Joy to the World 4

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Over the next days, Joy and Iain made love again and again. They made love in the bedroom, in the shower, in the kitchen. Joy fucked Iain, and Iain fucked Joy. They excited and aroused each other, making use of Iain's collection of leather gear, and Joy's wetsuit. They found new uses for chocolate and ice cream and honey. They fucked each other rough and hard and forcefully; they made slow, tender drawn out love; they experienced incredible new feelings of sensuality and arousal; and they exhausted their supply of condoms and had to go out for more. But most of all, they fell in love.

No doubt the first few days were little more than the hazy glow of infatuation, spiked up with a lot of very energetic and incredibly satisfying sex, but when the lust died down, and they held each other tightly, a real sense of belonging, of being part of each other, grew within each of them. And it was during the intermissions in their coupling that they talked. They told each other of their dreams and their fears. Joy spoke of his desire to settle down and live with the man he loved, of his need to have someone experienced guide him through the difficult times and avoid the mistakes of youth. Iain confessed to his longing for 'Mr Right' and his concern that he was too old, that love had passed him by.

Together, they acknowledged the difficulties that would face them as a couple because of their differing ages. The gay community, even more so than society in general, would snigger and gossip, speculate and denigrate them, because of the 'generation gap', but Joy and Iain faced up to the potential problems, and opened up to each other about their respective concerns, wants and needs. Joy ensured that Iain understood that he did not want to be treated as some kind of toy-boy, that he wasn't looking for someone to support him or treat him as a child, but as an equal while at the same time sharing knowledge and looking out for him in circumstances where Joy was inexperienced. Iain assured Joy that he was not interested in a short-term fling, and confided that he was concerned about the future, about how Joy would feel in years to come, when Iain's age started to catch up with him while Joy was still young and fit. Iain could not stand the thought of being 'turned over' for a younger man at some time years from now. Joy in turn pointed out that from his point of view, he worried that a lover twenty years his senior would in all likelihood finish his life on earth much earlier than Joy, which would mean he himself faced the prospect of growing old alone. They did not have all the answers to their worries, but the fact that they could discuss them and share them, and hopefully plan for them, simply brought the two men closer and closer together.

And their fears proved well founded. A fortnight after the fateful day when Joy was injured while surfing at Bondi, came the first test of their resolve. Joy had returned to his own flat. Almost from the very beginning they found themselves alternating, so that Joy would spend a night at Iain's place, and then Iain would sleep over at Joy's. They had quickly amassed a collection of each other's clothing at their respective homes.

They had spent the previous evening at Joy's flat, and had gone to the beach again that morning before separating. Iain had gone into his office and Joy had several appointments with possible modelling jobs before a shift at a restaurant in the afternoon. They had agreed to meet up again at Iain's house when Joy finished work around 7.00. Iain had arrived home first, and as he let himself in he noticed the message indicator on his answering machine winking away accusingly at him. Unconcerned, he hit the 'play' button while he glanced at the collection of bills and junk mail he had retrieved from his letter box.

"Hi, Iain, it's Nick. Where the hell are you? I've called at least four times in the last two weeks but you're never at home and I'm reduced to talking to a machine! Tom and Phillip and I are planning to go out for dinner on Saturday night, and we were wondering if you wanted to join us? Call me back and let me know, okay?"

Iain looked thoughtfully at the machine. He'd enjoy a night out with the guys, they were always good company, and besides, he'd have a chance to show off his handsome new boyfriend! He picked up the phone and quickly dialled Nick's number.


"Hi, Nick, it's Iain."

"Well, hello stranger. Where have you been?"

"Umm, around ... I was just calling to say that I'd love to join you for dinner on Saturday. Have you booked a table yet?"

"No, not yet," Nick replied. "I was waiting to hear from you. In fact I was starting to wonder if you weren't talking to us anymore."

"Of course I am," Iain said, trying hard to keep the grin from his voice. "By the way, do you mind if I bring a friend along?"

He could picture the look on Nick's face as he spoke. There was a brief pause on the line and then he heard Nick chuckling. "So that's where you've been! You dog. What's he like, what's his name? How big is his dick?"

Iain laughed back. "His name is Joy, he's gorgeous and sexy and wonderful, and as for the rest, well that's something you'll never know, or need to know!"

"So how did you meet? Come on, spill the dirt!"

"Later," Iain promised. "For now, let's just catch up on Saturday, and you can meet him for yourself."

"Okay, it's a date! 8.00 o'clock and I'll book a table at 'Linda's', alright with you?"

"Perfect," Iain said, "see you then."

He hung up the phone with a grin that split his face. Joy would get to meet his friends and they would meet Joy. Iain hoped they wouldn't give him or his lover too much of a hard time, but was sure it would only be in fun anyway, and he and Joy could handle that kind of ribbing easily enough.

When Joy arrived at Iain's place, Iain was in a great mood. He threw his arms around the younger man's neck and kissed him heatedly.

"Hello, handsome!" he declared as Joy finally came up for air.

"Mmmm," Joy muttered, "I could use some more of that!"

"All you want," said Iain happily. "Got any plans for Saturday night?" he asked.

"Uh, not that I can think of ..."

"Great, then we're going out for dinner with some of my friends!" Iain announced.

"Oh," said Joy, a look of concern crossing his face.

