Punk Kids or Brett's Big Boner 2

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys initiated by them and with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and teenagers which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life.

I have not had the opportunity to write a major story, with the exception of one in collaboration with a colleague whose writing I admire. My stories are posted on Paulie’s Personal Web Site and on ASSGM.com. I would appreciate comments on my writing which may be a bit rusty. I certainly admire the good writers on the web, and consider myself still a learner. Please contact me at [email protected].

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Johnny’s Captive

Darren Holcomb lived three doors down from Johnny, and the boys had been friends since elementary school. Darren was already thirteen, and his big body belied his lack of maturity. He was 5’ 10” and wore size 10 shoes already! But his lanky frame and muscled body were accompanied by a very shy boy with a speech impediment. Darren had befriended Johnny when the two were in elementary school and were outsiders from the pack of boys who ruled the playground, both for different reasons. Johnny was the smart kid not the athlete, and Darren was the bid kid with the funny way of talking. By the time they had reached Middle School, Darren was Johnny’s best friend, and more importantly, worshipped his buddy. There wasn’t anything Darren wouldn’t do for Johnny, and the smaller boy knew it.

Johnny had never had the nerve to get into discussing sex with Darren. He had seen Darren naked a couple of times, and marveled at the boys huge sex organs. His penis was 5 1/2 long and with a thick head, and his balls were low hanging. He had a profusion of blond hair around his cock, on his legs, under his arms, and up his ass. Johnny had seen Darren most recently at the beach when they had gone in to change from the their swim suits into dry clothes. Darren in his goofy, innocent way, did not notice how Johnny stared at the other boy’s large organ and testicles. He also found a soiled pair of briefs sticking out from under Darren’s bed one time recently when the other boy had gone to bathroom while they were both studying. The crotch of the briefs were stiff and the pouch soiled yellow from something darker than piss. Johnny knew that Darren had already begun to ejaculate, and assumed that Darren masturbated like he did, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask Darren about it. But that was before he met Wes. After his week visiting Wes, Johnny had lost all his inhibitions. In fact, the more he jerked off at night thinking about Wes and what he had done to Johnny, the more bold and assertive Johnny became. The thought of his ass being paddled, of being tied and masturbated by Wes, and being forced to service Wes made his dick throb constantly. Now he needed more of that experience, and he wanted it on his terms…. Little did Darren know that he was about to became not only part of Johnny scheme, but would learn the pleasures of following Johnny’s orders.

Johnny called Darren up to ask him to help develop his latest photographs. Johnny had gotten Darren into the amateur photography hobby because they did so much together that Darren just followed along. He and Johnny developed photos they both took, but mostly the ones that Johnny snapped. They could easily have used a digital camera, but Johnny preferred the clarity and sharpness of his 35mm shots, and they scanned the ones they wanted to preserve beyond the negatives. But tonight, Johnny had a different agenda. When Darren arrived, Johnny began the work as usual, but then he began to tell Darren about his vacation with his parents.

“You know Darren, I learned a lot on my vacation…things I would never have learned if I was here.”

“Whaddya mean…you mean it was like school or something? That sucks, I thought you were there on a vacation?”

“No dude, I don’t mean school learning, I mean real stuff…stuff that guys should know. My parents’ friends had a son who was our age…but he knew stuff I’ d never heard about…and man was he cool. This dude could make the guys at our school look like jerks and punks.”

“Well whadhe he teach ya...that was so cool,” Darren asked with the casual innocence that marked everything he did, still focused on helping to set up the development materials.

Johnny took a breath, this was it…he had to snare Darren if his plan for Brent was going to work. “He taught me all kinds of stuff about sex…and shit,” he said in a casual voice that did not disclose the growing erection in his pants and the sweat forming under his arms. “By the time we left, I knew more about my cock and how to use it than I would’ve learned here in ten years.”

Darren looked at Johnny with a wide-eyed expression, the proverbial “doe caught in the headlights” stare, hardly comprehending what his friend had just said. “Ya mean you guys jerked off together, and stuff” Darren asked quietly staring down at the preparations they were making for the photographs, too embarrassed to look his buddy in the face.

