Punk Kids or Brett's Big Boner 10

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys initiated by them and with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and teenagers which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life.

I have not had the opportunity to write a major story, with the exception of one in collaboration with a colleague whose writing I admire. My stories are posted on Paulie’s Personal Web Site and on ASSGM.com. I would appreciate comments on my writing which may be a bit rusty. I certainly admire the good writers on the web, and consider myself still a learner. Please contact me at [email protected].

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Brent Drops His Pants

The next few days were rough for Brent. He was nervous as hell that Johnny would go back on their agreement, and the new video pushed him further into that fear. But when things stayed normal the first couple of days, Brent began to feel okay, in a bizarre way. He did not fear that everyone he knew would find out that he let other guys play with his cock, and could reduce him into a grunting cock punk, but he no longer had any control over his most prized physical attribute. The dick that gave him so much pleasure was no longer his to control. Plus, he now had to wear a false face to everyone. At fifteen, you don’t usually have to learn how to dissemble to your friends and family, and keep a secret from everyone you know. But that’s what he had to do. Of course the human psyche has great powers of recovery, and Brent addressed his situation like most boys and men, he went into denial. It wasn’t his fault, it was Father Richardson who had put him into the trouble he was facing, and all he could do was follow Johnny’s instructions and nobody would know how the priest had put him into this awful jackpot. By rationalizing his situation, Brent was able to get through the rest of his daily life, schoolwork, baseball practice, and encounters with friends. By compartmentalizing his relationship with Johnny, Brent looked and acted like the heart-throb of girls on campus, and the stud bro of the boys. Of course there were moments of sober reality; pissing before lunch with the sheath on his cock and explaining to Amy why he did not want to go to the library during the week. He had to figure out how to get together with Amy and persuade her why he was taking a new approach to their fledgling sex. By Thursday, having avoided Johnny for three days, Brent’s life almost seemed normal, except for the unrelieved erections he got each night when he went to bed, and when he awoke with his morning piss hardon. But that was about to change.

Brent checked his e-mail on Friday morning as he was instructed to do each day, and there was a message from Johnny. The message simply said to meet Johnny by the Field House at noon. A chill went down Brent’s back, but as long as Johnny kept his word, Brent had no choice but to follow the instructions. Maybe Johnny would take the sheath off of his cock, and maybe he would be allowed to masturbate himself. It had been four full days since he had last ejaculated, and his dick had gone hard numerous times in the confining sheath, allowed him to drip his pre-cum, but preventing him from achieving release. The impor tant thing was to make sure no one saw him make contact with Johnny. He wanted no evidence of their relationship apparent to his friends or others at the school.

At 11:45, at the end of class before lunch, Brent asked Mrs. Hogan his teacher if he could go to the restroom before lunch. He blushed, giving an academy award performance, explaining that he could not wait. She approved his request with the admonishment that he should not make this kind of request a habit, and that he should use his lunch for his personal matters. He promised he would not ask regularly, but worrying that he might face this situation with Johnny again, he lied that he was taking a medication that occasionally forced him to urinate and that he could not always make it to noon. She accepted his explanation, and gave him a hall pass. Quickly, Brent slipped out the door, nodding to a buddy in the back of the room who looked at him with a “what goes” expression. He hurried out the building, and carefully made his way around the football field, to the Field House that was only used for teams practicing in the late afternoon.

When he arrived at the entrance of the Field House, behind stall like walls that provided privacy for the lockerroom entrance, Brent saw Johnny. “Good work dude, let’s get going, we don’t have much time.” Brent did not ask how Johnny was able to get there early, or more importantly how he had a key to the lockerroom entrance. He just remained silent, and followed Johnny’s lead. The thirteen year old boy unlocked the Field House door, and let Brent into the lockerroom with its musty smell of unwashed gym clothes, especially dirty socks. He led Brent to a bathroom adjacent to the showers, then back to the large disabled stall in the back. When he pushed open the stall door, there was Darren, standing in one corner.

Brent was shocked, he stopped and looked at Johnny, and was turning to walk out, when Johnny stopped him. “Stay cool dude, this is Darren, my buddy. He’ s in on the whole deal, and he’s sworn to keep our arrangement secret. Don’t worry, he won’t blow our cover.” Brent looked hard at Johnny, then his expression changed to one of pleading: “Fuck, no more people….common Johnny, you promised it was going to be between us…why this, why this guy…fuck….” Brent
’s head hung down, and he had a look alternately of desperation and resignation. But Johnny tried to calm his fears.

