Leather Lovers 2

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I had drifted off to sleep easily. Wrapped in Mike's arms, feeling oh so comfortable, and so satisfied with our lovemaking. When I woke, it was quite late for me. Around 10 in the morning, but his arms were still there, holding me tight. His harness and chaps, my leather pants, were thrown around the floor, removed after our hot session last night (or was that early this morning?). Seeing them there, and feeling his arms around me, my cock sprang to attention again. I felt him stir against me.

"Good morning, stud ..." I whispered.

"Mmmmm ..." came the semi sleepy reply as his arms tightened. He nuzzled his face to my neck, and I felt the stirrings of his erection against the small of my back. His hand played lazily across my chest, coming to rest at my nipple, where he pulled softly on my nipple ring. "Now, I remember, ..." he said quietly, with a laugh in his voice, " ... Pierced nip, hot arse, hotter black leather pants, hottest sex ... You must be Neale!"

His playing with my nipple was sending wonderful sensations through me. I always loved having that ring pulled on. "Don't start something you can't finish ..." I laughed back, pushing myself back against his hardening penis and rubbing myself against him. Thoughts of our sex the previous night, leather against leather, pouches, chaps, harnesses all glistening and black, flooded my memory. I turned to face him, still lying in his arms, and we kissed long and deep. Our cocks mashed against each other and hands played across each others backs and butts. There was no sense of urgency, no sense of build up. Neither of us seemed interested in sex as such, just the wonderful enjoyment of a lover to hold and touch and kiss in the morning light.

Almost by mutual agreement, we separated, the needs of stomachs and bladders making themselves felt. "Why don't you hop in the shower while I get some coffee started?" he suggested. Happily, I agreed, watching as his naked, sculpted butt cheeks crossed the room and made for the kitchen. I headed for the bathroom, finding a fresh towel already laid out on the vanity. As the hot water cascaded over me, Mike wandered into the bathroom, taking a pee and chatting as he did, talking about minor things, just as we had done last night. It was as if we had known each other forever, felt completely comfortable with each other. I did notice that as he talked, that his eyes travelled over me, and his cock lengthened a little, causing much the same reaction in me, and he was VERY easy on the eyes!

I finished my shower and towelled down as he disappeared again, wandering out to the kitchen to find a hot coffee waiting for me. He was still naked and appeared not to notice. I certainly noticed, but liked very much and felt quite comfortable. With the towel thrown around my shoulders, I remained naked myself, and it felt perfectly natural. We discussed the weekend, loose plans that we had each had. Without a second thought we cancelled some and re-arranged others to be together for the next two days. I marvelled to myself at how easily both of us fell into place as if we had been friends or lovers for years, rather than having just met the night before. We decided to dress and head for my place so I could change my clothes ^� leather pants may be hot and look great, but they were hardly appropriate for a Saturday stroll in Newtown and brunch in one of the little cafes we both enjoyed so much.

As we chatted, our hands often met, or brushed against each other's bodies, touching shoulders, arms, faces. Again I remembered how he had been last night at the bar, constantly touching without noticing, and how much I had liked the habit which he didn't seem to notice he had. Eventually he stood. The morning was wearing away.

"I'm going to take a shower." He stated. "Make yourself at home, I won't be long" Make myself at home, I thought. I already feel at home. I marvelled again at how easily I had grown totally comfortable with this hunk of a man.

As I heard the splash of water from the bathroom, I wandered into the bedroom still naked. He had obviously tidied up while I was showering. My clothes were laid neatly on the bed, and the leather gear we had enjoyed so much last night was gone. Not wanting to dress yet, in case it broke the spell I felt here, I turned to the wardrobe. Opening the door he had shown me last night, I gazed happily at the collection of leather clothes. Pulling a pair of chaps out, I pressed my face into the leather, breathing deeply of that wonderful aroma. I ran my fingers over the shining black hide, feeling the texture of the leather, appreciating it. I closed my eyes, remembering again the look of Mike last night, the feeling of him against me, and inside me. My cock hardened, no surprise there, given how much leather turned me on. Letting the chaps fall back into the wardrobe, I opened the drawer Mike had shown me last night, finding and lifting out a black leather posing thong, soft and supple. I imagined it filled with his cock and balls, held it up to my face, rubbing it against my cheeks. I hadn't noticed the shower stop, didn't hear him entering the room.

