Leather Lovers

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His eyes were what I noticed first. Piercing, azure blue. Set in a classically beautiful face, with a long patrician nose and strong jaw. I stopped, pretended to notice something in the window. Those eyes had caught me, but as they looked in my direction, I turned away, then looked again when I hoped I wasn't obvious. He was laughing, chatting with two other guys, those turquoise orbs sparkling as he smiled, darting everywhere at once. He looked straight at me and I felt his deep blue eyes penetrate my soul. Quickly, blushing, I looked away again.

"Catch you up at Caesar's tonight" I heard one of his friends say as the group headed away from me.

Caesars. That was a new bar, away from the strip. My heart pounded. I'd better get moving if I was going to `bump' into him again that night.

The afternoon dragged, but soon enough I was home, showered and ready to impress. I squeezed myself through and into a cockring ... It always helped to advertise the goods, and I preferred the solid metal type to the snap on variety. Over that went one of my leather jocks. Next came my favourite leather jeans. They were skin tight and hugged my legs and buns so close it felt like another skin. As I pulled them on I ran my hands over my thighs and enjoyed the soft sensuous feeling of the tanned leather under my fingers as I felt my own muscles rippling beneath. I don't know what it is, but the smell, the feel and the look of leather always gets me so hot. Resisting the urge to jerk off right there and then, I continued dressing. A plain white T, tight enough to show off my pecs and for the ring in my left nipple to be fairly obvious through the material, followed by a loose black leather vest. I pulled on my favourite black leather boots -- the ones with the metal rings on the sides. I added a leather arm strap around my right bicep just for the hell of it. Time to go!

It was around 8.30 when I got to Caesars' and I wandered around for a bit getting to know the layout of the place, before I settled at a small table not too far from the main entrance where I could see who wandered in. Slowly the bar began to fill, but still no sign of the blue eyed hunk from this afternoon.

Then he was there. The place might as well have been empty. I had no thought for anyone else but this man. With the group I remembered from earlier, he still laughed, still flashed his piercing eyes almost glowing in the dimness of the bar.

Contriving to empty my glass as he moved away from the bar, I walked directly toward him. He looked up just as he approached me and we came face to face.

"Hi ... " I nodded, and smiled at him, looking straight into his eyes. They were bluer and more piercing than ever this close.

"Hello" he smiled back, and as he did his face lit up. I stood for a moment, looking at him as he stood in front of me. Then I suddenly realised that the crowd was pushing in on both sides, and that he couldn't get by.

"Sorry," I said, trying to move out his way.

"I'm not!" he grinned, and began to shuffle past, forced by the crowd to be so close that our legs brushed against each other, maybe for a moment longer than necessary I thought, or was I just imagining it?

"Want to join me for a drink?" he asked, as he got by me. A look of uncertainty crossed his face.

"Uh, yeah, I would, but aren't you with friends?" I said, nodding in the direction of his group.

"So you were watching me!" he said, a laugh on his face. I turned bright red at having been caught out like this, but before I could stammer out any kind of excuse, he said "They're friends, but they're two couples and I'm the odd one out. They won't even notice I'm not there for ages. Can't we find somewhere a little less crowded to have a drink and introduce ourselves properly?"

This time I laughed with him, and followed him to a quiet corner of the room where we found a shelf against the wall to rest our drinks and stand apart from the people in the now crowded bar. As we reached the spot, he turned to me and held out his hand.

"I'm Mike ."


We began chatting easily, and before long I felt like I'd known him for ages. We had a lot of common interests, and as we talked, he would often put his hand on my back or shoulder, or his arm around me as if it was the most natural thing in the world. After a while, the music stopped and a guy on a microphone started to announce the entertainment, one of the local drag queens, at the other side of the bar. The show began and the music was so loud it was almost deafening, ending any chance of conversation for a while. We must have both looked a bit put out, because Mike yelled into my ear "I can see you're enjoying this as much as I am." He grimaced. "Would you like a coffee back at my place?"

