Dark Stone 2

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"In the name of Priapus, the One Master of All, we gather to close The Circle again. The missing link has been revealed, has been called to us and has been claimed by our brother Arcturis, he who has stood alone these last moon phases. Arcturis, are you ready?"

The man standing behind my head answered in a firm, rich voice. "By the grace of Dionysis and Aphrodite, life givers to the Master, for the glory of Priapus and in His sight and with His blessing, I am."

"How name you your slave, your complement and fulfillment?"

"Australis! The One Master has called him from the south, across many miles and many seas, to fulfill his destiny and make the both of us complete. He as been tested and found true, beyond doubt the gift of The Lord Priapus to us, his chosen, and to me, his son."

Hang on a moment, my mind screamed out. That's me they're talking about. But I'm no slave. I wasn't called by anyone, and I don't remember sitting for any 'tests'. And I'd hardly call myself anybody's gift. I looked up into Arthur's eyes again in question, but he had raised his face to the blackness above.

"Then let us begin the investiture of Australis into the circle!" said the other man solemnly.

At those words the rest of the gathering re-commenced their chant, low and soft but repeating the same words I had heard earlier.

" ... priapus dominus primo ... arcturis dominus ultimo ... australis subserviens proximo ..."

As they did, the one in front of me, the one who I had come to think of as the 'high priest', moved forward and picked up the two candles that had been burning between my legs. The black and the white, together he raised them and held them against each other in his hands. He lifted them above his head, and spoke over the incessant incantation of the others.

"In joinder lies our strength. No Master is complete without a servant, no slave fulfilled without a Master. Light and Dark, Black and White, Master and Servant together complete the Circle of Life. Without one, the other cannot exist in fulfillment. Let them unite! DOMINUS CON SUBSERVIENS UNIS."

As he uttered the final words, he pressed his hands together around the two candles, and I watched in amazement as they seemed to flow into each other. Not the way melting wax forms a single puddle, but as though the two candles merged to become one. The black and the white of each was still clearly visible, still separate. This was no grey mixture, but a blending so that the two shades swirled around each other. As they did the new, single, candle grew, becoming larger than the combination of its parts, and took on the shape of a huge, erect penis, utterly lifelike in every detail but size. I could easily see the ridges and veins within the shaft, the flaring glans and open slit. It may have been a trick of the light, but I swore that that massive phallus began to throb and move as if it were alive.

"Behold Priapus!" the priest called out in a loud voice. The others stopped their chanting and all eyes looked to the gigantic candle he held high. And then his hands dropped to his sides, and my jaw dropped open. Instead of falling to the ground, or spattering over my prone body, the huge cock hung there in empty space. Testicles the size of watermelons materialised below it, in perfect proportion to the shaft, which slowly leaned forward over me. The flame had disappeared from its tip, replaced by a glowing silver ring, identical to that adorning each of the gathered men. If it was a trick, then it was one hell of a show!

The group began to chant again, beginning softly but increasing in volume and speed until the room was filled with their song. Unable to believe my eyes, I watched in fascination as the giant cock defied the laws of gravity, and throbbed with life. As the chanting reached a fevered pitch, the phallus shuddered in a number of spasms, and from its head three streams of bright, luminescent cum shot up and out. The unearthly jizz formed perfect parabolic curves as it went high into the air, glowing with an inner light, and made its descent. The first and second streams landed on either side of me, one to the right and one to the left, and where they touched, flames burst forth in large metal braziers. The third arc of glowing juice landed on me, spattering the full length of my body from toes to head. But it did not burn. Instead, wherever it touched me I felt first a warm, comforting feeling, followed quickly by a sensuous caress as my body responded with excitement. The largest of the globs had landed directly on my cock, and within seconds I was so hard and filled with lust that I thought I would cum without any stimulation whatsoever.

The floating, glowing penis hung above me now, as big as my entire body, still erect and still throbbing with life. I swore I could see the blood flowing through its veins. The 'priest' stepped forward and laid his hands on my feet, calming me a little, and easing the sense that I was about to explode.

"Australis, the Master Priapus has given unto you His blessing", he said solemnly. "The Circle awaits. It is weak for it is incomplete, as you are weak for you are incomplete. But you are the link which shall complete the Circle; by you the Circle shall be renewed in strength, and by renewal shall you be made strong. You shall be bonded to Arcturis as his slave, and he to you as your Master so that each of you shall be fulfilled, and together you shall fulfil the Circle in the eyes of Priapus, The One Master."

