Dark Stone 6

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This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.

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Still attired in the comfortable black hide of our leather, Arcturis led me along a short hallway and into a room I had not seen before. The walls were high and of stone, decorated with carven images similar to those I had first noticed in the smaller lounging area where my Master had offered me the chance to join the Circle - depictions of men in leather, joined in innumerable variations of sexual congress. Torches burned along the walls, casting light upon the room in flickering waves of flame, yet the ceiling was lost from view, high and dark somewhere above us. In the centre of the room, a long wooden table, laden with platters of meat and bread, and with silver decanters surrounded by ornate goblets, was attended to by benches covered in black leather. And around the table, either seated on those benches, or lounging on cushions strewn about the floor nearby, were other members of the Circle.

Eight in all there were, in addition to Arcturis and myself, relaxing and eating, each of them dressed in the same black leathers, identical at fist glance apart from the differences between Masters and slaves. Even upon fairly close inspection, all of the masters could barely be separated, and the same for the slaves, each of them looked so much like the others, and like myself, I realised with a start, and a flush of pride. And yet, somehow I instinctively knew not only that they were different, but which slave belonged with which Master, and even who they were!

I beheld the sight before me with curiosity and a sense of belonging, and assumed that somehow the knowledge of each of them must be coming from Arcturis. Before me were nine stunning men, including my own, garbed in polished leather chaps and enwrapped in dark harnesses, their heads enveloped in glistening black hoods and glimmering pinpricks of light reflecting back from the silver rings adorning their nipples and their cocks. In varying degrees of animation, and in differing states of flaccidity, the others took little notice of our arrival. Only one of the masters - Ursus, my mind told me - nodded in our direction.

"Welcome Arcturis, Australis! Come and partake of this table. The wine is delicious," he smiled.

"Of course it is," Arcturis beamed, seating himself beside Ursus but leaning backwards so that his back rested against the hardness of the table itself. As he did, I found myself a cushion and settled at his feet, between his wide spread legs, one arm resting along his thigh. He looked down at me proprietarily, and I felt proud and happy.

"Thank you, Master Ursus," I added, earning another approving look from Arcturis. Ursus' slave, Unctius, was seated on the bench behind his master, picking at grapes and pieces of cheese, taking some for himself and occasionally reaching around to feed the same to Ursus as well. He threw me a friendly look, and turned his attention back to the table. As Arcturis began a light-hearted chat with Ursus, he absently reached for a large silver goblet, and filled it with red wine from a decanter by his elbow before taking a long draught, and re-filling it without looking. He handed the almost filled vessel to me and I sipped first, then swallowed a large portion of the drink. It was the most delicious, smooth nectar I had ever tasted, and I drained the cup before handing it gratefully back to my Master. Leaning against Arcturis' strong legs, feeling his warmth against my back and side, I looked around the room again, as he continued his conversation, his arm resting on my shoulder, the occasional piece of food held to my mouth by his long fingers.

I did not feel awkward, or self-conscious, here with these men. Despite my garb, and my near nakedness, I sensed an incredible degree of belonging, of being part of them, and I smiled. I ate, but less from hunger than an appreciation of the delightful tastes of the food. And as my mouth appreciated the table, my eyes appreciated those around it. Movement to my right caught my attention, and I swivelled a little to see another slave stretch his beautiful body languorously over the soft cushions on the floor, until his face rested at the groin of his master. With a self satisfied smirk, he slowly licked the length of his man's penis while one hand slid tantalisingly slowly up the other's leg. And just as suddenly he lifted himself away again, the smile still on his face as he crawled toward the table to fetch them both glasses of wine.

My cock had grown at the sight, and remained semi hard as the lithe, hairless body of the other slave moved nearer to me.

"Hello, Australis," he said warmly, "Welcome to the Circle!"

"Uh, thanks ... Deltaris," I replied as his name suddenly formed in my mind. He stopped in his movement, then, almost directly before me, on hands and knees, and I watched as his eyes travelled slowly up my body and back again, to rest on my cock, which was already beginning to come to life once more.

"Nice!" he said with a grin, and I knew exactly what he meant. Almost casually, he reached out with one hand and his finger made contact with my nipple before sliding slowly across my abdomen, down over my pelvis and along the length of my prick.

I gasped with surprise, and delight, and looked around nervously. But although Arcturis and Ursus must have seen him, they made no comment or even indicated that they were aware of him. Unctius, seated almost beside where Deltaris knelt, looked over at us with an almost bored expression before re-focussing on his master. Suddenly a loud cough and a grumbling voice rang out, and I looked up to see Deltaris' master, Democratis, watching the two of us.

I began to panic, expecting the worst, but instead Democratis laughed loudly as he announced for all the room to hear: "Deltaris! I hope you have Arcturis' permission to play with his slave already. I declare, boy, that you are both insatiable and incorrigible. If Arcturis decides you should be punished for your brazenness, I will not stand in his way."

My Master finally acknowledged us, looking first at Democratis, then down to myself and Deltaris. But I felt a calm, easy sense of mirth in my mind, as he projected his unconcern to me. "And how would you suggest I punish him?" he asked aloud. "From what I recall, he enjoys most of the forms of abuse that many consider punishment."

Democratis laughed back. "You are correct, Arcturis! The worst punishment I can bring to mind would be to deny him the pleasures of congress! Yet I could not do that, for I can but admire him his enthusiasm, and I confess to great enjoyment in his submission and his eager body."

All of the others in the room chuckled at the comments, and only I seemed a little apprehensive. Even Deltaris appeared unconcerned and I guessed that this was merely a play between them, that no rules had been broken and no sensitivities offended.

