Joy to the World 8

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Joy and Iain stood together, arms around each other, beaming at their friends Susan and Tina. They had just agreed to donate sperm to allow the lesbian couple to become pregnant.

"Thank you!" Susan enthused.

"It will mean so much to us, all of us," Tina added.

"There's a condition!" Iain warned as the girls became more serious again, their faces questioning. "We couldn't decide who should do the donating ... so we've agreed that we'll both do it - mix our sperm together. That way it will feel like we are both the father. What do you think?"

Susan hesitated for a moment, but Tina happily agreed. "It sounds perfect to me. We'll all be parents!" she enthused. Susan nodded, slowly warming to the idea, and soon all four of them were happily planning parenthood as if it were already accomplished.

The next weeks were a blaze of activity on the 'baby-front' as Joy dubbed it. Although they already knew their status, for the peace of mind of their friends, both men had full blood and health checks, certifying them all clear to become fathers. Tina kept them regularly updated with the procedures and checks she had undergone at the clinic, and the tests she was undertaking to determine her most fertile time, when the pregnancy was most likely to take effect. She happily pointed out that what they were planning wasn't all that complicated - all of them were healthy, and what was involved was really just a supervised, scientific version of the old 'turkey baster' system that everyone joked about.

In the meantime, Susan saw to the less pleasant side of it all - she consulted some lawyers, and arranged for an agreement to be drawn up whereby Joy and Iain would give up any legal claim to the baby in return for which Susan and Tina would make no claim on either of them for paternity or child support. It was with some reluctance that she presented it to her friends.

"I'm sure we won't need it," she said. "But it's always better to have everything down in writing beforehand, just in case!"

Iain read through the document carefully - surprised at how short it was, and confirmed to Joy that it was pretty straight-forward, and meant that neither of them could claim any legal entitlement to see or have access to the baby if the girls didn't agree, and that the girls for their part could never ask Iain or Joy to pay any support to them for themselves or for the baby.

"Does that mean we won't be able to buy him/her presents or anything?" Joy suddenly asked, concerned.

"No, of course not," Iain reassured him. "If the girls agree we can see the baby all we want, and if we want to give them money or presents or whatever, we can. But if we have a fight, we can't force them to let us see him or her, and they can't force us to pay money."

"Oh, that won't happen!" Joy declared.

"I hope not," Iain smiled, and Susan and Tina nodded their agreement.

The men signed the papers and handed them back to Susan, who put them away as if they were distasteful, which in a way they were.

"So it's all systems go!" Joy grinned.

"Yep," Tina agreed. "It doesn't have to be down to the exact minute, but it looks like the best day to do it this month will be next Wednesday - will you guys be around to go with us to the clinic?"

Joy looked at Iain and nodded eagerly. His lover smiled in agreement.

Tina called them again on Tuesday. "I was right!" she announced. The best time to try according to my cycles is from now until Friday morning, so tomorrow is still on, okay?"

"We'll be there," Iain said.

The next afternoon, both of them were ready to go to the clinic much earlier than necessary. As they sat and waited for the ladies, they each fidgeted and squirmed, unable to relax.

"I'm nervous!" Iain finally declared.

"Thank god," Joy responded. "I thought it was just me!"

Eventually, Tina and Susan arrived, and together the two couples travelled to the clinic where they had an appointment for the procedure to be carried out. Tina went in first, and was greeted by a friendly, matronly woman - one of the nurses whom she had met on previous visits. After a little small talk, the woman turned to Iain and Joy.

"Which one of you is going to be the donor?" she asked.

"Both of us!"

She looked surprised, and then doubtful, as she thought it through, before reaching a decision. "Well, I guess we can manage that ... it's up to all of you to sort out the legal problems." She then had both Iain and Joy fill out a questionnaire form, before reaching for a row of small plastic containers. She stopped and looked back at the group. "One or two?" she asked as she indicated the vessels.

"One, please," said Iain, reddening a little. The nurse handed it to him and smiled, pointing he and Joy to a door just along the corridor, labelled 'Collection Room'. Iain winced at the sterility of the whole thing.

Once inside the room, they found it small, obviously designed for only one person at a time. There was a collection of pornography, both gay and straight, intended to assist with the process. Despite the fact that they were alone, both of the boys self-consciously dropped their pants and underwear and did their best to make themselves comfortable. They sat side by side on a vinyl bench and looked desperately around the room for some kind of stimulation.

"You want any of these?" Joy asked, indicating the collection of magazines.

"No," Iain muttered disconsolately. "Joy, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this ..." He looked down dejectedly at his very flaccid penis.

"I know how you feel!" Joy empathised. Suddenly he stood up, so that he was facing Iain rather than sitting beside him. "I have an idea," he said. "Undo your shirt!"

"My shirt? What for?"

"For me! Take it off, and play with your nipples? Please?"

