The Trucker 3 (hypno)

A/N: DISCLAIMER!!!: The induction in this chapter is pure fiction and total fantasy. I made it up on the fly and the entire chapter was extremely slow to write. Feel free to incorporate parts of it into YOUR OWN techniques but DO NOT attempt to seriously try on a : (pick one) casual pick up/one night stand/friend/lover/partner/anyone. Do so at YOUR OWN RISK!
(smiles cheerfully) Now that we have that nasty bizzyness out of the way, here's Chapter 3! Enjoy!

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Now that he had parked his rig on the shoulder near the outskirts of the town, Alex grew more aggressive. He yanked and pulled my shirt free and off and encouraged me to do the same with his.

He was gorgeous under there, with full rounded pecs and large nips that ached to be sucked on and played with. His tummy was flat and taut. There wasn't exactly an 8 pack but he was on his way and it was flat enough to be very handsome.

But before I could think of anything else, his large hand was around the back of my neck and my mouth was smashed onto his again. His other hand roamed up and down my body which was tight and toned and more of a swimmer's build. I still knew I was very attractive. I just hoped he didn't find out about...

Mmmmmmph...Ooooohhhh....Pure, liquid pleasure filled my being like soft, gooey honey.

"Oh ho! This is interesting!" said a perceptive trucker and pulled me closer, kissed me and clamped onto both my nips. Oh damn! He found out about it.

With both my nips being played with I became wanton and uncaring about time, travel, or any other living thing outside of the universe that was created by my tit teasing talented trucker. A cop could have knocked on the window and I would have told him to get his ass in here with those leather gloves or hit the road. That's what chestplay does to me.

Fortunately, no cop came along and Alex just slid closer and pulled me in for better access and suddenly I found myself draped and cradled across his knees sideways. One arm reached over my shoulder and the other was right there and he pinched and kissed me witless and I did the same to him. Alex's chest turned out to be equally sensitive.

Of course, that wasn't the only thing that was sensitive and in no time Alex had both our dicks out. He started sensually stroking the both of us, which of course led to me stroking him and I bent to lick and chew on a nip. He laughed and just shoved my head lower until I was sucking on his fat cock. He was hard and 9 inches and somehow we positioned so that I was between his legs and he had my nips clamped and I was his willing suck slave.

This went on for minutes or hours, I couldn't say. Alex writhed in pleasure, tightened gradually and then shot a hot load down my willing throat. I swallowed every drop.

Afterwards, Alex pulled me upward and kissed me deeply. He shuffled me around and I slid and found he was sitting lengthwise on the seat and I was between his legs and right back up against his chest. He reached around me with both arms and found my chest and within seconds I was reduced to putty in his hands once again. I then decided that this position, being pressed back into Alex's strong chest was as close to heaven I could get.

I turned my head and we languidly kissed for a few moments. Alex kept up the exquisite titplay and eventually I just relaxed back in a haze and stroked lazily.

I was a little confused when Alex batted my hand away from my cock a few times.

"What-sit?" I asked indistinctly.

"I want you hard. I want you horny. I like you like this, driving you mad with chestplay."

I moaned softly in response.

He flicked and pinched my nips in this rhythmic way and I was in a haze of pleasure. I leaned back. I could barely move.

His mouth and moustache was right by my ear. "That's right. Just lean back. Lean back and relax against me. Completely relax. Just feel the pleasure. So hard to move...Don't want to move..."

I did as he suggested and he reached over to set the watch in motion again. The swinging and the flashing from the sunlight was almost like a strobe. I started to protest but then those fingers were doing things that should have been illegal and his voice was in my ear again and that silky "stache was tickling me, all adding up into a recipe for a seduction that I could not resist. And then his voice was not only in my ear.... it was inside my mind.

"Relax and watch the watch, Jacob. Feel the pleasure. See the lights. Watch the watch and just let go. Your body is just completely relaxed and limp and going deeper with every flick of my fingers, with every flash of the light. You're not going anywhere, you can't move. All you can do is watch the watch and let the light take you deeper....and deeper....and deeper."

With a bit of trepidation, I found he was right, My body felt as heavy and granite and I couldn't look away from the watch. The light kept flashing ...flashing...

"No....what's to...." I tried moving, resisting a little but the wily Alex had an answer for that as well.

His burly arms tightened around me restraining me gently but firmly. His fingers pinched my nips artfully. I nearly passed out with pleasure. Nearly. As it was all I could hear was his voice and again it was in my mind. It was my mind.

"That's it. Feel my arms, feel my restraint. The more you resist, the weaker you get. You can't get away from the light, you may as well enjoy it. You can't get away from the pleasure, just feel it. Feel it drop you deeper. Watch the watch Jacob, watch the watch. See only the watch...hear only my voice. My voice is inside your mind, my voice is your mind. Your mind is my mind, your thoughts are my thoughts. Watch the watch and go deeper. Remember the last time and just drop away. Empty, deep obedient. Sleep boy. Just sleep deep and let your mind go empty and open and relaxed. Feel the pleasure. Hear my voice, only my voice. Sleep deep. Feel the pleasure and let it drop you deeper. Emptier. Open and mindless. And in the mindless and deepness, you will obey. In the emptiness, you will obey. Confirm."

