Joy to the World 3

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Iain slept well that night, better than he had for years in fact. At one point he lazily woke during the early hours, to find Joy still pressed into him, his shoulders against Iain's chest, Iain's arms around Joy's body, as if they hadn't moved since they'd finished the incredible session of love-making the previous day. Contented and satisfied, the older man had returned to his dreams, warm and snug against the firm young body sharing his bed.

Joy didn't stir for the entire night. Despite his reassurances that he was well, the combination of the incident in the surf with the exertion of making love with Iain had left him completely spent, and he slept the sleep of the just, deep and untroubled, safe in the arms of the older man.

When morning found the two, still intertwined, it smiled upon a scene of bliss, and almost reluctantly it slowly roused them from slumber to face the new day.

Iain was the first out of bed, gently disentangling himself from Joy and carefully leaving the warmth of the bed to relieve himself, and get started on breakfast. He had thrown a bathrobe over himself in deference to modesty, and did his best to be as quiet as he could, to allow Joy as much sleep as possible to recover from the events of the day before. And in the back of his mind there was a niggling doubt.

"What if last night was a mistake?" he wondered silently. "Was I taking advantage of him in his sense of obligation for saving him? Did he really want me, or would anyone have fulfilled his needs, and I was just in the right place at the right time?" He tried desperately to convince himself that what had happened between them was good and right and inspired by true feelings for each other, but still the uncertainty gnawed at him.

He heard a stirring, movement from the bedroom, and put aside his concerns for the moment, hurrying in to see that Joy was okay.

"Good morning," Iain offered brightly as Joy sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Hi," the young man replied dazedly.

"I guessed that you'd skip your usual morning surf!" Iain grinned, and Joy eagerly nodded his agreement, a wry smile on his face at the thought of his last encounter with the waves. "I'm just starting coffee. Throw some clothes on and come out to the kitchen when you're ready, okay?"

Joy looked up at Iain, a question on his face. "Do you mind if I have a shower first?" he asked.

"Of course not! There's towels in the bathroom, take your time," Iain answered.

Joy slowly lifted himself from the bed and made his way into the shower as Iain returned to the kitchen and set about making some breakfast for them. With the hot water on as strong as he could bear it, Joy stood under the shower and let the cascading heat bring him back to life as clouds of steam enveloped him. He felt surprisingly good, with only a slight ache where the bump on his head was beginning to shrink as a reminder of his near-drowning. But it wasn't his body that was in turmoil this morning. As he stood there, he tried to analyze what had happened between himself and Iain, and how he felt about it, and wondered how Iain was going to react now. His brain tumbled with a hundred unanswered questions and his heart fluttered with the range of emotions as he stood there in Iain's shower, wishing he could see into the future.

Finally, he could stand there no longer, and shutting off the water he dried himself and pulled on the same loose track-pants and sweater he had worn the day before. Rubbing dry his hair, he went in search of Iain, and hopefully some answers.

"Feeling better?" Iain greeted him again as he emerged.

"Uh, yeah, heaps. Thanks!"

"There's coffee in the pot, and cereal and milk on the table for you," Iain announced as he moved over to the breakfast bar himself, pouring each of them a large tumbler of juice.

"You'll spoil me!" said Joy, but smiled as he did. That was a thought that appealed to him, being spoiled by this man.

"Nonsense! You're still not fully healed. It takes a while to get over something like what happened to you yesterday," Iain lectured as Joy sat and ate. "I've already rung my office to take today off as well, ..." he held up his hand for silence as Joy started to protest. " ... it will do me the world of good to have another day off, and since it's Friday, that gives me a nice long weekend." He looked as if were going to add something else, but thought better of it.

Joy simply smiled weakly and accepted the news. Secretly, he was immensely pleased that Iain would be around for the next three days, but at the same time he was still full of questions about last night, about the sex they had shared, about how Iain felt. Hell, he didn't even know how he felt. Somehow, he couldn't make the words come out. And Iain seemed to be so bright, so talkative, almost as though he were forcing it. Iain's voice dragged him back into the real world.

"... and we should probably get you some clothes that fit," he was saying. "Not that I don't like the look of you in those sweats, but I'm sure you'd feel more comfortable in your own things."

"I guess so," Joy responded quietly.

Iain watched him eating, and could see that there was something on his mind. He knew that Joy wasn't completely following the conversation, and wondered what was bothering the young man. The apparent reluctance to talk concerned him, as Iain pondered yet again whether Joy might be having serious reservations about what had happened between them, even about being here at all. As Joy finished his cereal in silence and downed a large portion of his juice, Iain made up his mind. Better to get things out in the open now than to let them smoulder. He took a deep breath and sat down facing directly opposite Joy.

"Joy," he said with a firm but quiet tone. "We need to talk ..."

The younger man looked up quickly, an expression of surprise mixed with fear on his face.

Iain went on determinedly. "I didn't plan on us having sex yesterday afternoon, but it happened anyway. And it was fantastic!"

Joy's eyes mirrored the questions on his mind as he stared into Iain's face.

"But I want you to know that if you have any regrets about it, then I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you into it, especially when you were recovering from the morning."

Joy was dumbstruck for a moment, until he found his voice. "But you didn't `push me'. It was me who pushed you, it was me who used you," he said in a soft pleading tone.

"No," Iain responded quickly. "I knew what was happening, and I wanted it, wanted you, badly. I should have had some more self-control."

Joy chuckled softly at that. "Are you saying I didn't want it to happen?" he asked. "Because if that's what you think, then you are so way off target! I needed you, and I wanted it to happen so much ..."

"Maybe you did," Iain said. "Maybe we both did. That doesn't mean it was right." His eyes were down now, looking at the table top, unable to meet Joy's stare. "I just feel ... I don't know, strange. I don't sleep around as such, and I never do `one-night-stands', so I'm feeling as confused as hell right now. And scared ..."