Iain did as he was asked, pushing his shirt flaps back and lifting both hands to his chest, tugging uncertainly at the rings piercing his tits. As he did, Joy watched intently, one hand slowly pulling at his penis, which began to lengthen.

"I knew it would work!" said the younger man. "I always get turned on by your nips!"

As Iain watched Joy watching him, his own cock began to inflate, spurred on by the sight of his lover's growing rod. "Take your T-shirt off, babe," Iain pleaded. "I wanna be able to see your gorgeous body."

Joy happily complied, and soon both men were reasonably erect, stroking themselves to the sight of each other, masturbating with one hand while the other played with their own chest. They tried to block out the circumstances, and with some effort and a little time, each of them began to approach a peak. Joy was the first to cum, grunting and breathing heavily as he choked back a cry of release, grabbing clumsily at the plastic container and finally letting go, directing his jizz into the allocated place. As he blew, four or five spurts dribbling from him rather than shooting out as usual, Iain got the final stimulus he needed by watching his man climax, and hurriedly hissed a warning to Joy, who finished his own ejaculation and leaned forward to hold the jar while Iain shot his seed into the same jar, letting it spurt into the milky cream already deposited by Joy.

With a sigh, he finished, and Joy quickly replaced the lid on the container, before wiping himself down with a towel provided and pulling his shirt back on. Iain re-buttoned his jeans and started on his own shirt when Joy pulled his trousers up. Suddenly, Iain leaned over and kissed a surprised Joy.

"What did I do to deserve that?" Joy asked.

"Just being you! I love you!" Iain said softly.

"I love you, too, handsome!"

A few minutes later the boys were re-composed, dressed, and out of the tiny room, handing the container to the waiting nurse, who said nothing but hurried away to another room where Tina was waiting. Susan sat near the reception desk.

"Why aren't you in there with her?" Iain asked.

"Err, they told me to wait here," she said.

"But wouldn't you rather be with Tina when 'it' happens?" said Joy.

"I, umm, yes I would!" She looked around but there was no one there now, and she was unsure where they had taken Tina. "Oh well, I guess it's too late now!" She sat down again, looking morose.

When Tina finally reappeared, she looked a little down. "Are you okay?" Susan asked with concern.

"Yeah, I guess," she answered. "Well, it's done."

The nurse accompanied her, and spoke to her apart from the others, before reminding her to come in again to be tested to see if she had conceived in a fortnight's time. As they left, none of them felt particularly happy. Iain broke the silence.

"Come on, everyone. This may have been our child's conception. We should all be over the moon!"

Tina looked at him wistfully. "I know," she said. "But for a 'fertility clinic' that place is awfully sterile, if you know what I mean?"

Each of them nodded in agreement as they made their way home.


The news wasn't good. Their attempt had been unsuccessful, and Tina was not pregnant. She sat looking quietly down while Susan consoled her as the nurse gave them the bad news.

"Don't worry, dear," she said. "It's often more difficult in these circumstances, without the natural assistance of a comfortable environment, and direct fertilisation by way of sexual contact. I'll see if the doctor will prescribe you some mild fertility enhancing drugs, and you can try again next time."

The doctor overseeing their procedures agreed, and Tina and Susan made their way home, to break the bad news to Iain and Joy.

"So, we try and try again, until it happens," Joy said resignedly.

"Yes, but I hate the thought of going back to that place," Tina replied. "it's so, I don't know, cold!"

But back they went, when Tina's testing told them it was the best time again. Once more they travelled into town together, Iain hoisting a back-pack over his shoulder that he had prepared as a thought after the last experience. As they sat on the train, he leaned over to Susan.

"This time, see if you can go in with Tina," he whispered. "I'm sure it would be more pleasant for both of you if you can be together, I don't know, hold her hand or something. I know I'm planning to make it a lot less stressful for Joy and myself!" He winked at her and nodded at the backpack.

Susan smiled broadly, guessing at what Iain was planning, and doing some hard thinking herself. Surely it made sense that the pregnancy was more likely to take, that there was a better chance of the baby being conceived, if those involved were happy and relaxed at the time.

As soon as they arrived, the nurse greeted them with a smile. "You all know the drill by now," she said, handing the innocuous looking container to Iain and Joy, who headed for the 'collection' room. Once inside, Joy began to unbutton his jeans again, not looking particularly relaxed at all.

"Wait a second, handsome!" Iain said. "I have an idea for how to make this a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable."

As Joy watched with curiosity, Iain pulled open the backpack, and removed three candles, set in glass containers, placing them on the plain bench and lighting them. He flicked the overhead light off, and stepped up close to his lover, kissing him tenderly. "It's not much, but it's a little more intimate, don't you think?"

"I sure do!" Joy said quietly. "Have I told you that I love you?"

"Yeah," said Iain, "but it can bear repeating!" He smiled, and they kissed again.

