After Nick and Noah 5-8

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Chapter 5

The next morning, Nick and Noah, were still no more hopeful of finding anything else in their search of Richard's secret life.

"It seems to me that this is going nowhere," Nick stated dejectedly.

"I think you're right," Noah agreed. "As far as I can tell, no-one who knew him as 'Mr Dominance' has heard from him or seen him since before the fight with Joe, and it seems extremely unlikely that he would have gone to them for sympathy or support after that. The whole scene is built around not knowing too much about who you're having sex with. It just doesn't tie in with finding someone to run to after a fight with your lover."

Nick shook his head. "Back to the drawing board," he said.

"Yes, I'm afraid so. Back to Joe, to start all over again."


When they arrived at Joe's place, it was Tony who let them in. "He's still upset after yesterday," Tony warned them. "He told me you found out Richard was sleeping around. I told you!"

"Yeah, Tony, we know," Nick accepted.

"But we still don't know what has happened to him," Noah added.

"Maybe he's gone forever?" Tony offered.

"Who knows. But we said we'd try to help, so until Joe is ready to give up, we'll still keep trying."

Joe was sitting on the sofa, a half finished coffee in front of him. He looked up hopefully when they came in, but the look on their faces was enough for him to see there was no news.

Noah answered his unasked question. "Sorry, Joe. We had a little luck with the guy we mentioned yesterday ..." he shot a glance at Tony, and Joe gulped, but Noah went on carefully. "... but that seems to be a dead end. None of 'those people' ..." he emphasised the words, earning a curious look from Tony, which he ignored. "None of those people could help. We don't think they know any more than you do."

"Anything from any of your mutual friends?" Nick asked, more from duty than any real hope.

"No, I called around again yesterday after you left. No-one knows anything."

"What about family?" Noah asked. "Does he have any brothers or sisters, anyone like that he may have gone to?"

Joe shook his head. "His parents are both dead. He only has one sister, but they haven't spoken in years. She refused to have anything to do with him when she found out he was gay. He wouldn't have gone there. I wouldn't even know how to reach her."

"Mate," Nick said softly. "I hate to say it, but I just don't know what else we can do."

Joe said nothing. He looked at Nick, then to Noah, and found no hope in either of their faces. He looked to Tony, but all he saw there was pity. His head dropped, and his body began to shake, as he cried soundlessly.

"I think you better go," Tony said.


"That is so sad," Nick commented as they drove home. "That you have no family, or that your family refuses to see you."

"You don't have any family left," Noah said. "Does it worry you?"

"But I do," Nick replied. "I have your family. Your mum, your brothers and sisters, have all adopted me. I know I'm part of the family. If anything happened to us, to you, I know I could go to any one of them."

Noah smiled. "I'm so happy you feel that way," he said. "Too many guys have living relatives, but no family! It's so hard for them."

They let themselves into the house, to find Indiana, their dog, demanding some attention. "Hi," Nick said as he reached down to scratch Indy under the chin. "I guess you've been neglected the last few days. You can have us all day today, I promise," he said.

Noah laughed. "He'll be bored again in half an hour -- you wait and see!"

Sure enough, after getting some cuddles, and chasing a ball around the yard for a while, Indy was soon ready for a sleep, and ignored Nick's efforts to continue their game.

"Ingrate!" he declared.

"If you have so much energy, I'm sure I can find something for you to do," Noah remarked.

"Oh boy," Nick pretended a pained expression, "More chores!"

Now it was Noah's turn to act hurt. "Well, if you don't want to ... I thought we could catch up with some maintenance -- downstairs!". He grinned evilly as he waited for Nick's reaction. He didn't have to wait long.

"Oh, that kind of maintenance," Nick said, excitement growing in his voice. 'Downstairs' was their secret code for suggesting some time in their dungeon. "Yeah, I guess 'downstairs' could use some work again!" His eyes sparkled as he ran a hungry look over Noah's body.

"Come on, stud," Noah hissed, leading the way.

Nick may have been the dominant partner in their 'downstairs' exploits, but it was Noah who immediately took charge of proceedings this afternoon. With both of them stripped naked, he led his man into the warm inky blackness of their dungeon. Dispelling the darkness with a single candle, the tall blond stood back and admired the smiling hunk before him: short and swarthy, but muscled and powerful, his thick penis lengthening rapidly under Noah's gaze. Nick began to speak, but Noah held him to silence with a finger over those large round lips.

"Let me," Noah said softly but commandingly. "Just stand there and let me enjoy you."

His partner raised an eyebrow in surprise, but willingly complied. There was something strangely compelling about Noah's tone, and it did nothing to abate Nick's excitement.

Wordlessly, Noah turned to the closet which held their not unextensive collection of gear, looking back often to his mate appraisingly. He selected a full harness of wide but unadorned leather straps and expertly buckled it over and around Nick's upper body, trailing his hands along the lines of the hide where it curved under his Greek god's pecs. Next came a pair of shining chaps -- the tightest he knew Nick would fit into. With the legs unzippered, Noah stood hard behind his man as he reached around and snapped then buckled the waistband together across Nick's belly, before moving to kneel before the other man and slowly, almost lovingly, sliding the zippers down from Nick's groin all the way to his ankles. With his face bare centimetres from the pillared musculature that was his master's legs, Noah's breathing quickened as he felt himself harden in anticipation.

Offering only the merest hint of assistance, Nick watched in growing arousal as Noah then slid gleaming black harness boots onto each of his feet. His 'viking boy' was almost supine as he ministered to Nick's garbing, and somehow this entire scene of being fawned over was getting Nick far more horny than he would have expected.

As the boots encased Nick's feet, Noah could not resist the urge to prostrate himself, licking eagerly at each in turn before lifting his face to take in the beauty of his man's cock jutting proudly out from his body, and Nick's face looking approvingly down at him. The tall slave then fetched a cockring and ball separator, carefully feeding each of Nick's testicles through the thick chrome before sliding that impressive snake of flesh through the metal ring -- and not without some difficulty; Nick's erection was throbbing into fullness with every beat of his heart. As the silver circle sat back against Nick's pelvis, Noah snapped the leather ball separator around his nuts, and tantalisingly trailed a finger over his lover's eggs.

Returning to the repository of equipment, Noah collected the remainder of the gear for his man, and maintaining a lowered gaze of supplication (which happily allowed him to drink in the sight of Nick's body), he settled studded leather gauntlets on each forearm, and buckled wide black bicep bands around Nick's muscled upper arms. With his face down still, the slave that Noah was playing, carefully slid a soft Master's hood of kid leather over Nick's head and adjusted it into position.

Done, Noah stood back and asked in a quiet voice, "Is this satisfactory, Trojan, Sir?"

Nick found it difficult to speak at first, so impressed, and so excited, was he.

"Excellent, boy!" he hissed in approval. Somehow, even now, Noah had managed to seem so submissive that he actually felt smaller -- not an easy task given that his 'boy' stood a full eight inches taller in reality. "Now, get yourself ready ..."

Noah hurried to obey, but Nick grinned inwardly as he caught a glimmer of excited anticipation in Noah's eyes. Happily, he knew that Noah was just as turned on by this as he was himself. Without offering any comment or assistance, Nick took up a position of dominance, placing himself between the soft glow of the candle and the spot where Noah began to dress. With his legs spread wide and feet firmly planted, Nick crossed his arms on his chest, and settled in to observe his slave don more shining black leather.

Eagerly, Noah selected his own wardrobe and began to dress himself. A double harness that wrapped around his chest and again around his abdomen was quickly settled into place, followed by long black chaps that gripped at his legs. As he stooped to fasten the chaps, Noah glanced up to see his master standing watching him. From this angle, all the slave could see was Nick's silhouette, created by the light from the tiny single flame. The dimness only served to heighten the sense of power and eroticism he felt, knowing that the shadow watching him was waiting patiently for him to surrender himself to it, and to pure pleasure. Hurriedly now, he fitted a cockring around his penis, slid his feet into boots matching Nick's, and fitted his slave hood over his head. With that final act he felt a strange sense of anonymity descend upon him, and realised that he could be anyone; that the dark figure watching him could be a complete stranger. A thrill raced through his body causing him to tremble a little.

"Trojan, Sir," he said, almost pleading. "I am yours; to use as you please."

"Indeed!" Nick responded. "Get over here and lick my boots!"

Scrambling to obey, Noah was quickly on all fours, his head down and his arse in the air as he lowered his mouth to the shining leather of his Master's boots and began to lick in earnest, laving the black hide with his tongue and spitting softly at the footwear before wiping it clean again. Nick remained as he had been, legs spread and arms crossed as he looked down upon the slave at his feet excitedly.

Noah's hands were on the back of Nick's calves, gently rubbing them through the stretched black of the chaps, as his mouth began its ascent of the muscled pillars upon which his man stood. He could feel the slightest throbbing of life in those legs, the hint of arousal which was more than mirrored by the straining length of his own cock. He felt movement from his master but continued his attentions, before flinching to the soft but unexpected slap of a hand upon his bare and upturned butt cheek. The slap, light as it was, merely served to encourage him further, and he attacked Nick's legs with greater fervour. Another slap, not so surprising this time, and he groaned softly.

"Yes, Sir ..." he whispered.

"Keep at it, boy!" he heard Nick hiss quietly, as the figure in front of him moved again, to the accompanying sound of Nick scrabbling at the adjacent shelf where they kept their 'toys'.

Reluctantly diverting his attention from the prone slave enthusiastically licking and sucking at his boots and lower legs, Nick reached out and picked up a largish black butt plug, and a bottle of lubricant. While his slave continued to attend to his booted feet and leathered claves, he quickly coated the stubby latex dong with lube, then leaned forward and began to rub the glistening, slimy toy across Noah's upper back.

"You know what this is, boy?" he asked menacingly.

"Yes, Sir," came the speedy but respectful reply, as Noah maintained his tongue-washing of Nick's chaps.

"Then what should I do with it?" Nick demanded.

"Use it, Sir. Use it on me. Put it inside me, Sir," the slave answered emphatically.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, Viking Boy? You like having that hot little arse of yours filled, don't you? But you have to deserve it! You're not here for your own pleasure, but for mine. Remember that!"

"Yes, Sir!" Noah whispered hoarsely. "Use me for your pleasure, Sir. Do whatever you want with me, Sir. I'm just your toy!"

"Mmmm," Nick hummed in appreciation. "Look up at me, boy," he ordered.

His slave complied, lifting his head to gaze upwards at the Master standing over him. From this angle, what Noah saw were two long, powerful leather clad legs converging at Nick's groin where a thick, throbbing penis jutted proudly and invitingly out from his man's body. Above that Nick's face stared down at him, and between the stern visage and the veiny cock his master held a glistening black plug out for him to see.

"This what you want?" Nick asked again.

Noah simply nodded.

"I asked if this was what you wanted," his master thundered down at him.

"Yes, Sir," Noah yelped.

"How much do you want it?"

"I need it, Sir. Real Bad! Please, Trojan, fill my arse with it. Shove it into me, and use me, Sir. I beg you -- use me like the slave I am. Your slave. Please ..."

The pleading tone, and the begging of the man below him, intensified Nick's arousal a hundredfold. His already hard cock jumped to total erection, a long sliver of crystal pre-cum oozing from him and falling onto his slave's upturned face.

"Maybe you do deserve it," he said, trying to sound unconvinced. "Of course, I'm gonna make you earn it anyway! Stay on your knees, push your face into the floor and point your hole skywards, and don't move," he ordered.

Noah quickly complied, and as he moved around to stand behind his boy, Nick casually dropped a small vial of amyl so that it landed adjacent to Noah's head. He noted with approval that his partner surreptitiously collected the bottle and moved his hands up towards his face.

Kneeling behind his slave, Nick nudged Noah's legs even wider with his own knees, and happily drank in the sight of firm white globes framed by gleaming black leather, a soft pink target winking slightly at him. His prick throbbed yet again, but he resisted the temptation to fuck that hole right then and there, bringing the wet latex up to the entrance to Noah's body instead. Slowly he nudged the head of the toy against the soft skin of his slave's anus. Pushing in a little, then pulling it back before pressing just a little further, Nick watched intently as his man's body responded, gradually opening up further with each insertion and withdrawal, accepting the invasion and eagerly wanting more. Nick found it amazingly erotic that he could wield such power, such control over another, by teasing open the rosebud gateway to Noah's innards with this device whilst he delighted in watching the process from so close a vantage point, and revelled in the whimpers of pleasure escaping his boy as he did so.

Noah knelt in his semi prone position, thrills of anticipation racing through him. He felt the head of the plug being slowly pushed into him, then removed and re-inserted just a little further, over and over again. He trembled with the growing pleasure, and the anticipation of more to come. Both of them knew from happy experience that he could easily accommodate the toy within his rectum, but that same experience had allowed them to see how much enjoyment Noah took from this slow working in and out, the gentle but firm stretching of his sphincter as it prepared to be breached.

Groaning softly, Noah began to move in rhythm with his master's strokes, edging himself back onto the toy as Nick pressed it into him. He could sense that it was almost at its widest point, and would be swallowed by his arse within the next few moments. Unscrewing the lid of the amyl, he took a single long sniff from the bottle and re-capped it. As the tingling rush of blood heightened his every sensation and his body came alive, he knew that Nick was aware of what he had done. He felt a final sudden push, and the wide flange of the plug passed through his ring of muscle. His body sucked it in and closed around it as he experienced the wonderful sense of being plugged and filled which came with that acceptance.

"Unhhh,' he gasped, not from pain but from satisfaction.

"You like that, don't you, Viking?" Nick grinned. "That's right, my little slave, I know you love being filled that way." As he spoke, he landed a playful slap on Noah's rump, and happily noted the way his boy's rear clenched around the toy in automatic response to the sting.

"Yes, Trojan, I like that a lot, Sir," he managed to get out, as his body shuddered with arousal.

Nick moved to stand in front of his slave again, his legs spread wide, his arms crossed. "Now finish what you started, boy," he commanded.

Noah resumed his licking of his master's legs, all too conscious of the thick latex bung stopping up his hole. He eagerly laved at the leather clad calves, bobbing from side to side as he worked his way up his man's sturdy legs. His hands strayed to the backs of Nick's thighs as he kissed his way over the other man's knees and slowly moistened the black hide encasing Trojan's thighs, getting ever closer to the prized javelin of turgid flesh throbbing and drooling above his head.

Nick watched as his slave moved slowly upward, the ache in his cock testimony to the extent to which he was enjoying this role. It took all his determination to simply stand there and be worshipped by the beautiful, leather clad figure attacking his chaps. When Viking's lips found his nuts, the master let out a groan of delight before lowering his hands to either side of the hooded head at his groin.

"Not yet, boy," he said as he held his slave's face away from the twitching spear that was his penis. "You have to earn that!"

"Please , Sir ..." Noah whined as his Master held him in position. Nick flexed the muscles of his cock, making it jump about in front of Noah's eyes, no more than a centimetre or two away. Droplets of clear pre-cum sprayed across the sub's face, trickling down the hood, but the object of his desire remained elusive as Trojan held him in place.

Using all of his resolve, Nick backed away from the anxious, pleading slave. "Over here, boy!" he ordered, indicating a slave bench the two had built for themselves. It was something like a carpenter's saw horse but wider -- a flat surface supported by angled legs. But the surface was covered in leather over foam, and on the legs were attached smaller cushioned supports, as well as shackles.

As Noah obeyed, lowering himself so that his torso lay along the bench, Nick moved to the front of the contraption, and snapped handcuffs around his slave's wrists, binding them to the front legs of the bench. Noah's knees came up and rested on the supporting pedals at the back, and Nick used the shackles there to hold his calves in place. The effect was that Noah was now lying face down and unable to move thanks to the restraints on his wrists and legs, his body supported by the main bench but which left his genitals and his arse exposed and open, and his nipples were also clear, as his chest and upper body extended from each side of the narrow railing.

"You okay, Viking?" Nick asked, his words tough, but his tone serious.

"Yes, thank you, Sir," Noah responded eagerly, letting his partner know that he was comfortable enough, and excited to be playing this role.

"Excellent," the Master declared. He handed Noah a bottle of amyl as he checked the bindings. Although the cuffs held Noah in place, because of the design of the slave bench, there was enough 'give', enough movement, that he could hold the bottle as he wished, and raise it sufficiently that by lowering his face he could sniff the contents and get the benefit of the enhancer whenever he wished.

Satisfied now that his slave was both comfortable, and prepared, Nick stood back and enjoyed the amazing sight of his man, white skin within glistening black leather, bound to the bench, open and vulnerable and awaiting his attentions, the flange of the butt plug moving slightly as Noah flexed his puckering muscles around the invading toy. A sense of power, combined with responsibility, raced through Nick, his nerves tingling with arousal and excitement. He was indeed lucky to have found in Noah his perfect match, and for them both to have discovered this love of leather that they shared.

His cock throbbing, hard and straining with anticipation, the master Trojan enthusiastically moved back in towards his Viking slave. He gripped the base of the plug protruding from Noah's arse, and wriggled it from side to side, eliciting a long low moan of pleasure. Pulling now, Nick slowly edged the toy out of his boy's body, watching intently as the flange stretched his slave's hole wide before allowing it to close again around the tapering shaft. Viking moved around against the chains holding him in place, and Nick grinned as he pushed the toy back in again, even more slowly so that the thickest part of it held his sub's anus open longer than ever. He was rewarded with a deep "Unhhhh!" filled with ecstasy as the thing slid back into Noah's body once more.

Trojan relished this power, this control he had over his slave, and he repeated the process several times, vacating Viking boy's body, sometimes slowly, sometimes at speed, then re-filling it with the thick black latex of the anal stopper. Each time, his subject responded with barely controlled murmurings of delight as the dong opened him wide then allowed him to re-clench himself. Feeling more emboldened each time, Nick pulled again, amazed at the extent to which Noah's arse could stretch, but instead of allowing the thing to simply slide through, he held it in place at the widest point, keeping his man's sphincter dilated to the fullest diameter of the toy.

"Holy fuck!" Noah hissed at the extended stretching.

"That's right, boy," Nick said, pushing the toy back into it's human receptacle again, and landing a soft slap on his slave's rump. With his cock leaking profusely, Nick moved around to the front of the bench, standing so that his dripping penis was directly in Noah's line of sight.

"You enjoy that, Viking?"

"Yes, Sir!" came the emphatic reply.

"I suppose you want this?" asked his master, waving the long dagger of flesh before the slave's face.

"Oh, yes, please Sir!" Noah answered in an extended groan of desire.
"Give me your cock, please, Trojan, Sir."

Nick harrumphed at the plea, continuing to wave his manhood tantalisingly in front of his slave's face. "Soon enough," he said menacingly, before swinging himself from side to side and allowing his long, turgid weapon to slap against Noah's cheeks. Despite his best efforts, the restrained man was unable to catch the prized organ with his lips, and he turned his face in vain to follow the pendulum of his master's prong.

"I beg you, Trojan," he pleaded, "Give me that fucking sword, please. I need it; I want it, so bad!"

"Oh, you're gonna get it, Viking Boy, believe me! But when I'm ready."

Again he slapped his throbbing, dribbling masculinity at his slave's head, landing resounding whacks of naked flesh against the boy's cheeks, and over the leather hood he wore. Droplets of pre-cum flew from that thick rod, and sprayed across Noah's skin, or left long thin streamers of glistening manjuice hanging from his nose and chin.

"Pleeease ..." the slave begged, but without success.

Leering at his boy, Nick returned to his vantage point at Noah's rear end. Slowly but irresistibly, he pulled at the butt plug until it slid from the slave's body again. Giving the toy a few more pushes, Master Trojan worked the black plug in and out of the shuddering but immobile body before him, and then discarded it in favour of another latex prong -- a long dildo, ribbed at irregular intervals with raised rings around it's circumference.

"Let's see how you like this," he muttered at the prone figure as he introduced the head of the latex prick to his slave's puckering hole. To the accompaniment of groans of pleasure from the Viking boy, Nick gripped the handle at the base of the dildo and slowly pushed inward, invading Noah's body with the artificial prong in a steady drive. As each of the raised ridges breached his sphincter and disappeared into him, the slave gasped anew; indrawn breaths of ecstatic delight as his body swallowed the rubber toy.

