Punk Kids or Brett's Big Boner 3

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys initiated by them and with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and teenagers which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life.

I have not had the opportunity to write a major story, with the exception of one in collaboration with a colleague whose writing I admire. My stories are posted on Paulie’s Personal Web Site and on ASSGM.com. I would appreciate comments on my writing which may be a bit rusty. I certainly admire the good writers on the web, and consider myself still a learner. Please contact me at [email protected].

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“No don’t...Jo…stop…no, don’t that tickles…ha..ha..ha…..no…stop, you gotta stop…, aaaahhhhh….hahahahaha……..nnnooooooo….aaaaahhhhh…hahahahahha….!” Darren blubbered and laughed, and tears began to drip from the sides of his eyes…but the relentless finger probed and searched, deep inside his ticklish navel. He had never had anyone put a finger in his navel before, and the sensation was impossible to control… “DUUUUDDDDDEEEE…..stop…..STOP…..AAAAAAHHHH… AAAAGGGHHH… HAHAHAH!” Then another hand joined the first, but this one slid all the way up under the t-shirt, and after the rough palm scraped over Darren protruding nipple, the finger delved into his exposed arm pit, and searching among the damp hairs, began to scrabble back and forth in the tender cavern, while the finger in his navel continued to seek every nook and cranny of the exposed and helpless well. Darren could hardly breath.

“NNNNOOOOOOOO….AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….STOP, JO.. STOP…I CAN’ T BREATH…..AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Darren bucked and thrashed, tightly bound, and unable to escape the rasping fingers and the firm nails that were making him come close to peeing in his shorts….AAAAAHHHHH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Darren’s head thrashed, and Johnny moved back a bit to make sure he could continue to torture his friend, and not get injured at the same time. Now the blood had completely filled Darren’s boy cock, and it was fully bloated in his shorts.

Even as Johnny’s wriggling fingers drew howls of laughter from Darren's writhing torso, the sadistic Johnny saw how hard Darren’s cock had become. The front of Darren cotton shorts were getting wet with boy sap, and the material had moved about, exposing the fat cap of his friend’s long boy prick, just above the elastic band of his briefs and the skewed waist of his shorts. The boy’s cock had a wide helmet for a kid his age, and was wet with lube, sticky and the deep piss lips were full of the clear scum. Johnny just kept tickling. He wanted to reduce Darren to begging, and he knew what he would extract as ransom.

After ten minutes of intermittent tickling, and grazing of Darren’s stiff tit nubs, his howling and thrashing were mixed with groaning and moaning. But these were not the groans of pain. They were accompanied by the thrusting of the teen’s hips, and the grinding of his ass. The bondage made him helpless to reach his throbbing prick and embarrassed to say anything to the friend who had brought him to the edge of sexual release. Now his entreaties were balanced with “…ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuccccck….nnnnooooo…. aaaaaahhhhhhh shhhhhiiiitttt…jesus…..you gotta stooooppp…..ffuuuuuucccckkkkkk!.” Without Darren fully realizing it, Johnny had stopped the aggressive tickling, and instead his fingers were now stroking, tugging and rolling the bigger boy’s sensitive nipples on the one hand, and stroking up inside his thighs with the other, grazing his balls through his briefs, and scratching beneath them at the thin, ragged strip of material that ran from his balls to his tender, untouched ass-pucker. Darren was grinding his ass into the bed even as he giggled, and turning his head back and forth from the sensations. But he was also letting his best friend play with him like a sexual toy, silently assenting to the delicious sexual longing that was building in his teenage testicles. When John’s thick index finger slid underneath the sweat dampened cotton briefs to slip between his friends taut buns in order to reach his anus, there was only a gasp followed by a groan as John’s fingernail scratched idly back and forth on the sensitive nether lips gently prying at them. All the while his now rigid teen nipples were being gently scratched, and pinched by the boy’s other hand, making him whimper and suck in his breath with each delicious tug of the boy tits. Johnny was ready for his next step, and Darren was lost, aching to have his oversized teenage boner stroked and rubbed.

Without any fanfare, or even a word spoken, Johnny unsnapped, then unzipped Darren’s shorts. The bigger boy did not say a word, but kept his eyes closed and was breathing hard as his nipples continued to be plied. John wet his fingertips by licking them and then returned to Darren’s stiff tits to heighten the ticklish sensation, and he was able as a result to lift Darren’s briefs up and in one movement and then slide his fist around the thick boy shaft, with its sticky, drooling cock tip.

