Punk Kids or Brett's Big Boner 12

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys initiated by them and with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and teenagers which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life.

I have not had the opportunity to write a major story, with the exception of one in collaboration with a colleague whose writing I admire. My stories are posted on Paulie’s Personal Web Site and on ASSGM.com. I would appreciate comments on my writing which may be a bit rusty. I certainly admire the good writers on the web, and consider myself still a learner. Please contact me at [email protected].

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Trevor’s Penance

Johnny had not forgotten the exciting video and pictures of Trevor Stockton having his big boy penis worshipped by Father Richardson in the confessional booth, his strawberry nipples being tugged and pinched as the priest siphoned the thick wads of teenage boy spooge from his spurting prick. He could tell from Trevor’s expression that unlike Brent, who felt he was surrendering control of his body against his better judgment when Father Richardson took him in the confessional, Trev was manipulating the Father as much as he was appearing to be manipulated. Trevor loved the feel of the muscular tongue and gripping lips that laved his fat cock knob, and lashed his corona and piss lips to milk the big boy boner, wringing ticklish sensations from the teen boy clit. He longed for ejaculations like most teenage boys, and in his case did not care where they came from until the day when he could regularly sink his thick pole into a tight, wet cunt that would squeal and beg for him to fuck it. For Trevor Stockton, ejaculation was ejaculation, and cum was cum. He needed to get off as often as possible, and often as possible, he did not want it to be as result of his fist, sliding up and down the pale, uncut shaft.

Johnny could not know that Trevor had learned at an early age about the joys of ejaculation, even before he could shoot sperm. As a boy of ten, he idolized his older brother Kevin who was twelve. Kevin would make strange noises at night in his bed, and the blankets and mattress seemed to bounce at those times. Trev wondered what his brother was doing, because he wanted to be just as big and as athletic as Kevin. One day, he followed his brother and one of his friends into the basement of the other boy’s house when no one was home. He snuck down the stairs to the basement, and watching from there just behind the wall to which the stairs were attached, he saw as the other boy tied down his brother Kevin to an old wrought-iron bed. He was shocked, his big brother who seemed the ultimate athlete and tough guy to Trevor’s young mind, was allowing another guy to tie him to the bed without resisting. He wondered why his brother would let that happen, but was fascinated by seeing him stretched out, so vulnerable. Just the sight made his ten year old, four inch pricklet go stiff, and begin to throb in his shorts. The other boy who looked about thirteen, with lots of dark hair, then blind-folded Kevin, and immediately afterward he put his hand on the tethered boy’s crotch.

Trevor’s stiffy had recently started to leak clear sap when he got hard, and the moment the other kid touched his brother’s crotch, he began to leak. When he washed his penis in the shower he learned that he could take that sticky stuff and lubricate his fist. Once, when he was washing his prick, he found he could not stop stroking it, it felt so strange and so good, and the next thing he knew he felt like he was fainting. He had to lean against the shower stall, and he watched his pricklet pulse and pulse, and he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. From then on, he learned how to play with his pricklet, and make the pulsing happen, sometimes two or three times in a row and at least that many times a day if not more. In the mornings before he pee’d, his pricklet would often be hard, and it ached and stayed that way until he had a chance to play with it. Now as he watched rapt with attention, sweat beginning to form at his forehead and above his lip, the other boy rubbed the area of Kevin’s fly faster and faster, until finally Kevin responded by hunching as much as his bonds would allow, turning his head from side to side with his eyes closed.

Then the boy unfastened the button at the top of the fly, and unzipped the shorts…pulling both shorts and briefs just below Kevin’s penis and testicles. Trevor’s little boner, now went so stiff he had to rub it, and as always, it felt so strange and good. He watched breathlessly as the boy licked his palm and then closed his fist around Kevin’s fat twelve year old cock head, at the top of the boy’s thick 5” erection. He began to slowly rotate his fist, then moved it faster and faster, until Kevin’s ass was bouncing on the bed, and he was making wailing and squealing sounds that Trevor had never heard before as his head thrashed back and forth. Suddenly, Kevin really wailed, AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH….. grinding his strong ass into the bedding as his friends fist worked ruthlessly over the bulging cock tip. When Kevin begged him to stop, the other kid did momentarily, but within five minutes, he had licked his fingers again, and was working Kevin’s fat glans again, his cock never going even remotely soft. Trevor watched mesmerized as his brother was masturbated relentlessly by his friend for two hours, wringing dry cum after dry cum from his brother’s penis, his brother whining and grunting from the ecstatic sensations the boy’s fist was eliciting from the sensitive knob of throbbing pre-teen prick. From that time on, Trevor vowed he would not miss an opportunity to relieve his constant erections. He only got to see his brother and his brother’s friend one more time, and now his brother was in high school well past kid’s games and dating the best looking girls. Trev was sure Kevin was banging the shit out of them. But Trev was still a young teen, and for him any port in a storm would suffice. He figured if Father Richardson could make his boner feel like it was in some girl’s pussy, or better yet mouth, he had no intention of missing out on that opportunity.

