Dark Stone 3

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This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.

This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.

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"So who would have thought the old Romans would have been right at home in today's leather bars?' I said flippantly, smiling at him.

He appeared to not understand. "Leather bars?"

"Yeah, you know, where guys get dressed up like in these pictures, and go out for a drink."

His eyes widened a little. "Then the enjoyment of sex and leather between men is once again acceptable?" he asked.

"Well ... I don't know if you'd call it 'acceptable', but there are a lot of guys out there who are into it, that's for sure." I wondered just how long it was since he had been to a city of any real size.

"And you ... do you frequent such places? Do you garb yourself in the leather as appears on these walls?"

I gulped a little, and looked away, embarrassed again. "Nah. I haven't ever had the guts to try it. Besides, all the gear is so expensive, and I've only just finished my studies. But it sure is hot - I wouldn't mind trying sometime. Maybe when I get home..."

The handsome man against whom I was resting lifted me away and stood up, before pulling me to my feet. We stood there, face to face, and yet again I began to feel the first flush of excitement. He was truly beautiful, and radiated a sense of power and strength which I found both fascinating and irresistible. His eyes studied me closely for several minutes, then looked around the walls, as if seeing the images of leathered men in sexual congress for the first time.

"I think I have something you will enjoy," he said.

"I know you have something I enjoy," I replied, brazenly reaching out and taking his long but flaccid cock in my hand. He grinned.

"Ah yes, but even more - come with me!" He took my hand and turned, leading me through a doorway out of this room and into another, smaller space where he lit a candle and held it up. My eyes widened in amazement at the treasure trove which was revealed.

The room into which he had led me could best be described as a dungeon, but a dungeon with a wardrobe! Hanging from the centre of the room by long silver chains was a sling, crafted of leather, it's smooth black platform swaying just a little in the windless space. Behind it, against one wall, was a large wooden 'X' with rings and straps on all four legs. Along one wall were shelves loaded with all kids of sex toys - dildoes, butt plugs, whips and paddles, and a multitude of other items, the uses for which I could only speculate on. And right in front of me, laid out over a low bench, were chaps and harness, boots and a leather hood. I slowly moved to these items, drawn to them somehow.

Arthur stood in the doorway behind me, my back to him. "Try them on," he said simply.

Incredibly, my inhibitions dissipated. Normally I would have been terrified of confronting this deep, secret longing I had, but now I eagerly reached for the chaps, wrapping them around my waist and smoothing the legs out over my own, before reaching down and lacing them together. Next I took hold of the harness, dropping it over my shoulders and buckling the straps around my chest. I felt incredible, so turned on, and yet so comfortable. I felt empowered by the dark hide, and the way it excited me. Sitting down on the leather covered floor, I pulled the boots over my feet, buckling them up. It didn't occur to me to wonder that they were a perfect fit. Everything about this just felt so right. When I lowered the hood over my head and reached back to tighten it, I felt Arthur's hands, helping me to tie the straps and settle the headgear into the correct position.

My cock was hard and getting harder, just from the feel of the leather, from the scent of the hide as it filled the air, and the creaking noise it made whenever it rubbed against itself. I turned to look at the man who had made it possible for me to try this gear on, and my jaw fell open with disbelief.

He had been standing there behind me the whole time. I had known he was there, and had not heard a sound, not sensed any movement, yet he was transformed. Over his head sat a hood, not dissimilar to the one I wore, shining and black. His legs were encased in glistening black envelopes, boots on his feet, chaps which came up to frame his groin in a perfect 'V', the material so tight against his skin it could have been painted onto him. His forearms bore heavy, dark gauntlets of the same beautiful black leather, and bands of it encircled his biceps. His arms were crossed over his chest, and beneath them I could see the wide straps of a harness about his shoulders and torso. How could he have possibly dressed this way without me hearing?

I gasped. "You looking fucking incredible!"

He laughed out loud. "Come, see yourself in this looking glass," he said, leading me to a large mirror.

My reflection stunned me. I could have stepped from the pages of a leathermen's magazine. As Arthur stood beside the reflective glass, I looked from him to myself and back again, almost speechless with admiration, and a growing lust.

"You honour the Master with your appearance!" he stated.

I said nothing, but smiled with modesty as my eyes devoured him. With a strange sense of compulsion I stepped haltingly up to his powerful frame, stopping a few feet short, and my arm reached out to him, my fingers touching almost reverently at the straps of his harness before following the leather bands across his chest, then running gently down his abdomen to feel again the cool hide of his chaps. He stood there smiling, but a smile of satisfaction, and of knowing, rather than one of derision or scorn. My eyes locked with his, the black of my hood surrounding my vision as I gazed at the slits in his head covering. Within those black holes, the grey-green of his pupils seemed to smoulder out of their white nests, smokey and full of hidden power.

