Dark Stone 7

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I had no idea whether the time that had passed since our interlude in the dungeon room with the other members of the Circle was an hour, a day or a week. I do know that Arcturis and I shared yet another amazing and erotic coupling in which I played very much the slave boy role, licking his boots and prostrating myself before him while he dominated my very being with his body, towering over me before enveloping my frame in his arms and legs, and spearing his long, rigid manhood into my bowel, filling me with pleasure and with himself.

We had collapsed together, he still inside me, and rested until I felt the strength return to my limbs, the exhaustion of our union gradually overcome. With the most satisfying of slippery squelches, he withdrew from me, and lifted me to him so that we stood face to face, and kissed deeply.

"It is time to form the Circle," he said softly. "Ursus must be examined, and brought to account."

"But can't we just forget it, pretend nothing happened?" I agonised. "I don't want to be the cause of any problems, I don't want to be the one who breaks the Circle again."

"You are not the cause of the problem, my Australis," he answered kindly. "Ursus has acted wrongly, and in doing so has betrayed not only you and I, but himself and Unctius, and the whole Circle. His actions must be addressed and righted, one way or another, or the Circle will lose its strength."

Slowly, reluctantly, I nodded my understanding and acceptance. What he said made sense, although I dreaded having to re-live the experience in front of the other members. I still felt like the new-comer, and as such was sure they would lay the blame at my feet.

Arcturis' voice sounded in my mind now. 'Join with me, my slave,' came his thoughts, 'Let us summon the brotherhood and the Lord Priapus Himself.'

At his command, I emptied my mind and surrendered to him, joining my body and soul to his. My Master took control, and I felt the wordless message he projected, a powerful need for the Circle to come together, to call upon the One Master for his guidance and judgment. And just as wordlessly, an answer came - the Circle would convene at once, and the Lord Priapus would hear its call. Arcturis touched my shoulder, bringing me back to our physical reality, and silently guided me from our private sanctuary into a long corridor.

We walked together some distance, before he stopped at a tiny alcove, and reached into the darkness, handing me a long, shining cloak. Made of the softest black leather, it fell from my shoulders to the floor. An over-sized hood was attached to the shoulders which, when pulled over my head, hung in folds of darkness around my face to hide my features completely. As Arcturis donned an identical robe, I recognised these as the garments worn by the members of the Circle at the beginning of my initiation ritual. Completing the memory of that night, I found myself handed a white candle, and noticed that Arcturis now held a similar candle but of black wax, both of them shaped into the likenesses of intricately detailed penises.

Moving again, Arcturis ushered me along the same corridor until we reached a place where it split in two.

"Go into the left passage, my slave," he said softly. "Follow the other slaves. Since we have called this meeting, you shall be the last to enter the temple. Stand at the back, directly in front of the ceremonial stone, and wait. I shall join you soon enough."

Doing as he said, I made my way into the room, and found most of the other slaves already waiting. Within seconds another body entered, and there were twelve of us. Immediately, the others began to chant softly, and I heard and understood the words this time - a ritualised plea to the Lord Priapus to honour us with His presence, and to bestow upon us His wisdom and His guidance. I joined in the murmuring prayer, waiting as instructed until all of the others had exited the room into a hallway at the opposite end from where I had entered, then following them, carrying the lighted taper in my hands, shuffling along in my full leather wear, encloaked by the long black robe of hide.

As we entered the enormous, circular room, the slave immediately preceeding me veered to his left and moved to stand alongside the others. I moved right, and stepped slowly and nervously along to the vacant place awaiting me at the point directly in front of the flat, dark stone that was the centre of the room. When I reached my station, our chanting stopped for a moment. I dared not look around, or even move, but strained my eyes as best of could within the confines of the hood to see what was happening.

The chanting began again, but not from us. This time the Masters were humming the strange words of praise and pleas to Lord Priapus. And as before, they entered the chamber in a long line, moving alternately left or right to stand behind their slaves. Arcturis was the last to enter, and he came to stand behind me. I could not see him, but I felt his presence, and his reassurance in my mind as I stood there with a sense of foreboding and apprehension.

The Circle was complete - twenty-four robed and hooded figures in shimmering polished leather stood in formation around the smooth dark stone. Twelve masters holding their black candles, and twelve slaves, myself included, before them. Silence descended again as we stood and waited. I did not know what I was expecting, only that I was expecting something to happen. And it did!

Slowly at first, then with increasing intensity, a glowing light appeared on the central stone. Green in tinge, but a deep, dark bluish green it was, and it did not come from the stone, but grew and twisted above it, gradually forming into a shape. 'The giant penis' was my first thought, remembering my joining ceremony, but not this time. This time the shape which formed was that of a man, and what a man he was! Larger than life, standing almost 8 feet tall, his shoulders were impossibly wide, his arms muscled and powerful. His torso narrowed to the tiniest 'V' shape which topped the inverted 'V' of his widespread legs, veritable tree-trunks of rippling sinew which met at his groin. And at his groin a penis - the longest, thickest penis I had ever seen, fully erect and pointing directly upwards, straining and throbbing with life, rampant and utterly masculine.