"I could not justify any punishment," Arcturis said now. "Deltaris has simply shown that he possesses excellent taste - my Australis would easily be the most desirable man in the room, so I can only sympathise with your slave for wanting him, Democratis." I beamed with pride at the words, and felt another flicker of excitement in my groin. They were openly discussing the desirability of sex, and I could not but feel some arousal at the words.

"Truly, Arcturis?" came another voice from the end of the table. I glanced over, and knew in my mind that the master who spoke was Orientalis. "And how can you claim such without comparison?"

"You forget that I have shared all of your slaves," Arcturis said as he grinned mischievously.

"Ah, but we have not had the favour returned," said Orientalis. "My Occidentalis is, to my mind, the most energetic and pleasing partner a man could ever know."

I looked to his slave, to see Occidentalis slide his arms around his master's waist and smile with light hearted satisfaction.

"I have no fear of comparisons," Arcturis declared. "And should Australis wish to share himself, then those with whom he couples should be grateful and honoured," he said as he looked directly at me and winked.

The room quietened again as the others grinned and returned to their feasting. Deltaris collected drinks for himself and his master and backed away as if nothing had happened. I looked up to Arcturis, still a little confused, and he leaned down to me, whispering so that only I could hear.

"Do not be concerned, my Australis. I told you that joining with others was not only permitted but encouraged. And all here know that you are still new. They seek only to lessen any uneasiness you may feel, and to make light of the possible couplings later. You need only to understand and accept that whatever you wish to do is acceptable, as long as your emotional tie is to me, and mine to you. You should not feel guilt at the physical attraction to others, nor jealousy should I make physical contact with others. Remember that for eternity, you are mine and I am yours."

I nodded as he spoke, and relaxed slowly. The smiles around the room were friendly rather than lustful, and I saw the truth in his words. This life as part of the Circle could prove interesting indeed!

Without my realising it, time passed quickly. I felt fully recovered from our earlier exploits, but was happy to sit here at Arcturis' feet. I joined in the conversation easily enough and found that the others were genuinely interested in news of the outside world. Two others - Leviathis and Linguaris, my brain registered - joined us while we spoke, and the food and wine flowed freely. At one point I looked around to see Democratis and Deltaris locked in an embrace, Deltaris' hands caressing his master's growing tumescence. Fascinated, I stared at them, my own cock lengthening as they stood and Democratis all but carried his slave from the table towards a doorway off at one end of the room.

Arcturis' hand on my head, squeezing gently against the black leather of my hood, made me jump and brought my attention back to him. "Are you curious, my boy, or simply interested?" he asked softly.

"Uh, I don't know," I stammered. "A little of both, I guess. And maybe just a little horny as well," I blushed as I nodded to my own groin. He chuckled at that, sliding his arms around my chest, letting his fingers pinch tantalisingly at the circles of silver through my nipples.

"That isn't helping, Arcturis!" I said, trying to sound more annoyed and less pleased than I felt.

"Yes it is!" he replied, making a point of looking long and hard at my cock. "Perhaps we too should partake of the wonders of that room."

I simply smiled as I rubbed my body slowly against his legs. Without further comment, he lifted me to my feet, and I grimaced uncomfortably as my extended penis came into full view. But Arcturis placed his hand on my butt, squeezing my cheek firmly before leading me away from the table. His own cock was filling out as he did, yet the others seemed to take no notice of our departure. With growing anticipation, I followed my man through the exit where Democratis and Deltaris had gone earlier, wondering what would be revealed.

The room itself was dark, lit only faintly by candles around the walls. In fact, it was black, and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw that it was furnished in leather. Several slings floated in the air, black and silver. Nearby, a number of benches were covered in dark hide, and the floor all around was springy and black. Along the walls I could see various equipment, including large leather covered crosses, giant X's fitted out with wrist and ankle straps. And shelves filled with 'toys' - dildoes, butt plugs, nipple clamps, handcuffs and more. My heart beat faster as I surveyed the room, and began to notice its other occupants.

Democratis and Deltaris were there, now locked in a lusting embrace as they ground against each other's bodies. And a little away from the door, Orientalis stood against the prone form of Occidentalis, laying back in one of the slings, their motions clearly signalling that they were fucking, and fucking hard. I had not even realised that they had left the table. Once more I felt Arcturis by my side, and melted against him.

"Remember, Australis," he said gently. "The sole purpose of this place is physical pleasure. You need feel no guilt and no concern. Neither are you required to accept any order or request that you do not wish from anyone but me. Above all, enjoy!"

I acknowledged his advice with a nod of my head as I looked around the room with a combination of nervousness, marvel and growing excitement. I could not help but stare at the vision of Occidentalis, supine in his floating leather cocoon, the dark hide around his body contrasting with the gleaming silver of his adornments, his ankles in stirrups and his legs high and back, while Orientalis leaned into him, hands on his slave's chest while his long cock plunged in and out of Occidentalis' accepting cavern. The two of them gasped in shortened breaths in time with the clinking chains of the sling supports, and the swaying of the leather platform in the air.

I was so absorbed that I jumped a little with surprise when I felt Arcturis' fingers on my chest, flicking at the silver circles through my nubs. The distraction was both welcome and arousing, and I leaned back into him, happily finding the rising firmness of his erection already pressing into my spine.

His hands travelled across my abdomen, and his arms encircled me as his prong nudged its way between my arse cheeks. His legs spread and he pulled me into him, wrapping my body with his own, possessing me. I melted against him and sighed with pleasure as my cock sprang to rigid attention and my body tingled with anticipation. His mouth was at my head, his tongue massaging my ear through the leather of the hood I wore. I could feel the strength of his long legs pressing against my thighs as we sandwiched the textured hide of our chaps between us. I slid my arms back until I could feel the edges of his chaps and the warm silken heat of his flesh, cupping his butt in my hands, and pulling him against me. My cock now jutted out and up, pointing toward the pair in the sling and advertising to the rest of the room that I was aroused beyond measure.