"You could always model that for me!" he said quietly and seriously. There was no sense of recrimination for going through his things, no upset at all.

"You don't have to ask a second time" I replied, just as seriously, looking into his deep blue eyes. "As long as you return the favour!"

He smiled. "Let's see what you can show me first" he said, throwing himself onto the bed and getting comfortable as he faced me, waiting for the show.

I grinned back at him, as I felt the stirring in my groin again. Since I had the posing strap in my hands, that was the first item obviously. I bent over with my back to him, exposing my naked arse, and slowly stepped into the strap. Turning back to face him, I could clearly see the tenting towel he had dropped over himself. Easing the strap up my legs, I slowly fitted it over myself, adjusting my cock to lie sideways in the cool leather pouch, feeling the soft black hide wrap around my balls like leathery fingers. God it felt so good. Standing legs apart, I faced him squarely and reached up with one hand to gently tweak at my own nipple, the one with the silver ring through it. My other hand cupped and lifted my balls as I flexed my cock, making it jump inside the leather.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm..." came his appreciative reaction as he leaned back, his eyes roaming to my groin, up to my chest, to my face and back again.

Taking encouragement, I leaned back into the drawer and rummaged around a little, fishing out two matching leather armbands. They were so soft to the touch, of kid leather, fitted with buckles. With my eyes locked on his, I slowly fastened one around each bicep. Pulling them taut, then running my finger around the edge, and down the length of my arm I smiled yet again at my audience of one. That audience appeared very happy with the performance, judging from the swelling at his groin.

Moving away from the drawer and back to the wardrobe, I intentionally stuck my groin out close to Mike's face. He grinned widely, and leaned forward to lick at the bulge in the front of the black leather posing strap I wore, nibbling through the soft leather at my hard cock. It felt so hot, the impression of his teeth through the soft leather, releasing the aroma I loved. I smiled at him.

"Not yet, fucker..." I whispered in his ear, and backed off to the open wardrobe door. I pulled out the chaps, and slowly lifted them from their hanger, laying them on the floor in front of me before lifting them and fastening the waist band in place. Resisting my own eagerness, I slowly reached down each leg, one at a time, smoothing the fold of glossy black leather around my leg, catching the zipper at the ankle and ever so slowly sliding it up my inside leg. The whole time I made sure I was bent over so that Mike could get a great view of my butt, and the pouch holding my balls in its soft leather embrace. With each leg, as the zip slid into place at the top of my leg, I let my fingers continue trailing up across my skin to gently touch my balls and trace the length of my hard rod standing out in the black leather pouch. Finally I stood again, and turned to face him directly.

"Fucking hell that looks good!" he exclaimed. The towel had been thrown aside, and he lay there, one hand easily stroking his cock which stood at full attention. "Don't stop, please..." he urged.

Next I lifted his full harness from its place in the cupboard. Slowly, hopefully enticingly, I slipped it on, buckling each strap in turn, and keeping my eyes fixed on the man on the bed a few feet from me. I was enjoying this so much. The feel of the leather as it touched my skin made me tingle. The scent as it moved wafted up to my nostrils, exciting me even more, and all the while Mike stroked his hard cock and made happy moaning noises to match my movements. Finally, I reached in and lifted a black leather cap from its hook, placing it on my head and pulling the shiny black visor down low over my eyes, so that I had to tilt my head back slightly to look at him.

A long, soft whistle was my reward. I stood and accepted the accolade, my legs spread and my arms crossed on my chest. I loved the way being dressed in hot leather like this made me feel so confident, so strong and exciting. I could feel the texture of the hide against my skin, could look down to see the black leather grip my legs like a second skin, accentuating everything it touched. Mike looked long and hard at me, his eyes taking in every inch.