Leaning closer, I felt the softness of his breath for a fleeting second before our lips met, and then he pulled me to him, his hand on the back of my head, gripping at the leather hood. His tongue forced its way past my teeth and invaded my mouth, swirling around as I tried to match him with my own, tasting his essence and jousting with him. I could not have pulled away if I'd wanted to, so strong was the grip in which he held me. The kiss did not last long, but it was incredibly intense, and when he ended it, releasing my neck and lifting his face from mine, I gasped, suddenly remembering again to breathe.

Where my fingers had previously grazed, my tongue now dived, licking at his chest and exploring the ridges of his six-pack. This close, I inhaled the aroma of the leather, mixing already with the scent of masculinity. Suddenly I was on my knees, without even realising it, and his magnificent prick was centimetres from my face. The silver ring piercing his cockhead glinted in the soft candlelight, and the tiniest droplet of pre-cum winked within that metal ring at the slit of his crown. My tongue darted out and captured the creamy gem and I tasted him once more, trembling with the anticipation and pure eroticism of the situation in which I found myself.

I took a long, deep breath, and now the musky smell of his groin battled with the leather for supremacy. Resisting the urge to attempt to swallow him, I instead ran my tongue along the length of his semi-hard shaft and over the large protuberance of his testicles, before finding the silky skin, covered in tiny hairs, of his inner thighs. The edge of his chaps came up to that point, and my tongue followed the line where leather met skin, licking and tasting the shining, tight hide, back to the front of his legs. I sat back a little and looked up, to be rewarded by the incredible sight of his lengthening manhood arching out over my face. Above that, he stood comfortable and in control, his arms crossed patiently on his chest; his face, ensconced in it's leather envelope, watching my actions with interest.

The shining blackness of his legs drew back my attention. I was fascinated by the way the leather gripped him so tightly that it seemed to echo and accentuate every muscle, every curve and every bulge of the strong pillars upon which he stood. My hands rested on his thighs, my fingers running adoringly up and down, feeling the curve of his calves as my eyes were riveted by the shimmering light as it reflected from his thighs. Almost involuntarily, my tongue followed, licking at the dark hide. Surprisingly it was not completely smooth. I could feel the texture of the tanned skin on my tongue even as my lips followed the highly polished chaps around his upper legs, and then began to drop slowly, moving from one leg to the other as I lowered my chest and face.

As I moved, the leather on my own body squealed quietly in protest, and the sound sent shivers through me - shivers of growing excitement. Caught up in my attentions to Arthur's hide bound legs, I lost all sense of where I was or what I was doing. The soft screeching noise of the hide combined with the glistening reflections of the candles from the polished leather, the taste of it on my tongue and the feel of it against my fingertips, and the ever present wafting smell of tanned hide in my nostrils, to intoxicate me in a heady high of lusty passion. I suckled, licked and nibbled at his black encased legs as my mouth ran down over his knees and across the pronounced curve of his shins, until finally I reached the lower edges of the chaps, where they sat against the equally polished black leather of his boots. Almost prostrate by this time, the logical progression of my voyage was to lick my way across the top of his boots towards his toes, my head almost on the ground and my arse pointing skywards. My cock was so hard from the sense of total abandonment to pure eroticism that it ached, every beat of my heart making it throb and shudder as a slimy trail of pre-cum dribbled from me onto the floor.

Unexpectedly, and suddenly, a moment of clarity came upon me. What in hell was I doing? Here I was, prone before some man - admittedly a gorgeous and very desirable one - garbed in outrageous leather gear, licking his boots!

I lifted myself up quickly, kneeling back on my haunches, my face burning. Even though all but my mouth and jaw were hidden by the leather mask I wore, I was certain he must have been able to see the blush which engulfed me. I looked up at him in embarrassment and began to stammer.

"Uh, ... I ... ahhh," I looked down again, concentrating on the floor. "Hey, man, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to get so kinky on you ... I've never done anything like that before, you know ... it ... ahh ... just seemed like, ... I mean ... I just got carried away!"

The look in his eyes, still boring into me when I glanced back up again, was one of surprise.

"Why would you apologise for doing what is natural to you?" His arms came down, and lifted me to my feet, standing me before him. "I am pleased and thrilled that you would submit to me so willingly, and so readily. It is only proof that you were meant to come to me!"

"Huh?" I blinked without comprehension. "I wasn't 'submitting' to you. I just got carried away in the moment. All this leather and shit ... it's hardly 'natural'!"

"Of course it is natural! It is what you and I were made for. The Lords of Pleasure designed us to be together, to complement each other, your submissiveness with my dominance. You were created to take and I to give, one to the other."

I blinked slowly, trying to follow his words. "If you're trying to tell me I'm a 'bottom', then you're right. But I don't just throw my knees behind my ears for whoever happens to be around, and I ain't gonna be your 'boy' just because I like getting fucked. I say who I have sex with, and I don't 'belong' to anyone."

Arthur gave me an enigmatic look, as he surveyed me slowly again, his eyes burning into mine, and I felt as though he were stripping me down to my very soul. "Australis," he said at last, "my man of the south, I do not suggest that you are wanton in your choice of partners, or that you have no say as to whom you give yourself. But you and I were meant to be together. It is what the Lord Priapus dictates. No accident brought you here, at this time, but fate and the calling of your inner heart."

