Leather Lovers 5

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Mike and I had gone together to the clinic and both been tested for HIV. Within a week we had the results -- both were clear. We had both expected the result, had both been careful for a long long while now, yet it was always still a concern during that time between the test and the result, always a worry that at some time a condom had broken, or the so-called safe oral sex hadn't been safe after all. Not that the waiting had slowed our sex-life down any. Now that I had found my perfect man, I was making sure that we could be together every possible moment. The excitement of finding ourselves, and finding our shared love of leather, meant that we spent all our time away from work at one or the other's home, and a fairly hefty slice of our time was occupied with the most wonderful, hottest sex imaginable.

Leather was the binding force, our shared passion, but it was not the only thing that held us together. Mike and I seemed to have so much in common as we discovered over the next weeks. We both loved the same type of restaurants, read the same authors, liked the same movies. There were little disagreements, over minor things like cleaning up around the house -- I was a slob, he insisted on tidiness. Or transport. I was dedicated user of public transport, he had a bike which was being serviced the weekend we met, and which I could not bring myself to ride on despite his insistence that it was safe. Still, if we had been identical in every respect it would have gotten boring, like being in love with yourself. And `boring' was one thing he was not!

We had also used the time well in exploring our `secret' desires. Having opened up to each other about our longings to experiment with the "Master/slave" aspect of sex, we had begun to discover incredible excitement in playing our games together, and had started making good use of the toys we had bought that first weekend. Dressed in shining black leather, Mike would use me as his sex object, and I willingly surrendered, as he plied me with any of the toys we had, then took my body for his own, giving us both the most extreme joy. After our first day when my arse had been ravaged by the dildo, we had been eager to try out all of our other toys. The first time that Mike had used the paddle on me was just incredible.


It was several days since we had done our `shopping trip', and the dildo, butt plug and string of balls had all been put to excellent use. Gradually we were opening up a whole new exciting world of leather and sex and submission/domination. One night, at his place, we had skipped dinner in order to indulge in our favourite pastime. Mike was wearing a full harness of the most wonderful gleaming black leather which formed an "X" on his chest with a single wide band connecting the straps around his upper torso to a metal ring around his navel, side straps that circled his waist, and another band of black hide that descended to his groin, disappearing under the waist of a shining leather jock. The jock itself had a hole cut in the front so that his huge meat, which I worshipped as often as I could, protruded through the opening, while his heavy nuts were cushioned in a shimmering pouch, which partially hid the silver cockring anchored around the base of his shaft and balls. The brilliant sheen of his chaps framed his groin and gripped his strong legs, rippling with every movement as he stood in heavy boots. A Master's cap on his head was pulled low, almost obscuring his deep blue eyes. He stood before me, arms crossed on his chest, looking stern. Just his appearance like that was enough to get me extra horny.

I was on my knees before him, the black leather straps of my harness pulled taut around my ribs and over my shoulders, the hide rubbing against my bare skin. The chaps I wore gripped at my legs, almost caressing them as I knelt back on my haunches, the glimmer of the leather encasing my legs reflecting the candlelight from the room. I wore nothing at my groin, my testicles hanging toward the ground between my legs, my cock already hard, with a leather cockring tightly wrapped around the base. Mike's heavy prong swung in front of my face, pulsing with blood as it anticipated taking my willing hole. The polished blackness of his legs framed the shining black clad orbs beneath his weapon as he stood over me. I ached to take his cock in my mouth, to suck it and lick it, to worship it with my lips and tongue, but he had cuffed my wrists together around one of the bed posts, so that strain as I would I could not get any closer to him than the few inches separating us. He swung his entire body from side to side just a little, making his pole sway past my face, droplets of his manjuice escaping and smattering on my cheeks which I tried to lick up eagerly.

"Like that prong, boy?" he hissed down at me " want it, do you? Want to feel it sliding into that tight little hole of yours? Feel it filling you up and pounding into your wet guts?"

"Yes, Sir. I need it Sir. Have to have it, please Sir, give it to me!" I whimpered, straining again at the handcuffs holding me back.

