Punk Kids or Brett's Big Boner

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys initiated by them and with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and teenagers which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life.

I have not had the opportunity to write a major story, with the exception of one in collaboration with a colleague whose writing I admire. My stories are posted on Paulie’s Personal Web Site and on ASSGM.com. I would appreciate comments on my writing which may be a bit rusty. I certainly admire the good writers on the web, and consider myself still a learner. Please contact me at [email protected].

Chapter 1: Brent’s Big Boner

Brent McDermott could hardly contain himself. As he stretched in the comfort of his bed, straining his long legs and thrusting his arms over his head, he was still basking in the glory of the previous night. He had thought that getting Amy Keller to go out with him to the movies was a big deal, but the fact that he’d not only kissed her in the balcony of the Bijou, but actually got to stroke her pussy through her panties until she gasped and wriggled through an orgasm as his thick finger strummed her clit, was the best. She had writhed as quietly and unobtrusively as possible, biting her lip from groaning out loud as Brent’s strong thumb pressed and ground her spikey clit into full erection and throbbing orgasms at least twice. He’d shot his own wad in his jeans, soaking his briefs as his cock shot rope after rope of cum from the thought of getting a girl to submit to his teenage bravado, but fortunately it hardly was noticeable in the darkness of the theater and had mostly dried on the outside of his jeans by the time the movie had ended. But who the fuck cared…he’d made a girl cum, made her squirm under his strong touch. He wanted in the worst way to brag about it to the guys at school, but he was determined not to do anything that would screw up his chances with Amy. Shit, if he played this right, he’d be getting his fingers in that sticky pussy, and maybe something even better….

Amy had blushed when he kissed her good night at the door or her house, especially when he big hands had cupped her ass to draw her close. As she closed the door, giving him a knowing and adoring smile, little did Brent know that he was being watched as well. Now, the morning after, as he kicked off the sheets and strode into his bathroom naked with is morning erection, he did not know that he was the object of others’ interest. His 5’8” frame, already nicely muscled at age fifteen, and blanketed with hair from his toes to his ass, and even on his chest, was a matter of pride. Most of the guys his age were still growing out of childhood, but Brent was a stud. He had been from the age of thirteen, and it was also why he was one of the best baseball players on his Pony Colt team. He stared at the handsome face in the mirror, and the thick, fat knobbed prick that was thrusting out in front of his tautly muscled frame. Yeah, it was a matter of time before some chick at school let him screw her, and after last night, it seemed that Amy Bennington was leading the pack. Brent turned to the toilet, and standing back he let a full, heavy stream of piss fight through his fading erection to spatter against the basin. He used just one hand to aim his fat prick, knowing that too much handling would only make it go stiff again. But as he was admiring himself, he did not know that a pair of binoculars were focused on the open window of his bathroom, taking in his youthful ardor and beauty.

When Brent had kissed Amy last night, and his dick had stiffened again as it had in the theater, from next door a specialized camera was snapping away. Johnny Berkland, a seventh grader at the same junior high as Brent was once again taking pictures of his favorite target, the big boned hunk next door made his teen boner rock hard. Johnny had been taking pictures of Brent since he was eleven, after he met the older boy at a neighborhood barbeque. At the time, Johnny did not know why he was so drawn to Brent, or why the big blond boy seemed to make his four inch pre-teen prick go rigid. He would grind it madly into the sheets of his bed at night, and the combination of pre-cum and the soft cotton of the bedding would send him over the rainbow, jerking and clenching his boy ass, making the little dick throb with pleasure even though he could not ejaculate. There were nights when he would make his wiener stiffen and throb through three or four dry cums, thinking about Brent and grinding into the sheets. But at the time, he had not experienced sex beyond his own rutting thrills, discovered by accident. He would go to the park and watch Brent play in ball games, and he would snap shots of him fielding and hitting. So Brent had become the object of Johnny’s pre-teen admiration…and something else. All he knew, was that he had to take as many pictures of Brent as he could, and the oblivious blond jock was totally unaware of the attention that was being paid to him by the little twerp next door.