"That's okay, isn't it?" asked Iain as he noticed the frown on Joy's brow.

"Um, I guess so. Are you sure we're ready for it?"

"Ready for it? Joy they're my friends, not some inquisition. I love you to death, but if we spend every second alone in each other's arms, we're going to lose some fairly important social skills, don't you think?"

"Yeah, it's just that ..." Joy seemed to founder, unable to find the right words.

"What's the problem, darling?" Iain prompted.

"Well, I suppose it will be okay. I just don't know if I'm ready to meet your friends yet. What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm just chasing you as a 'sugar-daddy'?"

Iain looked sternly at his man. "Firstly, they will like you! Secondly, they won't think that! And thirdly, if they do, then they're not really friends, and they can go to hell! Now what do you say, yes or no?"

"Yes," Joy grinned weakly. "But Iain ...?"

"Uh huh?"

"I would have liked to have been asked first, you know!"

"Oh Joy, I'm sorry. Honestly. It just seemed like a great chance to introduce you. I promise I'll be more thoughtful in the future." Iain looked downcast until Joy reached for his chin, and lifted his face so that their eyes met.

"You really are cute when you're trying to look pitiful!" Joy burst out laughing, and Iain joined with him as they held each other again, and kissed some more, dragging each other toward the bedroom.


Saturday evening arrived, and as the two men prepared to go out, Joy took extra attention with his clothes.

"Come on, slowpoke," Iain called as he waited in the living area. "What's holding you up?"

"I just want to make sure I look my best for your friends," Joy called back.

Iain grinned. "You do and you will," he said as he stuck his head through the bedroom door. "Handsome, you look incredible in anything, and even better in nothing. My problem is going to be making sure none of them try to steal you away!"

"I'm more than happy with the man I've got right here," Joy laughed as he reached for Iain. "And I'm not going to let any of them get away with anything they shouldn't!"

Finally satisfied with his attire, Joy followed Iain out of the door, and they walked together, fingers touching, almost hand in hand, to the station. Twenty minutes later and they were walking along King Street toward the place where they had arranged to meet. In this part of town, gay couples nearly outnumbered the straights, and Iain happily slid his arm around Joy's waist, copping a feel of the rounded cheeks of his man's arse, as they strolled along, at peace with the world.

Still smiling at each other, Joy and Iain found the restaurant and ambled in, informing the maitre'd that they were meeting friends, and being shown to a table where three other men were already seated. As they walked toward the group, Iain called out an acknowledgement to his friend Nick, and led Joy across.

"Nick, hi!" he called. "Tom, Phillip, how are you? Guys, this is Joy. Joy, I'd like you to meet Nick, Tom and Phillip."

"Er, hello," responded Joy nervously.

The three men already seated at the table looked up at Iain and his young friend, and a silence descended on them. Surprise, admiration, and even a hint of lustful jealousy appeared on the upturned faces.

"Hi there," said Nick, breaking the impasse. "'Joy', that's an unusual name!"

"Uh, yeah," Joy answered. "It's a nickname really, but that's what everyone calls me, so that's what I use."

"I'll bet you're a real 'joy'," Phillip said with a leer, nudging Tom who was sitting immediately to his left. "Iain's toy boy Joy!"

"Funny!" said Iain with a grimace. He had never particularly liked Phillip, and at that moment the dislike was intensifying rapidly.

Tom spoke up, overcoming his lack of speech. "Ignore him Joy," he said, indicating Phillip. "He has no manners and even less common sense. Nice to meet you." With that he held out his hand.

Joy took the offered limb, and smiled, relaxing a little. Nick was seated on his left, Iain on his right as he faced across the table at Tom and Phillip. After the initial introductions had been made, the four old friends began to quickly catch up on stories of mutual acquaintances, swapping anecdotes and unsubstantiated gossip as Joy sat by, listening but not really taking part in the conversation. He began to shuffle a little as their entrees were brought to the table, and it was Nick who sensed he was feeling left out.

"So, Joy," he said as he turned to face the young man. "How long have you and Iain been seeing each other?"

"Um, I suppose you could say we've been going out for about two weeks ..." he said cautiously. "Although we actually met about three weeks before that."

"At kindergarten?" asked Phillip airily.

"No, at the beach!" said Iain, the annoyance in his voice obvious.

"The beach! That's a long way to haul your buns just to find some fresh chicken, isn't it?" Phillip guffawed, laughing at his own comment. Iain began to redden with fury, but Nick tried to calm the coming storm.

"Give it up, Phillip," he said firmly. Then to Joy, "Do you swim a lot?"

"Surf actually," Joy replied evenly. "I like to get down there every morning. Iain comes along and gets some fresh air and some sand between his toes. That's how I first saw him." The affection in his voice when he spoke of Iain was clear.

"Wow," said Tom with genuine admiration. "I've always wished I could surf. Never got the hang of it, and it's too late to learn now."

"No it's not," Joy jumped in quickly. "It's never too late to try."

Nick chuckled. "It is when you've got no co-ordination, two left feet, and a severe dislike of anything that hints at exercise!" he said, winking at Iain and Tom. "Tom's past the point of lithe young bodies and healthy activity, much like the rest of us." Tom pouted, but with a grin on his face.

"You're no spring chicken yourself," he shot back at Nick.

