Joy to the World 9

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Joy held the new born baby in his arms, and swelled with pride. David, their David, was beautiful, the most beautiful child ever to grace the planet. He handed him carefully to Iain, who looked with awe into the tiny face, still wet with the detritus of birth. In that moment Iain's heart could have broken, it was so filled with love - love for this tiny infant, and love for the man with whom he was to share the joys and the pain of parenthood. Slowly, carefully, he handed the child to Tina, who took him gratefully and stared into the eyes of her new son, then balanced him in the crook of one arm as Susan settled their daughter into the other arm. The two women were obviously as happy as the men as they looked in wonder at the tiny twins.

After a brief period, the nurses bundled the babies up and took them off for the mandatory tests and checks which had to be made since they were born a couple of weeks earlier than due. There was no real concern, since they were both healthy, and early delivery for twins was commonplace, but regulations had to be followed. As the babies disappeared, Iain and Joy hugged each other tightly, tears of happiness falling from their eyes, as Susan bent over Tina and embraced her with a cautious but meaningful hug, kissing her tenderly. Eventually, the hospital staff shooed the three from Tina's room, insisting she needed rest after the birth. Susan walked with Iain and Joy to the waiting room, as the impact of what had happened began to sink in for each of them. A silence reigned as all were lost in their own thoughts.

Finally, Iain and Joy made their farewells to Susan and headed home. She was staying the night - the hospital had a policy of allowing fathers to remain with their partners after a birth, and extended this policy to partners in the less traditional family units. But because of the unusual nature of the arrangement these four had arrived at, there were no facilities for Iain and Joy to stay as well. By agreement between them, and with the reluctant blessing of the authorities, they were to stay with Tina on a rotating basis, taking turns to spend the nights in the cot bed in her room, until she was ready to come home. The doctors had advised her they expected to be discharging her in five or six days, and in the meantime, first Susan, then Joy, then Iain would stay with her and the children. But there was no rest for the others either. So much still had to be done to prepare for the homecoming of Tina, Elizabeth and David.

There were a few embarrassing moments, and more than one occasion for laughter at the surprise of some of the staff and other mothers around the not so traditional family which they formed. But in general, the hospital staff were considerate and understanding, and offered them all the support they needed in the first few days. One of the more awkward times occurred when the records department sent an older woman to see Tina, to complete the details for lodgment of the twins' birth details with the authorities. The forms were simple enough to begin with, until Tina was asked for the name of the father.

"Umm, I don't know ..." she said quietly.

The woman did her best not to show her surprise. "You don't know who the father is?" she asked carefully.

"Well, it could be Iain or it could be Joy - they were both donors," Tina tried to explain.

"Oh, I see," replied the woman, when she obviously did not. "Do you want me to register the babies as 'father not known' then?"

"Oh, no!" responded Tina. "But we need some kind of test results to be able to say which it is ..."

She was rescued by one of the nurses who knew the entire story, and who was more understanding and accommodating than most. "I'll see if the blood test results are available to confirm fatherhood," she reassured both Tina and the records clerk. "I believe that both men's details are on file already."

Tina nodded a silent 'Thank you' and settled back onto the bed. It was Iain's turn to be with her that day, and he had returned to her room with both babies in tiny cribs when the nurse came back brandishing the birth registration forms and a sheaf of papers. Her face wore an unreadable expression which immediately sparked Iain's curiosity.

"Well, you certainly have managed the impossible!" she declared as Tina looked up at her expectantly. "These are the blood test results for both babies, and boy do they tell a story!"

"What do you mean?" asked Iain, becoming concerned.

The nurse smiled an enigmatic grin and looked him up and down before turning back to Tina again. She took a deep breath and started to speak. "You know that the babies are not identical twins, don't you?"

"Yes," answered Tina. "The doctors explained to us that identical twins come from a single egg which splits in two shortly after conception, and so identical twins are always the same sex. If twins are of different sex, then it means that they are the result of two separate eggs being fertilised."

"That's correct," confirmed the nurse. "What has happened with you is not unheard of, but still very unusual ... it would appear from these results that your two children have different fathers! Their blood tests prove that they cannot possibly both have the same father, which means that the two eggs you produced were fertilised by sperm from two different men, almost at the exact same time! Like I said, it's not unheard of, but VERY unusual."

Iain stifled a choke, as Tina laughed out loud. "That's wonderful!" she declared. "We couldn't have asked for a better outcome - it's exactly what we wanted, without even knowing it was possible! Can you tell us which of the boys is the father to which of the twins?"

"Uh huh," nodded the nurse. "The doctor cross-checked them with the details we had for both men - it appears that Mr Iain Robertson is the father of Elizabeth, while Mr Joy Benson is David's parent."

"Congratulations!" Tina said to Iain. "You have a new daughter!"

Iain blushed. "I have a new son, too," he said seriously, but couldn't help looking with renewed wonder at Elizabeth, sleeping quietly beside her mother. As the nurse helped Tina complete the forms for forwarding to the registry of births, Iain grinned widely. "We'd better get Joy and Susan in here and tell them the news," he thought out loud.

"I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!" chuckled Tina, as Iain went off to make some phone calls and summon their respective partners to the hospital to hear the amazing details.


Joy's eyes widened, and Susan's mouth fell open as they heard the story of the twins having different fathers, Iain and Tina taking it in turns to re-explain how such a thing could happen. Finally, Joy could wait no longer.

"So which one is my child and which is Iain's?" he blurted out impatiently.

"You are the natural father to David!" Iain announced proudly. Joy grinned widely, filled with mixed emotions. He was awed to think that David really was his son, yet in some strange way disappointed. He had hoped that their son would be part of Iain's flesh and blood. But he instantly dismissed that thought, looking again to Elizabeth. The tiny girl was his lover's child - she carried Iain's blood, and for that reason alone she would always be special to Joy.

