Diary of a Master 2 (hypno)

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May 16th

If I'm going to turn enslaving people into a thing, I'm going to have to set down some ground rules for myself. Rule 1: If trancing two different people, take them both at the same time and don't stop till you break them the first time. Leaving one alone while you capture the other just might screw the whole thing up.

Case in point, my romp yesterday with Caleb and his buddies. I arrived at Caleb's house at 3, having decided that it would be easier to explain my presence as a forgotten study group that as somehow we just became friends. I rang the bell and Caleb answered the door. “Jon? Wha-” and then his eyes went out of focus as his instructions flooded his brain. For a moment his mouth hung open and his eyes twitched as the slave persona took over and then he said “Oh, dude, I totally forgot we were doing this today. My parents are out of town so I have 2 buddies over.”

Staying with the script, I responded. “Look, I can't go back home now, our parents will think we blew it off and then where would we be?”

Caleb sighed and said, “Fine, come on in.”

When I walked into the living room I was so shocked by who was there that my ears skipped over the comments his friends had on why I was there. My dick twitched when I realized one of the two there was Jeff Madrox! He was the biggest horn dog in our school and one of the hottest guys in town. And here he was, rocking a sexy biker jacket. He'd graduated last year, before I had gotten good enough with hypnosis to really reliably break someone to my will. I thought I'd missed my opportunity when he'd gone off to college, but apparently he must have dropped out if he was back hanging with his old track buddies.

The other boy there was Trevor Kirk, who was pretty darn cute himself, though not to Jeff's standards. He also was one of the few in my senior class that I was pretty sure was in the closet, so it would be good to find out. Apparently, after the last session, Caleb had gone out of his way to get the best he could. Making a mental note (and now a physical one) to reward him for a job excellently done, I secretly signaled to him that Jeff was my first target.

He nodded and turned to his friends to explain. “Jon's here cause I'm not doing so hot in chemistry, so my parents say they aren't going to pay for my part of that trip the team has planned for summer unless I shape up. I can't even slack off and miss a single tutoring session, and I forgot today was one of them. So he's gotta hang here.” He turned to me and asked. “I won't tell if you don't.”

Knowing that question would have been much more belligerent if the slave persona wasn't out, I feigned relief and responded, “Sure, no problem.”

He turned back to his friends. “Trevor, could you take me to the store? I'll need to get more food if it's going to be four of us.”

Trevor looked disappointed that his evening with the boys was disrupted (Oh how little did he know!) but nodded. They headed out while I followed Jeff into the living room. Jeff really didn't know me because it wasn't till senior year I started being a target for the jocks, so when I pulled out a pendent as we sat on the couch he asked, “What's that?”

I held the pendant higher to the light for him to see. “Oh, just something I picked up last summer. See the center? If I catch the light just right you'll see a ring of sparks. See em?”

“Yeah, that looks pretty cool.”

“Even cooler is what happens when I spin it. The ring will turn opposite to the way I spin it and a big spark will form in the center. Here, let me show you.” I tapped the side of the pendant to start it spinning on the pivot I had at the end of it's chain.

He looked for 15 seconds or so. “I'm not seeing anything.”

“Yeah, I guess it's not going fast enough. I'll spin it up. But you gotta keep you eyes dead on it, cause the faster it spins, the faster it happens.”

He stared at it intensely as I spun it and I knew I had him. “Yeah, thats right, you just gotta focus on the center and you'll see it spin. The ring of lights will just go round and round a few times, round and round, faster and faster. Each spin making it harder and harder for them to stay in formation, as they speed up, faster and faster, and you have to keep focusing deeper, so you can see the moment when they let go and relax. It will be so good when that happens.”

Jeff's eyes flickered as he tried to keep track of the ring. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but all that came out was an affirmative grunt and he left it hanging open. I could tell his mind was starting to go with the combination of the patterns and my patter. “Yes, so good to stop spinning and whirling, round and around and just let go. The moment they do it will be such a release to stop trying to spin and whirl, faster and faster, and just relax.” I started lifting the pendant higher, very slowly, until he was looking up at it through his upper eyelashes. “Faster and faster, looking deeper and deeper. So close now, just about ready to release and relax. So wanting to, so needing to release. You just want to stop whirling and...SLEEP!” As I said sleep I dropped the pendant. His eyes and mind, so busy trying to follow the pendant, accepted the command. His whole body went limp as his eyes slammed shut, and he lolled on the couch.

“You can see that combined glow now, in your minds eye, can't you?”

“Yessss,” he said, dreamily.

“Yeah, all those points that were spinning so quickly are now just melting into that warm glow. And you can too. It's so warm and safe that you can just let yourself melt into it and really relax. You feel your muscles softening, all the tension just draining away in to that warm safe light. It's such a beautiful, safe light, isn't it?”