"Fuck yeah!" Nick whispered as the base of the rubber cock finally pressed up against his slave's cheeks. Slowly he began to pull it back out, then reversed his motion, pushing again as Viking yelped with joy at each stretching and constricting of his anus. In and out Nick moved the thing, slowly at first, but with increasing speed as Noah adjusted to the incredible sensations filling his arse.

Nick was on his haunches now, his face mere centimetres from where the long rubber stick penetrated Noah's body, watching with intense interest as his boy took this monster and begged for more. His cock leaked a steady flow of slime onto the floor below as his own body ached with arousal at the sight before him, and the power he felt at the way he could control his man. His free hand closed around his slave's testicles, squeezing those nuts firmly and pulling at them before letting go to grab instead at the rock hard penis pointing straight out from Noah's groin, hanging in the air below the platform of the slave bench.

"Holy Shit!" Noah exclaimed, as his master began to jerk his cock while all the time riding his arse with the toy.

Nick laughed, standing again, and pulling the dildo all the way out of his partner. Forgetting his resolve to make Noah wait, he aimed his slicked and throbbing log at the puckering target between Noah's butt cheeks, and slammed himself into his boy at speed.

"Oh yeah," they chorused as Nick bottomed out against his man's flesh.

"Fuck me, Sir!" Viking called urgently.

"Take this, boy!" replied his Trojan, as Nick pounded his cock into Noah again and again. The squelching of the slave's innards around his steely cock felt so unbelievably good, and the Master thundered away at his slave with force, gripping the cross-straps of Noah's harness and pulling at them to gain more leverage as he fucked his boy hard and deep.

Almost on the brink of explosion, Nick suddenly stopped, reefing his cock from the hot wet receptacle where it had been burying itself.

"Sir? Please ...?" Noah squealed in disappointment, his body wracked with shudders of approaching orgasm.

"I said -- 'when I'm ready', boy!" his Master replied throatily, only just maintaining his own composure., as he quickly fed the long, ribbed dildo back into his slave's hungry hole in place of his cock. To more grunts and hisses of pleasure from the boy, Nick gave the toy several more spins and pushes before landing a light slap on Noah's left cheek.

"Hold that thing in there, Viking," he ordered, as he stooped a little to grab a length of leather thong, long and thin like a shoe-string. Quickly he looped and tied it around the base of the dildo, and holding the other end in one hand, stepped around to his slave's face yet again.

Noah's visage was a study in concentration as he clenched his butt around the fake prong, determined not to let it slip from his arse. Nick grinned evilly as he tugged gently at the thong in his hand, pulling the dildo around within his boy, and sending waves of conflicting emotions -- concern at the possibility of losing his grip, and pure pleasure at the movement within himself -- over Noah's countenance. Once again, Nick began to slap his now slimy and ever hard cock against his slave's head. Each time it connected, it left a trail of slippery juice; lube and Noah's body fluids mixed with pre-cum, across the leather hood, or down the boy's chin.

"Look at my cock, Viking!" he commanded.

Noah's eyes flew open and his mouth followed suit, trying to catch that meaty dong between his lips. "Yes, Trojan, Sir," he barked back.

"What do you see, boy?"

"Your mighty weapon, Sir," came the eager reply. "I need it, Sir. I want it in me, please Trojan!"

"Then take it, Viking," the Master exclaimed as he grabbed at the slave's hood with one hand, lifting the compliant head up so that his engorged dong could slam into that waiting throat. With his free hand, he pulled hard at the thong attached to the dildo, forcing the toy to jerk down and move about inside Noah's rectum.

Noah would have groaned with pleasure at the double penetration if he could, but instead he simply hummed as Nick's long, thick prick forced its way into his gullet. Desperately resisting the urge to gag, he sucked that heated sabre, massaging it with his tongue as he continued to clamp his arse closed around the shuddering dildo filling his hole. He could taste the mix of liquids coating his master's cock, and smell the heady musk of sex as he slurped at the log assaulting his mouth. He sensed his partner lean over, and then the bottle of amyl was taken from his fingers, and held under his nose, adding its scent to the aromas of the room. Noah took a long deep breath, and allowed the sensation of tingling awareness to envelope him as the invasion of both ends of his body intensified.

Nick fought against the urge to simply pound himself into that glorious, wet mouth until he came. Filling his sight was a vision of submission. His cock, disappearing into a willing throat, obscured by a dark hood, fucked away at the prone form, causing it to rock back and forth on the bench. The body of his slave shuddered in its straps of gleaming leather and tight chaps, struggling unsuccessfully against the bindings holding his Viking down by wrist and leg. The thin black line of the leather thong stretched taut over the slave's back and wrapped around the base of the dildo, jerking and pulling at the toy in response to Nick's tugging, and causing even greater slurping and moaning from the body below him.

Knowing he couldn't hold back for too much longer, Nick wrenched his cock from the vacuum tube that was Noah's throat, and moved quickly to stand behind his slave, pulling more and more at the dildo, watching carefully as, despite his slave's efforts, the toy slid with a series of puckered plops from its living scabbard. When finally Noah's hole was vacant again, Nick wasted no time in re-filling it with himself. He sidled up to his man's entrance and rested the knob of his prick at the twitching hole.

"Please, Sir, now!" Noah almost yelled. It was the plea Nick had been waiting for, and he obliged, shoving his length into his slave in a single, powered drive.

A shared gasp from each of them signalled the bottoming out of Nick's sword within Noah's gut. Intense arousal filled them both as Nick revelled in the squelching wet heat surrounding his masculinity, and Noah gyrated himself back against the gigantic living snake filling his insides with pleasure.

"Fuck me, Trojan!" came a guttural hiss from the slave.

"Oh yeah," his master replied in a low, deep mutter, pulling back a little against the suctioning body before riding that chute again with his throbbing rod.

Long, deep strokes of powerful penetration followed as Trojan fucked his Viking. Slow at first but growing in tempo and force with each hammering insertion. A symphony of grunting, gasping breaths and squelching, slapping flesh filled the dungeon as the flickering light of the candle cast a soft glow upon the sweating sheened bodies of the mating couple. The rich scent of tanned hide mixed with the musky aroma of male sex to fill the air, and the soft grip of smooth leather enwrapped the pair as they joined with each other and fucked.

The sense of domination, of power, was almost total as Nick plunged his scalding poker into the wet cavern of his slave. The willing, begging boy beneath him twisted and shook, but Nick knew he could not move, bound to the slave bench as he was. Nick had absolute control of another being, and used that control for his own pleasure. It aroused him even more, and prompted a re-invigorated humping as he ploughed the soft arse deeper and harder. And somehow, on another plane of consciousness, he marvelled at the love he felt for Noah, and the love Noah offered him by such surrender, and knew he was a lucky man.

For Noah, every nerve in his body was alive, every sense fulfilled. He trembled with the feeling of submission, the delight of unconditional surrender as his Master thundered into him, the raging stallion filling his body with pure pleasure. He pretended to pull against the chains binding him to the bench, but in truth those chains only heightened his delight. To give himself completely to his man, and to know that his Master took absolute pleasure from him, was so unbelievably exciting, so incredibly erotic, and at the same time so emotionally fulfilling. He shuddered within, not from the pounding his body received, wonderful as it was, but from the joy of giving, and receiving in return.

It was the physical aspect of their joinder which now began to overcome each of them, however. The growing arousal brought on by lusty humping could only be resisted for so long, and each man was quickly losing his battle to hold back from the explosion of orgasm. Suddenly needing to be joined more completely with his slave, Nick lowered himself into position, his knees pushing into the backs of Noah's thighs as he fell forward to cover his slave's body with his own. Noah grunted as he felt the weight of Nick's chest hard against his back, but loved the feeling of being enclosed inside his man. He could feel the straps of Nick's harness against his skin, and hear the squealing of leather as his chaps rubbed against those of his master.

Still fucking himself deep and hard into Noah's body, Nick wrapped his arms around his mate's chest. It felt incredible to have this strong, vibrant man held so tightly, and yet to be inside that body at the same time. His fingers found Noah's nipples, and as he pounded his cock into Viking's sphincter, he pulled at the hardened nubs, tweaking those tiny erections and winning even more delighted gasps and energetic twitchings from his partner.

As one, crouching, sweating entity, the two fused into pure sex, mating hard and panting with indescribable pleasure as they humped and shook their way to a peak, lost in the ultimate ecstasy of physical pleasure as their excitement reached its zenith and simultaneous climax ripped through the conjoined figures, drowning them in lusty release.

Eventually, Nick's mind returned to his body, and he became aware that he was crushing his lover into the bench, holding him in a squeezing embrace, and still with his cock lodged in Noah's body. He began to move, but was stopped by the sound of his man's voice.

"No, don't move!" Noah whispered. "I love it like this. I feel like I'm inside your body, and you're inside me, and it feels so good," he murmured in sated happiness.

Nick smiled. Noah was right, it did feel wonderful. "But if I don't move soon, we'll cramp up," he complained reluctantly.

"I guess so," came the unconvincing acceptance from his lover.

Still covering Noah, still penetrating his beautiful body, Nick reached his arms down and unlocked the shackles holding Noah's wrists. Slowly, carefully, he lifted himself up, and withdrew his manhood from Noah's arse, then released his man's legs, lifting him up to hold him again, both of them standing now.

"I need to sit down," Nick said simply.

Noah chuckled, and the pair collapsed onto the floor, Nick propped up against a wall, while Noah settled back into his man's arms, the two of them forming a puddle of flesh, leather and cum on the floor.


"I'll never get tired of this, or of you," Nick announced as Noah reclined against him, black clad legs thrown at an angle over Nick's feet.

"Ditto," agreed Noah. "And yet, I don't know that I would rule out having someone join in," he said thoughtfully.

"I know what you mean," Nick laughed. "We know how hot that can be. We just need to be careful."

"Oh yeah, but as long as we, and the other guy ..."

"Or guys," Nick interrupted.

Noah grinned evilly, " ... or guys, understand that it is pure sex, then I can't see why we shouldn't."

"Agreed" answered Nick. "Something to think about later, eh? Let's get cleaned up. Do you feel like a drink, a glass of wine?"

"Yes, thanks," Noah said happily.

When they were relaxing again, in casual clothes, the topic of Richard's disappearance came back. He had been on their minds so much over the past few days, and it bugged them both that they seemed to have hit a brick wall.

"There's something that just doesn't add up in all of this," announced Nick, out of the blue.

"I'm guessing you're talking about Richard and Joe," Noah replied.
"There's a lot that doesn't add up!"

"Yeah, but one thing in particular that I don't understand."

"Spill it, Sherlock," Noah grinned at his partner.

"Well, if Richard is so much into group scenes -- playing Master to several slaves at once, and he and Joe were right into leather sex and role playing when they were together, then why did he get so upset at what Joe suggested?"

"Hmmm," Noah mumbled, flowing Nick's train of thought. "Yeah; we know they played similar roles at home. Joe told us he loved being the slave, being dominated. He and Richard always played that way with Richard dominating. What he suggested -- finding someone to join in with them -- was exactly what Richard was doing, behind his back!"

"I would have thought that Richard would have jumped at the chance -- he could have continued to do what he had been doing anyway, only with Joe joining in, so he didn't have to hide it anymore, or risk being caught," Nick finished.

"That would be logical," mused Noah, although he still sounded uncertain.

"On top of that," Nick added, on a roll now, "I find it really hard to believe that Joe didn't suspect something. Richard was out fucking around two or three times a fortnight. He must have been wondering about all these shifts he was supposedly working, and surely there would be other clues -- Richard's leathers being gone; just the way Richard was, when he got home. I know that after we have had a particularly hot session, I can still smell and feel 'sex' on both of us for hours afterwards, even after a shower."

Noah nodded. "It does make me think that Joe was either especially naïve, or exceptionally trusting, that he never even suspected Richard was up to anything."

"So now Joe is not so lily white," Nick declared. "We have to be suspicious of him as well!"

"Hold on, Nick," Noah jumped in. "Suspicious of what? Why would Joe lie about that, if he's told us about what they did together anyway. And what are we suspecting him of? Richard is just missing -- nothing more. It's not like Joe has spirited him away. After all, Joe is the one who is desperate to find out where Richard is, remember."

"Oh," Nick replied, deflated. "I guess so. I hadn't thought of that. It just doesn't ring true that Joe could be so unaware of what Richard has been doing behind his back."

"I'm not saying you're wrong," Noah added quickly, reassuring his man. "I just can't see any reason why Joe would lie. But I do think it's strange that Joe wouldn't have noticed, and even stranger that Richard would object so much to a suggestion that they do what he was already doing anyway. I really think we need to have yet another chat with Joe, clear the air a bit!"


It was a surprised Joe who opened the door to them that afternoon.

"Two visits in one day? You must have something else in mind, guys -- what is it?" he said eagerly.

Nick went to speak, but Noah motioned to him to take it easy. Instead, it was Noah who began the questions about their doubts.

"Joe, we haven't got any more than we did this morning, but we do want to try to clear some things up with you. We are trying our hardest to work this out for you, but there are a few things which just don't gel."

"Oh, like what?" Joe asked, still looking openly hopeful and not at all concerned.

"To begin with, we are sure Richard was out, either at this Club, or seeing one of the guys from his hook-up service, at least once a week. I know you said he worked unusual shifts, and that he had given you a reason for not contacting him at work, but surely you must have been suspicious?"

Joe shook his head, sadly. "No, I never was. I just trusted him completely. Richard is the only guy I've ever had a real relationship with. I was only young when we met, and I'd never lived with anyone before him, or even had a lover for more than a few months. He's worked strange hours for all the years that we've been together, so I've never been bothered by that."

It suddenly occurred to Nick that maybe Richard had been screwing around all that time, but he chose to keep that possibility to himself. Instead, he asked: "What about when he came home? Didn't you ever notice he was especially tired, or anything? I don't want to sound too grimy, but couldn't you ever sense that he'd been having sex -- a smell, and feeling?"

Again Joe shook his head. "Richard is a stickler for cleanliness and hygiene. He jumps straight into the shower the moment he comes through the door -- every day! And he insists on wearing cologne, even just before he comes to bed."

"What about his leather gear?" Noah asked. Didn't you ever notice it was missing, even once?"

He was answered with a chuckle this time. "Guys, come with me," he said, standing up.

Looking at each other in confusion, Nick and Noah did as he asked, following him to a narrow door which opened on to a staircase leading down, beneath the house. They guessed at was what at the bottom, but they weren't prepared for what awaited them.

As Joe pushed open the door to his dungeon, both men were left speechless by what they saw. The floor was completely black, covered in leather, as was one wall. The remaining three walls, and the ceiling, were mirrors. A sling hung in the middle of the room, and a slave bench sat close by it. A St Andrew's Cross was standing in a frame of steel which allowed the whole thing to be rolled end over end. Chains swung loosely in the darkness, suspended from the roof, and more were jumbled just below in a pile on the floor. Half of the only non-mirror wall consisted of open shelves and pegs, where an incredible selection of toys, whips and paddles, and hand and ankle cuffs sat ready for use. The other half of that wall was taken up by a massive wardrobe.

Joe didn't leave them staring for too long. He simply walked over to the closet, and threw the doors wide. Inside was a collection of leather outfits and gear that would put many shops to shame. Jackets, vests, chaps, pants, boots, harnesses and hoods, master's caps, gauntlets and gloves filled the space from end to end. Finally Joe turned to the two friends with a shrug.

"Would you notice one outfit missing from this?" he asked. "Hell, I know for a fact that he was wearing full leathers when he left here, but I'll be damned if I could pick out where it fits amongst this."

"Fucking hell!" Nick declared in amazement.

Noah looked carefully around the dungeon once more. "Joe, I apologise. When we told you we had our own dungeon, well -- it's nowhere near as well equipped as this!"

Sadly almost, Joe closed the wardrobe again, and led them back upstairs.

"There's still one thing that worries us, Joe," Noah said when they were settled on the sofa again.


"You said that the fight was because you had suggested finding someone else to join you in a threesome?"

"Uh huh."

"From what we've found out, Richard loves that kind of thing. It is almost his trademark. Three, four, or more. He gets right into the whole scene."

Joe's eyes widened, but Noah went on. "Given that's the case, and we know for a fact that it's true, then why on earth would he object to you suggesting the same thing. It seems to me that you were offering him what he was already getting. He could have had it all, and avoided even the slightest risk that you would find out, since you'd be involved as well."

"I, ... I just don't know," Joe's voice cracked a little. "I don't understand."

"What exactly did you say?" Nick asked. "Word for word, as best you can remember?"

Joe sat for a moment collecting his thoughts, bringing back that night.
"We had just been down in the dungeon," he said. "Richard had strapped me to the slave bench, and left me there for ages while he took his time, either fucking me with a dildo, or pushing anal balls into me then pulling them out, or just plain fucking me. But he seemed to be almost bored. Finally, he got worked up enough to cum, but when he was finished, he just unlocked the cuffs, and walked out, leaving me to get myself off before coming upstairs.

"When I did find him, he was still sitting there in his full leathers. He always looks so hot when he's all geared up! I was upset, because I felt like we were losing something in our sex life, so I told him that I felt like he hadn't been quite as interested in me as I would have liked, and that I thought I might have an idea that could spice up our time together."

Noah nodded, encouraging him to go on, and Joe continued. "He seemed interested in that, looked up at me and asked what I had in mind. So I started to feel enthusiastic. I told him that while I always enjoyed what we did, that I had this fantasy about serving two masters at once, maybe having them take turns at fucking me, or have one fuck me while I serviced the other with my mouth. I told him I would even like to try having two of them fuck me at the same time."

He finished quickly, looking at Nick and Noah with a shamefaced expression.

"Hey, Joe, we're not judging you, man," Nick assured him.

"No way," Noah added. "In fact, what you've just described sounds horny as hell to me!" He grinned, winking at Nick, who raised his eyebrows in a question before smiling evilly. "So then what happened?" he said to Joe, who had not seen the interchange between himself and Nick.

"That's when he just went ballistic. His face went red, and he stood there for a minute or two, then started yelling at me. He told me that I was being ridiculous, that I didn't know when to leave well enough alone. He asked me if I didn't love him anymore, and when I swore that I did, he said that if we were in love, then he couldn't possibly share me with someone else. I tried to explain that I was just talking about sex, not love, but he wouldn't listen. He said that I was either his, alone, or not his at all.

"He began to scream at me, saying that I couldn't see the difference between games and real life, that what we did in the dungeon was just a game to me. He said that I needed to realise that what we fantasised about we could never actually do in reality. Then he muttered something about how, if I wasn't careful, I would ruin everything. He grabbed a jacket and jeans, and just walked out, and I haven't seen him since. I just don't understand it. You say he's into anonymous sex -- well, that's what we did! He has a thing about it; we always wear masks or hoods, and he talks to me as if we were strangers. So why didn't he want me joining in his games?"

"I think I can have a guess at part of it," Nick sighed. To Joe's questioning look, he took a deep breath and went on. "You see, Richard likes to play around with groups -- but only where he's the only 'master'. We had several people tell us the same thing. One even warned us that Richard doesn't share his slaves with anyone; that he gets quite nasty if another Master tries to muscle in on his play. So when you suggested that you wanted to get another guy to share you with him ..."

"... it was exactly what he hates; the opposite of what he wanted!" Joe finished. "Oh shit! I wish he'd just talked about it with me. I could have gone for the other way around -- having another slave join us, getting Richard to play with me and someone else, when he is master to both of us -- that would have been a hot scene as well. Why didn't he suggest that?"

Noah coughed, and both Nick and Joe looked to him. "I suspect there's more to it than that." He stated thoughtfully. "It seems to me that Richard probably was angry at the thought of sharing you with another master, but I think that he didn't want to lose the whole anonymity high either. That could be another reason why he didn't want you joining in his 'games'. You and he are a couple: you know each other so well. Hell, you live together! I think Richard has been starting to really get into his fantasy, starting to live it. If that's what he's doing, it would explain why he doesn't want you to be a part of it -- he loses that anonymous, faceless aspect of the sex."

Joe looked thoroughly miserable. "In other words, it's no longer a fantasy for him, but reality."

"I guess so," Noah agreed reluctantly.

"Just goes to show what can happen when you forget games are just that -- games, a fantasy, not the real world," Nick said emphatically, his comments directed to Joe, but his eyes on Noah. Noah smiled back at him with a nod of understanding.