Joy's surprise had turned into amazement. Amazement that Iain, this strong, mature man, who had the wealth of experience and maturity, could feel confused or scared about what had happened. Heaven knew that was exactly what Joy felt, but he hadn't expected Iain to feel the same.

"Is that what last night was?" Joy asked, fighting back his emotion, "Just a one night stand?"

"God, I hope not!" said Iain quickly and sharply, before he gasped at his own admission, and drew in his breath, looking back to Joy again.

"Joy, I'm sorry to lay something so heavy on you so soon, but I need to know if what we did yesterday was just a quick fuck! If it was, then fine, but I don't want it to happen again. That's not my `scene'. You're a great guy, a really nice person, and I don't want our friendship destroyed by off-hand sex. I just can't do that. So if that's what you want, then I'd rather know now than find out later."

Joy's heart pounded as Iain's words sank in. A warm, pleasant glow filled him. "No, Iain, Iain, please," he whispered in a throaty voice. "That's not what I want. I need to know that you want me as a person, not just a fuck. I want to be with you because of who you are, and I want you to feel the same about me. If we have sex, then I want it to be because we care about each other, a lot. And because we want to be together, not just because we want some physical release." His words petered out, his mind racing as he tried to marshal his emotions.

Both of them sat quietly now, each thinking their own thoughts. It was Iain who broke the silence, reaching over and taking Joy's hands in his own. "Hey, Joystick," he said with a grin, "I'm still nervous as hell, but I'd like to try to start something here. I'm not promising anything right now, but if you think you could like me, I'd like to have a go at building a relationship for us."

With his eyes wide and a grin splitting his face, Joy nodded. "Yes, please," he said. "I've dreamed of being able to have a true relationship for a long time. Until I met you, I've never had a partner that I thought I would or could start one with. I don't know how I feel about a lot of things, but I do know I'd like to try it now - and with you!"

Iain smiled, relief and happiness on his face. "Just remember," he said, serious again. "If you change your mind, or if anything bothers you, tell me, okay? Let's do this honestly and not keep anything from each other. Or we'll just lose whatever chance we might have."

Joy nodded again, then a silly grin crossed his face. "Does this mean we're going steady?" he asked.

Iain laughed loudly. "I guess so! Now, we still need to go to your place and get you some clothes. Hurry up and finish your coffee or the morning will be gone."

"Bloody hell!" Joy swore with a chuckle. "One minute as my boyfriend, and already you're the bossy one!"

"That's right, and if you don't move that fabulous arse of yours, I might be forced to bend it over my knee and spank it," Iain laughed.

"I'd like to see you try!" Joy hissed back as he jumped out of Iain's reach. Privately, he grinned to himself and wondered what it would be like to be bent over Iain's knee! `Something for the future,' he told himself and smiled again.


Together they drove to Joy's flat, where Joy nervously welcomed Iain into his home, and quickly collected some clothing and underwear, shoes and his toothbrush. Iain tried to make him feel comfortable, joking with him about needing less clothes and making sure he was packing enough to stay the weekend, but within both of them was a sense of excitement at the start of a new relationship, mixed with uncertainty about the future, and questions over the differences between them which could not be allayed by a simple conversation over breakfast. Only time, and thought, and more talk, would help solve those problems, if they could in fact be solved.

Back at Iain's home again, they quickly put Joy's things away. Iain looked at his young man with new eyes -- the eyes of longing and a growing attraction for the personality beneath that gorgeous exterior.

"You look tired," he said softly.

"Yeah," Joy conceded, despite his desire to deny it. Maybe the last 36 hours really were catching up with him.

"Why don't you have a nap?" Iain suggested. "I'll go and get some groceries, only be an hour or so. Lie down and try to rest, and I'll be back before you know it!"

"Okay," Joy agreed, feeling drained. Iain led him into the bedroom, and pulled back the sheets as Joy stripped. Despite himself, Iain could not resist casting an appreciative glance over the lithe body of his mate, and fighting the urge in his groin as he did.

"I won't be long, I promise!" Iain said again, as he bent to Joy, and kissed him gently.

Joy returned the kiss, his mind wanting more, but his body refusing to go along. He smiled warmly. "Thanks again, Iain," and lay down, closing his eyes.

Iain let himself out of the house and drove to the supermarket, a huge grin on his face the entire trip.


As Iain left the house, Joy settled into the comfy bed and closed his eyes. Sleep came quickly, but it was a restless, disturbed sleep. Although his body rested, his mind returned to the morning of the day before, and he felt himself once again falling into the water and being grabbed up and carried away by the fantastic sea-monster with gills and scales, an unthinkably long cock, and Iain's face. Strangely, in his dream Joy felt safe in the arms of the `monster'. He wasn't afraid or concerned, and ached to once again feel the penetration of that snake-like prick into his body. But this time it wasn't to be. Instead of having the dream-Iain make love to him, Joy was left alone on the beach, outside the cave where they had come to before, while his scaly friend went off searching for other monsters, more like himself.

Joy tossed and turned, calling out in his sleep as his mind played its tricks, and then he was in another dream. In this one he was older, and Iain was with him, but not the Iain he knew. This Iain was wizened and bent, white haired and frail. The old Iain looked up to him with a longing plea, but as Joy held out his hand Iain collapsed, shrivelling away to nothing. Joy stood and stared at the place where Iain had fallen, a sense of horrifying loss and complete emptiness filling his very soul.


With a sharp twist, Joy opened his eyes, to find that the twin nightmares had gone, that he was still lying safe and comfortable in Iain's bed, in Iain's home. He looked around himself, and sank back into the bed, pulling the cool linen up around himself and re-living the wonders of the sex he had shared with his man the previous afternoon. But try as he might, he could not find sleep again. Joy tossed and turned for some time, until he came to realise that he was simply not going to go back to sleep for the moment. He reluctantly climbed from the bed and wandered into the kitchen, finding a glass and pouring himself some juice as he slowly looked around the room, wondering just where this new `relationship' would take him.

