Brainwashing Club: Brainwashing Cabin (hypno)

Lou woke up groggily. He tried to shake his head to clear it but found it securely bound. Snapping awake, Lou found he was locked in a chair, absolutely unable to move. Struggling just made him twitch. He cursed, or tried to. What felt like a plastc mouthpiece and jaw strap made it impossible to open his mouth wide enough other than to say, "whrgh der fup."

A man's voice sounded form behind him. "Oh good, you're up. I was afraid my men had dosed you too much, and I'd have to wait till morning."

Lou remembered two beefy guys sitting next to him at the bar while he had a beer and watched that game. After that was a blur. Back in the present, Lou looked around, trying to figure out where he was. All he could see were wooden walls and some apparatus that was just outside his peripheral vision.

"Sorry for the mouthpiece gag," the voice went on, "but Phase 2 tens to make muscles twitch, so there are a lot of tongue bites. And this part is so much harder when the new guy is yelling his head off."

What looked like a series of mirrors were lowered into Lou's vision, making it so he could only straight ahead.

"You're in my cabin, if you want to know. Not that you will for much longer." Lou could hear the smile in his captor's voice. "My talent scouts are always bringing new boys here, and when I'm done, these boys don't care where they are, just what they do." A screen went in Louis' direct vision and was now reflected in every mirror. "But you're not interested in that. Let's get this show on the road."

What felt like heavy headphones went over Lou's ears, and for a moment, he was unable to hear anything, stuck in dead silence seeing nothing but a blank screen. Then the screen bloomed into flashing red and black spirals and shapes, and a deep-throated hum sounded in his ears. Suddenly, Lou's brain was a lot more lethargic. He shut his eyes, trying to clear his head and felt what seemed like a slap across his face. His eyes popped open in in shock, and his eyes locked on the patterns again.

He tried to look elsewhere as he felt his mind soften and grow more tired, but the patterns were everywhere. The sounds were everywhere. Lou felt like his mind just melted into the patterns, and he became unaware of anyhting else. Time seemed to float by, the patterns taking up everything in Lou's head.

"There, that should do it. On to the next part," that same voice sounded over his headphones. The pattern shifted, and Lou heard this repeated over and over:

"You are a slave. Your mind belongs to master. You cannot think for yourself. It is too hard. Master's thoughts are much better. Master's thoughts are all you need. Master's instructions are all you need. Every part of you belongs to him. You have no will. You trust in master completely. You are totally submissive to him. He is all that is important."

Lou thrashed, trying to escape the mindnumbing flow of words and sound and the entrancing visuals. But his mind, already weakened by the hours of binaural training and confusing images, was like wet clay. The words imprinted deeper and deeper into his head with each repetition. His struggles grew weaker and weaker with each repetition, until finally, mumbling through his gag, he started repeating the words, believing every one.

His captor pulled Lou's gag to make sure he was now repeating what he heard and then left him for six hours, drilling in his new role. After that time, Lou was released from his shackles and the brainwashing machine taken from his head. He sat still.

"Why don't you do anything?" his captor asked.

"I have received no instructions," Lou replied.

"Stand up and show off your muscles."

Lou stood, pulling his shirt tail behind his head to reveal his abdomen and stuffing his shirt sleeves up to show off his arms. He was reaching to pull up his pant legs when his master's voice commanded, "Stop. Stand and at ease."

Lou complied, straightening and hooking his thumbs into his pockets.

"Perfect, Lou, my boy." His master grinned as he traced his hand over his new acquisition's muscles. "You'll do just fine...."


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