"But that means that even when we find him, I may not get him back," Joe said, his voice cracking.

"Unless you can show him the difference between games and real life," Nick said simply.

Joe began to sob. It seemed as if his whole world were collapsing, as though he was lost. Nick and Noah sat beside him, trying to comfort him as best they could, but lost for words that would make the young man feel better.

The sound of the doorbell interrupted their misery. Joe looked up suddenly, wiping his eyes and trying to regain his composure. "That'll be Tony," he stated flatly.

"What, again?" Nick gasped. Noah shot him a warning look.

Joe didn't seem to notice. "He usually calls around about now, to make sure I'm okay."

"I'll let him in," Noah offered, jumping up from the sofa.

Tony's look of surprise at finding Noah answering the door was quickly replaced by one of growing anger when he saw Joe's red eyes and puffy features. "What have you guys done now?" he burst out.

"It's okay, Tony," Joe offered. "We've just been facing some hard truths about Richard, and I got upset at the thought that I might never get him back, even when he shows up again."

"Aw, Joe, it's okay, baby," Tony gushed, hurrying to sit in the space vacated by Noah alongside the teary man. "You can manage without him. I'm here for you, and I'll never let anything bad happen to you," he said.

Nick raised an eyebrow at Noah, and both men watched in surprise at Tony's outpouring of sentiment. They didn't get a chance to make any comment, as Tony rounded on both of them.

"When are you going to get the message?" he demanded angrily.
"Richard's gone, and he ain't coming back. Joe needs to get on with his life, to get over that bastard. And he can't do it until you stop bothering him and upsetting him with all these stories about Richard's screwing around."

"Tony!?" Joe hissed. "I asked Nick and Noah to help. Don't take it out on them, they're only doing what I asked them to do."

"Maybe," Tony acceded, "But it's time to face the facts, Joe. Richard's been gone more than a week. And now these guys have found out what he was doing behind your back for who knows how long? Even if he did show up again, you can't possibly want to go back to what you had before. You need to forget him, or at least to go forward without him."

"But I can't ..." Joe pleaded. "I still love him."

"You can't be serious! Not after what he's done," Tony fumed.

"I don't think that's your call, Tony," Nick stated flatly.

"How dare you! I've been here for Joe all this time. I've seen the way he has been hurting. I know what Richard has done to him," Tony said.
"And you're not helping by dredging it all up over and over again. Get out!"

Noah looked to Joe as Tony began ordering them out of the house. Joe shrugged in resignation.

"It's alright guys. I'll call you later, I swear," he promised.

"Let's go, Nick," Noah said quietly.

Nick simply nodded, glowering at Tony, who stood to escort them to the door. Out of Joe's hearing, with Nick and Noah standing on the pathway outside the house, Tony hissed menacingly.

"Face it, you two. Richard's gone -- for good! Joe doesn't need to hear any more about him. What Joe needs now is support and love, so leave him alone. It's bad enough that Richard was screwing around on him, and worse that he just left without any explanation. The last thing Joe should have to deal with now is more stories about bloody Richard and all his leather shit!"

With that, he slammed the door in their faces.


Chapter 6

Noah looked to Joe as Tony began ordering them out of the house. Joe shrugged in resignation.

"It's alright guys. I'll call you later, I swear," he promised.

"Let's go, Nick," Noah said quietly.

Nick simply nodded, glowering at Tony, who stood to escort them to the door. Out of Joe's hearing, with Nick and Noah standing on the pathway outside the house, Tony hissed menacingly.

"Face it, you two. Richard's gone -- for good! Joe doesn't need to hear any more about him. What Joe needs now is support and love, so leave him alone. It's bad enough that Richard was screwing around on him, and worse that he just left without any explanation. The last thing Joe should have to deal with now is more stories about bloody Richard and all his perverted, kinky leather shit!"

With that, he slammed the door in their faces.

"That little bast..." Nick began, but Noah cut him off.

"Come on, my man," he said soothingly. "They need some space, both of them."


At home again, Nick was still fuming about Tony's attitude, and the way he had thrown them out when it wasn't even his house.

"If you ask me, Tony seems to spend far too much time at Joe's place!" he declared.

"Yes, he does," agreed Noah. "I've been wondering about that. Tony has been there every time we have. I suspect he's there a lot more too -- like every day."

"That can't be healthy," Nick stated. "Joe needs some space all to himself."

"There seems to be more to it than just support, too," Noah went on. "I can't help feeling that Tony would like to be more than just a friend."

Nick began to grin with understanding. "Of course! We should have seen it. Tony wants Joe for himself, that's why he keeps saying Richard isn't coming back, and telling us to leave Joe alone. Tony is hoping that Joe will fall for him instead. That explains the attitude. I wonder if Joe realises that yet -- something tells me he's not ready for a whole new relationship." Nick chuckled out loud.

"Something else bothers me," Noah said, not joining Nick's amusement just yet. "When Tony threw us out of there this afternoon, he made a very interesting comment."

"What do you mean?" asked Nick, curious again.

Noah looked as though he were thinking things through very carefully. He answered slowly. "Tony said that 'the last thing Joe should have to deal with now is ... Richard and all his leather shit'. But how did Tony know Richard was into leather? Joe always keeps that from him -- he asked us specifically not to mention it, remember."

"Yes, he did!" said Nick emphatically.

"And I can't imagine Joe telling Tony about it," Noah went on. "That would lead to more questions than Joe would care to answer, in my opinion."

"He was the one who first mentioned that Richard might be having an affair," Nick observed. "Maybe he had heard about some rumours about Richard's preferences when he heard the rumour about him screwing around?"

"Maybe," Noah nodded. "But if so, why not tell us? He was sure as hell eager enough to tell us about the suspected affair."

"Tony might know more than he's letting on," Nick said. "And be keeping it quiet because he wants Joe for himself."

"You are way too suspicious for your own good!" Noah declared, but grinned at his mate to reassure him he was only joking. He reached for the telephone and dialled Joe's number.

"Hi, Joe, it's Noah. I just wanted to apologise for this afternoon. We didn't mean to upset you, or Tony," he said. Nick watched intently, concentrating to hear Joe's reply.

"No problem, Noah," Joe answered. "I'm sorry for Tony's outburst. He means well, but sometimes he gets too protective."

"That's fine," said Noah reassuringly. "Just one question, Joe -- did you tell Tony about Richard; I mean, about his preferences -- the leather and domination part of it?"

"Absolutely not!" Joe answered without hesitation. "I never mentioned it. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason," Noah said carefully. "Just making sure we still needed to be careful about what we say to him, that's all. As long as you're okay."

"Yes, thanks," Joe said tiredly. "I just need to get some rest."

"You do that. We'll talk to you later. And we should apologise to Tony as well -- can you give me his address and number?"

"Sure," said Joe, dictating the details as Noah repeated them and Nick scribbled on a hastily grabbed sheet of paper. "But I'm sure you don't need to apologise to him. He was just looking out for me."

"Okay, Joe, get some rest. Bye." Noah said as he hung up. He turned to Nick. "Did you hear all of that?"

Nick nodded. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Noah grinned. "We should pay Tony a visit," he said. "Let's find out just how much he does know."


It wasn't late yet, so the pair decided that they would confront Tony straight away. The more they considered the situation, the more they were convinced that Tony had been holding back from them, that he must know more about Richard than he had told them. Readying themselves for an argument, Nick and Noah were no more than 50 metres from Tony's home when they saw him come out of the house and head off in the opposite direction from where they were.

Nick went to call out to him, but Noah grabbed his arm.

"Wait, Nick," he hissed. "Let's see where he's off to."

Fortunately, the streets were reasonably busy, and Nick and Noah were able to follow their quarry from a distance without being spotted. Tony hurried along without looking around, and the two trailing him dodged in and out of pedestrians, never falling very far behind. After about ten minutes, he turned into a quiet residential street.

"Hey, Noah," Nick commented softly, "Isn't this the street where ..."

"... supersub lives!" Noah completed. "It sure is. This is getting more and more suspicious."

They backed off a little, since there were fewer crowds in which to hide, but there was no doubting at all when they saw Tony walk up to the very house where they had been a couple of days earlier. As Nick and Noah tried to look inconspicuous, leaning against a low brick wall across the street and several doors down, Tony knocked several times at the door before it was opened. They could not hear what was said, nor could they see who answered clearly, but it certainly appeared as though a fairly heated discussion was taking place over there, on the footpath.

The voices began to rise, and others on the street started to take notice, alarming Noah who was sure Tony and whomever he was talking to would look around and recognise himself and Nick, but instead, the door was opened wider and Tony ushered inside quickly.

"What do you make of that?" Nick asked.

"I don't know, but I'm sure it's no accident that Tony goes straight to this house today! He obviously knows a lot more than we thought, but I just don't see yet how he's involved."

The two of them stayed where they were, trying out different possibilities on each other, but nothing seemed to make sense. They edged closer to the house, wondering what was going on, and when they came up to almost directly outside, they could definitely hear angry voices raised in argument. Tony and (they assumed) 'supersub', were shouting at each other now, so loudly that the noise carried right out to the street, but they still could not make out the words being said.

Suddenly, all went quiet.

"Quickly!" Noah warned, grabbing Nick's arm and striding across the street again to a spot where they would be less noticeable. He was just in time. Tony came storming out of the house, and looked around anxiously, but without noticing them, and headed back the way he had come.

"Do you want to follow Tony again?" Nick asked.

"Um, no," Noah decided. "I think 'supersub' might be more likely to tell us what's going on. Let's see!"

They walked up and rapped on the door Tony had just slammed. In a matter of seconds it was reefed open to them, preceded by an angry hiss.

"I fucking well told you ..." supersub was saying until he saw who was there. He speedily changed his manner. "Oh, hi guys, I ... ah ... thought you were someone else."

He looked past them, into the street, then back to Nick and Noah, smiling now. "Back for another round already? You should have called ..."

Nick returned the smile. "Maybe, maybe not. What we'd really like to do is talk to you about something. Can we come in?"

The sub's face showed uncertainty, even suspicion, but he stood aside for them. Once in the living room, his eagerness to please seemed to have disappeared. "You're here about Mr Dominance again, aren't you?"

Noah nodded. "In a way. We saw the guy who just left, the one you were arguing with. What's going on?"

Supersub sighed. "I guessed as much. What do you know about that guy -- the one who was just here?"

"We know that he knows Richard -- ah, 'Mr Dominance' -- and Mr Dominance's partner. We also know that he doesn't like Mr Dominance, and we suspect that he's trying to break them up. We think he wants Mr Dominance's lover for himself," Noah explained.

"Oh, wow. But that doesn't explain things for me ..." supersub whistled.

"So what do you know?" Nick demanded.

"Not a lot," was the reply.

"Then why was he here, why were you arguing?"

The other man looked at both Nick and Noah carefully, weighing them in his mind, before he went on. "Last time you were here, I told you the last time I saw 'Mr Dominance' he went too far, wouldn't respect my limits, and that I hadn't heard from him since."

"Yeah?" Nick said.

"Well, that's not quite true. I have seen him since, but only once. He showed up here unannounced last week, on Sunday night."

"That's the night he had the fight with Joe," Nick exploded.

"Yeah, I know," supersub said flatly. "He showed up here, and he was angry. I mean really angry. It was obvious something had happened to him, although I had no idea what. But it was also obvious that he was looking for a way to take it out on someone else -- that being me! I remembered all too well the last time he had been here, and I told him there was no way I was getting into anything with him in that mood, or any other mood for that matter."

"So what did he do?" Noah prodded.

"He yelled. And I yelled. And then we fought."

Nick looked surprised. "You argued with him -- 'Mr Dominance'?"

"No," supersub winced at the memory. "We fought. Literally. He punched me, and I punched back. I don't think he was expecting that, because I didn't fit into the usual submissive role he knew me for. There were more punches, and we wrestled around a bit. It got pretty serious," he finished, rubbing his hand along his jaw, recalling a particularly hard thump.

"And?" Nick insisted.

"And then he left. I was fairly badly beaten -- could barely stand, but he wasn't much better. He muttered something about 'slaves not knowing their place anymore' and stumbled out of here."

"And THAT was the last time you saw him?" Noah asked.

"Yep! This time I'm telling the truth. I haven't seen him or heard from him since."

"Why didn't you tell us this before?" Nick demanded, growing angry.

"Because of that guy who just left," supersub replied, matching the anger.

"I don't understand. What has Tony got to do with it?"

The submissive shrugged. "So that's his name? He showed up here that same night. About an hour after 'Mr Dominance' left. I was still feeling pretty sick, could only just stand, and I'd forgotten to lock the door when Mr D stormed out. I look up to find this Tony guy standing right here in this room, over me. He spat at me, called me a piece of low-life shit. I thought he was after some action, that maybe Mr D had sent him in. But instead he told me that he knew what kind of kinky shit I'd been up to, and that I was sick, just like anyone else who did the same stuff. He whispered, real low and mean, that I was to forget anyone -- him or anyone else -- had been here that night, and that if he ever found out I'd told someone what had happened that night, he would kill me. And the way he said it, I don't think he was exaggerating. Then he put the boot in, just for good measure. Kicked me hard in the leg, and just walked away. I was too weak to fight back, and I figured he may have known what he was doing, so I kept my mouth shut when you guys started asking."

Nick and Noah were silent for a moment, both thinking through this new information.

"So what happened tonight?" Noah finally asked. "You didn't look like you were backing down this time. We could hear you arguing from outside on the street."

The other man smiled wryly. "Yeah, well I was feeling a lot better today than the last time he visited. He started accusing me of spilling my guts. Said he knew I had told someone about that night. I denied it, but he wouldn't give up, kept insisting I tell him who I had talked to. I brought him inside because people were taking notice out there. We yelled some more, and then he got real nasty. Said that my 'friend' had disappeared. I told him I'd heard that, and he said that if I wasn't careful I might disappear too." Supersub grinned then, an evil grin. "That's when I really stood up to him. I might enjoy being the sub when it comes to sex, but no arsehole is gonna push me around like that in real life! I let him have a good whack, punched him right in the stomach, and told him to get out. He wasn't hurt bad, and away he went -- in a hurry."

Nick looked perplexed, Noah thoughtful.

"I don't understand why he would try to warn you off," Nick said. "If he is trying to break Richard and Joe up, then I would expect him to encourage you."

Supersub simply shrugged, but Noah was even less certain.

"It's not that so much which worries me," he said slowly. "I don't like the comment about 'making you disappear too' -- as if he was the one who made Richard -- sorry, Mr Dominance -- disappear!"

"Sorry guys, I can't help you there," said the man.

"Just be careful, there's something about him I don't trust," Noah thought aloud.

"Well, if he comes back again, I'll be ready for him. I ain't taking that kind of shit from no-one!" His smile widened, "But I could certainly help you in other ways ..." he whispered, his intentions obvious.

Noah blushed, and Nick coughed with embarrassment. "Sorry, guy, not tonight. We have more important things to worry about. But thanks for the offer."

"Aww, come on guys. You know how good we are together. Besides, I figure you two owe me. This is the second time you've come around here trying to get information out of me. Surely I've earned a little 'reward'." He licked his lips invitingly and looked them both up and down slowly, paying particular attention to Noah. "In fact ..." he said slowly, mischievously, "... I could even turn dominant for the night, if you'd like a little variation?"

Nick reddened again, and began to mumble an apology, but before he could say more than a few words, Noah butted in.

"I think maybe he's right, Trojan," he said in a voice thick with promise and lust. His partner spun around in surprise, his mouth falling open. To his look of shock, Noah simply raised a questioning eyebrow.

Despite the instantaneous hard-on tenting his jeans, Nick stammered to the other man, "Just a minute, okay?" and moved away a little, whispering at Noah urgently, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Noah's bravado wilted a little, but he nodded anyway. "Think about it, Nick," he hissed. "He's right -- on several points. We know how good we can be with him; we know he's both careful and genuine; and we do owe him for barging into his life. Besides, it would be damn hot, and we've talked about this scenario, especially if I'm the slave being shared by two masters! I'm up for it if you are."

Nick's face broke into a massive, guilty grin which was quickly replaced by anticipatory lust.

"We'd love to!" he stated firmly to the waiting man, "But we'll have to go home to get our gear!"

"No need, Sir," was supersub's enthusiastic response, as realisation and sudden, growing delight flooded his face. "I have plenty here for all of us! And our roles?"

"You and I -- tops; we share my boy." Nick stated firmly, his interest heightening rapidly.

The other nodded in comprehension and grinned lustily. "Then for tonight you can call me 'Hammer'!" he said.

"Hammer?" Nick questioned.

"Oh yeah, 'cause it fits with your boy's 'Viking', and I'm looking forward to hammering that Viking arse!"

Noah grinned with delighted anticipation, and Nick chuckled out loud. "Lead on, Hammer," he said happily. "Let's get ourselves properly dressed for this."

The other man smiled, and directed them into the room where they had 'played' on their last visit. Pulling open the doors of a large cupboard on one wall, he revealed a number of harnesses and several pairs of chaps, as well as hoods. "I'm sure we can make do with what's here, Trojan," he declared conspiratorially.

Nick nodded agreement, selecting a wide-strap simple harness and chaps with lace-up sides which he happily pulled on over a leather jockstrap which zippered open right down the front. The chaps were a little long for his shorter frame, but they would do for tonight.

Supersub, or 'Hammer', Nick had to remind himself, chose a similar harness, although his was adorned with rows of small chrome studs. Over his groin he placed a cod-piece belt which fitted around his cock and balls like a cockring but of solid wide leather. Snaps around the platform allowed him to attach two more pieces of leather -- a pouch which fit snugly around his testicles, and a full cod to cover his weapon -- already semi hard and leaking slightly with anticipation. The chaps he smoothed over his long legs were shining, tight, and smooth, with a long red stripe of inset leather that ran down the outer side of each leg.

Noah was almost the same size as Hammer, both in height and girth, so the chaps he was handed fit him like a glove. They were plain black, gleamingly polished, and tight as skin. He pulled them on to the approving gaze of both Masters. His upper body was bedecked with an elaborate harness consisting of numerous leather straps which rode over both shoulders, around his chest to emphasise his pectorals, his ribcage, his waist and his hips. Connected by a series of chrome rings all joined to vertical straps front and back, the combination effectively encased him in black leather. Hammer stooped to fit a ball separator around Noah's scrotum, grinningly licking a tantalising tongue along the hardening shaft of the slave's cock as he did, before stepping back again, and handed Viking a full slave hood. Noah fitted the soft leather over his head, feeling and becoming faceless as he did so. The sense excited him, as the covering had only eyeholes and a slit over his mouth but was otherwise a complete encasement of his head.

He stood back, taking on his role as the slave, but also grateful for the opportunity to run hungry eyes over the two Masters he was to service tonight, both Nick and the other man looked stunning in their gear, and Noah's cock began to lengthen as he wondered what they would demand of him.

As the slave finished dressing, Hammer rummaged around until he found two identical master's caps for himself and his co-conspirator. The headgear was a soft, dull black leather; peaked caps with shining black visors that hung low over the eyes. Both caps sported slim silver chains around the brim and across the peak, and each gave its wearer an unmistakable air of authority. Hammer pulled his own cap on, then reached to adjust Nick's.

"Looking good; damn good, Trojan!" he stated.

"You too, Hammer," Nick replied, his approval evident in the look he cast over the other figure. As he finally lifted his eyes to the other Master's face, he realised that Hammer was looking at his lover with undisguised desire. Strangely, Nick felt no jealousy, but rather a great deal of pride, and a growing desire of his own, as he studied Noah, standing patiently and waiting. This was his -- no, their -- slave, and they were going to enjoy him!

"Viking!" Nick declared in a menacing tone, as he moved to stand near to Hammer, positioning himself so that the two Masters were less than a metre apart, at right angles to each other.

"Sir?" the sub responded quickly.

Nick looked at his colleague, and smiled. "Master Hammer and I both seem to need our boots cleaned. Get over here and get started."

As Noah scurried to comply, Nick crossed his arms on his chest and spread his legs. Hammer did the same, echoing Nick's stance, and Noah was instantly in the gap between them, his face to the floor, his arse pointing at the ceiling, and his tongue darting out to moisten the boots of one and then the other as he cleaned them with his lips and paid homage to the two dominant men. The slave's head bobbed from side to side as he tried to attend to both Masters, taking the chance from time to time to glance upward and allow himself a daring but rewarding glimpse of towering black legs topped by bulging leather pouches, crossed arms and strong, forceful looks from both Trojan and Hammer.