"My name is Nathan ..." I protested, weakly. "And no-one brought me here. I came by myself, completely at random."

"Nothing happens completely at random, although we may not see the overall plan," he said softly, turning his eyes on me yet again. "Your name is not important, and nor is mine for that matter. But look deep within yourself and tell me that you do not wish with every fibre of your being to join with me. Swear by whatever you hold sacred that you do not feel a burning need, an irresistible desire, to give of yourself to me, to allow me to take control for both of us, and lift us to undreamed pinnacles of pleasure."

With tremendous difficulty I broke our stare, lowering my eyes to the ground. His words sounded so reasonable, so inviting. Somewhere in my brain a warning voice told me that I was no slave, no 'toy', but his body was so close, his offer so real and so enticing. It was all I could do not to throw myself at him as he spoke. After a long silence, I struggled to find words again.

"Sure I want the pleasure," I said in whisper. "But that's just sex, just fucking around and playing games. It's horny and hot when you're carried away by lust, but once the orgasm is over and your dick shrivels back to normal, it's all over and you have to live in the real world again. That's when you have to look out for number one, cause nobody gives a shit about you!"

"But this is where you err!" Arthur said quickly. "I care for you - how could I not? You are the missing half of my circle. You make me complete, as I do you. And sex is not just sex; it is the truest, purest expression of union. It is the most powerful means to honour the One Master and to confirm by physical coupling the joinder of two souls. Once that is achieved, other bodies may partner ours in sexual pleasure and release, but always shall we be bound one to the other for true existence and never-ending joy."

My mind whirled, my brain confused by his words as a thousand thoughts and ideas vied for attention inside me. It sounded very much like an offer too good to be true. In fact, it sounded something like a proposal!

"How can you say that we, you and I, are supposed to be together for all time? You don't know me. We only met a day - two days? - ago." Time confused me. It felt as if I had met him less than 24 hours ago, but I remembered the sun rising and setting at least twice since then.

"I know what I need to know!" he replied. "Your soul has been bared to me, and mine to you, if only you could read it." His hand reached out, his fingers lifting my chin until his eyes could search mine through the leather slits of the hoods we still wore. "Australis ... Nathan ... I want you. I need you. do you not feel the same?"

Under the intensity of his stare my resolve faltered, then melted completely. He was gorgeous. How could I not want him? "Of course I do," I hissed, closing the space between us and throwing my arms around him. "I'm just not convinced that this isn't all going to evaporate once the passion is over."

"Faith, my little one," he said soothingly, his arms enveloping my shoulders and back as he drew me to him. At his touch I melted, my body falling limp as he held me tightly and gave me his strength. Well, most of my body anyway. My cock bucked the trend, growing harder instantly as I felt the hardness of him against my flesh, the leather of his garb rubbing on that which I wore. He began to chant again, and I felt my doubts wash away, the feeling of belonging, of comfort returning like a welcome friend.

With my arms still around him, I let me eyes wander, examining the rest of this 'dungeon' we were in. My gaze was drawn to the sling - a platform of smooth leather suspended from silver chains, close by where we stood. With my returning pleasure came also my spirit and my boldness.

"You know, Arthur, ..." I said, attempting a seductive tone, although somehow I suspect it wasn't at all necessary, " ... I've never been in a sling ... !"

He laughed out loud at that, and without a word he bent slightly, placing one arm behind my knees, and lifted me bodily yet easily, carrying me across the room like a child. The dark hide, swaying slightly in the centre of that space, beckoned us, and he set me down just before it, my back to the sling as I faced him. Keeping his eyes riveted on mine, he placed his hands on my shoulders and nudged me backwards. I could feel the edge of the leather against my butt cheeks, and Arthur took some of my weight as I leaned backward between the supporting chains. Inhibited by an uncertainty as to whether the thing would hold me up, I was tentative at first, but quickly became more confident as I felt the sling give a little then hold me, the leather moulding itself to my body.

Slowly I lay back into it, the cool hide soft against my back, the platform becoming a cocoon around me. My feet lost touch with the floor, and I felt Arthur's hands beneath my thighs, lifting my knees and spreading my legs. He guided my booted feet to straps hanging down from either side, and opened them to slip the stirrups around my ankles, holding my feet up and my legs apart. Suddenly I was open and vulnerable, but I knew what I wanted, and it stood right there, strong and powerful, dressed in black leather and smiling at me.

"Fuck me!" I hissed at him. "I want you inside me!"

His eyes twinkled with a mischievous look, as he let his gaze travel up and down my body. I felt I was being closely examined, and found acceptable. No, more than that, found desirable! He moved forward again, his hands reaching out and finding my nipples, plucking at them before he traced the line of the harness I wore, around my chest and down across my stomach. His fingers danced across my body, exciting me incredibly and teasing me into shuddering anticipation as I waited for him to take me. And still he played, his lips curling into a grin as he ran the tip of one finger tantalisingly slowly along the full length of my throbbing shaft, dabbing at the wetness emanating from my piss-slit and raising the pearly drop to his mouth in full view of my hooded face.