I started to struggle again, pulling hard at the chains binding my arms. This was not what I had expected. I wasn't going to be someone's slave! I opened my mouth and began to protest.

"My name is not Australis - it's Nath ..." was all I managed before my voice dried up in my throat. There were hands at my head now, holding me still. Again my mouth worked, but the words which issued from it were not my own. I heard a voice - my voice! - say "I am honoured to serve the One Master and ready to be bound in heart and body with he who shall complete me - Arcturis. I, with all others, am the Servant of Priapus, and in His sight will happily and readily submit my will to my own Master, Arcturis."

How could that happen? My mouth had opened and the words had come out in my voice, but they weren't my words! I began to twist from side to side, violently trying to free myself, but the hands at my head held me even more firmly, and suddenly I could hear Arthur's voice - not with my ears, but deep inside my mind.

"Easy, easy, my friend. I am here for you as you are for me. Together we shall make your transition into the Circle painless and complete." I didn't understand what he meant, but somehow the feel of his hands on me and his words echoing in my mind, calmed me a little. I relaxed, and felt a cloud roll through my brain, as I thought back again to the beginning of this adventure ...


... I had woken from my sleep after that first wonderful, erotic night with him, to find Arthur gone. I was naked but covered with my own jacket and a T-shirt to ward off the cooler air of the night. There was no sign of the man who had given me the most incredible experience, and I began to wonder if the whole thing had been nothing but a dream. But no, the encrusted remains of my orgasm were clearly, if a little uncomfortably, there on my stomach and chest to give testament to the lovemaking I had enjoyed. Quickly dressing in jeans and shirt, I looked around in vain. The mighty walls of dark stone towered above me, the hill upon which they sat lowering to farmlands and beyond where in the early morning air rose the tell-tale signs of civilization - grey smoke from a fireplace and the distant toll of a church bell in a village at the edge of my sight.

I considered exploring the ruins above and behind me, hoping to catch up with the wonderful man again, but hunger dissuaded me. I hadn't eaten since lunchtime yesterday, so I set off in the direction of the village, in search of coffee and some food.

A good hours' hiking brought me to the small settlement - no more than a church, a pub, and a general store that doubled as post office. The parishioners had completed their weekly duties and most had headed off to the surrounding farm houses. The pub was closed, but a handful remained by the store and I nodded as I ventured inside and asked for a coffee and sandwich. Collecting my breakfast I stood outside to eat it.

"Ye're naht from around here!" said a wizened old man, his gaze fixed on me.

"No," I replied with a mouthful, trying to smile unsuccessfully.

"Where have ye come from at this hour o' the mornin', my boy?" he asked, his tone friendly enough if a little sharp.

"I'm just travelling around, enjoying this beautiful country," I said, swallowing the last of the sandwich, and hoping the words would grant me some approval from the locals.

"Ye've a strange way o' talkin'," commented the old man's friend as each of them sized me up with their eyes, a cautious smile on their faces.

"I'm from Australia. Here on holidays and taking my time wandering - sleeping under the stars, going where the wind takes me ..."

"Ah!" nodded the first of my inquisitors, his smile spreading now with apparent understanding. "Then that's what ye'll 'ave been doing last night. There's nowhat around here for ye to 'a slept last night tha' ye coulda' reached us by this time o' mornin'."

I grinned back. "That's right!" I said, offering my hand which he took and shook heartily. "I slept last night by some old ruins, on top of that hill." As I did I pointed back toward where I had come from. The old stones of the building no more than a tiny pinpoint on the horizon.

Both men looked to where I pointed, then at each other with raised eyebrows, before turning to me again.

"Preepers' Castle?" said the old man with surprise. "An' ye're still alive an' healthy?"

"Err, yes, why shouldn't I be?" I asked with a touch of anxiety.

"Haunted!" the two spoke in unison.

"Full a' ghosts an spirits an such like," the older went on. "No place for the young, or those as wants to stay alive an breathin. There's many a strange story o' that place - women won't go near it, an men what wander in can't get away, or so tis said!" he muttered.

"Really? Have you ever seen anything up there?" I asked, interested now.