"I'd like that very much!" I smiled warmly and squeezed his shoulder with my hand. He looked into my face and smiled, his cobalt blue eyes taking possession of me. I turned and headed for the exit. Just as I was leaving I felt a hand on my butt, squeezing my cheek. I looked around in surprise, to see Mike grinning at me. "I've wanted to do that for the last hour! You know the look of your arse in those leather pants is really hot!!" I blushed, and felt immensely complimented, and without thinking leaned forward and kissed him. Instead of pulling away, he held me to him and kissed me back.

"Leave it alone until you get home!" complained a voice behind us, and we broke away, laughed, and walked out into the night air.

Back at his home, he ushered me into the loungeroom, told me to make myself at home, and headed to the kitchen to make us some coffee. While I waited, I casually picked up a couple of the magazines and started flipping through them. One of them was a "leather" mag, with articles on leather sex and photos of guys in harnesses, chaps etc. I'd seen it before, although not this issue, and was concentrating on one of the photo spreads when Mike came back into the lounge carrying the coffees, so I didn't hear him at first.

"You like?" he asked, and I looked up, a bit caught off guard.

"Uh, ... yeah ... Do you?" I looked up at him, dropping the mag onto the table.

"Oh yeah, a whole lot!" he answered. "In fact, the first thing I noticed tonight was you in those leather pants. I've always loved leather, it really gets me going"

As we talked, his hand rested on my leg. He began caressing the leather which had the instant effect of provoking an erection. Looking into his eyes as he spoke, I felt myself drowning in those deep pools of blue, and without warning he leaned to me and kissed me again. My lips parted as I felt his tongue, and I let go of myself, responding passionately, exploring his mouth, as my hands gripped his shoulders, then slid down to his waist. With one hand I squeezed his arse cheek, and the other brushed against the growing bulge at his crotch. I squeezed him through the denim as my mouth felt the warm onslaught of his tongue. I revelled in his masculine taste, and felt the touch of his hand tracing the shape of my cock through the leather. His other hand was pulling at my T, then reaching under it to slide along my bare skin, making me tingle. His hand slid up to my chest, and when his fingers reached my nipple he gave the slightest tug on my nipple ring. That always had such an effect on me and I groaned softly.

"Neale ..." he said, half whispering. "I want to show you something." Standing up, and pulling me up to him, he rubbed against me, sending more shivers up my spine, and getting me even harder. He took my hand and began leading me to the bedroom. He pushed open one door of his wardrobe. Inside was an assortment of leather gear. Several pairs of pants, a pair of chaps, a harness, and some caps. I looked appreciatively, thinking how good they would look on him.

"What else do you have?" I asked. He happily opened a drawer, and began displaying several leather thongs, armbands, etc. I noticed a couple of cockrings as well, and picked one up, holding out to him. "Are you going to stay in those clothes all night, or model this fantastic gear for me - starting with this?" I said, pushing the cockring forward.

He laughed back. "I'd like that more than I can tell you. Why don't you have a seat back in the lounge, and I'll get changed. I doubt if I'll manage to get this on (he held up the cockring) if you're standing here watching me!"

I did as he asked, sitting on the lounge and feeling my cock pushing against the restraint of my pants and swelling in the cockring I was wearing as I waited in anticipation for him to re-appear. And when he did -- wow!!!! My cock jumped to instant attention. He stood before me in leather from head to toe. Wearing a leather cap with a shiny visor that had a small chain from one side to the other, I could just make out his piercing blue eyes beneath that visor. Two wide straps of black leather came over his shoulders to connect to a steel ring in the middle of his chest, and two more straps attached from around the sides of his chest, framing and accentuating his pecs perfectly. A single strap dropped from that same ring to another ring above his navel where two more straps circle his waist. He had matching armbands around each bicep and gauntlets on each wrist that ran up his arms about four inches. From the metal ring above his navel yet another wide leather strap ran down, disappearing beneath a black leather thong he was wearing which was struggling to contain his large and growing erection. The thong, and his bulging crotch, peeked out from under the envelope of a pair of shiny soft leather chaps, and when he turned the edges of the chaps perfectly framed the hottest arse I had ever laid eyes on. The chaps gripped his legs, emphasizing them and showing them off beautifully, ending over a pair of boots almost identical to the ones I was wearing, high ankles, square toes, with metal rings on the sides held there by leather straps. He was a vision in black hide, and I couldn't take my eyes off him.