“So warm, so safe. You're with friends now, safe and happy. So you can easily just let go. Let the light just absorb all those tensions. You don't need them. No reason to hold on to them, no reason to hold onto anything you don't need. You can just let that go, can't you?”

“Yeth.” he said, slurring his words.

“Very good. Yes is all you need respond, the voice is always right and can deal with everything as you just melt into that light, letting it all go and going deeper and deeper with every moment.” I lifted his arm and it wobbled, limp as a wet noodle. “Soooo deep and relaaaxed, melting away all those tensions, all those worries, all those inhibitions, they just melt away. They're not needed at all. You don't need them or want them. So they can just be let go. You can feel them rise through your arm and float away through your fingertips.” I slowly lifted his arm.

“Uth.” He grunted, barely able to move a muscle.

“And you're so relaxed now that thinking just takes too much energy. It's too hard to think, better just let the voice tell you what to do. You don't need to think, you don't want to think. You just want to let it go. As as you feel your arm drop, your thoughts and will melt away completely, and you slip into mindlessness. Warm, safe, relaxed, happy and totally blank except for what the voice says.” I dropped his arm and it flopped down at it's side.

I stared at his sexy body, totally under my control, and rubbed my cock. “Jeff, can you hear me?” He grunted, trying to speak “From now on, you can speak normally. Your subconscious will move the muscles so you can obey the voice.”

“I can hear you.” He said in a totally deadpan voice.

“Good. Now, as you lay there, totally relaxed, you begin to feel your cock become more and more sensitive. Each second any touch becomes more and more pleasurable. And it keeps on building and building and you can't seem to cum.” At that point, I heard Trevor's car pull up. “You're just going to lay there now, and let that feeling build and build, as you drift down further and further. Waiting for any new instructions from the voice. What will you wait for?”

“New instructions from the voice.”

“Very good.” I left the room quickly, knowing I needed to catch Trevor before they finished unloading whatever Caleb had bought as a cover story. But I had moved too quickly. As I walked into the front room, Trevor's eyes popped.

“Damn dude, what the hell, you're putting up enough wood to make a house! Did Jeff bring some primo porno mags or something? Or is it just some weird thing you do, freak?” He said that last with a slight laugh.

I fumbled for a moment, trying to come up with something on the fly when I realized that I'd been given an in, and I took it. I locked eyes with Trevor and started speaking in an authoritative tone. “No, it's just a technique that I picked up. You see, when I see something that gets me going I want to keep it in my head so that I can see it whenever I like. So I start to stare at it. I widen my eyes and start to will it to be drawn in deeper.” I widened my eyes, keeping tight eye contact. “And when I do that, it starts to pull in. It's hard to describe, but it's like there is a empty space behind my eyes. A deep black hole that draws in everything.”

I knew I had him, because his eyes had widened like a deer caught in the headlights. “It's a powerful force, and it draws what I see in. It can take a long time or a short time, and what it is can try to fight it, but it doesn't matter. The empty blackness pulls it in, deeper and deeper. Falling into the black behind my eyes. You can see that blackness can't you? That emptiness that draws everything in?” Trevor nodded dumbly, unable to speak or even break eye contact. “Everything can't help but fall into it. You may try to resist, but that just slows it down. It can't be stopped Absolutely everything falls in.”

Trevor's jaw dropped open as my suggestions slipped into his head. His eyes lost focus and I knew all he could see were my eyes. “You can feel yourself being drained. I want your mind and you're powerless to stop me. Fast or slow, trickle or flood, everything in your head will be drawn from you to me. Worries. Cares. Desires. Memories. Thoughts. Will. It all drains into the black holes in my eyes. Leaving you empty. A blank space waiting to be filled. An empty husk ready to be refilled by me. Because your mind is mine and only I can give it back to you. Only this voice can put back anything in the space that is empty.”

“Nuh, must.. fight. Black. Don't. Stop... fall.” Trevor mumbled, trying to resist, but far too late.

“But I don't want to stop. I want your mind. And you can't stop me. The more you resist, the harder the pull, and the less you resist, the faster you fall in. It's too tiring. It just takes all your energy to fight it, and the blackness is slowly sucking the energy out of you. Each moment you have less and less energy to resist. You can feel it drain out of your body, being pulled out of your eyes, making it harder and harder to move, harder and harder to resist.”

“Ca... leb.”

My slave, no longer hiding what he was, stepped to his friend. “You want to give in, Trevor. The master will make you so happy. Just let go. Doing what the master wants feel soooo good.”

“Not much left now.” I stated, smiling. “And when it's all drained out, when the last bit leaves you, your eyes will close and you will stand there, waiting for instructions. Waiting for your empty husk of a mind to be filled by my voice. Totally empty in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1.”

