Punk Kids or Brett's Big Boner 11

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys initiated by them and with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and teenagers which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life.

I have not had the opportunity to write a major story, with the exception of one in collaboration with a colleague whose writing I admire. My stories are posted on Paulie’s Personal Web Site and on ASSGM.com. I would appreciate comments on my writing which may be a bit rusty. I certainly admire the good writers on the web, and consider myself still a learner. Please contact me at [email protected].

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Father Richardson Pays Penance

As they left the park, Johnny told Brent that he should try to get together with Amy during the coming weekend, and explain why he had “chosen” not to ejaculate when they had sex, because he wanted to respect her and protect them from making a mistake. After all, they were good Catholics, and both wanted to have a committed relationship. Johnny was of course merely tightening the noose around Brent. The reality was that Brent’s cock was locked away in Johnny’ s device and while he could achieve a throbbing erection, he could not achieve a final expansion of his erection to achieve any kind of release, just constant leaking and horniness. In any case, Brent was at least relieved to be allowed to get together with Amy, if for no other reason that he could reaffirm to himself that he was straight and his encounters with Father Richardson and Brent were forced on him, against his will.

On Saturday night, Brent and Amy baby-sat her younger brother and sister, when her parents went out to dinner and a show. While eleven year old Trey rubbed his boner into the sheets to give himself the third dry cum of the day for the horny blond tow-head with the big feet, his ten year old sister was in her room, rubbing her finger deep into her cunny, tickling her young clit to achieve her own orgasm before she went to sleep. Downstairs, the heat of impending sex was making the room warm. Once the kids were down in bed and asleep, Brent and Amy were lip locked on the living room sofa, his hand groping her desperately, and her hands roaming over his back and chest. Twenty-minutes later, Amy’s legs were planted and spread at the edge of the sofa, with Brent on his knees eating her pussy like he was in a pie-eating contest, lashing her groove with his tongue, holding the succulent and soft lips apart so he could scoop out her juices and assault her sensitive clit. God he loved the look of her sweet trench, furred with blond hair that parted to reveal the ragged smooth lips. As his fingers had parted them, already wet with anticipation, he tickled and scratched until her hips were grinding on the sofa and splaying even further. When he placed his thumb on her stubby clit and rubbed back and forth as the fuck finger from his other hand sought her tight hole, Amy was whining, her eyes closed tight surrendering to the delicious sensation of being frigged by her handsome boyfriend.

Brent was successful in persuading her to let him give her pleasure and protect both of them by refraining from taking out his cock, in spite of the pain of having his restrained cock so erect under his shorts. It hurt even more, because Amy insisted on giving him some pleasure, so her hands danced over the erect mound, grasping his boner through both shorts and briefs, and frigging him. Unfortunately, Brent could only bite his lips in frustration, knowing that while he was leaking copiously into his briefs, Amy’s sweet hand could only torture his fat cock knob, and not allow him to achieve ejaculation. Instead, he focused on giving her pleasure, his fingers pinching and plying her stiff nipples, and his tongue dipped between her sticky cunt lips, trowelling her groove and lashing her clit, Amy was helpless. For a brief time anyway, Brent was in control during sex, like he was when he was pitching on the baseball field. When he finally drilled his fuck finger up into Amy’s tight cunt, and used his thumb along with his tongue, to lick, suck, and stroke Amy’s sensitive labia and surprisingly large clit, Brent made her whinny and whine for more. As Brent’s aching pecker drooled and throbbed in its prison inside his jeans and briefs, Amy squealed and grunted her way through several orgasms, “ aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…” turning from wholesome cheerleader to spread out slut, determined to get her cums. Her toes were pointed and legs lewdly spread as she ground her sticky, engorged cunt lips against Brent’s relentless tongue and his sucking lips. God every nerve in her body tingled, and her tits ached as she squirted juice each time her pussy contracted and her clit throbbed…” aaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee.” Brent went home later that night with the bluest balls, his almost fully erect penis leaking in its trap, but with confidence that he was still a man who could make girls beg for his attention. The taste of Amy’s tangy cunt still on his lips and tongue. Soon, he would be learning to enjoy other tastes. Even as Brent was making Amy’s toes point and curl while wave after wave of her orgasms rolled through her body, Johnny was at home working on another scheme to humiliate and debase the hunky teenage idol.

The day before Johnny had met with Brent and Darren in the Field House, Johnny had sent an e-mail to Father Richardson. Like the message to Brent, earlier in the week, Father Richardson’s e-mail had carefully selected attachments of a video and pictures of the confessional encounter. The priest was shocked… and secretly excited, his cock hardening at the sight of the materials he had received. He sprung a raging erection as he watched Brent ejaculate over his stroking fist, and listened to his own words, taking control of the handsome teenager. He knew he was in deep trouble if any of this got out, but now he had a copy of what he had done with other boys. Moreover, there was more than one video.

Johnny discovered by chance that there were other boys (he forgot to switch off the motion detector in the confessional booths), that availed themselves of good Father’s services. He recorded Father Richardson with the lanky star center of the middle school basketball team, Trevor Stockton. Trevor was fifteen and a half, but already 6’ 3” tall with size thirteen feet. Not a beautiful boy like Brent, Trevor was a strong, athletic redhead whose physicality made him attractive to girls and admired by other boys. But he was also awkward because of his height, and as a consequence he was very shy around girls. He had been jacking off since he was twelve, and learned how good a blow job could be at thirteen when he was sucked off by a sixteen year old camp counselor at a two week overnight basketball camp.