"No, I suppose not," agreed Nick. "Still nice to wish though ..."

Joy looked from Nick to Tom and then to Iain. "Anyone would think you guys have one foot in the grave," he said with a smile. You're not THAT old, and you look to be in pretty good shape to me. I know very well that Iain can more than just keep up with me ...!" suddenly he stopped and turned bright red with embarrassment as he realised what he'd said.

There was a second or two of silence, and then Iain burst out laughing. Tom and Nick joined in, and Phillip graced them with a smirk.

"It's okay, Joy, I think they get the picture," Iain said, taking his lover's hand in his own.

"Hey," added Nick, "if you two aren't going to get all offended or embarrassed every time someone makes a comment about the difference in your ages, you're gonna have to develop a sense of humour. We're not criticizing you, or disapproving either. If anything, I'm jealous of Iain - not because he's found someone as young as you, Joy, but because he's found someone as NICE as you!"

Joy grinned again, an open, friendly smile this time. Tom spoke up. "Of course, I'm just a little bit jealous of him finding someone so young AND good-looking!"

This time they all laughed together. "I'm the lucky one!" said Joy. "I get a handsome man who is fit and strong and incredible in bed - all that and experienced too!"

Iain sputtered, and Nick giggled out "Way too much information, Joy, way too much!"

Joy grinned again and squeezed Iain's hand for reassurance, earning himself a beaming nod.

The banter continued through the rest of the meal, the older men doing their best to include Joy in the chatter, while Joy and Iain laughed off the many jokes and jibes about their age. For the most part the comments were harmless, even quite funny. Only Phillip didn't seem to know when to leave well enough alone, and several times he said something which cut a little close, drawing disapproving looks from not only Iain and Joy, but Nick and Tom as well.

As the evening drew on, the meal disappeared, and the friends relaxed, drinking quite a bit. Iain was inwardly pleased at how well Joy seemed to be mixing with his friends, Nick and Tom. Phillip on the other hand was becoming more infuriating with each passing minute. The other four had all but taken to ignoring him, all of them embarrassed and annoyed at his apparent inability to accept Joy as an equal, and his constant put downs over Joy's youth. Tiring of the harassment, Iain called for the account, and as it was presented, Nick did a quick calculation and announced that they each needed to contribute $45.00.

Joy reached into his pocket as did the others, but Iain motioned him to stop. "My treat," he said softly, intending only for Joy to hear. "This was my idea for you to meet my friends, so let me get it, okay?"

"No," said Joy, "I don't mind paying my share. I've enjoyed myself."

Before anything more could be said, Phillip butted in on the private conversation. "Let him pay, Iain," he said. "God knows I'm sure you'll be forking out plenty of money for the kid between now and when he dumps you!"

The silence at the table was palpable. Iain seethed, but stood quietly, taking Joy's arm. "Come on, Joy, let's get home," he spoke carefully. "Nick, Tom, we'll catch you later, when less desirable shit-heads are not around to annoy us!" Together, he and Joy made to leave.

"Got to get home and heat up the milk?" Phillip cackled at his latest jibe.

With a voice like ice, Iain turned back to the slightly inebriated man. "Phillip, I always said that when people called you a bitter, twisted old fart, they were wrong. They were. You're more than that, you're a pitiful little cunt!" Iain spat the last word out in a low, almost inaudible hiss, then turned on his heel and walked away. Nick and Tom hurriedly stood to follow, while Phillip sat there stunned. None of the three had ever before heard Iain use such language.

Outside, Joy held Iain's arm. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I will be, when I calm down! Joy, I'm so sorry about that!"

"No need," Joy said, half a smile on his face. "He is a cunt! But the other two were nice guys. And I really did enjoy the night, well, most of it anyhow."


After the near disaster they had encountered when meeting Iain's friends for the first time, Joy was more determined than ever to try to avoid a similar confrontation with his mates, and at the same time increasingly concerned at the reaction his relationship with Iain would cause. He knew only too well the comments that were bartered around whenever a young guy was seen together with an older man, and the thought of his colleagues slagging off at Iain's expense had him worried.

Iain, however, insisted that he wanted to be a part of Joy's circle, that he wanted Joy to keep in contact with his buddies. "You can't cut yourself off from them!" he warned. "We'll get through the problems, but we have to maintain friendships outside of just the two of us." He didn't push the issue too hard, but he certainly made sure that Joy knew he wanted to be introduced to the guys Joy felt comfortable with.

So Joy weighed up his options, and came to a decision. He would try to keep the initial contact as controlled and limited as possible. He spoke to Jared and Peter, his two closest friends, and arranged to meet up with them one afternoon while Iain was still at work.

"Hey, man," Jared greeted Joy as he entered the bar. "Long time no see!"

Joy smiled guiltily. "I guess so. Sorry about that, but I've got a good excuse!"

"Hey guys," a call interrupted them. Peter made his way to where they were standing. "Joy, Jared, how's it hangin'?"

"Hey, Pete," the other two returned his greeting.

"Joy, haven't been around for a while, man? We've missed you!"

Joy reddened. "I was just about to explain to Jared - I've been busy."

"Too busy for your mates? Hey what's wrong with this picture?" Jared and Peter both laughed at Joy's discomfiture.

