After Nick and Noah 1-4

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Chapter 1

Nick and Noah were an unlikely couple. Both were slender but muscled in build, but that was about the only physical thing they had in common. Nick was lucky to stand 5'6" in thick socks, while Noah often had to duck his 6'2" frame under low doorways and hanging ornaments. Noah was the embodiment of ancient Viking stock, his impossibly thin waist the base of a 'V' of flesh and muscle that widened with an expanse of chest defined by chiselled pecs, to incredible shoulders topped by a long angular face and blond hair, cut short. Apart from his head, the only other part of his body to bear any hair at all was his groin -- a light dusting of blond pubic bush. The remainder of his trim body was smooth as silk.

His companion, boyfriend, partner -- choose your favourite euphemism for mate -- was the reincarnation of his Greek ancestors. Nick's short frame was blessed with a luxuriant coat of dark fur from the base of his neck, across his chest and over his sculpted six-pack abs, thickening even more at his groin, and continuing down his short but powerful legs. Even his square jaw was never free of the shadow of stubble, no matter how closely he attempted to shave. Nick's explosive Mediterranean temperament belied a heart of gold, and was perfectly offset by Noah's cool detached manner, no matter how much pressure he was under.

To the casual observer, Nick and Noah lived a mundane, peaceful and happy existence as a quiet gay couple in a quiet gay neighbourhood in Sydney.

But there was one thing they shared which very few others knew: They each found a tremendous excitement, an erotic thrill, in leather. Bright, shining, skin-tight black leather. They had discovered their shared and secret desire almost by accident one day when they had mistakenly walked into the middle of a Leather Pride street fair. That afternoon, Nick had commented to Noah about how sexy he thought some of the men there had looked in their leather gear, and Noah had revealed, almost guiltily, that he harboured a secret fantasy which involved chaps and a harness, boots and a sling. Once the ice had been broken, the couple had discussed this inner longing they both seemed to hold. To their amazement and delight, Nick and Noah discovered that the look, the smell and the feel of glistening black hide was a powerful aphrodisiac.

And they had certainly had some adventures. Apart from their love of leather, Nick and Noah had gotten involved in a murder investigation some time back, when they were asked to help try to find a friend who had gone missing mysteriously. Eventually they had discovered that the friend, Jim, was also into leather, and had been seeing someone known as Geoff. By the end of that experience, Geoff had been killed; a drag queen called Lena Gainstme, and a cop by the name of Roarty, were in gaol for his murder; another friend, Michael, was devastated because he had been in love with Lena, and Jim was slowly re-building his life. They had tried their best to return to the quiet normalcy of life before that whole affair, but word had spread through the community that Nick and Noah had been able to solve the crime when the police had been too slow. And still they managed to keep their secret sex life quiet from all but the closest of friends. Jim was one of the few who knew of their preferences, and shared them.

It was July, and the weather was freezing. Neither Nick nor his partner liked the winter very much, and often joked about fleeing the cold for somewhere tropical, up north on the Reef. The only good thing about the time of year was that it did tend to lure them into their dungeon beneath the house, to play out their fantasies more often in gleaming leather, where they could happily work up a sweat in lusty congress.

And that was exactly what they were doing this cool evening. Below their quiet, ordinary looking home, the two men were enjoying the delights of their dark but warm cellar, illuminated only by the flickering glow of candles around the room. Shadows danced across the walls, attuned to the slow, grinding dance of lust performed by two figures dressed in shining black leather and glistening chrome.

Nick stood with his powerful legs spread apart, boots firmly planted on the floor as his black chaps glowered in the flickering light, emphasising every movement, every muscle wrapped in skin tight hide. His bare arse emerged from the dark leather, firm round globes of flesh straining and taut. Across his back wide bands of black, spotted with small steel studs, encased his torso where the narrow 'V' of his waist widened to square shoulders. Topping his head, a gleaming leather police cap was pushed forward to almost cover his face. To either side of his short but manly frame, the dull links of chains ascended into the darkness above him, and before him, those same chains attached to and supported a wide leather platform -- a sling; upon which his partner, Noah, lay back, booted feet lifted to level with Nick's shoulders and held by stirrups.

Noah's knees were bent, his legs spread, and the white of his rear contrasted deeply with the black leather he also wore, punctuated by the soft pink of his anus which puckered and twitched where it was exposed to the air, and to Nick's admiring gaze. His testicles stuck out, pushed away from his body by a ball strap wound around the top of his scrotum, and made more obvious by the chrome cockring surrounding both his nuts and the base of his long thin cock, which was fully erect and leaking tiny droplets of clear pre-cum. The harness he wore was more elaborate than Nick's as it criss-crossed his chest and abs, with a strap which connected his cockring to his nipples. Over his face a hood of soft kid leather covered his forehead and ears, slits for his eyes open to reveal deep blue irises above a mouth full and wet. His hands were back by his shoulders, cuffed by the wrists to the chains which held up the head of the sling in which he lay.

Both men were fully erect, their excitement obvious as Nick's rampant prong aimed itself at Noah's hole, and Noah's throbbing cock strained back against his belly. Nick leaned forward, a dollop of lubricant on his fingers, and smeared the viscous liquid around and into the twitching hole of his slave. Noah's response was a low groan of anticipation as his arse was opened by Nick's fingers, readying itself to accept the coming onslaught.

"What do you want, boy?" Nick growled in a whisper full of lust.

"Fuck me, please Sir," came the hissed reply. "I need to be filled and pounded. Fuck that arse and fuck it hard, please Sir."

Nick grinned an evil look as he readied himself. "Then that's what you'll get!" he said, placing the head of his cock against Noah's waiting anus. He inched forward, slowly pulling the sling and it's human cargo onto his manhood, prying apart Noah's body as his cockhead entered the other man. With a soft gasp of pleasure, Noah accepted the invasion, clenching his sphincter around the mushroom cap of Nick's cock as it filled him, drawing his lover into him.

Once inside his man, Nick slowed, allowing Noah to adjust, and reached up to take the chains of the sling in his hands. The only point of contact between them was where Nick's thick cock disappeared into Noah's clenching arse. As Noah's body relaxed around the throbbing pole, Nick growled again.

"Okay, boy, this is what you asked for!"

With that he pulled hard at the chains, dragging Noah and the sling back fast onto his fiery poker. The force of his tugging impaled the other man's body onto him and his cock rammed deep into the wet cavern, forcing Noah's innards aside as it probed far into his lover. Noah gasped, then moaned with the combination of pleasure and pain as he was skewered onto Nick, his breath knocked from him before he sucked air into his lungs again.

"Oh fuck, yess!!" he hissed.

Nick needed no more encouragement. He thrust himself forward, using the pendulum motion of the sling to bury himself deeply into Noah, then back out until only the large rounded head of his cock remained gripped in Noah's arse before driving deep into his mate once again. Long powerful strokes rapidly increased in tempo as the hursuit Greek fucked deeper and harder into his Viking slave, the wet heat of Noah's body encasing his manhood contrasting with the cool air of their dungeon on his outward pushes.

Short, sharp breaths escaped Noah's lips as he ached with the pleasure of the thick Mediterranean prong thundering into him and filling him completely. His hungry hole swallowed all that his master gave and wanted more as Nick's cock plumbed the depths of his bowel and pistoned in and out of his sphincter. He gripped at that glorious fleshy pole with his arse, trembling as the swing of the leather platform upon which he lay drove him ever harder and faster onto his man's thick, long sword.

He closed his eyes, drinking in the sensations relayed to his brain by his nerves. His arse was being plundered in the most incredibly satisfying and arousing way. The leather chaps gripping his legs, the wide straps of hide across his chest and shoulders, and the soft, encompassing hood covering his head excited him intensely. He could feel the leather, and that feeling intensified his lust a hundredfold. An aroma filled the very air -- the scent of pure, masculine sex. The musk of sweaty fucking mixed with the incredible earthiness of cowhide and the tang of candlewax to permeate the room, lifting Noah's arousal to new heights.

Impulsively, he hissed into the space above him, "Oh yes, Sir, fuck me, Sir. Use me for your toy, Master!"

The pleading continued, fast and soft as he begged for more, interspersed with renewed gasps of delight when Nick lowered his hands from the chains and pinched at Noah's nipples, tweaking and pulling at each and sending jolts of electric pleasure through his chest.

Responding in kind, Nick gave voice to his desires. "Yeah, take that cock, slave! Feel that big prick fucking your tight arse. You like that, don't you, boy? You like having that pole shoved up your hot hole?" His questions were punctuated by groans of delight as he humped again and again into Noah.

"Yes, Sir, I love it, Sir. I need it, Sir," came the gurgled reply.

Nick's vision was filled with the incredible sight of his slave boy lover spread wide before him, white skin interlaced with shining leather; long, strong legs encased in gleaming blackness and lifted so that Noah's booted feet were level with Nick's shoulders. He looked down to where they were connected, tingling with passion at the amazing picture of his own cock disappearing into the pink flesh of his lover, then re-appearing all glistening and hard, before being buried once more. The supporting chains clanked softly in accompaniment to the 'slurp, smack, slurp' as his prong pulled away from the suctioning cavern of Noah's rectum, then slammed back again so hard that his flesh and his balls slapped against his boy's rounded butt.

Without warning, Nick withdrew himself completely, backing away from the sling and his slave. A strangled plea escaped Noah's mouth, a single "Sir?", which Nick ignored. Turning on his heel, he stepped over to the shelves lining one wall and selected a toy -- a long black dildo. The fake penis was not quite as thick as Nick's own living prong, but at least three centimetres longer. With an evil grin he moved back to the centre of the room, his slimy, drooling manhood pointing the way.

He held up the latex prick for Noah to see, and noted the smile of anticipation on his lover's lips as he began to coat the thing with lubricant, still aloft so his boy knew exactly what he was doing.

"You want this, boy?" he demanded.

"Yes, Sir!" came the almost silent answer.

"I didn't hear you, slave."

"Yes, Sir, I want that please," Noah muttered more loudly. "Use it on me, Sir. Use me!" he hissed.

Nick grinned again, and placed the head of the dildo against his slave's puckering sphincter. Pausing for a moment until Noah nodded his head slightly, Nick then pushed the toy into his man, using all his strength to ram it deep into Noah's gut. Another gasp of delight, and he began to pull and push the dildo in and out at speed, fucking Noah on the toy as his own cock twitched and throbbed with excitement. A few minutes of thrusting, and Nick whipped the long latex dong from Noah's arse, replacing it instantly with his fully erect flesh, and fucking the man on the sling with hard, powerful drives. Again he pulled out, ramming the dildo back in his place. Over and over again, he alternated between filling Noah's body with himself, and spiking it onto the black, glistening toy, growing more and more aroused, and knowing that Noah was the same. The whispered obscenities from his lover increased in volume and need, and Nick knew that Noah was close to his peak.

With the dildo once again riding through Noah's ring of muscle, Nick dropped to one knee, scrabbling around on the floor with his free hand until he found what he was looking for. His fingers closed around the small dark bottle of amyl, and he stood again, reefing the toy away and slamming his cock hard into his slave's ravaged arse. He rested the fake dong on Noah's stomach, and opened the bottle, leaning forward to hold it under his man's nose.

Noah nodded, and drew several deep breaths of the pungent aroma before his head fell back onto the leather again. Nick lifted the bottle to his own face and sniffed long at it -- once, twice, three times. Quickly replacing the lid and dropping the amyl onto the sling beside Noah's body, he felt the wash of shuddering sensation as the stuff took effect. Noah began to call out louder, swinging himself back onto Nick's cock and humping against it in growing ecstasy. Responding, Nick fucked his mate with greater force, greater lust than ever.

The dildo remained in full view, and Nick grabbed at it, but instead of removing himself, he pressed the head of the toy against the puckering muscle where his cock pierced Noah's body.

"Oh, fuck yeah, do it, Sir!" Noah urged when he realised what this new prodding was.

Slowing his momentum a little, Nick worked the black latex down and alongside his prick, gradually forcing Noah's sphincter to open further, until it accepted the double penetration. In went the prong, sliding against Nick's cock. Deeper he pushed it as Noah cursed and muttered, all the while begging for more. Fully inserted, the dildo lined up along Nick's manhood, and he resumed the fucking motion, pounding his boy again and revelling in the feeling of another cock sharing that tight, wet hole with him.

Noah's eyes opened, and rolled back in his head as the indescribable pleasure of being double fucked wracked his body. Nick watched in ecstatic fascination as his white cock and the black dildo simultaneously penetrated Noah's stretched hole. For the most of fleeting of moments, he wondered what it would be like if that were another man's cock instead of just a toy, and then the thought disappeared as Noah screamed out a strangled warning, and succumbed to his orgasm.

With his slave's body spasming around him, clenching hard at the toy and his cock, and a fountain of cum shooting up and along Noah's stomach, Nick could hold back no longer. With a final, powerful thrust he jammed himself as far into Noah's body as he could, and felt the heady loss of control which signalled climax as his nuts emptied their precious load into his lover's body. He had no idea how long he remained there, shooting his essence into Noah, but eventually the dreamlike state of his peak eased, and he began to breath again.

Carefully removing the dildo from Noah, he leaned forward, lifting his man's face until they kissed: a long passionate expression of thanks and satisfaction. Slowly, reluctantly, he withdrew himself and stood back on unsteady feet, grasping the chains with one hand as he helped Noah rise from the sling with the other. As one, they collapsed into each other, arms around sweaty bodies, before sinking to the soft flooring and rolling together in spent lust.


An hour had passed, and the pair had cleaned themselves up and stripped away their beloved leathers. They were only now recovering from the heady glow of sated need, relaxing on a sofa with the fire burning brightly and their dog, Indiana, stretched out right on the hearth.

The jangle of the telephone brought a wordless curse of annoyance from Nick as he glanced at the clock. It was only early, though, and Noah smiled as he got up to answer it.

"At least they didn't disturb us half an hour ago!" he winked at his boyfriend.

"Half an hour ago, we would have ignored it," muttered Nick, but his smile also grew as he remembered what they were doing half an hour earlier.

"Hello?" said Noah into the phone. "Yes, that's us ... Noah speaking ... yes, I know Jim."

There was a lengthy silence then as Noah listened to the caller, while Nick lay there mildly curious. Jim had become a very good friend, probably their closest, since all of the trouble was over last year. Happily, he had recently found someone new, and was building a relationship with him now.

"Listen," Noah broke in to the conversation Nick couldn't hear. "I think you've got the wrong idea altogether. We don't do that kind of thing all the time. Jim's situation was unusual, a 'one-off' and ..." He stopped again, trying to speak but obviously being talked over. Nick began to get concerned.

" ... No, ..." Noah began to protest, then more jabbering from the phone before finally he shrugged. "Okay then, but I really don't think we can help. What about tomorrow? ... Oh, yes, I guess so ... well in an hour then. Give me the address ..." He scribbled quickly before saying a few words of good-bye, and hung up.

"What was all that about?" Nick asked suspiciously.

"It was a friend of Jim's, someone called Joe. He wants us to try to help him find his boyfriend."

"What!" Nick almost shouted. Noah shrugged resignedly.

"I told him that wasn't what we did, but he said Jim told him how much we had helped when Jim went missing. He says he's been to the police and they won't help; that he's desperate. I said we'd at least go over and talk to him about it."

Nick exploded. "For god's sake, Noah, you're too ... I don't know, too nice! You should have just told him to forget it and hung up!"

"Maybe, but he just sounded so lost. He said Jim told him the same thing I had, but he was completely out of ideas for what else to try." Noah shook his head, looking thoughtful. "I can't help but think that if anything happened to you, I would try anything I could to get you back," he said.

Nick's look of thunder eased a little. His temper was always quick to ignite, but fortunately quick to subside as well. "Okay, Mother Theresa, we'll go and see this latest project of yours," he relented.

Noah grinned. "I knew you would. You always will help, even when you pretend you won't. We're to meet him at his house in an hour."


It didn't take the two long to locate Joe's home in Redfern, and they found themselves in a tasteful, but very normal looking home as Joe offered drinks, beckoning them in and showing them to the living room.

"Thanks for coming, guys, I really appreciate it," he began.

Nick cut him off. "I really don't think we can help," he said forcefully. "That business with Jim was something we got caught up in almost by accident. We didn't set out to solve any crime, and we're not going looking for it again."

Joe looked crestfallen, and Noah tried to make some peace.

"Joe, honestly, this sort of thing is best handled by the police," he said soothingly. "I know it seems like they don't do anything, but they have the resources, and they're often working away quietly so you don't even know they're doing it."