"Well you'll have to earn it, fucker! Have to show me you deserve to be fucked!"

The commanding tone of his voice, and the position I was in, almost prone before him, was making me hornier by the second. And I could see Mike was getting right into it as well. His pole was rock solid, jutting out at me and throbbing. His arms were crossed on his chest but I could see his nipples hard and erect as he enjoyed the part of my Master. He lowered his hands, running them up and down his calves as he stared at me. The sight of him caressing himself made my dick jump yet again, and I begged for more.

"Please, Sir, let me service you, worship your man meat, Master ..." I grovelled.

"What about these, boy?" his hands surrounded his nuts, pushing the leather envelope forward, the black spheres within clearly outlined. One hand continued to rub his testicles while the other moved to his cock. Stepping closer to me he swung his prick against my face, the hot throbbing head slapping against my cheek. Again, he swung, from the other side. The shaft of his pole connecting with my chin. I lapped my tongue out eagerly, vainly trying to lick at him.

"I told you, you have to earn it boy!" he thundered at me. Lifting me to my feet so the cuffs slid up and over the post, he stood back, keeping himself so close and yet so far. I still couldn't touch him but I could feast my eyes, and could smell the erotic mix of leather and man musk, driving me wild with desire. He turned me around so I faced the bed, my back to my man. Mike pushed me forward, onto the bed so that I was kneeling with my back to him. Another push and my head went down. Still wearing the cuffs, I had no other way to support myself than to rest my face on the covers, my bare arse high in the air and exposed to him. Suddenly I felt a coolness at the soft entrance to my body. He was applying lube to my hole, massaging it in as he opened me, forcing my sphincter to relax and expand.

"Time you learnt to behave" he hissed at me, and I whispered into the sheets "yes, sir".

Looking to the side as best I could with my face down, I saw him hold up the butt plug, greasing it well with the sticky goo of the lubricant. My cock twitched and my hole puckered involuntarily at the sight. The anticipation of being invaded by that huge black rubber cone drew a moan from me. The pain it brought, followed by the pleasure, was something I had already known, but wanted again. Desperately. Mike nudged the point of the plug to my skin, letting it rub at the top of my butt and slide along the crack of my arse towards my twitching pink target. As I felt the point of it touch at the outer rim of my anus I realised that my Master was leaning forward. In his hand Mike had the open bottle of amyl and he held it close to my nostril, knowing I would need it. I breathed in deeply, and willed myself to relax. As the rush began to hit, I lifted myself a fraction. He knew the signs, and seeing my signal, Mike began to push the solid black plug into me.

I felt the tip force my muscles aside, the penetration beginning. Expertly guiding his toy, Mike eased the plug from side to side, all the while pressing further into me. The first few centimetres were a breeze, as the narrow point made its way past my ring, bringing an enjoyable sensation of being filled and prodded. Deeper he pushed, further into me the cone was forced. As it filled me, the widening circumference stretched my hole, gradually but firmly opening me wider and wider, resisting the increasing protests of my sphincter. I gasped as the pain increased, trying desperately to accept it, willing myself to take the monster. Mike eased back, stopped his pressure, but did not let the plug move at all. Instead, he positioned himself so that he was standing behind me, with the base of the butt plug sandwiched between his pelvis and my arse, over half of it already buried within me. I could feel the pressure at my hole, and jumped as he flexed his dick, making it bounce up between my legs, nudging at my balls. The sensation was so erotic and my discomfort was forgotten as his cock kissed my nuts. Keeping his lower body in that position, he leaned forward again to allow me another draft of the amyl. My rectum was already becoming accustomed to the unyielding black rubber holding it open, and the pain was ebbing quickly as the pleasure of being filled increased. When the second wave of stimulant washed through me Mike was ready and waiting.