So when Trevor received an e-mail from Johnny with the video of his performance enhanced by his dirty trash mouth talk, and revealing jpegs of his ejaculation in the confessional, the seemingly perfect gig he had to drain his ever blue balls was over. Instead, he later found himself in the basement room of the rectory where Brent had met Father Richardson under Johnny’s and Darren’s supervision.

Now, like his brother years before, he was tied spread-eagle on the queen size bed, his big size thirteen feet, pale and muscular, draped over the corners so the toes and soles were fully exposed and tightly restrained. He body was fully furred from thighs to toes, from arms to fingers, deep in his ass crack and from his navel up to and over his pecs, in strawberry blond whorls, with his nipples just protruding from the thicket as two sensitive and stiff cones. In his mouth was gagged with the whiffle ball gag, and he whined and whoosed through the openings, trying desperately to speak about his awful predicament. He watched horrified, his eyes bulging in fear, as broken popsicle sticks and thread were used to separate his long boy toes, exposing the pale soft skin between each of them.

Johnny had warned Father Richardson that he was to cooperate or be exposed to the diocese, so he had no choice. The alternative was being de-frocked and then sent to prison for sex with minors. Plus, after the priest’s punishment at Johnny’s hands, he was cowed by the thirteen year old who seemed so much older and wiser than his juvenile years suggested. No, the good divine was also smart enough to know that Johnny had him by his short hairs, and that for the time being he was not in control of his cock or his sex life. Johnny and Darren were there also, with Johnny’s little bag. More wonderful little devices were brought to elicit helpless expressions of lust from the bodies of bigger boys. Trevor Stockton was about to learn how big boys could be reduced to helpless, whimpering punks at the hands of youngsters.

First they applied the circular band connected to the electric train transformer that was used on Brent and the good father previously, to Trevor’s pale, and already erect prick. His corona was so pronounced, that even with the foreskin over the knob, there was a clear ridge around which to fasten the circlet. But with Johnny’s direction, they added a special feature for the redhead’ s thin, pale foreskin. They pulled his cock skin just beyond the knob, and clipped it closed so it could not retract. Then to each of his protruding nipples, they attached two more of the gentle clips they had attached to his foreskin. Finally, the special prod that had been developed for Father Richardson was lubricated and gently but deeply embedded in the big boy’s tight, virgin rectum. It took ten minutes to tickle his boy pussy open. The Father was assigned the task, one he secretly relished, his blunt index finger wriggled its way through the thick dark auburn hair in Trevor’s crack until he found the ragged slit of his anal opening. Trevor clenched his glutes and tightened his sphincter, determined to resist any intrusion into his bung hole. But the good Father was patient, tickling and scratching, worming and proding, until with some help from nipple twisting and scratching, the boy lost control and the finger breached the barrier. After gently lubricating the boy’s asshole, which had already been cleaned with an enema, the Father slipped the small vibrating prod into place and secured it with a strap cinched around Trev’s thighs and waist.

Johnny knew they would have a good afternoon with Trevor when they took him to the toilet to piss before they had given him the enema and strapped him to the bed. The moment that Darren held his penis for him, skinning back the foreskin to allow the piss to flow firmly into the bowl, Trevor’s cock had erected completely. With his arms tethered behind his back, and his feet hobbled by the dowel they had used on Father Richardson the last time, his humiliation and loss of control somehow made him feel like his brother had, years ago. Nor could he control the sensation when someone touched his penis. It took ten minutes to get him to piss, but stroking his big boy body, tweaking his tits, and fondling him as he stood was worth the wait. Even through his gag, he grunted, and groaned, helpless to stop his teenage hormones from responding the delicious touching that was stimulating his body. Here was another big boy hunk like a lamb to the slaughter.

After he was strapped, gagged, and electrically plugged and bound, Johnny explained to Trevor that he would be doing penance for his conduct in the confessional. From now on, he would be available once a week to pay his dues if he did not want to end up on the computer screens of students and faculty at school, and his friends and family. “Now we’ve got a special treat for you Trev. You’ve got all the trodes attached, and they’re gonna give you a real ‘buzz’ when we turn ‘em on. But then, we’ve got a surprise for you…something special that’s gonna drive you wild. Lemme take the gag off dude, but no screaming or we’re gonna put it back in…you hear me? You get it? Nod your head if you understand…good.”