I moaned, and he moved again, holding my testicles gently in one hand while the other feathered its way across my perinaeum and outlined the ring of my anus, without attempting entry. My rosebud puckered with eagerness as I awaited his entry, but he simply moved his hand again, now allowing his fingers to trace the edge of the chaps I wore all the way from my inner thigh, around my upper leg to the smooth flesh of my butt cheeks. His other hand rolled my nuts gently, then released them as it played its way across my abdomen, nudging gently at my navel and then moving up to outline the straps of the harness before flicking at my nipples and disappearing again. I was in agony and ecstasy - the indescribable intensity of my arousal matched only by the increasing need in me to have him make love to me.

As his fingers continued to knead at me through the leather of my chaps and my hood, he bent forward, and now his tongue followed the trail blazed by his digits a few minutes earlier. My skin crawled with delighted sensations, and my cock throbbed, so full of blood it hurt, as I hissed and moaned, willing him to do more, to find his way into me, to shove his massive cock into my arse and pump me full of himself. It was when his mouth hovered above my nuts, blowing a soft warm breath over my roiling balls, and his lips barely touched the trembling shaft of my enraged, rampant manhood, that I could take no more. His tongue flicked out to tease the flaring head of my cock, then disappeared into his mouth again, and I broke my silence, hissing at him in a loud and desperate whisper.

"For fuck's sake, Arthur, fuck me, please!"

He laughed out loud this time, a deep throaty laugh. "And what would you offer in return?" he asked in a voice full of command.

"Myself!" I declared. "All of me. Take me and make love to me, now, please." I meant it - I wanted nothing more than for him to take my body and use it, to plough his huge cock into my gut and fill me.

"So you would offer me yourself? That is no slight gift, my friend. Are you ready to surrender yourself to me, to give me control over our joining, over us?"

My body still tingled with the heat of unsatisfied desire, and I nodded blindly, unthinking. I was desperate to have him.

"Then beg me for it!" he ordered. I looked up to his face, to the curling lips and leathered head, his eyes almost glowing within the slits of the hood. There was a short-lived moment of apprehension in my brain, but it was quickly overcome by the eroticism of the situation, and the burning need in my loins which grew as I surveyed the hide-bound god hovering over me.

"Please, Arthur, please ..." I began in a whisper. "I want it, I need it, now!" The intensity of the game he played increased, and enveloped me, and I responded, becoming even more excited by my own words. My voice strengthened and my tone became more determined. "Take me, you fucking stud. Ram that huge cock of yours into my arse and fuck me with it!" I hissed at him now.

He moved between my legs again, and I could see the copious flow of pre-cum emanating from his cockhead as he positioned himself. Soon I felt the solid flesh of his cock nudging against my puckering hole, slowly pressing at my entrance.

"Is this what you seek, boy?" he asked menacingly, as he pressed forward, just a fraction, just enough to tease my flexing sphincter open without pushing in. "Does your body crave our union? Is the need within you for us to be completed by each other? Simply give of yourself to me, relinquish control to my will, and we shall be as one in ecstasy!"

My entire being felt as if it were on fire with the heightened passion of my arousal, my skin tingled and my cock throbbed as my mind went blank with the overwhelming need to have him inside me. I reached forward to grab his harness, to physically pull him into me, but he grabbed my arms and pushed them back.

"NO!" he thundered. "When you submit, then shall you know paradise!" With that, he leaned over me, his weapon still pressed against my hole, but not entering me. His hands twisted around and gripped at my wrists, holding them in a vice-like grasp as he held my arms above my head and pressed my fingers against the supporting chains of the sling. His face was centimetres from my own. I could feel the heat of his breath on my cheeks, could see the glowing embers of his eyes within their black caves as our hooded heads came together, could feel the strength in his hands as he held my wrists and arms captive against the metal and leather of the platform in which I was suspended. At that moment, the only thing I could think of was being fucked by him, and I would have done anything, offered him everything, to have him join with me in ultimate pleasure.

"Please," I begged. "Please, do it. Do it now! Take me and fuck me! Please, PLEASE!!" I looked yet again into his eyes, and felt myself falling into those deep dark pools, surrendering to the power of him. I felt the leather against my skin, the steel at my arms and legs, the flesh on my flesh. Unable to break the stare that held me captive, I almost screamed out with need. "Please, fuck me now, ... SIR!!"

With a guttural "Yesss!" and a sharp intake of breath, he finally grinned his agreement, and with his face still so close to mine, and his eyes still locked on me, he slammed his pelvis forward with all of his strength, and drove that huge weapon deep into my gut in one mighty lunge, spearing through my sphincter and crashing himself hard against the rounded globes of my arse.