Arcturis' hands now began to fondle my nuts, playing with the scrotum and massaging my eggs gently, one hand occasionally straying to slide up the length of my prick and back again. His long, twitching weapon trailed a river of pre-cum as it slid up and down my crack, poking from between my legs then retreating to the heated valley of my butt, now coated with the natural lubricant of his emission. My hole ached to be filled, my body alive with the expectations of being drilled by him yet again. And the sight when I opened my eyes - Orientalis ploughing himself into Occidentalis at the sling to my right, Democratis and Deltaris a blur of arms and legs, fingers and tongues as they explored and inflamed each other just before me. I was both voyeur and participant, and I found it erotic in the extreme.

Although my attention was diverted from what Arcturis was doing, I was not wholly unaware of the delightful sensations of his prick riding along my valley, or of the bliss of his fingers on my testicles. Keeping my eyes on the other two couples, I leaned my head back into his and trembled at the feeling of his mouth on my ear, gnawing at me through the heavy leather of my hood, his body enveloping my own as we stood there watching the show presented to us. My master nudged my legs apart and bent me at the knee by pushing his own knees into the backs of mine, then lowered himself even more to position his throbbing, rock hard cockhead with it's chrome adornment at my anus. With the slightest of upward pressure he began to enter me, and I happily relaxed to accept him. The cool metal of his piercing followed by the heated solidity of his knob prised apart my sphincter and slid unopposed into my rectum, the long strength of his manhood filling me as his PA scraped at my prostate and shot waves of ecstasy into my body.

Arcturis continued his penetration with a slow, steady drive into me, and my cock hardened to steel, a filament of glistening pre-cum stringing down from the cool circle of metal through my glans all the way to the floor. I sighed with pleasure as my man's weapon occupied the emptiness of my body and completed me. As Arcturis' cock finished its inward motion, and his heavy nuts pressed against my arse cheeks, I squeezed my anus around his mighty log and he stilled, until the two of us were joined, steady and watching the frenzied fucking of our companions on the sling. His fingers still caressed my eggs, then one hand pulled at the steel around my pole, while the other tugged out at the ring through my cockhead, making me moan with arousal. He began a slow motion humping then, sliding out of me a little before re-inserting himself into my bowel, while his hands travelled upward and he played a tantalising and erotic game of pinching on my tits, the hard metal exciting my nubs into miniature erections of heated skin.

I closed my eyes and let my body concentrate on the joys being pounded into me as I surrendered myself to Arcturis and hungrily swallowed his masculinity with my anus. He fucked at me unhurriedly, enjoying the long slow strokes with which he rode my arse and possessed my innards. I swore I could feel every ridge of his prong, every vein in his meat as the wet squelching sound of his fuck mingled with the groans from my throat, and the slapping of skin against skin and gasping breaths of Democratis fucking Deltaris no more than a metre or two from us.

Without breaking his rhythm, Arcturis whispered to me, "Open your eyes!"

I did as ordered, and found myself staring at Deltaris, directly in front of me, on his hands and knees, his arse pointed upward and his head pulled back by Democratis' hand gripping his hood. Behind and above him, his master was in a semi-crouching position, boots flat on the floor and knees bent as his long, glistening cock pounded in and out of Deltaris' hole. Democratis was fucking his slave with heated ferocity, plunging himself down and into Deltaris before lifting up to thunder against him once more. As they fucked, both master and slave looked directly at me and Arcturis, a glint of lust in their faces as they watched me bounce up and down on my master's incredible tool.

"Let me ... suck your ... cock now!" Deltaris grunted between Democratis' thundering shoves into his body.

"Yes, Australis," his master hissed, "Come and shove that cock of yours into this slave's throat."

My heart rate jumped at the thought of being fucked by Arcturis and sucked by Deltaris simultaneously. Adrenaline pumped through me, and I heard Arcturis' voice in my head.

"Do you want it, my little slave? Do you wish to share yourself?"

"Uh huh," I whispered at him nervously, excited but uncertain.

"Then we shall!"

With that, he half carried, half walked me forward, pumping himself in and out of my body all the way, until we stood directly before the doubled over Deltaris and his crouching master.

"Go on," Arcturis urged me silently, "Say it!"

My inhibitions retreated, and I looked at Deltaris and Democratis with renewed interest and arousal. Staring directly into the other slave's eyes, I spoke in a commanding tone.

"Suck this cock, boy!" I ordered. "Take it all, and swallow it deep!"

"Yes, Sir!" Deltaris responded, and my prick shuddered with erotic anticipation. Just the words were enough to send shivers through me, and when he complied, enveloping my manhood in wet, suctioning heat, I moaned involuntarily, every nerve in my body alive and singing. My insides were alive, rubbed and filled by Arcturis' giant tool, my cock engulfed in blistering heated pleasure. So close I could touch him, Democratis huffed and gasped as he plunged himself harder and deeper into his boy, and all about me the aroma of musky sweat and raw male sex filled the air. The squeal of leather against leather and the sight of the black hide and silver pinpricks of metal inflamed my senses, and I responded by fucking my cock into Deltaris' throat in time with the ramming motion of Arcturis into my own body.

