Brainwashing Club: Hypnotrap (hypno)

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As the car jounced over the bumps in the road, Ben winced once again, but he kept his mouth shut. He'd wanted for so long to get back into Pierce's good graces, ever he'd gotten really drunk and insulted a bunch of the frat's legacy members. He'd been nearly kicked out and had endured months not going to any frat event's cause there "wasn't space" for him. So when Pierce had invited him to go for a week hunting in the woods, he'd agreed, even though he hated the idea.

The cabin was so far outside of civilization that Ben couldn't actually remember the last time he'd seen anything man made. "Who built a cabin all the way out here?" he asked.

"My dad. He wanted a place that he could get away to that was far outside everything. Don't worry, he keeps it stocked and he said he wasn't going to be there this week. He lets the frat use it and hopefully you'll be able to see why we get more perks as legacies. Here we are."

Nestled in a thick grove of trees, Ben was glad to see that it was bigger than he thought it would be. It seemed to have a generator and a big water tank, so it would have amenities, too. He got out and went for the bags, thinking that he's better show his willingness to help if he wanted this week to go smoothly. But Pierce waved him off. "I'll get the bag, I know where the rooms are. You go take a look around."

Ben bounded up the steps and through the front door. He caught a glimpse of what looked to be a common room with a bunch of chairs, but then felt himself grabbed from behind. Instinctively, Ben grabbed at his attacker, but as he did he felt a cold, wet patch slapped across the back of his neck. Suddenly, he felt his muscles unclench, and he couldn’t seem to control them. All he did was stand as the arms picked him up and carried him through a door in the side of the common room, which wasn't another room, but an elevator. Pierce stepped in and the had of the man carrying Ben pressed a button. The doors closed, and the elevator started going down.

Pierce turned to Ben. "It took alot of donations from the old legacies to get you this attitude adjustment, Ben. Take it as a compliment. If we thought you useless, you'd already be out. But you're clever enough and smart enough for that to be a waste. So instead we'll just get rid of that pesky rebellious streak. You'll become a model member, do good in college, and come work for us once you're done, a loyal underling to do our bidding." Smiling, Pierce stripped off Ben's jacket and shirt, licking his lips. "And more besides." He said as he tied them around Ben's waist.

The elevator reached it's floor, and Pierce stepped out into a metallic hallway. The man carrying Ben passed two doors before depositing him, still standing blankly, in a white room. Not to say that Ben's mind wasn't struggling the entire time, trying to get his muscles to move. But when the man walked out, the door behind him seemed to seal into the white wall, and Ben couldn't be sure where the door was anymore.

Suddenly, the walls of the room blossomed into whirling black and white spirals. Whispers seemed to spring up as well, and Ben immediately felt his mind start to slow. No! Fuck Pierce and his rich privileged bastard family! This shit won't work on me! Once these drugs wear off I'm going to kick their asses and get out of here and let everyone know what they're doing. Until then I'll be a rock. There's no way that these... spinning spirals... are gonna be able to affect me. I can resist all night if I have to! I'm just so...angry at them. They're bastards... 'cause they... want to... what do they want to do? I... I can't... I can't remember... spinning round and around... Getting hard to think... Gotta remember... why I'm angry... Keep it going... They... they... Oh, right. They want to turn me into their puppet. Make me their docile little slave. Make me want to obey them. Watch the spiral and obey them. Why was that a problem again? I don't remember. Spinning spirals make it so... hard.. to think. Just.. can't.. think. Spin round and round... watch spin and obeyyyyyy...

Even after the drug wore off, Ben stood in the middle of the hypno room, his mind being properly cleared before he began his first training session. Once a week was over, he'd just be another slave for the legacy frat....