"Me? No, mah boy. I ne'er been up there! Got too much sense fer that. But I heard the stories - they been passed down for generations, father to son, around here. Preepers' Castle ain't the place for any god fearin' person to be goin' to, nor comin' from for that matter."

I chuckled at that, but his look told me it was no laughing matter. Finishing my coffee, I smiled at the two again. "Well, I better get moving," I said, by way of ending our conversation.

"Mind me!" pointed the old man with his finger at my chest. "Stay away from that place!"

"Sure thing," I shrugged, not wanting to make any unnecessary enemies. I hitched my pack onto my shoulders and began to walk out of the village, following the narrow track which passed for a road, and heading away from the hill with it's supposedly haunted castle where I had slept, and loved, the previous night.

But the memory of that lover, and the words of the old men, had left me more than a little curious, and before I had travelled far at all, I found my thoughts drawn back to the castle, and the man. Checking to see that no-one was watching, I stepped off the road and began to make my way across country - not a difficult task given that most of the land was gentle pasture full of grazing sheep and cattle. By just after noon I was climbing the final slope, the ancient battlements and crumbling ramparts looming over my head.

The place where I had slept was plainly visible, the grass still bent down. But there was no other sign of life or even of anyone having been here for years. I carefully picked my way through the low shrubs growing against the base of the walls, looking for an entranceway, or even just a broken section, where I could make my way into the building itself. Ghosts! I laughed inwardly. There was nothing 'spooky', or in any way discomfiting about this place. If anything, it felt warm - the dark stones of the walls strong and watchful but hardly terrifying.

>From what I could make out, this close and fighting my way through the overgrowth at the base of the walls, the building seemed to consist of two sections. The main, larger, part was almost a circle; a giant ring set over the crown of the hill. From that, a long, narrow extension jutted out to the north. It seemed to be no more than 10 metres wide, and ran away from the circle until it ended in a triangular shape, like an arrowhead fixed to the 'shaft' of the stonework. High up in the walls I could see what appeared to be windows - tall narrow slits at least - but no indication of any gate or doorway was apparent at ground level. The walls of the castle rose up the equivalent of three or four storeys above my head.

Feeling a little frustrated, I found a clear area of land stretching away from the walls on the western side of the spot where the straight section joined the circle of stone, and stood back looking up at the battlements above me.

"Fuck it!" I declared out loud. "Now how do you get in? I wonder if that guy from last night would know?"

"Do you seek me?" asked a voice almost directly behind me.

I turned around in surprise to find him - my lover of last night - standing there smiling, still naked and apparently at ease with himself.

"Uh, yeah," I stammered, trying not to stare at his body, or to ogle his long cock, dangling easily between his legs. "I was, uh, hoping to catch up with you again, and maybe have a look inside this place - if I could find a way to get in, that is."

"Of course. I expected that you would return, and it is only fitting that you wish to enter the Keep!"

"Great," I smiled at him, extending my hand and doing my best to ignore the fact that he was completely nude. Pretending that I met naked men by ancient castles in the English countryside every day, I shook his hand. "I'm Nathan. What's your name?"

He looked a little uncertain for a moment, then returned the handshake. "You may call me Arthur," he said warmly. "At least for the time being."

"Hello, Arthur, nice to meet you - again. And thanks for last night - it was fantastic!" I answered, trying not to blush too much with the memory. He may have been relaxed, but my cock was rising in my shorts just from thinking about what we had done.

"Do you wish to venture within the walls?" he asked.

"Sure!" I agreed readily. He simply grinned a knowing look.

I followed him as he made his way towards some low shrubs way from the straight section. As we walked he mumbled some words that I couldn't catch, although he seemed to be talking to himself rather than me. Only a few metres from the border of the clearing, he stopped and pulled aside the branches of a small tree, revealing a heavy wooden door behind an iron gate. I stared in amazement. Not more than an hour ago I had passed right by this place, looking carefully, yet had seen nothing. If the door wasn't sitting there large as life in front of me, I would have sworn it didn't exist.

Arthur swung the iron gate open easily, then pulled on the heavy wooden door. It opened without a sound and he stepped inside confidently, leading me along a dark, narrow corridor that seemed to wind its way up and around the inside of the main wall. The pale light came from tiny windows high above us, not enough for me to make out much detail, but sufficient that I didn't stumble or have to grope my way along the walls. It was warm inside the castle. Hot, in fact, and I began to sweat uncomfortably, my clothes clinging to me. After no more than a few steps I stopped, breathing heavily.

