The Trucker 2 (hypno)

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real events or people, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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When we got to my car, it was an easy thing to fill the tank from the gas can and then drive my car into the back of Alex's rig. I shut off the engine, took a few essentials and joined him outside again. Alex shut the back securely and we headed back into the cozy cab once more.

"I really appreciate this," I said again, cautiously.

"It's no problem. Besides, it's not like I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart," Alex said suggestively.

"What are you talking ab…" But that's about as far as I got because Alex had grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to him, smashing our mouths together. He wrapped that arm around my body in a powerful embrace and with his other; he aggressively kneaded my dick through my pants. I groaned as it swelled quickly to painful proportions.

He plundered my mouth with his warm, wet tongue, leaving no inch of it unexplored. And I let him, just relaxed into that silky 'stache and I never wanted to come out of it again.

We kissed for what seemed like ages, groping each other like horny teenagers, feeling up each other's chests and slowly stoking each other through our jeans.

Finally, he broke off the kissing and straightened his shirt but we both didn't really bother buttoning them up again. "I gotta stop for now," he gasped, "Or I won't be able to stop and I wanna make it to the next town before we do anything serious." He started the truck.

"Ohhh...But I'll be going on my way when we get to the next town. Wasn't that the plan?" I asked.

"Sometimes plans change," he said cryptically.

"Huh? Whadd'ya mean by....mmpphhhh.....mmmmmmmm...." I was cut off as he reached over quickly and kissed me again, hard and hot. Was pleasure like this even legal? At the same time, his hand 'bumped' against the watch chain and it was jostled loose from the sun shield and then it was dangling free once more.

"Well, time to get going," he said, matter of factly. He pulled into gear and we were off. Regretfully, I pulled on my seatbelt and settled back. Dang! Did the seats have to be so comfortable? And that watch was in my eyes again. The humming and thrumming of the truck was making it swing again. The golden light was flashing and swinging again and it was so beautiful...

I reached up to still it but in no time it was spinning and swinging slightly and then more and more and I gave up.

"How do you drive with that thing? Isn't it awfully distracting?" I asked.

"Oh...I've learned how to tune it out," Alex said.

"" The watch continued to flash...flash....

"It's not hard to tune things out. You just have to focus on what's important. For me that's the road. For you, it's my voice. Focus. On my voice. The watch takes care of itself. Sure is beautiful though. The light that flashes off of it. Just lets you relax back and enjoy it. Enjoy it. Relax back and enjoy it. Don't worry. I'm right here."

The seat was so soft. Soft as his moustache. And you know...he was was easy to rest back and let that watch swing...back...and forth...back...and...forth. The light kept flashing...flashing...

"That's right. Just rest back and watch the watch. Watch the light. It's so beautiful. Watch the watch Jacob....Watch the light...Relax...just let your whole body sink back in that seat. Just let your neck...and shoulders completely relax. That's it....Just let them slump down. Now your back and chest. Everything feels so heavy and relaxed. Heavy and relaxed. And that heaviness just moves slowly Jacob but it feels so warm honey sliding downwards...down...down...down to your feet. And still the light pretty isn't it Jacob?"

"Yes...pretty..."I said thickly. My heavy. I was so tired. Alex was saying something about the light. Not being able to look away. I tried but...I found...couldn't stop...he was right...I...

"No. Can't look away..." I said.

"Good boy. And you don't have to...Just let the relaxation double now. fantastic that feels...And even though the light is so makes your eyes so heavy...your eyes just want to relax...just like the rest of you. They just want to rest...and relax. Rest...and relax...So heavy lead weights are attached to them. Lead weights pulling them sleep sleep. sleep...It's OK Jacob. You can sleep. So easy to sleep...drop deeper...away from the lights...into my voice Deeper to sleep...deeper into my voice..till all there the truck vibrating....and my voice...taking you...even deeper."

The flashing was gone now. My eyes couldn't keep up the struggle. The weights were too much. They were fluttering. They were shut and it was dark and still and there was only Alex's voice telling me what to do. And then I was dreaming.

I was dreaming and Alex's large hand was stroking the back of my neck up....and down...up....and down. It was the most sexy thing I had ever felt and it just made the dream all the more vivid and the sleep deeper.