Susan simply grinned, unspeaking. It made no difference to her who the 'blood' father was, but she was incredibly happy that both of the men had been able to father a child. This would tie the two couples even more closely than anything they could do legally. She was sure that this wonderful news would cement their friendship, and their mutual dependence, forever.


Almost as soon as Tina and the twins were allowed to leave the hospital, Iain and Susan were in contact with their lawyer, making arrangements to get the adoption proceedings started. He assured them that it was a formality, albeit a complicated one, for Iain to adopt David, and for Susan to adopt Elizabeth. The papers were drawn up, signed and submitted for court approval quickly, but the two couples refused to wait for official sanction of their intended plans. Once mother and children were discharged, David was taken home to Iain and Joy's immediately. Tina had, for some reason which escaped the boys, been unable to breast-feed, so both babies were on formula from the day they were born.

Iain and Susan had both taken time off from their respective jobs when the children were born, and for the first few weeks of their lives, the two couples were in daily contact, either with Joy taking David to the girls home, or Tina bringing Elizabeth up to the boys' place. When their partners reluctantly returned to work, Joy and Tina continued to spend much of the day with each other, comparing notes and sharing ideas on caring for their children. It amazed Joy to learn that Tina had no more of an instinctive knowledge for raising the babies than he did himself - for some reason he had expected that as a woman she would just know what to do, but Tina quickly refuted that suggestion as both of them relied on each other and on the assistance they received from the neo-natal clinic they had enrolled with well before the babies were born.

Time passed with unbelievable speed, and the twins began to grow, gurgling until they could make discernible sounds, rolling around and then crawling before they stood up, testing their legs while holding onto tables and chairs before taking their first tentative steps. By virtue of Joy and Tina's hard work, both of the twins were in daily contact with each other, and grew very close, yet did not seem to mind being separated at bedtime, each to be returned to their own home. And both sets of parents realised very early what an incredible and fortunate life they led. Whenever one couple found that the stresses and strains of parenthood began to get too much, they were able to take time out from their parenting duties for a day or two to recover, while the other couple cared for both David and Elizabeth as if they were their own child, which in many ways they were.

Susan and Tina happily accepted time away as a gift from Joy and Iain, taking the chance when offered to have a weekend to themselves, or to get out of the house together simply to take in a movie or have a meal. Joy and Iain occasionally left David with the girls while they revelled in a much needed day or two at their secret beach in the National Park, although the frequency of their visits had reduced considerably. Nevertheless, in many ways it brought them so much closer together, since the time they had alone was more precious, and the love they made all the more passionate as a result. It wasn't that they didn't love David - quite the opposite, he was the centre of their world, and every moment with him was cherished, but they needed time as a couple as well, and Susan and Tina were able to give them that.


The days turned into weeks, which became months and years with alarming speed. Joy and Iain watched David take his first steps and heard him utter his first words. They agonised over childhood cuts and scratches and sat up late at night through the normal illnesses that children suffer, and they relished every moment. He was their son, and they loved him completely, sharing their love for and with each other. They continued the close and comfortable bond with Elizabeth and her parents, becoming incredibly near to the two women, and ensuring that the twins shared all of their experiences together and forged a strong link between each other.

Joy occasionally had a pang of jealousy when he saw Susan and Tina with their daughter, knowing that they had a part of Iain that wasn't his, but a single glance at their son would instantly dissolve any misgivings. David was the light of Joy's life, and he fussed over him with a concern which bordered on obsession. And he assured himself that even though Elizabeth was not his daughter, she was a very important part of all their lives, and that just having her around would allow him to see and to know that Iain continued to live on in her. When his mind turned to such thoughts he would often look long and tenderly at his man, and the love within almost burst from him. He knew that logically Iain would die before he did, but he tried not to think of the time when that might happen - they were both still young and healthy, and had many years together ahead. Besides, David needed them both, and in time, Joy and Iain would need David.

David could do no wrong in Iain's eyes. As he grew, the resemblance between the child and Joy was easy to see, and Iain took incredible pride in their son, watching him grow. He was very quick, and very bright, and it soon became obvious that Joy and Iain would need to be careful what they said around him, as he picked things up and repeated them at the most inopportune moments. They discussed the dilemma, and decided early in David's young life that they wanted him to know and to see for himself how much they loved each other, and so they refused to curb their affection, openly kissing and hugging in front of him, and making sure he learned from example that his fathers were very much in love, and that they loved him. Their only concession was to wait until he was asleep, or at Susan and Tina's home, before they made love - which they did whenever they could manage it. They still had their cave in the bushland, and by dint of habit they had fallen into a routine of getting away and leaving David with the girls while they spent a weekend at the beach every six or seven weeks. In return, they insisted that they look after Elizabeth and that the two women take a weekend alone just as often, an arrangement which worked amazingly well. The girls knew Iain and Joy had a special place, but did not know the details, and didn't ask. Despite their closeness, they retained the independence of two separate families as much as possible.

When the time came for the twins to begin school, Iain and Joy realised that the first of many difficult conversations was at hand. All four of them had accompanied the two children on their first day, and many tears were shed all round as David and Elizabeth walked off hand-in-hand, full of excitement at the prospect of school. That afternoon David chattered on for hours about the wonders of kindergarten, and all the new things he had seen. Joy and Iain smiled knowingly at him and each other, as he described in an awed voice all the details of his day. A few days later, he asked a question they had expected eventually, and tried to prepare for.

"Dad?" he said in the tone which had come to signify something was bothering him.