"But I've been to the cops," Joe protested. "Again and again. I went to them the next morning when Richard didn't come home, and I've been back every day since. They just keep fobbing me off. One of them even said to my face that it was just a lover's tiff, and that once he calmed down he'd be back again."

"Is that so far from possible?" Nick asked gruffly. "Maybe that's exactly what he's doing?"

"No, no," Joe shook his head vehemently. "We've been together more than six years now, and we've fought plenty of times. He's walked out before, but never stayed away all night. He always comes home after a few hours. But it's been almost a week, and I haven't heard from him. I've called all our friends, and nobody's seen him."

Noah looked pityingly at the other man. "That does sound unusual, then," he said. "So just what did happen when he left?"

Joe's face reddened into a severe blush. "We had an argument. A big one. He yelled at me, and I yelled back. I thought he was going to hit me, but instead he just turned away and stormed out, slammed the door behind him."

"What was the argument about? Something you've fought about in the past?" Noah asked.

The red in Joe's cheeks deepened even more. "No, not really," he said softly. "Um, guys, one of the reasons that I called you was because Jim said I could count on your ... discretion?"

"Go on," Nick said evenly, his curiosity piqued.

"Well, it's just that Richard and I ..." he hesitated, looking first to Noah, then to Nick, before lowering his eyes, and going on in a rush of breath. " ... we're into a bit of leather, a bit of S and M role playing, you see. We don't make a big thing of it, and don't tell many people about it. Jim knows because, well, we knew him before all that trouble last year, and afterwards he told us about it, and about his getting into leather, and so we, umm, sort of 'came out' to him, told him we were into it as well." He finished just as quickly, the look on his face almost guilty.

"Did Jim tell you we were into leather, too?" asked Noah, to an astonished look from Nick.

Joe's face showed clearly that he hadn't. "No," he said quickly. "He just said that you knew about him, and that you were okay with that, that it didn't stop you from doing everything you could to help!"

"I thought so. But I also guessed that it would help you to feel better about telling us if you knew about us. It's not that we make it generally known, but then that's not because we're ashamed of it either. We just feel that it's something between us personally. We don't quite fit into the scene, so we keep it to ourselves, and a few very select friends."

"But what does it have to do with the fight?" butted in Nick, still recovering from his surprise that Noah would reveal their 'secret' to a stranger.

"That was kinda what the fight was about," said Joe, more confidently now. "We fought because I suggested we try something, and Richard went crazy at the thought of it."

"What did you suggest?" Nick said, his gaze squarely on Joe's face.

"That we try a 'threesome'!" Joe gasped out, his head dropping as his body shook with the effort of the confession.

Noah gripped Nick's arm with his left hand, but reached his right hand out and draped it over Joe's shoulder. "Come on, Joe," he said, sympathetically, "Tell us all the details. If we are even going to have any chance of helping, we have to know exactly what happened."

"Then you will help?" Joe looked up, suddenly hopeful.

"I didn't say that. I still don't know if we can. But if we can, then we will. Tell us the story."

Joe shrugged again, searching for his words. "I guess you need a bit of background..." He stopped again, remaining silent, obviously still struggling with the enormity of confessing the secret details of his sex life to these two men.

"I swear we won't judge or even comment, Joe," Nick said at last. "I know how hard it must be -- I don't know that I could tell someone I'd only just met all the intimate details of what Noah and I get up to, but try, please?"

Noah nodded approvingly at his man, and spoke gently to Joe. "Yes, come on Joe. Let it out. What you and Richard do in private is between you. If it works for you, then it must be okay, and that's all you need to remember."

Joe finally looked up, and seemed to reach a decision. Slowly at first, then with more confidence, he began to speak.

"Richard and I get right into a role playing scene of a Master and a slave. He is always the Master, and I'm his slave." He stopped, looking at Nick and Noah, and finding no disapproval or condemnation in their eyes, he went on. "It's always the same. I never had any desire to do anything else, and neither did he. We went the whole way I guess -- handcuffs, dildoes, paddles, rope, a bit of punishment -- but nothing serious, nothing that would do permanent damage, and I always consented to it. In fact, I wanted it, badly. We even have a dungeon set up in the basement below the house -- sling, restraints, St Andrew's cross, the whole bit." He stopped again, muttering quietly, "Damn, it's not easy to say this to you, to anyone!"

Nick raised his eyebrows in a question to Noah, who simply nodded. "Well, since, we're doing confessions, Joe, I'll tell you that Noah and I have a dungeon at home as well. And we play the same kind of roles. I am Noah's 'Master' and he is my slave. And I suspect we have just as much, umm, 'equipment', as you guys. So you see, it's okay. Now what happened the night he left?"

Joe's look of surprise grew into a grateful smile as he looked and found confirmation on Noah's face.

"Well, like I said, it was always the same. And I mean always. I felt like we were getting ... stale. No, that's not right. Predictable! That's better. There didn't seem to be quite the spark that we used to have. It was almost as though we're having sex like clockwork. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I hadn't told Richard how I felt until last weekend."

He went quiet for a minute, but the boys let him gather his thoughts. Once again, he took up the story. "We had just finished a 'session' in the dungeon. I felt, even more than usual, that we were on auto-pilot or something. So I asked him if he'd like to try something different sometime. He seemed to be interested, so I said I'd been wondering what it would be like if we brought someone else into our playing -- tried a threesome. That was when he just exploded!"

"What did he say?" asked Noah softly.

"He yelled at me. Told me that I was being ridiculous. Told me that I didn't know when to leave well enough alone. He asked me if I didn't love him anymore, and when I swore that I did, he said that if we were in love, then we couldn't possibly share our life with someone else. I tried to explain that I was just talking about sex, not love, but he wouldn't listen. I told him that I love him, and nobody else. I told him that I was just trying to find a way to give some more spice to our sex life, to expand our fantasies a little bit."

Joe looked as though he were about to break down, but he bit his lip and went on. "He began to scream at me, saying that I couldn't see the difference between games and real life, that what we did in the dungeon was just a game to me. He said that I needed to realise that what we fantasised about we could never actually do in reality. He muttered something about how, if I wasn't careful, I would ruin everything. That was when I began to be afraid, because he went very quiet, something he doesn't usually do. The look in his eyes -- I just can't describe it. Then he swung around and pulled on a jacket and loose jeans, gave me another horrible look, and stormed out. Bloody hell, he was still wearing his leathers -- harness, chaps, the whole works under those clothes when he left! What if he's had an accident? What if someone finds him, and finds what he's wearing underneath? Fuck knows what they would think; what they would do!"

"I'm sure if anyone had found him hurt or unconscious they would have just called an ambulance, and no doubt you would have heard about it by now," Noah said reassuringly. "What we need to do is think about where he might have gone, try to imagine just how angry he would be."

"That's the funny thing," Joe added.

"How do you mean," asked Nick.

"I was just so shocked at his reaction, I don't understand ..."

"Well, I think having your lover tell you that he wants to bring a third party into your sexual games, even if it is just for a 'bit of spice', would probably upset most people!" Nick declared, a little sarcastically, and ignoring Noah's disapproving glance.

"Maybe so," Joe agreed, gaining a little fire in his own voice. "But when it's been part of our patter for so long, I would have thought suggesting it for real wouldn't be quite so threatening."

"What?" Nick's face was a study in surprise.

"When we're together, when we're playing, Richard often tells me how he's going to find another slave to keep me company, how he intends to set up a 'harem'. I go along with it, because it turns me on too, I guess." He went red again, but only quickly, overcoming his self-consciousness now. "We talk about it often, imagining that he has several slaves, that I have to serve him, and serve the other slaves as well. When we pretend, I'm like the number one slave, but that means that I have to be the most submissive as well. It's all just words, just talk while we fuck. But it's hot. I thought he would at least talk about the possibility of trying it, instead of getting so angry."

"That is interesting," said Noah thoughtfully. "You're sure you have no idea where he might have gone to? Is there anyone else who he may want to talk to about what happened?"

"No," answered Joe emphatically. "Jim is the only one, apart from you guys now, who knows anything about our fantasising, and our leather. We only told him because he told us about what happened ... you know?"

"Yes, we know," said Nick dryly.

"And you've heard nothing since?" Noah pressed. "No phone calls, no messages, no emails?"

"Uh, no, nothing at all," Joe said, although he looked uncertain.

"What is it?" Noah asked, picking up on his hesitation.

"You mentioned email," Joe said. "I am afraid I must be one of the last people on the planet to have to admit this, but I am totally computer illiterate. I wouldn't know how to get an email if there was one."

"Then what's this?" Nick said, pointing at a laptop computer sitting closed on a sideboard.

"Richard's! He's the computer junky in the family. I don't even know how to turn the thing on. Richard does all our finances and stuff on that thing. I know he's got an email address because he gets people to send stuff to us. But I wouldn't know what it is. He shows me things on there from time to time, or prints them out, but that's all I know. I work in a manual labour position, out of doors, so I don't have any use for a computer at work, and I've never had any desire to use one at home."

Noah looked thoughtful. "Maybe there's something on there that might help. Would you mind if we had a look?"

"Go ahead, if you think you can get it to work. Like I said, it's like some space gadget to me!" Joe replied.

Before they could even try, the doorbell rang. Joe checked the spy hole, and swore softly. "It's Tony, a friend of ours. He's been coming around to make sure I'm okay since Richard left. Don't mention the leather stuff to him, please?" he begged.

"Your secret's safe with us," Nick declared.

Joe opened the door and invited Tony inside, quickly introducing him to Nick and Noah, explaining that they were friends of Jim who had said they would try to help find Richard since the cops weren't doing anything.

Tony's eyebrows raised a little, but he smiled warmly. "Great!" he said. "The more help the better. I still think Richard will be home when he calms down, although it has been a lot longer than usual!"

"So you know about the fight, and that this isn't the first time?" Nick asked in surprise.

Tony blushed a little, and nodded. "I guess it's not the sort of thing you want broadcast," he said as he put his arm protectively around Joe's shoulders. "But I've known these two for quite a while, and I've seen them argue before as well. That's part of being a good friend, I suppose. But Richard has always come home after a few hours whenever it's happened before. We're both worried, aren't we mate?" he said gently to Joe, who simply nodded agreement.

"Do you have any idea where we might start looking for Richard then?" Noah asked.

Tony shook his head slowly, thoughtfully.

"Nope. We've called everyone we can think of, and Joe's been to the cops. But no-one's seen him since last Sunday night."

"Joe," said Noah with some resignation. "We'll do what we can, but I have to tell you that I can't see how we can help."

"But you'll try?" Joe asked, desperation returning to his voice. "Jim said if anyone could find him, you could."

Nick managed a wry smile. "I think Jim is vastly overestimating our abilities."

"Do you have some photos of Richard that we could take?" Noah asked. "It might help to know what he looked like."

"Sure," answered Joe, hurriedly digging out several pictures of Richard alone, or the two of them together. "You can use these."

"I still don't know what we can do that you haven't already tried," Noah said, the doubt in his voice obvious.

"At least take this thing and see if that helps," Joe said, picking up the laptop and offering it to Noah.

"Hey, Joe, are you sure?" Tony spoke suddenly. "No offence, guys, but there's a lot of personal information on that computer. Richard does all of their banking and budgeting on that."

"Unh, yeah, I'm sure they can be trusted," Joe said, his face flushing again. Nick winked at him knowingly, but fortunately Tony's back was to him, so he didn't see the signal.

"I swear, we'll only look for any clues as to where he might have gone," Noah promised. "We won't go into your financial stuff, and we won't change anything. We swear all of your secrets will stay secret. It will be all the same as always, when Richard comes back!"

Thanks, guys," Joe grinned weakly.

"I think that's about all we can do tonight," Nick opined. "Come on, Noah, I think we need to get some rest before we get started on trying to find Richard."

"Yep," his partner agreed. "Joe, try to get some sleep. We'll talk to you again tomorrow, okay?"

"Thanks, guys, again," Joe answered. He got up to show them out, but Tony stopped him.

"Stay there, Joe," he said firmly. "I'll show them out for you."

Joe nodded, and Tony led the others to the front door. "So are you guys professionals at this?" he asked curiously.

"No, nothing like that," replied Nick.

"We've just been involved in something similar once before," Noah continued. "I still don't think we can help, but Joe seems like a nice guy, and I guess it's like a favour for a friend."

"Oh, okay." Tony seemed surprised. "Still, anything to help ease Joe's mind. He is really stressed out about this, and I hate seeing him so upset."

"He's lucky to have someone like you to look out for him, with Richard doing a disappearing act," Nick noted.

"Oh, I suppose," Tony said, almost off-handedly. "I care a great deal for Joe. For both of them," he added hurriedly. "I just think that Richard can probably look after himself better than Joe can."

Something about the way he spoke rang alarm bells for the boys. "What does that mean?" asked Nick quickly.

Tony looked around, back to where Joe was sitting in the lounge, out of earshot. "Guys," he whispered, "I don't know if it helps, or even if it's relevant, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Richard may have been 'playing around' a bit."

"Do you have any proof, any evidence?" asked Noah softly but urgently.

"No, none at all. Just a suspicion. And I haven't mentioned it to Joe. He's already upset enough without that. Please don't tell him I said it. Please don't even mention it unless you actually come up with some proof that that's what is going on, okay?"

"Okay," agreed Noah.

"Thanks," said Tony. "If I can help, just let me know." He pressed a small business type card into Noah's hand with his address and phone number on it. "I just want what's best for Joe!"


Chapter 2

"So do you think we are going to be able to get anything from this?" Nick asked Noah as he pointed at the laptop computer Joe had given them.

"I doubt it," Noah replied. "We probably won't even be able to find the basic stuff. From what Joe said, he wouldn't even know what a 'username' or password was, so I'm guessing we'll hit a brick wall as soon as we start it up."

"Well let's see, then," Nick answered, opening the cover and hitting the power on. The machine booted up slowly, the familiar Windows desktop appearing on screen. Noah watched over his shoulder. This was Nick's domain -- it was he who did most of the computer work for them both. Noah could certainly use the internet and check emails, but he left it to Nick to keep their banking and other stuff up to date. He reflected for a second on how much the two of them seemed to parallel Joe and Richard in a lot of ways.

Nick's grunt of surprise brought him back to the moment. "That's funny! He doesn't have any initial log-on protection. It's just booted up and everything's ready to be opened," Nick said, pointing out the various desktop icons.

"I guess if he only used it at home, and Joe never touched it, maybe he didn't think passwords were necessary," Noah offered.

"Maybe, but he's a fool if that's true. Anyone could steal this and get access to all their personal stuff! Still, if that's the case, it makes our job a lot easier in terms of checking through this thing."

As Noah decided to busy himself making coffee, Nick began a tentative exploration. He opened a few folders quickly, then shut them down again. Not only did he not really care to know about Joe and Richard's finances, bills or budgets, he felt that it was an unnecessary invasion of their privacy, and not relevant to his purpose; finding some clue as to what might have happened to Richard.

"Well there's no suicide notes or 'dear john' letters on here that I can see," he said half jokingly.

"Nick! That's not particularly funny," Noah remonstrated.

"Sorry," he said, and meant it. "It's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack though. I don't know where to look for something that I don't know what I'm looking for!"

"We asked Joe about emails," Noah offered. "Can you get into that at least?"

"Oh, I doubt it ..." Nick began, then stopped. "Although if he is a careless with them as everything else on here ..." He looked thoughtful. "Noah, here plug this into the phone jack," he said, handing his partner a telephone connection cord. "Hopefully, they were on dial up, and he has left the connection box unprotected."

As Noah confirmed that the line was plugged in, Nick hit the 'Outlook Express' icon. To his amazement, the connection warning opened, and the username was there to be read, a series of black dots indicating the password was saved in memory, eliminating the need to type it in. "Handy for him, even better for us. I just don't believe some people are so careless," Nick stated.

With a simple click on the 'connect' command, Nick sat back and watched as Richard's email server sought out his internet provider, and logged onto his account. Nick was no longer surprised at the ease with which he could get access to Richard's computer. He simply shook his head, and watched as the usual list of junk emails downloaded. There were several messages from friends, but after scanning them quickly, he found that they were all of little use, most asking why they hadn't heard from Richard and expressing concern at his disappearance. One or two seemed to be more 'business' oriented, but Nick quickly discounted those as being of any use to them in their search as well.

"Doesn't look like there's anything here," he sighed at last.

"It's late," noted Noah. "Turn that thing off and come to bed. We can try again in the morning when we're thinking more clearly."

Nick yawned his agreement, reminded now that he was tired. "Okay, handsome, lead me to the bedroom."

"Hah, don't go getting ideas," his partner quipped. "I don't think either of us is up for anything more than sleep at this stage."