Excited by the two Masters above him, and with his arousal growing quickly, Noah set to his assigned task with relish, licking carefully at the boots, shins and claves of the men at whose feet he knelt. The smell of the leather in his face as his tongue tasted the tanned hide was incredible, and his own masculinity hardened between his legs, leaking crystalline drops of pre-cum onto the floor.

Nick was barely able to contain himself as he stood there, his arms crossed and legs spread wide, while his slave chewed away at his legs. Hammer stood beside him, mirroring his stance, and Nick happily took in the view of his co-Master, muscled and tense as the 'boy' between them moved back and forth, biting at first Nick's own legs, then at the other master, before returning to Nick again. He truly felt like he was 'Trojan', and that the 'Viking' at his feet was there for the sole purpose of servicing and pleasuring both himself and 'Hammer'. His body trembled with arousal at the anticipation, and his cock filled the leather cocoon holding it in place. He glanced over to note with satisfaction that Hammer's cod-piece was ballooning out to its limits as well, his colleague obviously enjoying the attentions of Viking as much as he was.

'Hammer' stood mesmerised. Thrills raced through his entire body. The sight of Trojan, standing so close, and looking so powerful in glistening leather, sent his normally subservient longings into overload. But this switch to the dominant role was amazing him with a whole new set of twitching needs as the leather hooded slave between them gnawed slowly up the length of his chaps. The incredible sense of power that he felt, the knowledge that he did not need to beg for permission, but could reach down and order this slave to pleasure him, caused a swelling in his groin which hardened his erection beyond memory. He fought desperately against the urge to reach out and grope at Trojan, standing beside him, yet his breathing became ragged as the Viking boy at his feet gradually rose higher and higher up his thighs, the slave's hands caressing his legs through the tight leather he wore.

When Noah's lips made contact with the stretched and rounded hide encasing Nick's balls, it was as if a trigger had been sprung. Nick let out a long groan of delight, and let his head roll back as his arms fell to his sides. Bringing himself back to concentration, Nick placed one hand on the back of Noah's head, massaging the dark, soft leather and pulling his slave harder into his bulging crotch. His free hand moved unbidden to the master standing alongside him, reaching for Hammer's chest and finding his nipple, tweaking it hard and pulling at the small dark erection.

"Holy Fuck!" Hammer hissed between clenched teeth as his torso spasmed with the delight of the touch. His right hand clasped at Trojan's exposed butt cheek, squeezing at the hard round flesh and pushing it forward, forcing the other master's cock harder against the slave's face. His left hand cradled his own genitalia, cupping his nuts through the cod-piece he wore, and framing the long tube of black struggling against its constraints.

"Oh yeah, suck at him, boy!" Hammer muttered at Viking. "Use that mouth of yours on your Master's fuckpole!"

Noah complied, working harder at Nick's manhood in response to the command, but not for too long. With encouragement from Trojan in the form of a gripping push at his hood, Viking moved sideways, directing his attention to the throbbing, straining leather sack which held Hammer's hammer. As the slave's lips began to chew at his leather encased testicles, Hammer removed his hand and uttered a deep grunt of excitement. His right hand still gripped at Trojan's butt, the other Master continuing to pinch and paly with his tit, and Hammer swung around a little, his left hand finding the spit moistened pouch struggling to contain Trojan's cock and balls.

"Oh, yeah ..." whispered Nick. Noah's left hand was squeezing one cheek, Hammer's right hand the other. He looked down to see a leathered head attacking the other Master's bulging cod, and shuddered with arousal when Hammer's fingers closed around his own nuts.

He stepped sideways now, bringing his hip hard against Hammer's. His cock pushed forward, sandwiching the other's hand against the side of Viking's head as the slave continued to suckle at Hammer's balls. With his right hand playing over the Master's chest, his left arm swung across Hammer's back, drawing them together. Impulsively, he leaned in and began to kiss the other man.

Hammer's response was immediate and passionate. Instantly, the two men were locked at the lips, tongues exploring and lips working hard. Both were more than conscious of the head between them which now bobbed back and forth from one bulging leather sack to the other, alternating attention as the two masters held each other and locked lips in a frenzy. Their free hands met, one atop the other, as they jointly held the slave's head and directed his mouth from one to the other and back again.

Noah gummed at the pair of straining leather envelopes presented to him, eagerly chewing at each in turn, the pressure on his head moving him back and forth. His hands groped and squeezed at the four hard rounded melons of his two Masters' arses, and his cock bobbed below him, hard as steel. Whilst his face was pressed against Hammer's nuts, his fingers found the zipper in the centre of Trojan's pouch, and he carefully, slowly, slid it down and open, exposing the slicked and rampant rod of flesh within. Peeling the layer of hide away, he closed his fingers around the heaving balls, and swallowed the throbbing pole in a single motion.

Above him, he heard a muted grunt of satisfaction from Nick, and suckled hard at the living spear in his mouth. As he did, his other hand felt its way up Hammer's leg, traced the line along the edge of his chaps, and found the snaps holding the cod-piece in place. Viking easily pulled at the leather triangle, and it gave way, Hammer's long thick cock springing forward to slap at Noah's hide bound cheek. Using his fist to continue stroking Trojan, Viking turned his head and licked long wet slurps along the shaft of Hammer's cock, nibbling at the ridge of his glans, before slowly taking that turgid weapon into his gullet and massaging it with his tongue.

"Oh fuck yeah..." he heard Hammer gasp. With a cock in each fist, Noah looked up to see the two masters kissing feverishly, their hands running over chest and abs, their groins pushing in together, sandwiching him in an envelope of flesh and leather, of cocks and balls and sweat.

Without thinking, the slave began to suck and bite at each of the raging erections in turn. But he wanted more -- he wanted them both! Impulsively, Viking pulled at the pair of pricks, pressing them together, and opening his mouth wide. Both men were well endowed, and it was a struggle to do, but the slave managed to get his lips around both cock-heads at once. Sheer size and physical restraints meant he could not manage to swallow any more than a few inches of the doubled dongs at once, but with a pair of testicles in each hand, and jostling penises in his mouth, Viking was in paradise.

Hammer and Trojan continued their kissing and groping as the slave swallowed them both, desperately trying to find a position where he could take more of their lengths. Both men were aroused incredibly, and when they eventually separated, a chorus of gasps and hisses erupted as they found their breath, and wallowed in the pleasure of the servicing the slave delivered.

Nick was the one who broke the impasse as Noah tried to suck at each of them together.

"It's about time that arse of yours got some work, Viking," he declared. "Get up here and into this sling."

Noah reluctantly relinquished the double penises, and clambered to his feet.

"Yeah, boy," Hammer said menacingly. "It's time for your other hole to take some cock!"

between them, hammer and Trojan manhandled the slave into the sling, pushing him back onto the leather platform, and lifting his boots into stirrups which kept his legs spread wide. One on either side, they grinned evilly at each other as each of them took a wrist and snapped handcuffs around Viking's forearms, binding him to the chains which supported the sling from the ceiling. As Nick moved back between his slave's legs, Hammer grabbed a bottle of amyl from a shelf nearby and handed it to the slave. Noah found that even though his hands were shackled, there was enough give to allow him to hold the bottle to his nostrils if and when he wished. He nodded to the other man -- "Thank you' Sir."

Noah jumped a little with excitement when he felt Nick's fingers at his sphincter. A generous amount of lube was dolloped across his ring of muscle and massaged into his hole while he lay there and watched his Master prepare him. At the same time, Hammer moved around to the head of the sling, standing over the slave and looking down along his body to where Trojan was opening the boy's arse with his fingers. His arousal was obvious, his cock hard and trembling with every beat of his heart, a fine drool of pre-cum oozing from his slit and falling to the floor.

"That's it, Trojan," he said hoarsely. "Fuck that sweet arse, man. Open it up and fill it with your meat."

Nick grinned at his co-Master. "Oh yeah," he hissed, lining up his purpled cockhead with Noah's puckering hole, and pressing forward, burying himself in the slave in a single motion.

"Ahh, fuck yes! Thank you, Sir," Noah spat out between clenched teeth.

"Mmmm, you like that, Viking?" Hammer asked.

"Yes, Sir," Noah replied. "Fuck me, please Sir!"

Nick did. Gripping Noah's legs with his hands, he began to swing the sling back and forward in a pendulum movement, using the motion to ram his cock deep into Viking's body, then pull it out in a slurping, wet vacuum before pounding back in again.

"Oh yeah, Trojan," Hammer said. "Fuck him man. That's the way -- deep and hard!"

As he spoke, the other Master pulled Noah's body back into the sling further, until the slave's head could fall back over the edge of the leather. His fingers found Noah's nipples, and began to pull and twist at them, and as he did, Hammer directed his cock into Viking's face. Noah enthusiastically took the slicked, throbbing weapon into his throat. At this angle, with his head thrown back, he could easily swallow the full length of Hammer's manhood, feeling it ram into his gullet, to pull back and drive in again. Viking locked his jaw open, and used his lips and tongue as best he could to taste and massage Hammer's dick.

Noah was ecstatic. His body was being fucked at both ends. His arse was plundered by the powerful strokes of Nick's fucking while his throat slopped and suckled at the pile driver of a cock slamming into him from above. Sometimes the two Masters were in time, each driving into him at once. At other times, they were on alternate cycles, so that as Hammer's prong slid back from his face, Trojan's sword stabbed into him, and while Trojan withdrew, Hammer again speared that long prick into his face. He was so aroused, so alive, that he thought he would cum right there without any further stimulation.

Hammer too, was approaching the brink. The sight of Trojan fucking this boy deep and hard, while he forced his own cock into the hot and willing mouth, was incredibly exciting. The slurping wet sounds of fucking and the occasional gasp of breath, were a symphony of sex, and his senses were going into overload.

Nick realised that the other two were close. It wasn't difficult, since he was also near his peak. His vision was filled with Noah's gorgeous body, wrapped in leather, swinging and writhing beneath him and around him, the moist warmth of his partner's gut encasing his tool. And the handsome, muscular body of his fellow dom bent slightly over Viking, the thick sabre of manmeat disappearing into Noah's mouth. He backed off a little, slowing things and allowing all of them to ease away from climax.

"Hey, Hammer," he said with a smile. "This hole is too good to keep for myself. You wanna try it, man!"

The other man laughed. "I thought you'd never offer," he said. "I've been looking forward to plugging this slave of yours. I guess his hole is nice and ready for me after the fucking you've been giving it."

"You bet!" Nick answered. "Help yourself -- it's nice n wet n hot right now."

Noah shook with anticipation as the two discussed him as if he weren't there, as if his body were no more than a toy for them to play with. The very thought was incredibly arousing, and his sphincter twitched as it awaited the next assault. He did not have to wait long.

Hammer's cock wasn't as thick as Nick's, and it entered Noah's bowel easily, sliding in steadily as the Master enjoyed this new sensation engulfing his weapon. But he was considerably longer than Trojan, and the slave soon began to gasp as the extra length filled him and penetrated deeper and deeper into his gut. When he finally bottomed out, his leather clad nuts pressing against the firm skin of Noah's butt, Viking could have sworn he was skewered onto a hot poker, and that the tip of that prong was nudging his stomach.

"Fuck yeah," he whispered. "Thank you, Sir."

"Oh yes," was Hammer's answer, as he slid back a little and began to slide in again, quickly finding a rhythm as his masculinity was enveloped in heated, suctioning flesh, in wet paradise.

Nick stood alongside the other Master, thrilled by the sight of his fucking his man, aroused immensely by the groans and gasps as they copulated. He reached down to where the two bodies joined, encircling Hammer's prick with his fingers right where it penetrated Noah's arse. His other hand cupped and caressed his fellow Master's nuts, and he whispered encouragement.

"That's right, Hammer. Feels good, doesn't it? Fucking good! You fuck that sweet little man pussy. Fuck it hard and fuck it long," he hissed.

Hammer happily obliged, his strokes becoming faster and harder as he thundered his way into and out of the compliant, welcoming body suspended before him. As Nick backed away a little, Hammer leaned forward slightly, grabbing at the straps of Noah's harness, and using them for extra leverage, trying to drive himself even more deeply into the slave.

Nick's cock ached with the excitement, he was so hard. He was leaking steadily now, and the view he had of Hammer's arse cheeks hammering that long cock into Noah's gut was so arousing, and so inviting, that he moved back to stand behind the other man, his arms going around him so that he could still feel with his fingers where Hammer fucked Viking's hole, while his own cock slid up and down the valley formed by Hammer's butt.

Hammer was so turned on now. His prong buried itself deep into the Viking slave over and over again, while the one-time sub was also aroused by the feel of Trojan's thick, powerful cock against his flesh. But before he could give voice to the idea which hit him, Trojan had obviously had the same idea, and was putting it into practice. A sudden cold sensation as lube was fingered into his hole was soon replaced by the bulging head of Trojan's cock. Hammer slowed his own fucking of Viking while Trojan entered him, gasping with the combined sensation of fucking and being fucked. And then Trojan really began to move, driving himself had into Hammer's chute. In response, Hammer pounded up and into Viking, and in moments, the three found a steady cycle, with Hammer bouncing his body between thrusting into the slave and backing hard onto the Master.

Nick humped into the other man hard and fast, looking over his shoulder to see the swaying of his slave as Hammer took the pounding from Nick's cock and shoved it on into Noah. Noah quivered with pleasure, the fucking he received doubled and enhanced as both Masters humped forward and his body was filled with scalding flesh. Heaving, sweating and gasping, the three men kept up their combined rutting for uncounted minutes, but Hammer felt the heat of orgasm growing, and hissed back at Trojan to warn him.

"I'm gonna blow if we keep going much longer," he whispered.

"No problems, mate," Nick acknowledged, slowing his forceful thrusts, then sliding himself from Hammer's body. Hammer in turn edged away from the sling and the slave, his cock slimed and glistening as it exited Noah's sphincter with a wet slurp.

Hammer collapsed onto a chair nearby, allowing his passions to ease, while Nick lifted Noah from the sling.

"You look too comfortable there, Viking," he said mischievously. "Its time I got to sit back while you do some of the work!"

with that, Nick took a seat on the leather covered sofa alongside Hammer, sliding down so that his butt was almost at the edge, his thick, proud manhood pointing to the sky. He motioned to the slave.

"Over here, boy. Come and sit that hot tight arse on this!"

Noah smiled, clambering over him and spreading his legs around Nick's thighs. Slowly he lowered himself onto the spike of flesh between Nick's legs, spitting himself on it and using his own weight to drive it deep up into his gut. In this position, he could happily feast his eyes on the gorgeous hunk of leatherman who fucked him, and Trojan in turn could easily play with his nipples while he fucked his arse hard.

The two of them bounced and jostled on the edge of the sofa in growing urgency, and Hammer was unable to keep from joining them for long. He stood behind Noah, reaching around and pinching at his tits, sliding his wet cock up and down Noah's back, looking over his shoulder at Nick's sweating body as it fucked at the slave. For a long while they stayed like this, before Hammer dropped to his knees, his fingers finding the point of joinder for the other two bodies. He traced the length of Trojan's cock with one digit as it entered and withdrew from the hungry hole of the slave. He reached around and cupped the roiling nuts of Viking where they were sandwiched between Trojan's torso and his own. He squeezed Trojan's balls in time with the other's thrusts, making both the Master and the slave gasp with delight.

Noah looked deep into Nick's eyes as his man fucked him. He could feel Hammer's hot breathing against his back, could feel Hammer's fingers on his balls.

"I think Master Hammer feels -- left out -- Sir," he hissed. "Maybe you should 'share' me."

Nick immediately realised what Noah was suggesting, what he was offering.

"Are you sure, Viking?" he asked, an undercurrent of concern in his voice.

"Oh yeah," Noah reassured him. "I can do it!"

Nick's smile split his face, his heart beat more rapidly with anticipation, as he spoke to his fellow Master.

"Hammer, this is so fucking good," he groaned. "You ought to share it with me."

Hammer laughed. "I'd love to," he answered.

"Then why don't you join me in here now? Get that fucking long cock of yours and slide it in alongside me, let's show this Viking what it's like to be really fucked!"

The other man gasped a little as it hit him what Trojan was offering. If his prick had been flagging at all, it went to instant hardness and full erection as his mind filled with the anticipation of double fucking this slave with his Master.

"Holy fuck, yes!" he said enthusiastically, quickly moving in closer to the united pair.

With Noah still sitting on Nick's thighs, Nick spread his legs wide, forcing Noah's even wider, and slid forward even further on the sofa's edge. Hammer sidled into the gap, on his haunches now, as Noah bent forward and over his man. In seconds, hammer's cockhead was nudging up against the spot where Nick's shaft penetrated Noah's ring. Trojan slowed his thrusts, backing down until only an inch of his cock was inside the slave, and waited while Hammer found a comfortable position.

Slowly, but firmly, Hammer pressed his prick against Trojan's, using his finger to guide himself toward the point of entry, and to force Viking's already open sphincter to stretch even more. Noah grunted with the effort and the pain as the second cock invaded him, toking hard at the amyl and waiting for the effects to fill his body. As the rush of sensations hit him, he groaned aloud.

"Yes, Sir, now Sir!", pushing back with his arse, as Hammer pushed forward. Suddenly the pain was gone, replaced by an amazing sense of being filled completely, and Viking mumbled softly with pleasure as Hammer's long hard pistol slid into position against Trojan's thick log, both of them filling him at once.

"Holy fuck!" breathed Hammer. "That feels incredible!"

"Shit yeah," grunted Nick in agreement. "I can feel your cock all the way along mine. And this arse feels so tight around both of us! You okay, Hammer?"

"Oh yes," Hammer happily replied. "Okay, Trojan, let's really fuck this little Viking!"

In a cloud of ecstatic abandon, the two Masters began to thrust as one into the stretched hole of their slave. Lost in a whirl of excited arousal, they humped into him, keeping pace with each other for some time, then working in opposite directions which only increased the friction, and the stimulation, for all three. Together, the Masters shared their boy, fucking him harder and faster, deeper and more forcefully, as they surrendered to the base instincts of animal lust. Heaving, sweating and gasping, the trio bounced and shuddered, an inextricable mass of masculinity, bound together by need and blissful pleasure.

How long they managed to stay like this, none could later say, but it was Noah who succumbed first. Filled by two huge cocks, both fucking hard into him, his body raced to the heights of arousal and dived over the edge. As his climax ricked him, he clenched his ravaged sphincter hard, clamping down against the doubled penises inside him. His eyes rolled back in his head, and his frame spasmed with release.

Seeing his partner explode set Nick off. "I'm cumming!" he gasped in warning, but it was too late. A tidal wave of bliss rolled over him; an electric surge of joy shot from his head to his toes and right into his very root, swelling his cock as his nuts emptied their precious load into the cavern of heated silken flesh wrapped around him.

Hammer grunted and tried to hold back as Viking clenched around his and Trojan's cocks. But when he felt the searing heat of Trojan's jizz flooding the glorious receptacle they shared, and when Trojan's twitching cock spasmed up and down against his own, his body could not resist. His orgasm swept through him and his prick exploded in a fiery geyser of his essence as he pumped his very being into Viking's gut, throwing his arms around both of the men with whom he fucked, and forgetting to breath, so intense was his peak.

Eventually, all three were spent. Hammer withdrew himself carefully, and collapsed backward onto the floor. Noah disentangled himself from Hammer's legs and Nick's manhood, standing first before he too fell in an exhausted heap. Nick looked at his two companions, took a deep breath and declared eloquently, "Fuck!", before rolling down to lie with his head on Noah's lap, and his feet thrown across Hammer's legs.


"That was unbelievable!" Hammer eventually managed to whisper.

"You said it!" Nick agreed.

"Incredible, I'd call it. Thank you, both of you, Sirs!" Noah said with feeling.

"Thank you," Nick echoed.

"No, guys, it really is me who needs to say 'thank you'," Hammer finished. "I don't think I've ever felt so good, so wanted or so cared about, before. And all we were doing is fucking! You guys must have one hell of a relationship!"

Nick and Noah looked at each other and grinned. "Yes, we do," they chorused.