“Look, like I said, he’s been in on this deal from the beginning (a lie, but Darren knew his role and said nothing). Plus, if you want that thing off your pecker, you gotta chill and let Darren work with us…kay?” Brent looked up, biting his lip, took a deep breath, and walked slowly into the large stall. His rational self told him this was a mistake, but what could he do…this punk kid was calling the shots. Plus, “what the fuck” his prick was stiffening just from being around Johnny. He couldn’t explain it, but something was making him cock hard, and when that happened, it was like his brain changed and he was more susceptible to Johnny’s demands. Maybe Johnny would take the sheaf off of his cock, and he could get some relief…”fuck, what was he saying to himself…Jesus,” he was confused, real confused.

Once Johnny closed the door, he instructed Brent to put his book bag on the floor, and to raise his hands over his head. As he placed the bag down, Brent closed his eyes when Johnny instructed him to put his hands over his head…he knew what was coming, and fuck if his cock wasn’t starting to go hard in his jeans, a drip of sap oozing from his piss lips. He knew he should object, and even if he hated these punk kids for screwing up his life, something more than the bargain to keep his pictures off the net made him cooperate. His cock tingled, his nipples went hard under his t-shirt, rubbing against the material. Almost naturally he spread his legs as his hands went over his head…Brent was becoming a perfect teen slut for Johnny, and his dick was beginning to control his fifteen year old brain even if he didn’t understand it. Johnny smiled and looked at Darren who was dumbfounded that Johnny had the school’s biggest jock hero under his thumb. It had been one thing to get Wes to submit over a weekend, but this was Brent McDermott, this was fucking awesome and amazing.

Johnny told Darren to get behind Brent, and to slide his hands up under the bigger boy’s t-shirt, then across his stomach and pecs. As he did so, his thick fingers brushing the hair trailing up to the navel, and up to the space between the mounded pecs, Darren’s cock stirred and slowly went rigid in his shorts, unable to control the excitement that coursed through him as he touched another kid’s body. Brent threw his head back as he had in Johnny’s bedroom, and sucked in his breath, the delicious feeling of someone’s hands gliding over his body, making his cock burp pre-cum in his briefs, and his nipples almost ache from how hard they had gotten. Johnny reached down to Brent’s jeans, slid down the zipper, and thrusting his hand inside grasped the huge erection struggling to get beyond the elastic waist band of his briefs, but held in check by his belt—and of course the cock sheath Johnny had installed. Johnny gripped the drooling cock knob through the briefs, and thumbed it, while the straw sheath seemed to tighten and strangle the big boy’s boner. Brent hissed, and then groaned, the sweet sensation of his cock head being played with making him want to surrender though he knew he should be cursing and resisting.

But Johnny knew his prey well, and spoke with a soft, nasty tone as he dominated the older boy: “Yeah, that’s it Brent, you’re just a big dicked, horned-up prick slave…huh, aren’t ya dude…you just need this bad boy played with and milked, huh?” Brent just groaned more from Darren’s fingers now playing across his taut tits, and Johnny’s grazing the cotton material of his briefs around the bloated, sticky glans of his trapped prong. Then, shocking Brent, he grunted out what Johnny wanted him to say: “UUUUuummmmmm….oh fuck, yeah, ooooooohhhhhh fuck….” The grip of the small hands on his aching prick made him want to thrust his hips and drive the itchy glans into the gripping palm, chaffing it, and soothing it in its desperate need.

“Kay dude, now I want you to lower your hands, and push yer jeans and yer briefs down to your ankles…now do it.” Brent acted like a zoombie, he lowered his hands quickly, unbuttoned his jeans and undid his belt, then pushed both the jeans and briefs down past his knees, letting them pool at his ankles when he shook each foot to make them fall the whole way. “Now turn around and bend over, and spread your cheeks so Darren can see your cunt….” Brent didn’t open his eyes, but he winced as he heard Johnny’s demand. “Fuck, they were turning him into a bitch, a jock bitch punk, and he fucking couldn’t stop ‘em…he couldn’t stop ‘em….” Without a word, he complied, turning to the stall wall, and bending over, using his big hands to spread his ass cheeks, revealing the deep hairy trough and the ragged pink slit of his tight anal pucker to the two thirteen year old boys’ gaze. His big duck egg balls hung down from their sack, and the thick root of his cock, looked so vulnerable and sensitive between his legs.