Both men were awake early the next morning. The missing Richard had featured in their dreams, and Nick was now determined to find out what had happened to him, despite his reluctance of the previous evening. Over coffee and toast, he and Noah tried to reason out what could have eventuated.

"Richard must have gone somewhere after the fight," Noah thought aloud. "Which means that unless he simply checked into a hotel, he must have gone to someone he knew, someone he felt he could talk to about what had happened. Yet none of their friends have heard from him."

"Maybe he did the opposite," Nick mused.

"How do you mean?"

"What if he wanted to go somewhere to completely forget about the argument, instead of talking it over?"

"But that would still mean going to a friend," Noah muttered.

"Yeah," Nick agreed hesitantly. "So far we've been looking for their friends. Say Richard had 'friends' of his own, that Joe didn't know about?"

Noah looked shocked for a moment, thinking on the possibility. "If Tony is right, and Richard was playing around, then that could be right. He may have acquaintances that Joe didn't know about ... but how do we find them?"

Nick's gaze rested on the computer once more. "Joe never touched this laptop?" he asked himself.

Noah answered anyway. "No. He said he has no idea about computers. He leaves everything to do with them up to Richard."

"I wonder ..." Nick mumbled, as he booted up the machine again.

Still amazed at the lack of protection on Richard's laptop, Nick waited impatiently for it to come online. He opened the Internet Explorer browser. Clicking on the favourites menu, he brought up a list of banks and other businesses. "Hmm," he muttered in disappointment.

"What's that?" asked Noah, pointing to a folder in the favourites list simply called 'M'.

Nick opened the sub-menu, and whistled. "Bingo!" he declared. The list of sites included leather clubs, adult shops, and numerous addresses that neither of them recognised, but with names like 'Sado-subs' and 'Willing Slaves'. There was also a link to hotmail, and to a gay online matching service.

As Noah watched, Nick followed the link to Hotmail, which opened a log-on window. Still surprised by Richard's stupidity, or arrogance maybe, he pointed out to Noah that the user-name and password were saved and already in place. "It might save him the effort of typing them in," Nick explained, "but it also means anyone who turns this computer on can get access to his Hotmail account. I suspect Joe has no idea that Richard even has a Hotmail account. Look at that -- his nickname is 'mrdominance'!"

Hitting the log-in button, Nick and Noah watched as the page opened to show a long list of messages. Nick opened a number of them at random, as he and Noah read them carefully.

"Well, it certainly seems like Tony was right!" Noah breathed at last. "A lot of these emails are from guys wanting to have sex with him, some are confirmations of dates, and quite a few of them are like 'thank-you' notes, saying what a good time they had and asking for more! It looks like there's a whole other side to Richard that Joe has no idea about."

"You can say that again," Nick agreed. "How on earth did he manage to do all of this without Joe suspecting? It looks like he was out screwing around every three or four days!"

"Go to the most recent ones," Noah said suddenly. "See if there's anything either agreeing to a date after he walked out, or thanking him for sex after that day."

Nick quickly looked through all of the emails that had come in since the day of Richard and Joe's fight, but most of them were similar to the 'normal' emails -- asking why 'mrdominance' hadn't been in contact, pleading for him to email them. "No, it looks from this like he dropped off the scene of his 'other' life too."

"Damn!" swore Noah.

"Let's try something else," Nick said, thinking aloud. He opened the favourites menu again, and selected the site for the gay match-making service. This time, when the log-in page came up, the fields were empty.

"Does that mean we can't get into it this time?" Noah asked with concern.

"Nope, sometimes these things won't allow Windows to 'remember' the details, but ..." Nick grinned. "Look here." he pointed to a link just below the log-in boxes which read 'Click here if you cannot remember your user name or password.' Nick clicked on the link, and a new page came up advising them to enter the email address they used to join up to the service, and their username and password would be emailed to them.

"So how do we know what the email address is?" asked Noah.

"It's almost certainly his Hotmail address," Nick stated confidently, typing it in. He waited a few minutes and went back to the hotmail page. Sure enough, an email had come in from the service, giving them Richard's log-in details.

"This is almost too easy," Noah stated flatly.

"It just goes to show that if you have something to hide, or something you don't want available to almost anyone who picks up your computer, you should be making sure there are password protections on everything," Nick said.

Back to the matchmaking service they went, entering the details supplied, and soon found themselves directed to a page listing photos, nicknames and email addresses of men who were available for sex. Richard had obviously set his preferences here too, because the listings that came up were all for men very much into leather, bondage and discipline, and more. Noah soon realised too, that most of them stated they wanted anonymous hot sex, with no strings and no relationships.

"Can you find out if Richard has his own listing?" Noah asked.

"I would guarantee he does," Nick said, searching for something on the upper menus. "Ha, here we go!" he announced.

A new page opened, headed 'Your Profile'. The two of them stared in amazement as several photographs came into view, presumably of Richard, although they couldn't be sure since they had only a photo of him from Joe, while these photos were all of a man in full leather gear, with his face obscured or cut off altogether. Richard or not, the photos were hot!

The subject of these images was tall and wide shouldered, with a chiselled chest and flat stomach. He wore a Master's hood in some pictures, and a police style cap in others. An elaborate harness surrounded his torso, partially covered by a leather vest or a jacket. Skin tight black chaps encased his legs, leading to high, square boots. In some of the photos he wore a black leather cod-piece, but in a number of them his rampant erection was on clear and proud display. Beneath the various pics was a short bio.

'Total top interested in hearing submissions from slaves who think they might be able to please me. If you have a hungry hole and a high pain thresh-hold; if you need to be completely dominated and humiliated, I could be your Master. Utter obedience a necessity. Nameless, anonymous encounters are perfect. No relationships, no strings, no emotion. Apply to Mr Dominance ...'

... followed by Richard's hotmail address.

"Holy Fuck!" stated Nick.

"Indeed," was Noah's more measured agreement. "I don't know how we're going to tell Joe about this."

"He's gotta know," Nick declared.

"Maybe." Noah did not sound convinced. "If we can find Richard, then its up to him to tell Joe about it, not us."

Nick said nothing, but he made it clear he didn't agree.

"It still doesn't help us find him, though," Noah went on, ignoring the look Nick was giving him. "Is there anything else we can try, anything else on this computer that could direct us to where he might be?"

Turning his attention back to the computer, Nick tried opening another link, this time to a site Richard had simply labelled 'Club'. When the web page downloaded, the site announced that it was the home page of "Tortura -- A Private Members Club for Anonymous Desires". It was once again an entry page for 'members', but as before, the user name and password log-in fields were already filled in. Nick hit the entry button, and the page flashed up a message: 'Welcome Back, mrdominance' before beginning to load photographs which were stated as being from 'recent club nights'.

Both Nick and Noah watched in fascination as the images appeared on the screen. Images of men, all of them in leather garb, alone, in couples and groups, engaging in what could only be described as an orgy of fetish sex; there were photos of guys being fucked in slings; of masters punishing slaves with whips and paddles; of slaves bound to crosses and benches, being penetrated with dildoes and chains and other toys; of men being fisted. No faces could be seen, but not because the images had been distorted. Everyone in these pictures was wearing some kind of hood, or mask, or glasses to make them hard to identify. Noah whistled softly.

"I had no idea places like this existed," he said.

"Neither did I," Nick answered, "but I guess there must be a demand for them."

"Richard is obviously a member of this club," Noah pointed out. "Can you find out more about it?"

Nick found a tab marked 'About' and clicked on the link. A blurb appeared on the screen explaining that the Club catered for members who wanted anonymous pleasure, who did not need or want to know names or details. It went on at some length about how the members specifically sought out a place where they could enjoy their pleasures without attachment; that it was precisely this lack of identity which heightened the experience. The rules were spelt out, but simple enough -- you paid a joining fee which got you membership to the Club, including access to the website, plus a 'function fee' every time you actually visited. The place was open 24 hours a day, and as long as the participants consented, basically it was a case of 'anything goes'. The only other rule, and this seemed to be stressed as paramount, was that you could not identify yourself, or anyone else you met there, even if you knew them from 'outside' in any way except by a chosen 'club name'. The site went on to give an address in Darlinghurst, with details of how to get there, and advice about a changing room where you could leave street clothes in a locker before entering the club proper.

"With those sort of rules, we're not going to get anything out of them about Richard," Nick stated. "I suspect they wouldn't even confirm he was a member for us."

"You're right," Noah agreed. "But surely someone there would know him anyway, might be concerned about the fact that he has disappeared?"

"Even if they knew him, they would only know his nickname. Think about it -- this place exists for anonymity. That's one of its appeals. They don't know anything about each other except nicknames, and that they have sex!"

Noah looked at the screen without seeing it. His face was a study in thought. "It's a long shot, I know. But so far it's the closest thing we've got to a lead to finding him."

"And how do we go about it?" Nick asked scornfully. "March in there and start asking questions? I don't think so! We'd be thrown out in a second."

"No, we'd have to be subtle," Noah remonstrated. "We'd have to feel our way, be careful. But I really think it's the best chance we've got. I think we need to join this club!"

Nick looked shocked for a minute, then an evil grin crept across his face. "You realise that that means going out in public in our leathers? And probably having to have sex in front of other guys who will be watching, maybe even wanting to join in?"

"Yes, that occurred to me. I think we can stop them from joining in -- the rules say you have to consent, so we could push anyone away who got too 'interested', but yes I think we might have to let them watch us. I'm more concerned about someone we know being there, someone recognising us."

Nick grimaced, but stopped. "Wait -- that is unlikely to happen -- this place insists on anonymity remember. It might make things hard for us to find Richard, but it helps to avoid any unwanted familiar faces. Everyone is sworn to secrecy, but more than that -- they all wear something to hide themselves. Look at the pictures again. If you're sure you want us to have semi-public sex, we can cover who we are."

Noah raised an eyebrow, but Nick smiled mischievously. "Hoods!" he said. "You already have a slave hood that covers your face. I've been thinking lately about a master's hood, because you look so hot in yours. This is just the chance. It's not like it's a waste of money -- we can certainly use them again after this is all over!"

Noah smiled as well. "I love the way you think," he said. "I love you!"

"I love you, too! So, do we try this place tonight?"

Noah nodded.

"Then we'd better go shopping today," Nick laughed.


Around 7.30 that evening, the pair were ready to go. Both of them wore their favourite leather gear, enhanced with their new purchases, to create an effect by their appearance. The wanted to be noticed in this club tonight.

Noah's entire upper body was traversed by an intersecting leather harness burnished with chrome studs. Two large silver rings framed his nipples, and from the rings piercing those hard brown nubs hung a slender chain, dangling across his chest. Around his neck was a wide dog collar, also set with studs, and a D-ring where a leash could be attached easily. The lower straps of the harness ran beneath the waistline of his chaps, and then under the leather codpiece which encapsulated his cock and balls, and which was held in place by snaps so that it could be quickly removed, baring his groin. His chaps were plain, black, and shining: so tight every muscle in his legs was accentuated. Bicep bands, again in black leather and set with chrome studs, snaked around both arms, and he held in his hands a slave hood -- soft kid leather which would fit over his head, leaving only holes for his eyes and mouth when it was laced up from behind.

Nick whistled appreciatively, and Noah grinned, turning to show off his perfect, rounded butt cheeks framed by the chaps. "You look fucking hot," he said to his partner, eyeing Nick carefully and fighting the urge in his loins.

The chaps Nick wore were almost as tight as Noah's, but they were set with a thin red stripe which ran completely down the outside of each leg. Beneath the chaps was a combination jock-strap and cod, arranged so that when the outer layer was removed, Nick's testicles would still be held within a cocoon of black leather while his cock was free. The harness he wore was made up of four very wide straps, one over each shoulder, and one connecting around each side of his ribs, so that all four met at a large chrome ring in the centre of his chest. The lower straps framed and lifted his pecs, emphasising them and making him look even bigger. Hanging from the harness itself were several lengths of chain, sparkling in the soft light, which hung across his taut abdomen, and down the side of his torso. Over the harness he wore an open leather vest which was joined at either side by more chain, exposing his flesh and the harness to perfection. On his lower arms, long black gauntlets embedded with silver covered him from wrist to elbow, and above them armbands around his biceps matched those on Noah. He slipped on the hood he had purchased as a trial -- the leather sat over his head and down the back of his skull to his upper neck. At the front, the hood was cut off in line with the tip of his nose, but covered his ears, so that apart from the slits for his eyes, only his lower cheeks, mouth and chin were visible.

"It seems such a waste to cover this up," Nick said, indicating their respective leathered frames as he tucked the hood into a jacket pocket, and they donned jackets and loose jeans over their leathers.

"It'll be uncovered soon enough!" was Noah's reply.

"Are you okay with this?" his partner sounded concerned now.

"Yes, just a little nervous. But in some ways it's exciting too," he winked.

"Noah! You'll become a genuine exhibitionist yet," Nick laughed.

They drove to within a block of the club, and approached the doorway slowly. It was in a dark alley off a quiet street, surrounded by commercial buildings, and felt surprisingly isolated for being right in the middle of the city. As they pushed open the door, a buzzer sounded faintly, and a young guy quickly appeared at a desk just inside.

"Welcome," he said, and sounded like he meant it. "Are you members of the Club?"

"No, not yet," replied Noah. "But we'd like to join."

"Sure. We don't often get people coming in together as a couple, but I guess you can. Here are the rules," he handed them a printed sheet which was the same as the blurb they had found on the web site. "All you do is complete this form ... choose a 'member name' and sign it. You pay a one off joining fee, and a fee each time you show up. We have lockers just off this room where you can change and leave your street clothes, then you enter the Club from the door on the opposite side of the locker room, and enjoy!"

Noah smiled wryly as he completed the paperwork. It repeated the rules, and required them to sign to confirm they agreed with them, and to state that they were not members of any police force or similar authority conducting any kind of investigation, then sign it. But it did not ask for identification or names, except for a 'member name' of their choosing.

"I can't imagine this would hold up too well in a court," he whispered to Nick. "What name are you going to call yourself?"

Nick looked thoughtful as he grinned darkly. "I don't know about me, but I think you should be 'Viking Boy'! it suits you so well, I might just start using it at home."

Noah choked back a reply. Suddenly that idea appealed to him. "You could be my Viking any time," he hissed. "Is that what you're choosing?"

"No, ..." Nick said. "I'm no Viking, just look at me."

Noah did, liking what he saw. "How about 'Sir Trojan'? It fits your background, and sounds strong."

"Close," Nick agreed, "but I think I'll drop the 'sir', and just use 'Trojan'. That sounds more commanding, more forceful."

Noah nodded. "I like it," he said meaningfully.

They completed their forms, and handed them over. The man at the desk looked through them, and filled out two small cards. "Here you are guys, these are your membership cards. They have log-in details for the website, and you'll need to bring them with you whenever you come in." He took their money, and indicated the door to the lockers. "Enjoy!" he said simply.

A little nervously, they both stripped off their outer clothes, and stood in the shining leathers, hoods covering their heads, staring at the door into the club area. "You ready for this?" Noah asked.

"Uh huh, I think so," Nick replied. Noah went to open the door when Nick hissed at him: "Noah, wait!"

As his lover turned to look questioningly, he explained.

"I think we need to be in character from here on. You have to be my slave, so follow me into the room, and stay back a bit, let them see right from the start what we are."

Noah nodded. "Okay, sir, lead on." He didn't find it at all difficult so far. They often took on this kind of role in private, and both enjoyed it immensely. It was just that they hadn't done it in front of strangers before.

The club itself turned out to be a series of rooms, all on one level spread throughout the building. There was a bar area adjacent to some seats, tables and benches where you could sit and drink and look. There were showers and toilets with complimentary towels at the back, and then there were the play areas. All similar, yet each slightly different. One area consisted of four slings, side by side. Another contained several slave benches; a third area had two St Andrews Crosses on opposing walls, with chains and wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling in the centre. All of the rooms were in use to some degree, by groups of three, four or more. Only once did they see just a couple -- making use of one of the benches, and while they watched, a third man approached and began to slide his cock into the slave's mouth while the original master ignored him and continued to fuck the boy between them.

Nick manoeuvred them toward the bar. "I'm new here," he announced as confidently as he could manage. "How do I pay for the drinks?"

"Goes on your tab, Sir" replied the waiter respectfully. "I just need your member name, and you pay on the way out."

"Okay," Nick answered. "Two beers -- for Trojan!"

The barman simply handed him the drinks, and wrote the order on a sheet of paper below the counter.

The two of them lounged against a wall as they drank, speaking quietly and watching the activity around them. They received a few looks, but more of the questioning, are you available? variety than anything else. One man sidled closely by them, looking appraisingly at Noah, and facing Nick squarely.