"In the emptiness, I will obey. I confirm." I was asleep, and deep and dreaming and through it, my chest was still feeling lazy flickers of pleasure and Alex lazily flicked them over and over.

"I want you to picture a long spiralling staircase in your mind. It just goes down, down, down into forever. It's beautiful and at the bottom is your ultimate goal. To be totally captivated by my be completely molded by my will, to be and think whatever I wish and tell you. And to have the greatest orgasm of your life. You will count and go 20 stairs down. In the emptiness, you will obey. Are you ready to start down the stairs Jacob?"

"Yes, Sir, I am ready to obey and go down," I said.

"Start counting."


And so on all the way down to 20. He told me to go down another 20. And another. And another. And another.

"How are you feeling boy?"

"Blank and empty. In the emptiness, I await to be obedient."

"Good. You are my obedient little cockslave. You are a slut for my cock and only mine. The more we play, the more you can feel this persona take hold, completely and forever, Understand?"

Yes Master." I said. I felt horny all over again. I wriggled back itching to feel his dick against my asshole.

"Hang on boy! We need to —"

I whipped around. "You talk to much!" And I kissed him hard and rubbed all over him and pinched his nips.

He groaned and we basically made out like horny teenagers for several long minutes.

"Finally he said, with a leer, "Ready for my cock, boytoy?"

"Mmmmm...oh yeah...yes Sir!!" I answered. And I was. My asshole was itching for cock like nobody's business.

H handed me a condom and some lube that he had materialized out of nowhere. "Put it on me."

I ripped open the packet with my teeth and rolled the condom lovingly onto him. He was gloriously hard again.

He smashed his lips to mine in a hard, brutal kiss and then turned me around and hugged me to himself possessively until we were in the same position as before. He chestplayed me without mercy and turned my head to the left for another kiss and then rose me up and bent me forward a bit. And God, I cannot quite describe the sensation when his cock touched my asshole and slid a little ways in and then further and eyes widened and I gasped as he slid up and I slid down and...SHHTOCK!!!! He slid in all the way to the hilt and I was impaled on his 9 inch dick.

"" we both whispered.

And then he began to move and I moved with him, striving to drive him deeper and deeper into my core.

"That's right, deeper and deeper. The deeper you feel me, the deeper you go, back down deep back down the stairs, as deep as you were. And now you remember the other reason for going down this achieve the best orgasm ever. And you are reaching this orgasm as you ride my cock. You will reach this orgasm only by riding my cock. You can feel it coming...slowly, can't you slave?"

"Oh, yes Master!" I moaned.

"That's right. Slowly...but surely. Coming closer now. Moving a little faster now. That's right. Every stroke puts you deeper and deeper down the stairs. Each stroke makes you feel more and more fantastic."

"Yes...oh God...Yes!" I yelled wantonly.

"That's it! Yes! Yes! And the deeper you go, the closer you get and when you reach orgasm you will just be driven...100 stairs deeper....towards utter....and complete mindlessness!"

We both humped like wild beasts and he chestplayed me mercilessly as I jerked off. I was reaching.... reaching.... dropping...dropping....

We both came moaning and grunting like wild animals. Alex was still stuck to the hilt up my ass and still it wasn't far enough. I came in a gush and my entire stomach was coated with cum. And still the orgasm washed over me, rocking me with aftershocks that just kept coming, something that doesn't usually happen. And with each after shock, I blacked out a little more.

Well, no, that's not entirely right. But honestly I felt blacked out but I guess I was still there. I heard Alex but that was all. It was dark. It was quiet. There was no thought. I had no name. I was nothing, waiting in a void. And in the void, I heard a voice begin to speak.

"Lift up, boy." I lifted up and something was removed. I felt an aching emptiness.

"Lie back." I laid back and the void was like a night sky without stars.

"So....where are you on the stairs?"

"There are no stairs. There is nothing." I said.

"And who are you? What's your name?"

"I am no-one. My name is... there is no name. There is only the void."

"Very good. Look deep into the void, boy. Look deep and you will see a tiny, single star."

The star appeared. "Yes. I see it."

"Let it grow bigger and brighter. As bright as the sun, but it doesn't hurt to look at it. This star is the light of my will and it lights your new world. My will is your will and you will obey and see everything your new world shows you. You are my cockslave. We just had amazing sex. Remember that?"

"Yes Master. I remember," I said, and I did.

"You are my cockslave, completely and totally. If we are ever in public, you are my partner but also my submissive. Your name is Jake. Your name is Jake and you are my cockslave and partner. You are a trucker, just like me. You ride along with me. We met 6 months ago at the Truck Stop Cafe and never looked back. Let the light of your new star illuminate this and now you remember everything, don't you boy?"

"Yes Master," I confirmed.