Now the two men slowly undressed each other, at least partially, their shirts were gone, their jeans around their ankles and underwear pushed away. As Joy's hands roamed over his neck and shoulders, Iain kissed his way from his man's lips, down his neck and across his chest. He licked at the sculpted ridges of Joy's abdomen and trailed his way slowly, sensuously down to Joy's quickly growing cock. As Iain opened his mouth and slid his throat down and around Joy's member, the younger man moaned softly with delight, his prong reaching full erection and throbbing with anticipation.

Iain licked and sucked at Joy's prick, bobbing up and down on his lover and massaging the long shaft with his tongue as he gripped at it with his throat. Joy's hands continued to play with Iain's hair, and to reach down to pull at the piercings in his lover's nipples as his arousal grew. Soon Iain was bouncing up and down on Joy at speed, and the younger man could feel the passion rising in his loins. With a hissed warning to Iain, he pulled himself back and out of Iain's mouth just as Iain lifted the jar with his hand and Joy sprayed his essence into it with force, his body shuddering at the intensity of his climax. He milked the last few drops of his precious cream into the container and relaxed for a second, before fixing still lustful eyes on his partner.

"Your turn!" he said with an evil grin, as he lowered himself to his knees before Iain.

The older man was already hard, his prong throbbing with aroused need as he had blown his mate, and with the first touch of Joy's lips it sprang to full, rampant thickness. As Joy happily, lovingly caressed the proud weapon with his tongue, scraping at the steel hard shaft with his teeth and rolling Iain's nuts around in the palm of his hand, Iain dropped one hand to Joy's head, holding him tight, while the other played with his own tits, pulling and tugging at the golden rings. He felt the pressure building within his body, knew the time was close and whispered to Joy to be ready. It was when Joy slipped a spit soaked finger into Iain's chute that he exploded, the unexpected pleasure of being penetrated driving him over the edge. With milliseconds to spare, Joy lifted his mouth away from his lover's tool, and held the glass container in place as Iain shot his manly seed into it, his ejaculate mixing with the deposit Joy had already made.

As Iain gasped his way back from the height of orgasm, Joy grinned and began to re-dress. He kissed Iain tenderly again, and helped his man to button up, before they extinguished the candles and turned the glaring fluorescent light back on. "I love you" Joy whispered.

"I love you too," Iain replied. "And if this works, then our baby will have been at least partly conceived as an act of love, and not just masturbation!"

They exited the room and handed the jar to the nurse, looking around. Susan was nowhere in sight. The nurse came back soon afterwards.

"Both of the ladies have gone into the fertilisation area," she told them.

"Good!" said Iain, as they sat down to wait.

When Tina and Susan finally appeared, they both looked much happier and more relaxed than the previous time. Tina again had her private lecture with the nurse, while Susan pulled the boys to one side.

"Great idea!" she said to Iain. Joy looked up questioningly.

"I insisted that they let me go in with her," Susan explained. "And even though there was a doctor and a nurse in the room with us, I held her hand and stroked her hair, told her I loved her. We kissed as they inserted your sperm, and again while she sat back up. It wasn't exactly passion, but it was loving and it was us, together!"

Joy grinned. "I'm afraid we managed a bit better in the 'passion stakes'," he said. "But I'm glad that you could do that. It has to be better for all of us, including the baby."


The warmth and the loving of the two couples seemed to have had it's effect, possibly with the help of the fertility drugs. It was not very long after that Tina announced that she was pregnant. If Iain and Joy had thought that their world had been turned upside down beforehand, they got a real shock now. The two women went into overdrive, as Tina began to plan for the arrival of their child, buying clothes and bottles, and all the paraphernalia that accompanies a new-born. Susan worked on turning their second bedroom into a nursery, cleaning and painting, decorating it in bright happy colours. She also attacked the house, making it 'child-proof', and roped Joy and Iain into assisting, since she intended them to have a real part in bringing up their son or daughter. Tina was banned from any heavy work, but she still managed to oversee proceedings with a laugh and words of encouragement.

Joy and Iain were beginning to feel the pressure. It was summer again, and with the almost constant requests from Susan, they hadn't been down to their haven in the National Park for weeks. Tina was now entering her second trimester of the pregnancy, and was scheduled to have the first ultrasound test carried out on Friday evening. Since her doctor had been very happy with her progress so far, Iain and Joy decided that they would leave the two women to share the experience, and take off mid-day Friday, spending two nights at their retreat to charge their batteries before returning to the real world. Susan frowned a little when they told her they would be away for the weekend, but she knew they had done far more than many others would have for them already, so she wished them a safe trip as they pulled on their helmets and patted the stocked carrier bags, roaring off down the street on their bike.