"Yes?" chorused Joy and Iain. They had never resolved the issue of which of them was 'dad', and so simply went on with both answering to it.

"Did you know that Tony only has one daddy?" Tony was one of his new friends, he had run on about Tony every day since school began.

Joy looked at Iain with alarm, and Iain shrugged, before settling himself alongside their son, putting his arm around David's shoulders and hugging him.

"Yes, we knew that, baby," he said calmly. "And did Tony tell you that he has a mummy as well?"

"Yeah - how weird is that! I told him that 'Lizabeth has two mummies 'coz she's a girl, and I have two daddies 'coz I'm a boy and he didn't believe me."

Iain smiled ruefully. Please let him not suffer because of us! he silently begged the fates. "David," he began in a more serious tone, trying to ensure that their son knew he was not in trouble at all. "You need to understand something - something very important - are you listening carefully?"

"Yes, dad," he promised, his eyes widening in concentration.

"As you grow up, you are going to find that most of the other boys and girls at school have one daddy and one mummy. Some of them will have only one mummy and no daddy, or only one daddy and no mummy, and some, but not many, will have either two daddies like you, or two mummies like Elizabeth!"

David digested this information carefully, thinking it through in his young but sharp mind. Iain went on as Joy sat alongside them, taking David's hand and squeezing it comfortingly. "It doesn't matter whether you are a boy or a girl. It comes from how the daddies and mummies feel, not from the children."

"But how do you know who has what, then?" David asked.

"You don't know unless they tell you," Iain replied.

"But why do other kids have things different? Don't their dads' both love them?" he asked, still assuming everyone had two fathers.

"No, baby, it's not that at all," Joy quickly jumped in. "Like your father said, not everyone has two daddies. You know that Iain and I love each other?"

"Uh huh," David nodded. "And I love you!" he added.

Joy grinned. "We love you, too. But when you grow up you'll find someone very very special who you will love more than anyone - more than me or Dad, more than Elizabeth, more than Susan or Tina - that person will be your special love."

"Nope!" David declared. "I'm not gonna love anyone as much as I love my dads!"

Trying not to laugh, Joy pressed on. "You might not think so now, but you will! Your father is my special love, and I am his. And Elizabeth's mummies love each other - they are the special loves for each other."

"Mmmm?" David looked confused about what this had to do with Tony having only one father. Joy tried again.

"Well, everyone, when they get older, has that special person who they love more than anyone else. Sometimes, like with me and your dad, a man falls in love with another man, or like with Elizabeth's mothers, a lady falls in love with a lady, but most times, a man falls in love with a lady."


"Nobody knows why, it just happens like that. Everyone is different. That's what makes the world such a wonderful place - that everyone is different from everyone else."

"Okay," said David, a look of understanding on his young face, as if that explained everything.

Iain spoke again. "But because most boys and girls have one mother and one father, sometimes they think everyone should be the same," he warned, remaining quiet but sounding serious. "And sometimes, they will make fun of you, or be nasty to you, because you're more different. That just means you are more special."

"But what do I do if they tease me or make fun of me?" David asked with renewed concern.

"You should tell your teacher, or tell us straight away, but you shouldn't fight or argue with them. They only say things or do things like that because they don't understand. You can try to explain it to them the way we have explained it to you. And if they still don't understand, then you should just feel sorry for them, because they will be missing out on the chance to be your friend."

"Okay, dad!" David grinned. With that he dismissed the subject. Iain and Joy exchanged worried looks. They could do no more at this point, but that didn't ease their concern for their baby's future. They both knew he would face so much more difficulty and many more questions as he grew.


David flourished at school. Academically, he was one of the leading students in his classes. Physically, he matured quickly, playing football and swimming, learning to surf at the hands of Joy, and spending many hours outdoors with both of his fathers. He got into a few arguments with people over his parents, and despite Iain's advice, he even had a handful of fights with other kids. But he always came home to the comfort of his dads, and the reassuring knowledge that what he had was right and proper.

He was approaching his ninth birthday when he came home from school one day with a bright red bruise on his left cheek, his shirt rumpled and a corner torn. Iain was still at work, and Joy looked up as David crashed through the door, taking in his appearance quickly before summoning him to the table.

"Okay, kid, what happened?" he asked as David kept his eyes on the floor, kicking his shoes absently at the chair leg.

"Dad, are you a poof?" David said suddenly, looking up and into Joy's eyes.

Joy tried to cover his shock. "Where did you hear that word?" he demanded, more harshly than he meant to.

"At school! A couple of kids in one of the higher years said that you and Dad must be 'poofs', and laughed real mean. I told them you were not, and punched one, so the other one held my arms while the first one punched me back!"

"Oh, David!" Joy pleaded, feeling angry and sad at once. "Do you even know what that word means?" he asked, as he tried to dab at his son's bruises with a cool cloth.

"Nuh, but it sounded bad."

Joy gave up his vain attempt to clean the boy, and sat down across the table from him, ready for another man-to-man talk. "Son, the word 'poof' or 'poofter' is a mean, nasty way of saying 'gay man'. The official, fancy word for that is 'homosexual', but 'gay' means the same thing, and that is what you will hear most often. And yes, me and your father are 'gay', so strictly speaking yes we are 'poofs'."

David looked upset, but Joy went on. "David, you know how much we love you, and we love each other. And you know how many times we have talked about how some people who don't have two fathers or mothers can be rude or simply not understand. Words like 'poof' are used by those people because they don't understand, and usually because they are nasty people who you should avoid. They will be cruel, and try to hurt you, or us, just because we're a little bit different from them. Fighting with them isn't going to make them change their minds, or stop being cruel and nasty."

"But am I supposed to just let them say nasty things about my fathers, and do nothing?"