The counselor had taken Trev under his wings, and made the shy redhead blossom on the court earning the respect of the other boys. But part of the deal was coming to the counselor’s tent at night after dinner to discuss moves and strategy on the court. Trevor was gullible and willing, desperate to develop skills that would make him someone to respect among his friends at school, instead of being the big, awkward “Lurch” that he felt like. On the second night he visited the coach’s tent, Trevor was given something in his soft drink that made him woozy and also made him horny. Before he knew it, he was on his back on the coach’s bed his t-shirt over his face, his arms pinned over his head, and his oversized boy prick being sucked into two delicious ejaculations in a row. The coach had licked Trev from head to toe, suckling even on his big size ten feet, and the long, ticklish toes till the red-head howled for mercy. For two weeks the bigger boy had taught Trevor how good it could feel to have someone else’s hands and lips on every inch of his body. One night, when the coach was doing bed checks, he had come into Trevor’s cabin and slid his hand under the sheets of Trev’s upper bunk while the other boys in the cabin were sleeping. Trev woke up to the feel of thick fingers and a strong hairy hand sliding over his chest, tweaking his nipples, and down his stomach into his navel, and then into his sleeping shorts. The coach smiled as he found Trevor’s big penis already hard and wet from the simple caresses, and he soon masturbated the big boy as he lay frozen in fear that someone would awake. The coach used both hands under the sheets, the fingers of one hand explored his torso, pinched his tits, drilled into his navel, while those of the other hand grasped Trevor’s rampant erection. The boy was helpless, horny to distraction and unable to resist a hand on his constantly needy prick, he tried to control his desire to fuck the older boys’s relentless fist. But he could not stop from driving his hips upward and thrusting his sticky prong into the older boy’s firm grip. Slick, firm hands slid up and down his throbbing boy shaft and over and over his sensitive cock knob. Finally, Trevor uncontrollably lifted his hips one last time as the other boy’s palm rotated over his bloated cock head wickedly, and he spurted boy milk into the sheets and blankets, writhing silently from the excruciating sensations until the counselor released his penis with another knowing smile in the dark, and left him gasping. Trevor had learned lots about basketball over the two weeks, and even more about his cock and its ceaseless needs.

It was luck that put him and Father Richardson together. He happened to go to confession, blurted out how horny he was all the time, how often he masturbated, and how difficult it was to get to know girls. That was when Father Richardson offered him salvation and a means of stopping his masturbation that was occurring two to three times a day. For the last three months he had enjoyed twice weekly sessions in the confessional where he came more than once. Fuck, the good divine had a magic mouth and talented fingers, and Trev had a cock that seemed insatiable.

The second video Johnny had sent to Father Richardson attached to his e-mail message was a clear film of Trevor standing in Chuck Taylor black canvas high tops, with his shorts and boxers at his ankles. Where the hair on his head was bright red, matching the freckles on his face and shoulders, the hair on Trev
’s big boy legs and arms was a thick strawberry blond fur. His body was pressed up against the empty frame where the screen should be, his extraordinarily thick seven-inch penis, erect and thrust through the opening. He was gasping and grinding his hips, lost in the delicious sensations being provided by the talented priest on the other side of the screen. His thin, pale foreskin was only partially retracted in spite of the full erection, and the wide piss lips were slick with he pre-fuck. Father Richardson had reached one hand through the opening and up under Trev’s t-shirt, teasing his pale, red nipples through the thick strawberry blond hair on his pecs, the other hand was fingering under his balls to tickle the hairy, tight ass pucker, clenched from fear of invasion by a pesky, rooting digit. The priest’s lips lowered down to the shaft, and slobbered over the cock knob, seeking a way for his tongue to slip under the delicate foreskin, as the big boy stabbed his erection through the hole searching for a lip lock by the priest that would suckle the cum out of his drooping and heavy-ladden testicles. In the end, Father Richardson vacuumed the fat cock head, and ran a fist up and down the shaft sliding the skin off and onto the tender, sensitive glans, until the big boy had squirted six long shots of teenage spooge down his throat. Then he had nursed the big red head into whimpers from his lashing tongue on the sensitive knob, keeping the boy erect the entire time, his hips thrusting and hunching to escape the priests greedy hold on him, and yet so intoxicated by the excruciating friction on his boy dick.

By the time Father Richardson had finished seeing both of his videos and the accompanying pictures, he was dripping in his briefs and unconsciously rubbing his boner under his robe, terrified of the words that Johnny had written and excited by the sex he had just seen:

Father Richardson, as you can see, I have pictures and videos of you engaged in sex with underage teenage boys in the church. I know there is more, and you can be sure I have copies of it on tape. You have one choice; to secure a room in the rectory where we can have privacy and preferably a large four poster bed. You will appear there in your shirt and collar and a pair of briefs. Please reply to this e-mail and indicate the proposed day and time.

Johnny did not sign the message, but it didn’t matter. Father Richardson would respond, both because he was in abject fear of being exposed, and because he could not make his prick go soft from the sheer excitement of seeing himself with the boys he had seduced. There was more than one slut in the neighborhood, and Johnny was about to take advantage of that knowledge. Father Richardson picked a Wednesday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. It took some work but with Johnny’s direction, he had managed to ask the junior high school to allow three boys (Johnny, Darren, and Brent), to come to the church on the day proposed for some volunteer work. No one questioned a request from one of the parish priests, and so it was arranged. Soon Johnny would have Brent and Father Richardson performing, one like a cock slut, and the other like a cock slave. But he also wanted to punish and humiliate the older male priest in front of the boys, to make sure Brent understood that there was no one who could help him, and the enjoy the prospect of making a mature adult his punk.