“Brent, did you clean out you cunt this morning with an enema?” Brent was shocked by the question. Did he forget to do something that Johnny had instructed him to do? He hesitated…then in a faltering voice, he said, “Ah, no…you didn’t ask me to give myself an emena…no I didn’t do it, was I supposed to?” Johnny smiled broadly and looked at Darren, winking before he responded to the boy holding his ass cheeks apart for the younger teens to inspect. “Naw…I just wanted to find out whether you clean yourself on your own….did you have a shit this morning?” Brent nodded, embarrassed to discuss his personal hygiene with these two boys. But Johnny insisted. “I didn’t hear you dude, did you take a dump this morning?” Brent squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth, but answered in a normal voice. “Yeah, yeah, I had one this morning.”

Johnny peristed, okay, so describe it…was it big? Do you shit small turd balls, or a big long slug…tell us.” Brent groaned, but this time, his throbbing cock was not the source. The mere fact that his cock got harder when Johnny asked him to discuss his bowel movement, scared Brent but he was like a helpless cunt. He had to answer, and his cock knob drooled more sap as he spoke. “ Christ, I dunno…I guess it was along turd, Jesus, I don’t study my shit.” Johnny interjected, “Well dude, from now on I want you to keep a log of each time you shit. And I want you to begin to wash out your pussy each time you take a shower. I’ll be watching, so be sure you use your Mom’s douche bag and nozzle, and squirt some water and soap up your fuck hole and clean it out… got it?” Johnny dude, please what kind of crap is that…Jesus dude, gimme a break will ya, I don’t put shit up my asshole…common dude, gimme a break, huh?” But Johnny insisted, and as Brent’s penis continued to throb against the cool metal of the toilet partition, basting it with his sticky, clear sap, he agreed to do Johnny’s bidding.

Now Johnny moved on to another humiliating question, “And have you played with your pussy at night since we were together on Monday?” Brent sighed deeply and helplessly thinking to himself “…fuck, why was he asking all these questions,” why was he making him humiliate himself in front of this Darren kid….” Yeah, I did once…but it made my cock too hard, and it hurt in the thing you got on my prick…so I stopped.” Johnny grinned again at Darren. “Yeah, I thought you’d play with your pussy dude, that’s why I asked. From now on, don’t play with your cunt unless we tell you to. It’s off limits, along with your tits. You can play with your dick, because you can’t cum unless I take off your cock restraint. Now I want you to suck your left index finger, and then slowly stick it in your pussy.”

“Aw dude, common not this stuff again…pleeeaaaasssse, don’t do this.” But Johnny wouldn’t budge, and slowly, reluctantly, Brent sucked his thick left index finger, and then using both hands to spread his ass cheeks, he gently rubbed the wet digit across his anal slit. He gasped as he often did when he touched his own asshole, it tickled in a strange and compelling way. It made him clench his cheecks, forcing him to work harder to spread them just from touching the tingly anal knot. His finger scratched back and forth, and the slick spit allowed him to gradually work the finger into his hole, sliding in to the first knuckle. “Uuuuuuugggggghhhhh…” Brent grunted as the finger slipped in. Then Johnny told him to slide it in deeper, and find his fuck nut, then rub it.

Already, Brent’s huge prick was bobbing, still bound within the sheath and erect, its curved shaft bumping against the stall partition, splattering more of his copious pre-cum this way and that. When his rooting finger reached the sensitive prostate, and he tentatively rubbed his finger across its surface, he squealed out loud from the sensation, and his cock ejected a thick dollop of pre-fuck, lubricating the entire knob of his fat glans. “Yeah, that’s it dude, rub it again…” Johnny instructed, and Brent bent over further from the incredible soreness of the finger rubbing his boy clit, and the electric charge it kept sending to his unruly boner, making it throb and shudder. Without further direction, Brent rubbed the thick gristle inside of his rectum, making him clench his ass muscles, and thrust his hips involuntarily, finger fucking himself before the two younger boys, squatting to make sure he got his finger in deep enough to thrill his boy clit. Both Johnny and Darren were about to ejaculate in their pants. It was an incredible scene, the big dumb jock hunk, fucking himself with his own finger and trying to masturbate his cock helplessly against the cold partition of the toilet stall. Both boys unzipped their shorts and pulled out their cocks from their shorts, not wanting to mess themselves by accident watching the amazing scene before them.