Suddenly I became aware that with the arrival of this apparition, my own cock had sprung to full erection, and remained that way, so hard it ached. The very air seemed filled with pure sexuality. Animal lust was surrounding me, and my body responded with an unspoken need, a desperate craving for the man who stood and surveyed us all, to take me and own me. I stared at him, unable to divert my eyes, drinking in his beauty. At first I thought he was dark of skin, an ebony sheen on his body, and then I saw that he was in fact dressed in the tightest polished leather, from head to foot, every inch of his magnificent body was enveloped in the glistening hide.

It appeared as though the leather had been sprayed onto him. There were no creases, no joins anywhere in the material, and it clung to every curve and bulge, every ridge and valley, so that he may as well have been naked, for it hid nothing at all. Moulded somehow to his skin, even his cock and his gigantic testicles were wrapped in the dark hide so closely that I could see the veins in his dick, see the rolling motion of his nuts, beneath the slick blackness. The only gaps in this leather suit were holes for his eyes and his nipples, which were pierced and erect, and the swollen head of his penis, red with blood, and sporting an enlarged version of the PA through his glans that all of us wore. His features - mouth, nose, ears, were invisible, like a blank space where his face should be. Around the root of his cock, where it joined his body, a silver cockring was wrapped over the leather he wore. And over the incredible, body hugging suit were boots, chaps, a harness and hood, gauntlets and arm bands.

"The Circle of Priapus is formed!" boomed out a voice in my head. It rang deep within my body, soundless to the physical world, undeniable and full of power, regal and magnificent. The tone was deep and strong, utterly masculine yet arousing and alluring all at once. Its owner stood on the slab of rock, his arms crossed on his huge chest. Without any warning, he flung his hands wide, and the cloaks we all wore were instantly ripped from us, billowing into the shadows behind so that all twenty-four members of the Circle stood in full view. I panicked as I realised my erection would be revealed, until I saw that every other man in the room was just as hard. Two dozen penises jutted up and out, pointing toward the figure at the centre of the Circle, drawn to him, slivers of pre-cum glistening at their tips and stringing slowly to the floor. I was so aroused I thought I would cum at any second.

The candle in my hands sputtered out, as did all of the others, and suddenly I was holding a warm, living penis, silken to the touch and throbbing with life. I would have dropped it with surprise except that it wriggled of its own accord and broke free of my grip anyway. Along with the other 23 candles which had also become glowing phalluses, it hovered in the air just in front of me, then slowly dropped to melt over my own cock, covering my genitals with a warm moisture.

For the first time since we had entered the room, I sensed Arcturis' voice In my head. 'It is for your own protection, my slave,' he said. 'Without the protection now covering your manhood, you would soon begin a climax that would continue for as long as you remained in the presence of the Lord Priapus. Such an experience would certainly drain and exhaust you, and may even prove harmful. This reduces the attraction to a level where you can concentrate on the matters at hand.'

I doubted that, since even with the strangely alive coating now wrapped around my cock and balls, I was still incredibly aroused, but I accepted my master's advice, and nodded my agreement.

"I heed the call of my loyal men, Masters and slaves all. What is it you seek of your Lord?" echoed Priapus' voice once again inside me.

"Master Priapus, the One Master, Lord of the Circle," came Arcturis' voice now. "It is I who have summoned the Circle, it is I who seek your aid."

"To what purpose, Arcturis? The Circle is so newly re-formed with the induction of your slave Australis. Has he proven untrue already?"

"To the contrary, My Lord. He is all I could ask and more." My heart swelled as I heard Arcturis form the words. I felt a sudden and almost unbearably wonderful approval directed at me from Priapus himself.

"Then why do you ask my counsel?" came the deep, beautiful sound again.

"Master, I have grave tidings. I regret most truly that I must accuse one of my brethren of attempting to interfere with the bonding between Australis and myself."

I could almost hear the shock which rippled through the gathered members, slaves and Masters both. Suddenly I knew where Ursus and Unctius were - three places to my left. From that direction I sensed panic and dread, as well as ... what was that? Sorrow? Pleading?"

"Go on, Arcturis," commanded Priapus again, drawing my attention back to him.

"My Lord, on behalf of my slave, I charge the Master Ursus with attempting to usurp my place, with trying to take my slave for his own, not in physical congress which would have been excusable, but by way of direct communication."

"Indeed, this charge is serious. Arcturis, do you grant me access to your slave's mind?"

Quickly, my Master's voice sounded in my head, and I knew somehow it was for me alone now. "Australis, do not be afraid, open your mind to the Lord. He shall return you to me when He has examined your thoughts."

"Okay," I answered mentally.

"I offer you my most precious possession, my slave Australis, Lord," Arcturis said, and I could sense it was with difficulty that he uttered the words.

"He shall be treated gently, and returned unharmed," assured Priapus. "Australis, give me your thoughts!"