As soon as Joy cut the engine and lifted the bike onto its stand at the back of the tiny clearing behind the beach, he and Iain eagerly stripped down to nothing, storing their clothes and supplies in the cave, and embracing each other with the renewed vigour that their private place always inspired. Iain, already semi-hard from the ride down with his crotch pressed into Joy's back, stepped up to his lover and took a long look at the sculpted body of the blond god before him. His cock responded instantly, springing to rigid attention. Joy's followed suit as the two leaned into each other for a lingering kiss, their raging manhoods rubbing together. Joy ran his hands over his lover's chest, feeling for the hard, cool metal of the rings through Iain's nipples and pulling firmly but gently. Iain moaned in low appreciation, and a moist pearl of pre-sum squeezed itself from his slit and trailed over Joy's warm satiny skin.

Feeling the wetness of his lover against his own pelvis, Joy sighed with happiness, and dropped to his knees, running his tongue slowly along the full length of Iain's now throbbing shaft, tracing the upraised ridge of his piss tube as he teased his man with long slow strokes, letting his tongue snake its way around the base of Iain's prick and over the rolling balls before sensuously following the long veiny rod back to it's point, where he was rewarded with yet another oozing of seminal juice. He lapped at the clear liquid droplet forming at the very tip of Iain's cock, and stood upright again. As they kissed once more, the faint hint of Iain's manliness transferred itself from one to the other as they shared themselves completely.

With a wicked grin, Joy broke away from his older lover for a second, standing back to let his eyes devour the trim body of his man, sun-bronzed skin covered in the lightest dusting of fine hair, bleached golden by the summer sun. his smile was returned in Iain's deep green eyes which spoke more love than any words could convey. In silent acknowledgement of both their needs, Iain moved backward until he was half sitting on the covered shelf of rock they used as their bed, then doubled over to lean forward and take Joy's masculinity into his mouth. In one long movement, he swallowed the younger man's velvet covered steel, coating it's hardness in a layer of saliva as he constricted his throat around the long tube of flesh, his teeth scraping teasingly along the skin, his lips gripping at the very root of Joy's prod and his tongue massaging it to full excitement. He was rewarded with the oozing sweetness of his lover's pre-cum, and he resisted the urge to lap and swallow his man's essence, combining it instead with the spit already covering Joy's prick, and forming a generous coat of natural lubricant over the throbbing weapon.

As Joy moaned in appreciation, Iain bobbed back and forth on his man for several minutes, his hands gripping at the younger man's butt, then playing sensuously with the soft spheres of Joy's nuts. Feeling his own pre-cum begin to dribble from him, Iain lifted his face away from Joy's groin, and lay back onto the ledge, lifting his legs and wrapping them firmly around Joy's waist, drawing his lover into himself.

"Make love to me," he whispered pleadingly.

Joy nodded as he edged forward. With one hand he tenderly massaged Iain's thick rod, the other milking his own prick as each of them produced a steady stream of clear, viscous seminal fluid - nature's lubricant. He scooped the precious liquid onto his fingers and transferred it to Iain's hungry hole, massaging the slimy stuff in as he drained more and more of it from both himself and his lover. Standing there, looking down onto Iain's prone form, Joy felt his heart race with anticipation and excitement as he continued to cover his throbbing prick with the slippery pre-seminal fluid he exuded, and coaxed more of the same wonderful stuff from his man and smeared it over and around Iain's puckering entrance. The sighs and groans from his man became louder and more needing, and finally Joy judged that the time was right, and inched forward again, placing the rock hard knob of his prick against the soft pink target of Iain's body.

The very touch of his sensitive cockhead against the hot, pulsating skin of Iain's arse produced yet another stream of pre-cum, and as Iain's sphincter unravelled itself to welcome him, Joy nudged himself inward, feeling the glorious warm embrace of Iain's body slowly envelope his manhood.

Iain lay back in bliss as his man milked him of the natural essence of his body, then groaned with anticipation as he felt the steel hardness of Joy's weapon begging admission at his rear. Eagerly, he relaxed his muscles and pushed back as he felt that spear of flesh begin to pierce his entrance. The coating of natural lubricant was enough - just - for him, and with the slightest hint of discomfort he accepted Joy's penetration, feeling the solid log of manflesh pry open his ring and slide gradually into him. The little pain there was disappeared in an instant as the incredible pleasure of being filled with Joy's cock engulfed his system, and he moaned low and deep with pure enjoyment. The moans were replaced with short yelps of total passionate ecstasy when his lover's prick found the knot of sensitive nerves that were his prostate, and as Joy nudged at that acorn of delight with his aching prong, Iain twitched as shivers of joy filled his innards.

It took every shred of Joy's will-power to continue the descent into his man's body slowly and sensuously, fighting the urge to slam himself at the welcoming hole and shoot his load deep into his man. The feeling of Iain opening to him, allowing him inside and covering his long, turgid rod with heated moistness, gripping at him and massaging his cock, was almost too much. He desperately held off, as he pressed forward, feeling the full length of his hard-on bury itself in the wet slipperiness of Iain's bowel. A tingling sensation swept through him as he entered his lover, and felt his very self taken and accepted by the other man, open and inviting, before him. As his balls finally came to rest against the taut roundness of Iain's butt, Joy looked into the wide smiling eyes of the older man, and swore he could feel the very lining of Iain's gut caressing his cock. Together they let out a long moan of fulfilled contentment at their joining.