Trevor was so desperate to get his gag off, he would have agreed to anything Johnny said. He heard him say something about ‘trodes’ meaning he assumed, the electrodes that he had watched them attach to his cock and tits, and the one that was still making his ass ache deep inside. But he didn’t understand what the ‘special’ thing was. As soon as Johnny released his gag, he wet his lips and started blurbing out his issues: “Dude, common, enough. You guys wanna jerk me off, or suck me, I’m with it…go ahead dude. It’s cool, I dig getting off…Father Richardson knows. But please, don’t hurt me…take off the electrode things, and whatever you stuck up inside me…huh, what about it, please…I
’ll play along, I’ll cooperate, but just don’t hurt me.”

Johnny and Darren smiled, with knowing expressions. Father Richardson did not disclose to Trevor’s frantic gaze, moving from one guy to the other, hoping to get some sign or an assurance that they would not hurt him. Johnny was happy to allay his fears. “Dude, no problem…we’re not gonna hurt you, are we Father.” Johnny turned to Father Richardson, and gave him a firm and knowing look, expecting him to confirm the plans Johnny had made. Without changing his expression, Father Richardson looked at Trevor, and tried to calm him: “My son, you’ll be fne…this is something we must both do to get beyond our sin. I’ m sorry that my actions have contributed to you being in this situation. But no one is going to hurt you.” That of course was the furthest thing from Johnny’s mind. He did not want pain and suffering, he wanted abject surrender and sexual release. He wanted these big boys and older men to be helpless subjects of their own enslavement, desperate to get off, and desperate not to be found out.

Johnny smiled broadly, and looked back at Trevor. So dude, you ready for the surprise. Cause we can’t wait to share it with you.” Trevor was anxious with anticipation, scared but his cock throbbing at the same time. His cock had not lost any of its rigidity, and in fact, he could feel inside his foreskin the sticky flow of his pre-cum filling the hood and basting his fat, itchy glans. He continued to flex his ass muscles, and cling to the prod secured in his rectum, partly because of the sensation on his cock knob, and the tightness of his tits with their clips. Plus the prod kept rubbing near his prostate, and the slightly sore, full feeling made his cock flex even more.

Darren, Johnny and Father Richardson all began to slip on ordinary garden gloves, made of thick soft cotton. Each had a different expression on his face. Johnny had a salacious grin, knowing what lay in store for the helpless fourteen year-old boy. Darren had his customary look of wide eyed wonder, always amazed at how Johnny could subdue the biggest boys and how hard his dick would get each time he saw one of them strapped down. Plus he never ceased to be amazed at how Johnny could think up these horribly tantalizing ways to get guys off. Father Richardson had a vacant, almost sad look, hiding his lust for the immobilized teenager, and yet knowing that he was about to enjoy the fiendish torture that the three were about to inflict. But Trevor hardly noticed the look on their faces, his eyes seemed to be trying to focus on what he was seeing them do with their hands. His eyes widened, could that be real? Each of the fingers of the gloves had what seemed like the head of a tooth brush, with really short bristles, attached to the finger tips. Actually, they were the shortened bristles from small paint brushes, cut down to be soft, but stiff at about 3/8 of an inch. Three sets of gloves, five fingers each, that meant thirty fingers with these weird brushes glued to the cloth finger-tips. Each of the fingers were then dipped into a bowl of something that looked like clear oil, and as they approached the bed, Johnny spoke again.

“Trev, you know how during games you like to push smaller guys around in the key when you’re playing hoops, forcing them to give ground, dominating them… well that’s what’s about to happen to you dude. You’re gonna feel like those little guys, helpless and unable to stop what’s coming. But the difference, is that when this is over, you’re gonna cum like a geyser when all they get is pushed around and then lose the game. So just give in dude, you wanted to shoot your scum, and so you will, buckets ‘o cum, like you can’t stop cumming.” Johnny laughed out loud, but both Darren and Father Richardson just nodded their heads, as if to express their pity for the tethered teenage jock beneath them.