“Oh yeah, we did that, but it was what I learned about how guys like us work and how to make sex really cool and interesting that was great” Johnny said with an air of mystery and allure—like he was much more mature than his years. Darren fell for the bait.

“Well, can you tell me about that stuff Johnny…?” Darren asked the question and blushed at the same time. He clearly wanted to know, but had never spoken with his friend about sex beyond stupid jokes about girls at school. His own large prick filled a bit with blood, the conversation about sex making him slightly tumescent.

“Hey dude, you’re my buddy, of course I’ll share it with you. But I need to show you, and when I do, I want to capture it on film…it’s too cool not to put into pictures… know what I mean?” Johnny’s brain was working at a fevered pitch now…he was drawing Darren in slowly but surely, and the rope was closing around Darren even though he did not know it.

“I dunno, Johnny…that’s kind of weird, I’m mean…if we’re gonna learn about sex shit, why would we put in on film? Johnny realized that he had Darren the moment he asked the question. If he had just said no flat out…it would never come to pass. But when Darren had asked the question, he had opened the door and Johnny was about to walk through it.

“Cause if we don’t record it in pictures, then it won’t be cool—that’s what I learned this summer. I mean later, we might use it with chicks and stuff, sending it out on the internet and getting girls to think we’re really cool… and from what I learned from Wes there are girls who would suck that kind of stuff up in a flash. So we gotta get ourselves ready for the internet--make ourselves available. I’ll show you how, and like I said, once we do it, we’re gonna be the coolest dudes at school.” Johnny watched how his enthusiasm captured Darren’s simple imagination, and how the other boy stared at him with wide-eyed wonder but growing excitement. It was a done deal…Darren would soon be captured on film and when he was, Johnny would close the trap on his buddy and then really teach him what was what.

Johnny told Darren that they would get together over the weekend. Johnny’s parents were going to visit an elderly aunt in the next town, and they knew their teenage son was not interested in sitting around talking family gossip . Johnny would have the house to himself for most of the day, and he told Darren to come over about 10:00 a.m., just about an hour after his parents would be leaving. That would give him time to set up stuff in the basement, and get his cameras ready.


Practice Makes Perfect

When the doorbell rang, Johnny looked around the basement and smiled to himself. The old bed that had been in his room with its four corners made for an upper bunk would be so useful today. Rope cut into three foot lengths, an old cushion from the couch in the corner, a sleep mask, paint brushes and a bottle of lotion he found in the basement bathroom, all were neatly arranged along the work bench. The bathroom would serve as part of the deal, and his digital camcorder was set up behind a bunch of stuff in the corner of the room, not readily visible was the lense focused on the bed. He made sure the close-ups would capture the area he wanted, without getting his face in the picture.

He took the stairs two at a time, excited by the prospect of having his own boy toy to play with. His cock was already half-hard, knowing that this was the day he would take the role that Wes had had…but he was determined to be better than Wes, smarter and more devious.

“Hey dude,” Johnny said matter of factly when he opened the front door for Darren.

“Hey Jo,” Darren replied in the familiar nickname he’d invented when they were in elementary school.

“Let’s go downstairs, I got the stuff down there. It’s gonna be cool, and when it over you’re gonna feel super,” Johnny promised. “Just one thing, you gotta do what I tell ya, no hemming and hawing…got it?”

“Ya mean I can’t say no…what’s that all about? I don’t wanna do any weird stuff, you know stuff that is strange.” Darren did not want to say “queer” but he felt strange knowing that his buddy was going to show him sex stuff. “I just wanna jack off, maybe see a dirty movie or something…how about that?” Even as he said it, Darren blushed with embarrassment, but his cock lurched a bit in anticipation…it always did when he was in the mood to cum. Johnny screwed up his face like he was saying to Darren, don’t be a dork…but he never responded to his friends inquiry.

When they got downstairs, Johnny told Darren to take off his shoes and socks . He didn’t even look at the boy when he said it, and while Darren gave a funny look, it was lost on Johnny’s backside. He sat on the edge of the bed, and kicked off his suede sneaks, and pulled off the damp, white cotton socks. His big, size ten feet were muscular and veined already, and his high arches were complemented by wide balls on both of his feet and strong ankles from the after-school basketball he’d been a natural to play. The toes were long already, thick digits with clean, well trimmed nails. Darren absently flexed his toes, and curled them under the balls of his feet as he watched Johnny walk to the work bench. He had looked there when he came down the stairs, but Johnny’s body blocked his view of the items arranged on it.