"Let's have some fun," Arcturis declared. He slid his inflamed erection from me, leaving me empty for the moment, but held me in place so that Deltaris' mouth did not leave my cock. I couldn't see what my master was doing, but suddenly he was beneath me, lying on his back, and sliding up between my widespread legs. He came to a stop with Deltaris' knees on either side of his head, and reached for my legs, gripping at my chaps and pulling at me until I understood what he wanted. I bent my knees and lowered myself to him, careful not to let my rampant prick slip from the other slave's lips. As Deltaris continued to suck at me, I squatted over my Master and dropped, impaling myself on his upturned spike, and driving that huge spear of flesh and metal into my gut. I began to bounce around on Arcturis with abandon, the pleasure incredible, as Deltaris somehow swallowed my rod even deeper into his gullet. Arcturis lifted his head and took the slave's dripping prong into his own mouth, sucking it in and slurping at the meaty pole. Democratis' cock ploughed into his slave's rear continuously, his balls slapping against the other's rounded cheeks and flicking across my own master's forehead as Arcturis' face came up to meet his fellow master's plunging groin with each thundering shove.

Suddenly, Democratis reefed his sword from his slave's body and stood upright, crowing above the mass of intertwined bodies beneath him. Stepping forward to straddle both his own slave and my Master, he waved the glistening pillar of his manliness centimetres from my face. I could see the wetness of his cock, still covered with Deltaris' juices, sparkling, twitching and unbelievably desirable and inviting, right before me.

"You want some of this, slave?" he hissed in a barely audible voice. Almost as if by way of encouragement, Arcturis speared himself up and into me with a ferocious intensity, nudging me forward and even closer to the waiting log of flesh.

"Yes, Sir," I gasped, opening my mouth wide.

Democratis did not wait for a second invitation. Instantly, he lunged forward, driving his thick cock into my throat, shoving himself deep into my gullet as I fought the urge to gag and swallowed him completely. His heavy, rounded nuts crashed against my chin, and I tasted the slimy remnants of his slave on him. At the same time, Arcturis lunged inwards again while drawing Deltaris' prick deep into his own throat, and the other slave renewed his attack on my cock with increased vigour. Together, the four of us now humped and sucked at each other, a fevered collection of bodies filling each other and driving the group upwards and on into passionate frenzy.

I don't know how long we stayed like that, but it felt like hours and at the same time only seconds. The pleasure was indescribable, the arousal intense and the erotic stimulation almost too much as I felt myself heading for a peak. Then almost as suddenly as he had started, Democratis stopped, wrenching himself from my mouth, and laughing throatily.

"I think my slave need his arse filled again," he said with a malevolent chuckle. "Deltaris, turn around, boy!"

The other slave obeyed his master's command, relinquishing his hold on my cock and sitting back, grinning widely as he looked once more into my face. While Arcturis continued his relentless pounding into me, Deltaris quickly stood and spun around, kneeling again over my Master, but this time with his twitching hole aimed toward me.

"Do you want it, Australis?" I heard him ask. "It's yours for the taking!"

"Yeah, boy," his Master confirmed. "Plough that fuck-hole with your cock. Enjoy the delights my slave has to offer."

"Go on, Australis," Arcturis joined the chorus of urging. "Show him what an amazing phallus you have, make him beg for more!"

Wordlessly, shaking with anticipation, I placed my hands on the smooth darkness of Deltaris' chaps, gripping his hips and drawing him to me. Arcturis slowed a little, and with my sphincter clenching tightly around my man's glorious spear, I pressed the rock hard head of my cock against the inviting pinkness of the other slave. For a second we stilled, and I could sense that he was willing himself to relax, and then Arcturis pumped himself into me again, forcing my body forward and driving my ringed penis into Deltaris' waiting chute. As the muscles of his sphincter opened to take me, I felt the squelching wet heat of his cavern vacuum my manhood inside. The chrome circle embedded in my prick dragged to one side, pulling against me and sending new waves of undiscovered sensation through my body. I drove myself deeper into that warm softness, feeling the knot of nerves that was Deltaris' prostate as my crowned weapon rode over it, then plunging further into the welcoming body, until my pelvis crunched to a grinding stop against his butt.

Arcturis resumed his humping of me now, grinning up into my face as I stared down at him over Deltaris' shoulder. Unknown heights of pleasure assailed my senses as I fucked and was fucked both at once. My arse was filled and pounded with my Master's cock, while my own cock probed the depths of the other slave, driving deeper and harder into him with each cycle. I fell into a steady rhythm of unbridled and lusty joy, ramming myself into Deltaris just as Arcturis pulled himself out of me, then wrenching my body backward and withdrawing my cock until only the tip, and the edges of my PA, remained in Deltaris, while simultaneously Arcturis thundered his pile driver of meat into my hungry body.

Democratis stood over the three of us for some time, a towering figure of black leather and shining silver, stroking his own cock with one hand while pinching at his tits with the other, his legs spread wide and the smile on the lower part of his face below the edge of his hood growing ever greater. Once more I became engrossed in sensational bliss, my cock and my arse each relaying untold messages of pleasure to my brain. My hands slid forward and gripped at the straps of Deltaris' harness as I fucked him hard, occasionally pinching at his nipples while my cock lost itself in his gut, and my Master filled my innards with his spearing pole of maleness.

I sensed that Democratis was no longer above us, but took little heed, so lost in the joy of this double pleasure as I was, until I felt his hands on my back. His fingers tracing the lines of my harness until they found the edge of my chaps, then his hands cupping my butt before caressing my leather clad thighs. In a haze of erotic arousal, I realised he was pressing against me now, his cockhead slippery and hot against the flesh of my cheeks as he crouched over the place where my Master rammed his cock into my body. With the unrelenting and blissful friction of Arcturis' prong riding in and out of my arse still driving me on, I felt Democratis lower himself until his own cockhead was riding against Arcturis' shaft, hard against the upper rim of my anus.

"How would you like to double the pleasure, Australis?" Democratis whispered loud enough for all of us to hear. "You want to know the feeling of two cocks at once, you hungry little slave?"