Darren’s prick was a teenage prize, but one the shy and awkward boy little appreciated beyond its capacity to provide him with excellent sexual relief. He loved to masturbate the giant stalk, but hardly gave its size the respect it deserved in the teenage competition in lockerrooms and pissing troughs in the boy’s johns. Darren’s rod was taut at the connection above his lowing hanging nut sack, but widened as it grew to its full seven inches, capped by an even thicker helmet with a deep piss well. When erect, there was almost a full quarter-inch flange exposed around the ruddy head, its nerve endings so sensitive when either moistened by his copious pre-fuck, or scratched inadvertently by his nails as he frantically masturbated. Darren could not take much action around the knob, and once he ejaculated, he could not touch his cock head himself. It was just too ticklish. But now, tied and helpless, with sensations coursing across his body that he had never felt, Darren was unable to stop the rough fisting of his proud prick, as Johnny's greedy palm rolled over and over his prize plum sized cock tip, and focused on chaffing the huge boy clit. Darren tried to hunch to protect his cock, and he squealed and begged Johnny to stop: “Jo….Jesus…fuck….stop….AAAAAGGHHH, WHAT THE FUCK….JO MAN…DUDE… .AAAAAAAAHHHHH….NO..NO….PLEASE….OOOHH GOD DAMN…AAAAAGGGHHH….! But Johnny was as persistent as he was now mesmerized by his friends huge cock head. More of Darren’s pre-sap flowed from the tender piss lips and lubricated his flailing fist, and with a deft touch, his heart pounding, Johnny continued to masturbate the tethered teenager as his video camera whirled on, capturing only Darren’s helpless ecstasy, and Johnny’s relentless fist.

As Darren surrendered to the delicious sensations coursing through this cock, and the wild abandon of his body responding to Johnny’s focus on his sensitive cock head, Johnny could sense that Darren was quickly reaching the point of ejaculation. He was enjoying the spectacle of his big bodied friend, helplessly writhing under the control of Johnny’s fist, but he did not want Darren to cum too quickly. With a sudden stop, he slid his fist off of Darren’s rigid member just as the captive boy was stretching his feet and grinding his ass one last time for a mighty release. Instead, his throbbing rod bounced on his stomach, and pulsed, the head expanding futilely, as it sought enough contact to bring Darren over the edge.

Johnny got up and went to the work bench. He needed some of his tools. Picking up the lotion and two paint brushes, Johnny returned to the bed, to his friends heavy breathing, and occasional shudders from the cool air of the basement gliding over his already too sensitive cock tip. Neither boy said a word. Darren was too embarrassed by his willingness to let his friend masturbate him, and Johnny was determined not to give Darren an excuse to demand his release. Without further delay, not wanting Darren to lose his sexual appetite, Johnny squirted lotion on one of the paint brushes, a one inch bristle that he had cut short so that only an inch of the brush remained attached to the handle. That way, the bristles were firm, yet pliant…just the touch Johnny had been hoping to achieve. He squirted some of the lotion on Darren’s still pulsing cock head, and the other boy yelped in surprise: “Jo…what the fuck…what now… comm’on Jo… enough. You had your fun…but this is queer…lemme up…common, please, I’m begging ya…lemme up.”

As Darren picked up the brush, he grasped his friend’s thick boner in his left hand, while aiming the brush with his right hand. “Oh no dude…I’m gonna give you the thrill of your life, when you squirt your juice, it’s gonna shoot over your head and across the room. You know you dig getting your nut, so why fight it…you don’t have to do a thing buddy…I’m gonna take care of you cause we’re friends.” Without giving Darren a moment to respond, Johnny applied the taut bristles made soft and even more pliant by the lotion, to his friend’s boner that had gone stone hard the moment he had grasped it in his fist. Sliding the bristles just below the flange of the glans, Johnny made Darren gasp and squeal of the ticklish sensation of the sticky bristles.

“OOOOHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK! AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH… what’re you doing…oh no…. oh Jesus…oh shit….aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, no, please Jo…..aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh……!”