I moved to him, and reached for him. My hands were everywhere. Caressing his body, touching the leather straps. Fingering the chaps, fondling his balls and tracing the outline of his now oh so hard cock through the leather thong. His hands were on me. Squeezing my butt cheeks through the leather pants, gripping my cock. We kissed again, my mouth exploring his, then working down his chin and neck, nuzzling at his nipples. I gave them both light bites which made him moan softly as he pinched at mine, concentrating on the left and the nipple ring, which sent me into waves of pleasure. I buried my nose against the straps on his chest as he reached for my belt, and as I felt him undoing my jeans I breathed in the wonderful scent of the leather and lowered my face toward his groin.

My hands ran over the mounds of his arse and traced the edge of the chaps as I licked at the hard tube of black leather that was his cock. I felt the cool air on my bum as he lowered my pants and then the warm hardness of his hands wrapping around my cock and balls.

"Mmmmmm ... That's a nice surprise!" he whispered as he discovered my cockring under the thong I was wearing.

His fingers were making me so hard my cock felt like steel, and he massaged my balls, gently rolling them around. With one hand, I lifted his thong out and his cock sprang up at me, pre-cum dripping from the end. My tongue darted out and I licked hungrily at that wonderful cockhead, tasting his manliness as I breathed in the mixture of male musk and leather. My lips opened and enveloped the head of his dick, slowly, carefully moving down to engulf him.

He moaned softly as I swallowed his meaty cock, his hands running across my back and chest, often going back to pinch at my nipple and tug on the ring. Deeper I went, swallowing all of him, my nose pushing against the leather strap until I managed to reach the base of his cock, where my lips found the cool steel of his cockring. My teeth connected with the metal as I felt his pole throb in my throat. Slowly I backed off him then swallowed again, faster this time. I began bobbing up and down on him, as his hands covered my body, then gripped at my arse cheeks, spreading them. One finger dipped along my crack to rub gently at my hole and I thought I would explode.

"Neale...!" he called out "Slowly... Slowly," he warned. He lifted my face from his groin, and holding my head in his hands his lips met mine again. Electricity flowed through me as we pressed against each other, kissing deeply and holding to each other, trying to melt into one another. He pulled away for a moment and I looked at him questioningly. "Please, put this on," he said, reaching back behind him and then holding out another harness. I willingly agreed, taking the straps of leather from him. This was a simpler version, consisting of four straps of leather, two for over my shoulders and two to go around my ribs, connected front and back by a single steel ring. I quickly fastened the straps around me, enjoying the cool leather against my skin, and feeling hotter and more excited with every passing second.

Mike grabbed me and pulled me to him again for another deep hot session of kisses and bites. As our hands continued to roam all over each other, caressing skin and leather, we kissed and nibbled and bit gently at each other. "Mike ..." I whispered into his neck, " ... I want you, badly. Do you have any ..." I didn't get to finish. He put his hand to my mouth, and looked into me with those amazing blue eyes.