"Hey, Arthur, is it just me, or is the heat in here really intense?" I asked between gasps.

"Ahh, your garments!" he answered as if struck by a revelation. "They are unnecessary for shelter or protection within the Keep, and the covering of your body offends the Master. Cast them aside - you will not need them here."

Hesitantly, I did as he said. After all, he was naked, so why shouldn't I be? Fortunately, the dim light hid my initial blush, although I was sure my semi-hard erection would be obvious to him. But he watched carefully as I undressed, and nodded approvingly. Together, nude, we went on. As we walked, Arthur continued to hum to himself, a soft chant similar to that which he had repeated last night.

"So," I began, trying to make some conversation. "You're not bothered by the stories about ghosts and whatever in this place?"

He stopped quickly, looking at me with genuine surprise. "Ghosts? Why do you ask such a question?"

"That's what they told me - in the village. They said this place was haunted, that it was dangerous to come here. 'Preepers' Castle' - that's what they called it!"

"Indeed?" he chuckled softly. "So the local folk still remember - at least a little." He seemed to be speaking to himself, thinking out loud, before he spoke directly to me again. "No, my friend, there are no 'ghosts' in this place. It is the 'Sanctum Priaporum', or the Castle of Priapus if you like. They have given it close to the correct name, but it would appear that the sands of time have covered the truth and allowed myths to grow in its place."

"What is the truth, then?" I asked, fascinated now.

"In time it will be revealed. But you have no need of fear here. Do you feel concerned?"

"Umm, no not at all!" On reflection I realised that now I had shed my clothes, I felt absolutely at home. The oppressive heat seemed to have been replaced with a comfortable warmth, and I could sense no apprehension or even discomfort within myself. I had almost forgotten that I was nude. It felt perfectly natural to be walking through an ancient castle, naked as the day I was born, chatting to a stunningly handsome, also naked, man who spoke in a strange way and who [I hoped] would make love with me again, the way he had done last night.

"Of course you do not! This place is for you and for me; it is a place where we can fulfil each other." With those words he pulled open another door and led me into a cavernous space, lit by the sun streaming through windows high up in the walls and furnished with large comfortable sofas, interspersed with expanses of floor mats covered in cushions, all of it in black leather.

Arthur lay himself down easily on one of the lounges, beckoning to me to make myself comfortable. Almost at his feet, I stretched out luxuriatingly on a mat, huge pillows covered in dark hide supporting my head and arms.

"Welcome!" he said simply.

"Wow," I responded, looking about slowly. "Do you live here then?"

"It is my home," he agreed.

The only word I could think of to describe the room was 'sensuous'! the light was natural but soft, the room dark and inviting, and I began to develop an erection simply being there. Of course, the nearness of a handsome man didn't hurt, but it was more - the very space seemed to ooze eroticism. Its colouring was very much black and red, with glints of silver here and there, and I found it extremely exciting. Strangely enough, despite my growing erection, I didn't feel at all self-conscious. In fact, I lay back and looked into his eyes, doing my best to emphasise my increasing excitement. And he had certainly noticed.

"You honour me, and heighten my desire," he said slowly, looking from my cock to my face and back again.

"I was kinda hoping I might," I answered as seductively as I knew how. "It occurs to me that a re-match of last night could be fun?"

"Indeed! I assume then that you found our union ... agreeable?"

My grin split my face. "It was more than just agreeable. It was fucking fantastic!"

"Then allow me to once again savour the gifts of the Master," he whispered, as he slid from the seat to his knee, bending over me.

I lay back, my arms folded behind my head, my legs spreading, and offered myself to him. I could see his cock lengthening as his face lowered toward my own. And then he carried me into paradise. Beginning with my forehead, he kissed, licked and bit at every part of my body. His lips feathered their way across my face, over my eyes and along my nose, touching softly against my cheeks until he found my mouth. At that point his tongue invaded me, exploring and delighting, forcing its way between my teeth and tasting of me as I kissed him back with a fervour. But he lingered only a short while before continuing his journey. Tiny bites covered my shoulders and chest as he nibbled his way agonisingly slowly down the expanse of my pectorals, circling in first on my left nipple which he covered in saliva and then blew warm air across, making it stand to attention. He traced my tit with his talented tongue, sending shivers of enjoyment through me, before taking the nub between his teeth and pulling gently but firmly as he bit lightly upon me. The tingling pain was indescribably erotic and I groaned involuntarily.