"Holy Shit!" he exclaimed. "You are one hot looking leather stud!" Leaving off his stroking, he sat up on the edge of the bed, closer to me. "Please, please ..." he begged, " ... I just have to have you, now!" With that, he fell to his knees in front of me, and his lips attacked my groin, sucking and licking all over the posing strap encasing my cock and balls in soft black leather. His tongue danced out and traced along the clearly visible tube of black that was my rock hard cock encased in leather. His hands found and caressed my butt, fingers following the edges of the chaps up to my waist, then down around my arse cheeks to the soft sensitive flesh of my inner thighs. The feeling of his mouth as it rubbed and licked at the leather covering me was incredible. My hands fell to his shoulders and I massaged gently at his flesh, getting even more excited by the appearance of his eager mouth on the dark hide cushioning my groin. I could hear him breathe deeply and I knew that he was experiencing the delightful aroma of the leather mixed with sexual arousal right there in front of his nose.

Slowly he worked his way up, gingerly getting to his feet again, as his lips refused to relinquish their hold on me. He licked and slurped at the straps of the harness, following them with his tongue, then quickly darted across to take my pierced tit into his mouth. I let out a soft whimper of delight as he rolled my nipple ring around and across his teeth, tugging gently as he licked at my skin. He bent over double, and licked slowly, sensuously down my leg, tasting the leather of the chaps, and hugging my legs to him, his arms caressing my leather engulfed legs. Standing again, he looked into my eyes with those deep pools of blue, and our lips met. Passion engulfed me, and our mouths crashed together, parting lips, forcing tongues into each other to taste each other. He pressed himself against me hard, rubbing the leather of the harness and chaps against his naked skin, grinding his steel shaft against my own rock hard cock, the leather creaking and caressing us. His hands gripped my arse cheeks as he pulled me against him, determined to hold us together so tightly. My head reeled with the sensation of this powerful man crushing me against himself, pressing the leather I wore into my skin, releasing the wonderful aroma of leather and sweat and sex.

"Mike ..." I gasped between breaths, " ... I need ..." I didn't finish, as he finished for me.

"... for me to be in leather too." He whispered urgently.

He pulled away from me and reached in the drawer, rummaging for a second and retrieving two items. One was a leather jockstrap, or rather a leather pouch, designed solely to cradle his heavy rolling balls. It consisted of a piece of elasticised nylon which ran around the hips, and from it hung a pouch in the softest black leather, with a hole cut in the front, right at the top against the waistband. He pulled it on quickly, and I saw how it fitted, The leather pouch itself came up and held his testicles, while his hard cock, jutting out and upward, went through the front hole, to stand free and proud, pointing at me. The effect was as if his very ball sac was made of the softest, blackest leather. "Oh yeah, I like very much" I whispered hoarsely in approval.

The second item he had grabbed was a soft leather band, like the ones I wore around my upper arms, but thinner and longer. This he wrapped around his neck, like a collar, buckling it at the back. My leather god from the night before was transformed into a willing, smiling boy with leather balls and a leather collar, and I loved it. My dick twitched with excitement as I took in the near naked look that was so so hot with the touches of leather upon him. I reached and fondled his balls with my hand, rolling them gently around in their leather envelope, feeling the texture of the hide so soft to touch. Lowering myself to my knees, I took a closer look. His proud and mighty cock standing to attention, oozing the first drops of pre-cum, sank into the black leather pouch, merging with it as his heavy orbs rolled to my touch. I could not resist, and kissed them, licking gently and outlining each in turn through the leather, tasting and smelling the soft hide while I felt the shape of his jewels encased within. I stood again, and drew him to me, holding him tightly against me, kissing him hard. As my hands travelled up his back I pressed against him, relishing the feel of his body against mine, separated by the single layer of glossy, slippery black leather. My fingers found his neck, and traced the lower edge of the collar, gently touching and probing as our tongues intertwined. His body seemed to melt against me, to mould itself to mine.

I normally took the passive or `bottom' role when it came to sex. I actually preferred it, but sometimes you need a change, and this was one of those times. Mike was so yielding, so supplicant. He felt so hot against me, in nothing but the leather ball pouch and collar. I wanted him, needed to have him. With my arms behind his shoulders, I leaned forward and gently lowered him to the bed. As he sank onto the cover, I pressed myself down on him again, the leather straps of the harness rubbing against his chest and stomach until I slid lower, tasting his abdomen and letting the rough hide scrape against his pelvis and legs. My mouth sank to his groin, licking at his cockhead and tasting the salty juice. I opened my lips and swallowed his cock, willing myself to accept all of him until my nose was buried in his pubic hair, my chin rubbing against the leather holding his balls in place. My throat constricted and relaxed, flexing around his prick as my tongue worked away at massaging the shaft as best I could. He moaned softly and I looked up to find his piercing blue eyes half closed with pleasure, regarding me.