When the boys arrived at the rectory on Wednesday a.m., Father Richardson took them through the empty church kitchen to a staircase that led down into the basement. In the basement were a number of storage rooms for old furniture, food stores, and one room that apparently had been the living quarters for the cook when the church had a live-in housekeeper for the priests in an earlier era. But the room had not been used in years. Father Richardson had made sure it was clean, the bathroom in working order, chairs to sit down upon, and the queen size four-poster bed covered with clean linens. He had even turned on the gas heater in the room an hour earlier to get the room warm enough to use. The other church fathers were out of the parish visiting a neighboring town on church business, and so Father Richardson had secured privacy for what was about to transpire.

Once they got into the room, and closed the door, Johnny took over. He instructed Father Richardson to strip down to his shirt, collar, and briefs as his message demanded. In spite of his obvious excitement, Richardson was still hoping to gain the upper hand and steer this gathering to his ends and needs . But Johnny was firm, wearing the dark glasses he had worn when he and Brent first met in his room, and now using a harsh voice of confidence with the knowledge and power his tapes gave him. Father Richardson, understanding his situation and not accustomed to boys speaking with such authority, hesitated then backed down. Though he protested he followed his instructions, and was soon standing in only his bulging briefs, his shirt and priest’s collar, sheepish and embarrassed at his rampant condition. At thirty-one the Father still had a naturally athletic build, with well shaped, hairy legs. His fully erect penis gave his sexual excitement away under his briefs, and bolstered Johnny’s cynical sense that he was fully in charge. A wry smile came over his face as he stared at the priest’s discomfort, a smile that only made Richardson lose any hope of gaining control of the situation.

Next Johnny ordered both Brent and Darren to strip down to their briefs, which both boys did a bit apprehensively, erect and restrained in their respective cock sheaths. Johnny put down his back pack which contained the toys for use during the day, and a hand-held video camera to record the action. He remained dressed, emphasizing that he was in control though his prick throbbed under his shorts, leaking boy drips from the intensity of his own excitement. When they were ready, Johnny had Darren cuff Father Richardson’s hands behind his back, and place a blindfold over the Father’s eyes, again in spite of the priest’s entreaties and admonishing. He had Darren secure the ends of a short wooden dowel to each of the priest’s strong ankles, spreading them slightly apart. Then he had Darren cuff Brent’s arms behind his back, and attach the wider spreader bar he had his friend bring from his house, to the big boy’s ankles. Then Darren picked up the hand held video camera, plugged in the cord to an outlet and got ready to film at Johnny’s direction. Johnny removed Brent’s cock collar---(he had another one at the end of the day for the priest). When Brent saw the camera, he tried to speak to Johnny, but the younger boy held up a gag, and immediately Brent went silent and sullen. At the same time, his prick was again rock hard, betraying his sexual excitement much to his dismay. Every fucking time this punk kid had tied him up, Brent’s cock had become a rigid boner, drooling pre-fuck. Resigned, he sat in a chair where Darren directed him, helpless to do anything.

Ready for his performance, Johnny gave a speech he had been rehearsing in the mirror at home: “Father, you’re in big trouble. You betrayed the trust of our community. You have been taking dudes into the confession booths, and sucking their cocks, and masturbating them. Look at you, even standing in front of us now you’ve got a woody…your briefs are wet from your prick dripping. I bet you thought you were going to get us to let you suck our cocks today, huh… well, you may suck cock, but it’s gonna be on my terms, not yours. And before you do anything, you’re gonna get a spanking. Bring him over Darren .”

Darren went over to the bound, blindfolded priest blubbering his indignations, and led him slowly to Johnny who was sitting in another chair in the room. Father Richardson shuffled slowly across the room, his bound ankles making him slide one foot forward followed by the next, unsure of his steps because of the blindfold. He tried to speak earnestly to Johnny, but that was no use. No one else spoke or responded to his pleas, and soon he was in front of Johnny .
“Well, let’s see how horny you are father…my dad says priests are married to the church…but if that’s the case dude, you got one fucking set of blue balls, huh Darren?” Darren nodded sheepishly, afraid to say anything that would humiliate Father Richardson more, or get him in trouble with the church. But Johnny did not care, he knew the score. He was in charge. He reached up and roughly pulled down the priest’s white briefs, and let them snap under his heavy, hairy balls. Father Richardson ample prick sprung up and out, wet with his excitement. The shaft was a thick six inches in length pointing straight up at a 45 degree angle, with a fat, mushroom cap and wide corona. Unlike the younger boys, his cock was ribbed with veins around the pale shaft, and the ruddy knob had a deep piss well, and a pebbled glans. “Time for you to repent Father…lay over my knee.” Johnny and Darren helped the man lower himself across Johnny’s lap, his legs straight out and split apart by the wooden dowel keeping them spread. His cock landed between Johnny’s legs, and brushed up against the teen’s shorts and his leg. With his arms cuffed behind him, and his briefs down below his firm, hairy buttocks, the priest was about to undergo his own exorcism at the hands of a thirteen year old punk kid.

