Leather Lovers 6

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Mike and I didn't make love that night. After rushing around all week moving him in and making all the usual adjustments, we were tired out. Added to that, the stress of the HIV test and the waiting and wondering, even though we expected the good news, had drained us both. When we were both given a clean bill of health, it felt like the weight of the world had lifted from us. We were ecstatically happy, but both exhausted. Over a light meal we chatted together, making plans and discussing our future, but the yawns became more frequent and the limbs ached. By unspoken agreement we collapsed side by side in bed, falling asleep almost instantly, wrapped in each other's arms.

The next morning, Saturday, dawned bright. The world seemed to be in tune with us, everything new and shining. We made our way up to King Street, finding a table on the footpath at our favourite coffee shop, and settling down to watch the passing parade. This was becoming a habit for us and the regulars nodded as they passed. We talked happily, touching and leaning together for a stolen kiss from time to time. It was just as we kissed again, quickly, that the voice boomed down.

"Leave it out!" Looking up quickly, expecting some kind of argument, we found James, one of Mike's friends, towering over us. We had met each other's friends, had been welcomed by all, but I sometimes found this particular guy a bit of a pain in anything more than short doses. I'd mentioned it to Mike, wanting to ensure that nothing came between us, and he'd confided that James was an acquaintance rather than a friend, and he felt the same as I did towards him.

"You two are becoming such a couple. Just so terribly boring and suburban." He spat the words out as if they were something foreign and distasteful. "We're all going to Caesars' tonight. How about coming along instead of locking yourselves away together like you've been doing lately?"

Mike leaned over and whispered in my ear. I laughed out loud, stifling a bellow. "What's the secret?" James demanded.

"Never mind. You'll see tonight." Mike said. "We'll be there around 10, okay?"

"Okay!" he said. Heading off up the street he had the look of someone who had accomplished a difficult and onerous task.

I turned to Mike. "Are you serious?" He had whispered to me that we should arrive in full leather, really show them just how `suburban' we had become.

"I'm game if you are," he defied me.

"Okay, but they're your friends, remember!"

That night we contemplated getting ready about 9 o'clock. I looked at Mike, drinking in the sight of his wide shoulders and firm round butt. He always looked so good, I loved staring at him, even better when he was in leather. "Are you sure you want to go to Caesars' with all your friends around in full leathers?" I asked. "You know they don't feel comfortable around `leathermen' and they don't have any idea about us."

"You bet I do." He said emphatically. "It's not like we're `in the closet' or anything. For godsake, they're all gay and all our friends. If they can't handle what we love, then do we really want to call them friends?"

"Okay, stud!" I laughed, "You made your point, and I agree with you, I just don't want to see you regretting anything."

He held my face in his hands, becoming serious. "As long as I have you, I'll never regret another thing, ever!" His deep blue eyes bored into me and I melted at his touch.

As we prepared for our big outing, we laughed and joked, kissing, touching and rubbing against each other. Despite his defiant stance, and determination to show his friends just how NOT `suburban' we were, I managed to convince Mike that bare arses and pouches were really not the go. This place was just a normal bar, I reminded him, and we could run foul of dress regulations with our butts on show. We settled for a compromise, and dressed in almost identical outfits. Black leather riding jackets with straps on the shoulders, over tight white T shirts. Over the flimsy cotton of the shirts we wore basic harnesses of four straps, two over the shoulders, two around the ribs, connected front and back to a single metal ring. Shining, soft leather pants under firmer chaps meant that the effect was still there, but we were covered enough to comply with the `decency' laws. Even so, his gorgeous arse filled those jeans so well as they gripped him tight as a second skin, and the long black tube of his outlined manhood beckoned me. I leaned and squeezed his prick through the leather of the jeans. "What will they say when I keep getting an erection?" I asked.

"They'll be jealous as hell!" he replied, grinning evilly.

At the appointed time, we made our way into the bar, arms around each other. Spying his group in a corner, Mike squeezed my leathered arse for final encouragement, and strode towards them, calling out. In the gear we wore, there was no point in trying to sneak around or look inconspicuous! As he loomed up, larger than life, I wished I'd had a camera to record the varying looks on their faces. Shock, disbelief, lack of recognition were the first reactions. As it dawned on the mob that Mike and I were who we were, the faces changed. Some raised eyebrows in amazement, one at least turned away in disgust. Surprisingly enough, I saw at least three of them stare long, taking in the entire picture with envy and appreciation.