"UNNHHH!" I gasped, expelling the pent up air of my lungs. The pain and pleasure of his assault took me by surprise, and I was sure I felt the ring through his cock scrape its way along my chute, pulling at my prostate and gouging into me. Suddenly, I was filled with him, and I was in heaven. He wasted no time then, drawing back a little before plunging in again, his balls slapping against my flesh as his massive prick invaded my body, injecting untold pleasure into my very being.

I hissed out loud with the delight of being impaled. "Yes, fuck me, slam that cock into me, sir!" I begged, and he did. Lifting his upper body away a little, but maintaining his stare, he began a fucking motion, pulling back and surging forward, filling my innards with himself and humping into me with ferocity which I matched as I clenched at his tool and opened myself to take each thrust and shove. His hands remained on my arms, holding me in position, and preventing me from doing anything other than to lie there and allow him to use my body for his please, for our pleasure, as he slammed himself again and again into my willing cavity.

I tried half-heartedly to struggle, but in truth his holding me down while he fucked me hard was turning me on even more, which I had thought was impossible. My body ached with passionate arousal, and my cock twitched as the blood raced through it, making me hard as steel, to match the velvet coated dagger which pierced my arse and filled me with joy. Giving up all pretense of resistance, I lay there and opened myself to him as his tempo increased and his pounding strengthened. Surrendering completely to the leathered man who covered me and filled me, I gave him my body and my mind as I accepted the thunderous, rampant pounding of his sex. It was incredible - the most amazing, exciting and arousing experience I had known up until that time.

Arthur fucked me like there was no tomorrow. His gigantic cock rode in and out of my body, driving me into a frenzied humping of explosive excitement. The piercing in his prick accentuated the pleasure, and the massive girth of his log stretched me wide. My body acquiesced, and in doing so I received the gift of indescribable pleasure as he took me, used me, and fulfilled me. Allowing him to keep absolute control, pinning my arms down and holding me firmly in place while he ploughed my rectum with his meat, did nothing but increase the sensations that I enjoyed, and my entire body was filled with waves of intense, excruciating passion as he and his phallus pushed me higher and higher.

Without warning, my climax was upon me. There was no time to call a warning, no way to prevent the orgasm exploding within my gut. In a dizzying explosion of stars and screams my nuts boiled over and a volcano of creamy thick cum erupted from my prick, spraying up across his chest and face before falling back to my own body. Long ropes of the stuff clung to both of us as my torso shook with each spasm of the ongoing crescendo and my mind reeled from the overload of sensations. My entire body was concentrated in the indescribable feelings being generated at my groin as he continued to pound at me, ravaging me and filling me completely.

And before my own peak was over, the glorious hunk who was fucking me launched into his own. With a guttural grunt and a powerful thrust, he shoved that massive cock deep inside me with all of his might and held it there. His body twitched and his prong swelled to enormous size within me as his heavy balls rolled and drew up into his body. A roar of release escaped him as his orgasm hit, and with a fervour that made me rock back and forth in the sling, he pumped his seed into my body, filling me with his essence as his cock squelched and throbbed, lodged within my rectum. He drowned my innards with his very manhood, the overflow leaking from my ravaged arse as it pushed by his masculinity. Together we shuddered and gasped as the ultimate joining of two male animals reached its zenith and we became one entity, a being whose sole reason for existence was the shared pleasure of sexual union.

As my breathing slowly returned to normal, I took the time to open my eyes and look once more to him. He stood there still, his long cock buried within me, his arms stretched forward and his hands on my forearms. His lips were curled into a smile, the rest of his face hidden by the gleaming black hood, and, unbelievably, my dick twitched again with the excitement of this man dressed in leather and controlling me the way he did.

"Holy shit, Arthur! I don't know how you do it, but you make me so horny. Usually I go down fairly quick after cumming, but I'm still rock hard, even starting to want some more."

He nodded seriously. "You feel the power of true union, my Australis. When you and I join, we complete the circle, and unleash the strength of the ages. No force is greater than the sexual might of matched beings."

I frowned again, finding it difficult to follow his words. But I felt somehow that he was right. I had never known an intensity of passion, or an explosion of pleasure, such as I had experienced with surrendering all control to him. Yet still I couldn't accept the idea that I was 'submitting' to him. It sounded just too kinky for my tastes, for what I told myself I really wanted. My long term goal was to find a nice man to settle down with and love, not to spend my years playing games like I imagined he was suggesting.

"It is time to rest, my friend," he said. I must break our union once more. You are not yet ready to withstand a prolonged coupling."

"Huh?" And then I understood what he was getting at. He started to withdraw, his cock shrinking and sliding slowly from my body, my sphincter almost reluctant to allow him to vacate. With a gasp of relief and a sigh of disappointment I felt myself suddenly empty as he stood back and I lay there alone in the sling. He reached for me again, helping me to straighten and sit, then stand, before he led me out of the smaller room and back into the chamber where I had slept before.

"Rest here," he said. "I shall bring some refreshment for you."

"But I'm still dressed in all this leather gear," I marvelled out loud. For that matter, so was he.

"Indeed! Do you feel any need to remove it?"