Darrent was sent to get the video camera, and to set up from the side and the rear to focus on Father Richardson’s body, especially his ass and his cock, rigid and thrusting against Johnny’s leg. As the camera began to purr, Johnny’ s hand rose and both the camera lense and Brent’s eyes were glued to it as it came down with a slap on the young priest’s ass cheeks. Richardson jerked and gave a small yelp of surprise as Johnny’s hand continued to rise and fall. “ Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap….” the blows landing in succession, drove the divine’s hips forward and his short, hard prick into Johnny’s leg. Each time Johnny landed a slap, he let his fingers trail up the priest’s ass crack, often sliding in between before he raised it again and brought it down. Father Richardson grunted each time he received a blow, but gasped and groaned more than once when Johnny’s blunt fingertip slid between his cheeks, flirting with the hariy anal pucker hidden between. Secretly, the priest wished Johnny would plunge his finger deep up his hole, and masturbate him anally…but Johnny was not there yet. He just wanted to tease Richardson, and expose his insatiable sexual appetite. After twelve firm slaps on the priest’s ass, the red butt cheeks were still firm and the priest’s prick was on the verge of exploding. Johnny intended to drive him over the edge, but wanted to make it part of his humiliation...and then punishment.

“Hey Father, yer pecker is trying to drive a hole in my leg, and yer leaking all over the fucking place. You know Dar, we better see if the Father is okay. Put on the glove and bring the lube over….” Darren put down the camera, turning it off for the moment, and followed his friend’s instructions. Under his blindfold, Richardson’s eyes widened, even as he prayed for his wish to come true. He turned his head, and spoke to Johnny in a feeble and feigned attempt to stop what was about to happen. “My son, you’ve punished me, don’t add to you sins and my own…please stop now…don’t do this,” he whined. But actually he was patiently waiting for whatever Johnny had planned, his cock throbbing in anticipation, in order to get the nudge he needed to relieve his aching boner still rubbing back and forth against the boys leg, keeping him so close and yet not near enough to cum. Darren moved to the priest as Johnny directed, with a pair of surgical gloves on one hand. He opened a jar of Vaseline they had brought, and dipping his finger in, he coated the digit fully. Then Johnny spread the priest’s firm, hairy ass cheeks, and exposed the brown, ragged lips of his anus. Across the room Brent was entranced, his cock throbbing and drooling from the sight of the priest who had been in control of his cock a week ago, now sprawled across a thirteen year old kid’s legs, getting spanked and soon finger fucked by yet another kid. He stared at the priest’s cock, bobbing in search of some rough surface to make it spit ribbons of Catholic priest cum. Darren’s long index finger found the button of Father Richardson’s pucker, and began to gently scrape across it, not wanting to hurt the man. But this only made Richardson more excited, tickling the entrance to a hole that he longed to have fucked, and was already sensitive to any touch. “ Aaaaaahhhhhh, no!, what are you doing Johnny, think of you soul….aaaahhhh, oh my God, no
…… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…… oooooooowwwwww!” Johnny smiled broadly as Father Richardson’s anal knot spasmed, and allowed Darren’s insistent if clumsy finger to slide in. “OH NO…OH MY GOD…. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!? When Darren’s finger bumped into Father Richardson’s healthy and fat prostate, it sent the needy priest over the edge…and he howled in satisfaction as his cock ejected ropes of thick, tangy sperm, over Johnny’s leg and onto the floor. The ass muscles gripped Darren’s finger like a vice, clenching each time the bound priest ejaculated. “OOOOOHHHHHHH….AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! Johnny, was delighted…now he had the pretext he wanted to humiliate the priest even more!

Johnny’s bare leg was coated with priest cum, a thick and copious load, slowly sliding through his leg hairs. “Kay Father, now get down on your knees, and lick up the cum you got all over me…fuck you spooged all over my fucking leg! Now get down there and lick it up!” Johnny moved his legs so the blindfolded, cuffed and hobbled priest would slide to the floor. When he didn’t move to follow Johnny’s instructions, the boy took a small fly-swat he brought with him and landed a strike across the Devine’s firm ass cheeks. Richardson jumped, and immediately lowered his head, snarfing up the sticky residue of his ejaculation off the boy’s leg, his head directed by Johnny’s firm hand. “Yeah, that it’s Father, lick up your scum, suck your own fucking crud instead of sucking the juice out of our boy balls…oh, yeah, that’s it, get it all…taste good Father, like the taste of your own fuck sauce?” Richardson said nothing, but his tongue spoke eloquently as it searched every part of Johnny’s leg for remnants of the ejaculation. In the meantime, the good Father had sprung another woody, his boner hard and leaking again, in anticipation of having more sex with the boys who were now supervising his cock.

As Father Richardson finished his humiliating task, Johnny spoke again to Darren. “Good work Dar, now let’s take our buddies into the bathroom…so they can piss before we start.” They led Richardson’s mature form, and Brent’s perfect teen proportions into the small bathroom. There they grasped the two men’ s penises, aiming them at the toilet bowl standing next to each other so that they not only had to watch each other pee, but watch as each other’s penis was held by one of the boys. Johnny put his free hand to good use, taping the scene and the expression of humiliation on Brent’s face, and Father Richardson’ s when Darren took off his blindfold. The Father’s was already hard from the spanking and his fat helmet, like Brent’s was wet with clear juice. Brent’s bow was also fully erect, and the touch of Johnny’s hand only exacerbated his condition. It took ten minutes for the two men, standing side by side, shackled and hobbled to piss while their cocks were held, and they were caught on camera—but they finally made it through the ordeal. When the last drops of urine trickled into the bowl, both Johnny and Darren shook the meaty cocks, and then thumbed the big prick knobs, making Brent and Richardson shudder and sway from the sweet sensation, their cocks throbbing from the combination of their humiliation and their slutty excitement at their situation.