"Guys, I've been seeing someone - someone special," he said. "He kinda takes up most of my time, if you catch my drift?"

"Oh wow," said Peter with a smirk. "Joy's got a 'husband'! Next thing you know you'll be settling down and having kids!"

Jared smiled as well. "Congrats, man. Good on you. So what's he like, huh?"

Joy warmed a little to their grins. "He's fantastic! His name is Iain, and he lives in Balmain. He's sexy, and handsome, and incredible in bed!" That last comment really drew some leers and some guffaws from the other two, but Joy simply grinned and let them chuckle.

"So when do we get to meet him?" Jared asked.

"Well, that's what I wanted to see you for. I was hoping we could all get together for a drink, say Saturday night? I was thinking we could meet up with you at Bar 2 at the Newtown."

"Why over there?" asked Peter. "You know the crowd usually drinks at the Stonewall."

"Yeah, that's why!" said Joy.

"I don't get it, what's with the mystery?" Jared interrupted.

"Guys, I'm not ready for Iain to meet the whole crowd just yet. I thought just you two to begin with."

"Spill it, Joy," said Peter. "What's wrong with him?"

"Nothing!" Joy countered, fidgeting with his drink. "It's just that he's ... he's 38!"

"Joy, you dog! Found yourself a sugar-daddy? I didn't think you were the type," Peter whistled, a laugh on his face.

Jared reached for Joy's hand. "Hey, man, we don't care about that. If he's right for you and you're right for him, then it makes no difference how old he is! Does it, Peter??" he emphasised the last question, his look reigning in their friend's snickering.

"Of course it doesn't matter, Joy," Peter said, chastened. "I'm just ribbing you, man. If he's as good as you say, then best of luck to you!"

"Thanks, guys," Joy breathed easier. "But that's why I want to take things easy. Can you imagine the comments we'd get from some of the others? Like Rick for example?"

Both Jared and Peter rolled their eyes. They nodded in understanding. Rick was renowned for his disdain of anyone over 25, and openly contemptuous of younger men who had older partners.

"Alright," Jared said. "It's a date. We'll see you and ... Iain?" Joy nodded. "... you and Iain at Bar 2 around 8.00, okay?"

"Okay, guys, and thanks," said Joy as he finished his drink and headed out.


Saturday evening started well. They met up at the allotted time and Joy nervously introduced Jared and Peter to Iain, but his fears were unfounded. The two young men easily fell into conversation with Iain, and within a very short time the four of them were happily chatting away like good friends. Peter and Jared were very interested to hear how Iain and Joy had met, and when Iain related the story of Joy's fall from his surf-board and the subsequent rush to hospital, they had absolutely no sympathy for their mate.

"Bit dramatic wasn't it?" Peter asked. "All you had to do was ask him for a date. But no, you go and get him to save your life! What a drama queen!"

Jared was no more supportive. "After all this time, you fall off a board just because some stunner gives you a look from the beach!" he said, then suddenly reddened as he realised the compliment he had paid unintentionally to Iain. Iain grinned widely and Joy began to needle Jared, who took it in his stride.

"Okay," he confessed, "So I think Iain's good looking. So sue me!" He turned to Iain. "If this fool doesn't treat you right," he said in a stage whisper, "give me a call! I know how to please my men!"

The three of them laughed easily, and Iain got up to get the next round of drinks. "So what do you really think?" Joy asked his pals.

"He's really nice, Joy," said Peter.

"Nice? He's wonderful. Don't let him go!" enthused Jared. "I was only half joking when I said I'd have him if you don't!" He granted Joy a huge grin, and put his arms around his shoulders, hugging his friend for reassurance. Joy couldn't help but grin widely.

"Thanks, guys, really!" he said.

"The bar's all out of soft drinks, boys, so you'll have to pretend to be grown-ups and have a beer!" Iain said as he returned. Another round of amiable chuckles followed.

The four of them sat and talked, ignoring the rest of the bar as they got to know each other. Joy's fears evaporated and he relaxed easily with his friends and his boyfriend. This wasn't so hard after all! And then his worries returned and his stomach knotted. A familiar, but unwanted voice cut through the general buzz of the pub crowd.

"Hey, guys, what the fuck are you doing here?" It was Rick. Joy grimaced, Jared's eyes widened in surprise and disbelief, and Peter simply shook his head resignedly. Only Iain looked up openly but uncertainly at the newcomer.

"Rick!" declared Joy unhappily. "Didn't expect to find you here!"

"No, of course not!" Rick stated. "I never come out here, but Terry talked me into a meal at the Indian place across the road, so I thought I'd kill some time and get a drink. Still, easy to see why they call this place 'the sticks'!" He looked at his three friends, and gave Iain a short but dismissive glance. To the puzzled looks, he answered his own riddle - "Chopsticks and walking sticks!" He laughed at his own joke, a little too loudly.

"Funny, Rick," said Jared sarcastically. "Racist AND ageist, all in one sentence. I wish I was as clever as you!"

The bigoted younger man ignored the comment easily. "So Joy, Peter, what's up guys? You slumming around for any good reason?" His attention fell on Iain. "What about you gramps?" he asked snidely. "You here to find yourself a toy boy, or just to re-live your memories with my buddies?"

Iain glowered at him, but kept his silence as Peter groaned. Joy spoke up, putting a forced smile on his face as he spoke politely.