Johnny’s Story

During the summer of his twelfth year, Johnny had learned that his dick and boys were more closely connected than he’d previously understood. His dick had grown to four and a half inches and three-quarters of an inch wide, and its fat knob leaked even more profusely than the year earlier. His parents had taken the three of them on a visit to an old college friend upstate, and they had stayed in their home for a week. Johnny was asked to bunk with the family’s fourteen year old son, and it was assumed that the two boys would get along fine. Johnny actually found himself attracted to Wes, admiring the boy’s handsome smirk and cocky attitude. He found out the first night, that wasn’t all that Wes had. Once they had brushed their teeth and climbed into bed, Johnny found that he had sprung a boner inside his pajamas. He turned away from Wes, and tried to will his erection away, praying that if he fell asleep, it would disappear by morning. But little did Johnny know that Wes had other ideas.

Wes only spent his summers at home. During the school year, his parents sent him to an expensive prep school in the neighboring state. At fourteen, he was already physically mature, and his 5’7” height made him one of the bigger boys. He quickly learned when the lights went out in the rooms that younger boys were made to serve older ones. From the beginning of the year, his eight inch, slightly arched cock had been suckled and stroked by younger boys at the school virtually every night. He knew that he could make demands, and force them to service him any way he wanted—that was the unwritten code at an all-boys boarding school. It started with them stripping and showing him their smaller erections, and requiring them to keep their hands behind their heads and off their dicks when they sucked his thick cudgel. But by the end of the year, they were also sucking his toes to earn the privilege of licking his big boy bone, licking his tight little ass hole, already clogged with thick hair, sniffing his balls, socks and jock after football practice, and masturbating themselves to dry ejaculations for his pleasure before he would consider giving them a chance to service his ever hard cock.

One little eleven year old punk, Evan Havens, had stolen one of his mother’s small vibrators and brought it to school with him. He was willing to fuck himself into a dry cum for the privilege of getting into Wes’ pants like some hungry faggot. Wes would make the kid strip, lie on his back and bring his legs up to his chest, and then stick the little vibrator up his hole and switch it on. Then he would make the kid hold the pulsing, buzzing thing against his boy nut, until the little queer would squeal and his three and one-half inch pricklet would throb in the throws of a dry cum. Wes would not let him touch his prick, but would allow him to pinch his tits. In fact, Wes had learned from Evan that boy’s tits were very sensitive, since the kid would groan and hiss when he pinched his tits, or if Wes would scrap his finger nails across them . But his favorite would be to have the kid suck on his long, strong boy toes as he wriggled them in his mouth and the kid fucked himself with the vibrator. More than once he’d watched the little punk’s dick throb wildly from the maddening sensation of the vibrator on his fuck nut, and Wes’ big toe fucking his mouth. He told Evan when the school year ended that next year he would not allow him to masturbate or cum if he wanted to earn Wes’ big dick. The thought of holding the boy’s dick captive to his whims made him go hard, and there were others who were just as willing to submit to the handsome, dark-haired athlete. Maybe next year he would fuck some of the boys, but for the first year he was satisfied to have his thick boy cock suckled and stroked into submission on his own terms. Even the thought of the soft lips sliding up and down his thick boy stalk, and their tongues lashing his fat coronal ridge and glans, made him through an immediate erection. It seemed like forever to get through the summer, and wanking his own prick just didn’t seem as exciting as having another boy at his whim.


Johnny Learns to Submit

No wonder Wes was glad to have Johnny spending the night in his bed. Since he’d returned from school, he’d had to rely on his fist and soap in the shower to relieve his pre-teen hormones. He figured he would screw the girl next door before the end of the summer, since she was clearly hot for him and he knew from other guys that her pussy was always drooling for some boy dick. That would take time, and Wes was impatient for someone to service his every hard boy boner. So in the meantime since school had ended, there was a huge letdown from the punks he’d grown accustomed to servicing his body. From the moment he met Johnny earlier that day, he sensed he could have his way with him and get some relief for his throbbing prick.

Finally the adults had turned in, and after watching some late television to make sure they were asleep, Wes had suggested to Johnny they hit the sack. Now in bed, Wes turned and lay on his back when Johnny rolled over onto his side facing away, and he turned off the light. Then he began to put his plan into action.

“So dude, you get any from the bitches in your town?”