After the initial shock, the evening went remarkably well. Only one -- James, who had accused us of being boring, and had been the reason for us gearing up -- openly disapproved and walked away, refusing to be associated with us. It turned out that the low opinion of him was fairly widespread among the group. Most of the others complimented us on the shock value, and the guts to show ourselves. There was a bit of easy bantering, some joking around at our expense, but nothing serious, and we enjoyed ourselves with them, feeling more at ease now that we didn't need to hide the fact that we both enjoyed being in leather. And two of the guys commented to us at different times that they had often wondered what it would be like, wanted to experiment. We suggested they just get out and do it, but there was no way we were interested in `sharing'. The leather was for us, just the two of us, together.

After a few hours, Mike looked at me and winked. "Time for us to go. Being so suburban and all, we need to get home. Besides, Neale has to get me back home and tie me onto the rack before he whips me for being a bad boy!" he announced in a stage whisper. The group laughed, more lewd comments following after us as we made our exit.

"That idea of the rack might be fun, as long as I'm the one tied onto it!" I teased him as we headed home.

Once we stepped inside the house, Mike dropped behind me. Following me into the bedroom, he slapped my leathered behind loudly. "Now, what was that comment about a rack, boy?" he growled in mock anger. "We may have to see about getting a rack, just to teach you some manners! Strip those pants off that tight little arse of yours, and get on your knees and beg me to forgive you." The commanding tone of his voice sent shivers up my spine.

Hurrying to do as I was told, I quickly changed so that instead of squeaking against my leather jeans, the chaps gripped firmly against my bare skin, the black gloss of the pouch cradling my cock and balls now in full view and ready to please him. Mike had shucked off the jeans and t-shirt at the same time, choosing a new jock, one which consisted of no more than a leather cup which held his nuts in soft dark hide. His long, powerful tool swung free, restrained only by the cool steel of the cockring he wore, silver against his dark pubic hair. I still had on the white cotton T under the harness encasing my torso. As I stood up from re-adjusting the chaps he grabbed me, his strong hands gripping the straps of the harness as he pulled me toward him.

"I think it's about time you learnt some respect, boy!" He hissed at me. His eyes bored into me from under the lowered shining visor of his cap. I trembled to his touch, to the closeness of his face and the warmth of his breath.

"Yes, Sir" I mumbled quietly, falling into the role of his slave boy easily, my dick hardening as I did.

Without warning, he clasped the material of the shirt I was wearing, on the left side of my chest, and yanked hard. The flimsy cotton tore like paper, the sound of the ripping searing my ears and sending pulses of excitement through me. With my skin exposed, I lowered my head, glimpsing the flash of light on the silver ring through my left nipple. Mike's fingers closed around the piece of metal and he twisted, lightly but firmly, pulling as he did. The pain was minute, the pleasure incredible, and I moaned out loud as my cock twitched inside the leather envelope of my pouch. It felt like the nerve endings in my tit were connected directly to my dick. I was instantly hard as a rock. My Master smiled at me and pulled again.

"Fuck yeah, that's what I like to see!" he said quietly, his prong dancing, droplets of pre-cum spraying onto my legs as it did. Another ripping, and the remnants of the white shirt I had worn were tatters, clinging to the edges of my harness. Excited and horny, I could not resist, and my own hands went to his nipples, pinching and pulling at the tiny erections standing out on his chest. He groaned and threw his head back as I did, his mighty weapon grew even harder, bouncing in front of me. "Oh yes, boy, fuck that's good,' he declared as I tweaked and pulled at his tits. Mike's hands reached for my head, pulling my face to his chest. Happily I began to suck and bite at him, taking the hard brown skin between my teeth and nibbling lightly. My tongue flicked out to lick at him, bathe his nubs in warm moisture. He felt so good, tasted so manly as I suckled at him like a baby.

My palms slid down his back, following the lines of his harness as I felt the smooth leather beneath my fingers. I traced the lines of his chaps around and below his firm buns, delighting in the warmth of his skin and the coolness of the hide. He pushed my face lower and I reluctantly let his nipples free, licking my way down his firm rippled abdomen. I tasted the leather of his chaps as my chin brushed against the solid muscle of his engorged penis. Licking and slurping across his pelvis, I found my target and nibbled softly at the head of his pole. Scooping the droplets of jism from his slit, I savoured the salty sweetness of him. My lips closed softly around his cockhead and my tongue massaged his glans, tracing the edge of his flaring skin then exploring the shaft of turgid flesh behind.