"Rick, this is Iain," he said in measured tones. "He's my boyfriend!"

Rick snorted with derisive amusement, looking from Joy to Iain and back again. "Yeah sure!" he laughed. "If you needed money that bad, man, you shoulda just asked. We could have passed the hat around for you, save you digging through the nursing homes."

"Why you fucking ...!" Joy began, rising from his seat and moving menacingly toward Rick. Iain put out his hand and grabbed Joy's arm, calming his lover.

"Forget this little shit, Joy," he said quietly.

"Oooh," Rick rejoined. "So that's how it is? Daddy's 'boy', eh? Well don't forget who your mates are when you've got the new car and new threads out of him, Joy. Remember, those purse strings were made for opening!"

"Rick, why don't you do the whole pub a favour and just fuck off!" said Jared, becoming more and more embarrassed for both his new and his old friends.

"That's okay, Jared," Iain spoke again. "He'll get tired soon and go away. It must be way after his bed-time!"

"Got a harem have you, pops?" Rick became even more painful with each passing minute. "Got all three of them on leads, have you? Tell them when to eat, when to sleep, when to shit? Still, I suppose they don't need to worry about keeping you satisfied. One fuck a week would be about all you could manage at your age, wouldn't it?"

By this time, Joy was almost ready to punch Rick out right there in the bar, and Jared and Peter were so agitated they could barely keep their seats. Only Iain remained calm, as he looked the insolent child directly in the eye.

"Rick? Is that right, or is it Rick-IE?" Iain emphasised, the disdain clear in his tone. "You can go back to your little friends now. It's getting late and I'm sure you need your rest. I know it's fun playing with the grown-ups, but you've had your chance. Crawl back into your play-pen and leave us alone!"

Rick started to sneer again, but Iain stood this time, squaring off his shoulders and staring directly at Rick's face. One of the bar-staff, a bear of a man who stood at least 6'3, and who had been following the last few comments, moved to stand nearby, making sure Rick could see him as well. The young man opened his mouth to launch another stream of vitriol, but the barman spoke up instead.

"Hey, boy." He emphasised 'boy' loudly. "Do as you're told and go home before I decide to demand some ID to prove you're old enough to be here. Of course, I guess I could always call your mother ..." he stopped for a second and went on, "... but just throwing you down the stairs would be a lot more fun!"

Rick sputtered with indignation as he faced the disapproving looks of those arrayed against him, and suddenly became aware that the attention of the entire bar was now directed at him, many patrons laughing at his expense. Without a word, he shot a look of daggers at Iain, turned on his heel and all but ran from the bar.

"Thanks!" Iain mouthed to the barman.

"No problem," he grinned back as he returned to his duties.

"Sorry about that guys," Iain said to the three young men.

Suddenly, all three burst out laughing. "Damn," said Jared, "I know people who would have paid good money to see that arsehole put in his place like that!"

The friends decided they had earned another drink, which turned out to be 'on the house', as they eased down from the tension of the previous few minutes.

"I love you!" Joy said quietly to his man.

"I love you back!" Iain smiled.


"That went well!" Iain declared when he and Joy were safely home at his place later that night.

"You think?" said Joy with a grimace. "I was so close to physical violence with Rick that it scares me!"

"Maybe ..." mused Iain, "but then that would have led to a fight, and possibly worse. I know it's difficult, but the best way to react to small minded people like that is to ignore them, or if you can't do that then to stay calm and use words rather than fists. Beating someone up isn't going to change them, and it just makes you as bad as they are!"

"I guess," Joy said doubtfully, "but he just made me so angry!"

"I know, babe. And there are going to be plenty more just like him. But then there are also a lot like Jared and Peter, too. Hopefully more of them than there are Ricks in the world."

Joy smiled wryly as he remembered the way Iain had put Rick in his place. "You were amazing, you know?" he said admiringly. "I've never seen anyone stand up to him, or get him so flustered as you did tonight."

"Just a few bitchy comments," Iain brushed off the praise. "Unfortunately, you'll learn the art of nasty come-backs quickly enough! Jared and Peter were really nice guys, are they a couple?"

"No," said Joy. "Just friends. I like them both a lot, and I hope we can stay good friends."

"I hope so too!" Iain replied. "It's good to keep, and build, friendships with people like them. Those kind of friendships can mean a lot later on!"

"Like your friendship with Nick and Tom?" Joy asked.

"Yes, I suppose so. They are the kind of friends who will stick by you no matter what. They won't judge you unnecessarily, but they'll let you know honestly what they think, and listen to your point of view."

"What about Philip?" joy asked, thinking back to Iain's other friend, the one who had been so rude.

"Philip's not a friend. An acquaintance maybe, but never close. And as of the other night, someone I don't want to have anything to do with." Iain sat on the lounge, and pulled Joy down to sit across his legs, wrapping his arms around the taller, younger man. He looked up into Joy's deep blue eyes and yet again felt the delight in his lover's beauty, and the warmth of being with him.

"Joy, there are going to be a lot more 'Philips' and 'Ricks' in our lives. People we'll have to deal with and fight against who will refuse to see what we are to each other, who will only believe the worst. We can try to ignore most of them, and treat the ones we can't ignore with the contempt they deserve. But most of all, we have to keep telling ourselves that it's us that matters, not them or their petty-minded opinions. You are the most important thing in my life, and always will be, and don't you ever forget it!"