As the boys led them back into the bedroom, each toyed with the captives already stiff nipples, gently pinching and scratching them, and at the same time, jerked softly on their pulsing boners. It looked so hot to see these hobbled men with their erect peckers bouncing in front of them, shuffling to the middle of the room, occasionally hissing and hunching from the tweaking of their sensitive teats. Then Johnny spoke: “Brent, the last time you and the priest were together, he gave you a big cum, but you didn’t do anything for him. We’ re gonna change that today. Get down on your knees dude, now.” Brent gave Johnny his customary “aw dude, please don’t make me do this” look, pleading with his eyes and expressions, but already at the point where he did not say the words. Johnny just shook his head, and pointed to the floor…that’s when Father Richardson stepped in one more time, hoping against hope to take charge by cowing the young teen.

With a firm voice of clerical authority, he spoke up: “Johnny----my son, please don’t do this. I was working with Brent and other boys to prevent them from the sin of self-abuse, and to preserve their honor with women… don’t humiliate this boy for trying to save himself in the eyes of God.” Johnny looked at Father Richardson with a look of incredulity that belied his age…”Aw common Father, don’t give me that crap. You saw the video I sent you…were you sucking Trevor’s cock to ‘save’ him in the eyes of God?“ Brent wheeled around and looked at the priest with total shock as he listened to Johnny’s comments. Brent didn’t say it, but he was thinking “Trevor Stockton, the big dude on the middle school b-ball team—I can’t believe it…Father Richardson is like the middle school cocksucker.” But the priest was not going to stop, he needed to try and wrest control of the situation from this thirteen-year old kid.

“My son, this is wrong…no matter what you think I have done, this is wrong. Please release me, now.” But Johnny had expected that an adult like Richardson would try more than once to intimidate him, and make his plan fall apart. The same tactic he used to keep Wes from trying to scare Darren he would use to keep Father Richardson quiet---a gag. In the case of the priest, though, he would make him feel like a slave…not a victim. He nodded to Darren who went to the bag and pulled out a ball gag made from a whiffle ball and velcro straps. In seconds, Darren had the priest gagged, and only air hissed from the holes in the whiffle ball as he protested, and tried to speak. In addition, he had Darren clip two wooden clothes pins on the priest’s firm, pointed tits. Johnny returned to Brent…”get down dude, you don’t want us to go off on you.” With Darren’s help, the big boy went down to his knees on the thick area rug on the floor, his spreader bar still attached, and his cock still hard and arched up, continuing to leak as usual.

Johnny walked over to the bound and gagged priest, and grasped his still erect boner, its tip sticky with excited emissions. The thirteen-year old thumbed the fat cock tip yet again, making the priest hunch and tremble from the delicious friction of the boy’s grazing finger pad. Then Johnny took hold of the penis, and aimed the slightly smaller but still bloated head towards Brent’s handsome face, and rubbed it against the bigger boy’s cheek. Brent closed his eyes, and moved his head, trying to avoid contact with another man’s sex organ, but Johnny pulled Father Richardson a foot closer, so the six inch prong now would have access to Brent’s entire face. Darren followed Johnny’s orders, and got down on the floor between Brent’s spread thighs, using one hand to hold the fifteen year olds strongly arched wiener, and using his other hand to gently slide his fist up and down the shaft, occasionally palming the bulging glans soaking in Brent’s copious pre-slop. Each time Darren’s rough fist, barely making contact with Brent’s shaft, would graze the throbbing boy boner, Brent would groan out loud and thrust his hips in search of more contact. Johnny sure knew the dude. Who would have guessed that a good looking, athletic dude, like Brent would be such a horny fuck..wanting his dick rubbed and stroked all the time. But it did not matter, whatever Johnny said was what went…and Darren was throbbing in his own briefs still locked in his cock cage, leaking himself from the excitement of dominating these older guys and making them perform as sex slaves.

Johnny used Richardson’s pulsing prick, leaking more and more, and after basting Brent’s complete face, his nose, his eyes, his chin and Adam’s apple, he took the fat glans and rubbed it across Brent’s lips. Brent whose eyes were closed was whimpering from a combination of Darren’s tantalizing masturbation and the humiliation of having another guy’s dick rubbed across his face. Suddenly he opened his eyes wide as the bloated member coated his lips with the priest’s sticky residue. He couldn’t keep quiet any more, and spoke in pleading tones to Johnny…”Aw shit dude, please, don’t do this Brent, don’t put his thing against my mouth…common dude, please…I think I’ll be sick, don’t do it, pleeaaaassse. I’ve done everything that you wanted, don’t make me taste his crud…please dude, please.”

But Johnny could see Brent’s erection throbbing and continuing to leak as Darren’s fist slowly jacked the big boy penis in spite of his protests, and Brent was breathing deeply and without any hint of gagging. He wasn’t going to be sick, that would interrupt getting his prick jerked…no he’d complain but he’d take it. Johnny ignored the boy’s pleas, and as Brent spoke, deftly slid the Father’s thick cock knob into Brent’s protesting mouth, across his tongue and held it there. Brent gasped, and gagged slightly, unable because of his shackles to move. The Father’s firm, fat glans rolled over his tongue as he tried to speak to insist that Johnny take the cock out of his mouth. “Ooooop..it… , ooooooo, ghhhhhet daaaaat iiiiinnng ooowwwwt a mmmaaaahhhh moooouuufth…” Instead, the vibration of his voice and the movement of his tongue, swirling to help form words that were lost against the sticky boner, only made the priest hiss through his gag from the ticklish sensations and even move his hips to get more contact from the wet, soft mouth. Fuck, it had been a while since Father Richardson had his prong soaking in the mouth of a teenage boy, and the sensation was making him forget every vow he had made to the church. “ Aaaaahhhhhh” the Father moaned, glad to feel Brent’s mouth on his aching prick, especially its sensitive knob. For ten minutes, Johnny kept the priest’s pulsing boner just inside of Brent’s mouth, making short fucking motions to both stimulate the helpless priest, and to torture the resisting teenager. He ordered the jock hunk to lave the tingling penis with his tongue, and as he reluctantly did so, Father Richardson groaned in lustful satisfaction, unable to hide his shameful enjoyment of the teen cocksucker’s efforts: “aaaaaaaahhhhh….. yessssss, oh God forgive me…… aaaahhh, oh, it’s so good….ooooohhhhhh, my sweet Jesus…. Aaaaaawwwwwww!” Eventually, Brent gave up trying to speak after a couple of minutes, and his tongue tentatively lashed the pebbled corona of the divine, making it throb and tickle even more from the delicious contact, eliciting squeals of pleasure from the older man.