The right side of my chest received a similar treatment, until I was panting with delight, my body shuddering and hard with excitement. Then he abandonned my nipples for my stomach, laving his way gradually across the ridges of my abdomen and penetrating my navel with his long firm tongue. He nibbled at me, and licked his way south, but skirted around my groin with nothing more than the lightest of breaths against the sensitive skin below my hips, and followed with a flurry of bites and kisses which alternated their way down each leg. At my feet he slowed again, washing them with his saliva and concentrating on bathing my toes which he suckled upon, one by one, while his fingers played a melody of erotic massage upon my calves and thighs. Several times I tried to begin an active participation in this amazing experience, lifting my hands to run my fingers through his hair, or to reach for his chest, but each time I did he firmly gripped my arms and pushed them back down, not allowing me to do anything but lie there and be ministered to.

Relinquishing the attention he had been paying to my feet, he slid his hands gently under my side and rolled me over onto my stomach, nudging my legs apart and moving up between them. Now his fingers blazed a trail which his tongue and lips followed, across my shoulders and over my shoulder blades, a rain of bites falling on each, then down the length of my spine. He kissed and licked at the hollow in the small of my back and if I were a cat I would have been purring loud enough to wake the dead. As his hands came into contact with the rounded globes of my arse I hummed with pleasure, and groaned aloud when his tongue began to explore the crack between, slippery and sensuous as it delved deeper and deeper along that pathway leading to my puckering hole. Once again he avoided the obvious, instead by-passing my anus and pushing my thighs open as he licked and blew at the incredibly sensitive nerve endings just below the skin of my perinaeum. His hands slid under my hips, lifting them and exposing my nether regions even more, and as his fingers wended their way around my throbbing penis, his tongue found its target and dived into the ring of muscle at my sphincter.

For what felt like hours I groaned with joy as he plunged his tongue into my hole again and again whilst he massaged my dick with his hands. With the slightest of urgings, he lifted away momentarily and rolled me back over again, pushing my knees up and swallowing my testicles. He rolled my orbs around in his mouth, massaging my sac with his lips and closing his teeth carefully over both nuts as he prodded them with his tongue. I was in heaven, my skin tingling and my body trembling with an overload of sensations.

It was all I could do to hold back from cumming when he started on the shaft of my prong. I was so hard it was almost painful, and he began by tracing the veins in my cock with his tongue, up and down my length, then following the ridge of my cockhead around the mushroom cap, licking gently and savouring it. Back down he went, this time nipping at the skin with his teeth, tiny bites which may have been painful, but shot exquisite bolts of unrivalled pleasure through my dick and up into my body. Then his lips seemed to close around the side of me, and he slowly hummed his way back up again, moistening me from one side and then the other. When finally, having built me up to a peak, he lowered his open mouth over the head of my tool and swallowed me into his throat, I gasped with the joy of being inside him. His gullet gripped at me, his tongue and teeth working a thousand incredible pleasures into my cock, as the heated moistness of his mouth enveloped my weapon. Up and down he moved his face, suckling at me and caressing my manhood. He didn't just give me a blow job - he literally worshipped my cock with his head, and my breathing grew ragged with the delight of it.

After what felt like an age, he lifted his face away and looked into my eyes, smiled, then lowered his gaze to my prick again. I followed his stare, to see my own prod standing tall and proud between us, glistening with the coat of his spit and throbbing; tiny spasms racking it with each beat of my heart. He moved then, standing partially, before kneeling over me, his legs on either side of my torso. I tried again to raise my arms, to touch him, but he took my wrists and pressed them back onto the mat as he lowered himself until the knob of my cock was pressing against his hole, begging entry. I heard a low humming sound come from him as he closed his eyes and his body opened. My prong was vacuumed into him, breaching the ring of his arse and driving upward into the amazing wet heat of his rectum. I grunted a long 'uunnnhhhh' as I entered him, my prod suddenly drowning in the squelching, gripping tunnel of his arse. He dropped hard then, his butt cheeks coming to rest against my thighs as my cock thudded as deep as it could go into his gut.