Trevor's eyes slid shut and his head fell to his chest. I smiled, and started a hand for his to lead him into the room with Jeff when I heard an engine start. Damn! Jeff hadn't been as deep as I thought he had been, and had slipped out while I was bagging Trevor. Speaking quickly, I turned to Caleb. “Take him to my room, slaveboi, and have him listen to the first file I sent you. Loop it until I come back.”

“Yes, master.” He turned and took Trevor's arm to lead him to his room. I quickly ran to the garage, hoping that Jeff wasn't moving fast enough to leave before I got there. I could still hear the engine, so I had hope. Then I got there and realized I'd had another very lucky break. I found Jeff lying back across his motorcycle, smiling as the vibrations of the engines made his oversensitive cock thrill. It had apparently overloaded what little will he had pulled together. I stepped to him, unzipping his jacket and undoing his belt and pants, pushing them away and laying his chest bare. He moaned and I stepped back, savoring his helpless look.


“Can you hear me, Jeff?” He nodded and I quickly grabbed his cock and pulled it out, resting the tip against the vibrating engine. He moaned and his back arched, and I slowly rubbed his cock up and down as I spoke. “Feels, good, doesn't it, boi?”

“Uhnnn...yes... ahhh.”

“Yeah, of course it does. Especially since your cock is still getting more sensitive with each moment. It's easy to remember that I told you that. Easy to remember how you felt while that was going on. How empty your head felt. And now, of course, your head is filled with this feeling, still building, more and more.” Jeff's eyes started to roll back as he slipped deeper into trance again. “Yes, so full to bursting that there doesn't seem any room for your mind. It all fades away, lost in the feelings.” His body was nearly completely rigid now, as he rode the edge. “And you want to cum, don't you? You want to let it go, but you just can't do it. And that's because you no longer own it. I do. It belongs to me and will only do what I say.”

“Puh...puh...please.” He squeezed out between short breaths.

“No, you can't. Not until everything that you are drains into your churning balls. You can feel it being sucked away now. Being pulled deep into you. Being replaced by that feeling of being owned by me. Your cock is replacing what it takes with that feeling, and it's good that it does that, isn't it?”

Jeff's eyes were fully rolled back into his head, “Yuh-es.” He said, slipping back into that sexy monotone.

“Everything drained, feeling totally owned. Feeling totally at peace with belonging to me. Knowing that you must obey every instruction, that you have no choice. Everything now ready to come out, but only when master says it can.” Jeff's only response was a moan. “Becoming ready as I count down from 5. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Cum now!”

He bucked as it came flooding out, covering the motorcycle seat and staining his jeans. His face was beatific, totally happy to be deep under and controlled. “Listen and Obey, Jeff. From now on, whenever I say those words to you, you will become as empty and owend as you are now. You will have no resistance, no will, no desire to take any action that I have not ordered you to do, do you understand?”

“Yes.” he replied, as if he was agreeing that rain was wet.

“While you are in this state you have no will, so you cannot break it. It will only end when I tell you it ends. While you are under, unless I instruct otherwise, I am called Master, understood?”

“Yes, master.”

Trevor was stewing in my enslavement file, so I knew he would keep, and I set about to the next phase. “Jeff, what is your sexual orientation?”

“I'm bi.”

It took all my control not to let go then and there. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that stud Jeff Madrox had any leanings toward my side of the fence. I instead only pumped my fist with a muffled “Yes!” and moved on to rewiring him in the particular. I think I need to come up with a second audio file for that, especially if I go for more than one at a time, because repeating myself gets rather tedious. But by the end of my spiel, firmly planted in his subconscious, was his new persona's hunger for total abject sexual submission to me. It might bleed a bit into his conscious persona, but who cares. If he starts being more gay and submissive, he might learn something there so I didn't havge to teach him every trick.

I ordered him to strip when I was done and went to Caleb's room. I'd ignored Trevor's training enough, and wanted to be sure to drill Jeff's slavery in his head, just in case he tried to escape again. Leaving him with Caleb to listen to my enslavement file on loop (which also checked off the extra reinforcement I wanted for Caleb) I took Trevor to Caleb's guest room for his rewriting. But I've written here for way too long and should get to bed. I'll document little Trevor later. Needless to say, the rest of the afternoon was a pleasure, but I lucked out. If that suggestion hadn't taken I would have been sunk, so no more doubles unless I do them together. And anyway, in a few months I was going to be off to college, so I'd better not take too many here in town, at least not till I figure out how many of my dorm mates I could dominate. Although... that summer trip has some attractions... but then what to do with all of them... we'll see. Till then, I have these three and they should state me, for now...

To be continued