After this exercise in controlling Father Richardson and humiliating Brent, Johnny was ready for the next step. He had Darren help Brent up from his knees, and took the shuffling father, once again attempting to speak through his gag, to the queen size bed. He had the father sit on the edge, and then he and Darren lifted the priest’s shackled and spread legs up and pivoted him to the center of the bed. Then they loosened his cuffed arms and slipped them into velcro restraints they had put on the two posts at the head of the bed. Now the Father was stretched out in the center of the bed, spread-eagled because of his legs were attached to the spreader bar. Then they used longer rope to loop through the ankle restraints on the bar, and hoisted the Father’s legs up towards his head, forcing his back to arch. They shoved a firm pillow from the one stuffed chair in the room under his lower back to support him, then let his knees dangle down towards his head, tying the bar to the top posts of the old wrought iron bed. Father Richardson was now doubled over, his hairy ass pucker open and spread for all to see, his turgid boner jutting towards his face, still wet and hard.

Then the boys unhooked Brent’s spreader bar and placed a blind-fold over his eyes. They helped him up onto the bed. Johnny instructed him to climb over Richardson’s chest, and lower his ass onto the Father’s face, with his torso and head facing toward the bottom of the bed. When he was in position, they unbuckled the priests gag, and then lowered Brent so that his hairy, but clean ass hole, was over the divine’s mouth. That way they didn’t have to gag the priest, Brent did it for them. Then they slipped Brent’s spreader bard under the priest’s neck with a towel to protect him, and tied Brent’s ankles back to the bar now under the Father’s neck, leaving Brent’s hands cuffed behind his back. Father Richardson smelled the musky scent of Brent’s boy hole, sullied only by the ball sweat and ass sweat between the hairy cheeks. It was intoxicating, and helpless to resist the masculine aromas, he automatically slipped his tongue out of his mouth and began attacking the muscular anal knot and hairy veil that protected Brent’s rectum for unwarranted intrusions. Brent gasped the moment the soft, wet tongue scraped across his sensitive anus, and his toes flexed reflexively from the sweet sensation of the muscular tongue, stabbing and lashing his boy pussy.

Darren got up on the bed, and following Johnny’s instructions, he slipped his right index finger into Brent’s mouth and told the fifteen year old baseball jock to suck it. With his other hand, he toyed with Brent’s stiff tits, tickled his Adam’s apple and scratched into the big boy’s ears. The distractions allowed Johnny to fasten around both Brent’s and Father Richardson’s coronas under their respective glans, circlets of pliant, soft wire soldered to long, insulated connecting wires, attached to Johnny’s old electric train transformer which was plugged into an outlet next to the bed. While Brent’s big boy prong curved up wickedly from his crotch, Father Richardson’s stiff boner aimed down towards Brent’s. Johnny then coupled both cock knobs together with a circlet, while their respective cock knobs were bound with the electric coils. Within seconds as Father Richardson lapped and wriggled against the grinding anus of the middle school star in his effort to enjoy a pleasure he had not had in months, Johnny turned up the voltage on the electric train transformer. A low level electric buzz zapped through both erect organs, making their cock heads expand, and pre-cum to drool out from the intense tingling sensation. But since both cock heads were tethered together, the movement of both men made them grind against each other’s sensitive glans, helplessly masturbating each other from the current making them shake and twitch. Both were caught off-guard and both began to moan, one into the ass that now muffled his entreaties, and the other out load from the awesome sensation of the current vibrating his prick to the core against the other stiff erection.

Since Brent was able to speak his groans were music to Johnny’s ears: “ aaaaaagggghhh, oh man, dude, what’re doing…aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, it’s buzzing my dick, ooooohhhhhh, fuck, what is that….aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I can’t stand it, oh Fuck, ah shit…., aaaaaaaggggghhhh.” Father Richardson could not be heard clearly, but the good news was that his tongue thrust straight out, and speared the tender anus of the boy jock. “Mmmmmmmpppppffffff…. uuuuuugggghhhhhhh…. ooooggggghhhh.” The more the priest tried to speak, the more his lips caressed Brent
’s sensitive anal opening, making the ragged cleft clench and spasm around the wriggling intruder. That brought even more from Brent: “Fuck, Father, stop moving you mouth….Christ, what’re doing…., it’s inside, aaaaawwwwww, no, it tickles, stop, aaaagggghhhh…, I can’t control it…fuck, shit….oh jesus…my dick, my ass…aaaaaahhhhh!” Coupled with Darren’s furtive fingers, moving here, there and anywhere they could elicit sexual stimulation from Brent, the big boy was dissolving into a teenage buck in heat. He began to bounce gently on the Father’s face, grinding his anal pucker over the roving lips and intruding tongue. His strongly curved curved cock was rigid, leaking streams of his pre-ejaculate and throbbing from the buzzing electric current coursing into the prong just under the flared knob, and his nipples were stiff and aching as Darren’s wet fingers twisted, plucked, and scratched them. The electric current was focused right where Brent’s circumcision scar rested under the glans, making the bloated cock knob throb from an unbelievable sensation. As Johnny watched the helpless jock on the bed, his cock spasmed in his briefs and spurted out the streams of boy juice that were pent up in his balls. He could not stop himself, the excitement of having the priest, Brent and Darren all under his thumb and performing for him was too much. He closed his eyes, momentarily as his cock pulsed through its orgasm. The sound of his transformer buzzing, the jerking, helpless Brent with his cock rigid but unsatisfied pulsing against the priest equally hard prong, had sent him over the edge. But it stayed hard, and the he forced himself to stay focused, not wanting to stop the incredible scene before him.