"Absolutely not!" I stated emphatically, grinning at him. "I like it!"

"Then follow your desire, and let your heart lead you."

With that mysterious comment, he disappeared through another door, as I lay back on one of the couches in the room, luxuriating in the feel of the leather around me and beneath me, and quietly marvelling at the ease with which I was accepting what I had once considered 'kinky'. The whole concept of letting someone else take control was foreign, a bit frightening even, yet at the same time there was something incredibly arousing in the idea as well. What was happening to me?

I closed my eyes and lay back again, but whether or not I slept I couldn't say. It seemed as though only a few seconds passed before Arthur returned bearing a jug of pale amber liquid. He filled a glass and held it to me, and I drank deeply. The stuff tasted refreshing and invigorating. He sat beside me, watching me drink, and then took the tumbler from me when I was finished, placing it on a tray nearby.

I reclined on the sofa, letting my eyes travel over him. A sense of comfortable ease enveloped me, and I began to suspect that the drink may have contained some form of alcohol or other relaxant, but I didn't care too much. I felt strangely emboldened.

"You know, Arthur, this is quite a life you have here - a whole castle to yourself, loads of sexy leather gear, all this food and drink. I'll bet you never want to leave - I know I wouldn't!"

"Then don't! Allow yourself to surrender to the calling of your heart. If you listen to your inner being you will see what it is you already know - that your destiny lies here, with me."

I looked up at him, and knew he was serious. "You said that before. How can you possibly think two people could know each other well enough in such a short time, to commit to something so permanent? You nothing about me."

"I know all that I need to know. We are two halves of the one whole. We are fated to be together - it is why you came here, and why I was waiting for you." He spoke with such a soft tone, but was so convincing that I closed my eyes again. Part of me said he was right, that I belonged here. But another part of my brain rebelled, screamed out that I had come to this place by random wandering, that I belonged on the other side of the world.

As though he were reading my thoughts, he asked suddenly, "What awaits you should you return to the place from whence you came? Employment? Family? Some other person, counting the hours until you find your way back to him?"

"No ..." I confessed reluctantly. In fact, when I thought abut it, I had nothing to go back to.

"I can offer you everything you desire; permanency, fulfillment, and unimagined pleasure. All you need do is surrender yourself to me, let me take control for both of us. And you know, deep within, that this is not something alien to you - it is what you truly want already."

I digested this, slowly, carefully. It made sense in an erotic, arousing way. "And you think this would work, that we could be together always on that basis?"

"I know it already. And already we have begun."

"I still don't know about that!" I stated with wavering conviction. "What about getting by? What about real life, you know, working and eating, money? Sex with you is unbelievably fantastic, but what happens in between times? We all still have to live in the real world, you know."

"Australis ..." he began.

"Nathan!" I corrected him with some annoyance, although I was getting used to his persistence in calling me by that other name.

"Nathan, the 'real world' as you call it, is for those who do not have the blessings, the gifts of Priapus. It is for the hundreds of thousands of beings who must go on in day to day mortal existence. But the One Master has bestowed upon a chosen few the power and the knowledge of pure and unfettered pleasure, and given unto them the ability and the joy of serving him for eternity in constant and unimpaired physical pleasure."

"What are you talking about?" I said, lost again. "You can't just pretend the real world doesn't exist! Everyone has to eat, and sleep, and pay their bills!" I tried to laugh at my own little joke, but he ignored it.

"Australis, Nathan, however you may be called, I am offering to you the enlightenment and the ability to make use of the gift Priapus has given you. If you will allow Him, through me, to guide you into His world, I can assure you that all of your imaginable wants and needs will be catered for, and that you will know an existence of complete bliss, of untold pleasure, and of unending joy in His service as you join with the others to honour Him by the giving and receiving of pure, masculine pleasure."

"And all this would happen here?" I asked.

"Indeed. This is the Sanctum Priaporum; it is His sanctuary and His domain in this world, and all of us are his servants."

"All of us?" I said suddenly picking up on something. "I thought it was just you and me."

"You and I are destined to form a complete circle, to fulfill each other, yes. To that extent we shall stand united against all others. But there are others, members of the Master's sacred community, with whom we shall share His joy and His honour."

"So where are all these others? Why haven't I seen any of them around?"

He smiled once again in a paternal way. "It is not yet time for you to meet them. This time is for just the two of us, for you and I to establish our bonds. When the time is right you shall be introduced into the Circle."

"Let me get this straight then," I said, believing that I was beginning to understand. "You're recruiting me to join some kind of cult; some religious order, like a monastery, only one that is devoted to sex?"

He stopped, thinking about that one, and I told myself I had him.

"You are both right and wrong. I am not recruiting you, I am offering you that which you have always sought, that which you are destined for. The giving and taking of ultimate pleasure for the honour of the Lord Priapus is indeed a devotion to sexual joy, and you and I together would become part of the brotherhood, completing the Circle. But you speak of cults, of religious orders, and you think of fanatics recruiting others to their will, of promoting their own beliefs in order to extend their power over others. These things have been seen often enough through the centuries, but they are not our purpose. If anything, we shun contact with outsiders, and those who form the Circle are born to it, called to it from near and far, a select group drawn together by the One Master Himself. Each joins freely, and although I cannot imagine it, each is free to leave at any time."