"No," Joy sighed, "But you either try to reason with them calmly, or you walk away, and report them to the teachers, or tell us. You will hear a lot of other nasty words, too - words like 'queer' or 'pervert' or 'fag' - they are all horrible, nasty words, words that are intended to hurt and put people down. The best thing you can do is ignore them, not let them get to you. That way they lose their power, and the people who use them just look stupid. Just remember that what those people are talking about are other people - people just like your father and me."

David nodded but remained quiet, and soon afterwards went to his room. Joy watched him go, his heart breaking at the pain his son had endured for the sake of Iain and himself. When Iain arrived home, Joy repeated the whole conversation as his lover listened with growing concern.

"How is he now?" Iain asked.

"Okay I think. He's in his room doing homework."

"I think he needs a break, and a treat," Iain said, and Joy agreed.

"Dave?" Iain called as he knocked at their son's door. To a muffled response, he opened the door and walked in. The walls of David's room were adorned with posters of cartoon characters and sports stars. 'I wonder when they'll be replaced, and with pictures of men or women?' Iain mused to himself. To his son, he said cheerfully, "I hear you got into some trouble at school today!"

"Yeah, dad, I'm sorry!" David said slowly.

"David, you're not in trouble!" Iain replied. "I know it's hard being different from most of the other kids. But we love you, and we're proud of you. How about we skip dinner at home and go out - your choice? And you can skip the schoolwork for tonight. I'll write you a note for your teacher if you need it."

He smiled as he saw his son lighten quickly.

"Great, dad," David said. "Can we get a pizza and take it down to the beach?"

Iain laughed. "Okay! I'm always amazed at how much you love the beach - you take after your father like that! You know that's where I met him, don't you?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know!" David groaned. He had heard the story of Iain saving Joy's life many times, and inwardly he loved it, but he would never admit that to his fathers!

"Come on then," said Iain. "And David?"

His son looked up at him questioningly.

"You know we can't always be there to protect you, and that you'll hear a lot worse things about us as you get older, but we both love you more than anything else!"

David pretended to groan again, and rolled his eyes, but secretly his heart grew and he felt so special hearing those words from his fathers.


Shortly before his twelfth birthday, David was settled down by Iain and Joy one evening, the television off.

"Are we gonna have another deep and meaningful?" he whined, looking from one father to the other and back again.

"Yes! And lose the attitude!" Iain warned. He tried to keep a serious look on his face, but inwardly he laughed, his son was so much like Joy, and so quick, they could keep nothing from him.

"Am I in trouble?" David asked suddenly, concerned.

"No, why, should you be?" Joy sounded stern.

"Of course not, Dad! I'm an angel, remember!"

"Yeah, well ..." Joy hummed. Iain settled alongside his man and addressed their son carefully.

"David, you know that with finishing primary school and going on to high school this year, you're going to have a whole crowd of new people and new friends and new teachers?"

"Yep. I'm looking forward to it!" This was no news to the two men. They had listened to their son excitedly describe what high school would be like for months now.

"We're concerned about the reaction you could get from a lot of new people about us," Iain said slowly, indicating himself and Joy. "I know most of the kids at your school now know about us and accept us, but high school is gonna be a whole different world."

"So ...?"

"So, I guess what we're saying is that you might like to use some 'discretion' about your parents. Especially with the new kids you meet. In other words, be careful what you say and who you say it to."

"But Dad," David protested, "Do you want me to pretend that you aren't my fathers?"

"No, David," Joy spoke up. "But we just want you to understand that not everyone will accept that you have two fathers, and a lot of people, even some teachers maybe, will try to give you a hard time because of us. You're very bright for an 11 year old ..."

"Nearly 12!"

"... okay, nearly 12 year old, and you know what being 'gay' means now. But you are going to find out that a lot of people out there don't like gay people, or the kids of gay people."

"Are you ashamed of what you are?" David asked suddenly, looking from Joy to Iain.

"No, not at all!" Iain said quickly. "It's not us we're thinking about, but you! We want you to have a good education, and to enjoy growing up, and we don't want you to be left out of anything, or face problems, just because your fathers are gay."

"Okay, Dad, I think I understand what you mean."

"Good boy! And always remember, we're here for you, and we'll back you up if ever you have any problems," Joy finished.


David tried his best when he started high school, but eventually people got to know his home situation. He had some difficulties, and found a lot of acceptance. He had several fights over his fathers, including a few he didn't tell them about, but he never denied them, and always stood firm in defending them and their love for each other.


Not long after the twins had celebrated their fifteenth birthday, Joy and Iain were enjoying a rare day of solitude at home. David had gone up to Elizabeth's, since the girls were hosting a group of school friends for the afternoon and evening, and the two men were confident that they would not be disturbed as David wasn't expected home until late that night. Ian looked around the house, surprisingly tidy and quiet in the absence of their teenage son.

"I feel like something's missing," he complained half-heartedly to his partner.

Joy laughed. "You're never happy! If David was here you'd be whining about the mess he was making, or telling him to turn down his music."

"No, you're wrong," Iain said with a smile in his voice. "I love it that those are the only things I have to complain about. And I could not imagine being happier! I have you and David, and my world is perfect!"

Joy's grin conveyed his happiness and mirrored the love of Iain that he felt. "So, handsome, what do you want to do with yourself on this rare day off?" he asked.

Iain's smile grew mischievous. "I wasn't thinking so much about doing something with myself ..." he said in a hiss.

"Way ahead of you, my man!" Joy declared, his dazzling blue eyes glinting with desire. "There's a rather large bed in that room ..." he nodded towards their bedroom, "... that hasn't seen a lot of action lately!"