Feeling lost still, and a little lonely, Joy returned to the bedroom. Lying on the end of the bed were the track pants and sweater he had worn yesterday and this morning. Simply for want of something to do, he began to fold the bulky clothes, intending to dress in his own things. He looked around for somewhere to put them, but there was no obvious spot for the items, so he pulled open the top drawer in a chest of drawers against one wall.

"Not here!" he said to himself as he found an array of Iain's socks and underwear. He reasoned that the large warm clothes would belong in a less accessible spot, and he bent down to pull open the lowest drawer, expecting to find a space for the pants and top. Instead, what Joy found made him crease his forehead with confusion, before he began to look more closely with a growing curiosity and fascination. Something told him that he should stop, that he was invading Iain's privacy, but his eyes, and his hands, were drawn to the contents of this lowest drawer.

Carefully laid out, neatly folded, in the space where Joy stared, was a collection of items such as he had seen before only in some of the porn movies he'd watched, or on the streets during Mardi Gras. Joy knelt on the floor and looked at his discovery. Cautiously lifting some of the pieces from their rest, he found jock-straps and gauntlets, arm-bands and wristlets, collars and caps and hoods, all in black leather, gleaming and polished, with an occasional sparkle of silver metal studs here and there. As he disturbed the cache, an aroma drifted up to his nostrils -- the earthy, powerful scent of tanned hide. His eyes widened, his heart began to beat faster, and his cock lengthened as a sense of arousal swept over him.

So Iain was into some kinky leather! Was that so bad? Joy thought about the strange gear, tried to imagine Iain wearing it, and the idea was not at all disturbing. The more he pictured it, the more he became excited by it. It was somehow forbidden and dark, but erotic and thrilling all at once. He ran his fingers over the dark material, feeling the firm yet soft texture. Some of the items were smooth, some gleaming and polished, some rough and pitted. As he started to explore the treasure trove of blackness, Joy suddenly found his dream about the sea monster brought to life before his very eyes. With a gasp he lifted out a posing strap kind of thong, still of black leather, but shiny. The leather itself was not smooth, but embedded with a pattern -- like scales! It appeared to be lizard skin, but thick and strong. Beneath the cup of hide, obviously designed to hold a cock and balls, were a pair of gloves also of the same leather, with the same lizard skin like pattern to them. They were long and thin, supple enough to allow the wearer to feel whatever he touched, while they would make his hands and forearms appear to be positively reptilian.

Joy sat up from his crouch, lifting the jockstrap and gloves with him. With wide eyed fascination, he sat on the bed, running his hands over the scaly but supple leather, feeling the texture of the hide. Here was his `sea monster' -- come to life! Or at least, hidden away in Iain's bedroom! In his mind, he pictured once again the Iain of his fantasy, strong and covered in scales, breathing through gills and wielding a huge, snake-like cock, saving his life and making passionate love to him in a secret cave behind a sandy beach. His prick sprang to rigid attention and his breathing became shallow and fast as his mind raced with the confusion of dream and reality, fused into one in this unexpected find.

As if he were in a dream, Joy found himself lying back onto the bed, rubbing the textured leather of the gloves over his own body, he dare not put them on, but he happily felt the skin like feel of them touching him, touching his stomach, his arms, his chest. He held the jocks to his face, rubbing the lizard skin pattern across his cheeks and over his lips as he breathed deeply of the scent they contained. He was so hard it almost hurt and without thinking he lowered the gloves to his cock, pressing his swollen penis between the folds of the supple leather and feeling the indented hide massage his throbbing, sensitive prong. In his mind, Joy saw Iain, the Iain of the sea, holding him and massaging him, stimulating him and making love to him, and within seconds his balls boiled over and his body spasmed as a geyser of cum erupted from him, drenching his stomach and legs and coating the dark leather clothing.

Joy gasped at the sudden and unexpectedly quick orgasm, and lay back onto the bed again, leaving the gloves and jock to lie against his skin, revelling in the feel of them. He closed his eyes, and this time fell into a deep sleep, populated by more dreams of a powerful reptile creature with Iain's features, who held him and protected him, and promised to love him.


When Iain got home again, laden with groceries and things he guessed his new `house-guest' may want or need, he tried to let himself in quietly so as not to disturb Joy if he was still sleeping. Placing his purchases carefully on the kitchen bench, he crept through the living room, toward the bedroom where he could see the door slightly ajar. A smile was on his face as he saw through the crack Joy's head and shoulders lying cross-ways on the bed.

`I think he's had enough sleep,' Iain thought to himself as he pushed the door wide, intending to rouse his friend. Instead, his jaw dropped and his mind whirled with confusion. Joy was lying there, asleep, with Iain's leather drawer wide open, and a pair of gloves and a jock strewn over the muscular young body, the tell-tale slime of cum still visible on the dark hide.

"Joy?" Iain called, and then repeated himself, louder. "Joy?"

The younger man roused himself, still a little foggy from his sleep, then suddenly sat upright when he saw Iain at the door, and looked down to find the gloves and thong still wet and slicked against his skin.

"Oh, shit!" Joy declared. "Iain, I'm ... uh ... sorry. I just ...". Words failed him as he looked for some indication of Iain's reaction on the other man's face. When nothing more was said, Joy looked again to the man he already thought of as his boyfriend. "Iain ...?"

Iain stood there for a moment, a number of conflicting emotions running through him. He didn't know whether to be upset with Joy, or concerned for him, or what to feel. In a soft whisper, as he tried to gather his thoughts, Iain said simply, "Joy, why don't you clean yourself up and come on out here. We need to talk."

Joy looked miserably at the back of the door as Iain exited the room. What had he done? Had he destroyed any chance of a relationship? He shouldn't have gone prying into Iain's things! He slowly, reluctantly, dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, leaving the offending items on the bed, and made his way into the living room.