Johnny squeezed his eyes shut, and felt a drool of pre-cum drip out of the wide piss lips of his aching boy bone when Wes spoke in such dirty and direct terms. “Huh, I…I don’t know what you mean…I mean, you know…do you mean do I get what?”

“Common dude, don’t be such a twerp…you get any pussy or what?”

“Naw…I’m too shy to go out with girls…plus I’m busy with piano and my school work. I hardly have time to socialize.”

“So fuck, how you do get your nut…jerk off all the time? Jesus, you mean you don’t have a girl to blow you or anything?” Wes had thrown his own erection, and was absently stroking it under the sheets in his boxer shorts, making his shorts and the sheet tent from the strong thrust of his meaty prong.

Johnny gasped from Wes’ direct question, and he couldn’t answer…so he just laughed nervously hoping the bigger boy would leave it at that and they could go to sleep. At the same time, his dick throbbed and ached for relief, and he wished he could grind his prick into the bedding without Wes realizing what he was doing. His hand longed to snake down and stroke his penis, but if he did that he was not sure he couldn’t keep quiet. Every time he touched his cock directly, it was so sensitive he would gasp and groan.

Wes sensed he was in control and wondered if the smaller boy had thrown a boner as he had. Well it was now or never, and so he took the plunge to get Johnny to submit. “Fuck, I’ve got a hardon that won’t quit, shit…I need to jerk off…you wanna jerk together dude? How bout it…you help me, and I’ll do you… and we can get our nut.”

Johnny gasped again, and once again he couldn’t say anything. He wanted nothing more than to see Wes’ erection, but he was so nervous and scared he didn’ t know what to do or say. Suddenly he felt Wes’ big hand on his shoulder, pulling him over onto his back. He squeaked in surprise, but couldn’t find the strength to stop Wes…and his body seemed to just roll over onto his back. He raised his knees up to hide his erection, but Wes anticipated his action, and placed his other hand on Johnny’s pajama jacket top, right on his firm boy abdomen.

“Dude, relax…this is gonna be great. You help me out, and I’ll make sure you feel just great. Jez…you act like you didn’t know how guys jerk off together or something…don’t tell me you never spanked the monkey with anyone?”

Johnny’s eyes were still closed tight, and his breath started to come in short gasps as he felt Wes unbutton his pajama top and slide his hand over his smooth stomach muscles. The feel of Wes’ big hand was electric, making him shiver with goose pimples, and his boner ache from being so hard. When Wes’ thick index finger found his navel, and gently scratched inside of it, Johnny couldn’ t control himself any longer, and his legs shot out and stretched, his penis thrust up and rubbed against the soft cotton of his pajama pants, and he surrendered to the finger that was lightly fucking him in the belly-button. His own hands were now pressed down against the bed, allowing his chest to arch up, and he stomach to go rigid.

Wes pressed his advance, and tickled inside the boys sensitive navel, making him wriggle and squirm on the bed. He switched hands so he could free the one that had been holding Johnny down at the shoulder. By shifting his hands he was able to reach lower under the sheets, and grasp the thrusting boy prick that had leaked and wet the crotch of the pajama bottoms with his copious teenage pre-jizz. Johnny had yet to have an ejaculation, and little did he know that tonight, the combination of his maturing body (he would soon be thirteen), and the excitement of Wes’ physical assault would make him squirt boy juice for the first time. Wes grasped the boner through the pajama pants, and began to slide his rough fist up and down gently, with just enough friction to make Johnny grind his ass into the bed and bounce from the amazing sensation of the fist and the cotton pajamas scrubbing the tender boy prick. No one had ever touched Johnny’s dick before other than himself, and the wonderful feeling of this strong boy’s palm sliding up and down his stiff prong, sliding it into the wet cotton pajama material, was driving him wild. At the same time, Wes slid his other fingers up from Johnny’s navel, and found the soft curve of the boy’ s pec. At the edge was a rubbery, pink cone that turned to steel the moment his rough finger pad rubbed over it.

“Yeah!” Wes thought, “another punk like Evan…!” With that, he used his index finger and thumb to grip the diamond spike on the end of Johnny’s chest and he began to pinch and pluck it as his fist still worked steadily on the boy’s thrusting boner.