"You interested in sharing that slave of yours?" he asked in a husky voice. "Seems a pity to just leave him standing here when he could be serving me while you have a drink. Or I could limber him up for you, until you join us."

Nick stifled a cough of surprise. "Err, he's fine thanks," he said uncertainly. "I like to keep him close by, to make sure he doesn't do anything he shouldn't!"

The other man laughed good naturedly. "I can understand that," he said to Nick in a lower voice, conspiratorially. "There's too many men around here who don't know how to treat their slaves right -- just use 'em and throw 'em away. If I found myself a good 'boy', I'd want to keep him close, too. Anytime you feel like sharing, just let me know."

"Thanks, I will," Nick said sounding a little more confident.

"Sabre's the handle," the other man said, holding out his hand. Nick shook it happily.

"Um, I'm Trojan," he said. "I wasn't sure if I was supposed to introduce myself -- we're new to the Club."

"Oh, some of them take things a bit too serious for my liking," whispered Sabre. "I mean, there's still a world outside, isn't there?" He winked. "Take care, Trojan, and take care of that boy of yours." He walked away slowly, almost inviting them to follow him.

"Well, that didn't get us far," Noah commented. "We're not here to make new friends, you know."

"I know, but ... any ideas on how we ask about Richard?" Nick whispered.

"Afraid not," Noah replied.

"You know, I'm finding this place surprisingly, um, arousing," Nick confessed.

"I can see!" Noah looked pointedly at Nick's groin. The black hide of his codpiece was definitely bulging outward.

"Then since we're here, and nothing else is happening ... come on, Viking boy!" The final words were spoken more loudly, and more forcefully than the rest, and Nick put his empty beer down, walking towards the room where the slings were suspended from the roof, Noah following obediently.

The sling room was initially empty, and Nick leaned into Noah, kissing him eagerly. "Want to have some fun while we're here?" he whispered.

"Oh yeah," Noah grinned back. Without needing to be asked, he backed into one of the slings, and lifted his boots to the stirrups on either side. Nick helped him in, leering hungrily at his mate's leather clad body, and moved in close to him, unsnapping the cod-piece and leaving it hanging to one side. Noah's cock jumped to instant attention, and Nick began to circle the suspended body, running his fingers all over Noah while he appreciated the beauty presented to him.

There were dispensers filled with lube around the walls, and leaving Noah hanging in space, Nick ambled over to one, squeezing a generous dollop of the sticky liquid onto his hand before casually coming back to smear it across the puckering entrance to Noah's body. He slid one finger into his lover's hole, slipping in and out quickly and pulling at the inner lining of Noah's rectum. His other hand wandered up and over the leather cloaked orbs below his man's long unsheathed cock, and slowly caressed his mate in sensual massage. A second finger followed the first into that hungry orifice, and Noah began to moan as Nick opened him up.

A scuffling noise disturbed his concentration then, and Nick looked around to find someone else had entered the room. The man remained in the shadows, but close enough to see what the two lovers were doing. Trying to ignore him, Nick felt an unexpected throbbing as his erection hardened, and as one hand continued to play over Noah's leathered groin, the other returned to his slave's hole, where Nick introduced a third finger into Noah's body.

"Oh, yesss," the blond man whispered in delight.

"Yeah, open that hole up!" added a husky voice immediately to their left. The form from the shadows had emerged as a short, stocky man in harness and leather jock, wearing mirrored glasses. He moved even closer, speaking to Nick now.

"Come on, man, loosen that slave's hole! Get it ready for some serious fuckin'!" he said.

Noah twisted to see the owner of the voice, then looked up to Nick's face. "Yes, please, Trojan," he hissed. "Open that arse Sir!"

Nick could not believe the feeling of power and excitement racing through him. As he slowly inserted a fourth finger into Noah's sphincter, stretching it wide and driving in to the second knuckle, he became aware that others were also around them. Two obvious slaves stood to his right, one sucking the other's cock as the first stared at Nick's face, and whispered, "I can take more than that, Sir?"

Nick smiled indulgently, and shook his head. Looking up, he saw another Master behind Noah, simply standing with his arms crossed over his chest, and observing. The man was stunning; tall and muscled, with wide shoulders, a full harness encasing his upper body, and chaps on his legs. Where his genitals should have been however, was an elongated 'strap on' dildo, at least 40 centimetres long, hanging there as if ready to be used. Nick nodded an acknowledgement to him and returned his attention to his lover.

Sliding his hand in and out of Noah's arse, opening that sweet hole to its limit, Nick ached at the sight of Noah there on the sling, surrounded by darkened shapes, many of them whispering obscene suggestions, encouragements, or offers. Noah was writhing on the leather platform now, begging him to use him, and Nick's senses were in overdrive.

"You ready yet, Viking boy?" he asked menacingly.

"Fuck yeah, he's ready!" muttered the master who had been the first to appear, mere centimetres to his left. "Fuck his slutty hole now!"

With a snap, Nick removed the codpiece restraining his own manhood, and it sprang to attention as he took the silver chain connecting Noah's nipples in hand, and moved forward to nudge his cockhead into the waiting space between Noah's legs. As he did, the slave standing to his right, pushed his companion away and hurried forward. "Please, fuck me Sir?" he begged.

"Sorry, boy, but this one's mine for right now," he said, shoving the stranger away, but not too harshly.

"Fill this hole of mine, Trojan!" came Noah's voice in the darkness which seemed to be growing more crowded all the time.

"Oh, yeah, fuck him!" echoed a chorus of voices from all around them as the pair became the centre of attention in a group that had increased to about eight men.

Nick tingled with lust and desire, the urge filling him almost unbearable. Without any more delay, he drove his cock deep into Noah's chute, ploughing his way up and along that wet hot canal and claiming ownership of the slave boy hanging in the sling before him. With Noah clenching and calling out harsh pleas to be used, Nick fucked him hard, deep and fast, thundering in and out of Noah's body as the sling swung back and forth and Nick's hands roamed all over his slave.

"Take that, Viking boy," he called. "You like that cock, don't you son? Like having that sweet arse of your filled and fucked by my big fat cock?"

"Oh, yes, Sir," Noah responded enthusiastically. He was just as turned on by the scenario in which they found themselves as was Nick. "I love your cock inside me, Sir! I need you inside me, Sir! Please, Trojan, use me?"

"Use him! Fuck him! Treat him bad!" echoed voices all around them; murmured orders and encouragements in the whispering darkness. As Nick leaned into and over his mate, fucking Noah harder and deeper with long driving strokes, a hand reached between them, fingers closing around Noah's cock. Nick looked to where one of the other slaves knelt on the floor beside them, his eyes yearning as he gripped at Nick's lover.

"This one's all mine!" Nick hissed forcefully, but without breaking his motion, continuing to pump at Noah. "You can look, but don't touch. I ain't sharing at the moment!"

The hand was withdrawn quickly, and one or two figures skulked away, but most of the others crowded in even closer -- so close now that it was like a wall of bodies enclosing the narrow space where Noah rocked in the sling and Nick pounded him in a frenzy. The only place where the wall of men and leather wasn't complete was directly behind Noah's head. There stood the master with the fake cock dangling before him. He had uncrossed his arms and was stroking that massive toy as if he were masturbating. His eyes caught Nick's in a question, and for the shortest of moments Nick hesitated, before shaking his head.

The other master nodded acceptance and leaned forward. In a deep, gravelly voice he said to Nick, "Fuck that hot slave boy hard, man. He deserves everything you've got!"

Nick nodded, renewing his assault on Noah's body. His blood was racing, his nerves on edge as his body trembled with uncontrollable desire. He was so close to his peak and knew he could not resist when it happened. But Noah was there first. With a strangled yell, his lover shook and clenched hard, a long, thick rope of cum shooting from his cock. Most of it landed across Noah's chest and abs, but some shot out and onto the floor beside him. Unable to hold back, Nick matched him, spasm for spasm, filling the void in Noah's body with his seed as Noah emptied his nuts into the air and onto himself and those leaning over them.

Some of the slaves fell to the ground, lapping at the milky puddles beside the sling. Others pushed in, trying despite Nick's warnings, to run their fingers over either or both of the heaving, twitching bodies. A growl from Nick moved them away again, but not very far.

Slowly, the shaking of their orgasms subsided, and Nick fell into Noah, covering his body whilst still filling his arse. The comments from those around them now became congratulations and approvals, words of appreciation for a job well done, and a spectacle worth seeing.

When they finally separated, sweaty and grimy but sated, Nick helped Noah from the sling, and lifted him to his feet. The group around them began to dissipate. Noah leaned in to whisper in Nick's ear.

"I have an idea," he hissed. "Go with me on it, okay?"

Nick nodded, and Noah stepped back, lowering his head in supplication. "Thank you, Sir," he said loudly enough for everyone still in the room to hear. "If only I could serve both yourself and Mr Dominance at the same time, I would be proud."

Nick's eyes widened in their leather slits, but he caught on quickly. "But Mr Dominance isn't here, boy, and I am, so be grateful," he said with a sneer.

From off to one side, a master commented as an aside. "Mr Dominance hasn't been around for a week now."

Nick looked quickly to the speaker, but before he could move or say anything, another man standing just behind them, one of those who had tried to join in before being rebuffed, added: "And Mr Dominance doesn't like sharing boys anyway. He'd rather have two or three slaves to himself than share one with another master!"

"So you know Mr Dominance, then?" Nick asked, trying to sound casual.

"Yes, Sir, most everyone here knows him. He can be a bit ... rough, sometimes, if you know what I mean."

Nick turned towards the other, falling into his role more completely again. "I'll bet he used you, boy," he declared. "If he's broken you in, I might think about riding you myself."

The slave suddenly looked much more interested. "If you wish, Sir," he said eagerly. "My name is slut-hole, Sir."

"You may call me Trojan, boy," Nick ordered. "I need a drink before I start anything more tonight. Viking Boy, come with me!"

"Yes, Sir," Noah answered rapidly, following Nick toward the bar.

Almost as an afterthought, Nick turned back to the other slave. "A drink, slut-boy?"

"Please, Sir," the slave almost tripped over himself to catch them up.

Armed with beers, Nick held court near one of the tables, attended to by his two apparently fawning slaves.

"So, slut-boy," he said casually. "Mr Dominance enjoys you, does he?" His eyebrows went up as if he were appraising the other man like a piece of meat.

"I hope so, Sir," answered slut-boy. "At least I try to please him, although he often chooses me as a second, if Supersub isn't around."

"Supersub?" Nick asked.

"Oh yes, sir. Supersub is one of Mr Dominance's favourites. If they both show up on the same night, you can be sure they'll be together. Of course, Mr Dominance usually chooses three or four slaves to work on, but Supersub is always one of them, if he's here."

"I don't think I know this 'Supersub'," Nick announced, appearing to be trying to remember him. "Is he here tonight?"

"No, Sir. I haven't seen him in a while. In fact I haven't seen him since the last time I saw Mr Dominance. They had a really hot session with another sub. Had most of the club watching."

Noah's ears pricked up at that. Neither Richard nor this 'Supersub' had been seen since before the fight! Nick also noticed it.

"But I'm here, Sir," slut-boy went on, oblivious to the exchanged looks between Nick and Noah. "And I can serve you just as well, Sir."

Nick looked the slave up and down carefully, reaching out and running a finger down the man's chest, all the way to his groin, where he traced the outlined bulge of the other's cock inside his leather pouch.

"Tempting, boy, very tempting," he smiled at the slave. "However, you may have to wait for another night. I think it's time I got my slave home for some rest."

Slut-boy could barely conceal his disappointment. "If you say so, Sir," he grimaced. "I'm here most nights, Sir, ready to serve you!"

"Excellent, boy," Nick said. "I'll keep that in mind. Viking Boy! Get off your sorry arse, and move it out!"

"Yes, Sir!" Noah hurried to obey, following Nick into the locker room where they changed before Nick settled their account at the door, and they left. Noah did not say a word until they were safely in their car, heading home.

"Whew," Nick breathed a sigh of relief that he could relax again. "What do you think?"

"I think you were fucking hot in there!" Noah declared.

Nick looked in surprise at his mate. "I meant about Richard."

"I know what you meant," Noah laughed. "But you were still fucking hot! I surprised myself with just how much we were both getting into it, that's all."

"Me too, I guess," said Nick as he remembered the evening.

"As for Richard, and this 'Supersub', I just don't know. It certainly seems like Richard sees a lot of him, but is it just in the club, or does he see him other places as well?"

"Good question," Nick stated thoughtfully. "I think we need to check Richard's computer again."


Chapter 3

The next morning Nick and Noah dragged themselves out of bed late. The previous evening had been both late and exhausting. They went about their morning routine like robots, both of them quieter than usual, and each of them sensing some unease in the other.

Finally Noah broke the silence.

"Nick, I think we have to talk about last night."

"Yeah, I think we do," his partner answered.

"I'm sorry," Noah said suddenly, moving to embrace his lover in a hug.

The surprise on Nick's face was complete. "You're sorry? Why are you sorry?"

"I got so carried away last night. At the club. In front of all those other guys. Nick, I love you, and I honestly mean it when I say I've never felt bored or stale with our relationship, or with our sex life. But last night was just so incredible. With you fucking me in that sling, with all the other guys around us watching, urging you on. You looked so hot, you felt so good inside me, that I let myself go with it ..."

"Noah, my love," Nick pleaded. "I thought you might have been upset with ME! I felt the same way. Until last night I would have laughed if someone told me I would enjoy anything except what we have, yet ordering you around, having you beg me as my slave, with everyone there to see it, to hear it, was so amazing. I felt so powerful, so much in control, I got swept up in the moment. It started out as an act, but by the time we were finished I was living that whole fantasy in front of those men, and I wanted it to go on. I'm the one who is sorry."

They hugged again, holding each other tightly for reassurance. "Is there something wrong with our relationship, then," Nick asked hesitantly.

"No, I don't think so," Noah answered slowly, thinking as he spoke. "I think that if we hadn't brought it out in the open, if we couldn't talk about what happened, then there might have been something wrong. But as long as we can talk to each other about it, honestly, then we'll be okay."

"There's more," Nick whispered, hanging his head. "When those other guys were crowding around, when a couple of them wanted to join in -- I, well I wanted them to, part of me. I wanted to dominate the other slaves as well, to have them begging me to use them like I was using you. I wanted to do it, to fuck them. And I wanted the other masters to join in with me, to use all of the slaves ... including ... including you! I'm so sorry, but that was how I felt."

Noah held his man, running his fingers through his hair. "But Nick, don't you see -- that's what I wanted as well. The whole scene was so arousing, so lusty. I wanted the other slaves to be there beside me. I wanted the masters to line up and use me, to fuck me one after the other, until you claimed me back again. I was tingling with the thought of being passed from one to another like some toy, and I found it unbelievably exciting."

They looked deeply into each other's eyes, uncertainty still hanging in the air.

"Are we in trouble?" asked Nick.

"I don't think so," Noah smiled wanly. "Did you want any of them to come home with us?"


"No, and I didn't want anyone to take me home except you. It was just sex, Nick. Admittedly, it was fucking hot sex; unbelievable sex, but that's all it was. What we have is love and there was no love there between any of them. As long as we can distinguish between the two, we'll be okay. As long as we both can feel safe and secure, knowing we have each other, and can trust each other, in our love, then whatever else happens is just sex."

"Even if it happens again?"

Noah nodded. "Yep, even if it happens again. Even if .." he hesitated before continuing in a much quieter voice. " ... even if next time, we let it go further. Even if we let someone else join in with us. It's still pure and simple sex. Love is what we come home to, what we bring with each other. Sex is what we may share with others, but nothing else."

In a tiny voice, Nick asked one last question. "So, you think we might go back again?" he squeaked.

Noah shrugged. "Look at how much we both enjoyed it. If we can get our heads around our true feelings, then yeah, we might go back. Who knows?"

He smiled at Nick, and his smile was returned with a kiss.

"Now, should we try getting back on track with the missing Richard? You said last night that we needed to check his computer again. Do you have some new clues?"

Nick grinned, a little relieved to have moved on, although the remembrances of the previous night still nagged at him, along with the hint of a possibility that they could repeat their adventure, even extend it.

"Yep. I want to check that match-making service again. I wouldn't be surprised if this 'Supersub' is on there. The name sounded vaguely familiar when 'slut-boy' told us last night."

Together they watched as the screen came alive, and Nick logged them into the service again using Richard's identity. Going to the pages of available men, he began scrolling through the names quickly.

"There he is!" he almost shouted, even though Noah was right beside him.