Gently, resisting the urge to gag, I opened my throat and swallowed the monster cock. Gradually, my mouth working overtime to coat him in saliva, he slid into me. As my nose came to rest against his pubic hair, my throat constricted around his meatiness. Mike pulled my face away with his hands, then pulled back again, beginning to thrust at my gullet as he moaned quietly with the attention my mouth gave. For three or four minutes he humped at me, fucking my face slowly, sensuously as I slobbered and suctioned at him, worshiping his maleness. Without warning, he pulled my face away from himself.

"On the floor, boy!" he ordered, pointing down. "I want you on all fours. Spread those legs and stick that pretty little arse in the air. Time it got a workout!"

I hurried to obey, the anticipation building and making my already hard cock throb even more. Obviously not fast enough for him though. `SLAP' as his palm landed on my bare butt. My skin tingled and my body twitched from the brief sting. I quickly got into position, on my knees which were spread as far apart as I could manage, the majority of my weight on my elbows, my head almost at floor level and my puckering hole exposed and lifted to him.

"Nice view!" he commented with an evil grin in his voice.

"Thank you, Sir" I stammered out, wondering what he had in mind. No need to wonder for long. The next thing I knew, my arsehole was being lubricated, Mike smearing the cool gel across my entrance and inserting his fingers to massage it into my sphincter, opening me as he did. I relaxed to take the slender digits, feeling him enter me and play with my anus. Pressing further he found my prostate, rubbing the knot of nerves gently. I moaned out loud with the pleasure that raced through me, bucking backward against him.

"Like that, do we? What else would you like in that tight little arse?" His voice menacing and exciting, needing no reply. I heard him move about, reach for something. Again, a touch at my rear, but it wasn't the point of his finger, or the warm hardness of his cock. Solid, round. A jiggling sound, and I knew ... the string of balls! Mike pressed the first one against my lubed anus and I tried to relax as the rounded shape begged entry. Pushing back, opening myself, I felt the muscles of my sphincter give as the sphere of black rubber made its way past the muscle and popped inside, my arse clamping tight behind it, only the connecting latex enclosed string visible. The momentary discomfort as it entered was immediately replaced by a satisfying filled sensation, and a strange, erotic pulling as the rest of the string and other balls remained suspended outside my body.

He knelt behind me. I could feel the heat of his body close to me as he leant forward to concentrate on the task at hand. Another ball was fed up to my flexing hole as Mike eased it into me, moving it from side to side as I opened myself to the solid shape. Again, a feeling as though I was emptying my bowel, and then tingles of pleasure as the second ball slipped into my rectum. The sense of being filled increased, and I moaned quietly. A long "mmmmmmm".

"Like that boy?" my Master whispered from behind. "Looks good from here! Keep it up my little slave."

Yet another ball was presented to the pink puckering bud of my arse. I pushed back to meet it, to feel the force as Mike urged it against me, steadily holding it until my hole opened and accepted, with a rush this time the third of the string of round toys disappeared within my willing body, drawing the connecting string behind it. I could feel the remains of the latex covered string pulling through my clenched sphincter. Mike let the final two balls drop from his hands, and they swung from my body, pulling against me and their partners still held within. The sensation as they bobbed around was incredible, sending twinges of pleasure through me with each swaying movement. Mike sat back on his haunches behind me. "Fucking hell! That is so hot, looks fucking horny!" he declared loudly. A slap landed on my upturned arse cheek, making me twitch and sending even more waves of ecstasy through me as the balls swung in response. I groaned out loud, unable to contain the pleasure I was feeling.

"Please, Sir," I begged, "give me more, Sir"

Mike leaned into me again. "Okay, boy" he said, eagerly. The fourth ball was held against me and jiggled into position. With my Master pushing it against my opening, I pushed back, willing myself to relax. With the three already filling my rectum, getting the next two inside was a little less easy. As I tried to accept them, Mike's free hand reached under and began to gently massage my testicles. The feeling of his hand on my nuts, caressing me through the cushioning leather, was amazing. As I writhed at the touch, the next ball slipped inside me. At that point, Mike proved himself a true Master at manipulating me and giving me pleasure. As the final round shape was pushed into my willing but full anus, he continued his playing with my nuts, squeezing and coaxing, his hand drifting up to grip at my raging hard-on before returning to my leather encased jewels. With the hand that he used to urge the string of toys inside me, he pushed and prodded at my sphincter, his fingers massaging the muscle to relax me.