"Your name is Jake. It's always been Jake. You are a trucker. You love wearing flannel and drinking beer or coffee. You love the open road. You love greasy spoon diners. That's where we met after all. The Truck Stop Diner. You love riding with me. You love it that I'm your master. You want to try new things bondage, restraint, hypnosis. You love riding with me. You love flannel and baseball caps. You love speaking slowly and simply, as if you were a bit dumb. You're not but you talk like you are so everyone can't tell. Can't tell that you're anything but a big, dumb, flannel wearing trucker. A trucker who's my partner and in private, my slave. My slave who loves to suck and rim. My slave who rides with me everywhere. My partner who....."

On and on it went. And as it did the light lit up a little bit more of memory of who I was. Sometimes the voice would point something out, and sometimes I could hear myself repeating certain things my master was telling me. And I'd remember and know it was true.

All this went on for hours. Maybe days. Time really didn't matter here. Did it ever matter? Did anything matter? No. All that mattered was that I was Jake and that I loved Alex, my master, We met six months ago and it was love and lust at first sight. I loved flannel and was smart but not as much as Alex. Alex was so smart and so wise. Alex was my whole world. Alex was my SUPERIOR. Alex had a huge cock and balls and I loved to worship them. I was Jake and a cockslave. My skin itched madly for a red flannel shirt. I was a cockslave and I was so lucky to be in the service of such an AMAZING, SUPERIOR MAN...I was so lucky to be riding along with this paragon and to be lucky enought to suck his toes and balls and cock. I was Jake the cockslave and I really NEEDED a flannel shirt and a beer. I was so lucky to have a partner that was also my MASTER. I was so lucky that I got to....



Six months later....

We were doing another long run, from Miami, all the way up to Toronto. But when I pointed out the timing, Alex smiled at me proudly for managing to remember this nugget of information in an otherwise confusing world full of (ewww) facts.

So at the appropriate time, he indulged me and turned onto a certain highway, and we drove a few miles. Of course this translated into a couple of minutes and then we were there. I was transported into joy and nostalgia.

We were at the Truck Stop Diner, the only Truck Stop diner that looked like a truck! This is where it all began!

Alex parked and we went inside, arms around each others' shoulders. We got a few stink eyes but we'd both put on a couple of muscles so we just flexed impressively and ignored everyone else.

We chose a booth, sat down, ordered coffee. The waitress tottered over with her lame-ass carafe of lukewarm shit water and tried to pass it off as coffee.

I shot my hand out and covered the top of the mug before she could pour. My eyes glittered like hard green stones beneath my baseball hat visor.

"Now darlin'!" I drawled, "I know you're not planning on serving us coffee that's practically cold. Now I see one of new-fangled mike-ro-waved ovens back there so why don't you heat up that jug and get back to us, shore-nuff?"

The waitress, who looked so old and droopy that she had probably come with the place, looked rather startled and wide-eyed but she backed away and obeyed.

When she was out of earshot, Alex spoke in reproof, "Now boy! I haven't heard you speak so forcefully in a long time. You know to respect your SUPERIORS!"

"Yes Sir! Sorry Sir!" I apologized in a whisper, eyes downcast, hoping I could talk my way out of a corrective spanking. It didn't hurt exactly but it was extremely humiliating. I chanced a look up into soft eyes which I hoped meant he was accepting my apology. "It's just...there was something....something that...resonat....reso....."

"Use your short words, boy."

"Yes Sir." Relief flooded my soul. Thinking was hard. "There was something off about it. Like I had cold coffee before. And I wanted it to be perfect...on our special day. I stroked a thumb lightning quick across his knuckles, so fast no one else noticed. It was our signal for intimacy. I gave him a dose of puppy dog eyes for good measure.

Alex gave me a look that showed I was forgiven. I was so glad. Alex was so SUPERIOR and so wise.

The waitress came back with hot coffee. She poured and waited, an eyebrow raised. I took a sip and it was hot and delicious.

"Perfect. Thank you darlin'," I said as I'd been taught to talk to my SUPERIORS.

"Saaaaaaay..." she continued to look at me funny. "Haven't I seen you hereabouts before?"

"You sure year ago today when I met this big lug. "And we've been truckin' it together ever since! Best year o' my life!"

"She looked confused. " was sooner than six months came in needing a tow. You ran out of gas. Call me a tow truck....remember?" she asked in what she thought was a winsome way but made her seem like even more of a hag.

Out of gas...out of gas.....Call me a tow truck...You're a tow truck...came a witchy voice.

I....what was going on here? Who was I? Where was I? I was confused. Something was wrong. Wrong. Scared. I was confused. I was scared. I looked up in panic. I looked into Alex's eyes for strength.

"Alex! Alex what's going...!?"

Alex put his hand on my shoulder, as he usually did, and as usual it chased all the confusion from my mind. He looked deep into my eyes and I looked deep into his and I never wanted to stop.

Alex rubbed my shoulder comfortingly and the blue and white checked flannel felt soft and fantastic against my skin. "Jake! Everything's all right! Your name is Jake. We met here a year ago. She's mistaken. A year. We met here and started riding together. You're a trucker. Everything's fine."

He dropped his hand from my shoulder. My eyes were glazed. With a snap they came back into focus.

"Sorry ma'am." I looked at her with confidence. "You must have me mistaken for some pretty boy city boy! I was here a year ago and I met this super guy here! I'm a trucker!" I tapped my cap visor in a salute. "Shore nuff!"