Johnny got control of himself, and spoke, his voice shaking with excitement.
“Kay Brent, now wipe your finger off on the toilet paper, and put your hands back over your head.” Brent was relieved to slowly remove his finger from his rectum, even though the clenching sensation from his finger probe made his cock continue to drool pre-cum in spurts. It seemed nature had given Brent an awful connection between his ass and his prick, and more than just the hammer to drive his penis into some tight, clinging hole. Brent finished wiping his finger, tossed the toilet paper into the bowl, and placed his hands back over his head, still facing the toilet partition with his jeans at his ankles.

Johnny had to turn him around, his masculine reluctance was reticent to expose his huge, erect pecker to the boys. Once turned, Johnny instructed Darren to get on his knees and put his hands behind his head. Darren looked shocked, but followed orders as he always did, his thick boy prick thrusting out of his shorts, wet with is own emissions. Johnny reached into his pocket, and removed the small key that secured the lock at the bottom of Brent’s sheath. Once he did so, he slowly twisted the straw sheath one way, then the other, until it rasped over the bigger boys sensitive glans, and slid off, making him hunch from the ticklish sensation. Then he told Brent to lean down and let Darrent put his finger from one hand into Brent’s mouth to lick and suck them till they were good and wet. Brent was beyond resistance, and submissively leaned down and followed Johnny’s instructions, and Darren watched amazed, his cock throbbing again, as the older boy sucked his fingers, using his tongue to baste them and make them wet with his spit. Then Johnny told Darren to grip Brent’s huge cock knob with just his finger, twisting them back and forth around the sensitive corona, scratching his nails over the pebbled surface and occasionally over the smooth, rigid glans. At the same time, Johnny took a position behind Brent, letting his talented fingers, well practiced, to return under the t-shirt to Brent’s sensitive nips. Rolling and gently tugging on them, Johnny had returned to the other switch which made Brent’s primitive boy biology turn the athlete’s thinking brain into a facilitator for a Pavlovian sex addict. Brent immediately began to pant and groan from the twin sensations, leaning back onto Johnny, pushing the boy up against the stall’s partition. “ OOOhhhhhhhhhh, fuck……ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh” Brent mewled as his nipples were rolled and scratched, making the electric current force his ass muscles to clench and his penis to spasm while Darren’s persistent finger tips danced around the knob of his fat prick head.

As Johnny worked the sensitive titties, Darren tickled and played with Brent’ s aching wiener, making the now unrestrained shaft erect to full extension and drawing an appreciative moans from Brent…”aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yeah, ohhhhhh fuck, aaaaaaggghhhh shit….oh fucking yessssssss.” Then Johnny squirted some hand cream onto Darren’s palm, and told his friend to grip the huge knob of Brent’ s sticky boner. “Put your hands onto the bar over your head” Johnny told Brent, and the big boy reached up from his head to grasp the metal bar that helped to keep the partitions in place. That way, Brent was stretched, his firm abdominal muscles in sharp relief, his vulnerable navel exposed to Johnny’s and Darren’s fingers, and his teenage body spread and served up to the mauling younger boys hands. Johnny lowered his head to one side of Brent’s chest, and pushing up his t-shirt, began to suck on one of Brent’s tits, while he plied and worked the other. Darren was told to use the index finger of his free hand to probe into Brent’s exposed navel, while his relentless fist now masturbated the leaking prick head of the big boy's whorish prong.

“Yeah, that’s it Brent, dude you’re hot for it, just like when Father Richardson did you, and just like Monday night…do it dude, let’s milk that big boner, yeah, fuck Darren’s fist you prick punk.” Johnny’s words and the action with Brent had both of the younger boys stone hard and ready to ejaculate. For fifteen minutes they drove Brent up the hill to ejaculation, then they would back off, and just torture him, making him beg and plead to cum. His hips were grinding and thrusting, his knees slightly bent, his torso stretched as he surrendered to the boys’ manipulation of his beautiful body. He couldn’t help it, he couldn’t resist, the sensations were so fucking good…he had to cum, he had to cum!

