The Trucker (hypno)

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real events or people, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

I'd been walking for hours when I finally saw it.

It was one of those truck stop Diners; you know, one of those ones in the middle of nowhere, like of a food and gas oasis for truckers and other travelers driving down this highway midway between towns.

Only my car hadn't made it. I should have topped off somewhere in the last town but I didn't. And so, a few hours out of town, too far to think about walking back, it had hitched, sputtered and ran out of gas. So, I'd pushed it to the shoulder, taken the essentials, a gas can and some water, locked up and struck out.

And had been walking ever since. The highway was very empty and the few cars that did pass me wouldn't stop. Bastards. I know I'm a guy but I don't look that bad. I'm 25, sandy hair, green eyes, boy next door good looks. I'm queer too, but you'd never know it to look at me. I don't mince, I have a deep voice and otherwise look normal. I'm dressed in jeans and a nice shirt. Well, a nice shirt with a big sweat stain on it now but otherwise OK. So why aren't people stopping? Meh! Who can figure people out?

The Diner that I found was pretty cool. It was called the Truck Stop Cafe and it was! It was built in such a way that it looked like a real truck! The Diner was long and rectangular and looked like the back end of a truck except for the windows all the way down it. At the right was the red "cab" that I presumed and soon found out I was correct, housed the kitchen. The entire Diner was raised up and rested on "wheels" made of wood, eighteen of them, just like a real truck, all carved perfectly round except at the bottom where they were flat. They were all painted black. There was a short stairway leading to the door that was at the "back" of the truck. Of course, once inside, it was the front of the Diner.

Exhausted, I dragged my sorry ass inside.

Of course, there was that moment where everybody swung around to see who had dared to open the door and let the A/C' ed air out.

So, of course I let the door swing shut in its own sweet time and eyeballed everybody back while I hauled my ass to a stool at the counter.

The diner itself was pretty ordinary on the inside. A row of booths on the right, each one by a window. Another row of tables in the middle. A counter with those stools that somehow grew out of the floor on the left. Cashier at the front. Kitchen and window at the back. An assortment of characters filling up the seats. Family in the back with two kids. A party of truckers in one booth being loud, complete with biceps, baseball caps and bizarre tattoos. Another trucker that had found the secret of time travel and travelled here from Prehistoric times.

And...him. Wow. At the counter, near where I'd sat down, not right next to, of course, but close enough so that we could check each other out without checking each other out (if you know what I mean. (Wink wink!)

A/N: If you don't know what I mean, you're too young for this story, so stop reading this and go play with your Tinker Toys. Go away kid, y'bother me!

Aaaaaany-way....where was I? Oh yes. Him.

The man in question was also sitting at the counter by himself. He was large and solid and had that kind of build that was somewhere in between fat and muscle. Big arms, big chest and yet...a not entirely flat stomach so you could tell he wasn't shredded there. He had to be 6'3". He was wearing jeans that were painted onto muscular, huge legs and a sweet, tight ass. He wore a clean t shirt with red/white/black checked flannel shirt over that. The arms of the flannel shirt were rolled up to reveal impressive biceps. Nice deep chest but as far as I could see, that's as far as the muscles went. He wore a blue baseball cap and had a thick, brown handlebar moustache, the likes of which I'd never seen before.

"Wadd-dy-ll have hon?" said a waitress who had materialized out of nowhere and breaking my luscious train of pornographic thoughts.

"Oh- uhhhh....."I said intelligently, as I reached for a menu that was in one of those metal frames they build into diner counters and arrange sugar, salt and pepper shakers and maybe those baskets for fish and chips that have oil and vinegar carafes around them.

"Sorry, we're all out of that," she said and cackled like the witch she looked like.

