Diary of a Master (hypno)

May 13th

I am starting to get a little bit tired with Caleb. Don't get me wrong, taking the schools mouthiest jock, (and for track no less, I mean who gets all BMOC over track?) making him mine and putting his entire sexual activity under my sway was fun, but I think part of the tang is the challenge. New conquests can be so much more fun, if only for the new options that they can present.

For this reason, I called Caleb up today to get it lined up. As usual, he answered the phone in that macho swagger he normally uses. “This is the man Caleb, what up.”

“Seriously, you really need to change that greeting.”

“Jon, that you? How the fuck you get this number and why would you-”

“Just remember to Listen and Obey me now.”

“I... what... fuck... Obey... hard... I'm listening, master.”

“Very good, Slaveboi. So much better when you're obeying, isn't it?”

“Yes master. So much better.”

“Where are you, boi?”

“In my room, master.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yes master.”

“Good. Listen closely. You will invite your two hottest friends from the Track team over to your house this weekend. Once they are there you will call me and I will come over. You will help me to enslave them as you are enslaved. Do you understand.”

His voice became strained as he answered. “But...”

“But what slave?”

“Don't... want to... N-No... not gonna... help.”

“Listen and Obey slaveboi.”

“Nuh... can't-”

“You can't disobey, can you? When I say Listen and Obey, you have to.”

“Don't... wanna...”

“Your wants and needs are unimportant, slave.”


“When you are Listening and Obeying, you have no choice.”

“Have... no... choice...”

“My words are law, aren't they?”

“Your words... are law.”

“And why is that, Slaveboi?”

“Because I am your mindless, will less slave, Master Jon.”

“So what must you do then?”

“I must invite my friends over and help them become like me.”

“How like you?”

“...Y-your slaves, Master.”

“You still have some hesitation, there, slave. I think it's time to show you who's in control of you. Turn on your computer and come on cam for me.”

I heard rustling as he complied with my orders. A call came in and I saw him sitting in his chair, staring into the camera with that blank expression that always gets me going. “Strip for me, Slaveboi.” With no hesitation, he began to peel off his clothes, revealing his lightly hairy chest and semi-erect cock. I had twisted his identity to enjoy being a sub, so being in slave mode always turned him on. “Sit and masturbate, Slaveboi. You will keep the phone to your ear at all times. Your cock is ten times as sensitive to all sensations as it normally is.”


Caleb gripped his cock and began to stroke it slowly. His back arched as the pleasure hit him, and he slid down in the chair, keeping his legs splayed as he did and the phone to his ear, hie eye still open and empty but rolling in their sockets. “No no, Slaveboi, you've been trying to disobey. That has made me unhappy. You will stroke vigorously for me, painfully for me, so that you understand who is in control.”

His hand sped up, the dreamy look on his face dissolving into one of pain, as he felt each squeeze and painful rub as he beat his cock. “You want to stop, don't you, slave?”

His answer came out pained, but for an entirely different reason then before. “Y-yes... Master”

“But you can't. And your balls are churning, aren't they slaveboi?”

“Yuh... unnh... yes... Master.”

“You want to cum so you can end this pain, but you can't. Why not, slaveboi?”

“Uhhh... ahhh... you have... not... ahh... said to.”

“And you must obey me. This pain is the punishment for questioning my orders.”

“Puh... ahh.”

“You are on the edge now, aren't you boi?”


“Then stop touching yourself now! And stay right at the edge, slaveboi.”

Caleb's hand sprung away from his cock like it was red hot. He was still twitching with need when I gave him his instructions. “I'm going to hang up the phone now, slave. When I do you will wake up. You will not realize that you are on cam for your computer, just that you are at the edge, like you are now, and just as sensitive. But you will not be able to cum, no matter what you do. And the longer and longer you feel this way, the more and more you feel the need to beg me for permission and forgiveness. This will not seem odd to you. And when the need becomes too strong, you will call me. Do you understand?”

“Yeh-eh-eh-es...mas... ter...”

I hung up the phone and watch the feed as Caleb came out of trance. He yelped in pain when he first grabbed his cock to try to get off, and within 5 minutes he was sweating, his face twisted as he beat his cock as fast as he could trying to get relief. After 10, his hips were rolling and he was rubbing the slit against anything he could reach to try to stimulate it. I could see the need in his eyes, but his jaw was set trying to resist the suggestion. Finally, after a few minutes more, I saw his hand Dart for his phone and a call came in.


“Fuck, Jon. You gotta help me!”

“Why Caleb, nice of you to call. What seems to be the problem?”

“I can't cum, man!”

“Oh, and why are you calling me?”

“Goddamn it! You're the only one who can let me!”

“Ahh, I see, so the “Loser stoner queer” is the only one who can get you off?”

“Shit! Just-”

“Sounds to me like you're asking a favor, Caleb. You might want to be nice.”

I could see his face twist in anger. “Just let me, you fuck, or I'll beat you to a pulp.” he said through clenched teeth.

“You might do that, but I assure you that won't solve the problem. In fact, that'll just mean you can get off at all.”

A pained expression crossed his face and I saw him try to reign in the anger. “Please, man.” he said in a more even tone.

“Welllll, no. I don't think that you're ready yet.”

Anger flashed again through his face. “FUCK YOU MAN! FUCK!”

“That's not helping your case at all. You gotta beg for it.”

“No! Fuck you!”

“Then I guess you'll just stay like this.”

I saw him take the phone from his ear, as if he was going to angrily hang up. But the anger on his face dissolved to pain and he broke. Rushing his ear back to the phone, he begged in pained tones. “Oh please, Jon, please. I'm so sorry. I'll do anything to make it up to you. It hurts so much.”


“Yes, oh god, yes.”

“Then what you will do for me is never question my orders again. You are the slave, and slave do not question orders, do they?”

“No, they don't.”

“They just carry them out. The wants and desires of who they were before are not only not important, but to be rejected.”

“Yes, I will reject them.”

“Your only want and need now is to Listen and Obey, isn't that right?”

His eyes rolled, as the slave persona exerted dominance. “Yes, Master. I only want to obey.”

“And so your friends?”

“I will invite them over this weekend so that we can make them your slaves.”

“And how do you feel about that?”

“I want to do it.”


“Because you have instructed me to, and I must carry out my orders. There is no other desire.”

“And your previous reluctance?”

“I did not want them to be trapped in your spell like me. But now I see that want was not important. Only obeying in important.”

“Precisely. Now that you're a good slaveboi and not being disobedient, you may cum.”

It looked like he nearly folded in half and his back arched, cum exploding out and spraying his chest, chair, and even a little bit of his computer it looked like. He collapsed back in his chair, his face not tense for the first time in a half hour. “Clean up slave, and get dressed. Your consciousness will not remember anything from when I first called you until when you wake up after dressing. Slaveboi will make it follow instructions, though, won't it?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Once you have completed setting this up, the next time your are alone you will become slaveboi and call me with the details.”

“Yes, Master.”

I hung up both the computer and phone call at that point. I don't think he'll have the will to try to disobey again, but I'll add that suggestion in to his next re-enforcement session, just in case. And I'll need to plan for taking those friends under. Best get cracking!

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