The wicked bristles made contact with the wide flange below the glans and immediately felt like a thousand ants nibbling on the tethered boy’s rigid prick. The bristles did not scratch or lance the tender glans, but rather tickled it with an insanely irritating friction that sent Darren almost out of his mind: “NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO….OOOOOHHHH… FUCK….AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH… ..SSSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP…PLEASE…OH SHIT, OH FUCK….NO…PLEASE NO……..AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH.” Johnny worked efficiently, moving the maddening bristles here, then there, and back again, basting the fat, sticky knob of his friend’s throbbing boner, making him burp and drool clear sap, and driving the bristles from the piss lips, round the flange, and over the wide helmet of the glans then back again. But without a stroking motion from Johnny’s fist, Darren climbed the pinnacle of sensation, but never quite made it over the edge. For fifteen minutes straight, Johnny worked the tender prick head, and at the same time, reached up with one hand to scrabble his fingers in the helpless boy’s armpits and across his chest to pluck his firm teen teats.

Darren threw his head from side to side, curled his long toes, and jerked as much as his restraints would allow. He wailed and squealed as his so-called friend flicked the bristles back and forth mercilessly across his captive cock knob, often screaming into the empty cavern of the basement and deserted house. But well underground, no one could hear his desperate pleas for help . Finally he could take no more. His body had been climbing uphill to get the fulfillment that the insane tickling of his prick promised, and when John began to use his other fist, lubricated with lotion, to slide up the thick shaft of the boy’s bone and thumb his prick tip after the bristles would brush across it, Darren finally felt the completion he needed to get his nut. The alternating motion of first the fist then the bristles once again made his ass bounce on the bed, and his hips thrust upward to get the grip from Johnny’s gently sliding fist that he so desperately needed to reach ejaculation.

Up and down, up and down Darren bounced on the bed, and then he finally ground it and into the scrambled sheets one last time, before lifting his mid section up into the air. His fat cock head swelled in the slowly rolling fist of his friend as the bristles followed the same path, and suddenly the piss lips opened wide and rope after rope of teen fuck came blasting out up and over to head and his torso. Darren went ballistic: AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH….FUCK… ..OOOHHH, SHIT…… MOTHER-FUCK, AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW……OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW… AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…PPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE…..NNNNOOOO, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!

Johnny watched as his friend spewed the thick boy juice, more than he had ever shot from his own cock even after an hour of masturbating. He purposely stopped touching the ejaculating prick after the cum began to bolt from its overheated and expanded head. Darren continued to writhe on the bed, and gasp for air, almost blacking out from the sensation as shot after shot fired from his aching penis. But little did he know that his afternoon was just beginning. Johnny had no intention of letting his friend loose so soon. He explained to Darren the facts of his new life, how he’d had the most fantastic ejaculation ever, and there was more to come…but from now on, Darren was to do everything Johnny asked. Johnny explained about the film and digital photos that were taken, and how they could end up in the wrong places if Darren did not cooperate.

Darren at first was shocked, then scared. How could his friend turn on him like this. But Johnny spoke in a soothing voice, and promised that he would always be Darren’s friend and would take care of him…and on cue, Johnny’s fist began to slide up and down the partially tumescent shaft of his fiend. Darren begged, but Johnny shushed him, and continued to whisper support and friendship, and soon Darren’s whorish cock had become stiff again, longing for the continued fisting and jerking his friend was giving it. When Johnny had let Darren’s cock expend itself during the ejaculation, he knew the drying cum would cause it to itch, and the prick would not be completely fulfilled from the lack of a clasping sensation that every cock needs and wants in the moment of release. Soon, Johnny fist was sliding up and down the fevered shaft, and coursing over the fat plum of the tip, while his other hand pinched and plucked Darren’s still taut tits. Johnny leaned over and began to suck on one teat, and then used his free hand to tickle Darren’s ears, his Adam’s Apple, into his arm pits, and finally snake down to slip between his firm ass cheeks to seek the tender, virgin ass pucker that hid within the thick boy hair clogging the path. Johnny just grazed the nether lips, enough to make Darren lose control and try to clench his firm ass cheeks to deny any entrance, but with the fisting his prick was getting and the other distractions of Johnny’s lips and his dirty talk, Darren was lost once again in a haze of sensation.

He finally give himself up to Johnny, begging his friend to frig his fat cock, to milk him good, and arched his back to Johnny’s lips as the other teen suckled his sensitive paps. For the rest of the afternoon, Johnny played with his friend, until he got every promise from Darren he needed to begin planning the next phase of his plans…the capture and control of Brent McDermott. And Darren got two more sensational ejaculations, his young balls producing sperm and his ever ready prick stiffening to allow each of Johnny’s careful designs to wring cum from it to succeed.

“Hey buddy, I just gave you what you wanted, and from now on, you’re gonna do what-ever I say…aren’t ya?” With that his thumb slid back and forth over the cock knob…and Darren hunched and ground his ass, wrenching his body to avoid the cruel sensations, but helpless to stop it. He finally stopped pleading, and yelled his assent.