"Just enjoying the view of that cap going down on me." He explained, moaning yet again as I dived down once more onto his prong.

I slid up and off him, my hands massaging his butt, and moved my arms to between his legs, pushing them upward and apart. This presented me with the most wonderful view of his balls, visibly heaving in the leather pouch. It was as if the leather itself had come alive and was caressing his orbs, moving over and around them, cushioning them and gripping at them. My lips dived in to assist, nibbling and rolling as I licked at him, once again tasting the leather. I let my tongue slide even lower, licking at the soft tender skin of his perinaeum, trailing slowly but surely toward his pleasure hole. His moans grew louder, and as I reached my target I drove my tongue into him, feeling the muscles relax to the velvety touch of the soft intrusion. I licked at and around his hole, feeling him tremble with delight as I pleasured him. I lifted away and looked at him once more.

Without needing me to ask, he answered. "Yes, Neale, yes ...I want it, I need you ... " he whispered urgently. "Top drawer, left side" he pointed. I moved quickly to find the lube and condom, taking the foil pack, ripping it open and rolling the condom over my achingly hard penis. Squeezing a generous helping of lube onto my fingers, I began applying it to him, easing it into him with first one finger and then a second, feeling his chute open and accept as I massaged the soft tissue with the cool lubricant, preparing him for my assault. Slathering another generous helping onto my trembling weapon, I eased myself between his legs, pushing his knees to my shoulders. As the head of my cock came to rest against the outer rim of his anus, our eyes locked. His deep blue eyes were full of longing and need, urging me on. I looked back lovingly, ready to sink into his eyes as my cock sank into his body.

I pressed forward slowly, waiting to feel the relaxation as his natural urge to resist eased. At a nod from him my body moved and I felt his hole surrender, opening and allowing me access. My cockhead pushed in and I felt his rectum close around me, gripping firmly, but so unbelievably warm and soft. I stopped to allow him to accustom himself to me, looking into his eyes, taking in the line of black leather around his neck that seemed to signify so much. Again, at his nod, I pushed forward. The moist heat of his canal flowed over me as I felt him grip my cock inch by inch. Indescribable pleasure spread through me, centred on the hard latex covered prong I was burying in my leather lover. Deeper I pushed, my breath getting shorter as he gave himself to me. I came to rest against him, my manhood buried completely in the dark warmth of his arse, my skin rubbing against the leather clad sac of his balls. When I looked down, I could clearly see his cock leaking juice and his balls rolling within their leather envelope. A sight so hot I almost came, quickly making myself concentrate so as not to lose the moment.

As I steadied myself for a second, buried within him, Mike looked into my face. "Oh Neale, you fucking hot leather stud, do it, fuck me." He hissed urgently. And I complied. Drawing back, I plunged into him again. He cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain. Lifting myself up, forcing my cock down at the back of his rectum, I ploughed again, taking up a rhythm; in, out, feeling him grip at me as I pulled away, then push back against me as I forced my way in again. Faster and faster I got. Picking up my pace as I took this man, needing to have him totally. His body was on fire, the searing heat engulfing my cock each time I entered him. The wet flame of his insides wrapped itself around me, holding me and urging me. I fucked him. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper. The sweat dripped from my face onto his chest as I crashed my body into his, the leather of my chaps crushing against him as I sank deeper and deeper into my lover. My breath quickened as he began to moan with the building passion, urging me on with whispered encouragement, begging for more, wanting me as I wanted him. As the ecstasy of burying myself within him grew, I fucked him faster and faster. I became a battering ram, pounding him, thrusting forward, pulling back quickly to thrust again, to sink my weapon far into his welcoming body, possessing him. Pistoning in and out I gasped, unable to contain the urge that built quickly. He was bucking and twisting beneath me, gripping me tightly and trying to take more and more of my manpole. I tried to choke out a warning ... " Mike ... unh unh unh ... close ..." I hissed.