An icicle of doubt shot through my brain, and I slowed my pounding of Deltaris' body. The thought of being fucked by both Arcturis and Democratis at the same time, both cocks stretching my hole, was both unnerving and yet exhilarating, arousing me even as I considered it.

"Come on, slaveboy," Democratis urged again, rubbing his steel hard prick against my skin as Arcturis continued to slide his weapon into me. My heart raced, and my cock grew even harder with excitement, as I drove it still deeper into Deltaris.

A voice in my head - Arcturis - asked gently: 'Do you want to do this, my little one? You are under no obligation.'

I answered in kind, forming the thoughts in my addled brain. 'I think so, my Master. It's exciting me incredibly just thinking about it. But I'm not sure if I can do it.'

'You can if you wish. Just relax your body completely, surrender everything as you have done before. I will ease you through, and remember: one of the organs filling you shall be mine.'

'Okay, I will do it!' I answered Arcturis in my mind. At the same time I hissed aloud, "Yes, Sir, do it! Join my master and fuck me with both of your cocks!"

With my confirmation, Arcturis slowed his pace, and I also ceased my pounding. Deltaris had heard, and knew what was happening, and he pressed backwards against me and stopped, waiting for the rest of us, allowing me to concentrate on what was happening. My cock remained lodged in his arse, but I felt almost detached from it as I sensed what was unfolding at my own rear.

With Arcturis inside me yet but now stilled, Democratis returned to his semi crouch, his knees bent by my sides. For a fleeting second I marvelled at the control of his leg muscles to be able to stay in such a position for so long, and then I felt his cockhead again, sliding along the crack of my arse. I took a deep breath, and tried as best I could to relax my sphincter muscle. Both of the men, my own Master Arcturis, and Democratis, were so big. Arcturis already stretched my hole incredibly, and once again I began to doubt that I could take both he and Democratis at once.

'Relax and surrender,' came Arcturis' voice in my mind. 'Give yourself over entirely to me, relinquish all control, all power to your Master, and enjoy!'

I nodded vaguely, emptying my mind of conscious thought, and trying to relax myself completely. It wasn't easy with Deltaris clenching his arse around my cock every now and then to remind me that I was still lodged deep within his gut, but I let my feelings go and gave myself over to Arcturis and Democratis, granting them total domination of me.

With Arcturis' reassuring voice inside my head, I felt Democratis' hand on my back, pushing me forward. His voice came to my ears. "Relax, slave boy, open yourself and let the pleasure fill you!" Bending to his physical urging as I surrendered my emotional misgivings to Arcturis, I leaned forward, effectively squeezing Deltaris between myself and Arcturis. He in turn gripped even harder at me, refusing to let my still throbbing manhood escape his ring.

Democratis again crouched over me, his cockhead sliding lower within the valley between my arse cheeks. His left hand was planted firmly on my hip, his right index finger trailing his meaty head across my butt. I sensed his prick withdraw from my flesh, but his digit continued its trail until it met up with Arcturis' pulsating shaft, spearing my sphincter. In my mind, I saw Democratis trace the underside of my master's cock, following the line of his tube until it disappeared into my body, and then I felt the slow but firm invasion of his finger, sliding carefully into me, prising open my hole to gain entry. I felt stretched, but not as badly as I had feared, while Democratis inserted his finger into me, up to the knuckle, and began to worm it around inside me, preparing me for what was to come.

Turning his palm upwards, I felt the other Master hook at my muscle and begin to open me more, and then his rounded, solid knob was against my skin, begging entrance to me. His finger remained in place as he began slowly to exert more pressure with his weight, urging himself against my resisting anus. Arcturis spoke to me again, his voice inside of me. 'Relax, surrender, enjoy' said his thoughts. I did as he told me, emptying my mind and pushing back with my gut at the same time. With a stronger but still easy push, Democratis overcame my defences, his finger slipping out of me as his mushroom cap broke through, popping inside my ravaged arse and becoming still.

Pain there was, but neither as intense nor as lasting as I had feared. It seemed almost to have been deadened, anaesthetised by something more, some deep and over-riding power filling me. I resisted the urge to clench my buttocks, and as the pain retreated at speed, I suddenly realised that Democratis was inside me, with Arcturis. I had two cocks in my arse at once, and amazingly I was neither torn nor injured! In fact, although I felt stretched incredibly, I also found it unbelievably erotic. I let out a long sigh of combined pleasure and relief.

Sensing my relaxation and acceptance, Democratis slowly began to press again, sliding the full length of his impressive tool into my body, running it along the shaft of Arcturis' cock as he did, and filling me even further. Once his head had entered me there was no further stretching of my arse, but now my gut was filling as it had never been filled before. A moan escaped me, confessing to all that I found this double insertion quite enjoyable after all. Steadily and slowly, Democratis continued inwards, while Arcturis waited unmoving and patient, until the entire length of the other's tool was now inside me. I swore I could feel the hardness of the metal ring in Democratis' cock as it massaged my canal, and slid into position alongside Arcturis. Finally, he stopped, pressed as far into me as he could go. Arcturis and Democratis both stilled, their penises aligned and pressed together, metal against metal, shaft against shaft, held tightly in place by my rectum, their large and rolling testicles caressing each other as they hung outside my body.

Arcturis projected into my mind thoughts of incredible pleasure, and intense arousal, and I knew that it was not just me. I shared the wondrous feeling of passionate eroticism that my Master knew with his prick clenched hard against the matching length of Democratis inside me, the clinking of their respective piercings against each other, both buried in the wet heat of my innards. For a long moment I remained as I was, experiencing the intensity of a thousand sensations as my body was filled by both men at once, and my cock enveloped by the moist warmth of Deltaris' body. Almost involuntarily, I ground myself forward, driving my prick deeper into the other slave.