Iain was sitting and waiting for Joy, his mind a mess of confusion. He was angry at Joy for going through his things, and frightened that Joy may have been put off by discovering his love of leather so early in their relationship. He was worried that Joy would have any lingering suspicions about Iain being just a `dirty old man' confirmed. He looked up with questioning eyes as Joy entered the room, and once again sighed with delight at the vision of the beautiful young man. But now he knew something more of the surfer, he saw beyond the physical beauty to the yearning and caring soul within. He wanted this to work! He wanted to be a part of Joy's life, and to have Joy a part of his. He knew then that the next few minutes would be very important in getting them through any life they might have together.

Joy spoke first, a rushing, breathy apology. "Iain, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gone through your stuff, but I didn't mean to, I was trying to put things away and I just found them, and I ..." he stopped, Iain's hand held up to him, motioning him to silence.

"Joy, it's okay. I guess I should apologise for being so short with you. I don't mind that you found the leathers. I just would have preferred to show them to you myself, and I guess it was a surprise to find that you had gone through the drawers. But that's okay! I told you, I want us to have no secrets, to share everything. I would have told you about how much I like leather, just hadn't had a chance -- it's been a very full couple of days!"

Joy smiled at that. "It sure has!" he enthused.

"I want you to feel that you can go anywhere, look at anything, here. If we're going to build a real relationship, then you have to be able to see and know everything about me." Iain grinned, sitting forward and taking Joy's hands in his own. "Besides, I suppose it saves me the problem of how to tell you that I'm `into' leather! And it makes it much easier, makes me feel so much better, that you are too!"

"But I'm not `into' leather ...?" Joy replied, a quizzical look on his face.

"You could have fooled me!" Iain said, with a laugh, which deepened at Joy's growing blush as he realised what Iain was alluding to.

"Umm, well, I know it looks like that," Joy said slowly. "And I did get very turned on by the jocks and the gloves, but ..." at that his voice failed and his blush grew even brighter.

"It's okay, Joy," Iain said reassuringly. "I'm glad that the leather made you excited. It's something that makes me really horny, and I was hoping you would feel the same way. I have much more than what you found in that drawer -- chaps and boots and harnesses, and I'd love to share it with you. We can get right into the role playing scene, the games of `master and slave', the whole bit ..." his enthusiasm was clear in his voice, yet Joy looked up quickly, a sense of fear in his stomach. His look halted Iain's words as the older man now became confused, and looked at Joy in puzzlement.

"No, Iain, no!" Joy said quickly. "I don't want to be your slave! I don't want to be your toy, your `property'. I was hoping we would be able to have a proper relationship, a partnership. I wanted us to be equals, to share things, not for me to be your `boy'!"

Iain's enthusiasm died with his smile, and instead he stared into Joy's eyes, his face full of concern. "But that's what I want too! Who says you would be my boy? I might be your `boy' -- if that's how we felt at the time. I'm talking about sex games, role playing, not serious lifestyles. I get turned on by that, but it doesn't control my life. I would want us to also share intimate, tender lovemaking, and to be together, partners, in everything. And when the urge takes us, we can get into the leather, and if you want to be top to my bottom, then I'd love that! Or if you want me to dominate you -- as part of a game -- then I'd be more than happy to do that!" He looked at Joy, begging him to understand.

"Joy, I thought that because you had obviously gotten off on my leather gear, that you felt the same way I did ..."

The younger man looked again at Iain. "But I told you, I'm not into leather, I never have been. I've never even tried it."

"Then what's with masturbating over my thong and gloves?"

Joy looked even more confused, and uncertain. "When I found them they reminded me of something ..." he tried to explain.

"Reminded you of what?"

"Of yesterday morning, when I nearly drowned, and you rescued me."

Iain looked at him strangely. "How did nearly getting drowned turn you on so much that you jerked off over my leather jocks?" he asked seriously.

Joy took another deep breath. "It was the leather -- that particular leather -- that did it. The lizard skin design made me think of sea monsters ..."

"What are you talking about?" Iain asked again, quickly getting so lost that he wondered where this whole conversation was going.

"I'd better start at the beginning," Joy said quietly. He sat Iain back, and explained the whole story -- his `dream/fantasy' about how Iain had rescued him, only to find that Iain was a `sea monster' with scales and gills, who had taken him to a secret cave and made love to him, then carried him back through the ocean, breathing for him, until he was rescued. When he finished, Iain began to laugh. A deep soft laugh, but one which Joy finally realised was not putting him down. When Joy thought about it, he too could see the funny side to the story, and he joined in the laughter with Iain.

"Well!" said Iain, when he calmed down again. "I wish I did have gills, and scales, and a metre long cock that wriggled like a snake! But I'm afraid that what you see is what you get!"

"What I see looks pretty good to me!" Joy responded, grinning widely. "And besides -- you do have that lizard skin thong and gloves!"

"And if you looked further, you might have found a lizard skin patterned hood, and a vest in the wardrobe as well!" Iain added.

"Hmmm ..." Joy murmured, an evil look in his eyes.

"Oh yeah?" questioned Iain, his eyebrows arching at the look on Joy's face.

"Well, it seems to me," Joy began, his voice low now and full of lusty promise, "that if my fantasy involves you in a reptilian skin, and your fantasy involves black leather, and if you have some black leather which looks and feels like lizard skin, then we should be able to combine our fantasies and ..." his voice trailed down into silence as he smiled and ran his tongue across his lips, his face staring directly into Iain's.

Iain matched his grin, a look of almost pure lust in his eyes.


Iain made some excuses about needing to pick up one or two things he had forgotten when shopping, and suggested that Joy relax again while he was out.

"But that's all I've done!" he protested.

"I know, but still, you've had a fairly traumatic experience. The more time you allow to recover the better. I'll be back in half an hour, and then we'll have some fun!" Iain said with a twinkling eye.

The time passed slowly as Joy tired his best to lie still on the lounge and do as he had been told, but the thought of Iain's parting words - 'and then we'll have some fun' - kept making him horny and hopeful, and all he could do was fidget as he waited. Finally, Iain was home again with a couple of small bags.