It still sounded a lot like some fanatical sect to me, although there were some very alluring benefits!

"I'll have to think about it," I said, unconvinced.

"By all means," he smiled happily. "I will leave you to rest now. You may move freely around the Keep, and if you have need of me, simply call my name aloud, and I shall return to you, my Australis."

"My name's Nath ..." I began, but he was gone.

I spent the next couple of hours doing what I said I would - thinking about it. I weighed up the alternatives. I could leave now and continue my vacation; alone, without anyone to share my experiences, or I could stay here with Arthur and indulge in incredible sexual escapades, kinky or not. I could go home to Sydney and try to find a job, struggling to pay my bills, living wherever I could afford; or I could stay here in an ancient castle, letting Arthur take care of me. I could return to a life without anyone - no family, few friends, no-one special in my life; or I could accept Arthur's offer and become his 'other half', belong to someone, someone special, someone who cared for me.

I was being offered the most incredible, arousing, sensuous life. It was too good to be true. Maybe that was what concerned me. Yet he had promised I could leave whenever I wanted. What was there to lose?

I told myself I would give it a try - I could always back out later. I would take him up on his offer, see if it really was as good as it seemed. If not, well there was always my degree to fall back on.

"Arthur? Arthur!" I called out.

Instantly, he appeared from a small opening. "Yes, my Australis? Are you in need of anything?"

I grinned. "Uh huh! You! I'd like to stay."

"Of course. I knew you would, as you did yourself, within."

"So when do we get started, when do I meet the others?" I asked.

"Immediately. The Circle shall be formed this evening."

"What's that, some kind of initiation?"

"The rite of passage we take. You and I shall be joined, and together we shall complete the Circle. It is a ceremony I know you will enjoy!" His eyes sparkled as he spoke.

"Hmm, sounds like fun!" I said, believing I had caught his meaning.

And so I had begun my journey. I slept a little more that afternoon, and a few hours later Arthur led me through dark hallways to a darker room, where he had me strip naked and lie on a large slab of stone. As I did, he lifted chains and began to fasten them around my wrists and ankles.

"What's going on?" I protested.

"Do not worry, Australis! These are ceremonial only. Do you trust me?"

I nodded, although I was busy trying to convince myself as much as he.

"I swear to you that no harm shall come to you this evening."

"Okay," I agreed uncertainly. He quickly finished, leaving me prone and spread-eagled on the raised platform of stone. Surprisingly, I began to get an erection immediately. I found the whole idea of being chained up naked like this quite arousing.

"Try to relax," he said. "the Circle will from shortly." And with that he was gone, and I was all alone...


... I watched in fascination as the giant cock defied the laws of gravity, and throbbed with life. As the chanting reached a fevered pitch, the phallus shuddered in a number of spasms, and from its head three streams of bright, luminescent cum shot up and out. The unearthly jizz formed perfect parabolic curves as it went high into the air, glowing with an inner light, and made its descent. The first and second streams landed on either side of me, one to the right and one to the left, and where they touched, flames burst forth in large metal braziers. The third arc of glowing juice landed on me, spattering the full length of my body from toes to head. But it did not burn. Instead, wherever it touched me I felt first a warm, comforting feeling, followed quickly by a sensuous caress as my body responded with excitement. The largest of the globs had landed directly on my cock, and within seconds I was so hard and filled with lust that I thought I would cum without any stimulation whatsoever.

The floating, glowing penis hung above me now, as big as my entire body, still erect and still throbbing with life. I swore I could see the blood flowing through its veins. The 'priest' stepped forward and laid his hands on my feet, calming me a little, and easing the sense that I was about to explode.

"Australis, the Master Priapus has given unto you His blessing", he said solemnly. "The Circle awaits. It is weak for it is incomplete, as you are weak for you are incomplete. But you are the link which shall complete the Circle; by you the Circle shall be renewed in strength, and by renewal shall you be made strong. You shall be bonded to Arcturis as his slave, and he to you as your Master so that each of you shall be fulfilled, and together you shall fulfil the Circle in the eyes of Priapus, The One Master."

I started to struggle again, pulling hard at the chains binding my arms. This was not what I had expected. I wasn't going to be someone's slave! I opened my mouth and began to protest.

"My name is not Australis - it's Nath ..." was all I managed before my voice dried up in my throat. There were hands at my head now, holding me still. Again my mouth worked, but the words which issued from it were not my own. I heard a voice - my voice! - say "I am honoured to serve the One Master and ready to be bound in heart and body with he who shall complete me - Arcturis. I, with all others, am the Servant of Priapus, and in His sight will happily and readily submit my will to my own Master, Arcturis."