He stilled, or at least his body did not move. Yet his chute had a life of its own, and I swore I could feel him working to somehow massage my cock from within his own bowel. I ached and grunted with the erotic sensations flooding me, and struggled a little, but he did not waiver in his grip - his hands holding me down while his body suctioned at my cock. Up and down he began to move, slowly at first, then faster. Driving himself deeper onto me, or slowing again and varying the tempo of our coupling. He moved himself from side to side, lifted away until only the very tip of me was still within him, then plunged again, drinking my masculinity into himself. My blood raced, my nerves sang and my skin tingled. Every part of me was on fire and I raced towards my peak several times. But each time he seemed to know exactly when I was about to explode, and slowed me down. Even his sphincter muscles seemed to obey his commands, and it felt as though several times he simply clamped himself around my burning shaft and waited while my excitement ebbed a little before starting again. I was in ecstasy and agony - the constant, continual barrage of unabated passion making my balls roll and heave, my body demanding the release of orgasm but my mind wishing this could go on forever.

Finally I could take it no more. "AHHH," I screamed at him. "I have to cum! Please, please, let me blow?"

"Are you not enjoying our union, then?" he asked, but with an evil smile which told me he knew damned well how much I was.

"Oh fuck yesss! But please, I'm begging you - if I don't cum soon my balls are gonna explode! Please, Arthur, have pity on me and let me blow! PLEASE!!!!!"

With a low chuckle, he relented. "I think perhaps our time has come," he hissed. At that, he crunched himself down onto me once again, and did something with his sphincter that seemed to tease every nerve in my cock beyond endurance. With a bellow of pure lust, I speared myself up into him, and my balls drew back, pouring their load into my ravaged cock. I didn't just shoot, I cannoned into him. Load after load of jizz belched out of me as my whole frame shook and twitched with the agony of release. On and on I went, not able to believe that I could cum so much. And I swore that his body drank it in, and milked me for more. His rectum closed tightly around me and it felt as though my prong were being suctioned from within, drained of every iota of sperm. Eventually, I felt myself slow, although my dick remained hard within him - another source of amazement. I usually softened fairly quickly after reaching climax, but not today. Still gripping me tightly within him, he threw his head back and uttered a guttural roar as his cock expanded and spasmed, then jetted a continuous stream of searing white cream up into the air, then down and across my body.

His essence covered me, splattering over me from head to groin. With each oozing spot that fell upon me I had a sense of warmth, of strength and power, that he could take so much pleasure from me. And his juice felt so good against my skin, soaking me and giving me renewed strength to continue. When finally he had done, he looked back into my face again with that enigmatic smile, and slowly released the hold he had on my cock, lifting himself off and allowing my prick to slide from him and fall, still hard against my stomach. From a purely mechanical point of view, I may have been the one fucking him, but in every other way; physically, emotionally, mentally; he had remained in complete and absolute control of our joinder, and I had loved it.

I tried to sit up, to thank him, but I was so exhausted by our fucking that all I could do was smile weakly at him from the mat where I lay. Surrendering to the tiredness which gripped my body, I dropped my head back onto a cushion and closed my eyes, sleep overcoming me immediately.

When I came around again, Arthur was bending over me, his face close to mine, his eyes full of concern.

"Are you well, my friend?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, just exhausted," I answered. "That was one hell of a fuck! Thank you."

"I am so sorry," he said, still looking troubled. "Is there anything I can get you?"

Raising up on one elbow, I grinned as my stomach rumbled. "If it's not too much trouble, I could kill for something to eat. I'm starving!"

"Of course, of course," he nodded in understanding. "I had overlooked the need for rest and for nourishment - the bane and the drawback of mortality. Let me tend to your needs!"

With that, he disappeared through a door on one side of the room. I lay back again, still tired, but curious. The light from the windows high above seemed to have shifted, and I had trouble guessing the hour. In a few minutes Arthur returned, carrying a large tray laden with bread, fruit and cold meat.

"I trust this is satisfactory?" he asked, indicating the platter. "It is many years since I have entertained, and am unsure of the current customs."

"It's great!" I said enthusiastically, pulling at a chunk of meat and slapping it between two slices of bread. I looked around again, and between chews managed to ask, "So what time is it? I can't seem to make out where the sun is."

He smiled, a look of relief on his face now. "Sol makes his way to the zenith. Noon approaches outside this place."