Joy and Iain almost raced each other into their room, tearing clothes off and laughing like teen-agers as they revelled in the uncommon delight of an afternoon at home alone. Within minutes they were naked together, hugging each other and raining kisses over each other's bodies, the natural excitement of their imminent coupling obvious as they wrestled playfully; hands, fingers and tongues attacking necks, chests and butts in a free-for-all of unbridled mutual admiration for each other's physique.

As the urgency of their play lessened, and the more tender moments began, Joy let Iain fall onto his back, and took a long look at the handsome man who had been his lover for so many years. He never tired of looking at Iain's body, letting his eyes wander over the tan skin and drink in the golden metal circles at Iain's nipples, or the fleshy tube of Iain's cock, lying now in semi-hardness against his thigh. Repeating one of his favourite pastimes, Joy lowered his mouth over Iain's manhood, swallowing the log of skin and muscle into his throat and tasting the musky sweetness of his lover's pre-cum. Quickly, his tongue searched out the flap of skin covering Iain's cockhead, and Joy licked in and around the soft foreskin, letting his tongue roam over the sensitive glans below, appreciating yet again Iain's passion for personal hygiene in keeping himself washed and clean in this area. As Iain began to moan and his cock grew harder, Joy pulled at the thin layer of flesh, tugging it gently between his teeth until Iain's swollen meat pushed its way out of that natural envelope and into Joy's mouth.

Now, robbed of the chance to lick at Iain's foreskin, Joy dived instead onto the large and growing tumescence at Iain's groin, coating his man's cock in saliva and scraping his teeth up and down the veiny shaft as he massaged that pole with his lips. Lifting his head away momentarily, Joy dragged his tongue slowly, sensuously, down the length of Iain's impressive weapon, then swirled around the rolling nuts in Iain's sac of skin, before swallowing first one and then both of Iain's testicles into his mouth. He caressed the firm orbs of Iain's jewels, sucking at them carefully before they too slipped from his lips. Lower he delved, his tongue slowly following the line of super-sensitive flesh from the base of his lover's balls to the twitching hole of Iain's anus. He licked and nibbled at the perinaeum, eliciting more groans of delight from his man, before his tongue made a foray into the pink muscle, wetting and exploring the puckering hole.

"Holy shit! Fuck me!" Iain hissed as Joy's tongue probed at his hole. Joy grinned as he sat up again.

"Your wish is my command," he said in a laugh as he quickly applied a coating of cool lube to his heated rod and shuffled forward, pushing Iain's legs up and back as he did. Soon Iain was spread invitingly before him, the deep green of his eyes imploring his young stud to skewer him on the long thickness of Joy's prong. Joy nudged the head of his dick into the crevice that was Iain's rectum, and leaned forward. As he did, his lover relaxed himself, and closed his legs around Joy's waist, pulling him into that warm target. With a little pressure, Joy felt his cockhead against the edge of Iain's sphincter, and then Iain's resistance disappeared, and the ring of muscle opened to admit Joy's throbbing weapon. Both men sighed with wondrous enjoyment as they joined; Iain's body opening and admitting Joy, while Joy's cock was gradually enveloped by the incredible warmth and gripping wetness of Iain's arse.

Further the younger man pushed, his steel hard cock slipping into Iain's body, nudging at the prostate gland and making the older man tremble with pleasure, before filling him even more, until Joy's balls came to rest against Iain's upturned butt-cheeks. When Joy was finally completely inside his lover, they came to a stop, resting and savouring the amazing sensation of being joined as one. But only for a moment. Soon enough, nature took control, and with a gentle, even motion, Joy began to slide in and out of Iain, the two men rocking slowly together in shared tempo as they began their coupling.

As Iain clenched then relaxed in turn, Joy thrust and withdrew to thrust again. He loved the way Iain's body seemed to draw him in, revelled in the amazing sensations surrounding his cock, and delighted in the squelching wet noises that their fucking created. Iain sighed with contentment at the feeling of Joy's log filling him. He never felt complete except when part of Joy's body was inside his own, and the velvet covered steel of Joy's cock as it rammed into him again and again injected him with pure bliss. Soon their rocking, thrusting movements became a full-blown animal fuck as they humped and heaved against each other, pounding and shoving, gripping and gasping, deeper, harder, faster as they pushed each other to the heights of pleasure and over the edge into total surrender to each other in a sweating, clutching orgasm of mutual explosion.

As one they came, Iain coating both bodies with his white hot ejaculate, while Joy filled his man with the fruit of his loins, shooting load upon load of his very essence deep into Iain's gut. They gasped, they grunted and they spasmed together, and they slowly recovered together, Joy still locked within Iain's body, Iain's arms and legs wrapped tightly around his lover.

Just as Joy felt himself begin to soften, and they contemplated having to separate again, as one, in horror they heard the slamming of a door, and a shouted call through their open bedroom door.

"Dad? Hey, dad?" David's voice rang out.

In a whirlwind of movement, and with a speed which neither would have thought he could manage, Joy and Iain extricated themselves from each other and fell about on the bed, scrabbling for sheets with which to cover themselves as their son stuck his head through the doorway.

"Hey, dad, can I ... oh shit!" David said as he caught sight of his fathers and realised what they had been doing.

"Language, David!" Iain warned instinctively, the incongruity of their position forgotten for a second.

"Sorry, dad," the teenager muttered as he quickly backed out of their room, his face red with embarrassment. Joy was the faster of the two to find some clothing, and he pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before walking out and closing the door to their room behind him.

"I'm so sorry, dad," David mumbled as Joy entered the room. "But I really didn't think you two would be doing ... uh ... it, specially not in the middle of the afternoon!"

Joy did his best to hide a grin, his own face flushed as well. "I guess that will teach you not to just walk into our bedroom!" he said, but without sounding at all stern. "And it will teach us to close the door!" he added as he looked for some reaction from his son. "David, are you okay?"