”Fuck, okay…aaaaggghhhh, Jesus…oooooohhhh Jo…what’re doing….oooooohhhh God, okay….please….okay…I’ll do anything, just stop…oh fuck, please, JUST STOP!

Johnny stopped using his thumb, but continued to lazily scratch under the boys arm pits and across his taut abdomen, keeping him off balance and not letting his still stiff shaft out of his grasp. He went to on to explain to Darren that the video was a bit of ‘friendly’ insurance, to ensure that Darren would keep his promise to “do anything” Johnny asked. From now on Darren was to ask his friend’s permission to masturbate, and if he got an erection he was to tell Johnny about it, and what he was thinking about, and once a day, he would have to let Johnny watch him piss and if he fucked up, Johnny might even have to give him an enema…, and at least twice per week, Johnny would supervise Darren’s ejaculations. Darren was flabbergasted, and he blushed and begged, and tried to reason with his friend. But tied down, his cock still hard in his friend’s fist, and for some reason, feeling like he might cum again, Darren was cowed into everything Johnny demanded. Before the session finished, Johnny slowly brought Darren up the hill again, sliding his fist up and over the firmly bloated cock knob and wringing another spectacular ejaculation from Darren’s gism laden nuts. Darren screamed and pleaded, but Johnny still spoke to him slowly, and ignored his pleas, making sure the big boy teen was fully under his management. Darren was hooked, and Johnny had his first captive. Now Johnny was in charge of his friend’s sexual needs. Step one on the road to control of Brent McDermott’s teenage prong had been achieved.


Test Run

Almost a month of the summer had passed when Johnny decided that the next step in his plan would be a test of the logistics and concept he had devised for Brent’s capture. He had been managing Darren since that fateful afternoon four weeks earlier, and his hope that Darren would become his obedient assistant in efforts to satisfy his raging teenage lust had proved successful beyond his wildest dreams. Darren had come to realize that sex was much more than he had understood. Johnny had a way of making it so good, so powerful, and so satisfying. And Johnny had explained that it wasn’t queer to have to guys their age playing around, since they weren’t old enough to have girlfriends for sex, it was okay to satisfy each other’s needs. As for the way Johnny bossed him around, and even controlled his bodily functions, well Johnny said that was part of the game, and part of what made the sex so good. Darren couldn’t disagree even thought at times it seemed really strange and awkward. When Johnny was running things, he ejaculated so hard it felt like his head was about to blow off each time. Johnny found ways to make it sooooo… good. For Darren, that was all that mattered as long it wasn’t real queer stuff---fuck, it so great to cum hard and have someone else’s hand on his cock and other parts of his body rather than his own, that he was willing to take Johnny’s explanations. He and Johnny were buddies, and Johnny had always been there for him. Now Johnny had taught him how to have the most amazing cums he could imagine, and that was good enough for him.

Johnny often met Darren at the Field House restrooms near the back of the campus, across the football field and out of sight of most people at school. Like they had on previous occasions, Darren would enter first and go into the disabled stall, and about five minutes later, Johnny would join him. They had only seen one other person there at lunch time, and Johnny just went to another stall until the kid left. Today, like other days, he joined Darren in the stall and found him as he had been instructed to wait.

Darren had his jeans around his sneakers, his shirt unbuttoned, and his hands locked behind his head. Johnny had told him that in this position, it wasn’t queer, because they Darren wasn’t trying to touch him or anything. With his hands behind his head, it was more like he was just waiting to get his cock serviced. And like usual, he had a boner. Every time he went into this position, his cock would get hard in anticipation of Johnny’s games. Already a wet spot had formed on his white briefs, from the anticipatory pre-fuck that dripped from his fat knob. Johnny closed the stall door and latched it, and turned to face Darren. He smiled a satisfying, reassured smile, hooked his back pack on the door hook, and sat down on the toilet seat. Darren turned to face him and as he did so Johnny slid his palms over Darren’s taut stomach, and then up to his gently curving pecs to graze the rubbery tits that thrust out from them. Fuck---Darren closed his eyes and signed when Johnny’s palm slid over his rubbery teats. How he had come to love the feel of Johnny’s palms and fingers on his sensitive nipples. The moment he felt Johnny’s touch, his cock lurched and burped another wad of clear lube against the cotton briefs. And when Johnny’s fingers closed around each teat and gently pinched and tugged on them, Darren closed his eyes and hunched over from the sweet sensation, emitting a low groan.