Half an hour later, the three men were relaxing and recovering with a beer.

"We really ought to get going," Noah said. "We need to get back on track with finding out what we can about Tony -- why he made those threats to you, and what he meant. He obviously knows a whole lot more than we thought, or than he is willing to tell us. I just don't understand why."

"You could stay the night?"

Nick chuckled. "There's no way we could manage a second round tonight, mate!"

"No, but what about tomorrow morning? What better way to start the day?" his new friend chuckled.

"Sorry, Hammer," said Nick, then he stopped. "Or do I call you supersub again now?

The other man grinned. "Guys, for you two -- I'll take whichever role you're in the mood for. You are so fucking hot! Trojan, you want two slaves? Then I'm supersub. If you want to share your hot little Viking with another dom, then I'm Hammer -- just say the word guys."

"Thanks, man, but Viking is right, we do need to get going."

Despite the disappointed look on Hammer/supersub's face, Nick and Noah quickly said their good-byes and left, making their way slowly home again, and mulling over the new twist in events as they went.

"I can't get past this feeling that Tony is somehow more than just holding back information," Noah said. "There is a really sinister feeling to the whole story that wasn't there before, and that I don't like at all!"

"We may have to confront him anyway, then," Nick said.

"I don't know," Noah went on. "I think we have to be very, very careful about this. We should sleep on it before we do anything. I'm exhausted," he grinned.


The next morning Noah was still concerned about what they had heard the night before. He padded about making coffee but lost in his thoughts.

"So, do we go and see Tony or not?" Nick asked, becoming impatient.

"I don't know," replied his mate. "There are still too many questions ..."

Without telling Nick what he was thinking, he picked up the phone and dialled quickly. "Joe? ... hi, it's Noah again ... no, not really, but we do have a few more things to ask -- could you come over here? ... no, it's just that I would rather avoid having Tony walk in and interrupt us ... you can? Great, see you in an hour!"

"So?" questioned Nick.

"You heard -- I want to talk to him again, without Tony around. He's coming over in an hour, so you better get dressed," Noah grinned. "I don't want you distracting him!"


When Joe arrived he was more apologetic than anything.

"Guys, I know Tony seems to be down on you, but he's just trying to look out for me the best way he knows. I'm sorry that you felt you couldn't come to my place, but you really shouldn't worry about him."

Nick gave Joe a look of doubt, but Noah hurried in to prevent his lover saying anything out of turn.

"Joe, it's just that Tony always seems to arrive when we're talking to you, if he isn't already there when we show up. And you have trouble being open with him listening, don't you?"

"Only about the leather aspect," Joe answered sadly.

"That's partly why we needed to see you without any chance of him being around," Nick said, a little quickly. Joe looked up at Nick's obviously disapproving tone of voice.

Once again, Noah resumed control of the discussion. "Joe, I know we've asked before, but are you one hundred percent certain that Tony doesn't know about the leather side of yours and Richard's life?"

Joe grimaced. "Absolutely sure!" he stated emphatically.

"But how do you know?" Noah went on. "What if he found your dungeon sometime -- he's there so often -- and just kept quiet, decided not to embarrass you by mentioning it?"

This time Joe chuckled out loud; a long, resigned laugh. "I can assure you that he hasn't, and that he doesn't know." He was adamant. "If he did, there is no way he would still be coming around. He wouldn't want anything to do with me if he even guessed!"

"I don't understand," Nick burst out. "How can you be so sure?"

Listen, guys," Joe said evenly. "I'm not stupid. It's pretty obvious to everyone, even me, that Tony would like things between us to be more than just platonic."

Nick's eyebrows shot up, and even Noah was surprised, but he motioned for Joe to go on.

"He calls around so often, it's as plain as pie. So when I started to think about a 'threesome', it seemed that Tony might be the best choice. He was already a friend, and I figured we could count on his discretion, and almost certainly be sure he would be interested. To 'test the waters', one day I tried to casually ask him about leather sex. I can't even remember what I said, but it was along the lines of whether he had ever tried anything to do with leather."

"And?" Nick prodded.

"He went ballistic! I've never heard anyone, even the bible bashers, turn so nasty, or spit out so much hatred. He wasn't shouting or anything, but really nasty; he kept saying how 'that kind of thing' was dirty and perverted. He rambled on about how anyone who let themselves be dragged into kinky sex was just degrading themselves, and everyone they knew. He even started to give me a lecture on the 'advantages' of 'normal' sex as compared to the sickness of anyone who got into kinky sex. And he wasn't just talking about role playing -- you know, dominance and submission, either! As far as Tony is concerned, even the hint of leather equals complete degeneracy. If he suspected what Richard and I get up to, I am certain that he would drop us like hot coals, and we'd never hear from him again!"


Chapter 7

"He went ballistic! I've never heard anyone, even the bible bashers, turn so nasty, or spit out so much hatred. He wasn't shouting or anything, but really nasty; he kept saying how 'that kind of thing' was dirty and perverted. He rambled on about how anyone who let themselves be dragged into kinky sex was just degrading themselves, and everyone they knew. He even started to give me a lecture on the 'advantages' of 'normal' sex as compared to the sickness of anyone who got into kinky sex. And he wasn't just talking about role playing -- you know, dominance and submission, either! As far as Tony is concerned, even the hint of leather equals complete degeneracy. If he suspected what Richard and I get up to, I am certain that he would drop us like hot coals, and we'd never hear from him again!"

Nick's eyes widened in surprise at the vehemence with which Joe spoke, and the realisation of just how much Tony hated anything to do with the leather scene. "But I don't understand," he burst out. "If Tony wants to be with you, Joe, then why would he want to keep it a secret that Richard tried to get into some leather sex with another guy the night you had the fight?"

"Richard tried to do what?" Joe exploded. "And what do you mean Tony tried to keep it a secret? How does Tony fit into it?"

Noah looked reproachfully at Nick, who blushed at blurting out what he had said.

"Joe," Nick said softly, shooting another look at Nick. "We've discovered that the night you and Richard fought, after he walked out of here, he went to see a guy he had been having sex with. Apparently Richard was in a bad mood, and started to take it out on this guy. They fought, literally; both of them ended up pretty badly knocked around from what we can work out, and then Richard walked out on this other guy as well."

"Limped out, more likely," Nick added.

"Nick, you're not helping!" Noah warned.

Joe looked miserable. "But how is Tony involved?" he asked again.

Noah sighed. "Tony showed up at the same place -- the house where Richard had gone to -- about an hour after Richard left. He started yelling at the other guy, calling him perverted and kinky. Tony threatened him, told him not to try to contact Richard again, or even to tell anyone that Richard had been there."

Joe was stunned. "I guess that sounds like Tony's reaction, if he found out Richard was getting into leather sex."

Nick wouldn't remain silent any longer. "But if Tony wants you for himself," he burst out. "then wouldn't it suit him to have you find out about this? If you knew Richard was screwing around, that he'd gone to someone else after your fight, then there's more chance you'll dump him, and end up with Tony."

"Subtle, Nick," Noah said dryly.

"But how did Tony know where this guy lived? Or that Richard would go to him?" Joe asked quietly.

"That we don't know," Noah answered. "But there's more, and I don't think you're going to like hearing it ..." He took another deep breath, as Joe tried to steel himself. "The night that you fought, Tony threatened this guy, told him that if he ever told anyone Richard had been there that night, Tony would kill him. The guy seemed to think he was serious."

Joe appeared to be confused, and Noah moved to sit closer to him, lowering his voice even further.

"Joe, we saw Tony go back there again last night. We followed him to the house, and there was an argument. After he left, we went inside and spoke with the guy again -- the one Richard had gone to that night. He said that Tony went to see him because Tony believed he had told someone else about what had happened. Tony told him Richard had disappeared -- and that if he wasn't careful, this guy might disappear too!"

"Oh my god!" Joe whispered.

The three of them sat together in silence for a long time, each lost in his own thoughts. Finally, it was Joe who spoke.

"But it still doesn't tell us where Richard is, or what has happened to him," he said softly.

"No," Noah agreed. "But I suspect Tony knows a lot more than he's told us."

"Maybe," Nick commented, "But he's hardly likely to tell us any more, especially now."

"Not intentionally," Noah stated. The other two looked at him questioningly, prompting him to elaborate. "I have a theory about what happened, but only Tony can confirm it, and I think that to get him to do that, we're going to have to set a 'trap'."

"What kind of trap?" asked Joe.

"One that will mean you probably lose his friendship forever, whether he tells us any more or not," was Noah's answer.

Joe's face hardened. "It seems to me that Tony is hardly a true friend anyway, if he knew where Richard went that night, and has never said anything all this time. Tell me what you have in mind."

As Noah explained, both Joe's and Nick's eyes widened with disbelief at first, which was gradually replaced by wicked smiles, tinged with a little guilt. When he had finished, Joe's only question was "When?"

"As soon as we can," Noah replied. "What about tonight?"

"Will you be able to arrange everything that quickly?" Nick asked.

"I think so. I'll make some calls right now and find out. Joe, what time do you expect Tony to show up at your place?"

"He usually comes over around 7.00 most nights, unless he calls first, or I call him," answered the other man.

"Won't it be obvious to him that there's something funny going on if you know he always shows up at the same time?" asked Nick.

Noah answered. "If he reacts they way I think he will, he won't stop to consider that until it's too late!"


By just before 6.30 that evening, the trap was set. Nick, Noah and Joe were waiting in the living room of Joe's home, each of them fidgeting like caged mice. The outfits they wore felt so out of place in this context.

Each of them wore as much leather as they possibly could. Nick was garbed as a Master, his head capped by a leatherman's cap with silver chain strung across the peak and a shiny visor pulled down over his eyes, which in turn were obscured by dark mirrored sun-glasses. Around his chest he wore a full body harness, studded with chrome spots and offset by more chains hanging across his abdomen and around his ribcage. Over the harness, a shining black leather vest was unbuttoned, each side held together by small lengths of glimmering silver, and over that again he wore a heavy biker jacket which sported thick links of metal from each shoulder like epaulets.

His boots were polished so they shone in even the dimmest light, more chain linking each ankle under the sole. They came well up his calves, before giving way to the tightest pair of chaps he owned, which squealed with the tiniest of movement, and pulled up hard against the bottom of his butt cheeks. Snapped across the front of the chaps was a hard leather cod-piece adorned with more chrome studs, full and rounded so that it looked like he was sporting the largest package of manmeat imaginable. In fact, he was somewhat glad of the room in that cod, since every time he glanced at either Noah or Joe, he began to get an erection. The two men beside him looked so hot, that it was only the importance of the game they were playing which kept him from settling into a long hot session of serious sex right there.

Noah was fitted out in slave's attire, encased in leather from head to toe. His boots were spit shined and square toed, almost covered by chaps which glimmered in the dimness and looked as if they had been spray painted onto his skin. Beneath the chaps he wore a pair of crotchless leather shorts which hugged his arse and made it appear to shimmer with every movement as he flexed his butt. His cock and balls were enveloped in more black hide, a custom made pouch affair which actually looked as though he were naked, and his genitals were leather. Luckily, he was far too conscious of what was happening around them to get aroused, or his hard-on would have been instantly and emphatically evident to the world.

His upper body was encased in a sculpted body suit, etched to emulate a perfect six pack stomach and hardened pecs with large over-emphasised nipples which sported thick shining rings through each. The torso suit itself was criss-crossed by a harness which circled the giant nipples and disappeared below the line of his chaps. Around his neck a wide dog-collar of plain black, set with a single 'D' ring, supported a long leash of black which trailed to the ground, and his entire head was obscured by a full slave hood of soft kid leather, also in black, which was laced up at the back, and had nothing more than slits at the eyes, and a zippered opening over the mouth.

Joe played the role of slave as well, and although his kit was not as elaborate as Noah's, it was in many ways far more revealing, and far more arousing. He too wore a hood, but a half hood which left his cheeks, nose and jaw clear. His face was easily enough recognised even beneath the leather. A thin collar speckled with tiny chrome studs was around his neck, and a fairly simple harness sat across his chest and shoulders, consisting of four straps which connected from a single silver ring between his shoulder blades to two similar rings framing his nipples, and joined by another black leather strap. The dark hide contrasted sharply against his white skin.

His chaps were skin tight, black leather inlaid with a blue stripe down the outer edge of each leg, and sinking into knee high, laced up boots. He was bare-arsed, his cock and balls contained in the tiniest triangle of soft, clinging leather, so tight that even when he was at rest you could easily make out the ridge around the head of his cock. Nick prayed Joe would not get aroused, but he appeared too nervous to be concerned about any prospect of an erection.

The three of them sat together, going over the plan for the evening, and trying not to look at each other too closely.

"Did we have to be ready so early?" Nick asked in a whine.

"What if he shows up early?' Noah replied. "The whole thing would have been blown."

Joe said nothing, but his eyes darted around the house, watching everything.

"Are you okay, Joe," Nick asked with concern.

"Umm, I think so. Just very nervous, and more than a little self-conscious!" he said in a near whisper, inclining his head toward the bedroom door which stood a few centimetres ajar.

Noah grinned reassuringly. "Try not to think about it," he whispered back, "and put on the best show you can manage!" A little more loudly, he said to Nick, "Why don't you wait near the front window, and call out when you see him coming, then get back in here as fast as you can. And don't turn the light on! We don't want him to spot you watching for him."

"Yes, I know," Nick stated, a little annoyed, moving to the front room to take up his position as lookout. Noah looked around while Joe lowered the lights to no more than a dim glow in the living room.


"Here he comes!" Nick's voice rang out in a loud whisper just before 7.00 o'clock.

"Right on time," commented Joe ruefully.

"Quickly," Noah said as Nick raced in to join them, "get into position!"

As both Noah and Joe fell to their knees, dropping their faces to the floor and eagerly beginning to lick his boots, Nick began ordering them in a loud, firm voice, one hand on his hip while the other gripped a wide, black leather paddle studded with chrome points. All three heard a tentative knock at the front door, knowing it was unlatched, and would open to Tony's touch.

"Hurry up, slaves," Nick commanded. "I want to be able to see my reflection in those boots!" Noah risked an upward glance at his partner, but Joe did as he was told, enthusiastically laving Nick's boots with his tongue. Nick was certain he heard the door creak, and footsteps in the hallway as he bent to lay a light slap on Noah's rear with the paddle. "Come on, boy," he said harshly to Joe. "Make sure you do it right or you'll feel the slap of this leather on that pretty little arse of yours, too!" he marvelled inwardly at the sense of power he felt, and had to remind himself of what was happening to keep from developing an erection.

"Yes, Sir," Joe moaned out between sweeps with his lips. "Please, Sir, I only want to serve you!"

There was no mistaking the gasp of horror all three heard clearly at that point.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Tony almost screamed. "Joe, what are you doing?"

He raced across the room, eyes wide as he shook with anger. Nick stepped back in feigned surprise as Joe lifted to his knees and looked uncertainly at his friend.

"Tony, um, what ... I didn't realise you were here ..." he stammered, playing his role expertly.

Tony's eyes looked ready to explode from their sockets. His face was bright red and he gasped for breath as he yelled at the three of them.

"You sick bastards! You filthy, perverted arseholes," he hissed at Nick and Noah. "How dare you do this to him? Joe, they're twisted, disgusting. Don't let them do this to you, please!!"

Joe managed to look both surprised and offended. "But Tony, I asked them to do it. I need it! I'm just a lowly slave who needs to be disciplined by a strong Master," he said almost innocently. "Do you want to join in?"

Noah thought Tony was going to have a heart attack. "NO!!!" the man screamed out. "This can't be happening! Joe -- I tried to protect you. I made sure Richard couldn't pollute you with his fucked up games. How could you let these guys do it to you when you hardly know them?"

Nick summoned up his deepest tone of voice, and spoke out confidently, more confidently than he felt. "Tony, these two are my slaves," he said. "But if you want to join us, I'm happy to share -- if that's your scene."

Tony's already red complexion turned purple. "You arsehole! Leave him alone," he gasped, pointing at Joe. "I tried to protect him from scum like you. I got rid of one fucked up pervert, and I can do it again! I saved Joe from Richard's weirdo kink, and you're not gonna have him either."

"What do you mean, you saved me from Richard?" Joe asked, louder, rising to his feet. "Richard was my Master. He used to discipline me, but now he's left me so I needed another Master!" he said evenly.

Tony looked at his friend in horror. "You can't be serious! You can't be twisted like him, like them!"

"It's not twisted," Joe replied. "It's hot. Fucking hot. And it's what I am."

"No, Joe, it's not. You don't have to do this. I love you! I'd never treat you like this," Tony said shaking.

"But I need it," Joe went on. "Richard usually gives it to me ..."

"Well, he'll never do it again!" Tony spat. "I've made sure of that."

"What have you done?" Noah asked quickly. "Why won't Richard ever discipline his slave again?"

Tony's whole body quivered with rage. His voice was like ice. "Because he's dead! I killed him, when I found out what he was doing. I couldn't have some sicko like that around my Joe. I couldn't let him near Joe again!"

"You killed him?" Joe's gasping yell echoed in the room. "Why? How? I loved him; he was my lover, and my Master!"

"No, Joe," Tony whispered, falling to his knees. "You didn't need him; didn't need that. I can give you everything you need -- love, and protection, and ... everything! I was here that night ... when you fought. I heard him yelling at you. I saw him leave, and followed him. I saw where he went, knew he was seeing someone else. I waited for him, to confront him, to tell him to leave, and not hurt you more than he already had."

Tony was beginning to sob now, his breathing ragged, his frame shaking as he gasped out his story.

"Joe, he was cheating on you. I always thought he was, and now I had proof. He almost fell out of that house -- his 'friend's place' -- he was hurt, doubled over and limping. I felt sorry for him, thought I'd made a mistake. I took him home to clean him up. But when we got there, when I got him to strip -- Joe under his clothes he was wearing all of this kinky shit," Tony gestured widely, taking in the gear that Nick, Noah and Joe were wearing. "It's all so perverted, so dirty," he went on. "I told Richard he was warped; sick. I told him to stay away from you. He just laughed, said what you needed was a good whipping! I got so angry, I just grabbed a pair of scissors off the cabinet, and stabbed them into that sick, filthy mouth of his. Kept on going until he stopped talking that way. Until he stopped making those horrible noises."

Tony was blubbering now, beginning to curl up into a ball, his arms around his knees as he still looked to Joe with eyes pleading for understanding. "I only did it for you, Joe, my love. I couldn't let him drag you into his sick world. You couldn't be turned into one of his type. But I'm too late -- these guys have done it anyway!"

A crazed look spread over his features, and Tony began to rise to his feet again, renewed anger in his movements. "I'll teach you to leave normal people alone!" he hissed, as the three backed away from him.

With that, the door leading from the living room to the bedroom, which had remained slightly open, dark within, suddenly flew wide, and lights were snapped on, filling the house with brightness. Two men emerged from the room at speed, one in full police uniform, and as Tony stared, lost and blinking in surprise, the cop wrestled him quickly to the ground, snapping cuffs around his wrists.

"You are under arrest for the murder of Richard Harris," intoned the other man almost without feeling. "I am Detective Jamieson, and this is Constable Friedman. You do not have to say anything, but if you ..." the officer went on with the required warnings as Tony sat in stunned silence, restrained and unmoving.

"Gentlemen," Detective Jamieson said when he had finished with Tony, turning to the other three. "Thank you for your assistance. We'll take things from here. Mr Sorensen, my apologies if I sounded less than convinced when you telephoned this afternoon, but you have certainly proved your point now. Mr Gage," he said, addressing Joe. "I know it must look like we did not take you seriously when you reported Mr Harris missing, but I assure you we could only work with what limited information we had available to us." His look again encompassed not only Joe, but Nick and Noah as well. "Mr Sorensen and Mr Giannis -- once again, you seem to have gotten involved in matters which really are best left to the police," Nick snorted, but the detective ignored him and went on. "However I congratulate you on uncovering this crime, even if your methods are a little ... unusual!" he said, eyebrows high as he surveyed yet again the three men in full leather gear.

Without even the slightest self-consciousness or embarrassment, Noah held out his hand. "We do what we can with what we've got, Detective," he said, smiling.

Nick and Joe tried to restrain themselves, but failed. Both of them began to laugh.