"Yeah. I just, well, I just never really thought about you and Dad having ... sex!"

"It's a natural thing to do, David," Joy said soothingly. "You know that! We have talked about sex before ..."

"I know," David said, squirming in his seat. "But my fathers! Yuk!"

Iain was just in time to hear this last comment, and he burst out laughing before he could stop himself. "David," he said, gently. "I guess everyone thinks like that. I refused to believe for a long time that my parents had sex, but they did! And so do yours! We just don't like to make it obvious - it's not something children should see, and I'm sorry for that!"

"Now," Joy spoke again, trying to change the subject. "What was so important that you are home early from the party?"

David looked up in surprise, then remembered. "Oh, I wanted to ask if Shaun could stay the night here, afterwards. His mum says it's okay if you say so."

Joy cast a quick glance at Iain. Shaun was an occasional visitor overnight, as was David at Shaun's home. He and David were 'best mates', and Joy and Iain had spoken to Shaun's parents numerous times, becoming friends with them as they shared stories of raising teenage boys. "Okay, then," he said. "I'll ring Shaun's mother and tell her. Now, you'd better get back to the party!"

"David?" Iain called as their son began to leave. "There's no need to tell your friends what happened this afternoon."

"Da -aa - d!" David replied. "As if I'd want them to know my fathers were doing it! Not!"

He turned around and headed back to the party as Iain and Joy looked to each other again, and broke down in a fit of laughter.

When the gales of mirth finally subsided, Iain looked at the door David had recently exited. "I wonder if that's put him off sex?" he asked out loud.

"I doubt it!" Joy answered. "I found my parents having sex one night at about the same age, and that didn't stop me at all. In fact, it made me even more eager to try it!" he smiled.

"Great!!!" said Ian with a grimace. 'Something else to worry about!"

Joy looked at his lover thoughtfully for a few moments. "Do you think David might be gay?" he asked.

Iain grinned. "I don't know. It's funny, but in some ways I hope he is and in some ways I hope he isn't. His life would be much easier if he's straight!"

"Yeah, but it's a lot easier now than it was for us," Joy added. "This friendship with Shaun seems to be very intense - I just wonder if ..."

Iain looked at his man. "I don't think so," he said. "At least, I don't think they've done anything like that. They're both still very young. I had mates at that age who I admired, but never did anything sexual with. Although ..." he stopped for a moment.

"Yeah?" Joy prompted him.

"Well, they say these days that science believes homosexuality is genetic. Let's face it, with a gay mother and a gay father for his genes, and two men as his parents for his upbringing, David has to be more likely than most kids to be gay!"

Joy smiled again. "I just hope that if he is, that he can tell us without worrying, and that he finds a man as wonderful as I did!"


It was September again, the first warm days of Spring conspiring to lift the spirits of people all over the city and to herald the end of what had been a long, cold winter. Joy and Iain were no exception. In fact, for them it was even more special - they had met in September, down on the beach at Bondi all those years ago. Twenty years to be precise. How the time had flown. Joy was now quickly heading for his 40th birthday, still fit and still eager to enjoy the sun and the surf, and to have a swim whenever he could. Iain was well into his 58th year, but his life with Joy had left him feeling, and looking, much younger. He still maintained his good looks, although the hair had greyed a long while ago. He still worked out when he could and his body was that of a man 15 years his junior. Joy adored him, and refused to listen whenever Iain complained about growing old.

"You're only as old as you feel!" Joy would remonstrate, "And since you spend so much time feeling me, that makes you less than 40!"

In truth, Iain did not feel almost 60. He and Joy still made their way down to their special, hidden cove in the Royal National Park whenever they could. If anything, now that David was almost a man, they had much more time to be alone, and many more chances to get away. That meant they had ample opportunity to indulge in weekends of naked pleasure on the sands of the secret beach, or garbed in shining black leather, playing out their fantasies.

David had grown into a stunningly handsome young man, broad of shoulder and lithe of body, almost the spitting image of Joy, and both men were immensely proud of their son. Yet in the last few years, he had spoken little of his emotions to them. There were no steady girlfriends, but no boyfriends either that Iain or Joy could discern. David seemed happy simply to be himself. He had a large group of acquaintances with whom he spent his time, and a smaller circle of very close friends, both male and female, all of whom his fathers approved of. Yet there did not seem to be any one person to whom he was particularly attached. They had discussed this at length as he grew older, and decided that if their son wasn't ready to settle down with one person yet, or even to begin 'dating', then that was fine. They encouraged him as best they could to live his life his own way, and tried to make it plain to him that they were ready to listen whenever he wanted to talk.

As their anniversary approached, Joy and Iain planned to take some time off and celebrate two decades of their love by spending almost a whole week down at the Park, just the two of them. They had mentioned it to David, and to Tina and Susan who had agreed to keep an eye on their son while they were away. David, and Tina and Susan, knew that Iain and Joy had a special hideaway place they visited - it had become obvious over the years, but they did not know where it was, and had never asked - it was the special spot for just the two lovers, and their family and friends accepted it.

David knew his fathers were planning on being away for their 20th anniversary, but he also wanted to do something special for the two men he knew as 'Dad' to mark the occasion. After discussing it with his 'aunts', Tina and Susan, he began to make plans for a big party on the weekend before they left, a surprise party, with all of their friends. He was determined that his parents would have a wonderful celebration, and he had something else he wanted to share with them as well, something, or should that be someone, really special to him.

With his arrangements in place, all he had to do was make sure that both of his fathers actually showed up at the restaurant he had booked, at the right time. After much careful consideration, he also decided that his other news should be revealed beforehand, rather than a double surprise that Iain and Joy might not appreciate. Besides, it offered the perfect excuse for dinner.