Trevor saw the brushes on the fingertips, and pleaded…cum or no cum. “No dude, don’t do this…I’m not real ticklish, so this is just gonna hurt…so common dude, please don’t do this.” Unfortunately the fear in Trevor’s eyes revealed more of the truth than his words. He remembered when he was twelve and his brother was fourteen, that they often got into wrestling matches that ended more often than not with Trevor being tickled mercilessly. His brother sensed after the first couple of times that Trevor would get a boner, and if Kevin could get him face down, and with his hands over his head, he could tickle his little brother into a dry cum and maybe even two. Trevor loved and hated it at the same time, unable to control his pricklet from spasming as he was tickled into submission, but dying from the intense tickling that made him cry and beg for it to stop. Johnny had tested Trevor’s reflexes when they were stripping him, finding that his tits were very sensitive, his feet and underarms at the very least were ticklish, and he did not want anyone to touch his ass crack. His tits and anus were already out of his control, as was the head of his fat, thick cock. But he was about to lose control of the rest of his limbs, and in doing so, control of his ejaculations. This was not going to be like when he was twelve, because once he ejaculated, what would happen? Trevor’s eyes were wide with terror, and he begged in his deep, masculine voice for Johnny to spare him. But there was no hope, and as the anticipation grew, so did the throbbing in his thick, secured prong.

The brushes began to descend.

Father Richardson was at Trevor’s big size thirteen feet, so large for a boy of fifteen. The pale feet were freckled on the top, with high arches and long, thick toes. The index toe was even longer than the big toe, and when Trevor flicked or flexed his toes, it almost looked as if he was giving you the finger with that long digit. At fifteen he already had hair on his toes, and by the way Father was staring at the wiggling piggies one knew that soon he would be suckling on them. After all, they had washed and scrubbed Trevor clean after his enema, and now those soft soles—oiled and dried with a hair dryer--and the strong toes tied open and stretched, were ready to be brushed, sucked, and tickled. If you’re ticklish the ability to concentrate or control your body functions when you are being tickled, especially on your feet, is impossible . That was what Johnny was counting on, driving Trevor Stockton big hunky body out of control leaving him helpless and begging.

Darren was at the top of the bed, near Trevor’s head. He pulled out a night mask like the ones that are given away on airplanes so people can sleep during long night flights. He quickly slid it over Trev’s head and covered the boy’ s eyes so he could not see what was happening. Trevor moved his head as much as his bonds would allow, but he could not prevent Darren from placing the mask. Now Trev’s face, his neck and Adam’s apple, his ears, his upper chest--pecs and nipples—and the palms of his hands which also got the popsicle stick-thread treatment, were all open and available for the wicked bristles on the ends of the fingers of Darren’s gloves. Trevor’s hands had been secured to the headboard of the bed, palms up, with popsicle sticks tied to the tops of his fingers to keep his palms fully exposed. Have you ever had someone drag a fingernail across your palm, or the bristles of a brush…? It’s maddening…and that was the effect that Johnny wanted. Trevor would be unable to concentrate when the brushes focused on his palms, or on the inside of his ears, across his Adam’s apple, over his pebbled nipples—and that would give Johnny opportunities to test his self control.

As for Johnny, he took his station in the middle of Trev’s torso, over his abdomen and navel, at his crotch, and down to his knees. There was the soft, stretched and exposed navel with its sensitive knot of skin inside the hairy little hole. There was the long, thick shaft of the boy’s leaking prick, its thick, oversized cock knob wet with the drool of sex and still encased in the soft shroud of his pale foreskin. There were the pungent boy balls, hanging down fat and vulnerable in their sack. And there were the quads, those strong muscles from thighs to knees that made Trevor a force on the basketball court. This was the very scenario that Johnny so loved, to have a big, straight, masculine boy stretched, bound, and helpless, his body craving sexual release and fearful of how it would be accomplished.

The fingertips reached their destinations simultaneously. One of Darren’s hands went to Trevor’s ears, and thrust an index finger inside one of the boy’s big, soft earlobes, wiggling the soft bristles in the sensitive shell. The other hand went to Trevor’s firm, mounded pec and grasped one of his rubbery teats between thumb and forefinger and let the bristles coated with oil, add to the stroking of the boy’s firm tit. Father Richardson came as close to ejaculation as his cock restraint would allow the moment his hands stroked up and down the soft, pale soles of the big boy’s feet. Watching Trevor’s already man size toes, thick and hairy, wriggle as much as their restraints would allow, trying futilely to crunch to avoid the scrabbling bristles, and then vainly stretching in an effort to escape the maddening tickling. But Johnny provided the coup de grace, slipping one finger deep into Trevor’s hairy navel and the fingers of the other hand scrubbing the ball sweat from the roiling, hanging ball sack of the physically mature teenager’s heavy nuts. At the same time, he switched on the electric current from his transformer and the batteries of the anal prod, sending a rolling buzz through the fifteen year old’s body. His arms and legs stretched out in shock, and his nipples went rigid as his cock spat pre-fuck from the aching contact far up his rectum.

“YYYYYYAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIII….HA, HA, HA, HA, NNNNNNOOOOOO….OOOOHH, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, NO, NO, AAAAHH, NO, WAAAAAAAHHHHH, YA, YA, GOTTA STOP, YOU GOTTA STOP, NO, HELP, GOD NO, OH SHIT, PLEAZE….AAAAAAHHHHHH!” For a fifteen year old kid, Trevor had an unusually deep voice, no doubt produced from the generous dose of testosterone that nature had given him and had also resulted in a big cock with pungent, full balls as well as his oversized, hairy teenage body.

At first Trevor’s body reacted spasmodically to the tickling, jerking from one place to another from the intense sensations. “Oh my God, oh Jesus….Father… ha, ha, ha, ha, No, make ‘em stop…fuck, aaaaahhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….oh pleaze…pleazzze, stop, lemme breathe, lemme breathe, aaaaahhhhhhhh.” But the deep purring of the prod in his rectum, nudging his boy nut, caused him to clench his butt cheeks and grind his ass from the achey sensation. Coupled with the vibration and tingling caused by the low level electric current in the circlets around his nips and his prick head, Trevor was lost in a landslide of sensation. The tickle in his ear, the insulated plastic allowing his nipples to be tweaked even as they were buzzed, the rooting of his navel, and the maddening torture of his big feet, had the boy howling and groaning, as his penis thickened, stiffened and prepared to spit its boy juice.

“Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh, ohhhhhh, fuck, shit….Father, Father help me…don’t let ‘ em, pleaze, ooooooooohhhhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I can’t take it, shit…gonna cum, oh fucdk, gonna cuuuummmmmm…..” The artificial throbbing caused by the electric band around Trevor’s glans had caused the fat, sticky knob to expand, drawing his pale foreskin tight as it was clipped over the opening. The buzz at the tip, was reverberating down his piss lips and into his urethra, adding to the climb up the ladder to a captive ejaculation within the delicate foreskin. The nine inch boner raised off of the boy’s quivering stomach, bouncing up and down, stretching to escape the prison of the clipped and buzzed foreskin. But the relentless hammering of his boy nut by the anal prod forced the helpless boy to lose control of his prick, and the maddening tickling made him lose control of the muscles everywhere on his torso. “Aaaaawwwww FUCK, AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH, HA, HA, HA, HA, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, HA, HA, HA, HA, SHIT! FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK…. IIIIII’mmmmmm CUUUUUMMMIIINNNNGGGG! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH! Johnny smiled broadly as he saw the thick white scum leaking in gobs out of the clipped foreskin, piling up on the stomach and navel he was tickling, more and more as the boy pulsed through seven long spurts of teen boy cream.

The three sets of fingers kept tickling, and the electric current kept going after the ejaculation, causing Trevor to cry out for mercy. His aching fuck nut and over sensitive prick knob was driving him insane: “ NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO, AW FUCK, GOD DAMN…SHIT….NO, STOP, HA, HA, HA, HA, NO, HELP, GOD HELP, FATHER, MAKE ‘EM STOP, OH FUCK, AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!”

“Yeah, that’s it Trevor, go ahead and squeal dude, that’s what happens when you let priests suck your cock in the confessional…yeah, beg dude…beg.” Johnny unclipped the foreskin of the writhing boy, and as the two other’s fingers continued to search out every place to tickle and scratch his body, he grasped the still stiff boy prick now covered in sperm. He used the soft bristles on his glove thumb to dance over the teenager’s fat glans, stripping down the foreskin to expose the last refuge of defense of the teenager’s manhood. “OH MY GOD…OH MY GOD!, NO , STOP, AAAAAAGGGHHHH, NO, NO FUCK, NO, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” But there was no relief for Trevor, the big redhead, ground his ass deeper into the bed, was covered in sweat, but his body was stretched out like desert. The fingers of Darren, Johnny and Father Richardson kept up their merciless assault, driving the bound teen to an agonizing consecutive boy cum. As the next wads of spunk shot out, only three short bolts and a long continuous drool, Johnny made sure they milked it all out and masturbated the sticky fluid into the helpless boy’s glans, making him scream and plead again.

Johnny decided that Father Richardson should also pay penance for his indulgence with Trevor, so he decided to try something that he had seen in a video on an adult on-line porn site. In the video, a teenage girl and her boyfriend were made captives by two masked men who burst into their parked min-van and found them engaged in sex. The boy had just slipped his six-inch, thick prong into the girl’s ragged, lightly furred, cunt slit and was going to give her the fuck she needed, when they were captured and bound by the bad guys.