That was all it took…Johnny had never played with his own tits, only winced when his nipples would grow stiff from the breeze of some sensation and would accidentally rub across the material of his shirts. Now the rubbery teat was being mauled and twisted by the boy next to him, and his rock hard prick was being stroked relentlessly. His ass was bouncing on the bed, driving down to screw the sweet sensation of the jacking fist working him to thrust him over the edge when suddenly it stopped. Just as he was about to go over the edge of a huge dry boy cum…Wes stopped his calculated work on the spasming body and leaned over to whisper hoarsely and gruffly into Johnny’s ear.

“That’s it you piece of shit…no more…I’m not gonna stroke that puny prick of yours anymore, and neither are you until you help me off….get it…don’t touch your dick. Now yer gonna get under the sheets and pull down my shorts .”

Johnny turned to stare at the bigger boy, and he saw the hard steel in his eyes. The smirk that intrigued him when they first met that afternoon was replaced by a snarl and he knew that Wes was not going to let him do anything unless he followed his instructions. Johnny’s dick throbbed on the edge of his boy cum, and Wes’ harsh tone and commanding demeanor made it throb even more for some reason. But no matter, he was cowed by the bigger boy, and his masculine physicality.

“Please, don’t…I don’t want to…what do you want me to do…I don’t wanna do anything, please, Wes….Johnny’s voice trembled and trailed off as he spoke.

“Stop yer fucking whining, and get under the sheets. I’m giving you the best time you’ve ever had, and we’re gonna do this every night while you and your parents are staying here….get it! Now get under the sheets, and slide off my shorts….NOW!” As he spoke he gripped Johnny’s nuts in one fist and began to tighten his hold…the younger boy understood immediately that Wes was in charge, and he would have to do whatever he wanted.

But there was more to it than Wes’ powerful hold on Johnny’s balls. Johnny didn’t know why, but every word from Wes’ mouth was like an elixir, and he was under the spell. His dick stayed hard, and he desperately wanted to cum, but knew that Wes wouldn’t let him touch his bone until he did the other boy’s bidding. So he quietly slid under the sheets on his hands and knees, following the scent of the boy’s body he moved to crawl between his legs.

“Yeah, that’s it punk…now grab my shorts and pull’em down….careful! you idiot…don’t’ catch my boner on the fly…yeah, that’s better, now slide ‘em off.” Johnny carefully pulled the boxers down the boy’s long legs as Wes lifted his ass to assist, and then over his big boy size 8 feet. “Now get your nose under my nuts and sniff ‘em,” Wes ordered.

Johnny’s dick went rigid….he almost came just from the sound of those words. He was helpless…Wes had touched something deep within him…and his head seemed to go where Wes directed without any conscious actions. His own prick drooled, as his hands slid under Wes’ taut butt cheeks, lifting them slightly as the bigger boy planted his feet to raise his ass. Then Johnny slid down, lowering his head under Wes’ amply hairy thighs and balls, and placed his nose against the slightly damp and hanging scrotum. Before his eyes was Wes’ thick, boy prick, arched slightly to the left, its fat knob sticky with the teen’s own pre-sap. Wes’ two large walnut sized testicles were roiling in anticipation, and when Johnny’s nose pressed against them he gasped in pleasure, more clear juice leaking from his own piss lips, smug in the knowledge that the smaller boy was willing to submit to his demands. Johnny inhaled deeply, and the intoxicating scent of sperm, the starchy smell of boy potency, coupled with a touch of sweat permeated his brain and instinctively as if he had been programmed, Johnny’s tongue slid out of his mouth and swiped across Wes’ manly nards. Slavishly, Johnny lapped and licked, and suddenly found one of Wes’ big testicles lodged in his mouth so he could lash it back and forth while his lips cradled the soft, big marbles.