Finally, the entire string of orbs disappeared into my hungry body. As it did, a sense of being literally stuffed overcame me, waves of satisfying pleasure peaking in my gut and rolling through the rest of my body. Involuntarily, I gasped " uunnhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhh ..."

Mike remained kneeling behind me. He let out a long low whistle as the last ball was swallowed by my body, holding the trailing edge of the string to keep from losing it completely. Muttering words of encouragement and vague obscenities, he pulled gently at the string, making the balls heave and jiggle in my guts. His hands continued playing with me, grabbing at my nuts and my throbbing cock, or massaging my abdomen, making the balls within roll and sending incredible stirrings of pleasure throughout my filled cavern. I grunted and groaned as he did, enjoying the sensations coursing through me. He landed another slap on my exposed rear and I yelped with delight as my body jerked, pulling at the string trailing from me to his hands. He played with me, his `toy', yanking at the balls, at my body. He ran his hands over my bare arse cheeks, down my thighs, caressing the leather of the chaps. He squeezed at my hide enveloped groin and pulled at the straps of my harness, tweaking my pierced nipple yet again. I writhed in pleasure, squeals of joy escaping from me as he played me like a musical instrument.

"Oh fuck, I'm getting so horny watching your little arse wiggle around with those balls in there!" he said. "Time for me to take their place." With that he steadied himself, and began to exert some serious pressure on the connecting thread of latex protruding from my anus. I felt the solid mass of the balls being dragged against the inside of my sphincter, and settled down to relax and expel them. Mike was eager now, and his urgency translated to his actions. Pulling steadily, the string connecting the balls went taut, and my protesting hole gave way. They popped out of me like gunshots, helped along by a horny grinning Mike. The opening, clamping and opening again left me breathless as my insides were emptied, wrenched from within. Gasping and panting, I steadied myself as the last orb exited my hole and my Master dropped them to the floor.

As he flung the toy to one side, he reached around my body, holding me tight with his own weight bearing down on me. I could feel the heat of his exertions, and the leather of his harness against my back as his arms bear-hugged me. His hungry, swinging tool slapped against my balls and droplets of jism spattered onto the leather pouch I was wearing.

"Are you ready, boy?" he growled, and I nodded eagerly.

Positioning himself behind me, his cockhead nudged the still tender hole of my arse. More cool gel was smeared onto me and onto the weapon poised at my entrance, and then he pressed forward. The feeling was indescribable. I had always guessed that a naked flaming cock would feel different from the best lubricated condom covered pole, but I was unprepared for just how amazingly wonderful he felt. His wide cockhead slid smoothly between my sphincter, popping inside as I clamped around him. There was no sense of friction at all, but a joyous warm rod of flesh which invaded my aching accepting body. I relaxed and wrapped myself around him as he sank into me, pleasure engulfing me as my cavern was filled yet again.

Mike's long strong meat filled me, inching in steadily. I moaned with happiness as he entered me. The heat of his rod was glorious and he grunted as he buried himself completely inside my body. "Fuck!!" he gasped, "that feels so incredible." Joined together, truly connected without the barrier of latex, we rocked back and forth together. He thrust into me, then pulled back to thrust again. With my arse high and my head down, I bucked against him, enjoying the thrill of his naked cock attacking my innards. His knees between my own, his leather clad thighs pressing against my hide bound legs, he leaned over and embraced me, holding me tight as he humped into my arse. The creaking rubbing of our leather joined with the slurping wetness of his assault on my hot cave. His arms were around my ribs, under my chest, his hands on my shoulders as he fucked at me and we became a sole rutting animal. His thrusts shoved me forward on the floor, and then he yanked me back again onto his raging prong, pounding it deeper and deeper into me, harder and harder, using all his strength to ram at me and pull me back against him.