The muscle relaxant effect of the drug let my rectum release its grip at the plug, and instantly he pushed again. The rush of blood which heightened every sensation allowed me to relish the feeling as the plug filled my bowel, and the stretching of my sphincter continued. Wider and wider I was opened as he pressed the toy into my body. The pain returned, increased. I felt as though I was being split apart, would have to burst as the butt plug reached its widest point, opening my ravaged arse beyond endurance. Hissing and gasping I forgot everything else but the searing ache centred on my pucker. Then, in an instant, relief. Mike eased the plug through and it was suctioned into me, my muscles closing tightly around the narrow point at the base behind the flange of the plug. As it filled me totally, an amazing sense of completeness descended. My entire insides were plugged, literally, and there was a satisfaction in the solid mass occupying me. An urge to try to expel it came upon me, but there was no way I would be able to push it back out, and I willed myself to accept and enjoy. My struggling, twitching sphincter was still held open, but not to the extent it had been stretched, and I began to enjoy the lack of control I had over the normal operation of my lower body.

"Good boy!" Mike said loudly, in an approving tone. I smiled at him, turning my face against the covers again. He reached down and lifted me back, so that, still kneeling, I was upright at least. Moving was surprisingly easy given the massive black rubber prod buried inside me. It filled me completely, and I felt that my entire innards were being massaged by the solid black rubber. Mike turned me to face him again, kissing me hard as his tongue explored my mouth. His hands roamed over my body, caressing the skin and massaging the leather I wore, the texture smooth against his palms. My hands were still cuffed together, but my mouth eagerly responded and I kissed him long and hard, filled with passion and delighting in the sensations assaulting me from the plug sunk deep within. His tracing fingers found my nipples, and he pinched firmly. The new burst of pain made me jump, then shocks of erotic pleasure shot through me, radiating from my tits to join with the waves of sensation rolling up from my gut. He pulled hard at the piercing in my left nip, but rather than hurting, it made me gasp with enjoyment.

"So my boy likes being plugged, does he?" Mike asked in a soft growl. "Opened you up nicely, it did. Split that tight little pucker wide, and swallowed the whole thing. Maybe you like it better than my cock?"

"Oh, no, Sir!!" I hissed quickly, my cock twitching again, my arse aching with pleasure/pain. "I need you, Sir, want your massive pole rammed inside me Sir, so much better than some artificial bung."

"I didn't hear a `please' in there, boy!" he hissed sternly. "I think a little more punishment is called for."

Backing off the bed, he pushed me forward again, so my head was down, my filled, plugged arse aimed at the ceiling. Standing behind me, he grabbed the base of the butt plug and twisted, sending shockwaves through my body again, making me gasp. The thrill of the motion wracked my arse with sensational pleasure. I sensed him moving around behind me but couldn't see what he was doing. Suddenly, `WHACK' -- a cracking sound rent the air, as I jumped with the bite of the paddle. He had slapped it down on my bare arse cheek. The unexpected sting had made me jump, made my rectum flex hard against the plug holding me open. Indescribable feelings engulfed me, and I moaned long and low.

"Are you okay?" I heard the concern in Mike's voice.

"Yes, absolutely. It only hurts like a quick sting, but the sound, and the feeling with the plug is just so hot! Keep going, `Sir', I love it." I reassured him.

Taking heart from my reassurance he fell back into his role. "You need to learn your place, boy!" he ordered. Another slap on my bare arse cheek, and more waves of pleasure. The sound as the leather paddle connected with my skin was like the crack of a whip. The tingle was surprisingly light, but the combined effect was unbelievable. It seemed to accentuate the feelings within, to concentrate my pleasure at my rear. Again, he lowered the paddle, this time connecting with the back of my thighs, leather against leather, a creak and a crack as I jumped again, and twitched. It was one of the most erotic sensations I had ever known. Again and again Mike wielded the double leather wings of the paddle. As he slapped it against my legs, my butt, my back, my cock twitched and leaked, my insides rubbed and massaged by the plug. His cock swung and leaked, spraying droplets of pre-cum over me, searing spots of juice that speckled my body and the leather I wore, getting him more and more excited.