The same tingling that drove Brent to distraction was making Father Richardson buck his hips and lash out with his tongue as he made a futile attempt to beg Johnny to stop the buzzing of his cock knob. The brunt of the tingling was focused on his corona, reverberating through his loins, all the way to his toes, his finger-tips scrabbling where they were tethered over his head, his lips and even his teeth feeling the low level electric charge buzz through them. His cock head expanded every five to ten seconds, throbbing for release, but unable to achieve it at the voltage set. Johnny watched as both Brent’s toes, and the good father’s, curled and crimped from the tingling running through their bodies. But he had one more special surprise for Richardson. He took a small metal dildo, five inches long but only one inch wide, and circled it at the end with wires that were attached to a small battery pack. He lubed up the front of the bullet nose head and reaching between the priests legs, under his heavy sweating balls, he used a lubricated index finger to gently worm into the Father’s sensitive anus. Richardson yelped when he felt the finger intrude into his bowels, and in his frenzy, his tongue thrust deeper into Brent’s tender teenage fundament. Brent’s finger drilled in, seeking the hard fuck nut that he knew lay inside. Then he took the paint brush he had used on Wes, and swiped it across Richardson’s prick head as his finger fucked in and out of the bound cleric. When the already over-wrought priest felt the scratching sensation of the brush bristles across his pusling glans, he reflexively let go of his sphincter and Johnny was able to slide the little prod he had fashioned up into the hot furnace of Richardson’s rectum. The priest groaned and for a moment lost concentration on the sweet agony of his bristled glans already buzzing from the electricity, but when Johnny switched on the battery pack and the little bullet shaped prod came to life, wriggling and whirring up the young priest’s fundament, he nearly fainted. The nose of the prod rested against the priest’s thick prostate, and when it started to hum, he lifted his mid-section off the bed in spite of his shackles, and his lips went into high gear on Brent’s anus just from the yelling. “AAAAAiiiiiiieeeeeeee, Aaaahhhhhhh, NNNNnnnnnnnnooooo…. Gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr”, Father Richardson groaned as the buzzing in his ass merged with the one around his throbbing glans. The Catholic slut priest, Father Richardson was getting the kind of punishment he deserved, and ironically, that he craved.

“Yeah Darren, check it out dude, look at ‘em go…” Johnny laughed as both Brent and Father Richardson writhed and bucked helplessly in their bonds, their erect organs covered in coating clear pre-sap, pulsing from the electric current running through their cock heads, and the stimulation of their butt holes. Johnny used a cut down paint brush on each of the two throbbing peckers and within five minutes, the two grunting males, the thirty-year old priest and the fifteen-year old jock hunk had reached the moment to wail: “ AAAAAAIIIIEEEEE, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHH FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKK, NNNNNNNOOOOOO, AAAAAWWWWW GGGGOOOOODD HHHHAAAAALLLLPPPP AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!” Neither one had ever experienced something so intense. Every fiber in their bodies was rigid and the whole world seemed centered at their assholes and cock heads! Then the explosion!

Brent could not control his own flexing cock, the knob flared going glass smooth, then the deep, long piss lips opened, spitting out ropes of boy crud, as the electric current continued to buzz the helpless glans. “Nnnnnoooool….. stop, no more, aaaaaahhhhhhh, yer killn’ me….dude, stop! STOP!… .aaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiii!” But even as he squealed, his penis kept throbbing, spitting, and drooling, draining every bit of the cum to satisfy the boy’s unquenchable sex lust and the relentless and merciless machinations of the electrical devices. Johnny let the soft, but firm, bristles in his hands dance around the bloated cock heads and when Father Richardson heard Brent cum, his penis followed and he began joining Brent’s exclamations and cries. Johnny stood mesmerized as the mature priest’s piss lips opened wide, and long, thick spurts of adult nut cream burped out, his penis remaining painfully erect and strummed by the bristles and current as he ejaculated. “MMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAEEEEIIIIIII… mmmmppppphhhhhh!” he yelled into Brent’s hairy crack. Johnny’s hand stayed one track with both ejaculating organs, making sure to work their flared cock knobs as they spewed cum, high and far.

As their cries turned hoarse and became groans, Johnny kept the bristles of the two brushes gliding back and forth over the thick cock heads, but softly, just grazing them lightly, adding to the excruciating tickle on the peckers of the two bound captives being artificially kept hard after their ejaculations by the electric current running through them. For sixty seconds after they had ejaculated, Johnny tickled their aching glans and coronas while he left the electricity running on both cock heads and up Father Richardson’s rectum. Their gasps and weary groans of sweet agony filled the room, but their hard dicks never flagged. Then he mercifully switched the transformer and the battery pack off, and both men gulped for air, their bodies trembling, and their cocks shuddering from the overwhelming sensitivity. In the meantime, Darren had left off his stimulation of Brent’s body, and picked up the video camera, carefully making sure to keep Johnny’s face out of the scenes, and filming as the two men’s cock were masturbated after their cums.