About three weeks before the big night, David found Iain and Joy at home one evening relaxing in front of the television. He plucked up his courage, and decided that the time was right.

"Dad, can we talk for a bit?" he asked casually enough, but both of his fathers immediately picked up on the hesitancy in his tone.

"What's on your mind, son?" Iain asked, as Joy looked at their boy with concern.

"I, umm, don't quite know how to say this ..." David began. "I want to tell you something, but I don't want you to be disappointed with me."

Joy grinned. "David, we could never be disappointed with you! What is it? Just tell us, whatever you have to say, we'll listen."

The young man took another deep breath and looked carefully from one father to the other, summoning the courage to say the words. "I've been seeing someone lately," he said slowly, "and I'd like them to meet you!"

Joy clapped his hands with delight, his face beaming. Iain smiled widely. "Does this 'someone' have a name?" he asked.


The two men looked at each other knowingly. A glimmer of sadness ran through Iain's mind. In a way, he had hoped David was gay, so that they could help him through all the difficult times they had faced, yet now Iain was delighted that their son would not have to experience the pain of being different, the problems faced by gay men everywhere.

"Why on earth did you think we'd be disappointed that you want us to meet your girlfriend?" Joy asked. "She is your girlfriend, I assume?"

David blushed. "Yes, she is. I guess I thought you'd be disappointed because I'm not like both of you. In a way, I'm disappointed myself - I wanted so much to be exactly like my fathers! But no matter how hard I tried, I'm just not gay!"

Iain and Joy laughed long and hard, bringing themselves under control as they saw the confusion on David's face. "That's the first time I've ever heard of someone wanting to be gay!" Iain explained, as Joy and he both rushed to hug their son tightly.

"So when do we get to meet ... Julie?" Joy asked.

"I thought we could all go out for dinner in a few weeks - just before you two head off - make it a joint celebration with your anniversary?"

"Does Julie know about - us?" Joy questioned.

"Yeah," replied David. "I've told her how wonderful you both are, and she's really eager to meet you."

"Wonderful!" said Iain.

"It's a date - a double date!" chuckled Joy.


The day of the party had arrived. David had all of the arrangements in place, and had organised it so that Joy and Iain's friends would all be at the restaurant by 7.30, waiting for them to arrive. He was to collect Julie from her home and take her to meet Joy and Iain at his home, then the four of them would go onto dinner, getting there around 8.00 and finding the surprise for his fathers that he had planned.

The first hint that not everything was going to plan was a last minute modelling assignment for Joy which saw him called off to the mountains for a photo-shoot early that morning. David was almost beside himself when he found out his father was going to be away for most of the day.

"Relax, David," Iain chastised him. "Joy will be home in plenty of time for dinner! I'm sure Julie isn't going to dump you just because one of your parents may be a little late."

"But it's important!" was all the boy could manage. He felt so exasperated, and couldn't tell Iain the real reason for his concern without giving away the surprise.

Despite David's obvious concern, Iain had no idea anything was out of the ordinary. He ascribed his son's fidgeting to the coming meeting between Julie and Joy and Iain, and suspected that David was anxious that everything be perfect, so he let his son alone for the afternoon and ignored the constant worrying.

David was still showing signs of extreme nerves as he prepared to leave for Julie's home, to collect her and bring her back, when the phone rang just after 6.30. He snatched it up before Iain had a chance to even reach for the handset.

"David?" It's Dad," said Joy's voice down the line.

"Dad! Where are you? Julie will be here in less than an hour, and we have to be at the restaurant by 8.00!"

"I'm sorry, Dave, but the shoot ran over time. We're just finishing up now, and then I'll be on my way, but it's at least an hour and a half down the freeway from Katoomba, which means I'm going to be late!"

"Shit!" David exclaimed vehemently.

"David!!" chorused Joy over the phone and Iain from his seat in the living room, in unison.

"Sorry, dad," David said. "But tonight is really important, that's all."

Joy tried to reassure his son. "I know, but I'll be there as soon as I can. Surely it won't matter if I'm half an hour late? Put your father on the line for me, and go and meet your girlfriend!"

David fumed, sweat beginning to form on his brow as he handed the phone to Iain. There was nothing he could do about the situation, but that didn't help his peace of mind.

"Joy?" said Iain into the telephone, "What's up?"

"I've been delayed - the shoot went on a lot longer than expected. We're finished now, but I'm only just leaving. It's going to take me at least until 8.00 to get home."

"David's in a bad way," Iain said softly to his man. "I think he's panicking about us meeting Julie for the first time. He has been going on all day about being late!"

"Oh, great!" Joy said, stopping to collect his thoughts. "Listen, why don't you and David and Julie go straight to the restaurant without me? I'm dressed fairly well, so I'll ride straight there instead of coming home first. With a bit of luck I'll be there by a little after 8 anyway."

Iain smiled. "Okay," he said. "And ride carefully on that freeway. David might be pissed off, but that's no reason for you to take unnecessary risks on the road!"

"I will," said Joy. "I'll see you in a little while. I love you!"

"I love you, too handsome!" Iain said as he hung up the phone.


When David and Julie arrived back at Iain and Joy's home, Iain welcomed them in with a huge grin. Julie was a beautiful young lady, polite but lively, and Iain approved of her instantly. David had found a wonderful partner, and Iain couldn't wait for Joy to meet her. He apologised profusely to her and to David on Joy's behalf, explaining that David's 'other' father had been caught up with work and would join them at the restaurant as soon as he could. David rolled his eyes and coughed nervously, but Julie, who knew of the planned surprise party, simply squeezed his hand to reassure him, and smilingly agreed that that would be a good idea.