OK, that was harsh. She wasn't pretty but she wasn't old or particularly ugly either. She just looked....drooped, you know? She had on this blue and white uniform , frizzy hair that was not it's original color and she...sagged. Her face sagged, her boobs sagged, her stomach sagged, everything sagged. She was stuck out here in the middle of nowhere and she had resigned herself to the fate that she would be stuck here till the day she died. So she was sagged, inside and out. Anyway that's all I'm going to say on her. Anything else, you'll have to imagine yourself.

"I frantically scanned the menu. "Coffee....definitely coffee...and....ummmm...."

"Not getting any younger here," said the woman of the year.

I tried to smile. "Right, right...How 'bout the Southwestern Special then? That's with bacon right?" I handed her the menu.

"Sausage," she snapped, grabbing the menu back and stuffing it back in its holder and treating it like it was a done deal that was as binding as a morbid contract written in blood. She poured out some lukewarm coffee from a round carafe that probably never left her hand and said: "Watch how fast I go," as she tottered slowly toward the kitchen.

"Oh, and my car is stuck....somewhere down the road there," I said, "Can you possibly call me a tow truck."

"You're a tow truck," she obliged unhelpfully.

Most of the rest of the diner snickered in various degrees. I did not. Color me weird, but being lost and stranded wasn't funny to me. Also Mr. Moustache did not. My opinion of him raised a couple of notches.

"So...need a tow," he said in this deep voice, stating the obvious.

"That's right," I said tiredly, "It's back down the road...I don't know how far. I've been walking for hours. I don't know what to do."

"I see. Well...." he sighed, "I suppose...." he sighed again.

I waited till I was sure he was never going to talk again and turned to face forward again in despair. Then I heard: "I suppose...I could help you out."

"You could!?" I exclaimed, "That'd be great! Is your truck a tow truck?"

"No, but it's mostly empty. We can push it in and I'll take you to the next town over. East or west?"

"Uhhhhhhhh......" I said, not quite understanding.

"The road there," he jerked his thumb toward it. "Left or right?"

"Ohhhhhh...." I realized, feeling like a big a dolt as I thought he was. "Well, the car is to the left. But if I was driving past here, I'd be headed to the right."

"That's good. That's the way I'm headed. All right, eat your breakfast and let me finish mine and we'll go."

"I looked down in surprise at the food that had materialized out of nowhere. Jeez, that waitress may have had the manners of a goldfish but she sure could move like one too!

"I sure appreciate this," I said indistinctly as my mouth was full of pig meat. "I'm Jacob."

"Alex." He turned and engulfed my hand in his big, meaty one and gave me a full dose of shining blue eyes and that thick moustache. God, it was even more lethal when it was faced head on. "And your welcome. You seem grateful. That is good."

The speech took only a few moments but it was as if time stretched out into forever and I was looking into those in-fucking-credible eyes for a couple of hours.

Then he released my hand we both turned back to our food. I felt bereft.


After breakfast and water and coffee and a rest, we settled our bills and we left. Alex took me out to where his rig was parked. It was a big one, an 18 wheeler, red with white trim. I filled my gas can and we were on our way.

"Nice truck," I said inanely.

"It's a rig," Alex corrected.

"Oh. Of course, of course. Nice rig," I said, feeling stupider by the second.

"Thanks. Nice ass."

"Oh well thanks, I walk a lot and try to keep in....wait, what and the where now?" I whirled in complete flummoxation.

We were both on the side of the truck facing away from the Cafe now and were hidden from view. And now that he was, a new look had come into Alex's eyes...a hungry look.

"Uhhhhh....maybe this was a bad idea," I said, having one of those, 'oh great...I'm going to end up on a milk carton' moments. "Look, if this is a problem, I can always call from the cafe and..." I tried moving past him back him into the open.

His big arm with that big bicep shot out, 'Wham!' against the side of the truck, blocking me. I tried going the other way but then his other arm was around my waist and turning me and then 'Wham!' I was up against the side of the cab and his hand had reached around me and was cupping my asscheek. I gasped and struggled a bit but he just slowly kneaded the cheek in his hand and his strong arms were around me and I gasped because, God-damn, this should not feel that good. But it did.