"Noon? But it was well after that when we came inside! How long did I sleep?"

"Not long, only enough to replenish your strength. But time can play tricks, and it is measured differently within these walls from the world beyond."

"Err, whatever," I said, dismissing the comment since I didn't fully understand it. My eyes were drooping again, and I obviously hadn't recovered as well as I had thought. "Do you mind if I take a nap?" I asked.

"Please do," he nodded. "Are you sufficiently comfortable here?"

"Yeah, this'll be fine thanks," I yawned, as my head dropped again, and sleep came on quickly.


It was dark when I opened my eyes. Darker at least, for the light was no longer shining from above, although the golden glow of candles provided illumination to the room. As I awoke, I realised that my head was cradled in Arthur's lap, his hands resting softly against my chest, his body warming and protecting me. I looked up into his face. His eyes were closed and his lips moved in a silent chant. Reluctant to disturb him, or even to move in any way since I felt so safe and comfortable, I let my gaze drift to the room itself. The ceiling seemed impossibly high, lost in the shadows. On all sides, the walls looked to be stone work, but carved with intricate patterns. I had not taken a lot of notice of them before, but lazily examined them now.

Suddenly it occurred to me that the patterns were actually images - pictures if you like, sculpted into the stone. And what pictures they were! In any other place they would be called pornographic, and I was fascinated and aroused by them. Hundreds of depictions of men, in every imaginable [and some unimaginable] sexual union. Fucking, sucking, rimming - all the variations possible. They were in couples, in groups, alone. All of them bore massive cocks, and most of them seemed to be dressed in strange straps and pants. I squinted, trying to see them better without moving away from the man in whose arms I lay. And comprehension hit - they were in leather - harnesses, chaps, boots and caps. It was like some kind of mediaeval version of Tom of Finland, and it was hot, fucking hot!

I felt him stir, and looked back to his face. "Hey there," I smiled. "How are you?"

"I am well," he grinned back. "Are you rested now?"

"Yeah, thanks. Umm ... this place?' I began.


"I thought it was an ancient ruin, yet it's so, I don't know ... so warm. And furnished, and ... well, I was just admiring the pictures carved into the walls ..."

"Ah, yes of course," he said thoughtfully. "Homage to Priapus - do you find them inspiring?"

I blushed, just a little. "I don't know about inspiring, but they're certainly arousing! And all that leather - I though this place was really old."

"It is! Did you think that the love of leather, the joy of domination and submission by matched males, was something recent? This sanctuary, and these carvings, date back to the times when this land was ruled from Rome!"

"Wow!" I responded. "It's so well preserved - nothing like the ruins you would expect."

I sat for a few minutes, feeling the strength of his body against my own, while I thought about the history of this building, and tried to remember what I could of ancient Rome. "So who would have thought the old Romans would have been right at home in today's leather bars?' I said flippantly, smiling at him.

He appeared to not understand. "Leather bars?"

"Yeah, you know, where guys get dressed up like in these pictures, and go out for a drink."

His eyes widened a little. "Then the enjoyment of sex and leather between men is once again acceptable?" he asked.

"Well ... I don't know if you'd call it 'acceptable', but there are a lot of guys out there who are into it, that's for sure." I wondered just how long it was since he had been to a city of any real size.

"And you ... do you frequent such places? Do you garb yourself in the leather as appears on these walls?"

I gulped a little, and looked away, embarrassed again. "Nah. I haven't ever had the guts to try it. Besides, all the gear is so expensive, and I've only just finished my studies. But it sure is hot - I wouldn't mind trying sometime. Maybe when I get home..."

The handsome man against whom I was resting lifted me away and stood up, before pulling me to my feet. We stood there, face to face, and yet again I began to feel the first flush of excitement. He was truly beautiful, and radiated a sense of power and strength which I found both fascinating and irresistible. His eyes studied me closely for several minutes, then looked around the walls, as if seeing the images of leathered men in sexual congress for the first time.

"I think I have something you will enjoy," he said.

"I know you have something I enjoy," I replied, brazenly reaching out and taking his long but flaccid cock in my hand. He grinned.

"Ah yes, but even more - come with me!" He took my hand and turned, leading me through a doorway out of this room and into another, smaller space where he lit a candle and held it up. My eyes widened in amazement at the treasure trove which was revealed.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!