples next time I used the box, just to make sure the body was fully stimulated.

Jimmy was good to his word. He spent the next day, before he was packaged and sent, detailing to me the delicious details of his sordid and splendid sex life, all of which I video as I masturbated him slowly, occasionally finger frigging him and plucking his rubbery male teats. He finally came in a giant explosion of sperm, that bathed the floor in front of him, and I rubbed his dick and its sensitive head until he sobbed and begged me to stop. The story was fantastic, a teammate who cocksucked him and rimmed him regularly in high school, a guy at the station who'd drink with him and then blow him when he first arrived. Girls from pom pom sluts to horny secretaries who loved to feel his huge muscle ream their cunts...or his sexy mouth clamped onto their clits. It was a story worth waiting for.

After I had showered and cleaned him up, Jimmy looked at me in disbelief when I explained that he would be working for at least the next three years in Russia. I talked as I dried the luxurious red fur on his body, his arms and legs tethered in a spread postion standing as I worked. The woman who'd bought him, I explained carefully, would be as inventive but probably not as demanding, as I had been since I captured he and Yvonne. He tried to speak, to babble a plea, but I gave him a shot that put him to sleep, and gently tied him down on the bed/box that would crate him to his knew home. Yvonne was sent in a similar manner, she was so exhausted from cumming continuously on Jimmy's dick, that she hardly needed the shot that put her out for a long, needed rest. Her new owner in Brazil liked his coffee and his women black, and loved big clits. She was going to be a huge success.

When I completed my work, and cleaned up the workroom, I decided I would leave a message for the horn rims whose license plate number I had seen when he sucked Jimmy off in the restroom. I figured he would make a wonderful diversion over the next few weeks until I had my next order, and discovered another couple that was smitten by "The Itch."