This had the amazing effect of causing the doubled cocks of Arcturis and Democratis to slide backwards from my arse. Almost at once I hunched back again, drawing my own weapon from it's living scabbard a little. I gasped with the pleasure of fucking and being fucked simultaneously, and quickly began a rhythm of lurching, forward and back, ploughing myself into Deltaris before impaling my ravaged arse upon the two giant cocks inside me, and repeating the motion over and over. Moaning loudly and grunting with delight, I allowed my Master and his partnered Democratis to take control, surrendering to them as they plunged in and out of me as one, driving me forward and into the other slave, faster and harder with each thundering jab.

My senses went into overdrive as the indescribable thickness of the doubled cocks in my arse rammed at me like a pile driver, while the vacuum suctioning of Deltaris beneath me gripped and squelched around my own cock. The scent of leather, rich and strong, filled the air, combining with the musky sweat of rutting males to complement the vision of leather clad bodies, entwined and shuddering, which filled my mind. In my ears, muffled only slightly by the soft hide of my hood, was the sound of gasping hisses and the squeal of leather against leather, and I felt my entire body tingle and twitch with unbridled erotic pleasure as I quickly approached an all-consuming climax.

Every nerve in my body screamed aloud the electric passion of arousal. Every part of me thrilled to the grinding, racing tremble of the four bodies joined as one, in which I was the sandwiched and inflamed centre. I doubted I could forego the explosion building in my groin for much longer, when suddenly the bliss was exploding into new heights. Democratis and Arcturis had until now fucked me as one, their long, thick weapons locked together. But just as I thought this could get no better, Democratis reversed direction, so that as he pushed into me, Arcturis was withdrawing. Their thrusts now counterbalanced each other, the friction of the two phalluses holding open my body sending torrential floodwaters of pleasure into me.

Deltaris flexed yet again, and his glorious cavern gripped at my rod, milking me with ferocity as I desperately sought to hold onto consciousness, the elevated arousal filling me, almost too much to bear. Suddenly, in my mind, I felt Arcturis' pleasure also. My Master projected to me his own sensations as his giant prong slammed in and out of me, massaged and scraped by the massive cock of Democratis as it shared my tunnel and travelled in the opposite direction. The grinding of one against the other, the rough hardness of their piercings stimulating each, filled my brain and I hissed with uncontrollable delight.

Without warning, I exploded. A thousand colours kaleidoscoped within my head as my body went into spasms. Fucked and fucking, I lost all sense of time or place and surrendered to nothing but pure physical release as my balls emptied themselves and my cock spewed a river of manjuice into the greedy chute of the slave whose leathered frame shook beneath me. I was only vaguely aware of the doubled, simultaneous eruption of the two cocks within me as both Arcturis and Democratis gave up their precious essence, pumping it into the crowded cavity that was my innards. So much rich and powerful ejaculation did they share that I could not contain it all, and a creamy flow cascaded from me, around their still pistoning appendages and down my inner thighs.

Deltaris too was twitching and hissing beneath me. I felt his sphincter clench and grip at my manhood again and again, and knew that he too was shooting his seed, rivers of ejaculate streaming out over Arcturis' chest and upper body. For hours, at least that was how it felt, I continued to cum, as did my companions. The usually brief intensity of climax seemed to go on forever, and I felt as if I had left my body. I could still feel the glorious gripping heat of Deltaris' arse around my cock, could still sense the stretched ravages of my hole, and the incredible filling of both Arcturis and Democratis inside of me at once, but as on another plane of consciousness, I looked down upon the scene, myself in the middle of it all, and found it more erotic than ever.

Slowly, gasping for breath, I felt my orgasm subside; felt the pounding of my two fuckers quieten and still; felt the quaking trembles of the man in whom I was buried ease and fall into exhausted completion. My heart was still pounding, my blood still racing, as Democratis carefully extracted himself from me with a wet and sloppy gush. He moved around and lifted his slave into his arms, as my cock slid noisily from its receptacle, trails of ejaculate dripping to my Master's abdomen. As Democratis pulled his slave into his arms, he and Deltaris collapsed together on the floor alongside us. Arcturis remained lodged within me, but he somehow sat up and took me in his arms, supporting me as his prick lurched a little and probed my ravaged innards once more.

Despite our just completed explosion, I was still excited, still hard and aroused. Amazingly, I thought I could hear the sounds of our fucking still in my head, but I saw Arcturis and the other couple look to my left. I turned my head to follow their gaze and discovered that Ursus and his slave Unctius had joined us in the room. They stood no more than a metre from us, Ursus fucking at his slave's arse with a powerful ferocity; Unctius bent forward, gasping and hissing as he flailed at his own prick, both of them staring intently at the four of us on the floor. I felt myself tingling yet again, and sensed Arcturis began to thrust upward into me still. Suddenly, Ursus whipped his massive prong from within Unctius' body, and fisted the long thick meat with one hand, as the other grabbed at his slave's body. Unctius straightened, and continued to jerk at his cock, until almost as one they both reached a peak, and a shower of creamy ejaculate shot from each, long ropes of their essence snaking out from them and down onto the four of us. I was feeling so turned on, and Arcturis was once more jabbing his beautiful dagger deep into me. Incredulous and ecstatic, I felt another orgasm racing to crescendo within my body. In a matter of minutes I was shaking once more as my master filled me with yet more of his essence.

I heard, rather than saw, Democratis and Deltaris locked in the throes of passionate coupling as my man and I exploded into climax again. They were mimicking us as best I could tell, Democratis lying on his back while Deltaris sat astride his Master and fucked himself down onto Democratis' rigid pole. I raced Arcturis through the zenith of our delights, simultaneously shooting and gasping with him, and began yet again to descend from the high peaks of ecstasy.