"I need you so much" he hissed. He pulled me down so that we were both kneeling, pressing our bodies against each other, rubbing our hard cocks together, kissing and licking all the time. Then he leaned me back slowly against the sofa, lifting my legs as I flattened out, and pulling them either side of his body. As he did, he leaned forward, running his tongue down my abdomen and licking at my throbbing cock, sending me wild with pleasure. When his hot wet tongue began encircling my balls I thought I would cum on the spot, but he slowed slightly and eased off, then ran his tongue between my legs, licking at the crack of my arse until he found that spot around my hole, rimming me gently but firmly, as I relaxed my muscles to accommodate his urgent probing tongue.

With my hole moist and ready, and my cock standing out like a steel rod, Mike leaned across to the side table and quickly unwrapped a condom, rolling it down over his gorgeous cock. He smeared some lube on his rod, and then on his finger, pushing into my hole and making me relax again as the cool gel was inserted into me and around me. He leaned forward again, kissing me and breathing in as the leather we were wearing rubbed against itself, and I felt the pressure of his cockhead against my puckered arsehole. I arched back and opened myself as he pushed forward, sliding himself into me slowly. That cock was hard as steel as it entered me and I gasped as my sphincter opened to let him in. Lifting my head to look at him, I could see this powerful man, still encased in black leather straps and cap, his blue eyes boring into mine as his cock bored into my arse. I surrendered to him completely, and felt him as his shaft sank into my body.

He stopped for a minute, letting me adjust to him. I looked long again into those deep azure windows in his face as my leather Adonis took possession of my body and my mind. After what seemed like hours he began to pull back, and then thrust in again. My arms went around him and he grabbed my waist as he started to pump. The sensations assaulted me as Mike's cock began to pound into me then pull out again to pound back. I could feel the leather of his harness straps with my legs which were locked around his body, and I could smell the leather mixing with the smell of our sex. Mike thrust harder and harder into me, and I could hear groans of delight. Suddenly I realised that they were coming from me. I clamped my hole against him each time he started to withdraw, and opened to take him when he pushed back into me. He whimpered and grunted as his fucking got faster and more urgent, taking me. I took all he give and wanted more, urging him on, begging him to fuck me harder, faster, deeper. My arse felt like it was being torn open, but there was no pain, just unbelievable ecstasy as he thrust his huge cock deeper and deeper into me and I gripped at it with all I had.

Our gasping and groans got louder and faster, and Mike began to breath hard. He looked down at me. "...Neale ... I ... Uh ... " and then he gave one final powerful thrust that forced his cock so far inside me I swear I could feel it against the base of my stomach. That sent me over the edge and I screamed out, as my balls pumped cum which exploded in a boiling geyser, all over my stomach and his hands and abs. He grunted and sweated and I felt his cock emptying itself inside me, felt it swell even more and shudder as his orgasm hit him and his head went back in pure pleasure. My cock pumped and pumped again, until the rush of manjuice became a trickle. After what felt like eternity, we came to an exhausted stop, him still buried deep inside me, my cock still hard and throbbing but empty. I looked up at him as he looked to me and we smiled into each other -- totally spent. The sharing that only comes with the most intimate joining two men can know. Gently he eased out of me, and we collapsed together, my jism lubricating our bodies as we crushed together yet again.

Finally we separated, standing up. "Let's clean each other up" he smiled at me. As we gently bathed away the now dry cum, and helped each other out of the leather, we continually touched and kissed and licked. I held his harness up as he slipped out of it and breathed in the aroma of man and sex.

"You will stay the night?" he asked, indicating his bed.

"There's not a lot of the night left" I grinned, " ... but yes, I would like very much to stay the night". (And a lot of other nights) I thought to myself. Lying together, our arms around each other, despite near total exhaustion, it seemed we couldn't sleep. We lay there and talked. About ourselves, our lives. It seemed like we were long lost friends, except that we had two whole lives to catch up on.

As we finally began to drift off to sleep, with the sky outside getting light, he leaned up to my ear and whispered, "Neale, I'd really like to see you again ..."

" ... And again and again and again..." I whispered back " ... don't even think you won't ... " I smiled as I drifted off to sleep.

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