Joy simply smiled an acknowledgement as he stared into the deep green pools of Iain's eyes, feeling more happy and more secure than he had ever known. He squirmed a little on Iain's lap, and felt the growing hardness beneath his butt as his man's face betrayed the desire which was building in his loins.

"Make love to me?" Joy whispered softly, his mouth only centimetres from Iain's head.

Iain grinned, as Joy's piercing blue eyes pleaded with him. How could he possibly resist a request such as that?

They kissed, long and deep, full of slowly building passion and shared tenderness, their tongues wrestling with each other as each of them tasted his lover and shared the delight of growing love. Carefully, still attached to his man by the lips, Iain stood from the sofa and eased Joy to his feet, and they undressed each other slowly, sensuously, never for a second breaking the union of their kiss. Iain's body tingled with sensations of anticipation and excitement, and Joy shivered with the sensuality of Iain's fingers against his flesh as together they shed the encumbrance of clothing and allowed their heated, satin flesh to make contact along the full length of their bodies.

Wordlessly they inched their way to the bedroom, fingers and palms exploring trembling skin and aching bodies, the need within them growing quickly. Finding the comfort of Iain's king size mattress, they quickly fell alongside each other, writhing and touching as they continued their unbroken kiss. Joy squirmed around until he was lying on top of Iain's frame, the weight of his body pressing against the hairy torso below him. He ground his hips into the large, hard log of meat at Iain's groin and elicited a long deep moan of pleasure which started in Iain's throat and made it's way up and into Joy's own mouth. Iain quivered with pleasure at the sensation of the full, firm, smooth young body covering his own, and the eager attack that Joy continued on his teeth and gums as they melted into one another.

Rolling to one side, Iain slid out from under his man, then lifted himself up and now lay atop Joy, his mouth finally breaking the contact between them. Without hesitation, Iain's lips attacked Joy's neck, kissing and nibbling at the smooth brown skin as he slowly slid down Joy's shoulders and across the sculpted mounds of his chest. Joy let his head drop back onto the pillow and groaned quietly with the sensational feelings washing through him as Iain licked at his body. Iain's tongue found Joy's left nipple, and he swirled his talented muscle around the hard brown nub, wetting and bathing it before he closed his teeth gently over the small erection, pulling at the peak of skin and then releasing it to blow warm air over Joy's glistening tit. Another round of sighs escaped Joy's throat as Iain smiled and attacked the corresponding nipple, treating it to the same attention.

As he slid down, Iain's body moved between Joy's legs, which parted and then wrapped around his man, holding him tightly. Iain continued his tongue-bath, tasting the beautiful body of his lover as he traced the ridges of Joy's abdomen with his lips and slowly inserted his tongue into Joy's navel before kissing his way over the younger man's hips. All the while, Iain's hands played across Joy's chest and ribs, and ran sensuously along the side of Joy's torso, sending shivers through him. Joy ached with growing desire, the ministrations of his man's tongue delighting him. He could sense the pressure of Iain's body against his own, and shivered as Iain's head moved lower and lower, approaching his throbbing masculinity.

Iain slowly, almost agonisingly, made his way down over Joy's lithe young body. He lifted his face away from the taut skin and sculpted muscle to drink in the vision of the younger man beneath him, and was rewarded with a close-up view of Joy's very manhood, only centimetres from Iain's eyes. The long, hard rod of flesh stood at attention, quivering in time with the beating of Joy's heart, the blood coursing through the veins standing in clear relief just below the skin, which was stretched over the steely muscle. The pale colouring of the shaft gave way to a darker, reddened mushroom cap, and a pearl of translucent juice appeared in the very eye of that glorious pole of maleness. Unable to resist, Iain leaned forward and his tongue lapped at the fruit of his lover's loins, scooping it up as he tasted of Joy's very essence. His actions were rewarded with a low growl of delight from the man beneath him.

A smile crossed Iain's face - a grin of delighted contentment that he was able to give Joy so much pleasure while he himself trembled with arousal. He leaned further forward, and gently followed the ridge of Joy's cockhead with his tongue, then patiently worked his way down the long shaft with feathery licks that caressed Joy's prick in a moist tease of sensuous eroticism. Reaching the base of the tower of flesh, Iain opened his mouth and brought his lips to the wrinkled skin of Joy's scrotum, softly suckling at each rounded egg in turn. He could feel the young man's testicles moving in a slow motion dance within their protective sac of skin, churning in excitement and generating the sweet juice that would eventually be released with the right degree of stimulation. Stretching his jaw wide, Iain drew first one and then both of the soft robs into his mouth, massaging and caressing each with his tongue and pulling at Joy's nuts with a firm pressure which caused even more grunts and hisses of delight. As he worked on his lover's balls, Iain's finger slowly traced the length of the shaft of cockflesh above them, all the way along the veiny underside to the slit where once more he found an oozing flow of pre-seminal fluid, viscous and warm, which he scooped up and transferred to his own tongue.