Suddenly, unbidden, came a voice in my head - but it was not Arcturis.

'Wonderful, glorious! Come to me now, slave, and share with me your delights! Let me take you to unexplored abuses, for I am the dominance and absolute power you need to rule you!'

"No!" I screamed aloud, looking about in terror. This voice was full of menace and mastery, there was no tenderness, no love in it at all.

'Yes!' it commanded. 'You are nothing but a slave. You will do as ordered. Come to me!' I looked around wildly, and Ursus was there staring at me intently, his eyes aflame with lust. I felt a strange pulling motion, sensed that I was being physically taken from my Arcturis, my Master.

In near total panic, I blanked out all thought from my mind but the desire to get away, to be safe in Arcturis' arms. With every ounce of strength I had left, I willed myself and my Master to be free of the danger, to be alone together. A roaring crash ripped through my head and blackness cascaded over me as I flung my arms around Arcturis and lost consciousness.


I opened my eyes cautiously, and not without some effort. The final thundering urge that had crashed through my mind and carried myself and Arcturis away from the room had drained me completely. All about me was darkness, but a soft, welcoming darkness. I moved, just a little, and felt a body beneath my own, warm and strong. I needed no confirmation that it was my man, but Arcturis ran his hand slowly down my chest, his lips against the leather of my hood, whispering into my ear.

"Are you alright now, my Australis?"

"Uh huh," I nodded, lying back against him and relaxing, feeling his chaps against my waist, warming to the familiarity of his now flaccid manhood nestled against my back. I absently allowed my hands to wander along his thighs, caressing the hide encased muscles as I did. "Where are we?"

"In our private sanctuary within the Keep. Here, we have complete control, no other can enter this room but you and I. It is protected by our union and by the power of the Lord Priapus himself." He leaned forward a little, holding me in a hug, and I accepted the embrace before swivelling around to face him. "That was quite extraordinary!" he said softly.

"Sorry ...?"

Arcturis quieted for a moment, removing the hood from my head. I felt bare without it. He reached up and lifted his own hood away, allowing me to gaze on his beautiful features once more. With a look of uncertainty he spoke again.

"Australis, you moved us both from the room we shared with the others by your thoughts."

"But we can do that - you explained to me before about it. When we transported ourselves to each other ...?"

"Yes," he said slowly. "But that was your surrendering to me, and accepting whatever I ordered, so that our combined thoughts moved us. This was different. This time, your thoughts overpowered mine - your desperate plea for safety so strong that I opened my own mind to you, and it was you who brought us here."

"How could I have done that?" I asked, perplexed. "I didn't even know we had a private sanctuary, let alone where it is."

He looked hard at me. "I can only assume that with the power of our minds joined, your desire for safety merged with my knowledge to bring us here. But still it is most unusual. I have never known of a slave taking control like that, and so soon after your commencement in the Circle!"

His eyes bored into mine, and I swore I could sense his thoughts in my head again, but when he spoke it was in the usual way. "So what happened? What caused such intense need to flee that place? There should have been no concern for any of us within the Keep, surrounded by the other members of the Circle."

I shuddered as I recalled the final moments of our orgy. With trepidation, I looked at him carefully before putting my thoughts into words.

"It was Ursus," I began. His brows raised in question, but he let me continue. "At the very moment when we were finishing. I was in paradise, when suddenly he wanted me for himself."

"But I told you, my slave boy, that you have the right to refuse any offer from another Master. Besides, I did not hear him call you."

"No, it was not spoken. His voice was in my head, his thoughts inside me the way that we are able to do. And I felt my body being pulled from you, towards him. I did not realise others can communicate with us the same way, and the thought of being taken from you scared me so much. I panicked ... please don't be upset with me!"

Arcturis looked at me in amazement. Again I felt his mind inside my own, probing my emotions. "You speak the truth!" he declared at last, and the look of surprise on his face was slowly replaced with anger. "This is wrong!" he hissed. "Ursus had no right to do this. You are right to be concerned - the ability to join minds only exists because of our union with each other. I do not know how Ursus managed it, but he has violated one of the most sacred of our codes!"

Now I became scared. "Have I caused problems within the Circle?" I asked. "Have I broken some rule?"

"No, my Australis, it is not you who is at fault." Arcturis' tone mellowed a little, from anger to sadness. "Ursus is in the wrong. The only explanation for his actions is that you are 'new blood' for the Circle, and that he came to us from the world when slaves were truly nothing more than chattels, when his homeland on the northern of the American continents was infamous for the way one race enslaved another."

"But what happens now? Does this mean that I - and he - have broken the power of the circle?" I trembled at the thought that I may have destroyed this brotherhood already.

"No, my boy. The Circle goes on." Arcturis took my face in his hands and smiled at me, reassuring me. "This will have to brought to the attention of the Circle, and the Lord Priapus will be consulted. If Ursus is found to have made a temporary but reparable error, then he shall be warned and the mistake corrected."

"And if it can't be?"

My Master sighed, long and sad. "It has happened only once since I joined the Circle, although I understand that there are earlier incidents as well. The Lord Priapus shall examine the mind of Ursus carefully, and use all of his powers to help him. But sometimes a mind is corrupted beyond measure and beyond redemption. Then the Lord shall act to expel Ursus from the brotherhood, and the search shall commence for one who shall replace him. The Circle shall once again be broken, and in need of rebuilding."

I shivered involuntarily. "All because I have joined it," I said, more to myself than anything.

"No, do not think that way!" Arcturis hurried to assure me. "The breaking, and renewal, of the Circle is a major event for us. You were fated to become one of us, drawn here by the Lord Priapus himself. That your arrival and acceptance should cause further turmoil is not of your doing, but part of the upheaval we have known of late."