"Hey handsome," Joy greeted him. "I'm about as recovered as I'm gonna get, and if we don't get together soon, I'm going to be suffering from a different kind of depression!"

Iain laughed, and tousled Joy's hair with his free hand.

"Give me a minute or two to get ready, and then come on into my cave!" he said wickedly, as Joy's eyes sparkled with a mixture of excitement and anticipation.

Joy waited patiently as Iain had asked, but that didn't prevent him from becoming so excited with the anticipation. He quickly stripped naked, and sat in the living room as he heard the soft noises of Iain's preparations. By the time he finally heard Iain's voice calling for him to come into the bedroom, Joy's cock was so hard it ached. His entire body was tingling with the unformed thoughts of hot sex with his 'sea monster', and the opportunity of making love once again with Iain.

When he pushed open the door to Iain's room, Joy smiled with delighted surprise. In a few short minutes, Iain had transformed both himself and the room. It was dark now, the curtains drawn tightly and the bed itself covered in a large black leather sheet. Scattered around the room were soft candles, flickering gently and bathing the chamber in a welcoming glow. And standing in the centre of the room, beckoning him in, was his 'monster' - not a scary, hissing creature, but a tall, strong being clad in the lizard skin patterned dark hide he had found previously. Iain stood there, arms crossed beneath his chest, his hands and wrists and forearms encased in the black skin, a vest of the same material fitting closely around his torso and over his shoulders, but falling open enough to reveal the glistening gold of the nipple rings through each aroused and erect brown nub. His ample, bulging groin was a protruding triangle of lizard skin, dark but shining in the soft light and outlining the thick tube of manmeat it held in check for the moment. And the head of this beast was smooth, round and gleaming - a half-hood of the same lizard-like leather covered Iain's face down as far as his nose, his mouth and chin free, his ears covered and his eyes peering from slits in the hide.

Joy's heart raced as he stared long and wide-eyed at the vision before him. His still erect member now throbbed and jerked in aroused need as he slowly made his way into the room and pushed the door closed behind him.

"Come to me!" ordered a voice. It was nothing more than a quiet hiss, but the command was deep and strong, and it made Joy's whole body tremble with anticipation. Iain unfolded his arms and reached out as Joy stepped up to him, and the dark, hide covered fingers met Joy's own, the touch of the soft leather reassuring, and the texture of the material exciting. Their eyes met and locked, Iain's deep green surrounded by black, Joy's azure blue in white skin, and they stared at each other, unspoken acknowledgement of mutual need passing between them. Iain drew the younger man to himself, and his gloved arms slid around the boy's waist as Joy's hands went over Iain's shoulders, making contact with the leathery skin of the vest. Slowly but irresistibly, their faces came together. Their lips brushed softly, then met again in a crushing, urgent kiss as they ground against each other, tongues exploring lips, mouths melding and teeth exposed in anxious desire.

Iain tasted the sweetness of Joy's tongue as Joy breathed in the aroma of the leather hood encasing Iain's head. Iain's hands slowly, sensuously followed the contours of Joy's lithe body, tracing the lines of muscle down from the younger man's shoulders to the tips of his fingers and back again, then exploring the line of his backbone from his neck to the rounded orbs of his arse cheeks and back up again, eliciting shivering sighs of delight from his partner.

Joy allowed his hands to wander from Iain's shoulders down and around the broad expanse of his back before squeezing at Iain's butt, then lifting again until the supple but firm texture of the dark lizardskin hood was beneath his palms. With his hands on Iain's head, Joy felt the scaly reptilian pattern of the hide beneath his fingers and moaned softly with the pleasure of re-living his fantasy. The 'scales' he felt were not cold or wet, but warm and dark, shining in the candlelight when he opened his eyes again to look at them, and the man within them, Iain, was hard and strong, powerful and protective. And still the two remained joined at the mouth in a kiss which seemed as if it would go on forever.

When eventually they did separate, it was with a sense of near-disappointment, but one which soon vanished. The two men stared into each other's eyes, and smiled as their arms intertwined and their bodies rubbed and ground against each other. Joy particularly was so turned on by the pressure of Iain against himself, the soft but definite leather of the items Iain wore caressing the younger man's skin, the texture of the hide imprinted on his flesh and the lizard skin pattern of the vest and gloves, hood and pouch feeling so wonderful beneath his fingertips.

Joy felt as if he could melt at that point, and as if reading his mind, Iain stepped forward again, taking the younger man in his arms and holding him tightly, the leathery fingers of Iain's gloves pressing into the skin of Joy's back as the textured hide of the vest pressed into Joy's chest. Joy now saw Iain's eyes peering out from the black scales of the hood, and felt the lizard like skin encasing Iain's bulging groin grinding against his own throbbing, leaking member. Iain sank to the floor, lowering himself to his knees, so that Joy's rigid cock was directly in line with his mouth, and his tongue licked out from the casing of black leather to lightly feather its way over the purplish head of Joy's prong, licking gently at the sticky sweet slime that oozed from the younger man's slit.

As Joy looked down, all he could see was the dark rounded hide that was Iain's head, and the snake-like tongue which caressed his knob. He moaned with the sensations washing through him, and his hands fell to the hood, the texture of the scale-like leather imprinting itself on his palms, and burning into his mind as he remembered vividly the dream of his sea monster making love to him. A gasp escaped him as Iain's soft, warm tongue slid slowly along the throbbing length of his cock, slithering down his shaft as it followed the line of his love muscle, so hard it ached. Then his balls, already rolling in their fleshy sack with the aroused excitement he felt, were engulfed in moist heat as Iain took first one and then the other into his mouth, suckling at them and massaging Joy's testicles with his lips. As Iain opened wider and swallowed both of Joy's orbs at once, the standing boy felt his knees weaken as waves of delight rolled over him.

