Brainwashing Club: Training (hypno)

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Toby watch his new friend, Lucas, on the monitor screens. He was sitting in one of the brainwashing cabin's rooms, waiting patiently for Toby. It hadn't started out that way.

When Lucas had first woken up here a week ago, it was a shock. He'd been lying naked in the center of a bare room where he couldn't see a door or a window in. He bounced off the walls for 10 minutes, howling for someone to let him out. Then a panel slid open, and on a screen behind the panel, a whirling red and black spiral played.

Confusing music poured from hidden speakers, and he at first stopped dead, his mind unable to make any sense of what he was seeing. But Lucas shortly began to resist, shielding his eyes, trying to yell over the sounds.

But then, Toby thought, if they accepted it on the first try, it wouldn't be any fun. So Toby closed the panel, and Lucas was left again alone. He left Lucas alone for 12 hours, letting his thirst build before testing the spiral again. Lucas still looked away, still resisted.

So Toby waited for another hour and hit another button. Another panel slid open revealing a spout offering water, but it was just below one of the spiral screens. Lucas learned that he would have to look at the screen to drink or the water would stop flow. After finding this out, he drank as little water as he dared, trying not to look too long at the screen. But he'd gotten a good five-minute dose of hte program, which was good enough for the first day.

Toby had the machine keep Lucas up all night with annoyances, drips and dribbles of water to hear or feel on his face. Lucas looked haggard when Toby came back in after his breakfast. Toby had decided to use that and offered the water again. This time, Lucas drank deeply, partly because he had barely had much the first time, and partly because he got lost in the spiral because of sleepiness.

Toby waited for Lucas to realize that he'd been zoned out staring at the spiral, and then offered food. Lucas devoured the food, and Toby smiled as he watched the realization cross Lucas' face. Lucas knew now that watching the spirals led to rewards. After that, he hand no chance.

Each day, Lucas would spend more and more time lost in the spirals, repeating the suggestions that were fed him once he'd zone out, as they worked on his mind to destroy his will. For the last 24 hours, Lucas had been staring at a spiral, undergoing the final session that eradicated his life, his memories, everything, and turned him into a totally obedient slave for his master.

Toby licked his lips. Looking at Lucas' body, he knew the first thing he'd want to do with this specimen. He paid his dues to keep this hypnocabin in the woods going, and he was getting his pay-off. He left to go pick up his new "manservant" and have fun...


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