Another thought occurred to me as I reasoned my way through the events of the evening. "Arcturis, what happened to your previous slave? If I have re-completed the Circle, then how was it broken?"

The sadness returned to his eyes for a fleeting second. "I wondered when you would ask of this," he said calmly. "He whom you replaced; Athacaris was his name; was killed. The time between his passing and your arrival was difficult for us, for me particularly, although it passed quickly within these walls. In the outside world, almost two and a half decades rolled by."

"But I thought you said we couldn't be killed!" I asked incredulously.

"No, my slave, I said we cannot die by natural means. Disease holds no dominion over us. But weapons can pierce our bodies and destroy us just as effectively as they can any mortal man."

"So why don't you all just stay inside the castle, then? Avoid the outside world, and the possibility of harm?"

"Unfortunately, we must have need of contact with the outside world from time to time. The feast you enjoyed at the table does not materialise from nothing, and neither do our candles, or other staples. And above this is the necessity to be appraised of movements in the world of mortals. This Keep, this castle, is safe enough in times of peace, but it has been attacked in the past and may be again. We need to be aware of possible danger and to prepare for it. Yet even so, we venture forth as seldom as possible, and it is left to those members who prefer to see what the world is doing, to make the journey. Many of us avoid outside forays wherever possible." He paused then, thinking again, a wistful look in his eyes. "Athacaris was one who did not leave the Keep at all. He and I preferred to stay within the walls. It was by chance that word came of a barrel of wine awaiting collection in the village when those would usually go, Volaris and Vianticus, were away elsewhere.

"We reasoned that it was a simple enough exercise, and with the enthusiasm born of ignorance, he and I set out to collect the wine. It had been many years since we had ventured outside. Athacaris and myself had not left this place in more than a century! When we strolled into the township things were quiet enough, but we were unprepared for the modern inventions - one of these mechanical carriages ..."

"Cars," I interrupted him.

"... yes, one of these 'cars', attacked him; rolled directly over him, crushing his life away. I could do nothing to save him, nothing to revive him." Tears were forming in his eyes.

"Arcturis, I'm so sorry," I said with meaning. But he brightened quickly.

"Yet here you are. The Circle is complete again, and I have found in you the love and honour of the most worthy of slaves," he finished with a benevolent smile.

"You waited so long for me? What did you say - two decades?" I marvelled at his patience.

"Twenty-three cycles of the seasons," he said firmly. "But that time passed much more quickly here, for myself and the Circle, than it did in the outside world."

I digested that information, and then it occurred to me - "Twenty-three years? That's how old I am!"

"Indeed, my little slave. Do you not see that the Lord Priapus sees to all our needs? It was not coincidence which led you to us. I believe firmly that Athacaris' spirit fled from his ruined body to you, newly born. Your entire life outside was a journey, bringing you to us, to re-take your place in the Circle."

Scepticism was my first reaction, but I said nothing. After all I had seen, and heard, and experienced, in the last days and weeks, it was quite possible that he was right. Who was I to argue?

Silence descended upon us again, alone together in our sanctuary. I lay on my belly, between my Master's widespread legs, looking up at him in satisfied happiness. The straps of his harness criss-crossed his chest above me and the glimmer of his piercings flickered in my eyes, almost at level with his long but somnolent cock. On an impulse I leaned forward and suckled his flaccidity into my mouth, tasting him and rolling his softened tube around my tongue. I looked up again at him and he smiled as I surrendered my prize.

"We should convene the Circle," he said seriously. "Ursus needs to be brought to account for what he has done."

I grinned back at my man. "Of course," I said. "But do we have to do it right now? I feel very much recovered after our rest and our talk." As I spoke, I dragged a fingernail along the shaft of his penis, stopping when I reached his PA, and pulling gently at the ring of silver through his cockhead. He made no reply, but the quickly lengthening meat between his legs told me all I wanted to hear.

"You know, Arcturis," I hissed, checking to see that he was paying attention since his mouth seemed to be otherwise engaged on my nipples. "Apart from being upset by Ursus, the rest of our 'session' with the others was really exciting ..."

"But ?" he said softly, sensing my hesitation.

"But ..." I went on, " ... I much prefer it when it is just the two of us."

"Did you feel uncomfortable, then; sharing in physical pleasure with the others?' he asked, now concerned.

"No, not really. It was hot, and I wouldn't mind repeating it, but it didn't have the same intensity, the same sense of love and belonging, that I feel when I am sharing with you only. With the others involved in was incredibly arousing, but it was just a jumble of cocks and arses, bodies on bodies. With you and I alone, there is so much more, a deepness, a real joining of body and mind, which makes it so much better."

He smiled at me. "Of course it is! We are meant to be as one. If you wish to forego the sharing with others, then we shall do so. I would be most honoured and satisfied to enjoy only you, and not to have others involved, if you so wish."

I thought for a moment. "Arcturis, I am not saying that I would never want to have physical sex with the other members of the Circle. But I would like it to be the exception rather than the rule. Maybe it's part of my social conditioning - these days being gay is becoming more acceptable, but with that acceptance comes a responsibility, and a freedom. The responsibility and freedom combined of being able to commit to one other person, and to stay faithful to that one man."

Now it was his turn for thought. "I see that the outside world has changed much in recent years," he said softly. "We should talk more about this with the others. It gladdens me to know that such acceptance, and such fidelity between lovers is becoming widespread."

I think he would have gone on, but I silenced him once more with a kiss on his lips before sliding myself backwards, keeping my eyes locked on his, until my face was at his feet. I slowly licked my own lips, and then began to run my tongue over his boots. His eyes sparkled and his cock sprang to attention as I felt the familiar, welcome tingling in my body and tasted the hide of his chaps.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!