The excitement built quickly within us as we played our roles. Mike slapped and watched, fascinated by the butt plug filling my arse and the slaps of the paddle. But his need was urging him on, and increasing. Leaving the paddle aside, he reached again for the plug, gripping the base and jiggling it within me. I moaned again. The bottle of amyl appeared at my nose and I drew deeply. The rush of blood hit fast, my level of excitement already so high. As I began to squirm, he gripped the base of the plug and pulled, slowly but firmly. I pushed out as he did, feeling my hole stretch almost to tearing again, reeling as the combination of sensations assaulted me. Then it was through. The wide flange past my sphincter muscle, and the cone sliding slowly outward, as my body closed around it again, feeling the emptiness as I expelled the black rubber plug.

Mike eased it completely out of me, placing it aside. Another `whack' and my arse tingled again. "Yes, Sir, please, Sir" I begged. "take me Sir, please, fuck me."

I heard the tearing of the foil, felt the slickness of the latex as his cockhead pushed against my hole. After the stretching from the plug, there was little resistance, which was just as well, since Mike was rampant now, needing to be inside me. He sank his long hard pole into me in one unbroken motion, not stopping until his pelvis crashed against my cheeks. My arse still pointed high, my face pushed into the linen and my hands cuffed together, I could not move. He pounded himself into me, then pulled back almost until he withdrew before lunging forward again. My filled then emptied body welcomed him, needed him to fill me again. I gripped at him with my arse, revelled in the pumping force of his body as he rammed in and out. He found a rhythm, thrusting in and out, plunging hard then pulling back to drive forward again. It was rough, powerful man sex and I thought I would explode. As he continued his assault I pushed back to meet him as best I could, clenching as he backed off, meeting his motions. `Whack, whack'. Electric shocks shot through me as the paddle again descended on my cheeks, on my thighs. Each slap of the leather paddle served only to make me even more needful. We bucked and humped as he fucked me, fucked like there was no tomorrow.

Bouncing on me, taking possession of my body, his fleshy sword impaled me, rent my innards. I felt his fingers at my back, felt him grab hold of the harness I wore. Using his grip for leverage, he pulled at me, wrenched my whole body back onto his throbbing dagger which pierced my body, shoving himself at me as he dragged me to him. The paddle rained tingling blows down on me as I gasped and groaned, wild and sweaty. The aching power of my passion grew, spreading from my arsehole, through my butt and legs where the stinging slaps landed, engulfing me entirely. Nearing the peak, I called out "Oh fuck yes, Sir, yes Master, fill me, fuck me hard. Use me, Sir, shove that fuckpole into me!"

Whether it was the words I yelled or just that he had hit his plateau at that moment I didn't know, but Mike suddenly screamed out a strangled " uuuurrrmmmnnnhhhhh UNNNHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ".

One final crack as the paddle hit the side of my thigh. Luckily it was protected by the leather chaps, because it came down much harder than before. Gripping my harness, he slammed himself at me, pulled me back at him with all his strength. His steel hard blood engorged weapon impaled my body, burying itself deep within as he gasped and trembled. The searing heat of his cum filled the protective sheath, swamping him as he emptied himself into me. My arse clamped tight over his masculinity as my balls heaved and white hot juice poured from me, soaking the bedclothes as my entire body spasmed with the force of my climax. Again and again my cock erupted. Shudder after shudder rocked me as Mike's essence flowed into me, slowly lessening until he trembled to stillness, then collapsed on top of me, pushing us both down into the pool of mancum I had created below us.

I knew the paddle had been a great buy, and that we would get plenty more use out of it, as we recovered together, kissing and smiling, drenched, sticky and sated.


The time had gone quickly. It seemed as though we had just met, were still finding our way, and at the same time had been together forever, made for each other. I found it hard to reconcile the two yet just accepted it, and loved my man. We were spending so much time together it seemed crazy to maintain both houses. Most of the time we were at my place, simply because it was that much bigger than his rented flat. It occurred to me that since we were living together we should actually `live' together, and made up my mind to ask him if he would move in that night.

I called him at work that afternoon, to see whether we would meet at his place or mine. It was Friday and we were looking forward to the weekend again, another two full days together.

"Come to my place." He said, "I need to grab some clean clothes and check my mail. Then we can make some plans!"