“Oh fuck, yeah, please don’t stop, please lemme cum, aaaaaagggghhhhh, fuck, shit, yeah, oh God it feels so good, common dude, get me off…..aaaaaaahhhhhhh yeah, oh, shit, right there….oh fuck!” Once again, Johnny had the middle school jock hunk fucking a fist, stretched out like a bound slut, having his tits pinched and his prick knob mauled. After fifteen full minutes, and mindful that time was running out on lunch, Johnny instructed Darren in lewd terms to twist his fist over and around the leaking plum of Brent’s over-wrought glans. Concentrating his strokes, shortening them and quickening his pace, Darrent pushed the hapless hunk over the edge…. ”aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!” Brent squealed from the intensity of his ejaculation, delayed for four long teenage days. Rope after rope of thick teenage spooge bolted from the grossly expanded prick head, and the long piss lips, as Darren’s fist continued to roil and milk it while Johnny’s fingers and lips slurped and pinched the stiff boy tits. As he shot, both younger boys ejaculated from watching him, their rigid boy prongs unable to resist the sight of the older, hunky teen reduced to a writhing fuck toy in the field house crapper.

Once again, when Brent’s ejaculation turned into drool, Johnny had Darren keep sliding his unforgiving palm over the fat cock tip, warning Brent to hold onto the bar and not let go. “Aaaah, no, aaaaggggh, fuck, nnnnnnooooo… aaaaaaaggghhh…ssssssssss….no, no, don’t, ooohhhhh, fuck……aaaaahhhhhhh!” Brent’s big hips thrust and shuddered, forcing his engorged prick knob into the thirteen year old’s clinging fist, wanting to escape, but his sex crazed body craving every excruciating sensation from the constant milking of his helpless prick tip—hissing from the terrible sensation. There he was, the middle school hunk, streched, milked, his pants and briefs at his ankles and almost begging to have his penis played with by two thriteen year old punks. Brent McDermott had become Johnny’s prick slave indeed, and there was more to come. Johnny quickly put the sheath back on Brent’s cock, after he had him wipe it clean with a wet paper towel, and then refastened the small lock at the base to keep the big boy in check. Somehow, Brent was learning to accept his role, and as long as his big boy prick got worked regularly, maybe he could make it through this ordeal.

Later that evening, after practice and homework, Johnny called Brent and told him to meet him and Darren at the park a few blocks from their homes. Brent protested, but each time he spoke with Johnny, he was less and less animated about his reluctance. Slowly he was becoming accustomed to submitting to the younger boy’s requests, and since he had not been hurt or his secret revealed, a certain level of trust was gradually beginning to grow. If he was willing to trust the priest, perhaps he could trust this punk kid. In any case, he didn
’t have much choice, so trusting was better than being humiliated in front of the entire school and his family.

Each boy had his excuse for their parents in order to get out of the house, and when they met, Johnny directed them to a park toilet that was remote from where people hung out. It wasn’t easy to get to, you had to walk into the park and climb up a hill, so not many people used these johns. It was just after dinner, so the place was even more deserted. Once they were in the small building, its bare bulb light dimly illuminating the damp space, Johnny made Brent strip. As usual Brent pleaded his case, but by the time he had hung his clothes on the hook on the door, and stepped out of his shoes and socks, his cock was already up and hard. Johnny then tied his ankles spread to the legs of the toilet partition with him facing the wood wall. There was a large hole in the wall of the wooden toilet stall, and Brent’s beautiful curved cock was threaded through the opening. Then his arms were tied to the top of the partition frame and a wet jock strap he was required to bring with him was stuffed into his mouth and secured. The cock sheath was again removed, and Brent’s unruly boner was already dripping in anticipation. The boy slut was ready to be milked again if Johnny wished it.

Darren was placed in the stall next door, and allowed to push his jeans and shorts to his own ankles, so he could play with his cock—a rare privilege given to him by Johnny. For his part, Johnny got behind Brent, and dropping his own jeans and shorts, he thrust his rigid boy prick under Brent’s hairy balls, letting his cock knob rub under the turgid shaft of the older boy and protrude through the glory hole into the stall where Darren starred spell-bound at both penises. He could feel Brent’s prick throb from the sensation of the Johnny’ s prick rubbing against his, and the pressing of their bodies together. The stall doors were locked, then following Johnny’s instructions, Darren began first by using the copious lube from Brent’s more mature prick to baste and lubricate both boners thrusting out of the large glory hole toward his face. Johnny’s boy prick vibrated from the sweet sensation of his friend’s finger pads stroking his prick under Brent’s, causing him to thrust up under the older boy and rub his crotch into Brent’s taut, hairy buns. What a fucking turn-on, rubbing up against the bigger boy, hearing him grunt into his wet jock strap and inhaling the ball sweat from his practice earlier that afternoon. Then Johnny slid his hands up Brent’s chest and gripped both of the jock’s turgid nipples, pinching and plucking them, and making Brent grind his ass from the toying with his tits.