"We'll see ourselves out," said the cop, as he nodded to the constable who was also trying to stifle a chuckle. The two cops made their way out with Tony between them, as the three friends finally collapsed onto the sofa.

Joe's mirth soon subsided as the enormity of what had happened crashed down on him. He sat in silence, shaking his head sadly. "He's dead!" he stated flatly.

Noah put one arm around his shoulder. "Yes, he is. I thought he might be," he said softly. "Are you okay?"

"I ... I don't know!" Joe said, his voice cracking as tears began to fall. "In a way it's a relief -- at least I know what happened, I know he's not still out there somewhere. But ..."

"It's okay, Joe," Nick soothed, taking the space on the other side from Noah. "Let it out if you want."

Joe began to sob then. "Guys," he gasped, "can you stay with me -- I don't think I can be alone."

"Of course," they said in unison. For the next hour or more the three of them sat there as Joe poured out his grief, incongruous in their gleaming leather and sparkling chrome, but comforting him as best they could offer. When Joe eventually regained some composure, Noah and Nick helped him from his leathers, and quickly changed into civvies themselves. Noah put Joe into his bed while Nick searched the kitchen for coffee.

"He'll be alright in time," Noah said as he closed Joe's bedroom door behind him.

"I know," said Nick, "but I think we should stay here tonight anyway."

"Agreed! We can use the spare bedroom -- leave the door open so we hear him if he gets up. He's going to need a friend, and I think he's just lost his two closest friends all in one night."

Nick snorted derisively. "I don't think either of them was a true friend, even his 'lover'. He deserves better than that."

Noah nodded sadly, as they settled in to see out the long night.


A week after the eventful night at Joe's home, the three friends were gathered in a meeting room at Surry Hills police centre, with Detective Jamieson. They had asked to be kept up to date on the investigation, and charging of Tony, and the cop felt that whilst it was unusual, they were owed the details.

"Forensics found the scissors in his home," the Detective was saying. "They'd been cleaned, but not well, and we lifted blood and skin from them, as well as blood traces from the floor and walls and in other parts of the house. It seems that after Tony killed Richard, he simply left him on the floor of the bathroom, and went back to the home of Mr O'Riordan ..."

To Nick's puzzled look, Noah whispered, "Supersub!"

The policeman coughed with annoyance and went on. "He then returned to the scene of the murder, wrapped the body in a blanket and dragged it through the house, where he buried it in a shallow grave in the rear garden. We found it immediately, no more than 30 centimetres deep. Mr Harris was still dressed in leather ... uh ... 'clothing', when his body was retrieved."

"What will happen to him; to Tony, I mean," Joe asked quietly.

"He's been charged with murder. What happens now is up to the Courts. I wouldn't be surprised, from the way his lawyers have been talking, if he's going to try to plead 'temporary insanity', but I don't like his chances. Either way, I think he'll be spending quite some time in prison."

"Pity," said Joe, as Nick and Noah exchanged surprised looks. "I mean, he's a good person really, just a little warped, I guess."

"Warped?" Nick muttered. "He killed your lover, and described you as sick and perverted!"

"Yeah, I know, but he was always there for me. He thought he was doing the right thing. And now that I know what Richard was doing, well, somehow I feel he betrayed me, and I'm getting over him a lot faster than I expected."

"You'll be fine," Noah said. "Tony may have been around to help you, but he was only doing it to further his own ends. Remember, he is the sick one, the twisted one, not you!"

Joe nodded, but looked unconvinced.


Chapter 8

"Sabre! Good to see you again," Nick said enthusiastically as he opened the door. "Come on in. I have the 'boys' downstairs waiting for us. You can change out of your street clothes in here," he added, showing the other man into a small bedroom off the living room.

"Thanks, Trojan," replied his guest. "Nice place you've got here."

"Oh, thanks, but it's not mine," Nick answered. "This place belongs to one of the boys -- he goes by the name of 'Eagar', for tonight anyway. I think you'll like him; I know you'll enjoy him."

"I have to admit I was surprised when you showed up with your 'Viking boy' at the Tortura Club the other night," Sabre commented as he began to strip off his jeans, revealing a hard, chiselled body draped in shining black. Nick smiled with lusty anticipation as he watched the show, while Sabre went on. "That first time we met -- what is it, three months ago now?..." Nick nodded. "I got the impression you two weren't really into the Club's main attractions."

"We weren't," Nick confessed. "In fact, it was the first time we'd been there. And we've only been back a few times since -- one of those times was last Tuesday when I spoke to you." The Master raised his eyes at that, and Nick smiled openly as he explained. "I got the impression that you weren't totally comfortable with it yourself, that first night," he said.

Sabre chuckled. "You are perceptive, aren't you. It serves its purpose -- lets me meet guys who want what I want to give them, if you know what I mean. But I'm not into so completely anonymous sex. I'd be quite happy to find one good slave to call my own. I figure the games are fine, certainly fill in the time, but it would be nice to find someone who was into the same game when you wanted to be, and ready to live in the real world the rest of the time." He stood up, completing his grooming, and turned to face Nick full on. "Do I look okay?"

Nick whistled. "You look fantastic, mate," he said.

"So, you said the other night that you wanted to arrange a little 'party' and that you thought I would enjoy it. Well, here I am. Where's the party?" he chuckled; a lusty, sexy laugh which Nick joined.

"Follow me," Nick said. "There's an extremely well equipped dungeon downstairs, with every toy you could possibly imagine, and two good looking slaves just waiting to look after us."

"Just the four of us then?" asked Sabre casually.

"Uh huh," Nick confirmed. "But I'm sure you're gonna enjoy it, and you might even find something you've been looking for," he said with a twinkle in his eye, but refused to elaborate as he led the other Master down into the basement of Joe's home.

As he entered the dungeon, Sabre whistled appreciatively. "Nice set up, man!"

"It sure is," Nick agreed.

The floor was completely black, covered in leather, as was one wall. The remaining three walls, and the ceiling, were mirrors. A sling hung in the middle of the room, and a slave bench sat close by it. A St Andrew's Cross was standing in a frame of steel which allowed the whole thing to be rolled end over end. Chains swung loosely in the darkness, suspended from the roof, and more were jumbled just below in a pile on the floor. Half of the only non-mirror wall consisted of open shelves and pegs, where an incredible selection of toys, whips and paddles, and hand and ankle cuffs sat ready for use. The other half of that wall was taken up by a massive wardrobe.

And standing in the middle of the room, eyes down and hands folded behind their backs, were two hot, handsome slaves, waiting for orders. They both wore tight black chaps, full harnesses across their upper bodies, and leather hoods over their heads. One was encased in a fitted leather pouch so that it looked as though his very genitals were made of leather; the other wore a thong so snug that you could make out the ridge of his cockhead outlined in black hide. And that cock was substantial, and already semi-erect in anticipation.

"You've already met Viking," Nick said as he pointed to Noah, who nodded quickly. "And this is 'Eagar'."

"Sir," Joe snapped out. "Welcome, Sir, I hope we can please you, Sir."

"Mmmm, I'm sure you can, boy. The name's Sabre. That or 'Sir' or 'Master' will do nicely -- when you're spoken to!"

"Yes, Sabre, Sir," both slaves answered quickly.

Sabre smiled appreciatively, and nodded at Nick. "Looks like they're well trained, Trojan. I like that in a sub, as long as they have still got some spirit!"

"Oh, I think you'll find there's plenty of that as well," Nick answered with a grin, then lowered his voice to a commanding tone filled with lusty menace. "Boy," he hissed at Noah, "get down here and show Master Sabre some respect! Lick his fucking boots clean, now!"

Noah almost dived to the floor at Sabre's feet, his arse pointed skywards as his tongue shot out, slurping at the leather footwear of the tall man standing with his legs spread and arms folded, waiting. His eager mouth paid full attention to them, cleaning and polishing the Master's boots as his hands slowly worked their way up the powerful poles of Sabre's legs, delighting in the feel of leather stretched taut across muscle.

Sabre glanced down approvingly as the hide-clad slave lay almost prone before him. His cock began to swell, nudging the envelope of black in which it was cocooned forward and out as his appreciation grew. Being worshipped like this was such a turn-on for him and he happily stood above Trojan's boy and enjoyed the pleasure of his dominance. Noticing the other slave standing yet, unmoving as he awaited orders, Sabre spoke to him in a low voice.

"Eagar, don't just stand there," he said gruffly. "Get some lube and one of those dildoes from that bench over there ..."

As Joe hurried to comply, finding a long but relatively thin black prong and smearing it with the viscous liquid, Sabre raised a questioning eyebrow at Nick, who stood away from them a metre or so. "You don't mind?" he asked his colleague.

"Not at all," Nick replied conspiratorially. "When I want something I'll let them know, so you keep them busy until then."

"Okay, now use that thing on Viking boy here," the other Master directed a patiently waiting Joe. "Open his arse and pump it full of that rubber cock."

"Yes, Sir," Eagar whispered as he knelt behind his fellow slave.

Noah was still bent down in front of Sabre, licking and spitting on his boots, cleaning them carefully as he had been ordered. He had heard all that was said, and raised his butt high, spreading his legs as far apart as he could in anticipation of the dildo that was heading his way. Sabre watched with interest as the other slave positioned himself behind Viking, so that now he had two supplicants at his feet, one behind the other. Joe applied yet more of the lube to the toy, covering it generously before bringing the rounded knob to rest against Noah's puckering hole. Slowly, gently, he began to prod at the entrance to the other slave's body, thinking to give Viking a chance to adjust to the fake prong.

"For fuck's sake," thundered a voice above and behind him. "Stop farting around and shove that thing into his pussy hole!"

Joe looked around quickly at Nick, then back to his task even faster. "Yes, Sir," he whimpered. "I'm sorry, Master Trojan." With that, he gripped the base of the long black toy and pushed the slippery shaft deep and fast into Noah's bowel.

Noah grunted and let out a gasp as the full length of the rubber prong forced its way into him.

"Don't stop your licking," came a stern warning from Sabre.

"Use that thing on him properly," hissed Nick at the same time to Eagar. "Probe his guts, work his arse, boy. I want him to feel it in there. I want him opened and used."

"Yes, Sir," whimpered Eagar.

"Yes, Sir", echoed Viking in a mumble between continued slurps at Sabre's feet and lower legs.

Sabre really found this exciting now. The submissiveness of these two men, their eagerness to please, was intoxicating. And the back up he was getting from Trojan, the confirmation and support, somehow added to his sense of power. It was as though having another Master along with him, also ordering the slaves to please him, was proof that he controlled these slaves, and that they were there for him to use and take pleasure from as he saw fit. His prick was achingly hard, still confined in its pouch of hide, and he could feel the slimy ooze of pre-cum enveloping his manhood within its black nest. He looked up, into the other Master's face, and found Trojan staring back at him with a look of absorbed lust. The two grinned at each other in complicit pleasure.

Nick held the other's look for some time, and then, knowing he was being watched, allowed his eyes to travel down Sabre's body, until he focussed on the straining protuberance at the man's groin. He feasted on the sight of Sabre's swollen cock stretching the leather pouch, and his own masculinity ached within its confines, leaking heavily of his juices. A quick glance back to Sabre's face confirmed what Nick had hoped -- the other man knew what he was looking at, and enjoyed showing it off.

"I said work his hole!" Nick hissed at Eagar. "I want to see that prong going in and out of him. Move it around, really explore that arse," he ordered. From where he stood, Noah was still attending to Sabre's feet, while his rear was pointed almost at Nick, with Eagar shoving the dildo into his body, manipulating it from side to side, revolving it within its wet, living scabbard. Seeing Noah's arse being invaded by the toy, watching his man being fucked by the dildo, was incredibly arousing. Nick slid his hand down and across his own cock, massaging himself through his thong, squeezing his throbbing prick as he watched his mate being ravaged.

Following Trojan's lead, Sabre uncrossed his arms, and let his left hand fall to his own groin, cupping his heaving nuts and working them through the leather. "That's enough for my boots," he spoke down to the slave at his feet. "Work your way up my legs, boy. Slowly! Do a good job."

Noah nodded, and began to lift his head, savouring the feel of Sabre's strong calves through the tight, gripping black of his chaps. His body trembled with the assault on his rear from the toy wielded by Eagar, but he refused to neglect his duties, and kissed his way around the Master's lower legs.

Nick continued to watch the fantastic display, getting more and more excited. Without a word, he stepped across to the shelf of toys and grabbed a butt plug, somewhat thicker but not quite as long as the dildo presently filling Noah's arse. Lubing it quickly, he bent down and handed it to Eagar.

"Here, boy," he ordered. "Pull that thing out and replace it with this."

The slave complied silently, slipping the dildo from Viking's body, and quickly working the head of the plug into the recently vacated arse. With a series of ever deepening pushes, he worked the new object through Noah's sphincter, stretching his colleague until finally the thickest part of the shaft popped through Viking's ring of muscle, and the toy lodged itself within his body.

Nick had stood closely above him, watching carefully, and getting even more excited as Noah was plugged by the other boy. "Good," he stated as Noah's hole closed around the base of the plug. "Now, stand up and straddle him."

Joe complied quickly with a hushed "Yes, Trojan, Sir."

"That's right, slave," Nick said firmly. "Spread those legs, one foot either side of him ... now, give Master Sabre's bulging groin some lip work!"

"Yes, Sir," Eagar responded quickly. He began to kneel, but Nick landed a light but firm slap on his exposed butt cheek.

"No; bend from the waist, boy. I want that arse up here where I can use it."

"Sorry, Sir," Joe whimpered, as he leaned forward, his face lowering to the stretched hide barely constraining Sabre's cock. He looked in danger of overbalancing until Nick grabbed his hips and held him in place, and Sabre caught his head, holding the hood he wore in each hand and directing the slave's open mouth toward his aching, rolling balls. As Eagar began to lick at the leather sack containing those giant nuts, Sabre looked at Nick and smiled.

"Fuck his pussy arse, Trojan," he said with a chuckle. "I'll keep his mouth busy while you use his hole, man."

Nick grinned back at him. "I intend to, Sabre. But first it needs to be prepared." With a lusty chuckle, the other Master nodded as Nick found a new dildo, thicker than that used on Noah. Greasing it up, he held the solid head against Eagar's entrance, twisting the thing around and pressing in just a fraction, teasing the slave with this toy.

"You want this boy?" Nick demanded.

"Yes, Sir, please," Joe answered between slurps at Sabre's nuts. "Fill my arse with it, Sir."

Nick laughed aloud, and held the black latex shaft firmly. Leaning forward a little, he began to push. It wasn't too fast, but he didn't ease off either. One long continual shove which saw the entire length of the artificial cock buried deep in the slave's bowel. Eagar gasped, his body clenching at the thing as he moaned with delight, before returning to suckling at the leathered bulk of Sabre's manhood. Pleased with the response, and excited by the sight, Nick held the thing in place for a minute or so, and then began to rotate it within Eagar's gut, eliciting more grunts and groans. He pulled the toy back, then pressed it in again, riding it from side to side as he probed every corner of Eagar's rectum with the solid latex prick.

"Oh fuck, yeah," Sabre declared. "Work that hole, Trojan. It makes him work even harder on me when you work his arse."

Nick grinned again, grinding the length of the rubber around and into Eagar's body, sliding it back a little and fucking the slave with the toy yet again. As he did, Joe's mouth nibbled and chewed at the long, black tube of leather which was Sabre's meat, and Noah's face made its way further up the Master's thighs, until he was almost level with his nuts.

With Joe above him, Noah twisted around so that he was now almost sitting between Sabre's legs, his weight pushing the plug in his arse deeper into himself. Leaning upward, his tongue found the Master's balls and he licked at them while his fellow slave worked on the man's cock. Their mouths were so close their chins connected from time to time.

Sabre felt the two of them attacking him, as he watched Trojan assault the slave. The sensations were driving him to distraction, and his genitals were aching with the confinement in the pouch. He reached down and around the two black hooded heads at his groin, and unsnapped the cod he wore. His cock shot up and out, spraying a line of pre-cum droplets across the subs, and his balls fell heavily. At once, both were attacked and devoured by the willing slaves, and a long sigh escaped his lips.

"Holy fuck, Trojan, these two are fucking good!"

"Maybe," Nick replied with feigned doubt. "Let's see just how good this one can be." He landed a slap on Eagar's arse. "Fuck his face, Sabre, while I fuck his arse. Then we'll find out whether he's any good."

Sabre laughed with him, holding Joe's hooded head, and directing the slave's mouth at his own rampant tool, now throbbing with anticipation. As he did, Nick slopped a gob of lubricant over his own trembling erection, and lined up his cockhead with the twitching arse before him.

Joe shook with desirous anticipation at the comments of the Masters. The thought of being spit-roasted by them was incredibly exciting for him, and his own cock dribbled pre-cum into the tailored leather wrapped around it. His hands were on Sabre's firm and muscular cheeks, and he could feel the slicked hardness of Trojan's cockhead nudging at his sphincter. Knowing he was risking their disapproval, but desperate for the double fucking, he suddenly pushed himself backwards onto the steel hard pole of Master Trojan's huge cock, while simultaneously gripping and pulling Master Sabre's body towards him so that the long, spit soaked shaft roared deep into his throat.

"Sheee-it!" hissed Sabre.

"Fuck, yeah!" declared Trojan as the heated body of the slave swallowed his manhood.

"You said they had some spirit, Trojan," Sabre muttered through gritted teeth. "If that wasn't so fucking hot, I'd punish him for being so impatient!"

Nick laughed. "Up to you, man," he said, "but my prick is loving what his hot little arse is doing to it right now."

Sabre chuckled with delight. His balls were being swallowed and massaged by Viking's talented lips while his pole was sunk in Eagar's gullet. He could hardly be angry about the treatment these slaves were delivering. Happily, he plunged himself in and out of the warm wet mouth, watching with delight as his friend fucked the other end of this slave. The boy rocked between them, pounded from both sides like a true pig on a spit.

Joe was in paradise. His throat opened as he resisted the urge to gag and swallowed the scalding rod of Sabre's cock. His guts felt like they were being ploughed and torn as Trojan thundered deep and hard into his body. Every nerve raced with excitement at the incredible pleasure of servicing two powerful, dominant leathermen at once, and he felt the growing pressure of an imminent orgasm. He fought against it as best he could, but his concentration was held elsewhere as he was fucked hard and deep from both ends.

Fortunately for the slave, Nick was also sensing a rising urge, to which he had no intention of surrendering just yet. He whipped his cock, slimy and leaking, from Eagar's body, and pulled the boy away from Sabre's groin.

"I think we've been neglecting this other one," he said by way of explanation to his mate, nodding toward Noah who was still sucking and licking at Sabre's testicles.

Sabre nodded, privately grateful. He too had been getting close, and was glad of the respite. "You're right, Trojan," he said loudly. "We can't have Viking here getting lazy. On your feet boy," he commanded.

Noah obeyed, standing before him, eyes down, although not completely. He chanced the opportunity to drink in the sight of Sabre's muscular frame, encased in leather, his shining, moist tool waving in the air as a bead of pre-cum oozed from its head. How he wished that cock was inside him. But he needn't have worried -- the two Masters were certainly not about to let him languish untouched or unused.

"Over here, boy," Sabre hissed at him.

"Yes, Sir," Noah gulped out quickly, his nerves suddenly racing with excited anticipation.

As he moved forward, Sabre reached out and slapped his arse lightly, grinning as he did, then swung the slave around and gripped his leather clad balls in one hand. The Master squeezed firmly, making Viking gasp with delight at the attention, before leading the sub to a slave bench by one wall, immediately alongside the sling. The bench was similar in appearance to a carpenter's saw-horse, but covered in padded black leather, with wing-like attachments on all legs.

Sabre had the boy kneel on one of these wings, and lie face down along the length of the bench. His arse was exposed, his legs open, and the thong containing his genitals slightly below the level of the narrow platform. Pulling Noah's wrists forward to the front legs of the bench, Sabre quickly used a pair of handcuffs to shackle the sub in place before strapping his knees as well. Satisfied with his work, he stood slightly behind the slave, admiring the view of his white, rounded arse, and the dark base of the butt plug still protruding from that winking hole.

Joe watched in fascinated arousal as his friend was manhandled across to the bench and restrained along it. His cock pressed up and out within the fitted leather he wore, so that it appeared as though his erection was made of leather. Nick observed the boy and his reaction, grinning for a moment, before laying a firm hand on Eagar's shoulder.