Johnny picked up the sleep mask, and turned around and walked to Darren. “ Here Darren, put this on over your head and eyes.” Darren looked at the mask with surprise, and asked, “how come?”

“Now listen Darren, either I’m gonna teach you what I learned, or we can just call the whole thing off.” Johnny’s heart was pounding, he needed to get past this hurdle before Darren could catch on…just a few more steps so to speak, and he would be on his way.

Darren’s cock was getting hard in his pants…and he wasn’t quite sure why. Just the thought of fooling around with his buddy was exciting, and most of all, he was gonna get to cum…something he hadn’t done since yesterday when he whacked-off in the john in school after P.E. “Oh what the fuck” he thought…and said “kay dude, but no weird shit, okay?” Johnny smiled as he slid the mask over Darren’s head. He knew that soon his buddy would have a whole new definition of weird and he would be the one to teach him.

“Okay, dude, now just lay back down on the bed,” Johnny requested barely disguising the excitement in his voice. Darren lay back, and allowed his legs to rest over the edge of the bed, his bare feet now resting on the carpet in the basement. Johnny asked him to scoot up and he did so, his feet now resting over the edge of the bed. Johnny quickly went to the work bench and retrieved two of the lengths of rope. They had already been tied into loops, and so he smoothly slid one over one wrist and let the loose rope dangle as he slipped the other end over the one bed post. He did the same with the other, and as Darren was asking what was going on, he went behind the head of the bed, and pulled both of the loops up and taut, pulling Darren’s arms over his head and firmly securing them to the respective posts.

“Hey, what the fuck is going on…” Darren asked with surprise in his voice. “ I said no weird stuff,” but even has he spoke, his cock went rigid in his shorts. “Why are you tying me up…we didn’t talk about this….John…what’s the deal?”

But Johnny ignored his friend. He was already securing one foot to the bottom posts of the bed. By the time Darren wriggled his other foot to avoid Johnny’s contact, he was looped and secured, spread and tied, blindfolded and exposed to his friend’s whims.

“Darren, don’t worry dude…you’re gonna get the best experience of your life. I’m gonna make you feel like the king of cum.”

“What’re ya talkin’ bout…Jo…this is strange…I don’t like it…we never talked about tying anyone up. Common’ lemme up…let’s just whack-off like we talked about.” Darren was trying to keep calm, but his dick was thumping in his shorts. He could not see how he looked, and he hoped that Johnny did not see him. But Johnny was staring at his friend’s rigid stalk, pointing up to his navel, and forcing the shorts to cling around the rigid protrusion. He stared down lustfully at his big friend, tugging at the ropes that bound him, his cock hard in his shorts but unable to see anything happening to him.

Johnny lay down on the bed next to Darren, his body pressing against his friend’s. “What the fuck is goin’ on Jo…how come yer lying down….” Panic was starting to grip Darren, but his dick was not cooperating. Already, the magical lubricant that seeped from his plump heart shaped knob was making a wet spot through his briefs and on the light cotton material of the shorts he was wearing. Reflexively, he was curling his toes, and Johnny loved the way the big feet looked so pale and vulnerable.

Johnny reached over to Darren’s light cotton t-shirt, and lifted it just high enough for his hand to slide onto the other boys firm stomach. Darren turned his head, and though blind-folded looked towards his friend in shock…what was Johnny doing? And then he felt the firm palm of his buddy slide around his stomach, over the ridges, and his blunt index finger slide into his navel. Darren sucked in his stomach and his ass screwed into the bed, trying to escape the probing finger and the bonds that held him in place. It was so weird to have another guy’s finger probing his ticklish navel, but what was worse it caused his cock to stiffen even more. Johnny’s rough fingernail started a lazy scratch inside his friend’s “inny,” just enough to tickle him and make him giggle and squirm more. Then the finger probed more deeply, and the fingernail scratched back and forth over the sensitive nub inside. Involuntarily, Darren squealed in laughter,…and suddenly he realized his predicament as blood began to rush to his boy cock.

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