Johnny had succeeded once again, and Brent McDermott, middle school jock stud had cum like a champ, his teenager body designed to spew sperm like there was no tomorrow. Now he had an adult, and a priest of all people, to help him in his schemes, and to follow his orders. Plus, the priest shot cum like a punk kid, spewing his gism high, and never going soft. Before they left, he had Father Richardson suck Darren’s complete body from the sensitive boy toes, to the even more sensitive boy ears. He had his friend strip and lay out on the bed, arms and legs spread, and the divine, was instructed to start at Darren’s big boy feet, and suck and lick up his body, eventually ending at his anus and then his long suffering cock knob. Johnny had uncaged Darren, and the boy bounced his ass on the bed as the voracious priest’s lips locked under his corona per Johnny’s instructions and vacuumed the young teen’s pulsing prick head. With a shout, Darren came, reaching up unconsciously to force the Father’s head down on his cock, but unable to pry it loose after he had finished spitting his boy spunk, and the priest was allowed to torture the captive cock knob for a few minutes, while Darren writhed and squealed on the bed, begging Johnny to make the sucking Richardson stop. Johnny just smiled, and jerked his own hardened boner, enjoying every minute of Darren being held captive by the horny priest’s talented mouth and fingers, helpless to escape them. And all the while, Johnny’s video camera kept shooting.

Then he had the Priest get on his knees on the bed, and lean backwards to rest on his palms, forcing his chest and still erect cock, to thrust outwards. The he told Brent get on the bed and masturbate the cleric until he ejaculated into his free hand. After ten minutes of his rough palm, calloused from throwing baseballs, Brent coaxed another load from the priest’s cock as the devine whined and gasped staring at the beautiful boy masturbating him. Brent followed each instruction Johnny gave, stroking over Richardson’s already sensitive and abused cock knob till the priest wailed for relief, and stripping down the thick cock stalk until he had captured all of Richardson’s cum in his other palm. He looked to Johnny to see what he should do with the white, viscious goo on his palm, and then cried out when Johnny told him to lick his palm clean.
“That’s sick,” he shouted, “no, I wont’ do it, that’s the final fucking straw, I’m not gonna lick up this queer priest’s crud…shit, common dude, don’ t ask me to do it…no, hell no…please…Christ, gimme a break!” That was a big mistake, because Johnny knew he had to prove that he was ultimately in control. In angry tones he ordered the priest and Darren to help him tie Brent out on the bed and gag him with the ball gag he had used on the Father earlier. Brent tried to resist, but Johnny told him that one more outburst or any resistance, and he would send Brent’s photos out just as he got home . Brent, did as he was told, and Johnny had Darren get a spoon and scoop up the gism on Brent
’s palm, then stick it in the teenager’s resisting, protesting mouth. Brent gagged, but swallowed, and allowed the three to secure him to the bed.

Then all three picked up small, soft bristled tooth brushes, and began at different parts of Brent’s body. Darren was at his feet, the priest at his face, neck underarms and nipples, and Johnny took his abs, his navel, his balls, asshole, and of course the big boy cock. Once in place, and ready, he removed Brent’s gag so he could gasp for as much air as he needed. At Johnny’s command, the bristles descended in union, attacking the muscular teenage hunk with one hand, and using the other to tickle and stimulate him as well. In seconds they had turned him into a bucking bronco, begging and pleading for his life .

“IIIIIEEEEEEEEE…. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…… NO, NO…..OH GOD, I’M SORRY
…PLEASE, DUDE, JONNY, CHRIST, HELP…. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, NO, NO….FATH….ER… RICH….ARDSON… [he gasped] HELP ME…AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH, NO, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA…… Darren was devastating on Brent’s big boy feet, separating the toes, getting under the balls of his feet, and into his instep and on the soles. Brent’s powerful feet, that pounded the baseball field, were pale and helpless before the onslaught of the wicked tooth brushes. And Johnny took delight in slowly ascending the curved mast of the boy’s slender but rigid prong, gradually making his way to the circumcision scar, the wide corona, and the bulging glans. The priest was cruelly working on Brent’s Adam’s Apple, under his nostrils, in his ears, and over his wriggling palms. Johnny flailed his head, waved his hands and curled and uncurled his toes in a pitiful attempt to escape his punishment for disobeying Johnny. But he was trapped, and Johnny determined to make him an example to the priest and to Darren. Words stopped coming from Brent’s lips, instead he just squealed and laughed until his cock erupted again, and Johnny’s fist closed around it one last time to milk and work it, till Brent promised he would never resist Johnny again, his ass grinding into the bed as if trying to bore a hole to escape Johnny relentless palm. Then he was forced to lick up his own spunk out of spite for his earlier refusal, and this time from Johnny’s fist, gagging, but completely consumed.

Before they left, Johnny made the priest get up on the bed, and masturbate with one hand while the boy’s watched, and filmed. It was the final humiliation for the priest, who firm body rocked from the sensations of his own fist working one more load from his sticky prong, forced to concentrate again on his over-wrought knob. Then all three were locked into their respective cock restraints. Johnny’s cock was the last serviced, by all three men, on their knees, till he spurted a load onto their faces and shuddered from the delicious pleasure. Even as he finished, he smiled broadly in his triumph in anticipation of his next session, milking their unruly boners, and making them do his bidding.

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