The warm wetness enveloping his nuts suddenly disappeared, replaced by cool fresh air, as Iain turned his attention once more to the shaft of Joy's rigid penis, retracing his earlier path, licking and nibbling at the taut skin along Joy's steely pole. When Iain reached the oozing cockhead, his tongue feathered out and drank of the beginnings of Joy's essence again, and then his firm but talented lips closed over the swollen glans and gradually suckled the inflamed mushroom cap into Iain's welcoming mouth, bathing it in sublime sensations. As Joy moaned with delight, Iain ever so slowly lowered his mouth on the pole of flesh before him, coating it with his own saliva and drowning it in impassioned ecstasy. With his teeth drawn back and his tongue working its magic, Iain swallowed Joy's manhood inch by inch, massaging the thick stem with his lips as he caressed its shaft with his tongue, closing his throat around his lover and taking the full length of him into that waiting gullet.

As Iain's nose sank into Joy's pubic bush, and he felt the younger man's nuts come to rest on his chin, he held himself steady, resisting the urge to gag, and constricted his throat muscles, sending waves of pleasure through the other man, whose cock was now captured in Iain's mouth. And then he began to slide back up again, almost to the tip, before once more descending along Joy's living rod. With the arousal building in each of them, Iain increased his tempo as he bobbed up and down on Joy's prick, while his leather gloved fingers played with Joy's balls, rolling them around in their fleshy sac, caressing them lovingly and stimulating their owner with ever new and more delightful sensations.

Joy's hands fell to the surprisingly warm, skin-like hood covering Iain's head, his fingers exploring the scaley texture as he held firmly to the face which now manipulated his very manhood. He felt the reptilian hands of his fantasy man on his arse as Iain gripped at the rounded orbs of Joy's butt and pulled it into him even further. In full strength now, Iain sucked and slurped with vigorous enthusiasm at Joy's prong, and Joy humped in and out of his man's face with gusto, fucking Iain's throat to a chorus of moans and wet slapping noises. His ardour increased, his arousal began to peak and his tool became even harder than he had thought possible.

Iain sensed that his partner was nearing his peak, and with a slowing and then finally a reluctant withdrawal, he relinquished his attachment to Joy's cock and sat back on his haunches, a long thread of spittle still connecting his lips to Joy's slit, until it eventually bowed and fell. With one final lunge forward, Iain licked again at the glistening cockhead, tasting Joy's pre-cum, before standing again to wrap his arms around his man, and pull them tightly together.

"Oh, fuck!" hissed Joy.

"I intend to!" whispered Iain into his ear in a voice deep with lust. "I've got you in my cave now, and I'm going to own your body with mine!" he hissed.

Joy's cock throbbed again as he gasped with delight at the living out of his fantasy. Slowly, gently, Iain took the younger man in his arms and turned him around before laying him onto the platform that had once been Iain's bed, but was now a beckoning expanse of soft black leather, gleaming in the candlelight. As the supple hide molded itself to his skin, Joy breathed in the sweet aroma of tanned leather, mixed with the heady scent of masculine sexuality. His entire body tingled as Iain's hands once more began to explore his flesh, and Iain's darkened, reptilian form hovered above him, incredibly erotic in appearance and anticipation. He felt again the feathery warmth of Iain's tongue, but this time on his neck and shoulders, before the amazingly talented mouth began to trace its way down across Joy's chest, pausing to play with his erect nipples, nibbling and biting at them and eliciting groans of happiness from the lithe blond boy they were attached to.

Iain's mouth left the aroused brown nubs of Joy's chest, and travelled further, licking at the ridges of his abdomen before sinking to his groin, once more licking gently along the inflamed shaft of his love muscle. But there was to be no lingering this time. Joy's balls were laved by the warm wetness of Iain's lips, and then his legs were gently but firmly lifted up and back as Iain's tongue continued its journey, finding and tantalising the incredibly sensitive skin of Joy's perinaeum, the soft delicate flesh covering a thousand nerve endings between Joy's testicles and his anus. Involuntary shudders rocked the young man's body as Iain licked and tongued that amazingly erotic region for what seemed like an eternity. Just as Joy felt he could never know anything more arousing, Iain again shifted focus and now began to insinuate his talented mouth into Joy's arse, following the deep cleft between the firm mounds and blowing warm air into the musky valley which led to his love hole.

Shockwaves like electricity, but so incredibly enjoyable, snaked through Joy's body as he felt the solid probing touches of Iain's tongue at his rear. Like the snaking, twirling cock of his dreams, Iain's mouth explored his nether regions, opening him gently and imparting an indescribable sense of pleasure to his arse, a twinge of delight which travelled up and through his entire body. He felt his sphincter relax, felt his resistance waver and then disappear altogether as Iain breached his defences, and probed into his body with that marvellous, slippery tongue.

As Joy lay there, moaning and panting with aroused excitement, Iain lifted his face away from the young man's rear and looked down, drinking in the lean, tight body in its flower of youth, open and inviting him to take it. His cock throbbed and jerked within its confining leather codpiece, and he ached with the anticipation of having what Joy offered. Quickly, he unsnapped the leather restraint, freeing his cock which bounced out and up, droplets of pre-cum flying from his knob and spattering on Joy, the bed and the floor. With a huge grin on his face, he held up the final item he had purchased before they started their love-making - a black condom, the latex patterned to look like snake skin. Quickly Iain rolled the prophylactic over himself, and Joy's face lit up as his man became even more the reptile 'monster' of his dreams. The older man smeared a generous portion of lubricant over his sheathed prick, making it appear to sparkle, or to shine with reptilian slipperiness. Another gob of the slimy gel was applied to Joy's arse as Iain carefully warmed and then worked the gooey liquid into Joy's body, using first one and then two fingers to open his entrance and prepare him for the coming assault.