I nodded dumbly, staring at the figure who dominated the chamber so completely. I felt His presence within my mind, but this time I was not afraid. I followed Him as He discovered and revived my memories, re-living them with me, feeling what I felt as Ursus made his demands upon me. Soon, it was finished. I felt both tired and relieved as I heard Him speak again. "Australis, I return you to the care of Arcturis. I find your claims proven and your thoughts true. Reclaim your place at the side of your Master, and fear not."

And Arcturis was there again. "How are you, my Australis?" he asked with concern.

"Okay, my Master," I responded, assuring him as best I could.

The Lord Priapus turned slowly from myself and Arcturis, swivelling all the way around the Circle and continuing on again until he faced Ursus and Unctius. Once again, his voice filled my senses.

"Ursus, what say you to the claims made this day?"

With words wrapped in fear and sorrow, Ursus' reply resonated through me, through all of us. "I accept them as true and complete, My Lord. I can offer no excuse for my actions, nor explanation but a moment of insanity. I ask forgiveness of Arcturis, Australis, Unctius and all the Circle. I await my punishment."

"Will you give me your thoughts?" asked Priapus in a stern tone.

"I will, my Lord."

For a long moment, Ursus and Priapus stood facing each other. I could swear a line of glowing light joined them as the rest of the Circle waited, the anticipation palpable, the hope and fear easily felt by all.

Finally, Priapus straightened again, while Ursus suddenly bowed forward, still standing but unsteady and weak.

"Ursus," came the voice of Priapus once again, and although it was still powerful and resonant, the tone was that of a guiding father instead of a vengeful master. "I do not seek your consent, but I open to the Circle your thoughts in this matter!"

With that, a projection of emotions and images came to my head. I sensed that all of us saw the same thing - it was like being inside Ursus' own mind and re-living the events from his point of view. I felt an intense, overwhelming lust combined with a need to be part of something new, something re-born. I saw myself, being fucked by Arcturis, as Ursus had seen us, and more. I saw in myself the embodiment of completion, of renewal and I felt a deep, powerful yearning to own that newness, to control and direct it. I saw myself being drawn towards Ursus by a strength of will and desire, then suddenly felt the rejection, and the agony of realisation that what was happening was wrong. I felt Ursus' crushing sense of betrayal and sorrow, and the panic that he would be cast out of the brotherhood, banished from the Circle and denied the wonders of life with his slave and with the Lord Priapus.

The images faded, and Priapus spoke again. "Ursus, you have betrayed your own slave Unctius. You have assailed the bond which joins Arcturis and Australis, and you have denied the vows you made to the Circle and to myself. You have perpetrated a mighty wrong upon all here present!" He stopped, and I felt a mellowing, a sense of sorrow and forgiveness. Once again his voice filled my mind.

"I have examined your thoughts, and found that you acted badly, but that you have repented. I know that, deep within, you are still devoted to your slave, and eager to prove yourself worthy to remain a member of the Circle. As your Lord and centre, I decree that you shall not be cast aside, but your actions shall be carefully monitored, and any repetition of this madness shall be punished with vehemence." He turned his attention from Ursus back to myself and my Master.

"Arcturis and Australis, unto you has the greatest wrong been done. I call upon you to name the punishment to be visited upon Ursus."

Arcturis reached forward, and placed his hand on my shoulder, squeezing firmly. "It is Australis, my slave, to whom the crime was directed. To him shall fall the burden of such decision."

I gasped a little, marshalling my thoughts. I recalled vividly the pain and anguish of Ursus mind as he realised what he had done. I looked across to my left, to where Ursus stood, his head still bowed, Unctius standing before him, offering unspoken support and continuing devotion to his fallen and disgraced Master. Summoning what courage I had, I projected my thoughts, hearing my words echo in the minds of those around me.

"Master Ursus has already suffered immensely. His sorrow and his repentance were obvious when the Lord Priapus opened his soul to all of us. I can offer no punishment greater than that which he has already inflicted upon himself. Any further sanctions would, as far as I can tell, punish not only Ursus, but Unctius as well. And it seems to me that Unctius has also been hurt and betrayed by his own Master. If any one here should decide Ursus' fate, I believe Unctius is the one."

Arcturis' hand on my shoulder gripped again, and I felt an intense pride and approval emanate from him, directed at me. It made me feel so much better.

"Australis, I commend your thoughts, and declare to the Circle that you may be the newest member, but you exhibit a maturity and wisdom beyond measure. Long may you enjoy your life with us here, and be held in the highest honour by master and slave alike, as all shall know that your Lord Priapus himself honours you." A glow enveloped me as he went on.

"Unctius, Australis has expressed my own thoughts. You have been denied the loyalty and duty owed to you by your master. What say you to his deeds and his future?"

Unctius hesitated, and began slowly to answer, nervous and uncertain. "I can tell you, my Lord, and all of the Circle, only what is in my heart. My vows of fealty and devotion to my Master Ursus remain locked in my soul. Master Ursus has never acted toward me in any way other than that which I crave - domination for my submission; command for my obedience; powerful lust for my physical yearnings; and love for my love. I understand that my Master has acted wrongly to Australis and Arcturis, to the Circle and to you, my Lord, but if I have the decision, then I excuse him and I offer to him once again, my devotion, my obedience and my love."