"You don't think this show is for your benefit, do you boy?" he said menacingly.

"Oh, no, Sir," Joe answered. "I'm sorry, Master Trojan, I was just watching and waiting ..."

"Well the waiting's over, and so is your rest," Nick chuckled evilly. "Hoist that handsome little butt of yours into that sling!"

"Yes, Sir!" Eagar said quickly as he sat into the base of the leather platform and leaned back to allow the sling to take his weight. As soon as he eased himself back onto it, Nick grabbed his booted feet and lifted them into the hanging stirrups, then stepped around to the side and used another set of cuffs to fix his wrists to the rear supporting chains.

"I think I'm gonna enjoy playing with your arse, boy," Nick hissed. Eagar simply nodded back at the powerful Master standing over him, and between his spread and raised legs.

No more than a metre from the slave hanging on his sling, and the Master preparing to use him, Sabre stood behind the second boy, his eyes darting back and forth between Viking on the bench before him, and Eagar in the sling beside him. His cock was leaking furiously now; having these two horny subs at the complete whim of himself and Trojan was incredibly hot. And on the other side of the bench was a shelf full of very interesting toys, all within easy reach, which he found equally as exciting, and which he wanted to use -- each and every one -- on this slave.

Gripping the base of the plug in Noah's arse, Sabre moved the thing from side to side, rotating it as he did. The slave gasped.

"You like that, boy?"

"Oh, yes Sir, thank you Sir."

"Let's see what else we have here for you, then," he muttered. A long, tapered dildo was at his fingertips, and he quickly applied a little lubricant to it, then held it in one hand while the other pulled at the plug. With a plop, the first toy exited Viking's body, leaving the slaves puckering hole clearly visible. With a toy in each hand, Sabre could not resist the urge, and slammed his still slimy cock deep and fast into the waiting hole.

"Fuck yeah, thank you, Sir," came the response. "Fuck me, Sir; fuck me hard!"

"Oh yeah, you're gonna get fucked, boy! When I'm ready," the Master whispered. Pulling his hips back quickly, he withdrew from the fantastic wet heat of the slave, and pushed the dildo into that body in place of his cock. Discarding the plug, Sabre began to work the long black shaft in and out, slowly pressing it into every corner of the slave's gut. He moved the thing from side to side, up and down, probing the cavern of Noah's body with the latex prong.

"Yes, Sir," Noah grunted. "Plug that arse, Sir. Work that cock up in there, Sabre. Open me up, please Sir."

The stream of pleading obscenities turned Sabre on even more as he played the slave's arse like a musical instrument, finding and using his prostate, pulling the toy completely out before plunging it back in again quickly. His entire frame trembled with pleasure as he used this slave however he wished. After a good long riding with the dildo, the Master whipped it out once more, and buried his own cock back into that welcoming, compliant hole, revelling in the sensation of moist heat which rode up and along his manpole as he sank deeper and deeper into Viking.

Still buried within the boy, Sabre found now a new item. Like a set of balls, yet held together by a semi-rigid tube, this toy could be held at the base, and bent if desired, or used like some kind of knobbed night-stick. Pulling back until only the very tip of his cock remained within the slave's sphincter, Sabre positioned the first of the rounded balls at Viking's hole, and backed off at the same time as he pressed it into the boy. Noah grunted, his arse muscles quickly closing around the tube behind that first sphere. Sabre laughed, landing a smack on the firm orb of the boy's cheek, and pushed the second ball into that hole.

Noah huffed this time as he felt the new penetration. His body tingled and his backside clinched. He had seen the toy before it was introduced to his body, knew what was coming, but the sensation was something else. Suddenly being opened wide and then allowed to close around the shaft, but not completely, and then having the whole process repeated while the first ball was pushed even further inside him, was amazing. As Sabre slapped him again, his skin tingled and his nerves raced with pleasure when the third solid orb prised him open and slipped inside. It was like a succession of butt plugs were being shoved into him, each one pushing the last deeper into his gut. He ached with ecstatic delight.

While Sabre used Noah's body, first with the dildo and then the balls, Nick was making good use of the other slave, standing as close as he was, he could see everything that his fellow Master did to Viking, which only increased his arousal even more. Once he had Eagar securely fastened to the sling and open and vulnerable, he took a moment to feast on the sight presented to him. The hot, handsome slave lay spread before him, straps of black leather across his chest, his legs encased in the shimmering dark hide of skin-tight chaps, his cock and balls swollen and black within their leather envelope. Trojan loved the design of this 'genital pouch' -- it was tailor made so that Eagar's balls slipped into a sack of hide, and his cock filled a long tube of gleaming leather perfectly. For all intents and purposes, the boy's very masculinity was made of leather, and it looked so fucking hot!

Nick left the boy hanging there in the thick air to investigate the shelf of implements available to him. Finding what he hoped for, he returned to Eagar and leaned over him, a long chain of silver in his hand. He let one end drape across the slave's chest, and slowly drew the length of it down and over his abdomen.

"You like this?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir," came the enthusiastic reply. "That turns me on, Master Trojan, Sir. Please put it on me, Sir."

Nick smiled as he stretched the chain to its full length. At either end was a small clip, the teeth covered in vinyl. Carefully but determinedly, Nick slid the opened mouth of each clip through the rings piercing Eagar's nipples, and allowed the cushioned teeth to close over the erect brown nubs.

Eagar gasped, and Nick looked up at him with concern. "You okay with this, boy?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir!" the slave answered. "I need it, Sir. I love the feeling of my tits being squeezed like this. Please don't stop, Trojan, please!!"

Nick nodded, and allowed the second clip to close. As he did, he looked into the eyes of the sub, and saw nothing but lusty excitement and desire. Testifying to the pleasure was the now rock hard length of Eagar's penis, proudly pointing up from his groin. Satisfied, the Master grinned.

Using one hand to pull at the chain attached to the boys nipples, Trojan allowed his other hand to roam all over the trembling body, exploring the slave's chest and abs, thighs, calves and groin. The Master squeezed the heaving spheres of Eagar's nuts, and stroked the long tube of his erection. His fingers probed into the open mouth and over the dark leather hood encasing the slave's head. Nick was incredibly aroused by this ability to simply explore another body without any resistance or hesitation, and to know that it was exciting the prone man in front of him so much.

Joe thought he was about to explode from an overload of sensation. His nipples were burning but alive, tingling with pleasure so intense it battered his brain. His cock throbbed and leaked, filling the leather casing with his juice. His body was tense, his nerves alive and racing as Master Trojan's fingers explored him. He shook with each touch, and wanted more. He begged for the man using him to pull again at the chain and stretch his nipples, the rush of pleasure at this total surrender to another person indescribable. To have a Master play him like this, use him without question, for utter pleasure, was a buzz no drug could ever emulate. The only thing missing, the only thing preventing him from feeling completely owned, completely dominated, was the fact that his open arse was still empty.

In desperation, he called out, "Trojan, Sir; Fuck me, please. I need it, Sir. I need my man-hole to be filled and fucked by your cock, Sir. Please Sir, I'm begging you, use my arse, Master and fuck me!!"

Nick ached at the pleading, his cock swelling and his need urging him on. He had wanted to fuck this boy for some time, but he also wanted to hear him beg for it. That plea would not go unheard! Without warning, without seeking permission, Master Trojan stepped into the space between Eagar's legs, lined his massive weapon up with the soft pink target, and slammed himself deep into the begging body. As a garbled cry of total pleasure escaped the slave, Trojan pulled back a little, steadying himself, and slammed in again. The entire length of his substantial masculinity was driven hard into the welcoming gut, stabbing its way up and into Eagar's innards. Nick plumbed the depths of the slave's body with his fleshy sword, trembling at the feeling of hot wetness which vacuumed him in, and resisted when he pulled himself away, then clenched again as he pounded upwards once more.

For a period of time unmeasurable, Nick fucked the slave in the sling, and Eagar swayed back and forth, impaled upon Master Trojan's cock, his nipples pulled and stretched, his body tingling, his senses racing. Trojan fucked the boy slowly, with long deep strokes, leaning over him and playing with his body. He changed tempo and used his rod like a pile-driver, crunching his hips into the slave's butt as he rutted against him with power, gripping at the throbbing cock and grasping at the sweating body as he explored Eagar's frame. And he altered his pace again, arching backwards and letting the pendulum motion of the sling do all of the work as the sub slid on and off his prong in time with the rhythm of the leather platform upon which he lay.

And during the whole time that Nick fucked Joe, and Joe hissed and spat, begging for more, Sabre was using dildoes and balls upon Noah's upturned arse right alongside. Nick could easily glance across to watch as his friend used his boy, and he could hear Sabre cursing at Viking, and Viking answering with begs and pleas for more. The entire circumstances were so erotic, so arousing, that more than once Nick had to slow himself down, and concentrate on holding back his urge to surrender to climax.

He was approaching that point yet again when Sabre looked across at him and nodded. "Fuck this boy of yours is hot, Trojan," he declared. Nick nodded unspoken agreement. Sabre was using a kind of long stick which consisted of a single narrow shaft interspersed with large balls, pressing them into Noah one at a time, while he gripped a handle and rotated the whole thing inside Viking's arse. It was amazing to watch this thing going in and out of the slave's hole.

Suddenly, Sabre announced that he needed to plug Viking's hole with some real flesh, and pulled the column of hard black spheres from Noah's butt in rapid succession, the slave's hole popping open and closing quickly with each one -- 1, 2, Nick counted as seven balls plopped wetly from his boy, and as soon as the last had been withdrawn, Sabre slammed his thick, slimy cock into Viking. With a heaving sigh of pleasure, the Master buried himself in Noah's body, trembling and gripping the sub's hips with both hands as he quickly began a pounding tempo of thrust and parry that ravaged Viking's anus anew.

"Man that looks hot," Nick whispered. Sabre looked at him and grinned.

"Then, here you take him," he said, stepping back, his slicked and greasy tool jutting outwards, still wet from its attack upon Noah's innards. "It's about time I had a chance to use the other one anyway."

With a shared chuckle, the two Masters swapped places, Trojan lining himself up and plunging his sword deep into Viking, whilst Sabre stepped into the void between Eagar's legs, gripped at the chains supporting the swing, and pulled the prone slave back onto his rampant manhood with force. A chorus of gasps and pleas for more filled the room as the slaves begged to be used and the Masters took their pleasure from the two submissives.

Nick was fucking Noah with long, powerful strokes, finding his rhythm and enjoying the warm depths of Viking's gut. Lying beside him was the first dildo Sabre had used, and he picked it up, wiping it quickly and greasing it again. He began to alternate the fake schlong with his own flesh, fucking Viking first with the toy, then pulling it out to slam his cock in that opened hole. Sabre chuckled.

"That's good, Trojan," he said gruffly. "I like a lot of toy work -- good to see you enjoy it too."

Nick nodded, as the other Master left Eagar hanging for a moment and went to the 'toy shelf'. When he returned, Sabre was wielding a massive rubber dong in his hand. He held it up in front of the slave and spoke in a hushed whisper, almost respectful. "This is your room, isn't it, Eagar?"

"Yes, Sir," Joe answered uncertainly.

"Then can I assume you can take this thing?" said the Master, holding the gigantic dildo up for the slave to see.

Joe nodded again. "Uhh, ye.. yes, Sir, I can," he sputtered a little. "But take it slowly, please Sabre. That's a big fucking cock for anyone."

"Don't worry, boy," Sabre assured him. "I'll be careful. But if you want it, I'd be honoured to use it on you."

Eagar brightened, his voice husky with anticipation now. "Oh yeah, use it on me, Sir," he hissed. "Take it slow, but fuck me with it. At the right pace, that's my favourite toy, Sabre!"

Sabre's face lit up, his speech low and muttering. "Fucking hell, Eagar. I like and admire a slave who knows what he wants, and who can tell his Master the way he likes it. You and me are really gonna enjoy this!"

With Nick watching beside him, fascinated by what was happening, even though he continued to work the much smaller prong in and out of Noah's willing body, Sabre slowly and deliberately greased the huge black shaft with a silicone based lubricant, generously covering the entire thing. More lube was applied to Eagar's twitching rectum, as the Master worked the cream into his sphincter with several fingers and smoothed it all around the boy's entrance.

The dildo itself was a work of art. An exact replica of a fully erect penis, right down to the veins and ridges, complete with appropriately large testicles and even indentations representing pubic hair. But its proportions were far and away beyond any human prick any of the men had seen. From base to tip the thing was easily 45 centimetres long. That 18 inch length began with a rounded mushroom cap cockhead, and slid back to a thick shaft which tapered from just behind the glans as it widened in girth toward the base. Just before it finished in rounded balls, the shaft was at least eight centimetres in diameter. At almost three and a quarter inches thick, it was really going to stretch Joe's hole.

"Okay, Eagar, are you ready for this?" Sabre asked.

"Oh, I'll need amyl," Joe whispered hurriedly.

"No problem," Sabre answered, loosening one of the wrist restraints enough for the slave to be able to bring his hand to his nostrils, and dropping the small brown bottle into Eagar's fingers.

Master Sabre took up his position and watched as the boy drew a couple of long breaths from the small dark bottle. He waited a moment longer until he saw the ripple of excitement flow through the slave's body, and knew that the drug was having its effect. Holding the head of the dildo against Eagar's sphincter, Sabre very slowly, very patiently, began to move it. Rotating the tip against the boys skin, he pressed forwards just a little, and then a little more, allowing the resisting muscle to open against the pressure and accept this invasion. At first there was no problem, but as that massive head prised the slave open further, Joe began to breathe quickly, gasping as he struggled to relax himself.

"Okay, boy?" Sabre asked.

"Yes, Sir, I can take it, Sabre!"

Another toke on the amyl, and Joe settled again. "That's it, Sabre," he whispered. "Do it to me, Sir."

The slave lay back, allowing the sling to take his full weight. As the rush of sensation from the amyl washed through him, he concentrated on relaxing his body, pulling his knees back and opening his arse as far as possible. Surrender -- that was what he had to do. Surrender to the invading giant, surrender to his base urges, surrender to the Master standing over him. A long look of desire overwhelmed him. He was garbed in tight leather, his legs wide. Between those legs stood a powerful man who was taking control of him, his six-pack abs and chiselled chest strafed by straps of black leather, his wide shoulders topped by a square jaw, above which a gleaming black hood obscured the top of his head.

With a rush of emotion, Eagar finally gave up any control to Master Sabre, and with a pop which he felt rather than heard, the solid head of the huge dildo slipped through his sphincter. His straining muscle closed tightly around the still wide girth as he grunted involuntarily.

"You alright, Eagar?" a voice floated from somewhere above him.

"Oh fuck, yes Sir!" he said breathlessly as the pain suddenly gave way to an incredible sense of fulfilment and arousal. That gigantic cock was inside him, and it felt fantastic!

He opened his eyes and looked up into Sabre's face. "Oh yeah," he whispered. "That feels so good, Sir. Slide that massive cock into me, Sabre. Make me take it all. Make me enjoy every fucking inch - just fuck me with it in long slow strokes, please Master!"

Sabre grinned again. "You're one hot little bitch, boy," he marvelled, as he began to slowly push the long shaft into the pleading slave.

A chorus of gasps and groans escaped Joe's lips as he revelled in the indescribably pleasure of that tree-trunk being driven into his gut. He swore he could feel every ridge and vein on the fake cock, his arse being stretched again, wider and wider as the thing entered him, his innards shoved aside as his bowel was filled by the length of the rubber prong. As it slid into him, slowly but irresistibly, it scraped across his prostate, making him shiver with delight.

"Yes, Sir, keep going, Sabre," he begged. "That is so good, Master!"

His body tingled, his nerves racing as the toy kept on coming. It was so long, so thick, that Eagar wondered if it would ever stop. Part of him didn't want it to -- this was so amazing that he wanted it to go on and on forever. He marvelled at the absolute delight of giving complete control to Sabre, and being rewarded with the incredible sensations as the man eased that huge cock into his body, slowing from time to time to withdraw it a little, and then pushing it back in again. The long slow strokes, in then out, then deeper, were filling him with ecstasy as the Master was filling him with that giant prong.

Noah had listened interestedly to the exchange between Sabre and Eagar. Face down on the bench as he was, restrained at the wrists and knees, he could not see what was happening, but the sound was enough. The grunting and pleading, the wet sounds of the other slave's arse being opened, were exciting him just as Master Trojan was filling his hole with cock and dildo, working him into a state of arousal as his cock strained at the pouch. He struggled at the chains binding his arms, but not in fear. The sense of being totally bound, of being nothing but a toy to be used by his man for pleasure, was amazing. He begged for more.

"Please, Trojan Sir," he muttered, "Fuck my arse. Use me, Sir!

Nick smiled in satisfaction. The pleas from his boy, the power he had been granted, was so stimulating. He slapped Viking's arse with one hand as he wielded the toy with the other, probing his slave's body. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck you long and hard, boy," he grunted.

Noah trembled with anticipation at the tone of Nick's voice. He knew and loved that attitude. It meant his Master was about to deliver some serious passionate humping. His nerves raced as Nick' s cock slammed into him again, only to be withdrawn just as fast, and replaced with the cool rubber of the dildo. Cock, then toy, then cock again pounded him. His prostate was rubbed and massaged, his guts filled and his joy raised with each penetration as he pushed back as best he could to take more and more of the thumping insertions Trojan delivered.

Suddenly, Nick slowed. The constant barrage of alternating shafts ploughing through his sphincter eased, and Noah groaned with the disappointment of losing that fervour. He pleaded again.

"Please, Sir ... I need you inside me. I need to be used, Trojan. Don't stop, Sir. Please don't stop."

Nick laughed allowed. "I'm not stopping, Viking. You aren't done with yet!"

Once again, Noah felt the hot hard head of Nick's weapon at his entrance. He opened himself and felt the thick mushroom cap breach his defences again, then stop, the flange of Trojan's knob held just inside the slave's ring of muscle. Then a new feeling -- another rigid protuberance begging entry beside the first. Noah ached with delight. He felt the head of the dildo being introduced to his body alongside his Master's slickened, heated prong.

"Oh fuck, yeah," he hissed. "Do it, Trojan. Get that prong into me with your cock. Use my arse and double fuck me, now, please Sir."

There was no verbal response from Trojan, but Noah gasped with pleasure as his pleas were answered. With an even, firm pressure, Nick pressed the dildo into his boy's hole, prising it open even further to accommodate both the toy and his own cock, and Noah grunted in delight.

There was a little pain with the stretching he felt, but that quickly disappeared, aided by Nick leaning forward and holding a bottle of amyl under his nose. Noah took a long deep breath and both men waited a few seconds until the buzz filled Noah's body. With the familiar rush came the relaxation of his muscles and the sense of incredible pleasure, and Noah spoke again.

"Oh yeah, Trojan, that's it. Push it into me, sir. Fuck me with both cocks, please."

Noah was always amazed by the sensation this brought about. His hole felt so stretched that logically it should split apart, yet the overwhelming feeling coursing through his body was one of absolute pleasure. His arse was opened incredibly wide, the two thick shafts vying with one another for space within his body and filling him completely. Viking could feel both cocks pushing deeper and deeper into him, opening him and filling him, and his nerves jangled while his heart raced.

The cooler thickness of the dildo lay along the top of his Master's scalding flesh, and Viking shuddered as the two rods invaded his gut. He heard a muttered grunt as Nick bottomed out, the fake prong held in place against Trojan's pubic mound, and Noah groaned as the doubled heads pressed into the base of his stomach. He breathed slowly as his man rested a moment while both enjoyed this penetration, then took another draw at the proffered amyl. It was his indication of the thumping fuck about to begin.

And begin it did. Noah clenched as he felt Trojan begin to withdraw a little, and grunted as his Master slammed back in again. In, out, harder, faster, deeper the twin pricks plumbed him. Because Nick was concentrating on fucking him, Viking felt as though it was one huge cock instead of two which ploughed his innards, but his groans and hisses were testament to the enjoyment he took from this rollicking hump. Sometimes his Master fucked hard and fast, leaning back and using him so that his body shook from the assault. At other times, Trojan leaned over and into him, driving both the cock and the dildo deep into his body. Noah enjoyed this more -- the feel of his man's leather strapped torso covering him, of Nick's chest pressing into his back, while hot droplets of sweat fell from his Master's face and seared his neck and shoulders.