With the yelps of delighted arousal from Joy ringing in his ears, Iain edged forward, positioning his long, thick and rock-hard cock against the soft pink skin of Joy's hole, nudging gently at that waiting target, and allowing the young man to feel the firmness of the prick begging entry to his body. As Joy's eyes urged him on, Iain slowly pressed forwards, feeling the layers of muscle in Joy's sphincter slowly relax as his rounded knob nudged against the puckering bud. Slowly that soft, moist rose opened to him, and Iain felt the walls of resistance fall away as the mushroom head of Iain's member glided into the waiting chute and Joy's arse closed once more, tightly around that prong, gripping at it and holding it in place as Iain stopped and waited for the younger man to adjust to his penetration.

With a soundless 'Oohh!" Joy grinned with delight as he felt Iain enter him, and as the pain of the initial assault quickly retreated, he nodded up at his black headed dream man, affirming his need for more.

Iain needed no other encouragement. His body was aflame with desire by now, and he renewed his motion, sliding centimetre by centimetre by erotic, aroused centimetre into the warm wet cavern of Joy's body. The heated slippery channel of the other man's bowel slowly enveloped Iain's raging erection, giving way before the inflamed head and closing in unbelievable pleasure around the veiny, steel shaft of Iain's weapon. Iain neither slowed nor sped up, but continued in a long, drawn out dive, letting his manhood sink slowly into Joy in a single, uninterrupted movement which sent shivers of impassioned need through both of them. It was only when his pelvis came to rest hard against Joy's upturned butt, his nuts sandwiched between his own legs and Joy's arse crack, and his pole buried to the hilt within his lover's gut, that Iain finally stopped, and remembered to breathe, drawing in a huge lungful of air as he ceased his attack and waited, while both of them adjusted to the incredible sensation of their coupling.

"Fucking hell!" Iain hissed. "You're so hot!"

Joy simply moaned a long satisfied "mmmm" as he clenched his arse around the hot poker piercing him and smiled with the pleasure filling his gut.

Almost by instinct, Iain began to move again, rocking back and forth, his prick sliding in and out of Joy's body a little at a time, the friction generating more than just heat within each of the men as they remained joined, bodies twitching and waves of erotic pleasure washing through them, transferred from one to the other as though Iain's cock and Joy's arse were a circuit that connected them mentally as well as physically. With every movement Iain felt his cock grow even harder. He told himself that was impossible, but still he swore his prick was so engorged, so tight and so hard that it was aching, but the ache was one of pleasure, a pleasure magnified a thousand times by the fact that it was lost within the beautiful innards of the stunning young man with whom he was united as one.

Pausing for a moment, Iain pushed himself once more as deeply into Joy as he could, holding himself steady against the young man's cheeks, then he began to rotate his pelvis, grinding up and down, and side to side, without letting the slightest part of his cockshaft slip from the gripping muscle of Joy's hole. The effect was intense and amazing. With that motion, Iain's cock was now probing around, pushing from one side to the other, and up and down, within Joy's bowel. The full length of that powerful prong was still sunk within the wet innards of the younger man, but now it massaged Joy's gut, sought out his very core and nudged at every part of his love chute. Joy gasped a breathy 'Yessss!" and his body writhed with the sensations, which simply increased the absolute ecstasy each of them was experiencing.

Eventually, Iain slowed in his probing enjoyment of Joy's gut, and started once again to slide in and out, now pulling further and further back before each renewed insertion, until he was thrusting into the young body in long powerful strokes, his cock withdrawn from its wonderful, warm place in Joy's arse until only the head remained between Joy's sphincter muscles, and then plunged back again with deep driving force until Iain's balls mashed against Joy's cheeks. Joy trembled with each new stroke, gasping and moaning with pleasure as Iain filled him again and again. His hands lifted to grip at the leathery black lizard skin enclosing Iain's head, feeling the texture of the hood and imagining it to be Iain's own heated, scaly skin. As the penetration of his body continued and the heat within him increased, his hands slid down to Iain's wide shoulders, and then his fingers found the same dark hide and rough pattern of the vest, making it seem as if Iain's back also consisted of this fantasy-like skin. While Joy's palms ran over the leather of Iain's back, Iain leaned further into his mate, and instead of the warm reptilian leather, it was the intense, searing touch of heated, sweaty flesh against flesh that both now felt. Iain's arms were around Joy's shoulders, and his chest pressed into Joy's stomach. The smooth, golden skin of the young surfer met with the down-covered, lighter shade of Iain's pumped pectorals, and sparks of electricity seemed to fly between them as the different tones melted into one, the two trembling men becoming a single being, the epitome of masculine sexuality brought to life.

If their passion had been inflamed before, now it exploded. Iain humped himself harder and deeper, faster and stronger into the squelching, accommodating warmth of Joy's bowel, and Joy clenched and groaned, writhed and clung to his lover with all his strength, every nerve screaming out with Joy's joy at being fucked hard and deep and fast by the handsome, desirable creature who was partly the Iain he knew, and partly his fantasy come to life.

Iain knew he could not sustain this assault much longer without losing control, and he didn't want this to end yet. Hell, he didn't want it to end at all! But he had to do something to slow their coupling a little, in order to prolong the enjoyment. Lifting his quivering body away from Joy's shaking torso, he sat back a little, his cock still sunk within the flexing chute of his lover. Joy opened his eyes and looked to Iain with a searching, needy stare, and Iain smiled in reassurance. He slid his leather gloved arms behind Joy's back and began to lift the young man from the bed, trying to pull him even further onto the rampant, swollen tube of flesh that Iain had buried within his body. But his strength, after the exertion of their union, deserted him, and Joy's body slipped back onto the leather sheet, while Iain's cock was wrenched from him with a slurping 'plop'. In unison, the two men both hissed, "unnnhhhh!", and Joy looked at Iain with pleading eyes.

"Put it back in! Don't stop! Fuck me!" he begged.