The next thing they knew, the two teens were on their backs, gagged, arms tethered over their heads and legs tied apart in the back of the van. One of the two bad guys was out of the scene, but suddenly the side door of the van opens and he returns with a large German Shepard dog, who is yanking at his leash. The other bad guy opens a small bag, and pulls out a clear jar filled with some dark gravy-like liquid. Using a ordinary paint brush, he leans down to the girl, and spreading her sticky, wet pussy lips, he carefully bastes he trench until the soft bristles from the brush have her squirming madly, grinding her ass on the carpeted floor of the van. Her eyes are closed, and her gagged pleas have turned to groans. A close-up of her slit shows the puffy lips of her twat, sticky with their own secretions with the hard nub of her clit thrusting out from the folds of its protective foreskin. The hapless teen was unable to control her fuck lust and was dripping copiously from the delicious tickling of the paint brush on her delicate, itchy hole and whorish clit. The next thing you know, the German Shepard is between her legs, rooting his wet nose into the folds of her drooling cunt, constantly bumping her clit. But more importantly, his long, dexterous tongue is sluicing up and down her cunt lips where her boyfriend’s prick had just been soothing her horny need. In the next clip, you just see the girl shudder, throwing her head from side to side, as she obviously orgasms onto the relentless tongue of the dog, whose appetite is kept constant by one of the bad guys dripping more and more of the brown sauce from the jar onto her ravished twat. Even after she cums, the men continue to lave her clit and cunt with the dog’s treat, and he licks her to another helpless orgasm as her boyfriend watches transfixed next to her in horror.

The bad guys notice, though, that her boyfriend has sprung a raging hardon watching his girl-friend used ruthlessly by the canine, and one nods to the other with a salacious grin, and the next thing Johnny saw that made his prick go rock hard, was the guy with the jar and brush basting the thick, fat knob of the boy’s prick with the wicked gravy. The boy swings his head back and forth, yelling into his gag to stop…but the bad guys just keep at their work, rubbing their own erections with their free hands as the do. The brush works its magic on the boy’s wide cock head, tickling the sensitive glans and itching the wide corona, until the handsome teen is thrashing from its intense sensation . When the dog finishes bringing the girl to her second, marathon orgasm, the bad guy turns the still hungry animal over to his friend, while he slides down his pants and briefs, and enters the bound girl, beginning a long, thorough fuck, the taut mounds of his hairy ass cheeks clenching each time he drills her. In the meantime, the dog is released onto the boy’s throbbing prong which is thrusting straight up and completely exposed to the animal’s lingual assault. Before you can say “Rin Tin Tin”, the dog had wrapped his tongue around the turgid shaft and over the knob, wet and soft, torquing around the dripping lollipop he has captured. Johnny could still see in his mind, how the boy’s eyes widened and his ass lifted off the ground when the voracious dog, tasting the sauce bathing the prick tip, licked uncontrollably over and around his conscienceless erection. Even after the kid had shot thick wads of teen juice, the bad guys drooled more sauce onto his overwrought prick knob, and let the dog slaver to his heart’s content, turning the boy’s groans into shrieks of mercy for his sensitive prick tip. Now he wanted to see Father Richardson in the same, helpless position.