Ursus had straightened as Unctius' words were uttered, and I could see a pride and a love in his face as he regarded the form of his slave, standing only a few feet in front of him. Priapus looked once again at the errant Master.

"Ursus, I say to you that you are honoured and blessed with fortune this day. Arcturis and Australis have accepted your sorrow. Unctius has renewed his vows to you despite your treatment of him. And I see deep within you hope and promise for the future. You shall bear no further sanction at this time. I declare the Circle complete yet, and strong as always. But let this be a lesson to all - this Circle is only as strong as its weakest link. Together we may all prosper and continue, but divided we should fail and yield. Take my pride and my honour with you all, especially Australis, for he has this day earned himself a special place in my heart!"

With that, the towering form that was Priapus slowly dissolved into so many atoms that glowed with an inner light briefly, then swirled around each other and disappeared into the unseen darkness high above us. Suddenly, my body was released, and the sheath covering my genitals removed. I felt Arcturis' hand once more at my shoulder and I turned to him, elated yet exhausted.

"You honour the Lord Priapus, and you honour me," he said with intensity. "Come my slave, and let us rest before we rejoin the others at feasting."

Together we walked slowly but proudly from the chamber, many eyes following us, as I melted against the touch of Arcturis' hand at my back, exhibiting his ownership of me. I felt jubilation tinged with sadness for Unctius, and hope that the Circle would continue unscathed.

**** Over the following weeks I immersed myself in the bliss of being with my Master. The more I offered him of myself, the greater my pleasure. I found myself eager to please him, and thrilled to play the willing slave to his powerful and dominant mastery. The days raced by without measure and without count as we grew into a true couple, joined in every way, body and soul, heart and mind. Time meant nothing in this place, there seemed no way to judge its passage, and no reason to. Life within these walls seemed to consist of an endless cycle of pleasure - incredible sex interspersed with bouts of eating and drinking, and punctuated by periods of rest and recuperation which themselves were enjoyable to say the least. It was hedonism at its best, and with Arcturis always by my side, I revelled in it. True to his word, and in deference to my feelings, we did not join with any others of the Circle for group sexual exploits, but I felt no yearning for that kind of diversion. Arcturis was more than enough man to satisfy me, and he did, constantly.

We were treated no less cordially by the others, mixing with them often for food and wine. Ursus and Unctius were there of course, yet despite some initial caution on my part, and perhaps a little restraint on his, they seemed to have gotten over any difficulties, and I followed the lead of Arcturis and the others, acting as though nothing had happened. In time, all the suspicion was relegated to the past, and the Circle went on. If anything, it seemed strengthened by the events of that day, and I found myself often consulted on my views of the world outside. Priapus' comments had cast me in a very favourable light amongst the brethren.

To my surprise, it was not the advances in technology, nor the gains in medicine and science, which held the most fascination for these men, many of whom had been here for centuries. Their greatest curiosity seemed to be about the changing attitudes of the world outside in relation to homosexuality. And my own education grew as I learned just how those same general attitudes had varied through the millennia. Linguaris and Leviathis were the original couple who had begun what was to become the Circle. They came from Roman times, when men living and loving together, whilst not actually approved of, was accepted and relatively open. The world of their youth, so far removed from mine in time and development, was probably closest to me in terms of understanding of gay men. Others had known worse times - Democratis, who was the newest member of the Circle after myself, had come from Victorian England, when homosexual men were ostracized and hunted down by the authorities, to be imprisoned for as long as murderers; and my own Master Arcturis had escaped the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition when the merest suggestion of one man having feelings for another could result in both of them being burned alive.

I had never been particularly political, but I tried my best to answer their questions honestly. They found it amusing that at the beginning of the twenty-first century we had a new meaning for the word 'gay', and truly amazing that in many parts of the world gay men had found not only acceptance but protection at law. I hurried to point out that there were still many people who despised gays, who considered us perverted or evil, but also assured them that in the more enlightened places, acceptance and tolerance were growing. I recalled that in my own country, gay men had equal legal status to heterosexual couples when it came to property rights and death benefits, and that there were moves afoot to allow us to marry. This caused more than a little excitement and incredulity amongst many of them, although all expressed their pleasure at the changes taking place.

Of course, they were also interested in the way life outside had changed for the rest of mankind as well, and marvelled at my description of travelling by air, and at my attempted explanation of computers and the internet. Yet for all their amazement and curiosity, I felt certain that they did not appreciate just how small the world was becoming. Why should they? They were happy as they had been for centuries, and there was no reason to change.

Arcturis smiled at me with pride whenever I became the centre of one of these discussions, and I glowed at the satisfaction of having pleased him. We were never separated, and that was the way I wanted things to be. He may have been my 'Master', and I his slave, but I was so much in love with him, and my love grew stronger every day, and I knew that he felt the same.