Iain nodded in gasping agreement, and an idea came to him. He lifted Joy's legs again, and as he did so he stood on the bed. Bending at the knees, Iain now crouched over his lover, and pushed Joy's legs forward, further and further, until the young man was now rolled into a ball, his weight supported by his head, shoulders and upper back, his knees almost on the bed beside his head. As Iain still remained on his feet, in a semi-standing position, the uppermost part of Joy's body was his butt, his now empty and still flexing hole pointing skywards, right at Iain. Iain moved so that his legs were behind and beside Joy, and bent down again, guiding his ready, throbbing arrow of sexuality toward Joy's beckoning target. He positioned himself again, and pressed the swollen cockhead against the other man's puckering hole, then began to lower himself. In this position, Joy was already spread and open, and with no resistance, Iain once more inserted himself into Joy's chute. By bending his knees, Iain dropped his entire body down onto Joy's butt, and his long thick cock once again sank into the soft warm hole.

Now they were joined again, and Iain found that he could lift and drop himself, ramming his tool deep into Joy like a pile driver, pressing his partner into the bed and filling him completely. He pounded now, plunging again and again into that wonderful, suctioning body, slamming himself deep and hard into total bliss as he humped with abandon at the compliant, welcoming body of the gorgeous man below him.

Being young and lithe, Joy had no difficulty in this new position. In fact, it excited him even more, being fucked in such a way, a whole new experience full of incredible sensations. He felt the crashing pole of Iain's manhood thundering into him, and clenched at it, ecstatic pleasure washing through him with every thrust. His body was alive, tingling and shaken by the force of Iain's fuck, and he hunched up to meet the impaling sword which speared into his gut. Again and again, Iain's cock roared through his sphincter and in this new position, every thrust caused Iain's cockhead to roll across Joy's prostate, so that each powerful jab of Iain's cock sent almost unbearable spears of total and unbridled pleasure through Joy's nervous system. His head was swimming and his body on fire as they humped and sweated, united again as one. It wasn't that Iain was fucking him, but that they fucked each other, harder, faster, more powerful with each passing second.

It was when Joy looked up once more that the final piece of his fantasy fell into place. From the angle he was at, Iain was directly above him, Iain's cock plunging into him and Iain's stomach, chest and head towering over him. As he watched in aroused fascination while Iain lifted and then dropped into him, Joy could see his lovers long thick cock exiting his body and then diving back in again. Suddenly, he felt that the hood and vest, the gloves and the black scale-textured condom that Iain wore, were no longer lizard -like, but snake-like. And it was the long, powerful, snaking cock of his imagined creature that now filled him, worming its way into his body and sliding deep within his gut to take possession of him. He knew that Iain's cock, long as it was, was still a normal, male organ, but in his mind the snaking, throbbing manmeat lengthened and ploughed into him, sliding deep into his stomach and his very soul.

With drops of sweat falling from Iain's skin onto Joy's heated flesh, the young man ached and trembled. He was close, and he knew he could do nothing to stave off his impending climax. His hand reached for his own cock as Iain's gloved fingers held tightly around his thighs, and with only three or four strokes, Joy felt his nuts contract and his body tense. A spasm rocked him to the core as his cock exploded, a shower of cum spraying from his member and drenching his stomach, his chest, his neck and face. Again and again he came, his arse clamping tightly around Iain's cock with each shuddering spurt of his manjuice. At that very moment, Iain's body surrendered to the ecstasy of orgasm as well. As Joy writhed and twitched beneath him, Iain, shuddered to a stop, his cock pushed so hard into Joy's gut that he felt they were permanently joined. His balls rolled and emptied, and his body shook as a river of jizz filled the thin black latex encasing his prick, still lost inside Joy's glorious body.

In a daze, each of the men gave in to the overwhelming power of their explosion, and shuddered as one through the crescendo of their sex. Slowly, almost unconsciously, they began to drift down from the high of their orgasm as their bodies protested against the strain they had endured, and their minds reeled with the unbelievable pleasure they had shared. Iain straightened up, his cock sliding slowly from Joy's hole, and Joy dropped his legs again to lie flat on his back, with Iain straddling him still. Reluctantly, Iain tugged at the condom, pulling it from himself and flinging it away. As he did, Joy sat up quickly, and before Iain could do or say a thing, Joy took his lover's flagging staff into his mouth, licking and sucking at it, tasting Iain's salty-sweet essence and running his tongue over the still throbbing head and into the folds of foreskin which were creeping back up to sheath his meat again.

Satisfied beyond measure, Joy released Iain's dick, and the older man sat heavily on the bed, their legs intertwined. Iain took Joy's head in his hands, and pulled his lover's mouth to his own. They kissed - long and gentle and passionately, the remnants of Iain's ejaculate washing back and forth between them as they shared the final seconds of the most incredible experience either had known. Iain shed the leather items he had been wearing, and totally naked, they curled up together. Spooning into each other and recovering.

"Thank you!" Iain whispered.

"Thank you!" Joy replied. "That was just unbelievable!"

"You better believe it!" Iain smiled, "because I intend to repeat it, again and again."

"Oh, yeah!" said Joy with real feeling.

"I don't have to have the leather..." Iain muttered softly. "I enjoy it, but if you're uncomfortable ..."

Joy smiled, pulled Iain to him again and kissed him. Looking deep into Iain's eyes, he said warmly, "Iain, it was fantastic. I really did feel I was living out my fantasy. I want to have sex like that again and again. And I want to have sex with you gently and tenderly and romantically, without the leather. And I want to have sex with you rough and hard and fast. I want you to fuck me, and I want to fuck you. I want to do it standing up, and lying down, and kneeling; in the bedroom, and the living room, and the kitchen and the shower. I want to try some toys; in fact I think that sometimes, the more leather the better. And other times, well, I see Speedos, I see chocolate, I see ..."

Iain was laughing so hard he had to hold his hand up to Joy's mouth to subdue his mate. "I get the picture, stud. And I feel the same way. I don't care how we do it, as long as I'm doing it with you! And the more variety, the better!"

With huge grins on both faces, they snuggled into each other again, and as the energy and excitement of the last days caught up with them, they drifted into sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!