Darren knew what was coming, Johnny had warned him. He had never sucked a cock before, but he was going to today. He wanted to beg Johnny to let him off, but he knew that would result in some punishment, and when Johnny worked on his cock or his body it was both delicious and unbearable. Johnny told him exactly what to do. He said that just cause a guy pisses out of his prick doesn’ t mean it’s gross or weird. He reminded Darren how much girls liked to suck cock. Darren wasn’t persuaded, after all, that’s what girls were…cocksuckers, made to service men. Plus they were girls, they could do that sort of thing . But Johnny gave him that look, and he just lowered his eyes and said okay. These thoughts raced through Darren’s mind as he closed his eyes, and stuck out his tongue, first swabbing Johnny’s smaller cock head beneath Brent’s big plum. It didn’t taste so bad, and it was soft…he didn’t know what to expect, so soft was okay. Darren licked again, and he felt Johnny’s knob throb from the ticklish sensation, and then it seemed like auto-pilot took over, and he closed his lips around the sweet little acorn, lashing it with his tongue, and slurping up the sticky goo that seemed to drip from the piss lips. He sucked Johnny’s cock till he felt comfortable, then he opened his eyes and stared at Brent’s big boy wiener. He let his tongue trail up the curved shaft, licking up the clear sap that was dripping down. It tasted okay, kinda like Johnny’s, so he licked faster and worked his way up to the smooth circumcision scar near the fat knob. He swiped his tongue back and forth, and felt the penis vibrate and go hard. But he was not licking hard enough to make Brent shoot his wad, so he tantalized the older boy, making his cock throb from the sweet, wet basting of Darren’s muscular tongue. Then Darren moved forward and engulfed the fat cock head into his hot mouth, his tongue lashing it as he had Johnny's, but now adding a bit of suction like it was a popsicle. Darren heard a bang, and moved his head away quickly, initially scared by the sound. Fuck, Brent was banging his hips against the partition…he must like what Darren was doing. So Darren, lost in his task, went back to work, letting his tongue wrap around the wide corona of the older teen, dragging it back and forth as he sucked just the helplessly exposed knob, slurping over the aching glans to glean every drop of the copious pre-fuck drooling out from the piss lips. For fifteen minutes Darren tortured the big glans of Brent’s prick, thrusting out of the glory hole helpless and exposed. He made a circular fist for Johnny’s cock, and let his friend fuck it while he ministered to Brent’s prong. For his part, Brent was mewling into the wet jock strap secured in his mouth, feeling his cock knob tantalized by the soft lips and hot mouth he could not see, sucking, licking and lashing his precious cock head. His legs began to shake, and he couldn
’t pound his hips any harder into the partition because of the bonds that secured him fast. He lifted up on his strong toes, pushing one last time, and suddenly waves of pleasure engulfed him, as bolt after bolt of his sticky cum shot into Darren’s vacuuming mouth. “….AAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!” All three boys burst into huge ejaculations at the same time each triggered by the other. Darren shot spontaneously when Brent began to unload his boy spunk into his mouth, and his fist tightened around Johnny’s wiener, making his friend spunk from the wonderful grip gliding over his cock in rapid movements of excitement when Brent ejaculated. Darren followed his orders, and suckled on Brent’s swollen glans for an extra three minutes, making him squeal with the sensation into his gag and bounce helplessly against the partition to escape the sweet ache on his glans and Darren’s voracious mouth, as Johnny continued to ply and scratch his stiff teats.

After a shower monitored by Johnny’s devices, Brent went to bed and slept a deep, dreamless sleep, his prick knob aching from the sensations he had experienced, but somehow sated by the opportunity to ejaculate twice in one day. He couldn’t understand it, but Brent McDermott was actually happy that Johnny had let him cum, and yet ashamed that he enjoyed the way in which his penis was subjected to control by the two younger boys. At their respective homes, Darren ground his still hard cock into the bedding, wishing he could cum again, but prevented from doing so by his own cock restraint applied by his friend. Johnny masturbated to another ferocious ejaculation, reliving the afternoon in the field house john, and the evening experience in the park toilet. He mauled his own prick, pounding it as he squirted a healthy boy load over his flailing fist, his bodying jerking and toes curling from the huge cum. Fuck he loved being in control of boys’ cocks.

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