Darren and Father Richardson helped Johnny secure Trevor to a chair, sitting, his legs tied to the rear chair legs with his soles exposed, and his arms tethered behind him. He was gagged, but facing the bed. Darren was instructed to lube up his fist, and masturbate the bigger boy to another erection, and like clockwork, Trev’s insatiable prick was up at attention in a moment. Then, as Johnny was securing Father Richardson to the bed, face up and spread-eagled, Darren was using a paint brush to lave Trevor’s big boy penis with some type of brown sauce-like substance. Darren carefully peeled down Trev’s delicate, pale foreskin and made sure that the fat cap of his cock head was thoroughly coated before he rolled it up again. Testicles, navel, and the ragged cleft of his ass pucker, which was at the edge of the chair and just exposed, was also dabbed with a thick covering of the sauce. Then as Johnny pulled up the priest’ s legs, fixed to the spreader bar he had made for Brent, and tethered to the top corners of the wrought-iron bed, Darren opened the door to the room and in came a large, beautiful Collie. The Collie belonged to Mrs. Havens, who lived down the street from Darren. Johnny had persuaded him to borrow the dog for a walk, and bring him to their rendez-vous with Richardson and Trevor. The young dog bounded over to Darren, who put out his hand, covered with the tangy sauce that Johnny had scored from his mother’s refrigerator. The eager animal lapped at Darren’s palm, his long curling tongue seeking out every drop of the tasty liquid treat covering the boy’s hand. Darren then whistled to the dog, and turned him towards Trevor, whose eyes were bugging out of his head as he saw the slavering dog rush between his legs and without hesitation, begin to lap at his crotch. Within moment’s the Colllie, whose name was Kelly, had Trev
’s big bone tingling and tickling, as the unconscious pet followed his instincts and licked and licked, curling around the delicate knob, and with the rough force of its animal tongue, dragging down the foreskin to expose Trevor’s vulnerable glans. Then, as Darren kept dripping the sauce onto Trevor’s knob, the animal lept up and put his paws on Trevor’s knees, so he could get his snout closer to the target and Kelly just licked and butted the cock head with his nose, until Trevor felt like fainting from the sensation. Each time Kelly licked, he would bring the boy close, but his constant movement prevented Trevor from reaching the sweet spot, so his boner throbbed and pulsed, but never quite reached the moment for ejaculation. Oh he drooled lots of pre-cum, and it mixed beautifully with the meat sauce, but Trevor was licked into insanity, his long toes curling behind him, his hands scrabbling, but not given the cum he needed to so badly. Darren used his free hand, and the pauses between dripping sauce, to film the entire scene, and get close ups of Trevor’s big pale prick being mauled by the soft, tickling of the dog’s unmerciful tongue.

When Darren had enough footage of Trevor, twisting his head back and forth, gasping, and rolling his eyes each time Kelly’s long, torquing tongue would slide around the pulsing cock knob, scrubbing the pebbled surface of the over-sized boy glans, yet leaving the big kid heaving for air, he picked up a tooth brush, and went behind the bound boy. There he concentrated on the exposed soles of Trevor’s basketball player feet, the high arches, the long toes, and wide ball. He covered each foot with sauce in which the tooth brush had been dipped. As Trevor was slowly, excrutiatingly climbing to his ejaculation from the fleeting and maddening tongue-lashing of the dog, he was distracted by the focused tickling of his feet by Darren with the tooth brush. He howled into his gag, loosing concentration, if not his throbbing erection, while his exposed feet were scoured by Darren and the tooth brush. The strong, big boy toes with their clean nails, soft pale flesh, flexed uncontrollably from Darren’s investigation with the tooth brush. The moment Trev would curl his toes in the vain hope of avoiding the bristles, Darren would move to the other foot, switching and attacking without any rhythm or consistently, making the big kid squeal with laughter as his precious, powerful feet, the weapons he used to dominate other boys on the court, were subjected to every indignity Darren could apply with the sauce and brush. Moreover, this was a warm-up. Because shortly before Trevor was to reach his cum, Darren directed the exuberant dog behind the chair, and to Trev’s now fully sensitized feet, basted with the meat sauce. Without a bit of hesitation, Kelly went to licking the boy’s feet, thrusting his tongue between the long toes, and laving up and down the long sole and high arch. Trevor went wild, almost bucking so hard as to turn over his chair. But there was no where to go, and the bonds kept him tightly restrained. Kelly licked from one foot to the other, following the path of Darren’s brushing, until so affected by the ruthless licking, Trevor spontaneously ejaculated, his fat cock already pulsing from the early laving of the dog’s insatiable tongue, began shooting thick wads of boy sperm up into the air, landing back with a plop on his shaft, and then drooling down from the untouched prong. Then as fast as you can say “Lassie”, the Collie was lead back around to the front of the chair, and as more sauce was dripped onto the still ejaculating prick, the dog once again wrapped his tongue around the exposed glans and wrung every last bit of spooge, mixed with meat sauce, from this helpless and unprotected surface. Trevor’s eyes went wide with the sensation, and he howled from the inescapable sensitivity on his unprotected and helpless glans, the dog happily snafing every bit of juice, with a new slightly salty taste, added. Now Trevor’s toes were stretched out wide, frozen from the excruciating licking over and around his bloated boy knob.

The test had been a smashing success, now for the real performance. Father Richardson was secured on the bed on his knees, with his head down and his arms tied stretched outwards at a 90 degree angle from his torso and secured to the side-board of the bed. A short two-by-four kept the priest’s knees apart, and the ropes that secured his knees to the board, also secured him from collapsing down on his stomach. In this position, his ass was up and split. His feet were top down on the bed, the soles exposed, and his ankles additionally secured to the side-board so he could not move much.

