Brainwashing Club: Brainwash Therapy (hypno)

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Jason rubbed his hands together as he watched Frank's eyes spin with the spirals in his room. The rivalry between the two had never been very friendly. When Frank had moved to town a few months earlier, he'd started going to the Jason's favorite bar, and the first night, they'd gone after the same girl. That had been a disaster, both blocking each other's moves so much they had nearly come to blows. And over the following months, to both of their disappointments, their lives entwiened.

Frank had made friends with people who turned out to be Jason's long-time friends. Frank's job took him around town, and lot of the time to Jason's firm, and they both got thoroughly sick of each other. Their friends knew they actually had a lot in common, but their stubborn streaks made them refuse to see that and not change their habits to avoid each other, holding on to that first bitter night.

And now he's getting his due, Jason thought. He had heard rumblings of the brainwashin cabin club through some of his firm's less reputable clients. So when he had gotten fed up with Frank, he contacted those same people and spread the money needed to get a connection. The club was highly illegal, but you paid a set of dudes for each target they claimed, and they would program the target any way you liked. They'd taken Frank a week before, but had little success. However, they finally matched a drug cocktail and hypnosis schedule that would wor, and now Frank was under its thrall. Jason gloated over the screen, when suddenly he felt a hand wrap around his face. He took a reflexive gasp, smalled a chemical odor, and passed out.

Jason awoke to find himself in the hypno-room with Frank. He bolted upright and ran to the door, but his code didn't work to get him out. He tried to scream, but no sound came out of his mouth.

A PA speaker came to life. "Oh, I've paralyzed your vocal cords, my young friend. Some of my coworkers like to hear their patients yell obscenities at them, but I find it dull."

Jason glared where he knew the camera was.

"Oh, don't be silly. You think the paltry amount you paid was enough for us to take as big a risk as this? No, no. Other people around you got tired of you two disturbing them at their favorite places. Admittedly, all they paid for was just to make you friends with each other, but this whole situation reeks of unresolved sexual tension, so I think the partner's scenario is going to go down easier."

The hypno-screens in the room lurched into life, and Frank's head titled, his drugged brain easily recaptured. Jason stared resolutely at the camera.

I'm just as stubborn as Frank is; they can't get me on the first try. I'll escape and... and... Jason found his eyes being drawn to the spiral irresistibly.

"Oh, and just a side note, not that you'll care for much longer, but Frank's not the only one we've been running tests on this week."

Jason tried to fight, but the drug coursing through his system began to take effect, and every moment he was bombarded by the spiral and the music that accompanied it, the less able he was to resist. To Jason, the spiral seemed to spin faster and faster, as the drugs sped his perception of time. Whirling and spinning round and round, faster and faster. He struggled to hold himself and his identity together, but suddenly the pressure was too much. The world seemed to shatter, and himself with it, the pieces of himself flying away too fast to stop, leaving him empty.

A voice told him that he should sit down and just keep listening. He and his best buddy were going to be fine. He sat next to someone he no longer recognized. The voice suggested they drape each other's arms around the other like the pals they were, and their arms moved mechanically in compliance. The voice said that was perfect, and then began to tell them all about who they were and how much they care for each other...

Jason and Frank

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