"Fuck it..." he urged, calling to me. "... empty yourself, fill me up, pound that meat into me, Neale, please ... now, ... Now ... uunnhhhHHHHHHH NOWWWWWWW!" he yelled, reaching up and grabbing hard at my chest, twisting the nipple containing the silver ring. The tiny pain of that touch exploded into unbearable pleasure, and I lost control. Pulling back until only the very tip of my cock was still within him I lunged downward, all my might, all my strength given to that one final almighty thrust as I sank my entire body into him. I think I screamed out loud. My balls reeled and emptied, my cock exploded as spurt after spurt of searing hot cum erupted from me, filling the latex sheath and filling him as it did. I emptied myself into him, pouring my essence into the writhing sweating body beneath me. He yelped and gasped as I did, his anus constricting even more around me, gripping at me like a vice, as his nuts exploded pouring his sweet warm juice into the throbbing shaft which emptied itself with powerful shots all over his stomach, his chest, shooting droplets splattering against his chin.

As the intensity of the moment passed, I felt him shudder and surrender, collapsing backwards, his eyes closed. Whatever had been supporting me gave way and I collapsed onto him, unable to hold my own weight. Mashing my chest against his stomach, feeling the sticky warmth of his cum spread across my skin. How long we lay like that I don't know, but my cock remained hard, slowly subsiding but still firm and buried within him. Realising I must be crushing him I lifted onto my elbows.

"Oh god, Neale, that was incredible" he murmured to me, his face lit up with a tired but sated smile.

"You don't have to tell me, Mike ..." I said softly. "... I could stay buried in you forever, you are so good". I leaned forward and kissed him gently, staring into his eyes. "I love you!" I said simply, but meant it with all my heart.

"Oh, and how I love you too," he answered quietly. His eyes told me he meant it as much as I did. Tears began to form, and when I tried to wipe them away, I could see the moisture on his cheeks as well.

All too soon, I could feel my erection subsiding, could feel him trying to grip at me, but needing to push me out as well. Carefully I pulled away from him, checking the rubber was still intact. Exhausted, I collapsed beside him. For ages we lay there together, basking in the afterglow of our sex, and the enormity of our sudden but unrepentant commitment to each other. We laughed easily, smiled at each other, touched and caressed some more. I felt so relaxed, so happy, and he felt the same I could tell.

"So much for getting you a change of clothes and then something to eat!" he declared, teasing me with his fingers trailing along my side.

"Don't you like what I'm wearing?" I pretended hurt.

"More than I could ever tell you!" he exclaimed, "but I don't know that I want to share it with the world, at least not at lunchtime in a caf�...!" he winked evilly. "... although seeing you like that in public does have a certain erotic appeal," he added, smiling.

Realising that we hadn't eaten at all, and basking in the warmth of newly declared love, we reluctantly decided to get moving. We dragged ourselves regretfully from the bed, and he helped me from the chaps and harness, all the while telling me how much he wished I could keep them on permanently. We cleaned each other up, resisting the temptation to take another shower and settling for mutual sponge baths, administered very slowly and sensuously to each other.

As we dressed, we touched constantly, laughed easily as one. It occurred to me that I had found my soul mate. He slipped into a pair of comfortable jeans and a shirt, while I retrieved my T shirt and leather pants from the night before. As I pulled the pants up, he grabbed my arse, squeezing. Incredibly I started to get hard again. I looked at him, pulled his face to mine and kissed him.

"Oh Neale, ..." he said. "I could never get enough of you, but don't get me started or we'll never get you home".

"So what's wrong with that?" I teased.

"Nothing at all." Was his instant reply, "... although I'm curious to see your place, and to compare your wardrobe ..." he winked.

Feeling suddenly guilty it struck me that he hadn't even known where I lived yet, and here we were declaring our eternal love.

"Shit" I exclaimed. "I'm sorry ... It's not too fast for you is it?"

"Absolutely not, stud!" he became serious again. "I love you, and I know it from the depths of my heart. It just occurs to me that we could be having twice as much enjoyment if your leather collection and mine are combined." Then he broke into a huge, mischievous grin again.

I kissed him quickly. "I couldn't agree more. What are we waiting for?" and headed out of the door. He laughed and raced behind me, squeezing my leather clad arse cheek again.

"You're not going anywhere without me ..." he laughed, and then softer but smiling even wider "... EVER AGAIN!"

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