"Supersub" was the simple heading above a collection of images showing a man in harness, boots and chaps, his head covered in a black leather hood. In some of the photos he was standing with wrists shackled to chains from an unseen ceiling. In others he was on his knees, his arse exposed to the world. Below the pictures was a short blurb. The pair read it together:

'Horny, willing slave needs to submit to a strong-willed Master who can dominate and control me, show me what real discipline is. No strings, no names, no relationships, just use me and throw me away, Sir. Always eager and ready to please, I can be your toy for a night of anonymous pleasure. All scenes considered.'

"So how do we get in contact with him, how do we ask him about Richard?" Noah wondered.

"Easy -- we just email him," Nick declared.

"No, look at his profile. And remember he is a member of that club. He likes to keep his anonymity. If he thinks we're trying to find Richard through him, he could just disappear, ignore our emails. Then we have no hope of finding him."

"We could try to interest him in a date," Nick said uncertainly. "Use a variation on last night -- meet him, and then bring up Richard."

Noah shrugged. "Do you think you could do that?"

"As long as I know you agree, and as long as we have each other?"

"Okay," Noah nodded resignedly. "Do it. Send him an email."

"Not from here," Nick answered. "If I use this laptop it will look like it's coming from Richard. I'll have to use our own computer."

"But then he'll know who we are!" Noah sounded quite concerned now.

Nick mused for a moment. "No, we'll do what Richard did. We'll set up an account in a false name, so he won't get our real names. Besides, an email from 'Trojan' is more likely to get a response than one from 'Nick and Noah', isn't it?"

Noah laughed. "Absolutely. Those two -- Nick and Noah? -- they sound as boring as hell! But Trojan, now he sounds really interesting."

Nick looked sideways at his lover, surprise giving way to an evil grin as the implications of Noah's comment sank in. In an attempt to divert his thoughts from where they suddenly headed, he shut down Richard's computer and booted up his own, showing Noah how it was possible to set up a false email account so that they could contact Supersub without giving their real names.

"Now what do we say to him?" Nick wondered aloud.

"Appeal to what turns him on," Noah answered, "Keep it short and simple, tell him what he wants to hear."

So Nick typed as Noah dictated:

"Supersub -- found your bio online. Think I could find a use for you, boi. No questions, no strings. Get back. Trojan."

"Okay, it's done," Nick announced as he sent it off.

"So we wait. It's still morning. We may not get a response for a while yet."


They checked their email again an hour later, and still no answer. But just after 2.00 in the afternoon, there it was, a reply from Supersub.

"Trojan, Sir. Can't find your profile. How can I serve you?"

"Oh, shit, now what do we tell him?" Nick asked.

"Keep it the same," Noah advised. "He's interested but cautious, which is understandable. Keep him guessing and keep him interested. Here ..."

He moved Nick out of the way and began typing himself.

"Supersub. No profile online. I want you to be used by a complete stranger. No descriptions, no strings. I have my own sub who needs to share. You want in or not?"

Almost immediately, he responded.

"Yes, please Sir. Just usual cautions. Need to know you respect limits."

"That's a strange one," Nick commented. "Still, it's good that he's careful."

"Limits always respected, boi. You name the place and tell a friend. That enough?"

"Yes, Sir. My place is good. Have play space set up here."

Supersub went on to give an address and a mobile phone number if needed. Nick quickly agreed to meet at the other's home at 8.00 pm, reminding him that Nick was bringing his own slave along as well.

"Nick, are we doing the right thing?" Noah asked.

"How do you mean?"

"Well, it occurred to me when you said about him being cautious. This could be very dangerous. For either him or us. If we were psychopaths, we could get into his home and hurt him badly, or worse, before anyone knew. And if he is the psychopath, what's to stop him from doing the same to us, maybe having other people there waiting, to restrain us and whatever."

Nick nodded. "Shit, you're right. I didn't think about just how dangerous it could be. These people really must take some risks, doing this."

"Maybe that's part of the attraction for them," Noah answered. "I think that tonight, we need to be extra careful. I don't know what precautions he will have taken, but I think we need to be on guard just in case. It might be fine, but you never know. If nothing else I'm taking a mobile phone -- I'll have it set to silent, but I'll have it on the whole time."

The pair readied themselves early that night, donning their same gear as before, and covering it with jackets and jeans.

"Who would have thought?" Nick wondered aloud. "Twice in two nights and we're going out in public, all geared up in our leathers. Things are changing!"

When they arrived at the address they had been given, Noah fell back to assume his slave role, while Nick led him up to the door, and knocked firmly.

They were greeted by an attractive young man, wearing an over-sized shirt hanging loosely from his shoulders. But Noah quickly noticed that beneath it were chaps and boots.

"Supersub?" Nick demanded.

"Trojan, Sir," he nodded, "Come in, Sir."

"This is my slave, Viking boy," Nick said off-handedly, waving in Noah's direction.

"Yes, Sir," the other man acknowledged. "I understand. And you understand, Sir, that I have limits, and you will respect them?"

"Of course, boy," Nick said immediately. "You seem uncertain."

"With all respect, Sir, you can't be too careful anymore, and I have had an experience where my limits weren't respected. I was hurt then, and I don't want that happening again." He watched Nick closely as he spoke, and Noah watched him. When it seemed as though Nick was still happy to accept the 'terms', he motioned them inside. "My play space is this way, Sir."

Noah was thinking fast as they were shown into the large room he called his play space. It was dark, painted black on the walls and ceiling, black linoleum on the floor. Candles in tall holders around the walls provided illumination, and a sling hung in one corner, a slave bench set up in the diagonally opposite spot. Shelves bearing various toys -- dildoes, butt plugs, clamps, paddles and amyl, lined the walls. It was a forbidden and forbidding place, and Nick found himself instantly aroused by it. Noah felt the same, but never shifted his gaze from Supersub's face, who in turn watched Nick intently, examining him for any signs.

"Excellent, boy," Nick declared, turning to him. "This should be perfect. Now, do you have something to drink? A beer, perhaps, before we begin."

That surprised the slave. His eyebrows raised as he looked hard at Nick. "If you wish, Sir, although I won't have any alcohol just yet."

Nick noticed the hesitation, the reluctance. "It's not necessary, boy," he said, easing his tone. "I only thought to lighten the mood. We both know what we're here for, but you seem uncomfortable. I thought from your on-line profile that you enjoyed this -- anonymous, hard leather sex. If you don't, say so and I'll leave!"

The other man seemed to size up both Nick's face and his words, then visibly relaxed, at least just a little.

"I am sorry if I've offended you. I do want what you want. I do get turned on by the nameless sex. It's just that as I told you, last time I tried it, I got hurt -- badly. This is the first time for me since then, so I'm just trying to be careful."

Nick fell out of character for a moment. "I'm sorry to hear that. I honestly wouldn't hurt you, I swear. What happened to you, who hurt you?" he asked, genuine concern in his voice.

"It doesn't matter, Sir," came the reply, in a voice a little more firm. "I just want it clear before we start. I'll get ready now, Sir." With that he turned to one corner of the room, and stripped off his shirt to reveal a full harness of leather and chrome encasing his upper body. Beneath it he wore chaps and boots, with no pouch or thong. His cock was long, yet surprisingly thin, and it hung down over large nuts as he bent over to tighten his belt.

Nick led Noah to another corner where he began to strip off his jacket and jeans. Quickly, Noah hissed at him: "Nick, this guy is really suspicious. It may be what he said -- about being hurt before, but he's never going to open up to us unless you actually go through with this! You're going to have to have sex with him!"

Nick looked uncertain. "I was coming to the same conclusion. Are you sure you're okay with it?"

Noah nodded. "It's just sex, remember. Not love. I love you."

"I love you too. Just sex, that's all this is."

They finished readying themselves, and turned to face the other man. He cast an admiring look over both bodies, concentrating more on Nick. His cock began to harden as he did, and some of the unease began to fade.

"So, boy, you feeling better now?" Nick asked, in a masterly tone, but with a hint of concern. "I am pleased you took precautions. I assume you have told someone that you were entertaining tonight? Is there a time by which you have to contact them?"

Supersub instantly became suspicious again. "More than that, Sir. If we're being honest, I am sure you won't mind knowing -- there is a sound monitor in this room, and I have a friend upstairs listening to everything that happens. If I use my safe word -- 'grizzly' -- and you don't stop, he will call the cops straight away!"

Noah's eyes rounded, and Nick stood open mouthed for a moment. "Well, that is cautious," he answered smoothly when he had digested the information. He turned to look at Noah, who gave the slightest shrug, then slowly began to examine the room, concentrating on the doorway.

Finally he spoke again. "I approve," he said. Supersub seemed both relieved and surprised at the same time. "Those conditions are acceptable to myself and my slave. I notice that this door has a slide bolt on the inside, and is reasonably strong!"

"Erm, yes Sir, that's right," replied the other as confusion appeared again.

"Then our conditions, for our own caution and safety are these: the bolt is to be slid closed so no one can get into this room easily without breaking down the door. My slave has a mobile phone in his jacket. He will play with us as and when I decide, but he will also have that phone on and within reach. If anyone attempts to enter the room while we are ... PLAYING ... he will notify a friend we have informed of the address, and that we are in trouble. I do not want the door locked to keep out the police -- I am sure they could break it in easily. But neither do I want to be suddenly surprised by one or more others who may not have my, or my slave's, best interests in mind. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sir," came the reply.

"And are we agreed then?" Nick asked, swivelling to look at Noah as he spoke. Noah nodded.

"Yes, Sir!" the slave answered more enthusiastically now. It seemed as though now they were all making it clear they were concerned, and all 'protected', that he was suddenly eager to get on with their fun.

"Then don't just stand there, boy," Nick said in a commanding tone, "Get on your knees and lick my boots!"

"Yes, Sir!" Supersub eagerly replied, his cock lengthening quickly as he knelt before Nick's spread feet and began to slaver over the black leather of the footwear.

"You!" Nick demanded, speaking to Noah. "This needs some attention!" He indicated the swelling bulge of blackness at his groin, and Noah immediately moved to stand with his legs straddling the prone Supersub, his face pressed against the dark hide covering Nick's cock. With a growing enthusiasm, Noah licked along the black tube of his Master's prong, savouring the smell of the leather, and the throbbing tumescence within.

With his arms crossed, Nick looked down at the sight of two slaves ministering to him. Noah's head bobbed and weaved at his genitals, while below him, Supersub's frame was almost prostrate, his hands on Nick's ankles as he licked and spat at his boots. The scene was so erotic that Nick was sure he had never felt as hard as he did right then. "Supersub, you had better get those fucking boots spotless, boy," he said menacingly, spurring the slave to even more anxious licking and slurping at his feet.

"Viking?" he hissed, uncrossing his arms and lifting Noah's face up so they could see each other. He mouthed silently 'are you okay?'. Noah nodded and smiled as Nick added without sound, 'I love you!'. Aloud, he resumed his role. "Grease up that butt plug over there, and shove it in this boy's hole!", indicating a shelf of toys on one wall. Noah grinned with excitement and agreement, moving to do as ordered. He smeared a generous amount of lube on the toy and came back to where Nick stood, Supersub still paying close attention to his Master's feet and lower legs.

"Lift that arse up, slave," Nick said, and Supersub complied as Noah knelt behind him. Slowly but firmly, Noah worked the plug into Supersub's rectum while the other slave gasped a little but refused to neglect his assigned duties at Nick's boots. Once the butt plug was in place, Nick issued further orders to his boy.

"Get another one, Viking," he said. "Make sure both it and yourself are well greased!"

Noah moved again, his pulse racing with excitement as he found a second, large black plug, covering it in lube, and applying yet more of the sticky gel to his own hole. He returned to his position in front of Nick and waited.

Nick stepped back now, away from the grovelling slave at his feet. "On your back, boy," he said to Supersub. Get that cock of yours out and play with it, let me see how hard you can get!" As the man on the floor rolled over, Nick manhandled Noah firmly into place. "That's it, Viking," he said loudly. "Feet on either side of the sub. Spread those cheeks and bend over!"

With Supersub below him, between his legs, Noah watched in fascination as the other slave began to stroke his own cock. Noah's prick was straining within it's leather envelope and he grunted as he felt the toy wielded by Nick slowly being introduced into his body. From where he lay, Supersub had a clear and close view of Nick opening Noah's arse with the toy and sliding it in, and the sight clearly excited him as his tugging on his long prick intensified, and he squirmed a little around the toy already in place in his own body.

"Stay there, just like that!" Nick ordered Noah when he was finished, landing a not too hard, but very loud slap on his mate's rounded, exposed cheek where it emerged from the leather of his chaps. "Lift your legs, Supersub," he ordered, bending down to examine the plug which was lodged in the other man. He gave the toy a twist, making Supersub gasp with pleasure, and slapped him as well, the sound crackling through the air of the dungeon.

"Don't move, either of you!" Nick said as he left them in that position and went to examine the shelf of toys for himself. Seeing a long handled whip, he was inspired to grab of it and return to where he had stood before, Noah's face at the same level as his groin, Supersub on his back. Nick stood so that his booted feet were to either side of Supersub's head and lazily unrolled the whip, letting it lie along Noah's back. He had no intention of using it to inflict pain, but the teasing idea of it being there and available if he wanted it, was turning him on. He unsnapped the cod-piece covering his achingly hard erection, freeing himself. The jock he wore was designed so that his balls and his pubic area were still encased in shining leather, and the thick pole of his cock emerged from that dark, gleaming sheath to jut proudly out from his body.

"Suck my dick, Viking!" he said in a menacing tone, and Noah hurried to comply, licking eagerly at the reddened cockhead, slurping the droplets of pre-cum drooling from Nick's piss slit, and then swallowing the monster cock all the way down his throat. As Noah worked on his prick, Nick took the whip in hand again, letting it fall to one side, and then dragging it slowly, tantalisingly over Supersub's body. He gave the long strand of leather a slight twitch, so that the very end of the instrument rested against the slave's now leaking cock.

"Enjoying yourself, boy?" he asked in a husky tone.

Supersub replied quickly. "Yes, Sir!"

"Do I need to use this on you?" Nick went on, wriggling the whip again.

"No, Sir. I'll do whatever you say Sir," the slave whispered.

"Remember that!" Nick lifted the thong of hide again, laying it slowly across Noah's back now. The effect that had on his lover was to excite him more. Noah had heard all that was said, and feeling the length of the whip against his flesh made him more determined to suck and chew on Nick's incredible hard, thick cock.

Supersub lay beneath the two of them, his hand working his prick, as he tingled with excitement at the view presented to him. From beside his head, Trojan's thick, leather clad legs rose up to a point where the Master's nuts were clearly visible as large eggs within a cocoon of shining black hide. A thick and impressive organ speared out of the leather above those balls, now glistening as Viking slavered up and down the shaft, sucking it into his throat then backing off to lick and suck again. The other slave also straddled him, long legs wrapped in the tightest black; a polished leather envelope holding his testicles and straining where a long prick pushed it out so much that the tip of Viking's cock was poking past the waistband. And from that tip dribbled a long slow droplet of jizz which fell onto Supersub's sheened and burning flesh. Behind Viking's nuts, between his legs, Supersub could clearly see the base of the plug that had been shoved into the other slave.

Supersub's excited reverie was broken by a menacing question from above. "Are you just lying there, boy?" Nick demanded.

"Uh, yes Sir?" he replied.

"Get up off that lazy arse of yours now. Viking, it's your turn to lick my boots, boy! Swap positions you two shit slaves."

Noah and Supersub hurried to obey, moving so that Noah was now on his knees, his face at Nick's boots, while Supersub stood astride him. Nick grabbed Supersub's head and pulled it towards his throbbing cock, still wet from Noah's saliva.

"Suck!" was his one word command, as he slowly coiled the whip back up and the slave anxiously dived onto his prong, slurping and gagging as he tried to bury his nose in Nick's groin. Nick ran the now rolled whip over Supersub's back by way of encouragement before dropping it to the floor beside them, and standing back, once again intensely aroused by the image of two slaves servicing him, both desperate to obey his every wish.

He let the two of them continue for several minutes like this, then stepped back without warning, satisfied to see two disappointed faces staring up at him. "Enough preliminaries," he declared. "Both of you, over that bench, side by side." He pointed to a wide shelf, much like a massage bench, positioned near the wall. As Noah and Supersub complied, Nick happily enjoyed the sight of two firm round rears exposed to him, each filled with the base of a black plug. Two sets of testicles dangled in front of two hard and throbbing cocks, both leaking profusely with the juice of anticipation.