Wes grunted from the feeling of the boys buttery lips holding one of his fat nuts, and the tickle of his soft tongue swiping back and forth over the sweaty testicles…but Wes did not intend for Johnny to spend too much time on his balls; there were better things for the kid’s tongue to lick. Wes sent Johnny down to the bottom of the bed and had him work north, starting with the big boy feet and toes, licking and sucking on the strong digits, as Wes wriggled them in his mouth. Wes’ toes were not stink, but the scent of his sweat was just enough between the toes to make Johnny’s dick throb some more. Later, Johnny would lick and suck on Wes’ tight anus, tickling the nether lips with his tongue, parting the boy’s hairy portal and finding the sensitive opening for his tongue to serve. Fortunately, the boys had been swimming during the afternoon, and Wes’ trench had been washed clean in the chlorinated pool water. Then Wes had Johnny lick out his navel, suckle on his sensitive paps, and lick out his armpits, also clean from the play in the pool, yet filled with tasty boy scents and flavors.

But Wes was merely leading to the main event. “Okay dick-boy, get the sheets off me, and get in between my legs,” Wes whispered. As Johnny dutifully complied, Wes pulled himself up so he could rest against the headboard and watch. He gripped his five inch erection and with its knob obscenely bulging and wet, and aimed it toward Johnny’s wide open eyes as the boy returned between Wes’ legs after pulling down the bedding. “Common cocksucker, kiss my dick…Wes cooed with a hard edge in his voice.”

“Don’t call me a cocksucker…I’m not…you said we’d jerk each other…that’s all I’m gonna do…” Johnny whimpered.

“You wanna cum tonight, or you want me to tie you hands over your head, and make you sleep on your back tonight?”

Johnny was shocked. Once again he said nothing, just looked at the sly grin that Wes had on his handsome face.

“Go get the ties from the curtains…Wes ordered.” Johnny silently complied, climbing off the bed and going to the windows to bring back the two curtain ties for each side of the drapes. When he returned to the bed, Wes grabbed them from him.

“Turn around…” he said quietly. Johnny did so, and Wes grasped his wrists and quickly tied them together behind the smaller boy’s back. Then he hauled Johnny over his lap and used one hand to keep the shocked boy down as he raised his open hand and brought it down sharply on Johnny’s taut ass cheeks.

Johnny squealed from the slap, though it wasn’t nearly as hard as Wes had given boys back at his boarding school. Wes leaned over and whispered firmly to Johnny to shut-up, unless he wanted people to come in and find him with a boner, and getting his ass spanked. Johnny gasped for breath, but kept his mouth shut, as Wes slapped his ass twice more. Then the older boy trailed his fingers down the tight crack of Johnny’s ass, and wiggled his index finger into the clenching cheeks—forcing the pajama pants into the trough and scratching and flicking the boy’s anal knot through the material. This time Johnny gasped, and his boner went rigid again after the spanking had caused him to initially lose some of his hard-on, forcing it against the wet, sticky material and thrusting between Wes’ strong thighs. As the smaller organ rubbed against Wes’ legs, drooling and slicking up the pajama pants as the fat little knob was scrubbed by the combination of the older boy’s leg and the sliding material. But before Johnny could reach the sweet sensation of his dry cum, Wes yanked him up again and made him face him. His prick thrust through the opening of his pajamas from the motion, and its wet knob jerked and leaked as the boy was looked down, embarrassed and yet excited.

“Okay, cocksucker…you’ll do what I say, and when I say it. You’re nothing buy a pussy anyway, and if I say you’re my cocksucker, then that’s what you are. Fuck, you were willing to lick my toes, suck my titties and sniff my pits, why shouldn’t I call you a cocksucker? What guy does that stuff who isn’t a fruit-cake anyway? Now get you face down, and just kiss the head of my dick… .understand, kiss it…”

Johnny lowered his head, and when he mouth reached within an inch of the throbbing erection of the older boy, he pursed his lips and made a soft, silent kiss on the wet, fat knob of Wes’ cock. Wes had a long deep piss well, and it was filled with the clear goo from his excitement. He held his shaft, and as the boy’s lips made contact, he slid the thick prong back and forth, coating Johnny’s lips with his sap. In an instinctive reaction, Johnny let his tongue slide out and slurp up the sticky juice that now covered his lips, and as he did so, his slurping tongue encountered Wes’s sticky knob.

“Aaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhh…Wes moanded quietly, enjoying the younger boy’s accidental ministration to his thick cudgel. “OOOOOOOOHHHHH Fuuuuuucccccckkkk… , that feels so fuckin’ good…shit, it seems like months since I’ve had a mouth on my dick, yeah….now suck it good, take it in your mouth and use your tongue all around the head…mother-fuck yeah!” Johnny took to his task without any hesitation. And somehow he understood that his teeth would hurt, so he managed to slide his lips up and down the turgid shaft slowly at first so his teeth would not scrape the soft flesh. As his mouth descended, he slopped his tongue around the spongy knob, bathing and basting it with his spit to keep it sliding easily between his gripping lips. Once he was given permission by Wes’ dirty talk to suck on the prick rather than just lave it, he made his mouth into a vacuum and worked the knob relentlessly, sensing the bigger boy became helpless and pliant when the sensitive tip was suckled.

As he sucked, Johnny let his eyes wander up the muscled torso of Wes, catching his curves and lines from the street light shining through the window. Wes had a line of dark fur that trailed from his dick to his navel, and then proceeded up between his well formed pectoral muscles. The hair thinned out as it moved toward the sides of his chest, and provided a halo around each of the rubbery nubs of his tits which thrust up and out. Johnny had already sucked them and he saw how much Wes liked his nipples played with. In spite of needing one hand to slide up the shaft he was sucking and hold it in place when Wes bucked his hips, he was able to free the other hand to slide up the bigger boy’s firm abdominals, and then reach up to grip and tug on first one then the other of his firm tits. The moment he did so, Wes closed his eyes, and screwed his ass down into the bed. His groans became a bit louder, and suddenly Johnny felt the knob of Wes’ fat prick expand to fill his mouth completely. He decided to pinch Wes’ nearest nipple firmly and the moment he did so, his mouth was filled with shot after shot of nutty boy cream. Johnny’s eyes widened, and for a moment he wondered what he should do…but that passed quickly, as he voraciously swallowed each slightly bitter wad of the other boy’s thick spunk, savoring its new taste and enjoying the way that Wes writhed all over the bed, almost helpless to stop Johnny suctioning mouth on his tender prick head.

That was the first of seven nights of wonder and bliss for Johnny. That night, as they tossed restlessly in bed, Wes masturbated Johnny three times. The first was Johnny inaugural ejaculation, and the continued thumbing of his sensitive prick head by Wes almost made him yell out. But Wes shoved one of his cotton gym socks into Johnny’s mouth, and kept the boy groaning into his gag as his fingers danced over and over the taut, smooth glans of the boys prick now bathed in his first sperm. Wes loved keeping the smaller boy under his control, and that night, Johnny was milked twice more, with Wes bringing him to the edge of ejaculation, only to abandon his jerking, finding other ways to distract both himself and Johnny before he would give the boy satisfaction. Wes would continue to tie Johnny’s hands behind him or over his head to the bedhead all week, and one night, he blindfolded him, used a baseball bat to spread and secure his legs apart, and taught Johnny the pleasures of a finger up his asshole while he was milked over and over again. By the time Johnny left Wes’ house, he was addicted to the feel of the bigger boy’s rough thumb scrubbing back and forth on his tender prick knob, working it relentlessly, keeping him erect and stiff even after jarring ejaculations. The tender prick head would scream with sensation after Johnny’s cum’s but Wes’ improvised gags made him learn to take the continued milking of his boy bone till he almost fainted from the tickling.

Johnny learned the texture and contour of each of Wes’s long, thick toes, and how sucking Wes’ fingers was almost like sucking a cock. He mastered tickling Wes’ ass pucker with his tongue, and usually sucked the bigger boy two or three times a day. When he returned home, Johnny now understood why Brent McDermott fascinated him. Like Wes, Brent was big, and physically mature. Each day he saw Brent from the time of his return, he became obsessed with what the older boy’s cock looked like and how long it was, whether he had hair in his ass crack and whether his balls were in a pouch or slung low in a sack. Using his binoculars he’d learned much about his studly boy neighbor, but that only peaked his lust. The pictures he took of Brent fueled his fantasies, and he wondered what it would be like to turn the tables on a boy like Wes or Brent . Maybe if he could find a way, he would use Brent as his experiment and try out the many things Wes had done to him on a bigger boy. But these were just dreams…and for Johnny, there was another boy he thought he could try out his ideas on first—someone who would be safer as the subject of a dry run.

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