I finished a little earlier than usual, and got the train straight to his flat rather than going home first. We had managed to build up a collection of clothes at each house, which sometimes got confusing, not knowing where a particular shirt or jeans were. Yet another reason to move in together, I thought to myself. He was pulling up on his bike just as I arrived, and he jumped off, removing his helmet and planting a big kiss right on my mouth. I threw my arms around him, holding tight, and smiled into his blue eyes. He pulled away from me and took hold of my hand, pulling me toward the front door. We stopped at the entrance as he grabbed a handful of envelopes from his letter box, then headed in.

"Mike, get changed and I'll make us coffee" I called to him, heading for the kitchen. "I want to discuss something with you, something important."

"Okay, man" he called back absently as he disappeared, looking at the bundle of letters in his hand.

I settled myself on the lounge, hoping he would be ready to move in, would accept my offer for us to live together. For some reason, I still wondered if he would feel we were moving too fast, yet it had been almost three months now, and I knew I was certain of my love for him, and felt he was just as sure.

"Oh FUCK!!!!!!" Came a loud exclamation from the bedroom. I looked up, concerned. "Look at this!!!! " he fumed, throwing a letter to me. He was obviously upset about something. I picked up the offending paper, not sure if I wanted to know what the bad news was. It was a letter from the real estate agents who managed his block. A termination notice! The owner of the flat had returned from interstate, and wanted to move back in. Mike's lease was up, and he had to move out. The sooner the better. I smiled a huge grin.

"It's not a joke, Neale" he said, looking at me. "Where the fuck am I supposed to move to. Rents in this area are sky high, and places hard to find!"

"My love ..." I stood and held him, kissed him quickly and looked him squarely in the face. "I had made up my mind to ask you tonight if you would consider moving in with me. It just seems to me like a sign, like fate, that this letter has arrived today. Would you make me the happiest man alive by moving in, by sharing your whole life with me?"

His eyes lit up, then filled with moisture. His grin spread slowly until it stretched from ear to ear. "Oh, Neale , YES!!!! A thousand times `yes'. Of course I would. I'd be honoured and proud to be your partner. I didn't want to ask, didn't want to seem to be pushing."

I laughed with him. "And the only reason I hadn't asked you to yet was that I was worried you might think I was moving too quickly!"


Mike contacted the agents the next day and told them he would be moving out immediately. They were happy to accept this, because they had expected a fight, and a delay of weeks. So they even let him out of the final rent payments. We hired a van the next morning and roped in a few friends -- yes we had managed to let our various friends know what had happened, and most of them were absolutely delighted for both of us. Certain boxes had to be moved by just us of course! While we weren't hiding our love of leather, there were some toys that you just didn't show your friends. Over a very busy and exhausting weekend we accomplished the move, and settled Mike into what was now OUR home, sorting furniture and squeezing where necessary, deciding what we would keep and what could be donated to one of the AIDS charities from each of our stuff.

I was ecstatically happy to be living with him. All my dreams had come true. There was only one thing left, and that was our final test. It had been three months, and off we went again to the clinic. The week between testing and getting the results flew as we ran around doing all the things necessary to complete the move, changing addresses, notifying friends and relatives, sorting furniture etc. Finally it was time to go back.

"You're both clear!" A simple statement from the nurse, that meant so much. We hugged and kissed right there, and smiled and thanked him over and over again.

Back at home, OUR home now, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, hugging, kissing, holding each other close. There was sense of something between us, a feeling of specialness. I took him in my arms for the thousandth time, unable to get enough of him, wanting to squeeze him, to become a physical part of him. He was the same with me, constantly touching, looking, loving.

"Neale, I can't find the words to say this right, but I just feel so incredibly lucky, so wonderful."

"I know, I feel the same. It's like we have a whole new world, a new life for just the two of us."

He smiled at me with those wonderful deep blue eyes. "Our own special place. No more empty nights."

"No more nameless sex ." I responded.

"Pure, guiltless love between us, sharing everything, AND ..."

"Never need to worry about a condom again!" I laughed with him.

We held each other again, and headed into our new life arm in arm.

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