It was Iain, not Joy, who moved to take their union to another level. With that rock-solid tube of flesh buried inside him, and the deep blue of his lover's eyes staring happily down at him, he marvelled at the indescribable pleasure he knew from being filled by his man, and clenched his sphincter intentionally around the invading prod, wrapping his legs about Joy's waist and pulling the young Adonis into himself. Quickly, the pair found a mutually stimulating rhythm, as they ground against each other to a soundless beat of copulation, urged on by their base instincts and lifted to a higher plane by their love for each other.

Iain gasped in wonder as the driving power of Joy's fucking filled him, and the long arrow of masculinity shoved deeper into his innards, impaling him on a red hot poker of stabbing pleasure. He hissed at his man,

"Fuck me, Joy! Fuck me hard!"

"Oh Yeah!" came the response from between gritted teeth as Joy renewed his thrusting and jabbing, hard and fast, long strokes driving into the older man's body and trembling passion infusing his groin as he built towards a peak.

As one animal, they humped and rocked together, sweating and groaning as they united. A single being of pure masculinity they became, locked together in a swaying, thumping fuck as each took of the other, and gave of himself as well, passion and emotion leading them ever upward. Joy's hips slammed into Iain's butt, while the older man gripped tightly at his lover with long and powerful legs, constantly pulling the blond god into himself, trying in vain to get even more of Joy's incredible body inside him. Iain surrendered to the overload of sensations washing through him, his mind giving up all control as his body gave itself to Joy, and in return possessed Joy's very masculinity. Joy thundered away in total concentration as he drove his maleness into his man, probing deeper and farther with every jabbing arch of his hips. When Iain's climax finally hit him, it almost took him by surprise, so quickly did it arrive, and so intense was it.

With no more than a strangled shriek he tried to warn Joy but it was too late - the waves of pure release washed over him and his body was jolted by the force of his explosion, his arse clamping around Joy's prick as his testicles pulled upward and issued their store of seed with an explosion which rocked both men. A river of semen spewed from Iain's cockhead, drowning his own stomach and splashing up and onto Joy's chest and arms. Droplets of creamy white jizz flew in all directions, and Iain's entire body spasmed with the pressure of orgasm.

Despite the clenching grip on his rod from Iain's rear, Joy continued to pound himself in and out of his man. The sight of Iain cumming so hard and so long was amazing, and he felt his nuts boil, knowing his own peak was oh so close. When at last his body pushed itself past the point of no return, Joy gave a guttural shriek of pure pleasure, and kept on pounding into Iain's innards with ferocity as his cock emptied itself deep within Iain's bowel. For an eternity his body shot wave after wave of his essence into his lover, coating the lining of Iain's rectum in white hot seed, slicking the passageway that Joy continued to fuck himself into. With the unending motion of his love-making, his ejaculate poured from him and dribbled out of Iain as it ran along the length of his own cock, so that instead of the younger man slowing down, he was inspired to ram harder and deeper at his mate, wanting the incomparable bliss of their fucking to last forever.

But eventually each of them slowed, the outpouring of their cum slowing to a trickle and then stopping. Joy finally pressed forward one last time and then came to rest, leaning against Iain's body, his cock still lost inside his lover. Iain let out a long slow breath and grinned again, giving a half-hearted squeeze of his arse around his man's rod.

"Holy Fuck! That was amazing!" he said softly. Joy nodded agreement.

"Oh yesss! You are fucking wonderful!" he hissed. He began to move back, but Iain grabbed at his body with those long legs.

"Don't!" he said quickly. "I want you stay inside me as long as possible!"

"Mmmmmm!" was the only answer he received as Joy smiled down at him, obviously very happy to comply. The younger man remained hard, and the two of them grinned as Joy moved his hips a little, making his cock probe and nudge again at Iain's gut.

"Time to clean up!" Joy declared, bringing a look of disappointment to Iain's face. "But I think we'll stay 'together' if that's alright with you, stud!"

Iain looked puzzled now, but Joy simply smiled and leaned into his man for a long kiss before straightening again, his ever hard prong still sunk within Iain's body. Slowly, carefully, Joy manoeuvered himself around so that his arms slid under Iain's back.

"Put your arms around my neck, and hang on," he ordered his lover. Iain laughed, but obeyed, and Joy, using the rock as leverage, stood up, taking Iain's weight in his arms, as Iain helped by lifting himself while holding onto Joy's back and shoulders.

"Just how long do you think you can manage this?" Iain asked with mirth as he squirmed once more on the log of flesh inserted into his arse, revelling in the sensation of having Joy still within him.