When Nick reached right around him, still ploughing his cock and the dildo into his body, enwrapping his torso in his arms, and found Noah's nipples, pulling and pinching at them with his fingers, it was all Noah could do to hold back from exploding.

"Oh fuck, yeah, Trojan, Sir," he called out. "Cover me, Sir. Fuck me and own me, Master."

A loud cry of amazed delight disturbed the concentration of the two hunched over the slave bench. Sabre had been working the over-sized prong deeper and deeper into the sweating, pleading boy in the sling, pressing the giant cock further and further into the boy with each cycle.

"Sh ... eeee ... it!" he proclaimed. "That is the whole thing, boy! I can't believe you took it. Eagar, that fucking thing is stretching your arse so wide I could drive a truck through it, and it looks un-fucken-believable."

"Thank you, Sir," Joe gasped out in a half a whisper. He could barely believe it himself. The massive rubber log was completely inside him, and he felt so totally stuffed, so entirely filled, and yet so indescribably aroused. His entire body was shaking, his nerves electric. Sweat rolled from him, but he loved it.

Sabre found the sight of the massive cock lodged within Eagar's body just so erotic. He held it in place and felt that his cock was ready to explode, it was so hard. The sense of power he had at that moment was intense, the pleasure he took from absolute control over the slave, and from that control allowing him to fill the boy with such an incredible chunk of phallus, was overwhelming.

Joe lay in the sling, suspended in pure pleasure. Encased in leather, dominated by a strong, hunky man garbed in shining black, his guts filled with the latex toy, he was approaching a zenith of sensations and emotions far more quickly than expected. When Sabre, still holding the base of the dildo in place, began to rotate the thing slowly within him, the slave exploded in passionate release. Waves of bliss crashed through him as he surrendered to the feelings. He tried to call out a warning, but it was too late.

"Unnhhh .... Oh fuuuuu... I'm cummmiiii......" he yelled as his body went into spasms, his arse clenching at the mighty cock dilating it, his prick jerking and filling the leather pouch he wore with white hot jizz.

"Oh, fuck yeah, boy," Sabre declared, holding the toy in place as he ran his hands over Eagar's shuddering frame. "Shoot that load, Eagar. Fill that thong, boy," he encouraged, his own cock leaking copiously at the sight of the slave being engulfed in ecstasy before him. To know that he had done this to the sub was so arousing that the Master fought to keep control of his own urge to climax.

The shouting and shaking alongside them was so exciting that Nick backed out of Viking himself to avoid peaking. He held the dildo still inside his boy, but gently moved it around allowing Noah to enjoy the reduced but not completely empty feeling in his gut.

As Joe's gasps and groans decreased, and the spasming waves of pleasure rocking his body diminished, Sabre carefully and slowly began to ease the giant cock from his body. A still whimpering Eagar thanked him again and again, between apologies for cumming so soon, and twitched from time to time with the continuing pleasure of the massive prong riding his arsehole as it exited him.

"Don't apologise, boy," Sabre said warmly. "That, and you, have to be one of the hottest things I've ever done."

Finally the dildo was out, and Sabre stood back, his own frame a lather of sweat. He looked to his colleague.

"I think we could use a break, Trojan. What do you say?"

"I think you're right," Nick agreed. "All of us!"

While Sabre lifted a limp, exhausted Eagar from the sling, Nick bent down to undo the shackles binding his Viking, and the four of them settled on a long bench against one wall. Joe began to recover from his orgasm, his breathing settled and his limbs regained some strength.

"What do you say, Eagar?" Sabre asked with gentle concern. "Do you want to call it a night? I wouldn't be surprised after that if you did, and I'd understand."

Joe looked at the Master in surprise, then at his two friends. All seemed happy to finish their play if he wished. He was amazed that they were so considerate -- his ex had never been like this. A feeling of incredible joy, mixed with love for these men, even the Master he had just met, flowed through him. And quickly behind it was a sense of lusty desire and tingling anticipation for what might yet come.

"No, Sir," he stated firmly. "I want to keep going as long as you want me to, Sabre. This is fantastic, and there's no need to stop." He grinned evilly. "I'm sure with a little encouragement, that I can 'rise to the occasion' again tonight!"

The Master chuckled with delight and satisfaction. "Excellent, my boy!"

The four men remained where they were for another fifteen minutes, silent but enjoying each other's company, an unspoken sense of lust and anticipated pleasure hovering in the air around them. From time to time, hands and fingers explored sheened skin and taut leather as they appreciated each other and readied themselves for further play.

The touching and feeling began to escalate as animal need resurfaced in the four men, and soon they were a rolling mass of intertwined bodies, kissing and licking, biting and groping at each other. Noah found himself on his knees in front of Sabre, swallowing the Master's thick cock as he massaged its shaft with his tongue and fondled rolling nuts with one hand. He barely paused in his concentration when he felt a hardness at his rear, and knew that Master Trojan was entering him.

Aroused and delighted, the Viking relaxed his hole and increased his attentions to Sabre as Trojan slammed into him. The two Masters knelt at either end of this willing slave, looking at each other, and fucking him hard. Sabre held his hooded face and plumbed his throat with flesh, while Trojan gripped his narrow waist and stabbed a long thick sword of masculinity deep into his gut. Eagar, observing the trio, felt his erection returning. He was surprised and delighted to feel the added sensation of his own still wet ejaculate coating his cock within the leather pouch, acting as both a lubricant and a stimulant with every movement he made.

As Trojan and Sabre suddenly stopped at a nod to each other and reversed positions, Eagar took the chance to roll around and lie face up, his head beneath Viking's pelvis. When the Master's resumed their fucking, this time with Sabre pounding his masculinity hard and long into the slave's belly, and Trojan spearing Viking's face with his manliness, Eagar swallowed Noah's cock, sucking and gnawing at it fervently, his hands groping and squeezing at the other slave's balls. For a long, heated time, the four of them fucked and sucked, grinding and pounding at each other and pushing each other closer and closer to their respective peaks.

Nick eased back a little for a moment, conscious of his rising excitement. As his prick slid from Viking's mouth, the slave hissed up at him.

"Oh fuck, Sir, thank you. It's so good having both of you use me like this, Master. I love having two cocks in me at once!"

Nick chuckled, and was suddenly inspired. "I know you do, Viking. And I think we can do better than one at each end ..." He looked across the slave's back to his colleague. "Sabre, sorry to disturb you, mate, but how about pulling that meat of yours out of the boy -- just for a little while?"

The other Master appeared confused, but nodded agreement. "Okay, Trojan," he said. "You got something in mind?"

"Oh, yeah!" Nick grinned evilly. "Viking, follow me," he ordered as he stood up and moved toward one wall. He quickly dragged a wide flat foot-stool over to next to the bench on the wall, and lay across it so that his buttocks and pelvis were supported by the stool, his upper body on the bench.

"Okay, boy, straddle me," he ordered. "Lower that sweet hot arse of yours onto my cock."

Noah complied, his legs on either side of the stool, his body facing Nick as he sat himself down on his man, using his own weight to drive Nick's cock deep inside himself.

"Lean forward, boy," Trojan said firmly. As he did so, exposing his arse, already pierced by the Master's prick, to view by Sabre, Nick spoke again.

"Now, Sabre, see anything you like?" he laughed.

The other smirked along with him. "Oh, yeah! A hot hungry hole filled with cock. Looks good!"

"Maybe ..." Trojan sounded uncertain. "But I don't think it's filled quite enough," he said. "I reckon you should move in here and fill it as well!"

"Oh yeah," Sabre murmured lustily. He quickly stood behind the impaled sub, his own legs spread wide so that Trojan's feet were between them, and lowered himself until his cock lined up with the plugged hole of the boy sitting on Trojan's lap.

Pushing Noah forward with one hand, Sabre sidled into place, his slickened prong nudging against Nick's shaft and pressing at the muscle of Viking's sphincter. Noah held a bottle of amyl to his nose and breathed deeply. "Do it, Sir," he urged. "Join Master Trojan inside me. I can take it, can take both of you, Sir."

Sabre pressed again, using a little more force, as he felt the sub relax to his invasion. Irresistibly, his flaring glans pried open the soft tissue of Viking's entrance, and his cockhead eased into the gripping ring.

"Oh fuck," he declared as his head disappeared.

"Oh, yeah," Trojan echoed as he felt the hardness of the other man's cock slide alongside his own in that tight wet space.

"Uunnhhhh, that's good!" hissed Viking as the new rod entered him, competing with the thickness already there.

Slowly, Sabre leaned forward, the shaft of his penis sliding in and in, the friction of it's contact with Trojan's meat, and the resistance from the sub's anus, combining to excite him so much. When he finally bottomed out, his cock fully buried, his nuts heaving and crushed against his fellow Master's rolling balls, he let out a long held breath.

"Fuck, yeah!"

"Oh shit, Sirs," Viking gasped. "This is so fucking unbelievable! Trojan, Sabre, fuck me please, Masters. Both of you fuck my arse together please, Sirs.

He didn't need to ask. Both men were so aroused by being in the same slave at once, that they soon began to thrust and jab at the soft but tight gut. Each could feel the heated wetness of Viking's belly gripping and enveloping their manhood, while both marvelled at the sensational friction of the other's heated pole riding against his own.

They started slowly, but soon their speed increased as they fucked at this enthusiastic, compliant body which accommodated them both. Sometimes in unison they slammed inward and pulled back. Sometimes they diverged, Sabre pounding himself in while Trojan withdrew, then passed each other in the opposite direction. They fucked the boy hard. Hard and fast. Hard and deep. And trembled with passion as he begged for more.

Sabre looked sideways, and saw an obedient Eagar, standing and watching. From the upward and oversized tilt of his pouch, it was obvious the boy had recovered completely from his earlier climax.

"Eagar?" Sabre thundered. "What are you just standing there for, boy?"

"Uh, sorry Sir," the startled slave mumbled quickly.

"Get that cock of yours out of that leather thong. It must be damn sticky and uncomfortable in there by now."

"Yes, Sir," Joe responded, unsnapping his pouch and letting his penis swing free. Immediately, the residue of his ejaculation began to dribble to the floor.

Sabre caught Trojan's eye, the two of them staring at each other in lusty excitement as they jointly fucked Viking. "If this slave of yours likes two cocks at once, "Sabre mused, "I wonder how he'd go with three?"

Nick grinned. "Eagar, get up here and shove your prick in Viking's mouth!" he said by way of answer.

Joe jumped to comply, stepping up so that his legs were astride Nick's head. Noah twitched inside at the extra arousal, and looked up at the other slave, opening his mouth wide.

"Come on, Eagar," he said. "Fuck my face. These two powerful Master's are filling my arse, and I need you to fill my throat at the same time, man."

Immediately, Viking's throat closed around Eagar's throbbing, rock hard cock. Now filled more completely than he thought possible, Noah was ecstatic. As his arse was assaulted and ploughed by the double fucking from Sabre and Trojan, his gullet was slammed full of the sticky cum-soaked shaft of Eagar's cock. He licked and tongued at the new phallus, savouring the taste of the other slave's essence as he swallowed that meaty rod, his hooded head held in place and fucked hard by the sub standing over them.

Nick could barely conceal his delight. Directly above him, Eagar's nuts swung back and forward as he slid his slimy prick into Viking's face. Over his boy's shoulder, he could see the total lust written across Sabre's face as they fucked together, and above all else was that incredible sensation of Sabre's cock against his own, both of them thundering into Viking's hot, tight hole.

Sabre too, was lost in base animal instinct, rutting away at the body in front of him, amazed at the feelings coursing through him as he shared this boy in the fullest sense of the word. His cock, trapped in that body alongside Trojan's, swelled and ached with the pleasure he experienced. His nerves raced as his body tingled and he struggled to hold onto control, his urges driving him to a peak of masculine ecstasy. The harnessed sub into which he drove his hungry pole bounced back and forth with the combined assaults from two cocks in his rear and the driving prick being shoved into his face by Eagar. Now that was one hell of a sub! He thought to himself as he admired the muscular body of the boy fucking Viking's face.

Standing at the peak of this pyramid of animal lust, Joe stared down at the bodies below him in amazement and bliss. Viking's throat engulfed his sticky prick, sucking him clean and suctioning at him. The leather blackness covering the other slave's hood was like a glorious hole of pleasure which held and pulled at his manhood. Beneath his feet, a powerful, hairy Master humped up and into his fellow sub, huffing and sweating with the exertion. And in front of him, another Master, the tall, strong Sabre, joined Trojan in filling Viking's body with himself. Piercing eyes stared out of the slits in his shining black hood and roamed over Eagar's body, making him feel so wanted, so good. Sabre's upper body, criss-crossed in leather, heaved as he drove his long cock into Viking, and Eagar stared in wonder at the length of that weapon as it exited the other slave before being shoved back in again.

In a position of total subservience, fucked by two cocks in his arse and a third in is face, Noah was fighting hard not to explode. The fighting, jousting penises in his rear were shooting pleasure into every part of his body. The slick, throbbing meat being arched into his face tasted so good, and injected even more bliss as he felt he had absolutely no choice in how he was treated -- these three men between them completely owned and controlled him at that moment, and he could not imagine anything more erotic.

Despite his best efforts, Noah's nerves were fraying, his body nearing the point of no return. When Sabre and Trojan both gave an especially hard, deep shove into him, driving each of their cocks up into his gut at once as they held him hard, he lost it. Unable to speak because of the prong filling his throat, the Viking boy grunted a strangled cry of abandon, shuddered in ultimate pleasure, and exploded, his cock spraying a thick load of cum into his leather jock, and out over the top of that pouch as his prick head poked above the waistband. Again and again he shot, creamy goo filling the space between himself and Trojan, and drenching the Master's chest as it did.

As he came, Noah shuddered, involuntarily clenching his arse tightly around the two cocks filling it. With his explosion in full swing, his body bounced against the two men fucking him. The added tightness of the hole he was fucking, combined with the heaving of the slave, proved too much for Sabre. Fighting it vainly, he threw his head back and roared as his orgasm struck. Matching the tremors in Viking, he spasmed forward, his prick engorged, and spewed his essence deep into the cavity it filled. A river of seed flowed from him, drowning his co-fucker's meat and flooding the already crowded innards of Viking. Swearing and cursing with ecstatic passion, he emptied himself into the slave.

Sabre's sudden outpouring swept over Nick's cock, making the tight hot hole he was fucking even tighter and hotter. The feeling of another man's jizz slicking his own cock and filling that hole sent him into orbit. Gasping and heaving, his cock became rigid for a moment and then torrential flows of ejaculate leapt from him, keeping time with the spasms of Sabre's prick, and pumping Noah full of white hot cream. As his orgasm reached a crescendo, Nick looked up to see Eagar's rolling nuts, pumping cock, and winking anus directly above him. Without thinking, even as he drove himself even deeper into Viking, he reached and grabbed the other slave's balls with one hand, squeezing hard, while he drove three fingers bunched together deep and fast into the pink target of Eagar's butt.

The unexpected pleasurable pain of his nuts being gripped by Master Trojan, and the penetration of the man's fingers deep into his arse, made Eagar cry out in delight. The three men below him were already lost in the throes of orgasm, and when Trojan's fingers hit his prostate, Joe happily joined them, pumping litres of his juice into Noah's gullet. He shook and swayed, never letting go of the leather hood into which he poured his masculinity, gasping as he climaxed for the second time that night and emptied himself of his very essence.

As his peak passed, Joe remembered to release Noah's head. A gasping face looked up at him.

"Sorry about that, Viking," he whispered.

Noah grinned. "No need at all. It was fantastic!"

"Fuck me!" resounded from behind them as Sabre withdrew himself from Viking with a slurping, wet slosh, and rolled to one side, sitting on the floor with his back against the wall and breathing fast. Joe stepped over Nick and Noah, and went to move down from his perch, almost falling. Sabre caught him as he did, and lowered the slave alongside himself, settling Eagar's head into his lap.

Gingerly, Noah lifted himself away from Nick. "Thank you, Sir!" he said softly to his lover, leaning forward to kiss him deeply before collapsing on the cushioned flooring. Nick smiled back.

"Thank you!" he said with feeling. "All of you!", and joined Noah, leaning against the bench, and pulling his man in between his legs while he recovered from the amazing peak they had shared.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Sir," Joe said when he recovered enough to realise where he was, lifting his head quickly.

"What are you sorry for, Eagar?" Sabre asked gently. "You did very well. In fact, you were fucking brilliant."

"For lying on you without permission, Sir," Joe said humbly, his face down.

Sabre laughed. "That's okay, my boy," he said. "I think we could all do with some relaxation after that. And I like it, having you rest on me. Come back and put your head down here," he grinned, patting his chest. As Joe complied, the Master looked down at him with a smile, laying his hand softly on Joe's hooded brow, and caressing it. Joe smiled back in thanks.

Nick sat nearby, leaning against one wall, with Noah lying stretched out between his legs, Noah's back resting against Nick's stomach, and Nick's arms around Noah's chest.

"You said this place isn't yours, Trojan?" Sabre asked.

"That's right," Nick answered. "Belongs to 'Eagar' here. It's his house, and his dungeon."

"I'm impressed," the Master stated, lowering an arm across Joe's body possessively.

"Thank you, Sir," Joe replied warmly.

Nick hugged Noah just a little more firmly, and an approving nod came back from his lover. "Do you have a boy of your own, Sabre?" Nick asked.

"No," responded the other wistfully. "Never been lucky enough to find the right man. I want someone who knows when to play and when to face reality. Someone I can love -- when we're together, just the two of us; someone who understands the difference when we play with friends like yourself and your Viking Boy here."

"Eagar used to have a Master, Sir, although maybe not so understanding," Noah said casually.

"That so, boy?" Sabre said as he looked down and along the body reclining against his own, admiring it. "What happened?"

"It's a long story, Sir," Joe answered softly. "And Ni ... er, Trojan and Viking, have heard it all before."

Sabre seemed somehow to pull Joe even closer into him. He looked up at the other two, letting out a long, low sigh. "Eagar, Trojan, Viking -- guys, I will completely understand if you tell me to forget what I'm about to ask, but ..."

Nick looked across at him, curious now. "Go ahead and ask, Sabre -- if we don't like it, we'll tell you."

The Master looked at each of his companions in turn. "It's obvious that you guys know each other as friends, outside of this room, away from the role playing we've just done."

Nick and Noah nodded. Joe whispered, "Yes, Sir."

"I've really enjoyed myself tonight. And especially this ..." he waved an arm around at the four of them relaxing on the floor together. "This being able to sit and talk afterwards. I'd like the opportunity to get to know you as well. Not as slaves and Masters -- as men."

"I kinda figured you might," Nick grinned.

Sabre straightened just a little, not enough to displace Joe's head, but sufficient that he could look each of them in the eye. He slowly reached up and removed his hood. "My name is David," he said seriously.

A slight flurry of movement followed, as each of the others also bared their faces completely. Noah spoke first. "I'm Noah," he grinned.

"Nick!" Nick followed. "Pleased to meet you, David."

Joe twisted around and kneeled up so that his face was level with David's. "And my friends call me 'Joe'," he said. "I'd like you to call me 'Joe', Sir."

"Thanks, Joe," David answered softly. "I'd like that -- a lot!"

Noah shifted then as well. He turned about to look at Nick, giving him a surreptitious wink. "I think it's time we headed home, Sir," he said, emphasising the 'Sir'."

"Oh, of course," David said suddenly, beginning to get up.

"I'll come and see you out," Joe added as he too began to stand.

"No, no," Nick said, indicating for them to relax again. "We can find our own way upstairs. You two relax."

Noah smiled. "Are you in any hurry to go, David?" he asked.

"Umm, not really," came the hesitant reply. "But I don't want to overstay my welcome ..."

Joe clicked to what Nick and Noah were doing, and he chuckled softly. "Perhaps you'd like to hear my story, David?" he said quietly.

David's smile covered his face instantly. "I'd like that very much!" he said.

As Nick and Noah pulled the dungeon door closed behind them, Noah leaned across and kissed his man tenderly. "I love you," he said softly.

Nick kissed him back. "I love you, too. Especially when you come up with brilliant ideas like this," he laughed.

The End

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