They drove to the place together, arriving just after 8.00 o'clock. David looked around nervously as they alighted from the car, but there was no Joy to be seen. "Perhaps we should wait for him for a few minutes?" he suggested.

"Okay," Iain agreed. "We'll give him until quarter past, and if he's not here by then, we'll go in and wait inside."


As soon as he hung up, Joy grabbed his helmet and pulled it on, jumped on the bike and kicked it into life. He had sensed the concern in David's voice even before Iain confirmed that their son was anxious and worried. He was annoyed then at the delay caused to the photo shoot by a combination of poor weather and, in his opinion, unprofessionalism on the part of the photographer. So now his son was being put through hell, and Joy was more than 170 kilometres away from where he should be, facing a long cold ride down through the Blue Mountains and back into the city. To say he was annoyed was an understatement.

He rode carefully up the steep streets from Echo Point with its magnificent vistas over the cliffs and valley, and through the village of Katoomba before turning east onto the Great Western Highway and heading toward Sydney. As the light failed, he pushed the bike along the winding route across the top of the mountains, slowly descending as he passed through the townships along the way. Glancing at his watch, he figured he was making good time as he left Glenbrook behind him and swung down the final, steep drop onto the coastal plain. When the highway became the M4 Motorway at Emu Plains, Joy opened the bike right up, and sped over the Nepean River at Penrith at more than 120 km an hour, roaring along the freeway and past the suburban sprawl of western Sydney in his haste to be with his lover and their son.

He slowed reluctantly to pay the toll at Parramatta, then picked up speed again, racing past the Olympic Park at Homebush and following the freeway right through until he left it at Strathfield, and came to a stop at the traffic lights where he waited to turn onto Parramatta Road. It was just after 7.30, and he congratulated himself - he should be at the restaurant in less than 20 minutes, probably get there even before Iain and David and Julie. With a grin to himself, he revved the motor, holding the clutch in and waiting for the light to change to green. As soon as it did, he shot off at speed, swinging around to his left ahead of the other traffic.

He didn't see, or even hear, the semi-trailer loaded with concrete and steel, which had tried to beat the red light as it thundered out of an industrial complex and through the intersection. With the weight on board his rig, the driver had no chance of slowing the behemoth when he saw the motor-cycle jump out in front of him, and nowhere to go to avoid hitting the dark figure on that tiny bike immediately in front of his cabin.

Joy sensed, in that fleeting millisecond, that something was wrong. He felt a rush of air hit him before anything else, pushing him sideways. His bike was already leaning away from it when the crash bar on the front of the truck collided with him, and Joy was thrown up and into the air, sailing more than 10 metres, while his beautiful black bike became a pile of scrap metal beneath the lead wheels of the semi. Strangely, he felt no pain at all as he lifted his head and watched while the giant vehicle bore down on him. As if in slow motion, he thought how David was going to be really upset at this; he thought about Iain and how much he loved him; and then everything went black.


Iain sat outside the restaurant, watching David pace back and forward with some bemusement. He had never seen their son so nervous, and he wondered at the reason, surely he couldn't be this upset just because Joy was a little late in meeting Julie? He looked at his watch again - almost 8.20!

"Come on, David," he called. "Joy's obviously caught in traffic. Let's go in and wait for him."

David looked up, the irritation on his face clear, then shrugged his shoulders resignedly. "I guess so," he said with a look of disappointment. Just as he did, the chirp of Iain's mobile phone sounded.

"This will be him now!" Iain said brightly as he pulled the phone from his pocket, flipping open the cover. "Hello?" he said into the handset.

"Mr Robertson?" a voice asked quietly.

"Yes?" Iain answered.

"My name is Sergeant Watson, I'm with the Police Traffic Accident squad. I believe you are listed as 'next-of-kin' for Mr Jay Benson?"

"Yes, that's right! What's happened? Where's Joy?" he barked into the phone, panic rising in his throat. David strode quickly up to him, offering comfort although he couldn't hear what was being said.

"Please, Sir, I'm afraid Mr Benson has been involved in a collision. Would you tell me where you are now?"

Iain could barely hear the officer for the ringing in his ears, his heart pounding. With difficulty he told the police where he was. "What has happened?" he managed to whisper, afraid of the answer.

"I'm sorry, but I can't discuss it on the telephone," was the response. "Would you please wait where you are - we'll have an officer there as soon as possible!"

Iain half nodded, half mumbled his acknowledgement, before closing the phone again and sitting down heavily, a dazed look on his face.

"Dad?" came David's voice through the fog. "What's wrong?"

"Joy ... accident ... police coming here," was all Iain could manage as his son tried to comfort him, all thought of the waiting guests inside the restaurant completely banished. David too felt a horrible rising panic in his stomach as he sat with his father on a hard wooden seat outside the building.

Within ten minutes, a police car cruised into the car-parking area, and two officers, a man and a woman, climbed out and approached them. "Mr Robertson?" asked the male cop.

"Yes," Iain nodded, looking up worriedly.

"What's happened?" David demanded suddenly.

"Who are you, Sir?" asked the female police officer.

"David Robertson-Benson," he replied. This is my father, and so is Jay Benson. What has happened?"

The cops raised their eyebrows for a moment at the comment from David, then the male officer removed his cap, and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry to have to inform you that Mr Jay Benson was involved in a motor vehicle accident earlier this evening ..." his voice was dull and lifeless. It was obvious he did not like the duty he had been assigned this evening. "Unfortunately, it appears that he was killed instantly in that accident ..."

The air was split with the wailing shriek which escaped Iain's throat, a long, drawn out sound filled with utter despair and complete anguish - "Noooooooooo!"

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!