I was at the top of a long...spiralling staircase. It was simple...metal, like a fire escape but circular. Every step I took, made me sleep deeper, took me deeper into Alex's voice, made the hand stoking my neck feel better and better and more vivid. I found myself counting 20...19...18...17...16...15...all the while Alex's voice was urging my onward and down. I was reaching...reaching...reaching for something I couldn't explain. "Three...2...1." I reached the bottom and Alex's hand squeezed and stroked my neck in reward. Then I gasped in wonder because...

"A second staircase is opening up in front of you. This one is even more beautiful than the last. This one relaxes you even more than the last one. Can you see it Jacob?"

"Yesss," I answered in a sexy purr."

"And what does this one look like?"

"Dark mahogany...Red carpet on the stairs....all the way down."

"Good boy. And just like before, each stair makes you feel twice as relaxed and heavy There are 20 beautiful stairs. Count yourself down boy."


Deeper asleep...and something more..."


"And now you realize what that is. To be totally captivated by my voice..."


"Totally captivated..."


"By my voice..."


"Feeling your mind open..."


"And blank..."


"And my voice..."


Open and blank and submissive..."


"To my voice..."


" my voice..."


" thoughts except my voice..."


" my voice..."


"More and more as you near the bottom."


"Open...blank...and submissive."

"4...Yes sir..."

"Captivated and my voice..."

"3...Yes sir..."

"Captivated and controlled and my voice."

"2...Yes, sir..."

" by my voice..."

"1....Yes, sir."

"You're at the bottom now, aren't you boy?"

"Yes sir," I said, truthfully.

"Good boy. How are you feeling boy?"

" and captivated by your voice." I said robotically. In truth I felt a bit robotic. There were no other thoughts as I waited for Alex's next instructions. Just empty...and I waited in the dark for him.

"Good boy. Now, I want you to imagine something different. Imagine a smooth and shiny firepole. There's a hole for it to go down...down...down...The more you slide down this pole, the deeper you go but it also slides something else away. It slides away...your will...deepens your submission. If there was a number to show your willpower...0 being nothing....10 being very strong...what number would you be?"

I thought about it as I imagined the shiny pole and said, "Three."

"Good boy. Very good. Imagine there is a three painted on the pole . Slide down to two. It good... And to go deeper to sleep. Slide down to one. It feels...fantastic. Deeper and deeper and deeper down. Slide down to zero. And how is that feeling Jacob?"

"Feels fantastic, sir."

"Good boy. I am so glad. But now you can see that the pole doesn't stop going down...It keeps going and the numbers on it go go deeper...into negative numbers. Can you see it?"

"Yes sir." I could.

"Then slide on down to -5. It fantastic."

I groaned in pleasure.

"Feel my will replace yours to the level of -5. And slide to -10....Deeper and deeper to sleep."


"Slide to -15, Jacob...and -20. Imagine a nice seat much like the one you're in now...sink deeper and feel my will control yours at a level of -20. My will is yours. It controls your body. Completely. Doesn't it boy?"

Yes, sir. Completely."

"My will controls your mind completely. Confirm boy."

"Confirmed sir."

"My will controls your emotions and ideas completely. Confirm."


"My will controls your memory completely. Confirm."


"Good boy. Now listen carefully. Whenever I say, Jacob, Sleep Deep, you will immediately fall this deep in trance, this deep asleep and come to -20 willpower and get go...even deeper. Understand boy?"

"Yes sir," I said.

"In a few moments we will arrive at the next town. You will feel a deep desire to ride with me longer. To the next town. Maybe the next one after that."

"Yes sir."

"Jacob...I control your memory don't I boy?"


"You can forget this trance. Forget everything we've talked about here. You were watching the light off the watch and you fell asleep. Deep asleep. Understand?"

"Yes sir."

"In a moment, I'll touch your shoulder gently and you can wake up at your own pace."

"I felt a large hand on my shoulder. Everything was fuzzy. Blank. I was stretching like a happy cat and then I was waking up.

"Oh...that watch! I guess I fell asleep! I'm sorry!" I said, "I couldn't have been a good riding partner!"

"No problem! You looked sleepy. And now....we're here!"

"Oh...I guess this is the end of the line then..." But I didn't move.

"Something wrong?" asked Alex.

"Oh! Well, I feel bad that I fell asleep on you. I have a long way to go still. And I loved kissing you. I don't suppose you'd like to travel a while longer..."

Alex smiled widely. "Nothing I'd like better," he said.

And he pulled me to him and smashed our mouths together hard and something in me just melted and my dick grew hard as a rock.

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