Joy was in ecstasy by this time, his entire body tingling as he lay back and enjoyed the glorious attentions of Iain's tongue and lips. He shuddered involuntarily with delight as Iain gave him the most sensuous experience he had ever known. His cock was hard as steel, aching for more, yet he happily endured the agony of anticipation as his lover played his body like a finely tuned musical instrument. Suddenly, Iain's mouth was no longer there, and Joy lifted his head in surprise, to see what was happening. His eyes found the lusty mirrors of Iain's soul, deep and green, staring back at him in a mischievous grin as Iain moved back up and over his body to kiss him once more.

"I want you," Iain whispered, his voice barely audible, but the need undoubted.

"Yes!!" Joy hissed back.

Iain moved quickly off the bed for just a second, retrieving a condom and lubricant from the bedside table, before hurriedly leaning into Joy again for yet another kiss. He tore open the foil, but to Joy's surprise, Iain rolled the latex sheath expertly down over Joy's cock rather than his own.

"Iain?" Joy asked quietly.

"I said, I want you - inside of me!" Iain replied, and Joy smiled up at him in understanding.

A generous squirt of the slimy gel was applied to the rubber enveloping Joy's prick before Iain once again climbed over his man, but this time he straddled Joy's body, his knees on either side of the younger man's torso. Joy leaned up to meet Iain's mouth with his own as his lover hovered over him. He shivered slightly as he felt Iain's strong hand guiding his throbbing prong towards its target. As Iain lowered himself until his arsehole came into contact with the solidity of Joy's cockhead, Joy held himself steady and resisted the urge to thrust upwards and into his man. He sensed the soft skin of his partner's entrance now pressing against the point of his man-sword, and he felt the thrill of impending union arouse his body yet again.

Their coupling took place almost in slow motion. It was as if Iain's body melted over Joy's. the moment of penetration could have lasted a second, it could have lasted an hour, but all Joy knew was that without any conscious effort on his part, the resistance from Iain's sphincter against his cock seemed to dissolve, and the muscles of his lover's rosebud parted to welcome him inside. He heard a low moan, unsure if it was coming from himself or from Iain or both, and a soft, warm moistness engulfed him, drowned his rock hard weapon in pleasure, and the shaft of his pole was sliding easily between the walls of his man's anus, burrowing deeply into the hot wet cavern of Iain's body.

Joy felt the weight of Iain's butt cheeks come to rest against his pelvis, and gave an involuntary thrust upwards as the complete length of his rod was buried within his man. But he did not need to move at all. Iain did all of the 'work', using his knees as leverage, raising and lowering himself, slowly to begin with and then with ever increasing speed as he used his own weight to impale himself upon Joy's rampant erection. Joy felt the gripping of Iain's sphincter as Iain bobbed up and down on him, sensed the heat of Iain's body wrap around him, and heard the squelching sound of Iain's bowel as it was filled with Joy's cock. He looked up into Iain's face, and their eyes met and locked, blue into green, as they became one. To Joy, it was not as though they were having sex so much as joining together, each a part of the other, bodies and minds melding. His entire being trembled with arousal and his nerves relayed the pure and absolute pleasure emanating from his groin and infusing the rest of his body. Iain's face lowered, inching closer and closer to Joy's, and Joy raised his knees to support Iain's body, ensuring their joinder was not broken.

When their lips met again, a shock of electricity jolted Joy's frame. This feeling, he was sure, was the ultimate in bliss. As Iain's tongue began to work it's magic once more on Joy's teeth and gums, the young man felt the tide of passion swelling up within himself, knew he could not hold back against the wave of ecstasy his body now surfed. Still locked together, mouth to mouth and groin to groin, Joy felt Iain steal his breath away, literally, as his body surrendered. He did not explode, he did not jerk and quiver and shoot, he simply gave himself into absolute pleasure as Iain's amazing body gently milked him of his seed, clenching and releasing in glorious rhythm to draw Joy's very essence from him.

Iain felt Joy's body tense beneath him. He ran his hands over the muscles of Joy's torso as they contracted and tautened, and he sensed the pulsating ecstasy of Joy's prick as it swelled inside him and was relieved of its manjuice. He continued his probing of Joy's tongue and mouth even as he knew his lover was engulfed by orgasm, and ached with happiness at the exquisite sensation of being a part of Joy, of having a part of Joy buried within him. As the tension began to ease, he lifted his face away, breaking their kiss, and suddenly Joy remembered to breathe again, a long gasp of air drawn in before the beautiful young man opened those pools of blue once more and smiled up at him.

"Oooohhhhhhh!" Joy whispered.

"Oh yeah!" Iain replied with feeling. He sat back again, Joy's prong still held deep within his bowels, and smiled with happiness at the strong young body beneath him, and the beaming face that grinned back. Despite his recent orgasm, Joy was still hard, and Iain was in no hurry to relinquish his position or to surrender the wonderful filling that he experienced from Joy's manhood. His own cock still throbbed, steel hard and aroused, and he contemplated jerking himself off while Joy's prong remained lodged in his gut.

Before he could act on his idea, Iain felt Joy move beneath him once again, as his lover threw one arm out and reached for the package of condoms lying on the bedside table.

"Hey there, stud," he said quietly and warmly, "what are you up to?"

Joy said nothing but held Iain's gaze with his deep azure eyes, as he tore open the foil of another prophylactic, a mischievous smirk on his face. He reached froward and began to roll the latex tube down over Iain's thick cock which stood proudly in the space between their two bodies.