Yet these same conversations about the world outside had started me thinking. I had no regrets at my decision to accept the offer and to become a member of the Circle, but I occasionally thought about the life I had left behind. Despite the way my parents had treated and rejected me, I wondered what had been their reaction when I disappeared, or if they even knew. I tried to imagine what my life would have been like if I had never come to this place, and from time to time I asked myself if I could have actually made something of myself in the 'real' world, as I still considered it.

I certainly didn't dwell on the possibilities for too long. Arcturis kept my attention very much focussed on other delights, other pleasures which I would have, in that nearly forgotten past, considered kinky or perverted, but now found so arousing and erotic. If I did take the time to reflect on my changed opinions, I knew only wonder that the act of submitting so completely, of surrendering myself entirely to another man, could bring such intense emotions and incredible bliss. And Arcturis knew how I felt, and how much I wanted him. His domination of me was a powerful aphrodisiac for both of us, and I in turn knew just how amazingly excited and aroused my Master became when he took possession of my entire being, and used me for our mutual satisfaction and joy.

Not long after the trial of Ursus - at least I don't think it was long; time has such little meaning within the Circle of Priapus - Arcturis and I found ourselves in one of the numerous dungeons within the castle which was well equipped with a variety of 'toys'. My body was still tingling, my pulse only just slowing after a boisterous and sweaty fucking, and Arcturis' cock remained hard and buried within my bowel as I lay back into the sling where he had thrown me and ravaged me. As was now the norm, my own prick retained its erection, throbbing and steely, as I smiled up at my man and weakly clenched my gut around his sword. In answer, he leaned over and into me, driving himself deeper into my body and pressing down onto me before planting a lingering and suggestive kiss on my mouth.

I responded in kind, kissing him back and beginning to suck against his probing tongue, when he suddenly pulled away from me, lifting his face and looking into my eyes. I am sure the disappointment I felt was evident, and I saw the hint of a smile on his lips. I lifted my head away from its resting place on the floating platform of black leather, but he simply moved back further, denying me the joinder of our mouths which I sought. His hands were on my upper arms, his strength holding me down in the sling, and I could do nothing more to attempt to renew our kiss. Resigning myself to the happy alternative of feasting my eyes on his magnificent body, I lay back again, relaxed and open to whatever he may choose to do with me.

"You truly enjoy the pleasure of surrendering to me, do you not, my Australis?" he whispered.

"Oh yes," I answered contentedly. "I've discovered the ultimate bliss - complete submission. I love it when you exert your domination, when you use and control me!"

"The perhaps a little more control is called for..."

I looked at him with curiosity. There was no apprehension, no fear. I knew that he would do nothing to harm me, and that whatever he had in mind could only result in even greater stimulation.

A mischievous grin flitted across the lower, uncovered, half of his face, and suddenly we were transporting ourselves. I was always amazed at how he, or we, could do this, but I had long ceased to ask about it. He was still inside me, both of us still fully erect, but instead of being in the sling I found myself wrapped around him as he backed me up to a large cross near one wall. This piece of 'equipment' was in the shape of an 'X', a little larger than my body, and covered in dark hide, with straps near the extremities. Arcturis slowly withdrew his penis from my body, and stood me up against the cross, nudging my feet apart until they were aligned with the lower half of the X. Where the crossed timbers joined they pressed against the small of my back, but my arse was clear of any obstruction, open to the draught of air circulating through the room. Kneeling in front of me, he buckled the straps attached to the bottoms of the timber around my ankles, securing them firmly so I could not move my feet, and my legs were held widely spread but not so as to be too uncomfortable to bear.

Standing slowly then, Arcturis moved in close to press his body against my own, and slid his hands from my torso up toward my shoulders, sending shivers through me as he did. His fingers pushed my arms upwards and as he continued to slide his hands along each arm, he lifted my arms and pushed them back and against the upper arms of the cross against which I stood. When he reached my wrists, he slowly pulled the wide leather bands fixed to the X around each one in turn, fastening the restraints so that my arms were held in place, up and out, pushing my chest and body forward and leaving me unable to move.

I felt strange in this position. I struggled half-heartedly, knowing it was pointless to attempt to move. I was defenceless and open, bared to him like never before. I was a little uncomfortable, but not particularly so, and despite my arms and legs being bound in place, I felt a growing excitement and the beginnings of a new arousal. My cock responded, quickly lengthening as Arcturis stood back to admire his handiwork. A tingling swept through my nerves as I stood there, helpless and restrained, clad in chaps and harness and hood, and staring at the ultimate masculinity of my Master, only a few feet away, his booted feet spread wide, his legs shining and black inside his chaps, his chest and abdomen enveloped in the studded harness and his head hooded in gleaming leather. Silver flashes reflected at me from the rings in his nipples and his cock, and that same cock grew quickly to its full and beautiful extension, long and thick and hard as steel, pointing at me and leaking a viscous drool of pre-cum.

"Arcturis," I hissed. "I'm yours! Do whatever you want with me, but do it soon."

He calmly crossed his arms on his chest, and stared directly into my face. "If you want me, you must ask," he said in a low voice filled with the promise of power.