He landed a slap on the cheeks of each of his slaves in turn, earning gasps and 'thank you, Sir's as he twisted and shoved the butt plugs inside their rectums. The array of toys on the nearby shelf beckoned again, and this time Nick selected a very long dildo, and a double bladed leather paddle. He also found a bottle of amyl and handed it to Noah. "Share this if you want it," he said to the slaves, moving back behind them. He heard the sound of indrawn breath as at least one of the men took a sniff, and he slapped the paddle down onto Supersub's rear. There was little force on the blow -- the attraction of this toy was that it caused no more pain than a slight tingle, but made a loud, cracking sound as one blade landed on flesh and the other slapped into the first.

"Thank you, Sir," came a cry from Supersub.

"You like that, boy?'

"Yes, Sir," he answered.

"What about you, Viking?"

Noah's voice was clear and sure. "Yes, please Sir. Use me please Sir. I need to be punished."

"As you wish," Nick accepted, smiling inwardly, and feeling his excitement growing yet again. A crack sounded loud in the room as the paddle landed on Noah's right cheek.

"You're both just fucking useless slaves!" Nick shouted at them. "What are you?"

"Fucking useless slaves!" Noah and Supersub echoed.

"That's right! Nothing but toys for me!" he landed slaps on each of them again.

"Yes, Sir," they replied.

"You need to be reminded of that. Count off for me," he ordered as another slap came down on Supersub.

"One," said the slave.

"One what?" thundered Nick, letting another blow sound out.

"One, SIR!" the boy almost shouted. "Two, Sir," he added as sound rent the silence again.

"One, Trojan, SIR!" Noah called loudly in response to a sting on his butt.

As Nick continued to rain soft but noisy slaps on the pair, they obediently counted out their punishments. When each had counted to 20, Nick smiled approvingly. "That's better, shitheads. Remember who's here to enjoy themselves, and who's here to serve me, and we'll get along just fine!"

"Yes, Sir," they chorused.

Nick became concerned when he realised that both of the bare arses pointing at him were reddening, and panicked that he had actually caused some pain. Directing his question more at Noah, but without specifying, he asked in a gruff but anxious voice, "Does this hurt, boy?" as he ran his hands gently over both Noah's and Supersub's cheeks.

"No, Sir!" Supersub called out quickly.

"No, Sir, it's fine, thank you, Sir," Noah said, a little more softly. From the tone of his voice Nick knew that he was reassuring his partner that all was well, and that he had truly enjoyed it.

Falling back into character, Nick moved closer to them, discarding the paddle now. The as yet unused dildo lay on the bench between the two subs, and Nick stood so that Noah's right leg, and Supersub's left leg, were between his feet. He reached forward with both hands, allowing his fingers to run across the backs and shoulders of each of the slaves, then slowly caressing the rounded butts before squeezing the muscled thighs of each through their chaps. His hands slid back up their legs, and he took hold of the respective plugs in those upturned arses, jiggling and twisting each at once.

Long sniffing sounds came from the bench, and he knew both men had taken another toke at the amyl. Slowly he began to pull at the butt plugs, stretching the pair's sphincters in unison. He pulled, then let the toys slide back in before pulling again, a little further each time, until each of his boys were opened wide. To a hiss of gasped breath, he slid the plugs from each, and placed them on the bench alongside the two slaves.

A bare-handed slap fell on each of the men, eliciting a hissed 'thank you, sir' from both. Gripping the dildo now, Nick pressed the head of the fake cock against Supersub's hole. "You want this boy?" he sneered.

"Yes, Sir, please Sir!"

"You sure?"

"Oh, fuck yes, Sir. I need it Sir," Supersub begged.

Slowly, teasingly, Nick began to pry open the slave's rectum with the dong. He twisted it around, and moved it up and down as it entered Supersub's body, slowly pushing it deeper and deeper into him.

"Thank you, Sir," came the gasped acknowledgement.

"What about you, Viking boy?" Nick hissed.

"Please, Sir, use your slave, Sir," Noah answered. "Fill my slutty hole, Sir!"

Nick fought off his surprised but excited thrill at Noah's pleas. His lover was obviously getting into this just as much as himself. Without letting go of the toy protruding from Supersub's bowel, Nick moved to his left a little and nudged forward, his cockhead coming into contact with Noah's puckering ring.

"Oh, yes, Trojan, Sir," Noah renewed his begging. "Fuck me, please!"

"Yes, Sir, fuck him," Supersub added, his head turning to watch as Nick leaned into Noah. Pushing again, Nick felt his man's body open, and he slid his throbbing erection easily into the waiting cavity. Noah's innards, so hot and wet, gripped at him and enveloped him, and he shuddered at how good it felt.

Beginning an easy fucking motion in and out of Noah's body, Nick also used his hand to match the tempo by sliding the dildo in and out of Supersub's hole. In time, he fucked the two of them, his Viking boy skewered on his rampant prick, Supersub impaled by a long black rubber cock. With both subs moaning loudly, hissing obscenities at him and begging for more, Nick pounded away at the two, increasing both the speed and the force with which he fucked these slaves simultaneously. After some time, Supersub called out desperately.

"Please, Trojan, Sir? Fuck my arse. I want to feel your huge fucking cock in me, please Sir!"

Nick was inclined to ignore the request, but his heartbeat jumped, and his cock twitched when it was Noah who responded.

"Yes, Sir," he hissed back at Nick. "Fuck him! Let him feel what I know. Shove that monster weapon of yours up his tight hole!"

"Okay boys," Nick stated, his excitement building. "You wanna share? Then you will!"

He backed away from Noah, letting his glistening manhood exit his mate in a slurping plop. At the same time, he pulled the dildo from Supersub's body, transferring it to his left hand. The dong was wet and slippery from it's receptacle inside the slave, and without waiting, Nick shoved it deep into Noah.

"Oh, fuck, thank you, Sir," his lover gasped at him.

Resuming the pistoning of the toy in and out of a gripping body, this time that of Noah, Nick shifted his stance and aimed his slimy cock at Supersub's entrance. "You ready for this boy?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir! Please Sir, give it to me."

Nick obliged, working his cockhead into the slave's sphincter. Before him, Supersub's body shuddered with anticipation, while just beside him, Noah was writhing back and forward humping himself onto the fake dong in time with Nick's pumping motion. Both bodies were strapped in leather harnesses, both trembling with a need he could satisfy, both hot and horny. The head of his cock was sunk into another man, the feeling of moist suction and intense heat so incredible there. It was almost too much for him. Nick could not believe how aroused he was. He caught Noah's head turning toward him from the corner of his eye. His lover nodded and smiled, and Nick was over the moon.

"Fuck that slave, Sir!" Noah said harshly. "Fuck his arse good and hard!"

"Please, Sir, fuck me?" Supersub added.

Nick said nothing, but took a deep breath, and drove his manhood hard and rough and fast into the other man. Supersub gasped a little, bucking back against the force of Nick's penetration, but Nick continued. He slammed himself into that hungry gut, again and again, fucking Noah's body with the dong in his hand as he did so. With his left hand gripping at the end of the dildo and shoving almost the entire length of the toy deep into his man, his right hand reached up and grabbed the harness where it crossed Supersub's back. Pulling on the leather straps, he used the harness to gain even more power as he fucked the slave with long hard strokes, burying his cock deep into the slave's body, slamming hard against his butt with each driving plunge.

The two slaves chorused their need, begging for more, thanking him profusely, and pleading with him to fuck them, to fuck each of them. Over the next fifteen minutes or more, Nick alternated several times, swapping his cock and the dildo from one to the other and back again, fucking both slaves hard and fast, over and over again. It came to the point where he could barely hold back. Even the respite as he withdrew from one body before plunging into the other was not enough to dampen his ardour, and he backed away, fearful of peaking before he was ready. He moved away from both, withdrawing his cock and the toy at once, and stepping away from the two submissive men.

"Supersub," he thundered. "Get up and over here, now!"

The man quickly did as he was told. Turning him around, Nick bent him forward and re-inserted the butt plug into his anus, filling him and making him groan with pleasure. A couple of slaps were deposited on his arse cheeks as Nick told him what a good fuck he was.

"Thank you, Sir," he grovelled.

Nick ignored him. "Okay, Viking boy," he said, his tone harsh. "I think your hole could do with some more work."

"Yes, Sir!" Noah answered.

"Get onto here," Nick ordered, moving to the sling which hung nearby. As Noah followed, Nick pushed him back onto the swaying platform and hefted his lover's boots into the stirrups. "That's better, boy," he said as Noah settled back. "Now you, Supersub, bring me that dildo, now!"

"Yes, Trojan," Supersub scurried across the room.

As Nick pressed the long black toy into Noah's body to an accompaniment of groans and pleas for more, Supersub stood watching closely, his excitement obvious from the raging hardon jutting out from his pelvis.

"Don't just stand there, boy," Nick almost shouted at him. "Get behind me and lick my arse!"

With a sigh that was near to gratitude, the slave was soon on his knees, his long, talented tongue tracing the crack of Nick's arse, feathering its way over the hairy hole of his Master for the evening, and probing inward, sending shivers of delight through Nick's frame. Nick did his best to concentrate on pleasuring Noah who lay back with half of the fake cock protruding from his body, but it was difficult to ignore the delicious sensations from Supersub's mouth at his rear entrance.

He was so aroused by this double stimulation, that soon Nick discarded the dildo, replacing it with his own heated, steel hard poker; fucking into Noah's body with ferocity. Supersub struggled to keep his place, trying in vain to continue to lick at Nick's arse while his Master rocked back and forth inside the other slave.

"Get up here, boy," Nick hissed, reaching back to grab the sub's shoulder. As his slave stood again, Nick jutted his chin at Noah's body. "Suck his cock! Play with his tits! Let me see you service him," Nick commanded.

Supersub enthusiastically followed orders. His mouth followed his fingers all over Noah's frame. He suckled greedily at the long hardness of 'Viking's' erection. He bit and nibbled at the twin nubs standing up from the other slave's chest. He licked and caressed Noah's abs, his shoulders, his arms. When Supersub moved up to stand behind the sling, his arms extended so that they could still tweak at Noah's nipples, and his hooded face lowered itself until he and Noah began to kiss, Nick almost blew his load on the spot. The sight of his lover being fondled, teased and kissed by another slave, while Nick was fucking deep and hard into his body, was unbelievable. He let the two slaves continue for a few minutes, before pulling away from Noah.

"Change-over!" he said simply. Both slaves looked up to him, understanding in their eyes. Supersub moved toward the back of the sling and helped Noah to stand up and out of it while Nick stood there, arms crossed, supervising his toys.

"You know what to do!" he barked at Noah, as he stepped back into the gap between Supersub's open chaps. Without further comment, he pressed the head of his cock against the opening to the slave's body, reached forward and gripped at the harness he wore, and heaved him backward onto Nick's throbbing, readied prong.

A grunted "Fuck yeah!" escaped Supersub, followed by a low moan of pleasure as Noah's talented lips found the other slave's cock, and began to massage the throbbing shaft. Supersub soon found himself immersed in a sea of ecstasy as Trojan plumbed the depths of his body with a thick, hard cock, driving deep and rough into him, while Viking reciprocated the attention he had given, fingers, lips and teeth roaming all over his torso and teasing him ever upward to greater plateaux of pleasure. He moaned and mumbled pleas of need and desire as the Master and the slave worked on him.

Nick was ever amazed at the feeling of power and control he had, fucking this stranger whilst Noah caressed and worshipped the body beneath him with his hands and mouth. He humped at the slave, hissing and swearing at the two of them, ordering them to kiss or bite, or simply to please him.

Bending over the other slave, Noah could barely contain his own excitement. From time to time he caught sight of Nick's powerful, stocky body ramming hard against Supersub, or saw the look of complete animal lust in Nick's eyes. His own cock was drooling rivers of pre-cum as he played with the other man, biting at those hard nipples, grabbing at the long cock and roiling nuts, even letting his fingers stray so that they encircled the pistoning thickness of Nick's masculinity right where it pierced Supersub's body. Slowly he moved back up to the head of the sling, mimicking what the other had done, and reaching down to play with his body while he lowered his face to the leather covered head and kissed those wet, gasping lips.

Nick grabbed again at the dildo as he saw Noah bending to lock lips with Supersub. Flooded with raging desire, he squeezed the fake cock in alongside his own fleshy spear, prying open the slave's arse and causing him to scream out in a combination of agony and ecstasy. Noah lifted up to watch, his fingers pulling even harder at Supersub's tits as he did.

"You like that, boy?" Nick menaced at the writhing body impaled upon him.

"Oh shit yeah, Sir! I need it, need to pleasure you, Sir."

"You do, and you are," Nick agreed. "That's two cocks inside you, now, slut. How would you like three?"

"Unhh, Sir?" the sub gasped, not quite following.

"Are you gonna do whatever I say, boy?" Nick demanded.

"Yes, Sir..." he whined.

"Then shut up and take it!" Again, he thundered into the ravaged hole, pounding Supersub's gut with his own cock and the long black toy. "Like I said, that's two. Now take three! Viking -- fuck his face!"

Both Supersub and Noah looked up at Nick, their eyes wide, before quickly getting his intention. A fire of lust blazed in each, and as Supersub threw his head back on the leather, Noah lifted himself up and fed his throbbing rod into the other's throat. In seconds, the three were fucking and panting, Nick barking wordless commands while Noah muttered obscene pleas and Supersub simply mumbled around the thrusting meat filling his gullet.

As he slammed himself into the opened boy, shoving the dildo in alongside his cock, Nick sweated and heaved with passionate abandon. He looked along the leathered frame to where his partner was also fucking this sub, Noah's wet and shining cock disappearing into the man's suctioning lips before withdrawing quickly to be driven in again. He caught Noah's eyes, and saw in them a smiled acceptance of pure lust, an animal need rooted in pure sexual expression. Their stares locked on one another, the two men quickly approached their peaks. Nick could feel it in himself and see it in Noah. And he sensed that Supersub was close as well.

"Fuck yeah, you little slut boy," he hissed. "You're gonna be filled with man cum from both ends, so get ready for it, slave!"

Supersub nodded, trying to gag out an agreement as he sucked even harder and more urgently at Noah's cock, and clenched himself around the double invasion in his arse.

"Fuck him, Viking," Nick called again. "Shoot that jizz into his stomach! I want to see the look on your face as you cum!"

The words seemed to have an amazing effect on Noah. Almost instantly, he began to shake, drowning in erotic instincts. "Oh yes, Sir, I'm cumming," he screamed out. "Supersub, take this, man!" as his body tensed, and his eyes rolled back. Nick watched in fascination as his mate convulsed, Noah's pelvis spasming forward and driving his cock deeper into the sub's throat. Supersub swallowed, and swallowed again, drinking the manjuice that Noah poured into him.

The sight was too much for Nick, and his nuts exploded. "AAARRGGHHH!" he screamed in release as his ejaculate flooded the already crowded cavern of Supersub's bowel. Shot after shot erupted from him, and he was certain that the slave into which he emptied himself was actively suctioning his essence with his greedy innards. With the dildo still lodged beside him in the clenching ring of Supersub's sphincter, Nick shuddered through his orgasm, wondering if he could survive such an intense explosion. Suddenly, Supersub tensed between them. With both men filling him from either end, being fucked by three hard hot pricks, and flooded with jizz, his senses went into overload. The pinnacle of ecstasy for him was to be used like this, and as his body twitched, his cock showered a geyser of cum all over his stomach and chest, and up onto Noah's pelvis where it pumped still into his throat.

For what felt like an eternity, the three men trembled and held their collective breath as pure pleasure engulfed them, wiping out all idea of anything else but their climax. The world ceased to exist except here in this dungeon, centred on the simultaneous orgasm of three men in leather who sweated and ached into ultimate release. Finally, Noah dropped back onto his feet, then sank to his knees, his cock slimed and dripping. Nick wrenched the toy from Supersub's body, then gave another shudder or two as his testicles completed their efforts, and his legs began to weaken.

The slave lying in front of him, hanging in the sling, shook and gasped as yet more ejaculate flowed from his inflamed cock, then seemed to collapse, shrinking onto his leather platform. His eyes opened, a look of disbelief and utter satisfaction in them. Nick smiled benevolently, and helped Supersub to stand out from the sling before the slave also dropped to the floor, gasping for breath and still trembling with the final vestiges of pure pleasure.

"Holy fuck, Thank you Sir!" Supersub whispered when he finally came back to earth. Nick had all but collapsed, and was now sitting on the floor. Noah lay alongside him, also still breathing heavily as the last of the orgasmic shudders faded from his body.

"You did well, boy," Nick said. "Both of you. I am pleased with the way each of you obeyed me."