His breath became shorter as the ache of urgent passion built within me. The pleasure banging into my arse was intense, and radiated to my body as I tingled with pleasure, my nerves ringing with joy. I was getting closer and closer to the point of no return. I sensed a change in his rhythm and he eased back, still sunk within me.

"Yeah, fucker," he hissed, "take this cock hard, boy!"

"Yes, Sir, fuck me Sir, please" I begged back at him.

With that, his weight shifted. Without letting himself leave my bowel, he lifted his feet so that he now crouched over me, standing with his knees bent as my arse pointed to the sky. Gripping the back straps of my harness, he was able to use the leverage to begin to really pound into me with all his strength. Fucking down at me, his steel hard cock pounded into my arse. Pulling me up at him and then dropping me as he withdrew, to shove downward again, his strangled voice commanding me to take his raging pounding masculinity. Crushed beneath the force of his frenzied fucking, all I could do was accept the thumping strokes as he pierced my body with his inflamed dagger. Like a sword of flesh, his maleness stabbed into me, burying itself to the hilt in my writhing hole as he took possession of my being. Still crouching over me, humping down at me, his hands came around my body, and found my chest. As his tempo increased and he fucked harder and faster at me, his fingers located my nipples, and his left hand seized my piercing, tugging at the silver ring and twisting it. The sensational pain and pleasure that rocked my body from his touch sent me over the edge. I called out a strangled "UUNNHHHHH" as my nuts exploded. My ravaged sphincter clamped hard around the pole of pleasure filling me and I trembled and shuddered before the skyrocketing orgasm swept over me. Load after load of cum erupted from my cock, filling the pouch and swamping my flesh with hot wetness, spilling onto the floor beneath me.

As I surrendered into the overwhelming crash of my own climax, Mike screamed with delight as my arse clamped around his pounding meat. With the full force of his weight and strength, he shoved hard into me, trembling and shaking. I heard him gasp, felt his rod swell within me, and then I swear I could feel the searing heat as he emptied his load into my gut. Cascades of streaming white hot jizz poured into me as he gripped at me like a vice. My arse filled and drank at him, his raw manseed unloaded deep within my grasping insides. A torrent of his essence poured into me, and a corresponding torrent of cum flowed from my own flaring cock. His pounding had stopped as his climax struck, but still he held me tight, his weapon firing shot after shot into me as he twitched and trembled. As one, we gasped, exhausted, and collapsed. I slid forward on my arms, falling flat on my stomach into the pool of jism I had created. He fell on top of me, his proud but emptied cock still sunk in the depths of my arse.

Catching our breath and panting against each other, we lay there, still joined, for an eternity. Finally Mike whispered into my ear "Holy shit, Neale, that was just incredible!"

I turned my face toward his "You sure were, stud!" I laughed. Rolling off me, his juicy prong slid from me, a plopping sound escaping as my sphincter snapped closed after it. We laughed again, lying beside each other, still puffing from the exertion, the glow of sated desire settling on us. Fingers trailed and touched, explored, as we lay together, lovers who had shared the ultimate joining.

"Mike," I said lazily as we rested, "I have to tell you that when you pull at my nipple, play with the nipple ring, it really turns me on so much."

"Funny you should mention that," he replied thoughtfully. "I noticed how you really respond to me touching it. My tits are really sensitive as well. I've been wondering how you'd feel if I had my nipples pierced?"

"It's your body ..."

"No, it's yours as well."

I grinned at him, locking my eyes on his. "I think it would be so fucking hot!" I growled. "In fact, if you want, I'll get my other nipple done at the same time. We'll be a matching pair."

"Then let's do it!!!" he almost shouted in his eagerness.

"You realise that they will be bloody sore for a few weeks, and we'll have to be careful when we make love until they start to heal?"

"I can live with that." He replied, "I want to share everything with you, even the painful times."

"Me too, stud." I said it seriously, and meant everything it implied.

We went together to the body piercing clinic the very next morning, and helped each other through the ache and pain of the procedure. Matching silver rings soon hung from each of us, ready and waiting to be played with and to bring us even more enjoyment. The pain and discomfort of the new piercings faded over the next couple of weeks, and our nipples healed quickly, despite the fact that it was all we could do to keep our hands off each other's chest every time we screwed. Now I felt that we were truly a pair. The silver rings through his tits look so erotic they drive me wild with desire just looking at them, and my own are a perfect match. My man and I are permanently marked as each other's.

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