"Long enough!" Joy declared as he balanced back a little with Iain's body fully supported, and began to walk to the opening of their cave. It took most of his strength, since Iain was no small man, but with a lot of concentration, and Iain gripping at his cock as tightly as possible to ensure it did not slip from its heavenly scabbard, the young surfer carried his lover across the moonlit cove toward the surf, all the while jiggling his long, and amazingly still hard prick inside the other body.

Iain also was still hard and erect, his cock and his arse stimulated by the continuing presence of Joy within him, and by the beauty of the younger man who now carried him over the sand.

"I adore you!" he whispered to Joy's face.

"I adore you, too," his partner mouthed back.

Eventually, they reached the water's edge, and carefully and slowly Joy waded into the warm ocean. Still joined, they eased their way out until the buoyancy of the water took the weight from Joy's arms, and they could relax a little, but continue to hold tightly to each other, ensuring they did not separate.

"Time for the 'sea-monster' to get fucked in the sea!" Joy hissed.

Iain grinned a wicked smile and wriggled against his man, swallowing Joy's prick further into his body. Soon they were writhing together as once more Joy slid himself in and out of Iain, while Iain gripped and clenched at him, milking his long sword and relishing the feeling of being completely filled. The gentle waves washed at them, adding to their motion as they rocked back and forth against each other, locked together as one and incredibly, regaining the urge that had so recently seemed to diminish. With the sea enveloping them, their sex was not as easy as usual, the water removing much of their natural lubricant, yet at the same time, it was enough to allow them to continue their humping union with growing intensity.

The powerful climax they had shared in the cave may have drained their bodies, but it had not diminished their ardour, and it had conferred the benefit of allowing them to make love with each other now for a long, long time before they felt the rising urges of impending explosion. For uncounted minutes the two stayed together, hunching into each other as they fucked again, this time in long slow strokes and incredible tender loving, each awed by the feelings of love and delight that they experienced in the drawn out union of their sub-aquatic fucking. When eventually they came again, it was less of a thunderous roar and more a gentle seeping of juices which only served to pleasure them even more. Joy was the first to peak, his cum flowing smoothly into the well-oiled cavern of Iain's body as he kissed his man ardently. As it passed, he felt himself beginning to flag, but before he lost his erection, Iain gave a quiet grunt of satisfaction, and creamy globules of his seed floated up and around the interlocked bodies as he trembled again and finally went limp.

When they finally separated, it was a physical comfort, but both felt that they were somehow incomplete without being part of the other's body, and they kissed long before holding hands and making their way back up the beach to wash the salt water away under their tiny waterfall before climbing onto their bed and falling into a sated and dreamless sleep.

*** Joy and Iain made love many times that weekend. It was as if they had re-discovered themselves after the tension and stress of the pregnancy, and they agreed that they had badly needed this time away with each other to face the coming months and years. but as Sunday afternoon rolled around, they also felt a compelling need to get home, to re-assure the girls that everything would be alright, and that they were ready to take on their role as father to the new baby.


When they got home again that evening, they found the answering machine on their phone winking away with a number of messages. As Iain began to unpack, Joy hit the 'play' button. Four, five, six messages from Susan and Tina, each of them more urgent than the last, and all to the effect that the boys MUST call them the moment they returned.

Joy looked at Iain with a worried frown. "What do you think has happened?" he asked.

"I don't know," said Iain slowly, "and I don't want to speculate. Let's call them." He dialled the girls' number, thrumming his fingers on the counter as he waited for them to pick up.

"Susan? It's Iain! What's wrong?"

"Iain, you two have to come straight here, we have some huge news for you!"

"Why, what is it? Did the test go badly?"

"Just drop everything and come over right now! I'll explain when you get here!"

Iain hung up, even more perplexed than before. "Come on," he said to Joy, "She wouldn't tell me anything on the phone, so we're going over there right now." Joy simply nodded agreement, the frown deepening as the two men walked the short distance to their friends' house.

"Hi guys, come on in!" Tina said as she opened the door to them. "We have some serious talking to do!"

Iain and Joy looked at each other apprehensively, yet Tina did not seem too upset, which only confused them even more. As they took their seats, Susan joined the other three, sitting next to her girlfriend and holding her hand.

"Is everything alright?" Joy asked quickly. "Did the test on Friday show up some problem?"

Tina spoke up. "No, the tests indicated that all is going well. I'm healthy and so is the baby, no problems at all in that regard." She cast a knowing glance at Susan, then both looked from Iain to Joy and back again.

It was Susan's turn to say something now. "Boys, you know we agreed on parenting rights, and signed the legal documents and everything ..." she began.

Oh no, thought Joy, they don't want us to have any contact!

Iain looked serious, but remained quiet, although the grip of his hand on Joy's tightened.

"... well we have something of an unexpected development!" Susan continued. "You see, we made all of the decisions, and budgeted on being able to be completely financially independent, so that we would be able to make this our own family, Tina, myself and our baby. We did the sums, estimated the costs, and figured we could manage it reasonably well."