"Thank you, Sir," Noah and Supersub chorused. They looked at each other, and grinned with the pleasure of shared satisfaction.

"May I get you that drink now Sir?" asked Supersub.

Nick raised his eyebrows in a question, but the slave smiled easily.

"I think we can trust each other now, Sir. You can be the one to open the door and check the house if you like, but there are no thugs waiting to attack you. 'Gary'," he called out to the empty room, "It's okay now, you can go mate, and thanks!"

A few seconds later, the three of them heard footsteps on the stairs outside, and a quick double thump on the door of the play space as the hidden man left.

"That should protect your privacy, Sir," Supersub explained. "A drink?"

"A drink for all of us, I think," Nick said evenly, smiling at the slave boy. He was the first to open the door, and calmly walked out. Somehow, he trusted that this man was true to his word.

The three of them sat, still in their leather, still grimy and sweaty from the exertions, as they relaxed with beers.

"May I ask a question, Sir," Supersub began.

"Sure," agreed Nick.

"You don't seem like the usual Masters I have had here before," he said carefully. "It's not just the agreement about the safe word and the monitoring. Even when you were using us, it seemed like you were also making sure that we were enjoying it as well, almost like you were protecting us."

"Yes, well," Nick harrumphed, unsure of how to deal with this. "Any decent Master looks after his slaves," he declared.

"Mmm," the other man nodded. "But it's more. After all, you're still here -- most guys come in, use me, and go -- that's the bad part of the anonymity. I love being used by someone I don't know, but I don't necessarily want him to disappear the second we're finished."

Noah began to flounder, and for the first time all night, he took the lead, saying more than just 'yes sir' or 'no sir'. "Supersub," he began, "You should know that we don't do this very often."

"So you can speak, Viking boy," he chuckled. Noah smiled back and went on.

"For us, tonight has been a real learning experience. We've never done it before."

"Wow, I never would have guessed. You were great, both of you."

"Truth is, we found your details while we were looking for someone else," Nick added.

The slave boy looked uncertain. "I don't know whether to be complimented or insulted," he said dryly. "Did I measure up?"

"No, I mean, yes ... please," Noah butted in again. "It's not like that. Listen, don't be upset, tonight was amazing. But we didn't start out looking for something like this. We're actually trying to locate a 'friend of a friend' who's gone missing."

"What?" said Supersub, startled, looking from one to the other. "What does that have to do with meeting up with me for a session? I don't see any connection."

"We think you may know the guy we're looking for," Nick said quickly.

"Ha -- so you fuck me first and then lay this on me? Nice style guys!"

"Please, don't be angry. I know how it looks, but I mean it when I say tonight was incredible. If you can't help us with our other matter, then fine. But I would still be saying 'thank you' for tonight anyway."

Supersub appeared a little mollified by that, and Noah spoke again.

"We've been trying to find a guy called Richard, and we are almost sure you've been with him -- like this I mean," Noah said, indicating the play space, the sling and the toys. "He's a Master who likes the same kind of things."

"Sorry, guys, but I can't say I know anyone called 'Richard'. Someone's given you a bum steer."

"His nickname, the name you would know him by, is 'Mr Dominance'," Nick said.

Supersub suddenly became very agitated. His eyes narrowed as he examined Nick and Noah with new suspicion. "Okay, who are you really, then? Did he send you here? Well, tell him I'm not interested, and I'm not playing anymore. He had his chance, and he blew it!"

"What?" blurted Nick. "No, no, you don't understand. We don't know where he is. He didn't send us. We've been trying to find HIM!"

"Honestly, man," Noah added. "We found out he is a regular at the Tortura Club, and we went there looking for him. By accident we heard there that he used to get it on with you a lot, and we found your details on a match-up service on the net. We came to ask if you could help us find him ..."

"And get a little bonus on the way?" Supersub finished in disgust.

"Well, not really," Nick stammered.

"No, but after we went to the club, we found that we actually enjoyed this whole scene," Noah added. "So we thought we would try it. What's the difference whether we contacted you because you might know Richard -- uh, Mr Dominance -- or whether we just chose you because we liked the sound of your profile? Either way, we all ended up getting what we wanted out of tonight, at least in terms of the sex."

Supersub sat and glared at them for a long time, but slowly his anger diminished, and his look softened. "Alright then, let's say I believe you. Why are you looking for Mr Dom?"

"Because he disappeared last weekend. He's been gone almost a week now, and his partner is desperate to find out what's happened to him."

"His partner? I can't imagine him having a 'partner'. He hates any kind of commitment, any kind of strings."

"Yeah, well, we've discovered that," Nick said wryly. "Although his partner doesn't know it yet. Seems like he has a whole other life his partner doesn't know about."

The other man chuckled mirthlessly. "That would be right! Listen guys, okay so I know him. But I haven't seen him since last week - Tuesday night. You know when I told you about being hurt, about how I had taken these extra precautions with you coming over? Well that's because the last time anyone came here, it was him -- Mr Dominance. And I didn't take any precautions that time. He'd been here before, had me before at the club, too. Well he was the one who didn't stop when I asked him to. He's the one who kept on going. He hurt me. He raped me, I guess. He brought someone else with him too -- another sub, just like you. That's why I was so careful. He made the other sub hold me down while he beat me, then he just left. I haven't seen him since, and I don't want to!"

"Shit!" swore Nick.

"I'm sorry, man," Noah said with feeling. "But last Tuesday, that was a good four days before he disappeared."

"Good riddance, I say."

"What about the other sub?" Nick asked. "Do you know him, where we might find him? Maybe he could help."

"No, I don't know him. I think I might have seen him once or twice at the club, but I don't usually take much interest in the other subs, if you get my meaning."

"What about a name, anything?" Nick sounded desperate.

"I can't be sure, but I think he called him 'big boy'. Something like that anyway, although I'm damned if I know why. He wasn't big at all -- a skinny little runt, and his 'equipment' was nothing to write home about. That's all I can tell you."

"Oh well, thanks anyway," Nick said.

"I guess we'll leave you then, get moving now."

As they covered their gear, and got ready to leave, Supersub seemed to have a slight change of heart. At the door, he muttered under his breath, then spoke up again. "Listen, guys, I may have been a bit harsh on you. Mr Dom hurt me, but you guys were fantastic. If you want a return meeting, well, you have my number and my address, okay?"

Nick smiled. Noah held out his hand and shook. "Thanks. I'm not saying we will be in touch, but you never know. Thanks again."


Chapter 4

"Noah, you know that tonight was just about the sex, don't you?" Nick sounded pained. They had just returned from their encounter with Supersub, which had become a serious session of hot lusty sex involving the pair of them and the other man -- a complete stranger until that very night.

"Yes, of course," Noah reassured him. "And about Richard of course."

"Oh, yeah, of course. But I mean, what we did, what I did, with Supersub -- that had nothing to do with the way I feel about you."

"I know, hon. Don't forget, I took part in it too, and just as willingly and just as enthusiastically as you. But you're right, it was just sex. There was no emotional attachment, no love in that." He smiled at his lover, offering unspoken support. "And I think we can admit that we both enjoyed it!"

Nick chuckled. "Yes, I think we can admit that."

They collapsed into bed and slept soundly that night, both from the physical exhaustion, and safe in the knowledge that their relationship was on a sound footing.


The next morning, they sat and analysed what they had learned so far.

"We need to talk to Joe," Noah said.

"He needs to know what Richard has been doing!" Nick added forcefully.

"Yes, I guess he does," Noah agreed. "I was hoping to spare him that, but we haven't spoken to him for a couple of days, and after what we've learned, I think he needs to be told. Maybe he can help us out some more."

They checked that Joe was home, and arranged to call on him that morning. When they arrived, they found Tony there as well, fussing about, making coffee and generally acting like a worried mother-hen.

"Have you found him yet?" Joe asked anxiously.

"No, I'm afraid not," Noah said uneasily. "Although we have got a few leads ..."

Joe looked happier, but Tony raised a questioning eyebrow, his expression suggesting he was not too happy to hear that Nick and Noah were making some progress on that front.

"So you think you know what has happened to him, then?" Tony asked.

"No, we haven't had much luck there either," Nick responded.

"It's more a case of discovering some things which happened before he left," Nick said. "And I think we probably need to talk about that with Joe in private."

He looked directly at Tony, who returned his gaze with a defiant stare.

"Joe?" Nick said, also looking at Tony.

"It's okay, Tony, I'll call you later, mate," Joe said, misery written all over his face.

"But, Joe, if you need someone, some support ...?"

"We'll make sure he's alright," Noah promised. "If needed, we'll call you before we leave, okay?"

Joe nodded, and Tony agreed reluctantly. Nick walked with Tony to the front door, and as he left, Tony whispered quickly to Nick: "You found out he was playing around, didn't you?"

"I, uh, we need to talk to Joe," was all Nick replied.

"I knew it! That bastard. Joe is gonna need me now, more than ever. Make sure you call me when you're finished. I'll come straight back and stay with him."

Nick nodded. "If that's what Joe wants," he said.

Back in the living room, Noah was sitting with Joe. As Nick joined them, Noah was trying to prepare Joe for the news.

"You have to understand that sometimes things come out when someone goes missing, that were never meant to be known," he said carefully.

"What do you mean?" Joe asked with a mixture of fear and uncertainty. "And why couldn't you tell me in front of Tony -- he's my best friend."

"Because there are things we have found which you might not want Tony to know about," Nick answered.

"Joe, there's no easy way to tell you this, but Richard hasn't been faithful to you," Noah added, as gently as he could.

"What? That's ridiculous! Richard would never play around on me, I'm sure. We talked about all of that when we first got together, and promised each other we would never do it."

Nick sat down so that the worried Joe was sandwiched between himself and Noah. "I'm afraid there's no doubt about it, Joe," he said sadly. "We've found, and spoken to, at least two guys that he has had sex with in the last month."

"No," wailed Joe. "It can't be true!"

"Didn't you ever wonder about where he was?" Nick asked. "It appears he was 'out' regularly -- like every three or four days. Surely you must have noticed something?"

Joe shook his head, still unbelieving. "He works all kinds of shifts. We never know until the day before exactly what hours he's rostered for. He can be gone quite often from lunchtime until the early hours of the morning."

"And you don't call him at work?"

"He said not to. His supervisor is really homophobic, and he doesn't want to have to explain why a man is calling him all the time, so I never do." Joe looked crushed now, the possibility of what he had been told being true was dawning on him.

"There's more ..." Noah said quietly.

"How much more?" Joe's voice was no more than a strangled whisper.

Noah looked at the other man sympathetically. He would have given anything not to have to drop this on him, but there was nothing else for it. "He has a fake email name, and a 'secret' identity. We found out that he belongs to a Club that specialises in S & M, masters, slaves, orgies, all that kind of thing, for guys who get off on anonymous sex. He even has a reputation as a very dominant 'Master'. And he also advertises himself on at least one of the match-up services on the internet for the same kind of thing."

"I don't believe you!" said Joe, not convincingly.

Noah nodded at Nick, who pulled several sheets of paper from his jacket pocket. Nick handed them silently to Joe, who opened them reluctantly, then gasped at what he saw.

"That's a print-out of his 'profile'. I'm assuming that it's Richard?" Noah said.

Unable to speak, Joe simply nodded dumbly, his gaze transfixed on the photograph of Richard in full leather gear.

"Are you sure you don't know anything about any of this, Joe?" Nick asked now. "It must have been hard for Richard to sneak out, especially with all his gear, without you knowing."

Joe shook his head violently now, finding a squeaky voice. "He was always gone by the time I got home, and I was usually asleep when he came in. We keep our leathers in the other room, and I never even think to look for them unless we're playing."

"We found most of this information about him on his computer," Nick said.

Joe suddenly became angry. "That bloody computer! I always tell him he spends way too much time playing with that thing,"

"You never wanted to use it, or learn about it yourself?"

"No, I asked once, but he just fobbed me off, and I wasn't all that interested anyway, so I never tried again."

Noah faced Joe again. "You probably don't want to hear all the details, but we do need to ask ..."

Joe nodded, and Noah went on. "We found someone with whom Richard had sex about four days before he left."

Joe winced, but nodded for Noah to continue. "He hasn't seen him or heard from him since, but apparently there was someone else who might have seen him or been with him more recently. The guy we spoke to didn't know this other person's name or any details, except a nickname -- 'big boy'." Joe grimaced again.

"Does that mean anything to you? Do you know anyone, or ever heard Richard mention anyone called that?"

Joe shook his head in resignation. "Never!" he declared.

"We've checked his computer again this morning, but we can't find any mention of 'big boy' anywhere," Nick said. "Which is strange, since it seems like he has details of everyone else on there."

"No, guys," Joe's voice was weighed down with sadness now. "I have no idea about it. This is all just too much to take in. I just can't believe it!"

"I'm sorry, Joe," Noah said with feeling.

"We'll go," said Nick. "Do you want us to call Tony? Would you like us to wait until he gets here?"

"No," Joe replied. "I don't know if I can face Tony just now. He'd keep on at me for details, and I can't tell him about all this leather stuff. I'll have to get myself together before I can let him know about Richard playing around."

"Are you sure?" Noah asked.

Joe nodded. Nick and Noah made their good-byes, insisting he call them if he needed to talk, no matter what time of day.


When they got home, Nick grabbed Noah as soon as they stepped inside the door, kissing him hard and holding him tightly.

"Well, thanks!" Noah stuttered once they separated again. "What did I do to deserve that?"

"Just being yourself, and loving me, and telling me everything," Nick replied. "I love you so much."

"And I love you," Noah answered.

"Would you make love with me?" Nick asked suddenly anxious. "Romantic, tender love, please?"

"Of course, my darling," Noah instantly agreed.

He reached out and took his partner by the hand, leading Nick into the bedroom. With some soft music on, Noah stood for a long moment, simply looking into Nick's eyes and smiling. Then slowly, tenderly, he began to undress them both. He lifted Nick's shirt up and over his head, letting it fall to the floor, and then unbuttoned his own, peeling it away from his body. They looked into each other's eyes with a growing desire, tempered by the enjoyment of the slow stripping away of their clothes. Both also took the chance to examine and admire each other's body, familiar yet still so exciting.

Nick's jeans were undone and slid to the ground, and Noah knelt to pull them away, and remove his shoes and socks as well. The pants the taller blond man wore were similarly shed, and Noah also shucked off his underwear, standing naked before his Greek god of a lover, the beginnings of tumescence in his manhood. Slowly, carefully, he lowered Nick's shorts, and as he did he kissed his way down those powerful legs, before standing up again and moving into Nick's embrace.

They held each other for a long time, arms intertwined, and simply stood, enjoying the intimacy of being naked and together.

Noah suddenly leaned forward and kissed Nick on the lips, covering them with his own. Nick jerked with surprise, but the surprise quickly turned into delight as they held the kiss, lips opening and tongues making tentative forays into each other's mouth, and the delight grew into arousal as Nick felt tingles race through him with the touch of Noah's hand on his leg. Nick's hand slipped from Noah's shoulder, to trace along his ribs and across his belly, and the kiss increased in intensity as they began to explore teeth and gums, to taste each other and revel in the wonder of their love. After an eternity, they finally broke the kiss, separating slightly and looking deeply into each other's eyes. A smile spread slowly across both faces as the two men allowed themselves to acknowledge that they both wanted and needed each other.

Without a word, Nick swivelled around, and together they fell back onto the sheets, side by side. They kissed again, hands reaching for bodies, fingers tracing across skin as they trembled and shook with the beginnings of passion. Noah rolled onto his side, pushing Nick back, flat on the bed. His mouth attacked Nick's again, then licked at his mate's chin before tracing its way down his neck. Noah licked and nibbled his way over Nick's chest as Nick sighed with pleasure, his hands roaming over Noah's back and shoulders, his fingers pushing through Noah's hair and holding tightly to the beautiful head that attacked his body. When Noah's moist lips touched the head of Nick's swollen, throbbing cock, Nick gasped. He was so hard he hurt, and Noah's tongue was so feathery soft. Noah licked at the slit of Nick's prick, tasting the first droplets of pre-cum that had already appeared, and proceeded to slowly and sensuously lick his way down along the shaft, sending spasms of joy through Nick's frame. He nibbled gently at the rolling nuts in their sac of skin, before taking them right into his mouth and massaging them with his tongue. Nick groaned with delight.

Noah pressed onwards. Letting Nick's testicles plop from his mouth, he manoeuvered himself around, lifting Nick's legs and gaining access to the tender skin between his legs. Noah flicked his tongue over the sensitive perinaeum and Nick moaned again. Lifting his face away, he leaned forward as Nick wrapped his legs around Noah's body. Again they kissed as Nick guided Noah's steel hard prick down to rub along the crack of his arse, and pinched at the skin of Noah's earlobes. This time Noah groaned with pleasure. Just as he knew what turned Nick on, Nick knew exactly what to do to get Noah's blood boiling.