"Now it's my turn!" Joy stated. "You don't get to have all the fun!" he said with a chuckle.

As he finished placing the sheath on Iain's prick, Joy's hands went beneath Iain's butt and lifted, as Iain sat up again, carefully lifting himself off Joy's prong. The slow withdrawal sent new waves of pleasure through both of them as they separated momentarily. Quickly Iain swung his legs around as Joy directed his lover back into position, this time with Joy's knees lifted around Iain's waist. With his body, Joy pulled Iain back between his legs as he used one hand to grease both Iain's pole and his own rectum.

Iain quickly pulled the used condom from Joy's rod, marvelling that his lover remained hard even now, and lowered himself until his own cockhead made contact with the soft skin of Joy's arse. Supporting his weight on his arms, he leaned forward again and met Joy's opening lips in a passionate kiss full of appreciation, love, and need.

Joy tingled with pleasure as he wrapped his legs around Iain's body and pulled his lover into himself. His cock was still hard, still throbbing, and he needed Iain now, inside of him. As he felt the solid head of Iain's prick pressing against his hole, he relaxed himself, pushing back as he coaxed Iain's prong inward. There was a momentary flicker of discomfort as Iain's thick tool opened his sphincter, and then Joy was in heaven as his man slowly filled him, the mushroom cap of Iain's uncut log prying open Joy's body as the throbbing shaft of Iain's weapon slid through his ring of muscle and invaded his rectum. As Iain sank into him, Joy felt the rush of delight as his man nudged at his prostate, massaging his bowel from within and filling him completely. Joy clenched himself around the thick meat piercing him, and took possession of his lover, swallowed Iain's very masculinity into his own body and held it tightly as he felt Iain begin to move, back and forth in the ageless motion of sexual dance.

Quickly, the two fell into a rhythm of mutual arousal. Iain thrust and withdrew, his speed increasing as he jabbed himself into Joy's innards, pounding himself deeper and deeper, harder and faster into the young man. Joy writhed below his man, shuddering with each powerful pounding, gasping as he felt Iain piston in and out of his clenching sphincter, swearing the pit of his stomach was prodded with each humping shove of Iain's thick, powerful masculinity. They fucked at each other now, hard long strokes of driven need, joined in physical lust and emotional yearning, a hunching rutting being of pure maleness. Joy stared into Iain's face, and saw the building urge, the coming climax as his lover shuddered and slammed into him again and again. He surrendered his body to Iain's powerful fucking, and in doing so he took possession of Iain's cock, and of Iain's very masculinity, owning him and holding him deep inside.

As their gripping, pounding union neared its peak, Joy's hands moved up to Iain's chest, running across the dusting of hair on his pecs and feeling the matted sheen of sweat on his man's skin. His eyes were drawn to the golden rings in each of Iain's nipples, and his fingers followed, pinching softly and tugging at the cool metal where it pierced the hard brown nubs. Immediately, Iain gasped out in pleasure, the arousal of Joy playing with his piercings pushing him to the brink.

"Uuuunnhhh ..." he hissed in a muted cry, "Joy ... I'm cuummmii.... "

And he did. A spasm wracked his body and he tensed, his cock swelling inside Joy's warm tunnel. His balls boiled over and with a final lunge of desperation he drove himself deeper into his man, filling the latex sheath he wore with his seed, pouring his very essence into Joy's body and shuddering into a climax that rocked both of them. Aroused beyond measure by Iain's assault, Joy let one hand drop to his own prong, and began to flail at the steel heat of his prick. With no more than two or three strokes, his nuts contracted and a second outpouring of semen flowed from him, puddling on his stomach and splattering up onto Iain's abdomen as the two men leapt from the cliffs of absolute pleasure together, and slowly began the long and happy descent into exhaustion.

Time passed in a haze as Iain and Joy lay there together, slowly recovering from the power of their orgasm. Collapsed into each other, Iain's cock still lodged within Joy's body, they gradually came back to the land of the living, and held each other tightly. Feeling himself beginning to soften, Iain eased carefully out of Joy, removing the condom and then falling back to lay beside his lover, turning his head so that he stare once more into those beautiful blue eyes.

"Thank You!" he mouthed soundlessly.

"You too," Joy whispered back.

Iain smiled again at his man, his lover, and slowly propped himself up on one elbow, letting his fingers trail across Joy's chest and along the ridges of his abs.

"Babe, I know it's only been about five weeks since we got together ..." he began uncertainly.

Joy looked up at him, curious but not concerned. "Yeah?" he asked lazily.

"How would you feel about, um, well ... moving in? Living here with me, permanently?"

The young man's face lit up like a Christmas tree, his eyes sparkling and his grin from ear to ear. "I'd love it! Iain, living with you would make me so unbelievably happy! Are you sure you want to take that step?"

"More sure than anything, ever!" Iain responded with sincerity. "I hate every second that I'm away from you!"

Joy said nothing more, but leaned to him and kissed him, long and tenderly.

Iain's eyes were moist as he looked for the thousandth time at the beautiful young man he hoped to share the rest of his life with. "Joy," he said in a soft but deep tone, "I ..."

"... love you!" Joy finished for him, returning to their kiss as he threw his arms around his masculine, mature lover again.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!