The menace and the hope he held out to me excited me even more. "Please, Arcturis, I need you. I want you to use me, to play with me. Please!"

"Beg me, slave," he commanded. "Let me here the desperation in your voice!"

I was now so aroused I had to stifle a groan in my throat as I spoke again. "Master Arcturis, please? I need you so badly. I beg you to use me, to take me. Please, Sir, use your slave for your pleasure."

"I think you need something else," he said almost as an aside. "Let's see what I can find ..." With that, he stepped to one side. To my left and out my line of sight, were some shelves bearing a variety of toys and sex aids. I heard him picking at something before he moved back to where I could clearly see him again.

With a leery grin full of lust, he came close to me, holding something in his hands. I looked down to see him fixing a small hook through the ring in my left nipple. He let it go and I found that the hook was attached to a weight which swung down, pulling my nub with it. It wasn't heavy enough to be painful, but it certainly sent shivers through me, filling me with excited arousal as it pulled against the dark fleshy erection on my chest. He did the same with my right side, and suddenly both of my nipples were being pulled and dragged, the slightest movement of my body emphasising the swinging weight and shooting spears of pleasurable sensation into my chest.

"Oh yes, Sir," I uttered between gasps. "Use me, please Master!"

"Better!" Arcturis replied. "But I am not finished with you yet."

He then knelt in front of me again, and I felt him grip my scrotum, pulling my testicles away from my body. A snap sounded out, and I felt the pressure of a ball parachute - a cone of black leather - fit into place around the skin where my sack was attached to the base of my cock. As Arcturis lowered his hand away, the weights fastened to the leather parachute dangled down and pulled at my nuts, exerting a constant pressure which was both slightly uncomfortable and very exciting. Again, with the slightest of movement the weights would swing around and drag at my man-eggs, sending messages of pleasure and erotic ache into my groin.

Without waiting for me to respond again, Arcturis found yet another plaything on the hidden shelves, and quickly brought it to my attention. This time, a length of silver chain was in his hands, each end of the chain finished with a metal clip. My Master slipped one end easily through the 'D' ring in the collar around my neck, and let it fall for a moment so that the cool metal rubbed across my chest as it swayed from side to side. Then he caught the other end with one hand, grabbing my prick with the other. Carefully and intentionally, he clipped the free end of the chain onto the ring piercing my cockhead. It was a tight fit, the metal lead only just long enough to reach from my neck to my dick, and if I threw my head back, the steel pulled hard at my penis, drawing it straight up and against the skin of my lower abdomen. Once more, I became aware of an incredible array of new sensations filling my very manhood with every movement.

By this point my entire body was trembling with excitement, and the trembling did nothing but increase the arousal I felt. The eroticism of my situation, bound to the giant X, weights fixed to my balls and tits, a steel lead connecting my cock to my neck, was almost too much to bear. "Please, Master Arcturis, I'm begging you," I called out in a hoarse plea. "Use me now, take me now, Sir!"

He laughed a deep, guttural chuckle, as he stood back to torment me even further. Yet the rampant erection dribbling clear fluid at his groin evidenced just how much he too was excited by this. Another shuffling and another toy appeared. A string of black, rubber coated balls, each one about 5 centimetres in diameter, was held up to my face. There were six spheres, each connected to the other by string of some kind, the whole thing encased in dark latex. Without a word, Arcturis simply held them up to my face, and slowly caressed them with his hand. As he did a coating of viscous liquid appeared on them, a gelatinous lubricant which made them glisten in the dim lighting, slippery and swinging from his hands.

I knew what they were, and I knew what he intended to do with them, and that knowledge caused even more excitement to course through me. My Master moved behind me, into the narrow space between the cross and the wall, and despite my expecting it, I jumped when I felt his fingers on the rounded cheeks of my arse. Arcturis carefully but firmly pulled my melons apart, and slid the cool, slimy balls along the crack of my bum, until I felt the first rounded hardness against my puckering hole. As I relaxed myself, he pressed the solid black ball against my entrance, wriggling it gently until my body opened and accepted it before closing quickly around the connecting string. My man allowed me a short time to become accustomed to the intrusion, before the second dark sphere was also pushed into me. The others followed in steady succession as I felt my bowel fill, until all six were inside me, only the trailing end of the latex covered twine dangling from my ring. Yet another weight appeared, and Arcturis attached it to the end of the rope hanging from my body, both preventing the whole apparatus from disappearing into me, and pulling the balls down inside my gut. More waves of sensation swept over me, while he slowly massaged my belly so that the balls inside me jiggled around, occasionally rubbing against my prostate, and working their way into my bowel.

A wordless exclamation of satisfied fulfillment escaped me, as my Master returned to stand where he could examine me from the front once more. I was bound and tied, weighted and stuffed, and still I wanted more!

"Please Sir!" I hissed, nothing but a whisper now coming from me. "Use me! Own me! Take me, Master Arcturis!"

"Do you want to surrender to me completely? Relinquish all control to me?" he asked, his voice low, and full of lust.

"Yes, Sir! I already have Sir," I pleaded.