He smiled and his other hand went around to my other ass and I went weak in the knees. He felt it and basically held me up there by my ass, stroking and kneading. "Ohhhh, yeah! I knew it! Such a nice ass! I saw you checking me out in there! Don't deny it! It demeans the both of us."

I groaned in pleasure. Was this legal? "No, I did. I guess. For a few minutes. But...ohhhhhhhh...I mean...I just figured you know...."

"Straight and rednecked," finished Alex for me.

"Well, yes, I suppose," I gasped, "Although I don't think I would have put it so unkindly."

"I'm on the road 42 weeks out of the year. I travel from all over the U.S. and across most of Canada too. I'll fuck whatever comes my way. Skirt or pants...makes no difference to me."

"An interesting way of looking at things," I gasped, still reeling with the un-fucking-believable sensations that his talented fingers were producing, "I wanted to tell you in there...I really like your mousta..."

"And then his lips smashed now on mine and I was revelling, drowning, in seventh heaven in that hair as he kissed me, his large, soft tongue filling my mouth, and I in return sucked on it like a dying man sucks on a bottle of water. And for many minutes there was no more talk. We just kissed and kissed and Alex held me up against the truck by my ass.

After what seemed like years, Alex finally broke the kiss and opened the door of his cab. "Get in and scootch over. Let's go get your car."

I got in and scootched over. He got in after me and slammed the door. Inside the cab was warm and cosy. The seat was all one bench and roomy and comfortable. There were pictures of people that Alex knew posted in strategic locations. There were gay and straight skin rags under the seats and there was a cubicle behind us with a mattress in it for sleeping. Above that was a window that would have shown the back of the cab if the rig was not there. As it was Alex had to rely on the extra long side view mirrors. On the temporarily useless rearview mirror was an ornament like no other. Other vehicles had fuzzy dice or those pine scented pine trees. Well, there was one of those trees too, but in front of that was hung a golden pocket watch hung up by its own chain.

"This is cozy. Nice watch." I commented inanely.

Alex grunted and started the rig. I was quiet as I realized he'd need to concentrate on the mirrors so that he wouldn't run anyone down or crash into something sending us to a fiery doom.

Alex turned left and drove away from the Truck Stop Cafe. He reached over and put his meaty hand on my thigh and then higher which I took to meant it was safe to talk again.

"So...uh...why a watch?" I asked. I don't know why I was stuck on such a stupid subject after such a mind-blowing kiss. I guess I was tense and vibrating with the need to feel Alex's silky moustache again and my mind was going sexy circles but going absolutely nowhere. On top of all that the motion of the truck was swinging the damn thing in front of my face and it was pretty gorgeous. It swung and sunlight flashed off of it till it was very nearly impossible to ignore.

"My grandfather gave it to my father who gave it to me. So it's kind of a family piece. I don't carry it with me because I run with strangers pretty much all the time. And I need a watch with me. On a long haul, sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me in touch with time."

The watch kept flashing and flashing and swing...swing…swinging. "I...see..." I said dully. I was pretty fixated. I could look away any time though. It was just so nice. Better to relax...better to watch....the watch...

Alex checked me out from the corner of his eyes and chuckled. "Ahh...ahh...ahhh.....Not yet. Let's wait till we get your car, shall we?" He tucked the watch into the sun protector where only the long chain protruded and was visible.

I shook my head as a dull, tired, fixated and foggy sensation passed and I was alert once more. The watch was gone. Again, I felt a little bereft.

"What...what happened?" I asked, shaking my head a little to clear the fog." Something...something was....happening to me."

"Nothing to worry about," Alex comforted, "Just a little highway hypnosis. Happens to the best of us, due to the vibration of the cab."

"Oh. OK." I said.

We engaged in a little light petting as we didn't really have more to say until we reached my car which was a lot sooner getting there than reaching the cafe, that's for sure.

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