"Yeah?" said Iain.

"So what's changed?" asked Joy, not liking the way this seemed to be going.

"You see we did all of our calculations based on having three mouths to feed," Susan said, looking nervous.

"But now there's going to be four!" Tina interrupted quickly. "We're having twins!"

The look of shock on the boys' faces must have been terrifying for Susan and Tina, but quickly that changed to thought and then to happiness.

"Congratulations!" Iain said with a chuckle.

"That's wonderful," Joy added, smiling widely.

"But it means that we're going to have to throw away all the agreements," Susan said, bringing them back to reality. "We can't afford two babies ourselves, so we're going to have to ask you for some serious commitment and help!"

"That's not a problem!" Joy declared, and Iain agreed.

"We'd love to. We wanted to anyway, so it's not an issue for us!"

Susan and Tina looked at each other and smiled weakly, relief evident although it was clear they were still concerned. "Thanks, boys," they said together.

"You don't look all that happy," Joy noted.

"Oh, we are, just a little drained," said Susan. "We still have all sorts of problems to overcome - double of everything for starters! And then, accommodation when they start to grow up - we only have one extra bedroom, so we'll have to think about finding another house eventually. And that's just the start of it."

"We'll sort it out, don't you worry too much!" Joy said reassuringly. "I know we can find a way around any problems."

"Do you know the sex of the babies?" Iain asked.

"Uh huh!" Tina nodded eagerly. "One of each!"

The four friends laughed together, and launched into a heated debate about names and arrangements, trying to solve all the problems in a single sitting, which of course was impossible, and threw up more questions than it answered. Finally, hours later, Iain and Joy made their way home, and fell into bed, but neither could sleep, their thoughts filled with the coming two lives. Both men tossed and turned through the night, and roused themselves blearily the next morning as Iain headed off to work while Joy set about cleaning the house and doing the domestics that had been neglected for their weekend away.

Iain managed to do nothing at work that day, his head filled with thoughts about the babies. Unknown to him, Joy dragged himself through the day at home, also worried about the future, mulling over all of the possibilities and trying to come up with solutions. Late in the afternoon a thought occurred to Iain which he initially dismissed as completely outrageous and unacceptable, but the same thought kept coming back to him, until he forced himself to give it some serious consideration. The more he did, the more he believed it could work, but he didn't know how Joy or the girls would take to his idea. He nutted out the details in his mind, and prepared a speech for his boyfriend, and another for Susan and Tina, beginning to hope that it might come true.

As soon as he returned home, Iain called out for Joy. "Babe, can you come and sit down? I have something really important I want to ask!"

Joy looked surprised and curious as he seated himself beside his lover, and Iain took his hand. "I've been thinking all day about the babies, about how Susan and Tina can't afford to raise both of them alone ..." he began, looking searchingly into Joy's face. "I have an idea, but I'm not sure how you feel about it, so I want you to be completely honest with yourself and with me when I tell you, okay?"

Joy nodded as he held Iain's hand tightly.

Iain started again. "We are quite comfortable from a financial point of view, and would still be well off even if you weren't working, or only working very occasionally," he said slowly. "And I was thinking ..."

"That we should have one of the babies full-time!" Joy interrupted him. "I could give up work and stay at home. We could adopt one of them, and the girls could adopt the other. We could raise them as brother and sister, or maybe as cousins, and still keep separate families!" he said with a fierce passion.

Iain looked at him with genuine surprise, and then began to laugh. "You've been reading my mind!" he said at last.

"Maybe, or maybe we just think so much alike. I just didn't know how to ask you to support me as well as the baby," Joy finished.

"I love you, you know!" Iain said with feeling, "and even if, god forbid, something were to happen to you and you could no longer work I would still support you, because we're partners, lovers, and one together."

"Me too, you," Joy returned as they kissed long and deeply. "So how do we ask Susan and Tina?"

"I guess we just come out and say it. I did have a speech all prepared, but I don't know whether it's necessary, since I had one ready for you as well, but you already knew what I was thinking."

Arms around each other, Joy and Iain walked to the ladies' home, to be greeted by a surprised Tina at the front door. "So to what do we owe this visit?" she asked.

"Is Susan home?" Iain said.

"Yes, ...?"

"Then let's sit down. We have a suggestion for you."

As Tina and Susan sat and listened, Joy and Iain took turns in outlining their idea. The girls remained silent as between them the two men pointed out the advantages of separate households and separate families, assuring them of the promise that the twins would be kept close and raised as nearly as possible as brother and sister, even though they would have different parents. Iain repeated that he and Joy did not want to cause any problems, and that they realised that twins often shared a special bond, and that they would do everything they could to keep and strengthen that bond, while at the same time allowing the women to keep their plans to have a child independent and together. Finally, Joy and Iain exhausted their arguments, sat back on the sofa, and looked at the two women.