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely certain, Master. With every fibre of my being, Sir!"

At that he nodded approvingly, and from behind his back produced what appeared to be a strip of leather, polished on one side, smooth but dull and textured on the other. He advanced on me and held the thing up for my inspection, until I recognised it for what it was - a blindfold. Placing it so that the cushioned side was against my skin, with the polished front facing outward, he tied it firmly and carefully behind my head, covering the eyeholes in my hood so that I was completely blinded.

With my sight blocked, my other senses came alive. I could hear him moving around before me, the crunch of his boots on the floor, the squeak of leather against leather on both our bodies. I could feel the padding of the cross and the bindings around my legs and arms. The aroma of pure, sweaty masculine lust assailed my nostrils as his musky frame hovered near me, and on my tongue was the taste of anticipation and need.

"Now what do you say, slave?" he asked, his mouth so close to my ear that I jumped with surprise.

"Please, Sir," I whispered. "I beg you to own me!"

More movement, as I heard him back away and then approach again. I felt so exposed, so vulnerable, and at the same time so aroused. Suddenly, something cool and solid brushed my chest, jabbing at the weight suspended from my right nipple. A sigh escaped me, and then the thing was dragged slowly, tantalisingly across my stomach before being raised to my jaw. I instinctively stuck my tongue out, and Arcturis slid the item past it. It was long, about 30 centimetres, and shaped like a tube, like a ... cock! A dildo, I realised.

"Yes please, Sir," I exclaimed, "Use that on me. Shove that fake cock into me, Master, please."

He was so close to me now I could feel the heated air of his breathing against my face. He held the artificial prong against my skin and moved it about, and I could feel the slipperiness of its coating of lube. Slowly, teasingly, he lowered it across my abdomen, drawing it along the length of my engorged penis then over my aching balls, pulled down as they were by the leather parachute and weights strung from them. His hands were on my butt, his fingers gripping at me and pulling my arse wide, and then the head of the toy was against me, nudging at the string hanging from my hole and still attached to the balls which filled my cavity.

Slowly but irresistibly, Arcturis pressed the solid, unyielding dildo into me. It broke through my sphincter with an almost audible 'pop', before sliding up into my gut and snaking its way between the jiggling spheres of rubber which hampered its progress. As the balls made way, massaging my innards, my Master continued to press the length of the dildo into me, further and higher, slowly but continually, until the full length of the thing was lodged in my body, held in place by the mass of the balls, the combination of them sending my nerves racing as my body was filled. I shook, and with each tremble the weights on my nipples and testicles swayed, adding to the overload of sensations, while my cock was pulled and stimulated by the motion of my head dragging at the connecting chain.

"Now THAT!" said Arcturis' voice, inside my head this time, "Is what a slave should truly look like!"

I could sense the intensity of his approval, and his arousal within my mind as he shared his emotions with me. The overwhelming power of him, and the strength of his feelings for me, combined with the lust he and I generated, was almost too much. I felt an orgasm approaching at speed, and tried to empty my thoughts, to stave off the inevitable. Arcturis also sensed it, and for a few moments he projected a calmness, a relaxation into me, until my body could ease back from the brink, to allow us to continue our erotic game.

The sound of shuffling as his boots padded against the floor and his leathers squealed in reply, and I felt him now behind me. He gripped the dildo with one hand, twisting it inside me and pulling a little before shoving it back up again. His other hand reached through the side of the X and began to play with my body, flicking at my aching nipples, teasing my balls or tracing slowly along my cock. I was in agonising ecstasy, thrills pulsing through me like electric current, as he played with me mercilessly, and I stood there defenceless but aroused beyond measure. Now he pumped the long tube of the dildo in and out of my arse, the toy riding through my hole and jabbing at the balls filling me so completely. My entire body, inside and out, was alive and my senses screamed with passionate arousal as I shuddered, unable to register all of the sensations assaulting my body at once.

Just when I thought I could take no more, could imagine no greater stimulation, Arcturis wrenched the long tube of rubber from me, and replaced it with his own cock, slamming his thick pole into me like a searing, steel hard rod of iron, pounding himself up and into my arse and forcing the anal balls around within my ravaged chute. There was no gentleness, no tender joining. We were both far too aroused for anything but ruthless, thundering fucking as he speared himself into me over and over again. My balls ached, my nipples felt like they were being torn from my chest. My cock screamed in sensory overload as my Master humped at my body with abandon. Nothing but ultimate, animalistic masculinity filled the room as he joined with me, driving his throbbing rod into me with all his strength, fucking me with forceful strokes which quickly led both of us to a point of no return.

As I crashed over the edge, my body wracked with spasms of release, I felt my man exploding inside of me, flooding my already crowded body with his essence and lunging upwards to drive himself even further into me. A fountain of cum erupted from my cock, spraying out into the unseen dimness in front of me as Arcturis filled me with his seed, and a thousand explosions went off inside my head. I lost connection with my body, my mind soaring into space, and my Master was there with me, lost in absolute ecstasy as we joined completely, body and mind, our physical selves unable to contain the totality of our experience.