Now as Johnny filmed, Darren and his brush were back at work, coating the priest’s anal trench and his ass pucker with the pungent meat sauce. Johnny made sure he screwed the brush into the willing sphincter, and dabbed the sauce inside the entrance to his rectum to make sure that the scent and taste would be inserted inside the divine. Without a gag, Richardson expressed his displeasure at this procedure, especially after having watched Trevor’s captivity with the sauce and the dog. “Johnny, Darren, please my sons, stop this…don’t do this to me…it’s too humiliating. Don’t let that animal defile me…please…I beg of you…don’t do this!” But even as he begged, the Father’s cock was hard and wet from leaking…betraying his sick and nasty lust for the strange things Johnny had devised for his punishment.

Father’s heavy nut sack now hung down between his legs, and Darren made a careful paint job of them as well. All this attention to his asshole and testicles kept the good Father’s prong rigid. His boner was leaking drips of pre-sap, and his cock was pulsing. Johnny then helped Darren to secure the boner downwards, against a small cookie grate from the parish kitchen nailed upright on two wood blocks from Johnny’s old toy box. The grate was used to secure the prick which lost nothing of its rigidity from being lashed downwards, and with the addition of the blocks, it allowed for the top of the shaft, cock knob and about three inches of shaft, to remain exposed below. Once secured, Darren went to work on the priest’s cock, making sure his cock knob got a good brushing to make it itch and tingle. Then Johnny and Darren took chairs near the bed with large water guns filled with the meat sauce. On the count of three, they began to fire their guns at Father Richardson’s ass crack, his balls and the exposed knob of his sinfully erect prick. When he was dovered with the tangy goo, they released Kelly who had been barking and pulling at his leash from the time they began to apply the sauce to the Father’s body. He leaped onto the bed when he was released, and wildly went after the targets they had selected, forcing his nose deep into the priest’s ass crack, burrowing into the anus with his tongue to get at the sauce inside his rectum, and lashing the balls and cock knob to get the delicious gravy. The priest panicked and began shouting for them to stop Kelly, but as he felt the salacious tongue of the dog slurping into his crack seeking out his ragged anus, and laving his bulging testicles and sensitive cock knob, he began to squeal from a combination of fear and the incredible sensation: “Oh my God…stop, boys, oh God…oh my sweet Jesus… oh, oh, nnnnoooooo….aaaaaaahhhhhh….. oh Lord…… oh my God….. aaagghhh, stop..stop, oh pleaaassse. No, NO, oh, OH…. Oh my God…. Ooooohhhh!” For the next half hour, the boys played target practice, and Kelly licked with a Pavlovian determination not to miss a drop of the tasty meat sauce. Twice, the overwrought priest ejaculated from the way Kelly’s long tongue wrapped around his shaft and scrubbed the corona and circumcision scar, as well as the glans. After each cum, the dog licked on, enjoying the additional taste of the salty sperm added to his gourmet treat. The babbling Father Richardson pleaded with the boys to stop Kelly, but they kept up his supply of sauce instead, watching as the Father’s hands scrabbled helplessly after he had cum, and the dog’s tongue kept working his bloated cock knob. For a finale, they painted his soles with the sauce, and as the dog licked them, Father Richardson howled with laughter while Darren fisted the bound priest’s exhausted cock one last time, working him up to another ejaculation, this time from the soft and lubricated fist of the teenage boy.

As the dog’s relentless tongue worked up and down Father Richardson’s wriggling feet, making him gasp and squeal with laughter, Johnny untied Trevor, and then secured him on his lap as he sat watching the spectacle before him. As Darren worked the priest to his last ejaculation, Johnny gave Trevor one last boy to boy wanking, fisting the unruly teenage cock knob in his fist while he reached up to roll and tweak Trev’s stiff boy teats. It wasn’t long before the priest and the teen basketball stud shot their last loads of the session, whining and begging as they were milked and bucking from the unforgiving work on their already overworked cock knobs.

The final act of Father Richardson’s penance was to agree to suck Darren’s and Johnny’s hard cocks, and agree at a later date to be tied up in a public place of their choice to have his cock milked. They exacted the same promise from the babbling redhead who agreed readily, not fully understanding what he was agreeing to, but knowing that his prick was finally going to be released from the current agony. As Father Richardson was released from his bonds, and he and Darren showered the big teenager, whose ankles remained shackled to a spreader bar and his hands were secured overhead to the shower frame, Johnny had them gently masturbate him one more time with the soap and water. Their fingertips made him whimper through one last boy cum, as his teen whore penis was unconscious and still craved attention while they pinched and sucked his nipples, and fingered his clenching anus. Trevor had paid his penance, and he and Father Richardson would both be doing so again.

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