Nick found Noah's hand with his own, and guided it to the bedside drawer, where a bottle of lube was within easy reach. Still soundless, apart from the occasional sighs and moans of pleasure, their eyes met again, a smiling recognition of their love. Noah applied the cool gel of the lube to his throbbing cock, and smeared more around Nick's hole, massaging it in with his fingers and ensuring his mate's sphincter was liberally coated. Nick lifted his legs again to Noah's shoulders as Noah kneeled between them, and slowly nudged his hard, aching prick toward Nick's twitching target. As skin connected with skin, the two men looked deeply into each other's eyes, and nodded.

Nick pushed back against the firmness of Noah's manhood, willing himself to relax and to accept his man. He trembled with anticipation, and ached with need as his mate inched inward. With a small grimace of pain/pleasure, Nick felt his own muscle surrender, and Noah was inside him, the head of the long hard cock penetrating him as his sphincter clenched around Noah's glans. He felt Noah stop and wait as he adjusted to the sensation of being filled, and Nick looked longingly into Noah's eyes. Noah began to slide slowly into him, and Nick gasped with joy as his lover's rock hard pole ever so gradually pushed its way into his body. He marvelled at the indescribable pleasure of having Noah enter him like this. The unbelievable sensation of a naked cock assaulting his arse was amazing, but even more incredible was the joy of having the man that he loved make love to him. He may have been the top when they were in their leather, but this love-making was unbelievable.

Noah struggled to maintain his composure as he breached Nick's hole. Waiting for a second to allow his partner to adjust, and to catch his breath, he ached with the delight of making slow tender love to his normally aggressive partner. Pressing forward again, his entire body trembled as his dick probed slowly, slowly into Nick's body; the wet heat of his mate's bowel enveloping him and the clamping ring of muscle gripping at the shaft of his weapon.

Finally, Noah came to rest, the entire length of his masculinity buried deep within Nick. The two men grunted in unison. Noah leaned forward and down, and Nick lifted his head to meet him, so their mouths met in a long kiss of passionate ecstasy. They remained locked together, joined at the groin and the mouth, for several minutes as they savoured the delight of truly making love.

With the end of the kiss, Noah began to move again, slowly withdrawing a little, and pushing back in again. As he did, Nick constricted his sphincter against the flesh of Noah's pole, gripping at him before relaxing as his lover surged forward. The two soon fell into an easy, gentle rhythm as Noah moved in and out of Nick, their bodies melding as one. Nick quivered as his arse was massaged and his bowel filled by the warm, powerful sword of Noah's rod. Noah for his part trembled in ecstatic pleasure as the hot moist cavern of Nick's innards wrapped around him, caressing his very manhood. Nick and Noah did more than have sex, they made love. And they rocked together like this for what seemed an eternity, immersed in erotic delight.

But even with the care they took to prolong their loving, and despite their efforts at resting and waiting to allow the growing urges to subside, base instinct overwhelmed each of them. Noah tingled as the tempo of his insertions increased, his entire being seemed concentrated in the sensual shocks generated within his cock. Nick too felt the waves of pleasure sweep up and over him, an irresistible sensation that emanated from his rectum, and sent notes of impassioned need through the rest of his body. Faster and faster Noah thrust, harder and harder his body pumped into his lover. Soon he was pounding his long, fleshy dagger deep into Nick, plugging his partner with a ferocity born of uninhibited passion. Nick's legs were wrapped around Noah's back, and he used the leverage to pull his man deeper and deeper into himself, humping up at Noah in rampant need as they sweated and gasped together, forming a single writhing being, the embodiment of masculine sex. They moaned and hissed as one, rutting furiously, fucking each other. Noah fell forward, his palms behind Nick's shoulders as he tried to pull his lover further onto himself, tried to bury his pole more deeply in the squelching gripping cavity of Nick's being. Nick's arms were trapped by his sides, but his hands found the firm round orbs of Noah's butt, and he squeezed and pulled at his man, desperately trying to take all of Noah within his aching, needing body.

Noah knew his climax was approaching fast. He tried to hold back, but the demands of nature were pushing him to the brink. His nuts contracted and his cock swelled within the sheath of Nick's arse. He began to shout a warning, but his voice was cut off as pure ecstasy engulfed him. Nick heard the strangled cry from his mate at the very moment that his body spasmed with surrender and his balls emptied their precious load. He felt Noah go rigid within him as his cock exploded, long thick streamers of cum shooting between the trembling bodies, and coating both of them in white hot globs of manjuice. Noah watched with a detached, glazed look as Nick's jism poured from his long throbbing prick. His own masculinity, sunk so far inside this beautiful man, ached and twitched as he filled Nick's body with his essence, a torrent of ejaculate flowing from him and into the already heated cavern of Nick's bowel. As one, their orgasms crashed upon them, shook them both with the ultimate joy of release, and locked them together. And together, they began to subside. Suddenly, exhaustion took over, and Noah collapsed onto Nick's sweating frame, his now spent cock still lodged in his lover's hole, as Nick went limp beneath him, his energy sapped.

Their lips found each other again, and this time their kiss lingered, drawn out and tender as they slowly disentangled themselves. Lying side by side again, arms around each other, they relaxed in the warm afterglow of post-coital bliss, the sated joy of sharing the most intimate experience two people can know.

As they lay back together on the bed, Noah's arm under Nick's shoulders, Nick's fingers trailing in the sweet residue of his orgasm on Noah's body, Noah took a deep breath.

"You know Nick, when we make love in our dungeon, in our leathers, I'm loving you then too."

"I know," he whispered.

"I just wanted to make it clear," Noah insisted. "I don't think of our sex, our leather sex, as just sex. What we did last night -- that was just sex. But when I give myself to you in leather, even when we are playing as master and slave, I am still loving you. It's not the leather that takes away the love. It's the joining in with others."

"I understand, Noah, truly I do, and I agree," Nick soothed. "But it's nice to hear it said out loud anyway." They kissed again, tenderly.


An hour later, they were back at Richard's computer again.

"There has to be something here about this 'big boy'," Nick insisted. "Richard has everything else on here. Why would he hide one person?"

Noah looked over Nick's shoulder, reading down the list of emails sent to Richard, or rather, to Mr Dominance.

"Hey, look there!" he suddenly shouted, pointing to a number of emails. "That has to be him."

Nick looked more closely, and suddenly it dawned on him. "Of course! Supersub was close, but he got the name wrong. It's not 'big boy', it's 'pigboi'."

There were at least half a dozen emails from pigboi on the list. Each of them was very explicit in what the writer could do to please Mr Dominance, and how much he wanted to get together. And the final one was a confirmation that they would meet -- the date matched up with the day the two of them had gone to Supersub's home; the day Supersub had been beaten up.

"That has to be him," Noah said certainly. "Now how do we find him?"

"Let's see if he has a profile on the match-up service as well," Nick muttered.

It didn't take them long to find what they were looking for. Pigboi's profile was there just as Nick had suspected. There were several photos of him as well, and as the images downloaded onto the screen, they both stared at them intently.

"I recognise him!" Nick said suddenly.

"You do?" Noah looked surprised.

"Yeah, from the Club. He was one of the guys who crowded around us when we were ... you know," he finished lamely.

Noah grinned. "It's okay, Nick, when you were ploughing my arse into oblivion! You can say it."

Nick chuckled. "Okay, when I was ploughing your arse into oblivion. This guy was right there, very determined. I had to push him away a couple of times.

"How do you know it's him? With faces obscured and all ..."

Nick smirked. "He has his name tattooed on his bum! 'pig' on his left cheek, and 'boi' on his right. I remember now. I thought there was something familiar about it when Supersub called him 'big boy' last night. Look at this third photo -- from the back. It's not clear, but you can make out the words on his arse."

Noah looked, and his eyes widened, sure enough, in a dark script that looked somehow mediaeval in style, the words 'pig' and 'boi' were written across the man's glutes.

"It looks like we're going back to the Club," Noah said simply.

Nick searched his face for signs of concern.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine! Besides, I don't know if I can do "that" three nights in a row. Maybe we can just find and talk to this 'pigboi' without putting on another show!"

Nick grinned.


When they showed up at the entrance to the 'Tortura', the same young guy was behind the desk.

"Hi, guys," he said welcomingly. "Good to see you back again. I guess you enjoyed yourselves last time," he grinned.

"Sure did," Nick laughed, as they paid the entry fee and made their way through to the changing room.

In the club proper, Noah settled at one of the small tables near the bar, looking around at the men already there. Nick joined him, and they slowly drank their beers, looking at anyone who walked by, or came into the club, checking for pigboi, but as yet no sign of him.

"Maybe he's not here tonight," Nick offered.

"Or maybe he's busy in one of the other areas," Noah chuckled. "Come on, finish up and let's go take a look."

They sauntered away from the bar and checked in the sling room. It was busy tonight with three of the slings occupied, and at least five men crowding around on foot, hands and mouths active in all directions. A closer look revealed that none of the participants were their quarry, and they moved on. As they approached the area where a number of slave benches were set up along one wall, they found a group just beginning to disperse. One of the men walking away nodded to Nick amiably, Master to Master.

"Too late, Trojan," he said with a laugh. "You just missed a great show!"

"Sabre," Nick said haltingly in recognition. "Find yourself a boy yet?"

"Nah, but it ain't stopping me from enjoying what's around," the other man whispered conspiratorially.

"What about this one?" Nick asked, indicating the shrinking group.

Sabre chuckled. "Not for me. He's a bit too intense, too desperate to please. A great show, though," he finished. "See you later, Trojan."

"Sure will," Nick smiled.

Back at the centre of the group, a master hovered over his slave, still shackled by the wrists and ankles to the bench. The Master stepped to one side, and Nick and Noah both saw the slave's arse at the same time -- the words 'pig boi' clearly visible as the slave was bent over the equipment, his backside pointing upwards. As they watched, the Master undid the restraints, and casually tossed a whip across the slave's back.

"Go clean yourself up, boy," he ordered. "I'll be at the bar. Don't keep me waiting too long!"

He walked away, casting glances at the handful of watchers still gathered around, chuckling as he went. The slave lay there for a few minutes, before slowly lifting himself up and stretching, getting sensation back into his arms and legs. The rest of the crowd had gone, leaving only Nick, Noah and pigboi in the room.

Nick walked directly toward him. "I want a word with you, boy!" he commanded.

The slave seemed torn between needing to leave, and wanting to obey Nick's order. "Uh, yes Sir?" he said in a whimper.

"I believe you know a friend of mine," Nick went on, holding the boy's eyes. "He uses the name 'Mr Dominance'."

Pigboi's eyes widened in shock, and more. There was real fear on his face, and his voice cracked when he tried to answer.

"No, Sir, please!" he hissed.

"What do you mean, 'No'?" Nick demanded. "I know you've served him in the past."

"Please, Sir," the slave begged again. "I can't, not now."

"Why not?" asked Nick, the obvious fear in the slave worrying him.

"I'm here with my Master, Sir. He would kill me, literally, if he knew I had been serving anyone else without him supervising! Please, I beg you!"

Nick examined him carefully. The sub's eyes constantly darted from Nick to the doorway which led to the bar and back. He completely ignored Noah.

"If you don't talk to me, I'll tell your Master anyway, and you'll still be in trouble," Nick said harshly. Noah stifled a gasp.

"No!" the slave almost shrieked, trying to keep his voice low at the same time. "I beg you, please no."

"Then how do you and I have our little talk?" Nick said menacingly.

"I'll call you, Sir, later tonight, after my Master leaves me and goes home, I swear!" The slave sounded truly desperate.

Nick considered this slowly, watching pigboi's reaction as he did. The slave was getting more and more anxious with each passing second.

"Very well. I'll have a card with my number ready. I'll be in the bar. You had better find a way of collecting that card before you leave, or I'll be having a word with your Master myself, understand?"

"Yes, Sir, I promise, Sir! Please, Sir, I have to go," he begged.

"Go then," said Nick dismissively. The other man all but ran from the room, as Nick turned to Noah.

"You wouldn't really do it, would you?" Noah said.

"No, I couldn't! But I had to make him think I would. Otherwise we'd never see him again," Nick explained. "I hate to think what that Master of his does. He was absolutely terrified!"

"Who knows?" mused Noah. "Still, pigboi must get something out of it, or he would just leave. Everyone has different ways of living their life I guess."

Nick and Noah slowly made their way back to the lounges near the bar. Pigboi's master was leaning against the bar itself, drinking a beer, and nodded absently to Nick, thinking he saw a kindred spirit. Drawing on all his reserves, Nick calmly returned the nod. Noah retrieved a piece of paper and pen from the bar, and Nick wrote on it simply 'Trojan!" and his mobile number, turning the paper face down, and tapping his finger on it.

When the slave appeared, he looked around wildly, seeing Nick and Noah no more than five metres from his master. But when there was no reaction other than a muttered "You took your time!", he seemed to relax a little, and moved to stand obediently just beside the dominant man. After several minutes, he found the courage to look around the bar again inconspicuously, his glance finding Nick staring directly at him.

Nick caught his eye, and tapped the card on the table, nodding his head and asking a question with his eyes. The slave nodded, almost imperceptibly, and looked away again. A few minutes later, the Master announced that he needed to take a piss.

"We'll leave when I get back, boy," he said to pigboi.

"Yes, Sir," the boy acknowledged.

As soon as his master was out of sight, pigboi hurried over to Nick, grabbing the card with the name and number. He turned it over and read it quickly, then slid it into the space between his chaps and his thigh.

"Trojan, Sir, I promise I'll call you. Please, I beg you, don't say anything to my Master!"

"When?" was Nick's only response.

"Tonight, Sir. He will take me to my home, but after nights like tonight, he always leaves straight away to go home himself. I promise, I'll be able to call in an hour -- two at the most!"

"Very well, boy," Nick said dismissively. "But if you don't, then the next time I see your master here ..."

"I swear!" hissed the sub. There was a movement behind him and he looked anxiously toward the toilets, but the Master was not to be seen.

Nick simply waved him away, and he hastily returned to where he had been when his master left. Without another look at him, Nick nodded to Noah, and together they calmly stood up, and left the club.

Pigboi was true to his word. Just over an hour later, Nick's phone rang. No-one else would be calling him at that time of night. He hit the 'loudspeaker' function so Noah could hear both sides of the conversation.

"Boy?' he barked into the phone.

"Yes, Sir, it's me. I'm sorry about earlier, Sir," answered the slave. He sounded much more relaxed, much more at ease than he had in the club. "You said you're a friend of Mr Dominance, Sir. If you want what he wanted then I don't think I can help, Sir," he said, a little edgily again.

"No, I don't want that," Nick replied, easing his tone, trying to sound less threatening. "In fact, I'm trying to find Mr Dominance. He disappeared a week ago, and I need to talk to him."

"But I don't know where he is," answered the sub.

"You were with him, Tuesday night a week ago. You went with him to see another 'boy' -- do you remember?"

"Oh yes, Sir," pigboi answered quickly. "That was the last time I saw him, Sir."

"And you haven't been in contact with him since?"

"No, Sir. I told him that night that I couldn't, that I wouldn't. Not again. Not after that."

"What do you mean?" Nick demanded.

"It was what he did to the other slave, Sir. I'm always happy to serve, happy to obey. But he got too, um, too 'enthusiastic' if you know what I mean. He didn't stop when the other slave used his safe word. He kept on going. He left marks, Sir, permanent marks, you know? I told him then that I couldn't have that happen. If my Master found out I was serving another master, he would kill me, literally!"

"And Mr Dominance accepted that?" Nick asked, surprised.

"Uh, yes, Sir, he must have, because I haven't heard from him since. I'm surprised myself, because he was very aggressive. And he was good, too, Sir! The kind of Master a slave can really submit to. But I just couldn't take the risk anymore."

Nick felt the chance of finding Richard slipping away. "Is there anyone else who might have seen him since, who might know where he is?" he asked, without much hope.

"I don't know, Sir, bit I doubt it. You know how it is -- people in our situation tend not to give too much away."

"Yes, I know," Nick sounded exasperated.

"What about you, Sir?" pigboi asked, a different tone to his voice. "Are you looking for another slave? I can be very satisfying, Sir ..."

"No, thanks," Nick said abruptly. "You can't help me with what I need!" He ended the call without saying anything more.

Nick turned to Noah with a question on his face. Noah just shrugged in reply.

"I think we've hit a dead end," he said unhappily.

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