How could that happen? My mouth had opened and the words had come out in my voice, but they weren't my words! I began to twist from side to side, violently trying to free myself, but the hands at my head held me even more firmly, and suddenly I could hear Arthur's voice - not with my ears, but deep inside my mind.

"Easy, easy, my friend. I am here for you as you are for me. Together we shall make your transition into the Circle painless and complete." I didn't understand what he meant, but somehow the feel of his hands on me and his words echoing in my mind, calmed me a little.

As I watched, the 'priest' collected the white candles and dropped them into a large cauldron which had been set over the brazier burning to my left. He did the same with the black candles, over the right side brazier. His 'servant' then took up his position in the inner ring of figures, behind where the priest was standing between my legs.

He looked over me, to where Arthur stood, his hands still on my head. "Arcturis, what do you ask of the Circle for this, your slave?"

Arthur straightened up again, his arms spreading wide. "I ask that my slave, Australis, be granted re-birth."

"And how shall he be re-born?"

"As are we all! New life must start with the seed of mankind. I ask the Circle to offer its seed to myself and my slave, to shower us with the essence of life!"

"And so shall it be!" declared the priest. With that, the chanting of the remaining figures changed in pitch, and suddenly they all moved forward from the shadows, the ones at the back moving between those of the inner circle, to form a single line around me and Arthur.

In unison, the twenty-two men surrounding us began to masturbate, bringing themselves to erection and continuing to jack their cocks without breaking their chant for a moment. Only Arthur, standing so close his long prick almost touched my face, did not join in, and of course myself, since my hands were still bound to the stone by chains. But if I could have I would. My prong was rock hard and aching, as I twisted my head from side to side, watching in amazement as these strangers, all garbed in leather and chrome, fondled themselves. Each and every one of them was blessed with an abnormally large phallus, and all of them were pointing at me.

The room was filled with whispering sound - the slap of flesh on flesh as the men around me flailed at their cocks; and the deep, incessant incantation they murmured as they did so. The scene around me was so erotic, so arousing, that my heart raced and my prick twitched with the need of release. For an unknown time they continued, the twenty two cocks waving at me as their owners stroked and chanted, my body trembling with increasing excitement. Eventually I came to sense that the timbre of their song was changing; the words coming faster and more loudly, while the hands which worked those massive rods increased in speed to such an extent that they became a blur.

Suddenly, without any sign or indication that I could detect, the chanting stopped and the furiously wanking men stepped forward to bring the circle around Arthur and I even closer, and let fly! For a fleeting moment I wondered in awe at the self-control they must have had to manage simultaneous climax like that, before a storm of manjuice rained down over me. The combined product of 22 cocks, of 44 testicles, showered my body as each and every one of them ejaculated a torrent of white hot cum. For minutes they went on, spurting litres of creamy, warm jizz into the air and down onto myself and Arthur at the centre of the group. I sputtered as it landed in my mouth, I blinked again and again as it fell on my face and eyes, and I trembled as the slimy, heated goo covered my entire body, dribbling its way into every indentation and orifice.

When eventually the torrent subsided I could barely see or hear. My eyes were clouded by the conjoined cum, my ears filled with the slowly flowing jism. From head to toe, I was drenched in the seed of the twenty two men still standing, silent and still now, around myself and Arthur. He too was covered in their emissions, long strands of viscous juice dangling from him.

"Arcturis, the Circle awaits your contribution, and that of your slave!" said the priest loudly.

Arthur moved around to stand between my legs, lifting my knees as his mighty erection pointed ahead of him. Using his hands to rub the messy cream all over me, he scooped some of it onto his fingers and rubbed it around and into my puckering anus. I was so hard I was hurting, my arse twitching and ready as he stepped forward, and plunged his giant prong fast and deep into my body. It did not even occur to me that I felt no pain at the sudden and fierce invasion. I was so aroused already that my mind was numb, my body desperate for release. With all that had preceeded it, the powerful fucking that Arthur administered to me brought me screaming and gasping to orgasm within a matter of minutes. He appeared to sense how close I was, and to know I was about to explode, and with his cock still sunk deep into my gut, he bent forward and closed his mouth over my prick.

With an earsplitting yell, my body exploded and I shot my built up need hard and long into his welcoming, suctioning throat. At the same time, I felt his cock spasm and his body shudder as he filled my bowel with his own essence, pumping untold amounts of his seed deep into my body. I almost passed out from the intensity of our simultaneous explosion, regaining my composure after a time only to find the crowd of men silently standing and watching as Arthur and I completed our climax and slowly floated down a little.

Gasping for air, I sensed rather than felt or saw Arthur withdraw his massive rod from my body. It was the sudden emptiness which told me we were no longer joined. Lifting my head with an effort, I looked to where he stood, in time to hear him proclaim:

"Arcturis and Australis have been showered with the essence of masculinity. We accept and give praise for the gift of the seed of the Circle. The re-birth of Australis has begun with the bathing of him in the liquid of masculinity, and he and I have formed our own circle, each giving and receiving of the seed of the other. To the praise and honour of Priapus, let the Rite of Union proceed!"

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!