“Wet your fingertips Darren,” Johnny instructed. And Darren sucked on his index fingers so they would be ready to ply his own tits. Johnny made him roll and twist them himself, so that Johnny’s hands were free to go elsewhere. Then Johnny stood up, and reached over to Darren and gently pulled his briefs down to his knees. Johnny always did it slowly, so the cotton would rub against Darren’s bloated fuck tip, tickling it, and scrubbing it as the material slid by. When his briefs were down, Darren’s long prick thrust outward, bobbing in the air. Johnny grasped it, and told Darren to close his eyes and concentrate. It had taken three separate attempts, but Darren finally learned how to relax and allow his cock to subside from the taut erection caused by someone else touching him so intimately. But when he did, he was just relaxed enough to be able to pee through the partial erection. Johnny would hold his cock, aim it, and allow Darren to piss. When Darren finally finished laboring through the pissing, Johnny shook the shaft twice, then took a piece of toilet paper and wiped the big knob, rubbing the tissue around it and tickling it more. That would cause Darren’s erection to return completely, and while he stood pinching his tits Johnny would gently masturbate him for about ten minutes. He never allowed his friend to ejaculate, but he would work him up, making him gasp and whine. Darren knew he could not cum, because once after he did without permission, Johnny would not let him have a cum session for a week, and instead had devised a strange little cage that he locked around Darren’s balls and cock. It allowed the bigger boy to piss in private, but he could not get an erection or even try to masturbate. It had been hell, and Darren had pleaded with Johnny to release him. But Johnny had been firm. He told Darren the only alternative would be for him to whip Johnny’s cock when it was erect, as a form of discipline or punishment. Johnny had created a small whip from shoe laces attached to an old jump rope handle, and the plastic ends on the laces provided a funny sting when they connected with his tender cock head. Once Johnny had showed him how it would feel, and while it wasn’t so bad, in fact it kinda felt good and made his cock throb and drool---it seemed weird at the same time . So instead of getting his cock whipped, Darren took the cage. From that time on, he worked hard to make sure that he did not cum without asking for permission, or after Johnny had instructed him to do so. So like usual, Johnny masturbated Darren for almost fifteen minutes, making his friend helpless and desperate. Sometimes, Johnny would get Darren so hard and distracted, he could make him do other things. Once, he’d made Darren strip off all his clothes and allow Johnny to masturbate him in the stall butt naked. Another time, he’d made Darren take off his shoes and socks, and then sit on Johnny’s lap with his feet pressed against the stall door. That way, Johnny was able to use one hand to help Darren tweak and pluck his nips, and the other to masturbate the bigger boy. Darren ground his hips and squirmed, sitting on Johnny’s lap, and his cock drooled and drooled, but Johnny wouldn’t let him ejaculate…just kept him hard as a rock, and desperate for relief from his buddy’s rough fist working over his fat boy knob.

During one of their sessions, when Johnny’s fist was sliding back and forth over the bloated fuck tip, Johnny had suggested a test of the scheme he was planning to use on Brent eventually. He persuaded Darren that it would be cool to have his father’s friend’s son join them in a jerk session. After all, since Wes had taught him, and Johnny had taught Darren, why not have a three-way, where all the boys could learn from each other? Darren, gasping each time Johnny’s callused fist rode over his leaking knob, and hardly able to concentrate, acquiesced to his friend’s logic, and allowed Johnny to have him join the session. Wes would be coming with his parents to spend a weekend at Johnny’s house, and the parents were going out to dinner on Friday night, and to a play on Saturday night. That would be a chance for the three boys to get together on two straight nights. And using his thumb to slide quickly over Darren’s flange, and glans, Johnny somehow persuaded his friend that it would be cool if they could video-tape the session…and that would be Darren’s role. The whinning teenager, squirming and twisting as his buddy’s thumb tickled his fat knob incessantly, quickly hissed his agreement, just to focus back on the incredible sensations that were causing his to thrust his hips towards Johnny’s magic fingers.

A week later, Wes and his parents arrived at Johnny’s house. The summer was rapidly drawing to a close, and Wes parents had been invited by Johnny’s to their home to return the favor from earlier in the summer. Wes had visions of a weekend with the cocksucker he had broken in early that summer. Little did he know what this weekend had in store for him. Johnny was a quick study, and Wes was about to learn just how smart a thirteen year old could be.

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