"So what do you think?" Joy breathed out nervously.

"We think it's perfect!" declared Tina as Susan smiled broadly at the two of them. "It's exactly what we had hoped for, when we found out and thought about it over the weekend, but we had no right to ask you. It's going to mean a huge change to your lives, both of you!"

"It's also going to mean that we're tied together, the four of us, for a long while!" Susan added.

"Is that a problem?" asked Iain carefully.

"No, not at all, but I just wanted to make sure you realised."

"I think it's wonderful," Joy added. "Two families, and one family!" he said. "These kids will have the best of everything!"

"Now comes a very difficult question," Susan said, becoming serious again. "Who takes which twin?"

The two men looked at each other quickly, feeling lost. They hadn't discussed it, and in fact, the question hadn't occurred to either of them, so lost had they been in the initial decision to become fathers.

"Do you have any suggestion?" Iain asked the women.

"Well, ..." Susan began.

"We kinda hoped for a girl, and so we thought maybe we would like to be the full-time mothers for the girl ... if that's okay with you," Tina added.

Joy jumped in. "I agree. It's going to be difficult enough being fathers, but I think it will be a little easier if we have a son than a daughter," he said, thinking aloud.

"I'm with Joy," Iain said. "Not so much for now, but in years to come, I'll feel easier about raising a boy, dealing with 'boy' things."

"Then we're in agreement!" Susan stated, breathing a long sigh of relief.


If Joy and Iain had thought things were busy before, they suddenly found a whole new meaning to the term 'run off their feet'. Although the babies weren't due to be born for another 5 or 6 months, there was so much to do, so many things to plan and organise. Joy also tried to pick up as much work as possible, putting everything he earned away for the leaner times ahead, despite Iain's assurance that he could afford to support them all. They cleared and redecorated the spare bedroom into a nursery, and began to buy clothing and supplies that they would need for the baby. They spent a lot of time with Susan and Tina, trying to sort out the details of what would in effect become joint lives, while trying to take steps to preserve the two couples' independence at the same time. Joy and Iain made sure that they were on hand to accompany Susan and Tina to each checkup from then on, and they notified the clinic that all of them would be present at the birth.

Iain and Susan got together and made an appointment to see a solicitor to look into the legal aspects of their situation. On his advice, they decided that once the twins were born, they would determine who the natural father was, and his name would go onto the birth certificate. From then, they would arrange for Susan to adopt the baby girl, and for whichever of the boys was not the natural father, to adopt their little boy. It was certainly an unusual situation, but one which they all accepted and felt comfortable with.

"Have you picked out a name yet?" Tina asked Joy and Iain one day when they were discussing the coming birth.

"We've talked about it, and narrowed it down to a short-list," Iain answered.

"And what are they?" asked Susan with a grin.

"Oh no," Joy said quickly, waggling his finger at them. "Apart from Iain and I, the first one to know the name should be our son!" he said seriously. "It's bad karma otherwise."

"Well, that's up to you," stated Tina, "but we're happy to tell everyone that our daughter will be 'Elizabeth'," she said. Joy and Iain smiled at the girls, and at each other, but wouldn't be drawn any further on their choice of names for their son.


The months flew by, and Tina grew quickly, carrying the two children. With each passing day now, she felt more and more tired, and neither Susan nor the boys would allow her to do anything at all. Joy finished working, and spent his time with Tina to make sure she was okay, while both Iain and Susan were at work. The time seemed to both drag and race at once.

When the time finally came, it was earlier than predicted. Tina had been at home with Joy when her waters broke and she began to go into labour, and Joy had first called the doctor, then Iain and Susan, assuring them both that the doctor had confirmed that early birth was common for twins. An ambulance arrived and ferried Tina and Joy to hospital, where they were joined by Iain and Susan soon after. The labour was continuing, Tina's contractions getting closer and closer together, but still not at the point of her needing to be monitored. The two men, together with Susan waited anxiously by Tina's side until her groans became more serious and the mid-wife pronounced that it was time. As previously arranged, all three were there in the delivery room as the babies came, both of them born naturally, and, according to the doctor at least, fairly easily. Tine would probably have disputed that assessment if she'd had the energy!

The first to be born was the girl. As the new-born was lifted up and wrapped in warm linen, the nurse handed her to Susan who beamed from ear to ear.

"Hello, Elizabeth," she cooed as the nurses checked the infant carefully and pronounced her whole and well. Tina continued to huff and bear down, and a few minutes later another tiny head appeared, and their son made his entrance.

With a speedy check, he too was declared fit and healthy, and at Tina's direction, the new born boy was handed immediately to Joy, who held him carefully while Iain looked over his shoulder.

"Welcome to the world, David!" Iain said as Joy's smile covered his face.

"Meet your fathers, my son!" Joy said as Iain threw his arms around his lover, ready to burst with pride.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!