Some indeterminate time later, I found myself slowly coming around again. The weights were gone from my chest and nuts, the balls lying innocently beside us. The cross against which I had been restrained towered above me as a reminder of what had happened, but I was sitting contentedly in Arcturis' lap, his proud and mighty masculinity still buried in my bowel, my prick dribbling the last of my juices, still hard and throbbing, but sated.

"Holy fuck! Thank you!" I said to my man, leaning into him and kissing him.

"It is I who must offer thanks to you, my wonderful Australis," he said, marvel in his voice. "You are an inspiration and a joy. I could never have asked for the totality of your submission in such a way as you have freely offered. I am bound to you forever, my slave."

I grinned stupidly at him, wrapping my arms around him and feeling so incredibly fulfilled. Slowly, he withdrew his might prick from me, and we lay alongside each other, face to face. He trailed a finger lazily over my body, and I absently thought of just how much I had changed, just how differently I felt about the submission of myself to a dominant man, the epitome of perfection.

Arcturis must have read my thoughts, and I heard his voice, distant and soft, interrupting my musings.

"Are you not convinced now that I was correct, when I told you that you were fated to serve me, to submit to my domination for our mutual joy?" he asked.

"Yes ..." I answered slowly. "I guess I just wonder sometimes, about what my life would have been like if I had never found you."

"But you would always have found me," he said, surprised. "It was decreed by the Lord Priapus that we should be as one. He led you to me. You had no choice - it was the purpose of your being."

"Mmm, maybe," I answered, still unconvinced. "But what about the world I left behind? I just wonder what is happening back home. Sometimes I feel as though I have left the real world behind, and that this is all just a dream."

"And what is wrong with leaving behind such a place?" he asked. "Would you wish to stay in a life where you are an outcast, denied the right to enjoy true pleasure?"

"It's not as bad as that nowadays," I responded. "And I'm not saying I don't want to be here. Being with you is the most wonderful, incredible thing, something I would never want to give up. But occasionally I feel a need to find out what has happened, what my life might have been like if I had not come to you. I'm sorry, Arcturis, I don't mean to sound disloyal, or ungrateful, but I can't help these feelings when they come to me."

He reached for me, taking my chin in his hand. "I understand my little one," he said soothingly. "Perhaps the world has changed so much that complete isolation from it for such as us is no longer as desirable as it once was. I will not lie to you that I am unconcerned that you should have such feelings, but I can only hope that my love for you will help overcome them, that you would wish to stay with me."

"Of course I do, my Master," I hurried to assure him. "It is only when I reflect on how wonderful I feel to be your slave, to be totally dominated by you, that I wonder what I would have been like if I had not accepted your offer, if I had continued to try to live without the realisation of my deepest yearnings and wants."

He looked at me carefully, his eyes boring into my soul. "You know that what I told you long ago holds true," he said reluctantly. "You are free to leave at anytime should you so desire."

My hesitation in replying must have shaken him, for he held me tightly as I thought on what he had said. When he spoke again, it was with an uncertainty and almost a fear that I had never known in him before.

"Australis, I am worried about your peace of mind with this issue. May I join my mind with yours now, to explore your feelings?"

"Of course you can, you are my Master," I said quickly.

"Yes, but this is not about sex, this is about your memories and your connection to the outside world. Are you sure?"

"Yes, Arcturis, my love, I am sure!"

Emptying my thoughts of all but the memories and emotions of my past, as he instructed me to do, I closed me eyes and waited. I could sense him, not just physically beside me, but his mind in mine, his thoughts alongside my own. A short time later, he pulled me to himself, wrapping his arms around me tightly and hugging me.

"My darling Australis," he said in an agonised whisper. "I had no idea you still felt so connected to the outside." There were tears in his eyes, and a sad, aching ring to his voice. "I fear that the only way to resolve this is for you to travel from this place, to return to your homeland, and to see for yourself that it is not for you any longer."

"But I can't!" I exploded. "I can't leave here, I don't want to leave you! I love you, I belong to you!"

"Yes," he answered softly. "But there is a deep uncertainty in your mind which must be extinguished or you will eventually become restless and resentful. The only way for you to be totally at peace with me, is to journey back and convince yourself that your doubts are unfounded."

"Then you must come with me," I exclaimed. "I cannot go without you, I cannot imagine being separated from you."

"I could not, my little slave. We have the Circle to think of. It will be difficult enough if one of us leaves - like a weakened link in the ring. But for both of us as a dedicated and united couple to depart for so long and at such a distance would be like an entire link being removed from the chain." Arcturis stopped, looking at me thoughtfully, his concentration intense. "No, my slave boy, my darling Australis, you must go alone, at least in body. But I shall be with you at all times. We are joined in mind and thought, and I shall always be a part of you, as you shall be of me. I shall know your joys and your fears, and I shall wait patiently and expectantly for your return to myself and the Circle."

I looked hard at him, stricken of mind, but knew in my heart he was right. Yet how could I ever get by without him, my Master Arcturis, by my side?

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!